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I have a plethora of interests from live music shows, spontaneous travel, business start ups and absolutely anything creative. M4w You had a really nice smile, I'm not sure if it was you or your friend that honked the horn but I laughed. Kara m4w Kara, So many months have pboobsed, and I still think about you all the time.

Thank you for visiting the Richmond Hill Historical Society website. We would appreciate it if you would Add to this GuestBook we are keeping! Richmond Hill book Amaozon. Awesome book with tons of old neighborhood photos. You guys did a great job!

Can't wait for the sequel. This entry was recorded on Sunday, 25 December Trying to track down some old friends. Tony Gargano - Of th Street and 97th Ave. This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 21 December I have located the majority of my classmates that graduated from HCJS in The following remain missing: If you have any information that will help me locate them, please contact me. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 20 December The Bond Bread Bakery provided the great smell of fresh bread.

It was off nd Street near the railroad overpass. Jack Shea This entry was recorded on Monday, 19 December Went to RHHS to Would love to hook up with anyone of the old crowd. This entry was recorded on Monday, 19 December Some more fond memories of Richmond Hill Riley on th Street Mike's Bike shop in his basemant on Street Watching the older men play softball or baseball at Victory Field, what about the men playing checkers or chess Hitchiking to Rockaway Beach Harry Cahn's pumpernickel sandwiches Carvel on Atlantic Avenue -- Brown Bonnets The Mayfet in June at PS More than anything -- we all remember the happy go lucky days when people had more respect for each other and it was safer out there!

PS 66 alive with kids, games, and the sounds of kids growing up and figuring things out for themselves What a trip down memory lane! I grew up on th St. I moved away from the area around and haven't been back since. It's obvious there are many people out there who have better memories than I and it's wonderful of you to share them.

What's the old neighborhood like these days? Anyone out there from the HCJ class of ? This entry was recorded on Saturday, 17 December I love this site. This site brings back fond memories. If anyone has any info would greatly appreciate a reply.

What wonderful memories we have of Ozone Park and Richmond Hill. I grew up on st just off 95th ave. Bennies, graduated in Hung out in the park for many years, played on the basketball teams representing St. Bennies in the St. Monica league and the elks BB league. Hung out in all the local candy stores, Jonesies, Carls, the one on st ave and th street. This entry was recorded on Friday, 16 December Used to live on th St also on 89th Avenue. Our playground was either Jamaica Ave, th St.

There was water in the pond then. There was a bookie set up behind a bus diner at Lefferts Blvd and Jamaica Ave. Went off to the military and retired USAF. I am writting a neighborhood research paper on Cypress Hills and in the process of doing so I came across many buildings I can not find information on. Can some one help? This entry was recorded on Thursday, 15 December This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 14 December I am trying to locate some memorabilia from around the ish decade.

My Mother was born in in Queens. I know she speaks of Jahns Ice Cream shop and a movie theatre. Any help is appreciated. This entry was recorded on Friday, 9 December OLPH and all that it encompassed brings back some wonderful thoughts. Beyond that, Al's Stereo was a whole new chapter during the late 60s I came across this site doing a bit of surfing regarding my Manhattan College football coach and former Lynvet Coach Larry Kelly.

Chris DeFalco - Of st 97ave , richmond hill. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 8 December Love your website and it's purpose. Ron Layer is a very informative gentleman, a walking, willing history lesson. Bill Hans - Of Elmhurst.

This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 7 December This entry was recorded on Sunday, 4 December This entry was recorded on Friday, 2 December Softee- back in the 70's they sold something they called a "chinese sundae"- a Marino's Ice with soft ice cream on top can you say "gelatti"????

I lived at th street! I didn't know Jack Maple but love "The District". I have seen Mr. Maple's name at the end of every show and finally dicided to see who he was.

If "Manion" is representative of Mr. Maple, I am very impressed. Norrie Spenia - Of Chuluota, Fl. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 1 December Lived in Richmond Hill until on th street just below 95th avenue diagonally across from Smokey Park. At a younger age I lived on th street below 95th.

One of my Aunts still lives in R. I loved growing up in that area and truly loved my school. Recognized some names but have not read all of the guest sign ins. Can't wait to read some more about the old place. I lived on Lefferts Blvd.

I would love to hear from anyone who went to SBJ graduating class of ; esp. Donna Cassi or Mary F. This site is wonderful, all your work is greatly appreciated This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 30 November Reading through this website, I'm proud to say that I'm part of this great neighborhood.

Just like how it help me grow into the person I am today, I hope it has the same wonderful effect on the generation of tomorrow. SOOOO, if any of you are out there and care to email me, please do so. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 29 November Jonn Mulry - Of Chattanooga. This entry was recorded on Monday, 28 November

Adding whimsy to the lives of kiddos everywhere. by TomboyTogs

She and her husband are expecting their first child in December. My yougest daughter just move to Seattle, WA.

We did have some great times. Yes I would come to a reunion. My home email address should be at the bottom of this note if you want to contact me directly. Marty P- Glad to hear you are well and living on Long Island. We had some great times at SBJL. My wife and I moved from Maryland in to Hilton Head.

Our three children have left the nest and are scattered across the country. We have our first grandchild on the way. Could never forget Sister James Stephanie! This entry was recorded on Saturday, 17 September Yes his name WAS Mike.

He also sold locks, decals, streamers, tube repair kits, etc. Remember lighting the glue on the patch to help quickly dry it and have it stick?? If you rememer Mike's you would also remember Robert's toy store. I think he had a black thin mustache. The China Inn with those little red, green, black and white tiles. Bohacks had only 4 isles Villa Grande Pizza with 45 cents meatball heroes I think Mama used lots of eggs in her meatballs.

Scheweeties egg slad and choices of ice cream, floats, and drinks. Rubies Fun House in Woodhaven was a little store with masks displayed in window on right, lots of gags inside and a small lunch counter. Now it's an international company. Lots of great memories And Harry Kahn's with those huge pumpernickel sandwiches Someone out there must produce a movie about our wonderful town -- Richmond Hill.

This entry was recorded on Friday, 16 September I think the bike man's name was Mike. Actually, the Silver Dollar lasted until about when Gus, I believe sold the business to my mther and stepfather, Carole and Frank Esposito. I dropped in on that place in , it still had the tile celing and the big crack in the tile floor. I then popped in on Charlie Winther to say hello, and that was the last I saw of him. The bar is a West Indian place, and Winther's is now a deli, at least that how it was when I visited the neighborhood in I was glad to see that the Greenwood Bakery was still there, now under ownership of West Indians, and they still had a lot of what was sold in the 50's, including the black and white cookies.

Grew up in Richmond Hill from - and have great memories. Thanks for your website in sharing all the great history! I was seeking information on carousels in America and found your website and enjoyed learning of your historic carousel in Forest Park. Keep up the great work you are doing in preserving all that is truly irreplaceable! I remember Winther's very well. I lived on rd ave.

And the store made ice cream first time i ever had the real stuff at Winthers. From your dad's place I graduated to the silver dollar bar and grill right across the street where "Izzy" was the bartender owner?

He was a sweet old guy who died soon afterwards. His grandson ran the bar for a short while. The silver dollar became Al's stereo bar when Al bought it and was looking for a modern gimmick. I believe Al was a mechanical engineer but wanted to run his own business. Carls ice cream parlor was across the avenue and one block west. Carl's gig was making his own ice cream sandwiches on waffles.

My parents occasionally sent me to carls to buy those sandwiches; there used to be what passed for a gang in those days hanging out there's that phrase again in the booths at Carls. I was born in ozone park and lived on 76th street just north of ave. Went to PS 64 till i moved at the beginning of the 6th grade. Spent the rest of the sixth grade at ps Thanks for sparking some happy memories. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 15 September I was looking for the website for SBJL school and found this wonderful website.

Hi Claire, Regina and Mark! Looking back on my childhood I had alot of great friends and memories. This website brought back so many memories that had been lost for years. Going to Liberty Ave on Sat to eat pizza and zepoli's listening to the jukebox.

Our parents never had to worry if someone was going to hurt or take us. The only worry they had was probably if there were boys going to be around and that was innocent too. My favorite teacher was also Mr. Harnishfeger and I kept in touch writing with him til I sure would love to have a reunion with the others from the graduating class of SBJL I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to our 20th.

Good people, excellent memories. Maryanne Gordon Harward - Of Charleston. Bob Koenig - do you remember the guy on nd Street that used to fix bicycles out of the basement of his house? I was born on 95th street just off of Atlantic I lived at nd St just off Atlantic Av.

Married the former Orene Hanon and just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Would love to hear from any one who remembers us. Richmond Hill was a great place to live for my first 18 years. This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 14 September What a nice surprize to find this site.

I lived in Kew Gardens at the Stevens House in to I was a Pan American Stewardess living with my teenage sister. We walk to Salerno's restaurant to eat always because neither one of us knew how to cook. Joe Salerno and his sisters were always so friendly and it felt good because being home sick at least we felt we were eating with family.

I often think of both of them and wonder if they are still going to the restaurant even if they are retired today and the young Salernos are now managing the family business. I remember Joe lived upstairs and he would invite my sister and I to listen to opera.

My grandmother was Corsican and we always had opera playing in the house all day long. That was another nice gesture that we remember from Joe Salerno. Blessings to both of them. Joe had a Thunderbird and often pass by our street on his way to his daily business, when he saw us walking to the restaurant he would offer a ride.

In those days business owners in the neighborhood really got to know their patrons and it was like family. Times were more relaxed and people took time to meet who they did business with. Richmond Hills, Kew Gardens and Forest Hills as I remember was quaint, full of older European immigrants that were just wonderful to talk to them and listen to their stories, both happy and sad.

Quite often they mistook us for Israeli, but they were just as friendly when I told them we were not. I am planning a trip to the area to retrace my life as a young lady living in such a beautiful place. I used the Q to go to JFK when the weather was good, the rest of the time several residents of the Stevens House used the services of a College student who choffered us in his spared time to earned money for books and tuition.

Lets not forget the friendly yellow cab. Yes it is time for me to pay a visit for a last time to that period in my life. Nothing stays the same so I am ancious to revisit the area with my sister who lives today in Astoria. Thank you for keeping this wonderful site.

We played in Forest Park - ice skating, sledding, bicycling - and had many friends from St. John's Lutheran Church on th Street. Most of the family moved to Long Island in the 's. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 13 September Glennon in 1st grade that was in , My father also had her as a teacher at St. Benny's and he is now 68 years old. Debbie Dooley - Of Levittown , usa. A living tribute to residents of Maple Grove Cemetery that have been forgotten, created with costumed actors interacting at the gravesites.

There are roughly 30 actors scattered throughout the older section, and it is a wonderful historical experience. Call for more info. Hope to see you there! Long time Richmond Hill resident. Anyone remember John's Candy Store mid's with the juke box located on st Ave.

Rosen's drug store was across the street and the side of a building around the corner was the handball court. There was a bagel factory across the street. They were the best bagels and only 7 cents. I also remember a singing group called "The Duquenes" who sang songs like "Stormy Weather" on the corner.

This entry was recorded on Sunday, 11 September This entry was recorded on Saturday, 10 September This entry was recorded on Thursday, 8 September I remember neighbors across the street: The Charles Edwards family lived next door to them: Up the street were the Beigle family.

Down the street was the Bartholemew family and the George Delehanty family: Anyone who knows where the above individuals are, please contact me. I would so like to hear from them again. This entry was recorded on Monday, 5 September Lived in Richmond Hiil between l - l Enjoyed the website and trip down memory lane. If anyone remembers me would love to hear from you.

This entry was recorded on Saturday, 3 September This entry was recorded on Thursday, 1 September I lived at Jamacia Ave. Married my High School sweetheart Maureen A. She lived at St. Married for thirty four years. Loved living under the shadow of the Jamacia Ave.

You only noticed it when you were on the phone or watching T. During the winter the snow would cause sparks and embers to land on my second floor bedroom window sill. Coast Guard in and was stationed at Flyod Bennett Field, spent four years there and realized I still had not seen the world.

So I stayed in for twenty years trying to see the world. Having seen a lot sine then but still remember the simpler times and wonderful people. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 30 August I sure do remember you too!

I check this site every month or so when I feel a little solemn and want to relive my youth. This entry was recorded on Sunday, 28 August Hi Dianne I lived on street from to Respond re my email address. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 27 August I lived on the corner of th St. The house was owned by Ted and Janet Brimlow.

Next door, the last name was Coffee. Some of the kids we played with I can only remember first names. There were 3 brothers, Mark, Brian and Sean on 95th Ave. Alice was my best friend along with Joanne Oliveri. There were a brother and sister named Annette and Anthony and the last name Corso comes to mind but I could be wrong.

This was around 40 yrs ago, so it's hard to remember names exactly. Hopefully, one of them will read this and remember me! I was born in Richmond Hill in and still live here with my parents near 89th Ave. I really enjoyed visiting the history of Richmond Hill. This entry was recorded on Friday, 26 August Dianne McDonald read your message. We lived at th st. Drop a line to this email address. Bob Rademacher - Of Smithville , new jersey. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 25 August Many of us who live or lived in Richmond Hill may have been treated by Dr.

He served Richmond Hill from his office on Jamaica Ave. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 23 August I teach the children of this community and work with community members and former community members.

I admire the love they have for their community and the active role parents take for the children in it. This entry was recorded on Monday, 22 August I grew up on th Street between Atlantic and Jamaica Aves. Reading these great comments brings back some wonderful memories. We always had to go up to the "avenue" to buy something. There was DiPalma's Butcher shop where we would sit on the stools while Mr.

DiPalma, in his fedora hat, would chop up our chuck beef. He would always give us a slice of baloney to munch on while we waited! Then there was Jerry's clothing store on the corner of th Street. There were so many little shops there was one store with everything in it including the cat clock with the moving tail. Friend Paint with the earth painted on the floor. Al's Candy that later became Marie's.

There's nothing like it!!! Teresa - Of Erie, CO. This entry was recorded on Sunday, 21 August I thought the Lords of flatbush was filmed in Brooklyn??? The biggest rip-off was the film "In and Out". Debbie Reynolds and friends were too busy to leave their trailers while filming in the neighborhood.

When they got to Pompton? New Jersey they had a big meet and greet for the faculty and students of the school they filmed at. The diversity must have made them nervous. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 20 August Does anyone remember my mother, Kathryn Burns or Kelly, she was Burns by adoption? She graduated either in or She was very active in the opera club I still have a recording she did at Richmond Hill.

She claimed to have been valedictorian. If you remember her, please contact me by e-mail. Once I know the year she graduated I will attempt to find her in the year book.

This entry was recorded on Friday, 19 August I turn 50 this year I'm sure many of the Richmond Hill baby-boomers have very fond memories of growing up in such a wonderful town. It was NYC, yet, so far from it with Forest Park and the friendly slower-paced activity of the neighborhood.

I recently took my son back to visit my old schools and stomping grounds While many of the stores are now changed over it was like I never left. We even played stickball and went to Jahn's. I encourage all those who have moved out of RH to return with their kids.

It was nice reliving old memories and understanding that Life has moved on, but, a Big part of who we are today was determined by our experiences and happy times growing up in Richmond Hill. Saw the "hollywood page" and recalled the following films being shot in the area. Perhaps someone will recall. In any event I remember for the first and last that it seemed as if time warped back to the 50's and for the second on the list I recall a complete makeover of the house.

Perhaps someone else remembers this. I just happened to stumble upon this website this is great, I grew up in Ozone Park my parents just moved to PA after living on th Street, between ave and ave for 35 years it was so sad to see them go but are much happier now. The neighborhood has really changed but I have alot of great memories growing up on that block, the block was mostly kids and we all played all the time not like that anymore.

Remember the bow bow especially the game room, pizza city had great pizza. I live in middle village now but have great memories of ozone park, richmond hill. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 18 August This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 16 August This entry was recorded on Monday, 15 August This entry was recorded on Sunday, 14 August I grew up at th Street.

My family lived at this address from to My father was active in the community and the church. I have many memories of this lovely neighborhood. I can still remember the names of most of the residents during that period. I have some photo's of the home. This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 10 August Joe Walc Do you remember my father Al Hoffman from the fire house. We lived across Atlantic Ave on St. My father was a Captain in the volunteers. I seem to remember your name. My e mail is nyhoffmans yahoo.

This entry was recorded on Monday, 8 August This entry was recorded on Sunday, 7 August They had six boys and three girls who grew up in an attached home at th ST. My father's name was Joseph and my mother's name was Barbara both of my parents are deceased. The rest of the family in age order was Barbara, myself Joseph Jr.

During the summer I was working at SBJL assisting the custodian, Joseph Welsch cleaning, some painting, and getting the classrooms and hallways ready for the next school year. Later on I worked on the Weekends at the church setting up for masses and weddings. Hung around with Ed Wallace who lived on 95th or 97th Street. Attended school with Mike Willet who lost his older brother in VietNam. Some one mentioned the Sanitarium on the corner of st Street and 95th Avenue.

The Canning's lived in that home and Mr. Canning had 13 children if my memory is correct. I went to school with Tony Canning. My second home was Engine 's now squad on st Street just north of Atlantic Avenue. I was also a member of the Fire Auxiliary Corps and rode with the engine. It would blow at 7: My parents used this as our wakeup, breakfast.

As I grew up and was allowed to stay out late in the summer the Our panents always took us out to Jahn's, Karps or Winters for some ice cream. Who could forget Carlos or Tommy's pizza. They were fun days and not stressed like our lives in NYC are today. Anyone remember the "banana factory" on 89th Ave. It wasn't a factory but a banana storage plant.

The banana's would arrive from the LIRR boxcars and this place would package them up for shipment by truck to supermarkets etc. A lot of kids used to stop off and get a free banana by just climbing the loading dock stairs and looking inside.

A worker would grab a banana give it to us and tell us to get lost. Would like to hear from others who graduated SBJL in I would like to thank the the mother's, father's , aunt's, unlce's for all their hard work, time and effort. I played for Lynvet Jets years ago. It was one of the most powerful in my life at time, which helped me become a sound person. Kitch Hamilton Keith - Of Ft. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 6 August Born and raised in South Ozone Park.

We lived on th Ave. My sister's name is Barbara, my brother's Arnold. Dave's candy store was right around the corner from where we lived and and never a day goes by without thinking about the place, the people, the laughs and some tears. The bus rides Q10 through Richmond Hill was always enjoyable with twists and turns through tree lined streets as were rides to Jamaica on the Q In the early 50ss the Green Bus Line had greatest drivers and the noisiest buses, it always felt that they would disintergrate at any given time, but who cared, it was enjoyable entertainment for a dime.

Robert Hauser , U. I landed on your website while searching for information on Victorian Home restoration. Just thought I'd register my visit in your guestbook. Enjoyed my visit and information on your Victorian Homes! This entry was recorded on Friday, 5 August This entry was recorded on Thursday, 4 August This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 3 August S- FROM I lived in "The Hill" from I am in touch with a few friends fom the neighborhood. I try to visit when I can from California.

I love Richmond Hill and I went on self tour last weekend. I wish I had seen this site before I forgot to mention This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 2 August Was that your uncle??? I lived on nd Street and st Avenue. As a kid Ralph gave me a haircut and then a fake shave just for the fun of it. I remember him well. I had a great childhood in Richmond Hill. The ice cream at Jahn's, to playing with so many kids on my block.

Those were great times Jennifer - Of long island , usa. This entry was recorded on Monday, 1 August I stumbled across this website while searching for information on musician Dave Van Ronk, who was a tenant in our house on th street in the 50's. What a treasure trove of memories. I remember crossing Jamaica Avenue to go to the egg store by going up and over the el station because it was considered too dangerous for a young child to cross the busy street.

I haven't lived in Richmond Hill for almost 30 years, but I still think of it as home. Any RHHS graduates out there? Found this site looking for information on th street Rocakway basketball and Dick, Al and John Mcguire.

I was born in Astoria, and in the 50's I traveled often to play basketball at the th st. By some twist of fate, I ended up in a game against the three brothers, a game that lasted about 5 minutes, and only because the McGuires were being merciful. I am now writing an article based on that event. Keep up the good work. I can't believe I found this website! I found it by looking up my old school which was St. Teresa of Avila in South Ozone Park. I lived in Richmond Hill on 95th Ave. Those were the best times of my life.

We played in the streets all the time and it was safe back then. No gangs, no crime, no drugs. I was a regular tomboy back then. We played outside because we loved it and never ran out of thing to do, we only ran out of enough daylight to do it!!! We played hopscotch, double dutch, stickball, war, dodgeball, flipped baseball cards, played with tops, yo-yo's, cut out dolls, red light green light, simon says, bottle caps and the list goes on and on.

I feel so sorry for the kids today. They will never know what fun we had. I think one of my little girlfriends all the time. Her name was Eileen Mahoney. She had the biggest freckles I ever saw. I wonder if she'll ever be lucky enough to find this website. They are all nice places to live but nothing can compare to the memories I have of Queens N. I'm a full blooded native New Yorker and I'm proud of it!! Thanks for this great website! This entry was recorded on Sunday, 31 July My grandfather has John J.

Friends went to Stietz Fish Market on Fridays for french fries. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 30 July My brother George is in LA. She still gardens at Email me if you can - would love to share more stories. I've heard that our house at had a fire last Christmas and is still sitting empty. Looking forward to hearing from you. Stephenson - Of Arvada , United States. This entry was recorded on Friday, 29 July This entry was recorded on Thursday, 28 July I also remember begging my mom to let me get the Dorothy Hamill hair do at -where else?

Found this by accident - great site. My father was born on th St. My Aunt lived in the house till she died in the 80's. Prior to the legalisation of same-sex marriage, civil partnership was permitted.

One major criticism stated that the legislation effectively enshrined discrimination in law insofar as separate contractual arrangements with greater privileges continued to exist for opposite-sex marriages concurrent to lesser arrangements for those wishing to take out civil partnerships.

In particular, the denial of the right to apply to adopt to couples with a civil partnership had been cited as particularly discriminatory. Irish law only allowed gay people to adopt children as individuals, while allowing same-sex couples to jointly foster. The ability to enter into a civil partnership ended on 16 November On 5 November , the Government announced that a referendum to allow same-sex marriage would be held in the first half of Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is outlawed by the Employment Equality Act, and the Equal Status Act, These laws forbid discrimination in any of the following areas: The protections provided remain uneven.

This would remain the case even if the gay man paid the same pension contributions as his heterosexual colleague. This decision was condemned in a leading article and opinion piece in the Irish Examiner on 24 June as being contrary to the spirit of the Marriage Referendum but remains government policy. The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act, outlaws incitement to hatred based on sexual orientation.

On 16 August , the Irish President signed the bill into law. The legislation went into effect immediately. On 19 October , Dr. Lydia Foy won her case in the High Court which ruled that the failure to allow her to obtain a new birth certificate recording her gender as female was in breach of her rights under the ECHR. Foy commenced new legal proceedings seeking to enforce the decision made by the High Court in Higgins signed the bill into law on 22 July The law came into effect on 8 September Irish adoption law allows for applications to adopt children by married couples, cohabiting couples or single applicants.

The legalisation of same-sex marriage in Ireland , in conjunction with the passage of the Children and Family Relationships Act and the Adoption Amendment Act , means that same-sex couples are in law permitted to adopt. A single gay person or one partner of a couple may apply and a same-sex couple may submit a joint application to foster children.

Additionally, lesbian couples have access to IVF and assisted insemination treatment. In January , Government Minister for Justice and Equality Alan Shatter announced that the Government would bring in laws by the end of the year to extend guardianship, custody, and access rights to the non-biological parents of children in same-sex relationships and children born through surrogacy and sperm and egg donation. On 21 January , the Government announced that a revised draft of the Children and Family Relationships Bill would give cohabiting couples and those in civil partnerships full adoption rights.

The bill was set to become law before the May same-sex marriage referendum. The purposes of the bill are to allow children to be adopted by their foster carers, where they have cared for the child for at least 18 months, and to allow two people regardless of marital status to adopt children, thus granting married same-sex couples the right to adopt.

The bill also allows for the adoption of a child by civil partners and cohabiting couples and gives children a greater say in the adoption process, among many other reforms to the adoption system. The bill was signed into law by President Michael D. Higgins on 19 July , becoming the Adoption Amendment Act As of , there is no law allowing female same-sex couples to be automatically recognised on the birth certificates and passports of their children.

Conversion therapy has a negative effect on the lives of LGBT people, and can lead to low self-esteem, depression and suicide ideation. Under the proposed bill, individuals found guilty of performing conversion therapies could be fined up to 10, euros and face up to a year in prison. The legislation has received the support of the Irish Council of Psychotherapy and many politicians and lawmakers.

Some politicians further described conversion therapy as the gay equivalent of female genital mutilation. The current sex education classes in Ireland have been described by many students and teachers as "archaic", "inadequate" and "biased", as well as "largely religious based", with reports of non-virgin students being humiliated, and LGBT issues rarely even mentioned.

The new classes would cover issues such as consent, the use of contraceptives, abortion, LGBT issues and sexuality.

In January , the Irish Blood Transfusion Service IBTS replaced a lifetime ban on donations from males who have ever had anal or oral sex with another male with a month ban. This followed intense campaigning on the issue by activists over a number of years, including a judicial review challenge to the policy in the Irish High Court.

He claimed this is in breach of EU law. He said that both failed to consider the length of time between a donor's last sexual experience and the end of a "window period" in which infections are sometimes not detected. Heneghan's previous sexual activity posed no risk of infection, according to HSE-approved advice and he said the service had no evidence upon which it could legitimately impose a lifelong ban on him donating blood. Following several adjournments of the case to allow the blood service and Department of Health to examine and develop the donation policies, in late June the Irish Blood Transfusion Service recommended that the lifetime ban on MSM be reduced to a month ban.

Later that week, Minister for Health Simon Harris agreed to the recommendations and announced the reduction would take place. However, no timeline was initially reported for the implementation of the new policies. On 26 July , Heneghan dropped his High Court challenge against the service as an end to the lifetime deferral on MSM blood donors had been announced in the interim.

On 2 October , it was reported that Minister Harris would implement the new policy from 16 January , almost seven months after he announced the policy change.

On 16 January , Heneghan now 25 attended a blood donation clinic in D'Olier Street , Dublin and became the first man who has had sex with another man to donate blood openly in the Republic of Ireland since the lifetime deferral policy was first introduced in the s. However, he also criticised the new 12 month deferral policy on MSM and called on Ireland's Health Minister to initiate a review of the IBTS and replace the 12 month deferral period for MSM with no deferral or a 3 month deferral on all donors following sexual intercourse.

Previously, in August , Heneghan had alleged that the Irish Blood Transfusion Service had discriminated against him despite his assertion that he had never had oral or anal sex with another man. Ireland is notable for its quick and drastic change in attitudes and public perception toward LGBT people, homosexuality and same-sex relationships.

Up until the s, the climate for LGBT people was one of high homophobia and public antipathy. LGBT individuals would mostly either stay in the closet, move to England or commit suicide. In the s, small LGBT groups began to emerge and organise politically.

Over the following years, LGBT groups and activists began to slowly enter the public eye and raise awareness of their cause and movement, In , Ireland officially decriminalised homosexuality, celebrated as a landmark victory by LGBT groups, which had filed suit up to the European Court of Human Rights to struck down the ban. By the early s, societal attitudes were becoming increasingly more accepting. Women who are outspoken are viewed as insulting to males and less attractive in general. Daisy's wish for her daughter highlights Daisy's frustration with her own empty life and with her lack of power and control.

Get FREE access for 5 days, just create an account. Jordan Baker does not fit the mold for the typical woman of s America. She is an unmarried professional golfer who dates the narrator, Nick. She is depicted as attractive yet harsh. Golf has historically been a sport for males, and Jordan's presence there was not the norm for the time.

Furthermore, Jordan is a cheater at the sport and demonstrates unethical behavior throughout the book. The character of Jordan represents the harsh view on the changing role of females in society at this time.

Women were seeking individuality and equality. Most men were not happy with the Women's Rights Movement because it went against the traditional view of women as the property of their husbands. Jordan's immoral behavior demonstrates society's negative opinion of women of this type. Myrtle is the wife of George Wilson and the mistress of Tom Buchanan. She is depicted as a vulgar and classless social climber who will do anything to escape her miserable and unsatisfying life of poverty and social shame.

Myrtle dies violently in the story, being run over by Daisy after darting in front of the car. Myrtle mistakenly thought that Tom had come to free her from her miserable life but instead was mowed down by his wife.

Myrtle's death represents punishment for her sins and reinforces the idea that people cannot escape the social class system into which they were born. The death might also have been an attempt by the author to warn readers of what could become of them if they indulged in the greed and gluttony of the time.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a social statement on the changing morals and values that were taking place in s America. The women in the book demonstrate the changing roles of women in society at the time. Daisy is the unfulfilled wealthy housewife who chooses money over love. Pammy is the daughter of the uppercrust who is encouraged to be beautiful and stupid.

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