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Wright WY adult personals

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W Italian abbreviation for E vv iva! The letter w was invented by Anglo-Saxon scribes and adopted on the continent. Later English scribes revived the wyn and started to use that instead of the w. Eventually, the w was reborrowed from the continent. In continental Europe, the letter had in fact been adopted primarily by speakers of Germanic languages and by the Normans close.

Romance-speakers often used gu, especially for words borrowed from Germanic. Because of these practices, the letter w is somewhat exotic in many Romance languages including French, Spanish, and Italian. In the Braille alphabet , the dot patterns are ordered systematically as one goes from a to v and then x, y, z. An inauspicious first entry for a glossary file, which this was for a while.

This comes in handy even in chemistry, particularly when space limitations occur in a table, graph, or adscript, say. It costs nothing to use lower case, and avoid confusion with the symbol for tungsten W. Named in honor of James Watt , who made a number of improvements and inventions in steam engine design. Watt himself defined the power unit of horsepower HP. See, however, the KVA entry for a subtlety.

A personals abbreviation part of a compact self-description used in print ads. It doesn't normally refer to hair color. My local paper The South Bend Tribune still has a classification code for the classified ads, y'know? WW [it doesn't indicate porcelain skin or pearly teeth]. Hey -- did you ever notice that W written upside-down looks like an M? For more amazing insights, see the 4 magic M's entry. W Chemical element abbreviation for tungsten, after the name Wolfram.

Learn more at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. The jpeg archive of Washington University of St. Louis Missouri MO has an aerial view of Tacoma.

Washington is a community property state. It alternates with -ga there must be a particle; any subject not marked by -wa must be marked by -ga. In particular, -wa tends to mark subjects that have been introduced before -- possibly long before. Japanese also uses -wa demonstratively, like the English word this. It is also used to mark abstractions or types. In English, the pattern in this use of the is irregular or perhaps its regularities are obscure and complicated. The Japanese use of -wa in this particular sense seems to be more like Spanish in its regularity.

Japanese nouns don't have grammatical number, and so far as I know there's is no distinction drawn between countable and uncountable, so these are not issues in Japanese as they are with English determiners. The standard direct-object marker is just -o.

In Hebrew, the definite article ha gives less information for subjects than the form et ha that must be used with objects. There's a famous example; I'm trying to remember it. The general reason can be traced to the fact that Japanese has fewer phonemes than English. One consequence of this and of the far fewer consonant clusters, and of the mostly CV syllable structure is that average word in Japanese has many more syllables than in English.

The Japanese seem to compensate for this by speaking more syllables per minute. Another consequence of the fewer sounds is that one can vary the pronunciation more without creating ambiguity. Just as well if you're going to talk faster. The Japanese do seem to take advantage of this liberty. For example, intervocalic g can be nasalized into ng. In particular, some Japanese pronounce onegai as onengai , and this is considered an acceptable variant, if it is noticed at all.

I refer to the single consonant ng: You can take advantage of this even where the Japanese do not. Specifically, Japanese has a single liquid phoneme, transcribed r, which Japanese-speakers pronounce fairly consistently like the Spanish single-r consonant.

However, you can substitute a similar liquid -- English l, for example -- and many Japanese will have difficulty even detecting a difference, let alone detecting an error. More relevant is the broad range of fricatives acceptable for the consonant in ha, hi, fu, he, and ho. Though this, at least, is a distinction that Japanese actually tend to be conscious of. There's a bit more on this at the tsu entry. The essential point is that the place of articulation of the consonant is vague, and may be bilabial.

This is reinforced by the fact that kana symbols for syllables beginning in b or p voiced and unvoiced bilabial plosives are created by adding diacritical marks to the kana for the corresponding h or f syllables. For example, ba is ha with the usual voicing mark top right; pa is ha with a tiny circle top right. In summary, the h of ha can be bilabial. The w of wa, on the other hand, is a voiced bilabial.

Or labio-velar -- please let's not get into that. Hence, the only essential difference between ha and wa is one of voicing. And as long as you're asking: See discussion at WAC. Founded in or or , according to different official pages.

WAAIME does education-related charitable or promotional work -- funding book and library resources, and giving educational financial aid. Darn, I was going to submit the poem I copied into the I Iodine entry. Term in environmental assessment reports. Oh, you know who runs that racket. The fix is in. Father says "Your mother's right, she's really up on things.

Before we married, mommy served in the WACs in the Philippines. But mommy isn't one of those, I've known her all these years. Better yet, don't recall it. I'd have to do a little work to track down the precise chronology, but that's my best understanding as of now. Its programs are run by members who give their time in a voluntary capacity. Membership is open to archaeologists, heritage managers, students and members of the public. The WAC was founded at the instigation of Prof.

Ucko , who died in June It's something you do with a broad summary of the curriculum and a can of spray paint. At the time, I thought the circumstantial, almost evasive description was a symptom of business journalism. Okay, after poking around some more, I've concluded that WAC is the practice of including inappropriate writing assignments in courses outside the English department, and the justification of this malpractice. WAC will take inches off your waistline and perform other wonders.

Most of the people who advocate WAC sincerely believe that the process of writing is so intrinsically educational that adding writing assignments to a course is not an onerous distraction. If I seriously believed this, I wouldn't assign any calculations. Present arguments for and against. Wacky Patent of the Month Recognized at this site. Drug testing was the responsibility of the International Olympic Committee 's Medical Commission starting in Widespread feeling that the commission's work was insufficient to the mounting scale of the doping problems led to international pressure on the IOC, which created WADA in Since that time it's been headed by Dick Pound.

Doping is detected by means of urinalysis. Although the deal fell apart or something; I still haven't sorted out the company history , TAT kept its new name.

Name for organization and for a member. In anything less than wafer-scale integration WSI , the circuits are repeated in multiple locations, and each segment of the wafer, after dicing, will be a distinct chip. The only reason I've bothered to state the obvious here is that it gives me an excuse to illustrate with a pretty gif at left depicting a wafer with circuit segments before dicing. The usual implication is that this emotion cannot be experienced without a suspension of intellection.

Waffe German, 'weapon' masculine noun. A constituent of the AGD. Wageningen is in the Netherlands, on the Lower Rhine. Different sins receive a different compensation or dispensation or whatever it is.

There seem to be a lot of specializations; we'll be adding to this entry as our research team reports in new findings. If you do it right, you can contemn the amateurs mentioned at the invisible ink and future cell-phone-related entries.

They had to come up with a name that unavoidably suggests dogs? WAGS is a regional association affiliated with the U.

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Interestingly, there's been no change in the list of participating countries in the five years since I put this list in. Canadians don't get I cards unless they request them, and are assumed to be in B-visa status. In , the WB network as such ceased operations and its content was absorbed into a new network called The CW.

Distance between front and rear axles on a two-axle vehicle. Note that, in principle, this is ambiguous: In practice, this only matters on dragsters. On a truck with two rear axles, WB is conventionally taken as the distance between the front axle and the midline between the two rear axles.

The World Bank sends a lot of money and stern, well-intentioned advice to a place called Africa. It's pretty certain that the well-intentioned advice is not diverted to Swiss bank accounts. In Africa as everywhere else, the World Bank is hated. The issue was 92 of the quarterly magazine Granta. This was a special issue on Africa, with an article by Binyavanga Wainaina in the how-to-cook-a-potboiler genre: A sample of the detailed instructions: There are a few; see IBF.

Also, for latter, WCC. In the 's the International Olympic Committee was moving cautiously but steadily towards making bridge a medal sport. Like most university FM stations, its programming is informed by the great insight that news junkies like jazz and any music that is noncommercial because it's better than it sounds.

Back when I was in Boy Scout camp, the troops in mess were divided up into four competing shouting sections. In a town of under 29, US census , over children participated in That's the little league. I don't have a link for the adult amateur league. When Dennis played in the adult league, one of the players was a coinventor of astroturf.

The team had all-new uniforms. Chuck's team went undefeated, a couple 'years later. A sort of imposter boxing organization, used to sanction fights too shameful for the big three.

First WBTF championshps were held in Unagencies are, well, you can guess. All countries fulfilling the conditions laid down in the WBU Constitution are welcomed as members with the right to express their opinions and points of view freely and without fear of recrimination. When exposed to carbon-containing gases, tungsten heating filaments absorb a lot of C.

This is outgassed slowly as CO. But see the next entry. A room with a flush toilet. Outgassing from this is less noxious but more noticeable than from the previous WC. For the sake of a small joke, I made that entry slightly confusing, so let me try to make amends: Typical design of a broadband two-way power divider is based on S.

This is a multisection generalization of the design in E. Originally, at least conventionally, called Workmen's Compensation. They're all wearing very similar light-blue ties. I know there are people who will look askance at this, but please -- don't dismiss the WCA until you have the complete story! Remember , you can't take it with you. Shrouds have no pockets. One of the four major components of WCP.

The sanctioning authority for the first European Heavyweight Chessboxing Championship, a match held in Berlin on October 1, That was apparently also the last. The match consisted of alternating rounds of chess 4 minutes and boxing 2 minutes. According to the rules, a KO or checkmate could end the match; otherwise, it ended after eleven rounds. I have no details on how the judges were supposed to score it, but in the event, Tihomir 'Tiger' Titschko scored a check-mate over Andreas 'Doomsday' Schneider in the ninth round.

TTT used a dragon variation of the Sicilian opening, but further details were scarce. Apparently the name is old, of Native American origin, but Whatcom looks like the question that some dotcom would be the answer to. Bellingham looks to be closer to Vancouver than Seattle.

We -- women and men scholars, together -- also strive to advance the goals of equality and diversity within the profession of Classics. The coding used for communications over G3 networks. Each of these meets once every year-and-a-half. Starting in , the three conferences have been held jointly once every four years or thereabouts. The second one, in , was hosted by the Europeans.

Yes, I'm very thoughtful aren't I. Part of the CSU System. This organization still exists! Carrie the nation into the age of sober information? Still under construction, but already provocative: Obviously, we must illegalize it. In fact, criminalization is clearly not enough. Experience shows that chocolate users will lie to hide their consumption. No, mere criminalization will not win this holy war; we must make chocolate unconstitutional, and we should enforce a policy of less than zero tolerance.

In keeping with established practice in the hugely successful, or at least lucrative, drug war, anyone suspected of chocolate use will be liable to have their property confiscated.

Of course, Constitutional due process protections apply: Property can be confiscated only if the suspect might have been in or near said property at or about the time that he or she may or may not have thought about illegal possession of chocolate. Of course, the problem of jail space must be faced squarely. In the drug war to date, jail space has not been a problem, because mandatory sentencing laws that put the morally decrepit weekend toker away for life do not prevent the state from making space by giving early release to one-time murderers and child molesters.

However, because of the widespread social acceptance of chocolate abuse, incarceration rates will skyrocket. Part of this problem will be solved by conversion of currently unused and underused space.

Specifically, all states with fewer than seven electoral college votes will be converted to jails. Any unconvicted residents of Texas will be drafted for guard duty. That will do for the users. For pushers -- dime store clerks the CSP gang , vending-machine attendants, girl scouts and similar incorrigibles -- the electric chair. Learn these warning signs: Plastic and foil wrappers. Possession of furniture that can be used to hide chocolate. BTW, if you came here from the B-2 entry, hoping for enlightenment on the French word gauche , then you sure have had quite a long detour, haven't you?

Oh, alright, I relent: Deposition of tungsten and tungsten-based conductive alloys. Ted Turner's attempt to muscle in on WWF turf. In , WCW lost an estimated 80 million dollars, which is a lot of money if you don't have it. The joke's on them. Since the entire entertainment-information-communication-data system belongs to AOL Etc. See this NC entry regarding the possible prevalence of this real estate abbreviation.

Well, I'd heard of ethnomathematics, but this is ridiculous. A particularly bad first effort might be a working daft. For other Dental organizations, see the list maintained by Sue Hutchinson.

Everyone agrees that http: If this is a really big disappointment to you, follow this link to the Washington Ozaukee County Dental Society. A major cause of tooth decay is acidity in the mouth, from whatever cause acid reflux, acidic foods, decreased salivation. Cheese is one of the foods that quickly reduces acidity in the mouth, and so prevents tooth decay.

Kobe sells beef that's been bathed in beer, Wisconsin ought to try marketing cheese from cows raised on and bathed in? I guess they have to keep their rhetorical defensive weapons sharp up there, on the thinly defended lake border with our cussed neighbors to the North.

I've often asked how it is that wooden temples have lasted so many centuries in Japan. The answers I get are usually that They don't; the wood is frequently replaced. Cedar wood is very resistant to rot and insects.

Buildings are designed and placed for proper ventilation, so they dry properly to avoid rot. What do I know? Back in or so, a study of carving boards found that wood was more antiseptic than plastic. This was a surprise, because it had been thought that a wood is a more tempting growth medium for microbes than plastic and b a plastic surface can be washed more completely.

Maybe there is a persistent antibacterial agent in wood. This is the theme park in Orlando, Florida. WD What exactly is in there? We, us, our, and ours, the forms of we in various cases, are also used in ways not entirely sanctioned by grammatical logic. These are described at medical we and pregnant we.

Instructional we is coming, if I can think of something interesting to say about it. W e , We Watts of Electric power. One situation in which it is useful to distinguish these is with heat engines, such as steam engines or nuclear power sources like RTG 's and fission reactors.

Heat engines generate heat [at rates that may be quantified in watts and labeled by W h or W q ], and some of this heat may be converted to electric power, which is a kind of work. The efficiency of this conversion process has a theoretical upper bound known as the Carnot efficiency. Internal combustion engines are also heat engines, but the working fluid is exhausted rather than being returned to its initial condition, so the maximum theoretical efficiency, will still bounded strictly away from unity, is not such an easy question to answer.

Affiliated with the NEA. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Count your blessings -- we could have pretended that it was a feature. Be respectful and diffident or we'll go vipw and munge you. We are overbooked and need volunteers to take a later flight in return for vouchers Many are called; few are chosen.

Wear your learning lightly. But don't let it slip off. I asked the cop moonlighting at Osco Drug if there wasn't a law against this sort of thing. Not his jurisdiction, he claims. Hell, it's snowing in Mishawaka too. I know a shirker. But I have a poetic license.

A quick place to get the current weather and related astronomical information is the Weather Underground. A good resource, but not a very good name.

This Weather Underground and that are completely unrelated, but I wish they'd chosen another name. I'm more interested in the weather aboveground, outdoors. Sun, Clouds, Ha Ha Ha. Cold front, Low pressure system. Tomorrow's weather when we return after this word from our sponsor.

Some contractions that we expand here we really would prefer to explode. Now more like a personal log on the web. Just add coconut shells.

WebTV Original name of a system that makes it possible to browse the web using an ordinary TV and a set-top box. They have to be kept squeaky clean, people who get close to them have to wear bunny suits, salt is bad. Reminds me of nursery school. I attended Geraldine, on North Avenue. Less silly information at the sodium entry. Hey, why stop at wafers?

Great with curly fries garnished with vinegar. I don't know the risks. So don't do it. The world, and your property in particular, is my back yard.

Whatever it is, it's bad for you. Weed A town in California. Home of College of the Siskiyous. I have no idea if that's a plural. A woman stepped forward and asked, What is the strangest day? Tuesday, the Master explained. I could never get the hang of Thursdays. To use this jury-rigged theory required a certain agile willingness to ignore discrete aspects during essentially classical measurement, and the inconsistent continuum aspects during quantum modeling.

After , most of classical mechanics was subsumed under quantum mechanics as an approximation thereof, but the measurement process has continued to contain some mystery.

The apposite comment of Sir William Henry Bragg has been much cited: We use the classical theory on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the quantum theory on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I understand that this alludes to an earlier famous comment that I don't know, possibly of John Calvin. A rather shady part of LA.

No wait -- I only meant -- oh, never mind. Weight proportionate to height. I always forget the name. In principle, the term applies to any heatable receptacle that is sealed at the top with a long neck that extends sideways or down.

Various shapes have been used for distillation. However, the classic alembic looks like a glass gourd with a tapering neck bent over so it points downward toward the plane of the base of the gourd shape. The initial al- in the name and the history of alchemy both suggest that the word is from Arabic, and it is, though the proximate source is French and ultimate source is Greek: Over a period of decades, the Alembic Club published at Edinburgh a number of reprints of important documents in the history of chemistry.

The earliest Alembic Club reprint I am aware of was published in Joseph Black's famous Experiments upon magnesia alba. The last, afaik, was in X-rays and the electric conductivity of gases; comprising papers by W. Rutherford With an historical introd. Weisskopf's Theorem Any physicist working with Bohr was certain to be married after no more than two years.

Basic Books, , p. Look, we just install the upgrades -- you can't expect us to make the software work! Wellhausen's Axiom In Biblical studies, the position that only texts written shortly after an event are trustworthy.

After Julius Wellhausen, a Biblical scholar of the late nineteenth century. This axiom is typically disregarded when it is inconvenient.

A much more popular axiom in nonscholarly Biblical studies is that texts written before an event are most trustworthy. Hey -- they haven't been proven false! Sometimes the joke is irony, but sometimes it is more subtle. Well started is half done. A proverb that applies best to giving a haircut to a bald man.

It can appear when you play Scrabble, using all three major Scrabble dictionaries or just one of them. We need this information in order to help serve you better. Marketing wants to know what kind of junk mail would annoy you best. I'm still checking whether this game is on the level, whether the story is on the up-and-up.

This doesn't really sound like a lot of fun. Next on the list might be Ossining Village and Ossining Town; they aren't so well-known directly, but on account of the state prison known as Sing Sing.

The village of Sing Sing was incorporated in Named after the Sint Sinck Indian tribe. On the basis of a respected authority, a different form of the the name, Ossinsing , was chosen for a town incorporated in , north of the village.

This was changed to Ossining considered easier to pronounce the next year. The state prison was built there in , the site being chosen on the basis of quarry resources that would provide work for the inmates marble quarries and also some galena, indicating the possibility of silver. Other industries were introduced. The growing labor movement in the late nineteenth century opposed competition from prison labor and promoted boycotts of goods from Sing Sing.

To avoid the bad business associations, the village of Sing Sing changed its name to Ossining Village in In the prison followed suit, becoming the Ossining Correctional Facility. Sing Sing was home to many of New York's most dangerous felons, and is famous as the place which first used the electric chair. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed there in , are probably the best known.

I have crossed the Atlantic four times, and have been once to the East Indies, and back again, and only once; besides being in different places about home: Cork, and Lisbon, and Gibraltar. But I never went beyond the Streights, and never was in the West Indies. We do not call Bermuda or Bahama, you know, the West Indies. The part of the ecosystem that is a nursery for mosquitos. Important because mosquitos are a much-needed vector for a variety of important diseases, like malaria, which afflicts a fifth of the world's people, and kills twice as many as AIDS every year.

A lot of the world's species are disease bacteria. We must protect them! The others say they do too. I never hear about this organization.

It's probably the labor organization for makers of western europeans. They've probably been on strike. You know, all the major continental European countries have achieved or suffer, if you're a national pension-fund analyst fertility rates that should eventually lead to negative population growth. Most of the countries are still growing, partly because of immigration and partly due to the shape of the age distribution. Italy is at about 1. In Sweden , with a package of generous incentives, the pension-fund analysts were handing out cigars figuratively speaking, okay?

The US has fertility rates slightly below replacement level as well, but the effect of immigration is enormous, particularly because the immigrant population tends to be skewed toward young adults, so the US is growing at the highest rate of any industrialized country.

Normally, about baby boys are born per baby girls. Thus, population equilibrium requires an average of 2. Depending on how one deals with childhood mortality of females, that can nudge the equilibrium fertility rate up a bit.

People normally talk of 2. Of course, in China, the sex ratio is higher; it appears to be in excess of 1. The cause is understood to be the traditional preference for male children, combined with a severe though unevenly enforced government policy to limit births.

Ultrasound testing is widespread, but operators are forbidden by law to identify the sex of the fetus. In practice, the law doesn't impose any significant barrier to the communication of that information. Under-reporting of female births has also been suggested. Moreover, thousands of baby girls are abandoned in China every year. It's not as if people from neighboring countries go to China to ditch their children.

I just put the prepositional locative in there so you'd know that we are still on the subject of sex-ratio in China, even though it's a new paragraph. I mean, for all you knew we might have switched to another topic altogether, such as the WEU. Set aside the asides and the replacement levels, and we're still talking about thousands of little girls with no one to hug. In the mid's, the PRC relaxed its rules on international adoptions.

In Hong Kong , you would see a lot of Western couples with a Chinese child they had come to adopt. Interestingly, in Japan there is a preference for girl adoptees. The reason given is that parents feel they will be less independent and more loyal and likely to help the parents in their old age.

More than 5, Chinese children were adopted by US parents in , making China the largest source of international adoptions in the United States. Between and April , over 30, Chinese children were brought to the US. These numbers are from the State Department, whose main involvement is in giving out visas and in swearing in the new little citizens. An entire industry has grown up around the international adoptions.

US parents have been required to go to the American consulate in Guangzhou for the swearing-in. There most families stay at the White Swan Hotel. In March , responding to the SARS epidemic, the State Department eased rules a bit, not requiring adoptive parents when there are two to both travel to Guangzhou.

They didn't get back to business the next week, though, and on May 15, they officially suspended adoptions. Unofficially, it was estimated that adoptions would resume in August. I don't remember when things finally got back to normal. It was probably late Summer, but friends of mine who were going to adopt in May only finally adopted in November, although there were unusual glitches in their case.

I really don't know what the WEU is, but I hope you have been entertained and or informed. What is just as amazing, fertility rates have dropped world-wide, even in many underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. Population growth has been accelerated by advances in public health mostly hygiene -- clean water. Well, someone dutifully wrote to tell me what the WEU is, but things crashed and I lost the email. As I remember it, it turns out that WEU is a defense force.

Although the correct expansion uses the singular form weapon , it's really no fun with only one weapon. Think of this as weapon in an uncountable sense, as a mass noun. Think of uncountable and mass in any sense you please. See analytic differential definition at the weapon engagement zone entry of the DOD 's online Dictionary of Military Terms.

If this weren't already a military term, it would be a great euphemism for her paw's house just'afore the shotgun weddin'. Local currency is issued by France.

A classicist 's South Pacific paradise: Exports in , about a third of a million bucks f. Imports, over a dozen mill's, c. When France finally knuckles under to the market, they're going to have to restructure, maybe consolidate the two big islands into one, I don't know -- is there an exit strategy?

Similar mathematics has application in optics. Balescu gives a nice treatment based on the Wigner-Weyl transform. The Wigner function first appeared in print in a fairly general, many-particle albeit only first-quantized version as eqn.

Wigner, The Physical Review , 40 , pp. In a footnote to that equation, Eugen Wigner states that L. Moyal, in Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society , 45 pp. A Metro station in northern Virginia. Can I have fries with that? I've heard of culture vultures, but this is ridiculous. The WFCC is concerned with the collection, authentication, maintenance and distribution of cultures of microorganisms and cultured cells.

Tears of restraint puddle at my keyboard, as I manfully resist the near-overwhelming urge to pun in this entry [ Ftnt. This organization no longer exists. It fosters international scientific and educational programs in neuroradiology and promotes cooperative projects between its member organizations and those in allied disciplines. Future component of National Weather Service. A motorcycle throttle position. I've been asked about the eff.

The food aid organization of the UN. Haven't paid your UN dues lately? Assuage your guilt feelings cheap at The Hunger Site. In the grammatical sense. A rbeits g emeinschaft in German, abbreviated A and AG. Groupe de Travail in French , with suggestive mistranslation in English. I guess they noticed. Guild of screenwriters for film including animation , TV , and interactive projects.

There's always the possibility that a screenplay will be produced, and thus almost certainly botched. Therefore, writers should keep in mind the WGA's rules on pseudonyms. Those poor screenwriters are suffering bracket creep. One movie with a surprisingly messy writing situation was Casablanca. The history is reconstructed in the Harmetz book's chapter 3: A Survival of the Fittest Script.

They worked seven weeks and produced a script that was never used. The screenplay that became the movie was written mostly by the Epstein twins Julius J. The Epsteins were known for bright dialogue. It was common practice to use multiple writers, and Howard Koch was hired to rewrite the first Epstein script as soon as part I was available. Koch eventually spent seven weeks on the script. The script was written in an iterative process with each side tugging in a different direction Koch preachy and political; the Epsteins light, too comic for Koch's taste.

At a certain point, revisions came daily in typically unsigned replacement sheets. Who suggested or changed what is often impossible to reconstruct. The process seems to have balanced out nicely.

In other news, Republican presidential hopeful and former actor Fred Thompson announced a temporary suspension of all televised public appearances starting next week. An acronym that was once say around reportedly popular. If you don't recognize the Ancient Greek form, it's probably because the root and combining forms are different -- the genitive form is skatos and the modern Greek nominative form is skata. The monorail was in service from the time the park opened in The Asian range of the Wild Animal Park gets less attention possibly for good reason , so I'm not sure of the project status there.

A separate new tour for the Asia range was planned, with the entire project scheduled for completion in sometime. They should call it the Wa-Te-Fu tour, because that sounds Asian. Other differences between old and new rides: From the monorail, the animals were several hundred yards away. On the down side if you're a visitor: The Wgasa Bush line got its name during a meeting or a memo exchange details lost to history conducted to come up with a name for the planned monorail.

The acronym is expatiated upon in the preceding entry. Heck, sounds good to me! No, wg is not a common initial consonant cluster in African languages.

Until the Great Depression which began in in the US , the US automobile industry had a large number of small independent manufacturers, mostly in the Midwest. So far early March I've heard the call letters announced every hour or less, no ads, and a classic-rock mix an hour-long loop in the morning and nothing else. Here's a page of information from the FCC. It's been licensed at How did I miss it all these years?!? And what is their business model? Oh, now I remember -- it used to broadcast that insipid religious music.

I hear that's very popular. I guess it's possible to get too much of a good thing, huh? And since April , they've been broadcasting the same signal as the classic rock station at Hmmm, you don't think maybe they were angling for the new business? And split again in March A frightfully fast business, always a step ahead of the glossaries.

A grave threat to higher-education business-as-usual. We make it possible for you to accelerate your "time to degree" by providing recognition for your expertise. W h Watts of Heat. W q is also used. Probably to protect his trademark , and perhaps for other reasons, W. Auden emigrated to the US shortly afterwards. A lot of people think that both had done their best work by It just goes to show Pomeroy Chapel Hill, What is to be done?

Lenin chose this title in what he quite reasonably expected would be recognized as an allusion to the novel of the same name by Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky Yeah, it's pretty hackneyed. I just needed a place to make a minor point. She seemed to have tried everything to save the marriage, including getting pregnant. I suppose that in the entertainment business, things go around so much that they come around a dozen times before they go around even once, whatever that means.

So let's keep the betrayal thing in perspective, okay? What's a mother to do? Cue the product endorsement. A three- or four-letter word. It bothers people who pay attention to its literal meaning and feel put on the spot, or feel that they're not given enough time to formulate a detailed answer or something.

Consequently, this greeting is only used by those who ignore the literal meaning. What's new with you? Carlyle began a letter of September 20, thus: I do hate, Dear, to tell about myself every day!

Huh, what a coincidence! You know, you look familiar It had been a record forty-two weeks since the last time anyone anywhere on this planet had invented a new pick-up line Works best in Iceland and North Korea. These are just as bad. Or were, before the link died. I picked this one out of my spam filter. The original version begins like this: Mohammed Houndstooth Goldstein Subject: We have been in the tent manufacturing business for many years and are currently in the process of expanding and our customer base.

And if not, maybe you'll sell some beach blankets. What was I thinking!? This aphorism is precisely the kind of mechanical cleverness that you get from the harnessing of great ambition to mediocre talent.

I don't personally care about sophisticated writing -- I just want the respect I deserve. You have to use special sophistication phrases. These are secret phrases that automatically make people and attractive members of the opposite sex respect you. For a complete list of these phrases, you'll have to buy the book, but here for free is one of those powerful phrases: They're just jealous because you have greater sophistication when compared with they do.

When in doubt, take it out. It could be the surgeons' creed. A part of your anatomy. These are not exact synonyms. The point is only that whether is neither wether nor weather. A baseball pitching stat. The number of innings pitched is one third of the number of batters faced.

Another statistic is HIP , which means what you'd guess. The statistic that might be abbreviated WIP isn't; this is just as well, since most people don't make an audible distinction between wh and w.

Seriously now, I wonder whether the desire to salvage rancid butter didn't contribute to the popularity of whipped butter. See the butter discussion a few paragraphs into the French-toast entry.

A microwave MHz military communication system of the 's and 70's. I always had trouble enough to keep from confusing Snow White and Cinderella; this won't make things any easier. These are used for jewelry. Nickel was once a common choice for the white metal, but is now avoided because some people's skin reacts to it. That's not what this entry is about. You can learn more about that kind of white gold from its Wikipedia entry , or from this page served by the World Gold Council.

The idea was that the crop would make Kazakhstan or rather, the workers of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic rich. Just like Mississippi, I guess. The term is also used metonymically in reference to the executive branch of government and the highest levels thereof. John Adams was the first to occupy the still unfinished mansion, moving there from Philadelphia on November 1, , for his last months in office.

The building was burned by the British during the War of US history textbooks have often neglected to point out that the burning of the White House and other Federal buildings in was an act of retaliation for a similar act committed by US troops in York, Canada.

In , York was incorporated and renamed Toronto. North York, different story. James Madison president from to 17 wasn't able to move back in. The White House wasn't ready for occupancy again until the term of his successor James Monroe The idea was that it was whitewashed to hide the burn marks on the gray sandstone walls. This is at least partly incorrect. The sandstone had been whitewashed as early as , and there are some letters extant from as early as in which it is called the white house.

The White House is called la Casa Blanca q. An investor who makes a welcome counter-offer against the unwanted takeover bid or bids for a public corporation. An order of monks formed at the end of the eleventh century by reformist Benedictine monks who followed a more ascetic life style. Not named for cisterns or anything, just after a village Cistertien , in eastern France near an abbey. A similar name confusion occurs with CSC.

I like the sound of that. I saw a Cistercian in the library the other day. It's really more a cream color than white. Since a perfectly constant power spectrum would represent an infinite energy, it is implicit that noise is white only over a limited power spectrum. Brown and pink noise. A white-tie affair is an ultra-formal affair hoity-toity, fancy-shmancy where the men have to wear white ties with their tuxedoes. A black-tie affair is merely formal.

Its regional offices are listed at the AFRO entry. At Woods Hole, MA, of all places! The organization now has a web gateway. If you only need one or ten, you typically buy from a retailer. Mark-up varies widely in response to the usual market considerations, but you can expect to pay very roughly twice the price for single units. Many retailers, especially those that sell primarily by phone or mail, have volume discounts.

It sometimes happens that no retailer carries the individual part you want, or that the part is no longer available. Very occasionally, you might want to buy wholesale. Often, if you're attempting a repair, this will convince you to replace instead.

Another possibility to consider: If the precise part you need isn't available, try to get a better part that is. It may be that the part you sought is not available retail because only someone with a stake in early failure would use it. Senator from Pennsylvania were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? Who pays the piper calls the tune.

This is the traditional form of a proverb that has become tricky for some Modern English-speakers to understand. It is now often rendered in either of two alternative forms: He who pays the piper calls the tune. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. Not exactly epigrammatic, and fortunately much less common. She who pays the piper calls the tune.

Oh, gimme a break already. To understand the archaism of the original form, it helps to recognize that English has three kinds of relative clauses: Adnominal relative clauses, like the italicized clause in this sentence: The relative pronoun has an antecedent in the sentence outside the relative clause. Sentential relative clauses modify entire clauses rather than noun phrases, much as sentence adverbials modify entire clauses rather than verbs.

Thus, in the example given, the antecedent of the relative pronoun which is the entire statement preceding the comma. Unlike adnominal and sentential relative clauses, nominal relative clauses do not have an antecedent outside. The interrogative pronouns form a closed class, but not really such a small one: In addition, most of these have forms ending in -ever or -soever that may be used.

The doubling of ordinary wh -words with their -ever forms accomplishes something that English is prone to: This is most prominent in the distinction between definite and indefinite articles.

It also occurs between anyone and someone a distinction difficult to render reliably and compactly in other European languages such as Spanish or German. Similarly, for most wh -words occurring in nominal relative clauses, the -ever form provides an indefinite variant.

To some extent this is avoids ambiguity. In particular, the words which , who , and whom can all serve as relative pronouns for both adnominal and nominal relative clauses. There has been a degree of load-leveling with whichever and who[m]ever , and today who[m] and which usually occur only in nominal relative clauses with verbs like choose , please , etc.

Kristin, his sister-in-law and former mistress, played by Mary Crosby. Ewing -- and for that matter Larry Hagman, who played him -- survived.

These facts were revealed in the Nov. He was eventually also shot, but survived. He became the first US president since to be elected in a year divisible by twenty who did not die in office. Why such an arbitrary cut-off? Still, I give thanks that someone John Bowden has compiled this miraculous volume. It's short -- pp. Frits Staal Hindu mysticism deserves an entry, though. It has been in use in the UK since times when classified ads only appeared in print. It's not a particular year calendar or otherwise, like the International Geophysical Year.

Instead, it's a year in very loosely the way that Newsweek is a week. That is, it's an organization that performs certain activities each year.

Salt is a flavor enhancer. Then again, they didn't say it is the leader. That seems especially appropriate for a hunger organization. I'd like to know what they serve. Or is it pot luck? Okay, it's an awards dinner. Harry Chapin died in a car crash, at the age of The song had to do with tasting forbidden fruit or satisfying one's appetites or something. Why am I writing this? I have no idea. Seek your own truth. Why didn't he call? Because he didn't want to talk or meet with you again , obviously.

That's not really the question. Why did he say he would call? Because he didn't want to finish the act before the curtain came down. He didn't want a scene. Either this entry or the previous one is out of alphabetical order. Once I can decide which one of the two is out of place, I'll move it. But not to Wisconsin. WI The Wireless Institute. The market value of the cheese produced in Wisconsin in a year is greater than the market value of all the tea in China. It's probably fair to point out that these market-value comparisons can be deceptive.

However, the retail price by volume is four or five times as much for salsa as for ketchup. For more encouraging news about health aspects of cheese, visit the WDA entry. Some years back, the state sponsored a competition for a new motto and motor vehicle license plate logo.

Fans of the Green Bay Wisconsin Packers are known as cheeseheads; their ceremonial headgear is in the shape of a large wedge of yellow cheese.

Wisconsin is a community property state. Since the Iraq war of , close US presidential advisors have been giving subtle little diplomatically worded hints that France's obstructionism might redound to that country's disadvantage.

Here's the secret plan, based on the Joint military doctrine of flexible and sometimes rubbery response: A charitable membership organization in Britain. To learn more, you might visit The Welfare Law Center.

Wicca The religion of witchcraft. Watch what you say or I'll put a spell on you. Perhaps you were looking for wic.

It's my impression that Wicca is especially popular in the Northwest. Otherwise known as a component or a GUI control. Widgets include things like buttons, menus, scrollbars, comboboxes, etc. It occurs to me that some people don't know that the word widget existed long before GUI's. It had the senses of a an unspecified or hypothetical manufactured object, probably small, and b a bell or whistle on a manufactured object.

The word is attested as early as in the journal American Speech vol. Mechanismen von Immunreaktionen gegen Schwermetalle s. Immuntoxikologie chronischer Quecksilberbelastung Dr. Disregarding basic principles of mercury toxicity Volltext: Mercury as pathogenetic factor and apolipoprotein E as a moderator , auch hier und hier Uni Freiburg: Antwort der Autoren Amalgam risk assessment with coverage of references up to 3.

Quecksilber und Alzheimer-Erkrankung , auch hier und hier Leserbrief von Prof. Unkonventionelle Therapien der multiplen Sklerose: A diagnostic case-control study.

Schwermetalle, Strahlung und Gesundheit auf der 7. Umwelttagung des VHUE 6. The opinion of the scientific committee of the European Commission , francais 1. Mobilfunksymposium in Mainz Auch die Entgiftung von anderen Metallen wird behandelt. Reaktion des Autors auf einen Leserbrief von Prof. Effektiv bei vielen Krankheiten , auch hier U. Metal chelators and neurotoxicity: The toxicology of mercury: Current research and emerging trends Metals and Parkinson's disease: Mechanisms and biochemical processes.

Balancing the nutritional benefits of fish consumption against methylmercury toxicity, and evaluating the impact of genetic polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferases on susceptibility to methylmercury in a Swedish population Die Amalgamkontroverse in den Zwanziger Jahren des Jahrhunderts Stefan Maydl: Ergebnisse einer Studie zur Entwicklung amalgambezogener Beschwerden Dies ist ein Beitrag zur Psychiatrisierung von Amalgam-Vergifteten.

Allergien in aller Munde? Die Toxikologie des Amalgams Urine Mercury in Micromercurialism: Methylquecksilber und Ethylquecksilber wandern aus dem Blut ins Gehirn. Adverse immunological effects and autoimmunity induced by dental amalgam and alloy in mice. Bengtsson und Lars D. Increased mercury emissions from modern dental amalgams 2. Environmental costs of mercury pollution , auch hier Hylander-Interview: Vera Stejskal ist gestorben. The beneficial effect of amalgam replacement on health in patients with autoimmunity , auch hier.

Diagnosis and treatment of metal-induced side-effects , Volltext Biomarkers supporting mercury toxicity as the major exacerbator of neurological illness, recent evidence via the urinary porphyrin tests , auch hier Hg Release from Amalgams Actually Measured! Health Hazards of Mercury Lorscheider et al.: Computer Simulation of a Metabolic Compartmental Model Dental "silver" tooth fillings: Maternal-fetal distribution of mercury Hg released from dental amalgam fillings 4.

Whole-body imaging of the distribution of mercury released from dental fillings into monkey tissues Mercury released from dental "silver" fillings provokes an increase in mercury- and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in oral and intestinal floras of primates. Evaluation of the safety issue of mercury release from dental fillings The dental amalgam mercury controversy--inorganic mercury and the CNS; genetic linkage of mercury and antibiotic resistances in intestinal bacteria. Mercury exposure from "silver" tooth fillings: Retrograde degeneration of neurite membrane structural integrity of nerve growth cones following in vitro exposure to mercury , auch hier , Volltext: Bei Problemen mit dem Abspielen der Datei: The Use of Amalgam of Mercury W.

Amalgam for Filling Teeth J. Poisoning from corrosive sublimate generated in the mouth from amalgam plugs in the teeth ES Talbot: The chemistry and physiological action of mercury as used in amalgam fillings 1.

Existe-il un tremblement mercuriel? Amalgam and kindred poisons , The Dental Headlight, Beitrag zur Kenntnis der nicht-gewerblichen chronischen Quecksilbervergiftung A. Kulkow Kulkow, Privatdozent an der I. Das neurologische Bild der Quecksilbervergiftung 7. Zur Frage der chronischen Quecksilbervergiftung 3. Die Speicherwirkung von Quecksilber wird erkannt Seite Quecksilberaufnahme bei den mit einer Hg-Schmierkur behandelten Patienten und deren nichtbehandelten Mitpatienten 5.

Behavioral effects of mercury and methylmercury Auswirkungen auf das Verhalten nach Einwirkung von elementarem und Methyl-Quecksilber: The effects of dimercaptosuccinic acid on the excretion and distribution of mercury in rats and mice treated with mercuric chloride and methylmercury chloride.

Comparative epidemiology of multiple sclerosis and dental caries Minoru Sugita: The biological half-time of heavy metals. The existence of a third, "slowest" component. Methyl Mercury in Blood of Dentists 5. Neurotoxicity, anorexia and the preferential choice of antidote in methylmercury intoxicated rats.

Methylation of mercury from dental amalgam and mercuric chloride by oral streptococci in vitro. Effect of occupational exposure to elemental mercury on short term memory. Synthesis and properties of the monomethyl ester of meso-dimercaptosuccinic acid and its chelates of lead II , cadmium II , and mercury II 1. Urinary mercury after administration of 2,3-dimercaptopropanesulfonic acid: Vitamin C, glutathione, or lipoic acid did not decrease brain or kidney mercury in rats exposed to mercury vapor.

Till fragt nach den Verantwortlichen: Effects of diet on mercury metabolism and excretion in mice given methylmercury: Suicide among Swedish dentists.

Mercury concentrations in the human brain and kidneys in relation to exposure from dental amalgam fillings. Women in dental surgeries: Sexual differences in the excretion of organic and inorganic mercury by methyl mercury-treated rats. Exposure of dentists and assistants to mercury: The contribution of dental amalgam to mercury in blood , auch hier.

Subjective symptoms and psychological performance of chlorine-alkali workers. Michael Aschner, Judy Lynn Aschner: Mercury exists in a wide variety of physical and chemical states, each of which has unique characteristics of target organ toxicity.

Physical properties and redox potentials determine the qualitative and quantitative differences in toxicity among inorganic mercury compounds, while the ability of MeHg to cross the blood-brain barrier accounts for its accumulation in the CNS and a clinical picture that is dominated by neurological disturbances. This review gives an up-to-date account of mercury's physical and chemical properties and its interaction with biologically active sites pertinent to transport across the blood-brain barrier, a major regulator of the CNS millieu.

Particulate inhalation during the removal of amalgam restorations. Exposure to mercury in the population. Mercury release from amalgam fillings Transformations of inorganic mercury by Candida albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mercury concentration in blood and urine -- before and after the placement of dental amalgam fillings 8.

Interactions between dental amalgams and the oral environment. Chronic neurobehavioural effects of elemental mercury in dentists. The relationship between mercury concentration in human organs and different predictor variables. Behavioural effects of prenatal metallic mercury inhalation exposure in rats.

Die neugeborenen Nachkommen waren mit 3 Monaten hypoaktiv zu wenig aktiv , aber mit 14 Monaten hyperaktiv zu sehr aktiv. Mercury excretion and intravenous ascorbic acid. Shimojo N, Arai Y: Effects of exercise training on the distribution of metallic mercury in mice. Skare I, Engqvist A.: Human exposure to mercury and silver released from dental amalgam restorations , Volltext People with high mercury uptake from their own dental amalgam fillings.

Behavioral effects of low-level exposure to elemental Hg among dentists. An estimation of the uptake of mercury from amalgam fillings based on urinary excretion of mercury in Swedish subjects 6. George Feuer, Stephen Injeyan: The dental amalgam controversy: Prenatal coexposure to metallic mercury vapour and methylmercury produce interactive behavioural changes in adult rats.

Demonstration of mercury in the human brain and other organs 17 years after metallic mercury exposure , Volltext 5. Die Autopsie ergab 2. Mercury toxicity associated with a beauty lotion, New Mexico. Urinary mercury in twelve cases of cutaneous mercurous chloride calomel exposure: Mercury from maternal "silver" tooth fillings in sheep and human breast milk. A source of neonatal exposure. Changes in the nervous system due to occupational metallic mercury poisoning.

The toxicology of mercury. Heavy Metals and Fertility 2. Nazzareno Ballatori, Michael W. Lieberman und Wei Wang: N-acetylcysteine as an antidote in methylmercury poisoning 5.

Myers and Philip W. Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure and Children: Neurologic, Developmental, and Behavioral Research 6. Studie von den Seychellen. Per Hultman, Ulf Lindh und P. Mercury concentrations in urine and whole blood associated with amalgam exposure in a US military population. Mercury in human colostrum and early breast milk. Its dependence on dental amalgam and other factors , auch hier: Mercury in biological fluids after amalgam removal auch hier 4.

Uptake of inorganic mercury in the olfactory bulbs via olfactory pathways in rats. Neurobehavioral effects from exposure to dental amalgam Hg 0: Carsten Alsen-Hinrichs und Anke Bauer: Neurotoxische Verletzungen in der Umweltmedizin 8. Alzheimer's disease, dental amalgam and mercury , Volltext 2. Mercury intoxication presenting with hypertension and tachycardia 6. Urine mercury in micromercurialism: Mercury induces cell cytotoxicity and oxidative stress and increases beta-amyloid secretion and tau phosphorylation in SHSY5Y neuroblastoma cells.

Mechanisms of injury in the central nervous system. Cerebellum as a target for toxic substances 4. Die Wirkung von einigen neurotoxischen Substanzen, u. Methylquecksilber, im Kleinhirn wird beschrieben.

Residual neurologic deficits 30 years after occupational exposure to elemental mercury. Die Lebenserwartung der quecksilberbelasteten Arbeiter war deutlich niedriger als die der unbelasteten. Dental amalgam and mercury in dentistry. Cytotoxicity of dental composite components and mercury compounds in lung cells. Organisches Quecksilber ist - mal giftiger als Composite-Material.

Cytotoxicity of dental composite components and mercury compounds in pulmonary cells 2. Methyl-Quecksilber ist erheblich giftiger als Composite. Aber im letzten Absatz werden die Ergebnisse relativiert: Dabei beruft man sich auf " Amalgam im Spiegel kritischer Auseinandersetzung ", von Reichl et.

Neurotoxicity and molecular effects of methylmercury. Mercury vapour release from a dental aspirator , Volltext 5. Dental amalgam fillings and the amount of organic mercury in human saliva. Release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings in pregnant rats and distribution of mercury in maternal and fetal tissues 6.

Experimentier-Material und Ergebnisse wurden nun wieder gefunden. Mercury Toxicity and Antioxidants: The Three Modern Faces of Mercury. New clues about vitamin D functions in the nervous system 3. Nephrotoxic actions of low-dose mercury in mice: Mercury exposure and early effects: Mercury in saliva and the risk of exceeding limits for sewage in relation to exposure to amalgam fillings 7. Tchounwou, Nanuli Ninashvili and Elaine Shen: Clarkson and William Simon: Health consequences of an intravenous injection of metallic mercury.

Removal of dental amalgam and other metal alloys supported by antioxidant therapy alleviates symptoms and improves quality of life in patients with amalgam-associated ill health Ycf1p-dependent Hg II detoxification in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Resolution of orofacial granulomatosis with amalgam removal 5. Apolipoprotein E genotyping as a potential biomarker for mercury neurotoxicity 6. Pickering and Graham N. The Chemical Form of Mercury in Fish Methylquecksilber in Fisch ist an Cysteine gebunden und rund mal weniger giftig als bisher angenommen.

Clarkson, Laszlo Magos and Gary J. Fonnum F, Lock EA: The contributions of excitotoxicity, glutathione depletion and DNA repair in chemically induced injury to neurones: Mostafa Waly et al.: Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine: The beneficial effect of amalgam replacement on health in patients with autoimmunity.

A role for heme in Alzheimer's disease: Health effects of dental amalgam exposure: Chronic low-level mercury exposure, BDNF polymorphism, and associations with self-reported symptoms and mood , Volltext Polymorphisms in glutathione-related genes affect methylmercury retention.

Urinary mercury concentrations associated with dental restorations in adult women aged years: Mercury from dental amalgam: Genetic influences on the retention of inorganic mercury. Landrigan, and Clyde Schechter: Bei diesem Wert ist bereits die Intelligenz IQ reduziert. Wird in der Studie nicht diskutiert! Sensitization to inorganic mercury could be a risk factor for infertility , Volltext 8.

Shen, Noelle Liberato, Kimberly S. Grant, Elsa Cernichiari and Thomas Clarkson: Thimerosal and Animal Brains: Thimerosal gelangt schneller ins Gehirn und auch wieder hinaus als Methyl-Quecksilber. Allerdings verbleibt im Gehirn doppelt so viel anorganisches Quecksilber nach Thimerosal-Exposition, verglichen mit Methyl-Quecksilber-Exposition.

Analysis of genetic susceptibility to mercury contamination evaluated through molecular biomarkers in at-risk Amazon Amerindian populations , pdf-Datei Chronic low-level mercury exposure, BDNF polymorphism, and associations with cognitive and motor function. Autism as a Minamata disease variant: Infos von Santa Cruz University of California Flow Chart representation of a proposed pathogenetic mechanism of the neurotoxic events of mercury Ein Flussdiagram zeigt die neurotoxische Wirkung von Quecksilber.

The association between a genetic polymorphism of coproporphyrinogen oxidase, dental mercury exposure and neurobehavioral response in humans. Cognitive deficit in 7-year-old children with prenatal exposure to methylmercury. Birth Cohorts in the Faroe Islands: White and Philippe Grandjean: Impact of prenatal methylmercury exposure on neurobehavioral function at age 14 years 5. P Grandjean, PJ Landrigan: Developmental neurotoxicity of industrial chemicals.

The Delayed Appearance of a Mercurial Warning 1. Cohort studies of Faroese children concerning potential adverse health effects after the mothers' exposure to marine contaminants during pregnancy , auch hier Zusammenhang zwischen Verzehr von Meerestieren Grindwale der Mutter und Auswirkungen auf die Nachkommen.

Chemical brain drain , Kurzfassung 9. Genetic susceptibility to methylmercury developmental neurotoxicity matters Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity , auch hier 3.

Seitdem wurde die Liste erweitert: Cognitive deficits at age 22 years associated with prenatal exposure to methylmercury. Literaturliste bis Damian P. Mercury toxicity presenting as Chronic Fatigue, memory impairment and depression: Raymond Singer, Dana Darby Johnson: Claire de Burbure et al.: Porphyrinuria in childhood autistic disorder: Implications for environmental toxicity , auch hier 4.

Quecksilber aus Amalgam und Resistenz gegen Antibiotika 4. Role of selenium in mercury intoxication in mice , Volltext.

Lakshmi Kuppusamy, Clay B. Marsh, Periannan Kuppusamy and Narasimham L. Human accumulation of mercury in Greenland 3. Dose-response relationship of prenatal mercury exposure and IQ: Quecksilber in der Mutter verschlechtert den IQ des Kindes.

Wireless Radiation in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism: Clinical Observations and Mechanisms 8. Maternal amalgam dental fillings as the source of mercury exposure in developing fetus and newborn 9. Madejczyk, and Nazzareno Ballatori: Wittmann and Martin Gencik: Glutathione-S-transferase polymorphism, metallothionein expression, and mercury levels among students in Austria Mercury in human brain, blood, muscle and toenails in relation to exposure: Freedman, and Edward D.

Internationale Konferenz in Warschau, Konferenz zum Zusammenhang von Autismus und anderen neurologischen Erkrankungen und Impfungen. Joachim Mutter und Deniz Yeter: Kawasaki's disease, acrodynia, and mercury. Die Erkrankung tritt bei Kindern, vorwiegend bis 5 Jahren, auf.

Cracked mercury dental amalgam as a possible cause of fever of unknown origin: Migration of mercury from dental amalgam through human teeth , auch hier , Volltext.

Metal concentrations in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Neurological symptoms among dental assistants: Cardiac autonomic activity and blood pressure among Nunavik Inuit adults exposed to environmental mercury: Environmental Mercury Exposure and the Risk of Autism 8. Amalgam dental fillings and hearing loss Urinary porphyrin excretion in normal children and adolescents.

Mercury and silver induce B cell activation and anti-nucleolar autoantibody production in outbred mouse stocks: Mercury vapour Hg 0: Continuing toxicological uncertainties, and establishing a Canadian reference exposure level 2.

Kern and Mark R. A prospective study of prenatal mercury exposure from maternal dental amalgams and autism severity , Volltext 2. Mitochondrial dysfunction,impaired oxidative-reduction activity, degeneration, and death in human neuronal and fetal cells induced by low-level exposure to thimerosal and other metal compounds S. Occurrence of cognitive symptoms in dental assistants with previous occupational exposure to metallic mercury 5. Cloning, expression, and biochemical properties of CPOX4, a genetic variant of coproporphyrinogen oxidase that affects susceptibility to mercury toxicity in humans.

Maternal exposure to nanoparticulate titanium dioxide during the prenatal period alters gene expression related to brain development in the mouse 7. Bridges, Lucy Joshee, and Rudolfs K. Assessment of chronic mercury exposure within the U. Environmental factors and Alzheimer's disease: Railey White and Andrew J.

Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B vaccine: Influence of gestational age and birth weight Transparenz brachten erst die Informationen vom Whistleblower Dr. Videos und Berichte zum "Fall Wakefield": Andrew Wakefield Video-Vortrag von Dr. Mercury and human genotoxicity: Cadmium, mercury, and lead in kidney cortex of living kidney donors: Impact of different exposure sources Luteinizing hormone provides a causal mechanism for mercury associated disease.

Is low-level environmental mercury exposure of concern to human health? Low dose mercury and heart rate variability among community residents nearby to an industrial complex in Korea. The role of cyclooxygenase COX -2 derived prostanoids on vasoconstrictor responses to phenylephrine is increased by exposure to low mercury concentration.

How can a chemical element elicit complex immunopathology? Lessons from mercury-induced autoimmunity, Volltext 2. Mercury induces inflammatory mediator release from human mast cells 3. Historical exposure to mercury among Norwegian dental personnel.

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