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With 1,, people as of [update] , Phoenix is the fifth most populous city nationwide, the most populous state capital in the United States, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents.

Phoenix is the anchor of the Phoenix metropolitan area , also known as the Valley of the Sun , which in turn is a part of the Salt River Valley. The metropolitan area is the 12th largest by population in the United States , with approximately 4. Settled in as an agricultural community near the confluence of the Salt and Gila Rivers , Phoenix incorporated as a city in It became the capital of Arizona Territory in These industries remained the driving forces of the city until after World War II, when high-tech companies began to move into the valley and air conditioning made Phoenix's hot summers more bearable.

The city averaged a four percent annual population growth rate over a year period from the mids to the mids. The Hohokam also carried out extensive trade with the nearby Anasazi , Mogollon and Sinagua , as well as with the more distant Mesoamerican civilizations. After the departure of the Hohokam, groups of Akimel O'odham commonly known as Pima , Tohono O'odham and Maricopa tribes began to use the area, as well as segments of the Yavapai and Apache. The Akimel O'odham were the major Native American group in the area, and lived in small villages, with well-defined irrigation systems, which spread over the entire Gila River Valley, from Florence in the east to the Estrellas in the west.

Their crops included corn , beans, and squash for food, while cotton and tobacco were also cultivated. Mostly a peaceful group, they did band together with the Maricopa for their mutual protection against incursions by both the Yuma and Apache tribes.

The Tohono O'odham lived in the region as well, but their main concentration was to the south, and stretched all the way to the Mexican border. They grew crops such as sweet corn , tapery beans, squash, lentils, sugar cane, and melons, as well as taking advantage of native plants, such as saguaro fruits, cholla buds, mesquite tree beans, and mesquite candy sap from the mesquite tree.

They also hunted local game such as deer, rabbit, and javelina for meat. When the Mexican—American War ended in , Mexico ceded its northern zone to the United States and residents of that region became U. The Phoenix area became part of the New Mexico Territory. At the time Maricopa County had not yet been incorporated: In later years, other nearby settlements would form and merge to become the city of Tempe , [34] but this community was incorporated after Phoenix.

In , while traveling through the Salt River Valley, he saw a potential for farming, much like the military had already cultivated further east, near Fort McDowell. Lord Darrell Duppa , one of the original settlers in Swilling's party, suggested the name "Phoenix", as it described a city born from the ruins of a former civilization.

The Board of Supervisors in Yavapai County, which at the time encompassed Phoenix, officially recognized the new town on May 4, , and the first post office was established the following month, with Swilling as the postmaster. The first election for county office was held in , when Tom Barnum was elected the first sheriff, running unopposed when the other two candidates, John A. Chenowth and Jim Favorite, fought a duel wherein Chenowth killed Favorite, and then was forced to withdraw from the race.

The town grew during the s, and President Ulysses S. Grant issued a land patent for the present site of Phoenix on April 10, By , the town had a telegraph office, sixteen saloons, and four dance halls, but the "townsite-commissioner form of government" needed an overhaul, so that year an election was held in which three village trustees, as well as several other officials, were elected.

By , Phoenix's continued growth made the existing village structure with a board of trustees obsolete. The Territorial Legislature passed "The Phoenix Charter Bill", incorporating Phoenix and providing for a mayor-council government , which became official on February 25, when it was signed by Governor John C.

Fremont , officially incorporating Phoenix as a city with an approximate population of 2, In the s, the arrival of the railroad in the Valley was the first of several key events that altered the economy of Phoenix.

Phoenix became a trade center, with its products reaching eastern and western markets. In response, the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce was organized on November 4, The increased access to commerce expedited the city's economic rise.

The year also saw the establishment of Phoenix Union High School , with an enrollment of It supplied both water and electricity, becoming the first multi-purpose dam, and Roosevelt himself attended the official dedication on May 18, At the time, it was the largest masonry dam in the world, forming a lake in the mountain east of Phoenix.

After statehood, Phoenix's growth started to accelerate, and eight years later, its population had reached 29, In , Phoenix would see its first skyscraper, the Heard Building.

It would later be purchased in by the city, which operates it to this day. On March 4, , former U. President Calvin Coolidge dedicated a dam on the Gila River named in his honor.

However, the state had just been through a long drought, and the reservoir which was supposed to be behind the dam was virtually dry. The humorist Will Rogers , who was also on hand as a guest speaker joked, "If that was my lake, I'd mow it.

During World War II, Phoenix's economy shifted to that of a distribution center, transforming into an "embryonic industrial city" with the mass production of military supplies. A town that had just over 65, residents in became America's sixth largest city by , with a population of nearly 1.

When the war ended, many of the men who had undergone their training in Arizona returned bringing their new families. Learning of this large untapped labor pool enticed many large industries to move their operations to the area. Seeing the same advantages as Motorola, other high-tech companies such as Intel and McDonnell Douglas would also move into the valley and open manufacturing operations.

By , over , people resided in the city and thousands more in surrounding communities. There was more new construction in Phoenix in alone than during the period of more than thirty years from to Like many emerging American cities at the time, Phoenix's spectacular growth did not occur evenly.

It largely took place on the city's north side, a region that was nearly all Caucasian. In , one local activist testified at a US Commission on Civil Rights hearing that of 31, homes that had recently sprung up in this neighborhood, not a single one had been sold to an African-American. The color lines were so rigid that no one north of Van Buren Street would rent to the African-American baseball star Willie Mays , in town for spring training in the s.

The two cities look at each other across a golf course. The continued rapid population growth led more businesses to the valley to take advantage of the labor pool, [56] and manufacturing, particularly in the electronics sector, continued to grow. When Phoenix was awarded a NBA franchise in , which would be called the Phoenix Suns , [62] [63] they played their home games at the Coliseum until , after which they moved to America West Arena. Johnson , assuring future water supplies for Phoenix, Tucson, and the agricultural corridor in between.

McCarthy as the first Bishop. In the s the downtown area experienced a resurgence, with a level of construction activity not seen again until the urban real estate boom of the s. By the end of the decade, Phoenix adopted the Phoenix Concept plan which split the city into urban villages, each with its own village core where greater height and density was permitted, further shaping the free-market development culture.

Originally, there were nine villages, [68] but this has been expanded to 15 over the years see Cityscape below. This officially turned Phoenix into a city of many nodes, which would later be connected by freeways. The Phoenix Symphony Hall opened in ; [69] other major structures which saw construction downtown during this decade were the First National Bank Plaza , the Valley Center the tallest building in the state of Arizona [70] and the Arizona Bank building. Supreme Court , when she was sworn in as the first female justice.

There was an influx of refugees due to low-cost housing in the Sunnyslope area in the s, resulting in 43 different languages being spoken in local schools by the year Phoenix has maintained a growth streak in recent years, growing by This made it the second-fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States, surpassed only by Las Vegas. Recently, downtown Phoenix and the central core have experienced renewed interest and growth, resulting in numerous restaurants, stores, and businesses opening or relocating to central Phoenix.

Phoenix is in the southwestern United States, in the south-central portion of Arizona; about halfway between Tucson to the southeast and Flagstaff to the north. The metropolitan area is known as the "Valley of the Sun", due to its location in the Salt River Valley.

Other than the mountains in and around the city, the topography of Phoenix is generally flat, allowing the city's main streets to run on a precise grid with wide, open-spaced roadways. Scattered, low mountain ranges surround the valley: On the outskirts of Phoenix are large fields of irrigated cropland and Native American reservation lands.

The community of Ahwatukee is separated from the rest of the city by South Mountain. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of Even though it is the fifth most populated city, the large area gives it a low density rate of approximately 2, people per square mile.

As with most of Arizona, Phoenix does not observe daylight saving time. In , Governor Jack Williams argued to the U. Congress that due to air conditioning units not being used as often in the morning on standard time, energy use would increase in the evening should the state observe daylight saving time. He went on to say that energy use would also rise early in the day "because there would be more lights on in the early morning. Sunrise occurs at around 7: Sunset occurs at around 5: Since , the city of Phoenix has been divided into urban villages , many of which are based upon historically significant neighborhoods and communities that have since been annexed into Phoenix.

According to the village planning handbook issued by the city, the purpose of the village planning committees is to "work with the city's planning commission to ensure a balance of housing and employment in each village, concentrate development at identified village cores, and to promote the unique character and identity of the villages.

Although the urban village is part of Phoenix, the town is independent. Phoenix has long, extremely hot summers and short, mild to warm winters. The city is located within the sunniest region in the world.

Measuring 3, hours of bright sunshine annually, Phoenix receives the most sunshine of any major city on Earth. Unlike most desert locations which undergo drastic fluctuations between day and nighttime temperatures, Phoenix's diurnal temperature variation is limited by the urban heat island effect. As the city has expanded, average summer low temperatures have been steadily rising.

The daily heat of the sun is stored in pavement, sidewalks, and buildings, and it is radiated back out at night. Precipitation is sparse during most of the year, but the North American Monsoon brings an influx of moisture during the summer.

In order to increase monsoon awareness and promote safety, however, the National Weather Service decreed that starting in , June 15 would be the official "first day" of the monsoon, and it would end on September July is the wettest month of the year 1.

On September 8, , the city of Phoenix recorded its single highest rainfall total by the National Weather Service with 3. Generally speaking, the annual minimum temperature in Phoenix is in the mid-to-low 30s. The earliest freeze on record occurred on November 4, , and the latest occurred on March 31,

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Early Chicago Lodge Paper, Folded, brown stains at folds, minor tears at folds, back half somewhat faded, otherwise about Fine. Small 24p booklet, 4. Valley of Chicago, Feb. Folded twice, then once lightly, minor age browing, otherwise XF. S-IL Columbian Expo Mixed Lot of Early Chicago Masonic, ca. Includes 10 booklets and fold-over cards MINT! Includes invitation for conferring 33rd degree on Thomas W. Palmer, President of the World's Columbian Commission. Plus 3 items Lot of 13, mostly mint.

Early Chicago Oriental Consistory Lot. Nice early lot inludes: Pilgrimage to Mackinac Island, ; 30th Rendezvous, folder; "Basket Pic-Nic at River Grove", folder; 39th Rendezvous, folder; folder; card; 54th Reunion booklet, ; Monthly magazine, ; plus 2 others.

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Shrine Night at the Sells-Floto Circus. Paper sheet 5x8", Medinah Temple, Chicago , Chapter Pennies S-IL Lot of 3, one dup, XF-AU. Antiqued BZ, 35mm, AU. Evergreen Park United Lockport Three Pillars UD. Oak Park 54 K. Park Ridge Maine Bust of Columbia left, lightly toned Red Unc. Rock Island Barrett Rosiclare Shawnee Hills Top loop, appears silver but unmarked, shekel-shape, Toned AU. BZ, 38mm, top hole as made, dirty XF. Wheaton 50th Anniversary, BZ, worn VG, rev scr.

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Badges Ribbons S-AR Super high relief, BZ, rev pin missing. Sahara to Los Angeles, Two part BZ, enameled red, pine tree obv. Early multicolored ribbons are rare. Paul Revere, Boston, Revere on horse; Aleppo, Boston. Badges Ribbons S-CA Lot of 4 Badges. Choice lot of 2-part BZ badges includes 3 enameled: Southern Cal Commandery KT XF, but solder spot center something missing?

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Badges Ribbons S-IL St Bernard Hat Badge, ca. Letter outline, with screw-back. BZ fob, on black ribbon, fob top a double fob! Fez, fully enameled red, white, black, with center sword, very bold, rays from center of sword.

Enameled convex BZ fob, on black ribbon, fob top another double fob! Nice XF, bold graphics. Choice, very elaborate 3-part enameled badge: Lot of 2, both 2-part enameled badges, both top pins enameled, BZ KT shield, cross below, enameled. Englewood Commandery 59, ca. Lot of 2, both enameled: Small flag pin, ; other 2-part, skull over open book, KT shield, undated. Both enameled BZ, XF.

Small crack in enamel, otherwise XF. St Bernard 35, St Elmo 65, Baltimore MD Beauseant 8, Mississippi Grand Com'd'y, Oklahoma Grand Commandery, BZ, XF, minor spot. Grand Comdy of Texas, BZ; XF, ribbon poor. XF, but white enamel on crescent broken, poor. Apollo 1 Presentation Badge, Nice 3-part enameled badge with "D.

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Imperial Council Session, Medinah Imperial Council Session, Other 2 name-tag badges undated, but similar style. Interesting lot of 7 top badges, each with bars for different years of service at various conclaves. Top pin "For Service", KT seal, legend; each with 1 to 7 bars, various years , 24 total bars. KT Enameled Badge Lot. Nicer lot of 4 enameled badges, 3 2-part, one 3-part, for and Plus "For Service" badge. All nice XF; 5pcs. South Park Guest Badge.

Valley of Chicago Cross. Small enameled cross, 1. Woodlawn 76 "50 Consecutive" Award Badge. Nice 3-part badge, with bar engraved "W. Other Military Organizations Military: World War I Knights Templar Woodlawn Commandery 76 Veteran Badge, ca.

High quality dark BZ, XF. Apollo 1 Membership Badge. All of these membership badges are similar 4-part badges, with a top pin, enameled "Illinois", a suspended bar with the lodge name, a black ribbon and a 4-pointed KT cross, enameled white, with a US eagle center.

All are nice XF. Austin Commd'y 84 Membership Badge. Lot of 2, one with top pin "Englewood" in BZ, other as Apollo badge. As above Apollo, 4-part badge. As above Apollo, but 3-part top bar with name. As above Apollo, 4-part badge; XF. Trinity 80 Membership Badge. I believe the name of the game show was "Video Village".

I grew up in Los Angeles and this is where I saw this show. It was like this huge game board and people would hop around from square to square. I think depending on where you landed the square would light up. I hope this little bit of memory will help. Yes indeed, Video Village. I remember it very well. I believe it was done in Canada and was hosted by Dave Jack Barry? But you forgot to mention the fact that the winners of the game were driven from the end of the game board to another part of the set in an electric cart.

At the end of the ride I believe the winners chose or claimed their prizes. As they rode in the cart, the hostess sang the following song which was as I recall accompanied by an organist. Here are the lyrics: Come hop aboard the Village bus, the cooky village bus We want you to enjoy the view so come along with us We'll take a drive and you'll arrive without the slightest fuss Oh what fun it is to ride the village bus, Oh what fun it is to ride the village bus. There was a board game of the same name - with little stand-up stores along the game path.

There was a scary show and I don't know the actual name but I called it The Creaking Door because that's how it opened, with an old wooden door creaking open. The show was so scary I always needed an escort to get back home, which was less than feet. I think it was on Friday nights, maybe around 10 o'clock. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It would have aired in the early 50's. Thanks to all of you who correctly identified the "Creaking Door" show as "Innersanctum".

Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is! Alka Seltzer Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't! Mounds and Almond Joy. Spook Houses for Halloween in neighbors garages! Going to bed at night with your doors UNlocked! The Mamas and the Papas! Puff the Magic Dragon! The Wizard of Oz! Everything stopping in school so you could watch the rockets go up in space: Around or there was a commercial for Children's Bayer Aspirin that was so cute.

Kitterick was dressed in black leotards with cat ears and whiskers early 60's. I remember my transistor radio and how late at night I would put the earplug in my ear and listen to some scary theatre show.

Oh, what about the little red "Close-N-Plays" record players! I vaguely remember a square black box I think that my Dad used to take on vacations to take 8mm video! Some great 70's shows: Man, what a flood of memories you have brought back! Thanks for the "Memories"! To this day, I don't know if they're a fantasy. I wonder if anyone else saw them on TV in the early 50's? Phyl, I had the exact same reaction to a shadow cartoon which I think was quite violent.

I have only a hazy memory of this black and white cartoon, during which, again I think, they played Grieg's Peer Gynt. Pegasus I discovered this sight seeking info on Mr. Jeff Dunteman, thanks for the information. I do remember the girl on the show but I don't know if her name was Susan or what.

Mr Pegasus also wore gym shoes on each one of his legs and a vase sat in the center of the table. Not only could he talk, he could also fly. I used to beg my mother to draw Mr. Pegasus for me on a daily basis. There was a song for the show but I can only remember the hook line which is "Chatter, What's the Matter with You! Any help on this one would be appreciated.

There was also Wonderama with Sonny Fox, later replaced by Bob McAllister where the camera would pan the audience and the kids would all wave their arms over their heads.

And every summer there were ads for Palisades Amusement Park "swings all day and after dark" on the radio and TV. There was Miss Louise on Romper Room I always waited for her to see me through the magic mirror, but my name is a little too uncommon!

My father who worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, did it one time and it was so exciting to see him walk on and hand the question and leave. Who could forget Murray the K and the swinging swaree with a blast from the past, and submarine race watching. I danced many years ago on the Clay Cole Show.

It was at Palisades Park, in New Jersey. They also had live broadcasts with Cousin Brucie there too. Each week he would have different guests on the show. I also was in the "Ted Steele" dance contest. That to was televised at Palisades Park. It was an amusement park, and then some. If anyone has any info on what any of these fellows are doing today, I would love to hear. I was originally from Totowa, a section of Paterson N. I was working in a local diner, years ago and one of my customers turned out to be Cousin Brucie.

He was so nice, and great to talk too. We talked about a lot of the old times. It was that voice that tipped me off, as to who he was. Again any info you might have, would be greatly appreciated.

Susan was a girl about 12 or 14 who sat on a high kitchen chair or a bar stool, said some magic words that I've long since forgotten, and traveled off along with the chair to a magic world containing a talking table named Mr.

Pegasus and possibly some other puppets. His mouth was a drawer in the side of the table, and it would go in and out while he talked.

There were all the usual cartoons, but I watched the show because I had a secret crush on Susan and wished I had a dog like hers. That's about all I recall, though it would be interesting to hear more of the details. It was kind of a junior version of Shindig and Hulaballoo, with little kids--ten or so--would do all the same dances they were doing on Shindig. The show was hosted by a blonde woman with a beehive hairdo and kind of a screechy voice.

I think her name was Queen Pandora. I only watched it a few times, when they had my favorite bands playing live. Ok, to answer Jeff Duntemann's question. Produced by Jack Mulqueen who's still around his wife was Pandora, the host.

Beaker Street I remember a radio show called Beaker Street. They played the best rock music ever and had a program called Beaker Theater. We could only get it when the weather was just right. I also remember Dr. Demento from when I lived in Ca. We still thought it was pretty cool.

Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Davy Crockett, Gabby Hayes; in fact I still have black and white photos of myself dressed up in a Hoppy outfit around the age of 4 and a Dale Evans outfit at the age of 5 repelte with gun and holster. Can you imagine a 5 year old attending school with a gun? On the other hand I attended Dickeyville nursery school in Baltimore and I wore that outfit the day I turned 5 and two boys fought to sit next to me where are they now?

Of course Howdy Doody was the best with Flub-a-dub, Mr. Winky Dink was a passing fancy, probably the beginning of the "gotta have" stage. I liked the old cartoons with Popeye the Sailor, etc. It had an open back on it. I especially enjoyed watching all those little tubes glow when the set was turned on. When the TV went on the blink, Mom had to hopefully find the burned out tube or two, go to the hardware, check it in a special testing machine, buy a replacement then go back home and plug it in the correct spot.

And then there were the non-talkie cartoons too. Later on came Diver Dan, which was also my sister's favorite show. I believe they were puppets. Then on Saturday night, Zacherly, the ghoul-host, was host for horror flicks. Then there were his other favorites that we had to watch while he babysat us: In the early 60's, my favorites included The Nurses, Dr. Crystal Radios I remember the first tape recorders. No cassettes, just small, open reels of tape on a box approximately 12" long.

What about the first 2-transistor radios? These soon were replaced by the more-popular 6-transistor radios. I was able to listen to the first space flights as a Patrol Boy on my post in grade school. However, who remembers the crystal radios? Those were the small, often rocket-shaped radios that one had to "ground" to a nail, metal post, etc. Many a night I fell asleep listening to my radio in this way. I remember makiing a crystal radio in school - it was a little piece of wood, a wire coil, and a bent metal piece that you slid across the wire coil to find the stations.

You listened to the thing through a little ear plug like the kind that came with transistor radios. Spade Cooley wore beautiful western style jackets. I remember sitting watching as he played his violin. The music was a western swing style. I think it was a west coast kinda country. If my memory serves me correctly, there were two kids that sang and played their guitars, they were called the, "Collins Kids.

I was about five or six years old. Later Spade Cooley would go to prison for killing his wife! I was too young to understand what it was all about. The second show was a kid show and had a host called "Engineer Bill", I don't know the name of the show.

On this show Engineer Bill showed some cartoons and we played a safty game called red light, green light. It was a game to get us to drink our milk. Sometimes we drank Kool-aid or water. My memories are faded, but I know it was a great time to grow up. This guy bedecked in a red gray on black and white television and white striped t-shirt and suspenders and an upturned brim engineer's cap, also sported a little Hitler-type mustache, bangs, and horn-rimmed glasses.

He spoke with a thick Scandinavian accent, told corny jokes, and always ended the show with, "Birdie with the yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill. Cocked his shining eye and said, the filler here varied - for example: What do you make with your tennis, racket? He died shortly thereafter and Carmen took over the Treehouse. Axel and His Dog have a web site created by Julian West. It's true that Carmen the Nurse Mary Davies was created to fill in for Axel when Clellan became ill -- but it was an asthma attack in October , years before he was diagnosed with cancer.

Carmen was an occasional guest and substitute host on the show after that, and became the regular co-host around the spring of When Clellan died in she did indeed take over the show, which lasted until March Harry thought that not being able to see the whole animal was intriguing and a stimulus for the imagination. Pinkie Lee I remember watching a kid's show called "Pinkie Lee.

My brother, who was a year older, was watching with me that day and we were both traumatized. I wonder what happened to Pinkie? Anybody else out there happen to know?

I was a writer for that show and was in touch with Pinky until he died in Laguna Beach,CA a few years ago. She heard a contest announcement on the radio, called in and won a BIG savings on a beautiful T. We had that set until we moved from Lubbock, Texas - where I was born - to a far away country called "Oregon" in There was a kiddy show on live in Lubbock in the early 50's One of the programs, my mom took me to be on.

The emcee was asking all the children what they planned to be when they grew up. When he came to me, he asked, "And what are you going to be when you grow up?

There was no editing. I'd love to see whether they have the tape in an archive. Ted Kennedy at the movies They were real and they walked into a cave and mingled with danger in the form of animation. I did, too, later on got his autographed photo, see attached.

He would do jumping jacks and sit-ups to organ music! When at church, as soon as the organ music started up, I felt like exercising! Jack was way ahead of his time, into fitness before it became a trend. He's still around, which might prove something. My mom would wear "pedal pushers" while exercising, not sure if workout clothes were around then.

Pica Sticks, and rubber stretchy things with a loop at each end. My mom used to exercise with Jack LaLanne also. I remember the organ music also. Jack would inhale a deep breath and then exhale to the sound of the organ after finishing an exercise. I remember excitedly waiting for the postman to bring the "glamour stretcher" my mother ordered from the show. It was a thick rubber cord with loops on each end used in various exercises. He did it with his hands tied behind his back!

I remember watching Beatle cartoons, Bandstand, Hulabaloo and Shindig with my older sister! The list goes on and on and on! I was only 4 or 5. We learned how to dance by watching Band stand with Dick Clark. My favorites where watching Frankenstein and mummy movies when my brother would back-in to the dining room as he was scared.

I loved Bud and Abbott Costello. They were so funny especially their monster movies. I always liked the way he ended the show, Good Night Everybody, Thank you for watching, and may God bless.

I really miss some of the old cartoons. Well thats all for now. Soupy would answer the door, carry on a short conversation with the non-visible guest, then get a pie in the face. Apparently one show, the producers surprised Soupy and had a nude woman standing at the door. I always heard that Soupy Sales got kicked off the air because of his statement once to the home viewers He supposedly asked the kids at home if they had seen the green stuff in their parents purses and wallets and if they did see any, to please take it out of their mom's purses and their dad's wallets and send it to him Soupy Evidently, some of the kids did it too Not too smart of Soupy I always loved his show They did show the episode years later of him at the door with the nude lady They showed it from is prospective, but of course blocked her out He was in hysterics.

I had an opportunity to meet Soupy Sales in person. He was headlining at Mt. Airy Lodge back in and my friend played in the house band. Soupy was very friendly and when I told him that as a child, my family moved around a lot and wherever we moved, there was always a different Bozo the Clown but he was always the same Soupy. Well, Soupy seemed genuinely touched.

I guess he never thought about it from that point of view. I did the Mouse, I wore a Soupy style polka-dotted tie, and watched Soupy every afternoon on channel 5. Attaching pics from the Soupy Sales Show album. Used to watch that, fascinated with White Fang and Black Tooth White Fang was the meanest dog in the world, and Black Tooth was the kindest dog in the United States. Someone else on the site mentioned Marshall J, who I met in the mids, when his show was in San Francisco he was a friend of my father's.

My sister and I were so excited to meet him, but when we got there, he was inebriated, and a bit rough around the edges. My sister and I were a bit let-down. I also met another local kiddie-show host named Mayor Art Art Finley who was very tall, and very kind.

I was one of the kids in the "peanut gallery", and Mayor Art let my brother ride his big tricycle around the studio, until my brother ran into a camera. The show opened up with a ringing bell. I still have some of my old home movies with my camera trained on the t. Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp was my hero in the fifties. For my 7th B-day, I got a Wyatt Earp outfit. It was a white shirt with pearl buttons, a black string bowtie and grey pants with black pin stripes. The front pockets had flaps on them that were buttoned with pearl buttons.

I wore a black hat with a flat brim, just like the TV show. I also had a six gun. Remember, Wyatt used one with an extra long barrel? Well, I was pretty short and the end of the gun hung down below my knees when it was holstered. I would love to see some of the old re-runs.

Cartooniverse Saturday mornings were certainly something special for boomers. The cartoon competition between networks was a fierce as any "prime time" battles may have been taking place. Men of the future, men of the past A whale and a genie, it's a super blast!

Davy Crockett Do you remember the Davy Crockett craze? I also still own a leather Davy Crockett belt complete with Davy Crockett belt buckle. I also own a Davy Crockett cap firing rifle and pistol. It was so fun and suspenseful, in a corny way; I becamehooked for years.

It was December and the 1 song that week was "Top of the World" by the Carpenters, a cheesy song that still brings a smile to my face and I crank it up when I hear it! I'm now a singer in New York City. Elvis on Ed Sullivan Elvis Presley! I remember all too well the night that Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. My parents were "regulars" watching old Ed Sullivan On this particular night the "big show" was of course Elvis.

When Elvis started his performance all was okay My Dad said that Elvis was a bad influence on us and should be banned from t. He wouldn't allow us to watch the rest of his performance.

If my Dad were living today I'm sure he would think that Elvis' performance that night was "pure and innocent" compared to what our children are exposed to today. Or the Pepsodent Indian wonder where the yellow went? Question, What's my Line?

Twilight Zone, and the original Outer Limits. The Life of Riley, with William Bendix. I Married Joan - Joan Davis and oh. I remember a show that was on very late, called "The Vise" - the opening scene was the shadow of a man struggling as the shadowy vice jaws closed in on him.

I found it scary, back then. I remember coming home from school in and watching the very first episodes of The Doctors long gone and Another World still going. Of course Tasha and Boris had there problem. Shock Theatre Shock Theatre was on every Friday night in our viewing area. When the show would come on there was a white skeleton head on a black background, which was cool because there was no color television yet. The announcer would say, "Lock your doors, close your windows, and prepare yourself for Shock Theatre.

There was another show similar to it that featured an absent minded professor named Morgus. The Shadow Remember listening to the old "reruns" via radio of The Shadow! Early Television Comedy I remember fondly all the shows that starred the great comics: In the early days of TV if it wasn't funny, a game show or a variety show it was a kid show!!! It was a gothic soap opera, and it was so exciting.

I couldn't wait to get home just to see how the story was going to progress. I really miss this one. They've tried to recreate it, but it wasn't the same. I am watching it the second time around I, too, loved it when I was a kid and I still really enjoy it So, if you have cable television and you happen to have SciFi, it's on at 8: Check the TV Guide in your area To the person talking about Dark Shadows, you can now get the whole series in the video stores.

There are about episodes on each video box, it tells you what you will see. I am sure it would cost a small fortune to get the whole series, but you can at least get them. He lived on Up Dock and hosted Popeye cartoons. Joe, Gibraltar, MI I remember Sally Starr She wore a cool Cowgirl outfit although she was way too old for it. I loved those boots and fringed skirt. Maybe it was a local show because I think I remember a school trip to her ranch or farm. Officer Joe showed 3 stooges shorts as well was a authority on the subject of the Stooges.

He even had some of them on for a short interview. Marshal Jay would gallup up on his horse, dismount and invite the television audience to join him in the "Tack Room," for an hours worth of 'The Little Rascals," "Laurel and Hardy," cartoon fun etc. Once as he galloped up to the camera he fell off his horse.

You had to stand in front of 6 buckets lined up in front of you. Each bucket had a price in it. Then you'd toss a ping pong ball into as many of the 6 buckets as you could in order. On Chicago TV in the 60's and 70's we had a cartoon, which only played during the week or so of the Christmas season.

I also remember Sky King on Saturday mornings I loved his daughter Penny because she rode horses and helped fly the plane. There was a very popular local show in Hartford, CT called the Ranger Andy show, which featured local boy and girl scout troops and other such groups as guest audiences.

Ranger Andy would play guitar and sing, show cartoons, and have animals on the show. He was quite the down-home personality, and was always trying to teach people things like the word of the day. We would always listen to him for "no school" announcements in the winter, and he was on all the time in our house. He just retired several years ago. I don't remember all the characters and they are reruns now.

I always will remember Chuck shooting his rifle 13 times in the beginning of the show. Whirlybirds I loved helicopters still do so one of my favorite shows was Whirlybirds.

My favorite part was when they put the engines on silent and snuck up on people. Remember how they entered the headquarters through the back of a laundry? The whole spy thing that was happening in the 60s was great. We used to have antenna pens in junior high and pretend that we were talking to each other on pen phones.

There was a cat that chased a mouse around on a motorcycle, an animal orchestra, and hideous jungle boy movies Toby? I need a man, to lean upon, to teach me right from wrong. Barron Barracuda, and Trigger Fish I have faint memories of a space show that was live action Froggy, Tom Terrific, Crabby Appleton Great memory guys I remember froggy diappearing in a puff of smoke and the twang noise!

Crusader Rabbit and Rags the Tiger? Ray had a duck on the show he named Chelbeston and an assistant you never saw. His name was Chauncy. Ray Rayner used to wear a one piece jumpsuit that had little notes stuck all over it little notes to remind him of what he had to do during that show. There would always be an arts and crafts project on each show. Ray would show everyone Chauncy's version and then Ray would make one. It never looked quite the same as the one Chauncy made.

Garfield Goose Can't recall the name of the host, but it was a puppet show. In particular I remember a hound dog puppet that was always sleeping and the only way he would wake up was to yell "Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Spaghetti and Meatballs" in his ear and then he'd wake up.

Greenjeans, and Grandfather Clock The Banana Man was seriously strange. La, la, la, la, la When the Captain hung up his key ring, the music would stop. He would play around picking it off the hook trying to stump the sound guy.

I remember the Captain holding live rabbits who would nibble at the carnation that he always wore on his jacket. Drew pictures by itself! Actually a person stood behind and drew in reverse into a removable coating. Anyone remember The Banana Man?

A clown who pulled bananas and other items from his pockets. He never spoke, and ended his act by unloading a series of trunks like chinese boxes and forming a train in which he chugged off the stage. I think he was a former vaudeville clown named Robbins or Robins.

Hallabaloo This was like American Bandstand, but for kids. You could write in to get tickets to be on the show and dance along with the music.

Romper Room I love this site. The more I come back to read, the more I remember. Romper Room kinda strikes me now as the "Barney" of yesteryear! Romper Room would always tell us to be good bees. Sheriff John I remember coming home from school and watching Sheriff John. Winky Dink Remember Winky Dink? You put a film over your television set and drew on it during this cartoon. I do not know if Winky Dink was local or national.

But it was this little star person whose voice sounded like Aunt Bluebell from the paper napkin commercials. The premise of the show was to put the magic screen on the TV and match the dots. It totally devoured my Sunday Mornings. Yes, Winky Dink must've been national, or at least regional. Put a plastic cover over the TV screen and find the mystery picture. One of my all-time favorite shows when I was just a little guy. Well, not according to Mom!

Radio memories I remember falling to sleep with a transistor radio under my pillow listening to baseball games. My radio was really cool because it had a leather case.

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