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Peeing during sex: Causes, treatment, and prevention

After urination, the female urethra empties partially by gravity, with assistance from muscles. For smaller mammals a different phenomenon occurs, where urine is discharged as droplets, and urination in smaller mammals, such as mice and rats, can occur in less than a second. The mechanism by which voluntary urination is initiated remains unsettled. There is an inhibitory area for micturition in the midbrain.

After transection of the brain stem just above the pons, the threshold is lowered and less bladder filling is required to trigger it, whereas after transection at the top of the midbrain, the threshold for the reflex is essentially normal. There is another facilitatory area in the posterior hypothalamus. In humans with lesions in the superior frontal gyrus, the desire to urinate is reduced and there is also difficulty in stopping micturition once it has commenced.

However, stimulation experiments in animals indicate that other cortical areas also affect the process. The bladder can be made to contract by voluntary facilitation of the spinal voiding reflex when it contains only a few milliliters of urine.

Voluntary contraction of the abdominal muscles aids the expulsion of urine by increasing the pressure applied to the urinary bladder wall, but voiding can be initiated without straining even when the bladder is nearly empty.

Voiding can also be consciously interrupted once it has begun, through a contraction of the perineal muscles. The external sphincter can be contracted voluntarily, which will prevent urine from passing down the urethra. The need to urinate is experienced as an uncomfortable, full feeling. It is highly correlated with the fullness of the bladder. In females the need to urinate is felt in the lower abdomen region when the bladder is full. When the bladder becomes too full, the sphincter muscles will involuntarily relax, allowing urine to pass from the bladder.

Release of urine is experienced as a lessening of the discomfort. A drug that increases urination is called a diuretic , whereas antidiuretics decrease the production of urine by the kidneys. There are three major types of bladder dysfunction due to neural lesions: In all three types the bladder contracts, but the contractions are generally not sufficient to empty the viscus completely, and residual urine is left in the bladder.

Paruresis , also known as shy bladder syndrome, is an example of a bladder interruption from the brain that often causes total interruption until the person has left a public area.

As these people may have difficulty urinating in the presence of others and will consequently avoid using urinals directly adjacent to another person. Alternatively, they may opt for the privacy of a stall or simply avoid public toilets altogether. When the sacral dorsal roots are cut in experimental animals or interrupted by diseases of the dorsal roots such as tabes dorsalis in humans, all reflex contractions of the bladder are abolished.

The bladder becomes distended, thin-walled, and hypotonic, but there are some contractions because of the intrinsic response of the smooth muscle to stretch. When the afferent and efferent nerves are both destroyed, as they may be by tumors of the cauda equina or filum terminale , the bladder is flaccid and distended for a while.

Gradually, however, the muscle of the "decentralized bladder" becomes active, with many contraction waves that expel dribbles of urine out of the urethra. The bladder becomes shrunken and the bladder wall hypertrophied.

The reason for the difference between the small, hypertrophic bladder seen in this condition and the distended, hypotonic bladder seen when only the afferent nerves are interrupted is not known. The hyperactive state in the former condition suggests the development of denervation hypersensitization even though the neurons interrupted are preganglionic rather than postganglionic. During spinal shock , the bladder is flaccid and unresponsive.

It becomes overfilled, and urine dribbles through the sphincters overflow incontinence. After spinal shock has passed, a spinally mediated voiding reflex ensues, although there is no voluntary control and no inhibition or facilitation from higher centers. Some paraplegic patients train themselves to initiate voiding by pinching or stroking their thighs, provoking a mild mass reflex.

In some instances, the voiding reflex becomes hyperactive. Bladder capacity is reduced and the wall becomes hypertrophied. This type of bladder is sometimes called the spastic neurogenic bladder. The reflex hyperactivity is made worse, and may be caused, by infection in the bladder wall. Due to the positions where the urethra exits the body, males and females often use different techniques for urination. Most males prefer to urinate standing while others prefer to urinate sitting or squatting.

Elderly males with prostate gland enlargement may benefit from sitting down while in healthy males, no difference is found in the ability to urinate. In human females, the urethra opens straight into the vulva.

Hence, urination can take place while sitting or squatting for defecation. It is also possible for females to urinate while standing, and while clothed. A common technique used in many undeveloped nations involves holding the child by the backs of the thighs, above the ground, facing outward, in order to urinate. The fetus urinates hourly and produces most of the amniotic fluid in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. The amniotic fluid is then recycled by fetal swallowing.

Sometimes urination is done in a container such as a bottle, urinal , bedpan, or chamber pot also known as a gazunder. A container or wearable urine collection device may be used so that the urine can be examined for medical reasons or for a drug test , for a bedridden patient, when no toilet is available, or there is no other possibility to dispose of the urine immediately. An alternative solution for traveling, stakeouts , etc. It is possible for both genders to urinate into bottles in case of emergencies.

The technique can help children to urinate discreetly inside cars and in other places without being seen by others. Babies have little socialized control over urination within traditions or families that do not practice elimination communication and instead use diapers.

Toilet training is the process of learning to restrict urination to socially approved times and situations. Consequently, young children sometimes suffer from nocturnal enuresis. It is socially more accepted and more environmentally hygienic for those who are able, to urinate in a toilet. Public toilets may have urinals , usually for males, although female urinals exist, designed to be used in various ways.

Acceptability of outdoor urination in a public place other than at a public urinal varies with the situation and with customs. Potential disadvantages include a dislike of the smell of urine, and some exposure of genitals.

Portable toilets port-a-potties are frequently placed in outdoor situations where no immediate facility is available. These need to be serviced cleaned out on a regular basis. Urination in a heavily wooded area is generally harmless, actually saves water, and may be condoned for males and less commonly, females in certain situations as long as common sense is used.

Examples depending on circumstances include activities such as camping, hiking, cross country running, rural fishing, amateur baseball, golf, etc. The more developed and crowded a place is, the more public urination tends to be objectionable. In the countryside, it is more acceptable than in a street in a town, where it may be a common transgression.

Often this is done after the consumption of alcoholic beverages , which causes production of additional urine as well as a reduction of inhibitions. One proposed way to inhibit public urination due to drunkenness is the Urilift , which is disguised as a normal manhole by day but raises out of the ground at night to provide a public restroom for bar-goers.

In many places, public urination is punishable by fines, though attitudes vary widely by country. In general, women are less likely to urinate in public than men. Depending on the culture, adult women, unlike men, are restricted in where they can urinate.

The 5th-century BC historian Herodotus , writing on the culture of the ancient Persians and highlighting the differences with those of the Greeks , noted that to urinate in the presence of others was prohibited among Persians.

There was [ when? In Islamic toilet etiquette , it is haram to urinate while facing the Qibla , or to turn one's back to it when urinating or relieving bowels but modesty requirements for females make it impossible for girls to relieve themselves without facilities.

Women generally need to urinate more frequently than men due to having smaller bladders. In Western culture, the standing position is regarded by some as more comfortable and more masculine than the sitting or squatting option.

A literature review found cultural differences in socially accepted voiding positions around the world and found differences in preferred position: Females usually sit or squat for urination, depending on what type of toilet they use: A squat toilet is used for urination in a squatting position.

If there is no toilet available then a squatting or a half squat position is common. A partial squatting position or "hovering" is taken up during urination by some women to avoid sitting on a potentially contaminated toilet seat or when using a female urinal. However, this may leave urine behind in the bladder. In many societies and in many social classes, even mentioning the need to urinate is seen as a social transgression, despite it being a universal need.

Even today, many adults avoid stating that they need to urinate. Many expressions exist, some euphemistic and some vulgar. For example, centuries ago the standard English word both noun and verb, for the product and the activity was " piss ", but subsequently "pee", formerly associated with children, has become more common in general public speech.

Since elimination of bodily wastes is, of necessity, a subject talked about with toddlers during toilet training , other expressions considered suitable for use by and with children exist, and some continue to be used by adults, e. Other expressions include "squirting" and "taking a leak", and, predominantly by younger persons for outdoor female urination, "popping a squat", referring to the position many women adopt in such circumstances. National varieties of English show creativity.

American English uses "to whiz". References to urination are commonly used in slang. Usage in English includes:. Urolagnia is an inclination to obtain sexual enjoyment by looking at or thinking of urine or urination. Drinking urine is known as urophagia , though uraphagia refers to the consumption of urine regardless of whether the context is sexual. Involuntary urination during sexual intercourse is common, but rarely acknowledged.

Female kob may exhibit urolagnia during sex; one female will urinate while the other sticks her nose in the stream. A male Patagonian mara , a type of rodent, will stand on his hind legs and urinate on a female's rump, to which the female may respond by spraying a jet of urine backwards into the face of the male.

A male porcupine urinates on a female porcupine prior to mating, spraying the urine at high velocity. While the primary purpose of urination is the same across the animal kingdom , urination often serves a social purpose beyond the expulsion of waste material. In dogs and other animals, urination can mark territory or express submissiveness.

The urine of animals of differing physiology or sex sometimes has different characteristics. For example, the urine of birds and reptiles is whitish, consisting of a pastelike suspension of uric acid crystals, and discharged with the feces of the animal via the cloaca , whereas mammals' urine is a yellowish colour, with mostly urea instead of uric acid, and is discharged via the urethra, separately from the feces. Stallions sometimes exhibit the Flehmen response by smelling the urine of a mare in heat.

Ring-tailed lemurs have also been shown to mark using urine. Behaviorally, there is a difference between regular urination, where the tail is slightly raised and a stream of urine is produced, and the urine marking behavior, where the tail is held up in display and only a few drops of urine are used.

Hyenas do not raise their legs as canids do when urinating, as urination serves no territorial function for them. Instead, hyenas mark their territories using their anal glands, a trait found also in viverrids and mustelids , but not canids and felids.

All canids with the possible exception of dholes [79] use urine combined with preputial gland secretions to mark their territories. Many species of canids, including hoary foxes , [80] cape foxes , [81] and golden jackals , [82] use a raised-leg posture when urinating. Domestic dogs mark their territories by urinating on vertical surfaces usually at nose level , sometimes marking over the urine of other dogs. Raised-leg urination is the most significant form of scent marking in wolves , and is most frequent around the breeding season.

Coyotes mark their territories by urinating on bushes, trees, or rocks. Red foxes use their urine to mark their territories. As in most other canids, male bush dogs lift their hind legs when urinating. However, female bush dogs use a kind of handstand posture, which is less common in other canids. Both male and female maned wolves use their urine to communicate, e. The responsible substance is very likely a pyrazine , which occurs in both plants.

Within the Felidae , male felids can urinate backwards by curving the tip of the glans penis backward. Males show a grimacing face, called the Flehmen response , when identifying a female's reproductive condition by sniffing their urine markings.

Lions use urine to mark their territories. They often scrape the ground while urinating, and the urine often flows in short spurts, instead of flowing continuously. They often urinate on vegetation, or on tree trunks at least one meter high. Male cheetahs mark their territory by urinating on objects that stand out, such as trees, logs, or termite mounds. The whole coalition contributes to the scent.

Males will attempt to kill any intruders, and fights result in serious injury or death. Black-footed cats use scent marking throughout their ranges, with males spraying urine up to 12 times an hour. Media related to Urination at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Filipino dance with a similar spelling, see Tinikling ; or see wikt: For other uses, see Void disambiguation. Urinary bladder and Urethra. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Urinal and Public toilet. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. For spraying of urine as an animal repellent, see Animal repellent. Dog behavior and Calming signals. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 1 June Wake 15 September Hyman's Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy. University of Chicago Press. Retrieved 6 May Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People. University of California Press.

Retrieved 17 October United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 24 March An anterograde and retrograde tracing study in the cat". A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis". Nederlands Tijdschrift voor urologie. Retrieved 2 July Archived from the original on 30 May Retrieved 11 June One study reported that around 60 percent of women with UI experience some sort of urinary leakage during sex. This is the most common type of UI that occurs during sex, with around 51 percent of cases being caused by stress urinary incontinence.

It occurs when an activity, such as sex, puts stress on the bladder. Other common triggers include:. Urgency urinary incontinence refers to the sudden and uncontrollable need to urinate, which is a symptom of an overactive bladder. In a properly functioning bladder, the need to urinate usually arises when it is around half full.

People are able to wait until an appropriate time to use the toilet. In urgency urinary incontinence, the bladder contracts too early, making a person suddenly need the toilet and sometimes leaking urine before they get there. The exact cause is unknown, but it appears to be more common in older people. Mixed urinary incontinence is when incontinence can either be caused by stress or urgency.

This form of UI is more common than just urgency urinary incontinence on its own. The opening of the bladder in a man's penis closes during sex so that urine does not mix with semen. As a result, urination during sex does not often occur among men. However, some men can experience incontinence during sex as a side effect of treatment for prostate cancer.

The American Cancer Society estimate that around 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. A common form of treatment for prostate cancer is radical prostatectomy , which is the complete removal of the prostate.

While often effective in treating cancer , one side effect can be incontinence when sneezing, coughing, exercising, or during sex. Some women can be born with risk factors that make their chance of having UI more likely. UI is not a disease but a symptom of another condition or event that has happened in someone's life. There are some common risk factors for UI, which include:.

If someone thinks that they may be urinating during sex, they should speak to their doctor. This can help determine whether it is because of incontinence or something else.

If it is incontinence then the doctor will be able to discuss what may be the best treatment going forward. Exercises for the pelvic floor muscle, also known as Kegel exercises, look to strengthen this part of the body.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles can hold in urine better than weaker ones. An operation can help treat UI. Surgery tends to be used if the area around the urinary tract needs extra support or if the bladder neck needs to be repositioned. The surgery will require general anesthesia, and it will often take people around 2 to 3 weeks to fully recover. There can be serious complications with surgery for UI. It is important for people to discuss this treatment option with a doctor, to see if it is the right course of action for them.

In cases of urgency incontinence, there are different sorts of medication that can be prescribed to help relax the bladder or decrease the bladder spasms causing incontinence. Types of medication that doctors may suggest include antimuscarinics, tricyclic antidepressants , and beta-3 agonists. There are some behavioral and lifestyle changes that people can make to try and help manage UI symptoms related to sex:. Bladder training can also help.

This practice involves urinating at specific times and gradually lengthening the time in between, to train the bladder to hold more urine. While peeing during sex can be embarrassing, many people will be able to prevent it or reduce how often it happens through lifestyle changes and pelvic floor exercises.

Article last reviewed by Fri 9 March All references are available in the References tab. Am I coming or going?: Distinguishing between orgasm and urination. Bladder control problems in women urinary incontinence. Incontinence during sex - It happens to men too. International Urogynecology Journal , 23 5 , — Key statistics for prostate cancer. Female urinary incontinence and sexuality. International Brazilian Journal of Urology , 43 1 , 20— Orgasms, female ejaculation, and the G-spot, again.

Nature and origin of "squirting" in female sexuality [Abstract]. The Journal of Sexual Medicine , 12 3 , — MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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