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Meeting the original family was going to be something that was life changing for Bella. Bella's Olympic dreams are crushed by injury. Can he help her find the strength to take the ice again? Will they find love and friendship in the meantime? M - English - Romance - Chapters: Knight in Silver Armor by Maddie-the-Muse reviews The battle with Victoria and her newborns nearly takes the life of one of the Quileute wolves.

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Rated for language, future content, and possible triggers. In reality, she's the 'Donna' of the Swan family. Yavanna's Warriors by Lady Laran reviews In acquiring the fourteenth member of their company, Thorin and the other dwarves learn that there is a stronger connection between their people and the hobbits than they remembered.

A new telling with a Bilbo that is blessed by the Mother of all hobbits. But when she befriends two special Hobbits she determination to make them happy increases. Thankfully three fellow Valar Queens agree with her and the two are sent back in time. About two months before the Quest for Erebor to be exact. Thirty-four-year-old Edward Cullen is the head of the Cullen Family.

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Time changes people but can it change traditions? Join Peter and Bella as they band together with their ragtag team of friends to creatively exact revenge on those who did them wrong. Pixie Dust by yaoigirl22 reviews AU: Thorin and Company wished Gandalf would have told them their burglar had wings and was five inches tall! Please read Charline first, or you won't follow this at all!

Whispers in the Black by Hacker-Attacker reviews After Edward leaves and a mysterious vampire takes everything from her, Bella is consumed with rage and becomes something different, something more that encompasses the town of Forks. When Waller hears about it, she sends in the Suicide Squad. How will Bella take to Belle Reav? What will happen when the Cullens come back?

Fearless by abbymickey24 reviews Bella hasn't had to be afraid for a long time, thanks to be protected by numerous vampires. When a mysterious vampire crosses her path, will that fearlessness save her? Altered Paths by Speklez reviews After catching Charlotte in a compromising position, Peter decides he's done.

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If flutter calculations could be done officially, this could be one conclusive evidence in the case. The next question would be whether the behaviour is consistent with a trained pilot or not. We need to find the FDR to better understand what occurred. Unless we believe that our interpretation of the final BFO values is wrong, or there was an extraordinary recovery from the descent followed by a long glide, the wreckage should be close to the 7th arc, with or without pilot input.

Chris In a comment you made several days ago you asked about Salah, the 5 daily prayers that Muslims recite. Interestingly the first prayer of the day happens at dawn fajr , which occurs between the first light and sunrise. This is the first prayer time that would have occurred for mh This is also when mh went down. The person would face Mecca when praying which would have been to the northwest.

The plane may have turned to face that direction. Ge Rijn Your recent comments regarding IFE components are misleading to the less informed or casual observer. Several people have tried to coach you on this any many subjects multiple times, but you keep repeating the same misleading propositions without providing counter arguments supported by data.

Ignoring this and other facts repetitively is counterproductive and distracting to the core of positive dialogue. If you can show an example of ejected and deformed Asiana Air interior IFE support frame please do so. Until then, attempts to equate the two different components for the sake of underpinning your overall EOF theory remains invalid. The piece is definitely a IFE exterior cover. The cloth hook proves this too.

The commentator says the plane sank right after the last occupants were evacuated. The point of a ditching is to avoid hitting water at high speed, thus water is not the same as concrete. For goodness sake, read the official debris report! Item 22 is part of the right vertical stabilizer panel from between the auxiliary and front spar.

It is not from the leading edge of the vertical stabiliser. Water, although non-compressible and quite viscous, is a liquid that allows for displacement; this lowers the rate of deceleration. Concrete is a solid and does not accommodate displacement; deceleration is therefore essentially instantaneous. And debris Item 11 is most assuredly not the exterior cover. Again, look at the official debris report! It is clear that the recovered component is exactly as Kenyon says, it is the seat back trim panel for encasing the IFE monitor; it is normally covered with upholstery you can see the Velcro attachment points.

Seabed Constructor has recommenced scanning on the NW side of the Primary Search Area presumably to widen the coverage to ensure the space out to 25 NM from the 7th Arc is completed. The weather in the area is dominated by high pressure with good visibility, but there is a 21 knot wind and the combined swell and waves are 4. It is firmly fixed to the seat frame.

The visible part of the IFE seatback display, the frame around the screen, is the display bezel. The display bezel is a separate, cosmetic part of the installation. Take a look at picture In the middle at the second row of seats the left seat is missing its encasing. At the right on the fourth row also the left seat IFE encasing has seperated. The LCD-screen is not mounted onto it. Here you can see clearly it only surrounds the monitor but is not attached to it.

However the LCD panel, its fixture, and the fabric cover, all remain in place. Therefore, the seat back has been disturbed from the condition found by the NTSB investigators, before the China Aviation Daily images were acquired. Collating images, annotating, posting to a second site, is time consuming. I may get to that later so as to illustrate comprehensively. Trip I do not include religious considerations in my flight paths, but I have used the word loiter or delay in talking about the fact that the distance between Arc5 and Arc6 is too close, depending how you model it.

I feel twilight at around I currently envision descent and slow down after Arc5 to reduce visual profile and maybe to get out of the high winds. He does envision a religious moment. Relative to path modeling, the one thing I am confident about is that any confidence about any particular path is unfounded.

Modeling paths leading to impact sites along the 7th arc north of around 36S require relaxation of assumptions that are inherent in the DSTG Bayesian analysis, and with that relaxation of assumptions comes a broadening of the posterior PDF along the arc.

But if you can prove the item to be the LCD fixture this would be welcome and important for it would mean conclusive proof to me of a high speed impact. To seperate the fixture and monitor would need tremendous impact forces. Seperating only the encasing which it is imo and called by the MOT could be done by hand force. Quote from Operating Manual and Skybrary: This will ensure the minimum possible touchdown speed and help minimise impact damage.

Where the swell is more marked, it may be advisable to ditch along the swell accepting a crosswind component and the higher touchdown speed, thus minimising the potential for nosing into the face of the rising swell. The optimum attitude for touchdown in most aircraft types is approximately 10 degrees nose up. On March 8th, Thus moderate but with waves. Basically this direction is South-East and orthogonal to the 7th Arc in this area.

This would make the plane rotate very fast on a circle mostly in a vertical plane and centred on the nose in the water. To my view this would also contribute to explain why so little debris. We will develop this in a new version of our analysis report to come at http: Due to symmetry, the sensitivity of the BFO to vertical speed is the same anywhere on the 7th arc. That means that the Hz drop in measured BFO from Hz to -2 Hz in 8 seconds represents a change in vertical speed of about , fpm anywhere on the arc.

Over the 8-second interval, that corresponds to an average downward acceleration 0. Without a doubt, the pilot was NOT performing a ditching during this time interval.

Richard Cole believes that only 6 of the 8 AUVs are currently scanning the inner leg of the primary area. Perhaps there are ongoing problems with one or two of the AUVs. The launching was very messy, and it was only after the SC had followed them up, was it possible to identify the tracks leading back to all the launch points.

Looks like the current width between tracks is about 1. Assuming all the AUVs are functioning, the decision to launch more than 6 would depend on the perceived value of the incremental data. The incremental time to launch and recover is much less than a mission duration of approximately 48 hours, so even if the data has diminishing value, it still might make sense.

I am in awe. You are right if the plane was falling. But such a dramatic change in 8 seconds can occur if the plane is in rotation because of nosing in the water for ex. This means that the measured -2Hz is likely reachable in this hypothesis at kn the vertical speed could reach ,fpm. It means also that one has to consider that 8 sec earlier the plane was already at sea level.

This would mean it has descended earlier. Gliding is a strong possibility. I propose a somewhat similar flight end to you, except mine is happening at around Previous posts here I have showed a deg approach to Arc7. Your explanation of the final BFO values in the context of a ditching requires:. Here is a photograph of the part in question, specifically the seat back trim panel for encasing the IFE monitor, still covered in the seat trim upholstery and still attached to the seat back; the LCD monitor has been detached.

And here is a photograph of the same component this time with the monitor still attahced but sans seat. At this point you might reasonably be forming a view that the part in question, the seat back trim panel for encasing the IFE monitor, is somewhat robustly attahced to the seat-back. If you were not, this photograph might get you over the line; it shows a pair of seats, the seat on the left still has the seat back trim panel attached and the monitor is still in place, the seat on the right has the seat back trim panel partially detached in such a fashion that you get a sense of the design of its attachment points and method of attachment.

If you are now left wondering do those parts ever come loose, well yes they do as evidenced here and here. The piece is definitely an IFE exterior cover. Page 2 and 3 use photos from MH17 B seat debris to convey identification of various IFE parts as they relate to the MH recovered, deformed, interior aft support frame. I had the exact same reaction, but did not comment. I felt like I must be misunderstanding the description. By your own admission, this is proof of a high speed impact rather than a ditching.

The Operational Search for MH 3 October ; page has note 29 in relation to the final descent rates as follows:. What do we do if they were? Should we not try as JW suggests? Should we ignore them? It is the best we have at the moment.

If they are invalid, we have nothing. At this moment all we can do is trust the data. There is no compelling reason not to do so. The weather in the area is dominated by high pressure but with reduced visibility, there is a 17 knot wind and the combined swell and waves are 3. Should we not rather consider what happens WHEN they are invalid, since default expectation is that pitot heat is gone?

Concerning the SDU, it gets 7 data words concerning position and attitude: An interesting question, however, none of these data words are derived from air data. Thanks a lot for those MH17 pictures. They allow me to have more clear impressions. I would appreciate it if ALSM would take a closer look too. You will understand I still have my doubts but more on this later in detail.

Don already mentioned that the data words are not derived from air data. Nevertheless, the loss of pitot heat is a bit of a moot point, because it would be restored as soon as the APU began generating AC power.

At this point, we can be sure that the piece found by Blaine Gibson is the IFE frame and not the cover. You said previously that this would imply a high speed impact. The monitor is attached on a metal fixure by pivots. The attachment of the encasing to those rails is thin plastic on plastic.

Not a strong attachment either I would say. Subjected to breaking easily. Then I see this encasing consists of two shells put together. The found item is the outer shell. I assume the fabric detoriorated over time while drifting in the ocean and after the fabric was gone sufficiently the two shells seperated from eachother. To summarize; the found item is not the LCD-monitor fixture and I still see no proof of a high speed impact in this piece.

Which would be comparable to a ditch-like impact. Your continually shifting logic is exasperating to many of us. There is no sin in modifying your theory over time.

In fact, that shows objectivity. I got fiercly attacked on my statement this item found by Blaine is not the monitor-fixture but only the encasing. I proved with arguments I was right. If those who attacked me on this this way are also man enough to say so, I have no problems at all. If not they have to come with better arguments to convince me.

If someone shows conclusive proof to me of a high speed impact I would be glad to see it and right away change my assumptions. You made statements that were wrong. Several contributors factually corrected you. You are stubborn beyond belief. It is located with two spring-clips, the spring-clip fixings are then locked by means of the vertical bars. I saw a spring-clip. This was my earlier explanation of the attachement of the encasing.

Which would explain an even easier way of detaching with little force needed. And please leave the concept of deficient projection out of the matter. You are going to have your hands full when Larry Vance publishes his book with his interpretation of the evidence that shows the MH was ditched.

I would really like to hear your opinion on this subject. Just to keep Ge Rijn waiting: And they were missed because there was nothing else there big enough to be seen?

As we all know, GPS can produce anomalous velocities during boot as more satellites are acquired and the position is settling.

Is the airspeed and a sometime unheated pitot not implicated in any way here? I should declare that I remain highly skeptical about the BFO and this skepticism has only been reinforced as expert opinion mulls over how difficult it is to match the timing and magnitude of downward acceleration with the control state expected. Ge Rijin you are really struggling to observe features in photos amongst other issues. Each time you respond you make an incorrect observation and then equally incorrect conclusion immediate follows.

I only write in response to your incorrect observations and subsequent conclusions to help the casual observer, you personally appear to be unreachable with facts, data and logic. There are multiple subcomponents to the IFE system. I conclude by your recent statements you are virtually unable to accurately envision how and why mechanical subcomponents fit together.

One more piece of advice, study how plastic components temporarily deform, break, and most importantly permanently deform. If you are able to grasp the basics you will be able to move on regarding the IFE internal frame. This is no logical responce, just bullshit. For some time, a number of people have privately asked me to ban you. However, with this last series of comments, it is becoming more difficult to defend your comments. There is no conspiracy to attack you. Those that have responded to you have provided facts that dispute your claims, which seem to evolve over time.

Paul- are you saying all BFO or just I think you are saying He is proposing that the high descent rate suggested by the final BFO value was caused by the plane flipping. In the case of ground speed, track angle and heading, the ADIRS processing relies on its gyros and accelerometers and the velocities integration function for these data. ADIRS is reliant on initialisation while the aircraft is stationary, on the ground, usually taking a GPS derived position as reference but a manually entered gate position is equally valid.

Victor I agree with what you said, but in my mind the net effect is questioning what the final BFO represents. Seems to me rapid descent is a reasonable leading proposal. The overall question is trying to define how a proposed flight path needs to end to be considered a complete and valid path proposal. Does the proposal have to include -2 BFO as part of the flight, or can the -2 optionally be argued away somehow? Also if we accept -2 BFO, what altitude constraints does that put on the end-of-flight?

I am thinking maybe even a descent from ft could meet the -2 BFO, so that is not too restrictive. That is the nature of developing an intentional flight path, one has to fit the data or else come up with an alternate explanation. The alternate explanation can be considered a new vision only if correct , or unlikely, in which case the scenario probably needs rework. One of the most interesting mems applications I was ever exposed to was demonstrated to me by a couple of guys in a San Francisco startup.

The problem with backpack systems is drift without the ability to do any zero velocity updates. In a shoe, each step ends with zero velocity, and an update can be performed.

Your path through space then becomes a series of step vectors without the inherent drift associated with the backpack approach. Their demos were incredibly impressive tracking users inside buildings, up and down stair wells, and so on. It never made it to market for some reason. Not unlike a lot of things I think are cool. One of the inherent advantages of factory installed navigation systems is that we do include an accelerometer to allow velocity integration , a rate gyro for turns , and an odometer distance input.

With an aftermarket Garmin you are lost entering a parking garage. With the added components you are golden. You can return to your parked car, enter a destination, and go. When you get to the exit of the parking garage you are told the correct way to turn. The inertial reference data is not affected if the air data is invalid because of a pitot heat failure.

Once it is initialised, the inertial side of the ADIRU is essentially a self-contained unit that does not require data from other sources. That is complete, utter and errant nonsense! Those seats from MH17, falling at around mph, were decelerated to a stop almost instantaneously when they hit the ground. In short, they are not comparable events. Further, you should note that despite the impact forces experienced by the MH17 seats, in most of the recorded images the seat back trim panel did not separate from the seat back.

Moreover, on the recorded occasions when the panel did separate from the seat back there is no evidence of it splitting into its constituent front and rear parts. Accordingly, even if the impact forces were analogous to a ditching which they are not they were still insufficient to cause damage that is even remotely similar to what is required to produce debris item Problem solving sessions represent an interesting study of human behavior. In my working life I preferred a no holds barred open attitude where direct reports could freely tell me I was full of shit and they often did.

You have to step away from your ego, and the normal desire to be right, and just let the ideas fly. It really does work. My geometric algebra work which no one else has commented on supports that location. Integrated Doppler calculations support that location again weakly. You heard it here. Decided to do that after a bunch of dimwits tried to demonstrate their massive egos on the other blog. What was I thinking, commenting there? Hopefully I can resist the temptation to comment there again.

I cannot demonstrate a ditch-impact could liberate item 11 although I wished I could enter a B and pull an encasing off. The issue was you all agreed the item was the monitor-fixture which I demonstrated it is not. And I assumed a high speed nose down impact would be necessary to seperate the monitor-fixture.

In that case I would except this as evidence of a high speed impact. Item 11 is not the monitor fixture but the encasing which is clipped onto the fixture with spring-clips Don Thompson so it cannot serve as evidence to me for a high speed impact. Only some clear indications imo. Like there are also indications of a high speed impact but no conclusive evidence yet also. What I do have a problem with is unsubstantiated conjecture parading as fact and false analogies being trotted out as reasoned analysis, more so when silence is often deemed to be agreement.

I am not a scientist but I am an advocate of the scientific method. There you go Dennis, evangelising again. Agree with that at least. I am in full agreement with your statement. There are even more reasons that have already been given on this website. We are not seeking to convert anyone to Christianity!

We are sharing the results of our work in analysing the most likely MH End Point. I appreciate you have a different view. However, because Dennis or I disagree with you, that does automatically qualify us as an evangelist. Billy Graham, who died earlier this week, was an Evangelist. I got lost on whether or not we were expecting further sat com signals after I agree with you at least on one thing.

Yes this is an excellent website. A unique and vauyabe resource. I very much hope OI realise that as well. Yes, sorry about that. Tax time always disrupts my temperment. This is currently under analysis. In fact all depends on the heading and if the people in command PIC flew headwind, sidewind etc… this conditions the type of flip-over offering a direct line of sight to the satellite.

The duration is between 1 and few seconds depending on what touches first. Definitely, but as I was born a sailer man especially on Hobby Cat, which is a boat designed for flat Hawaian lagoons, I have so many time experienced wave encounters in the Channel in Britanny which instantenously led to a fast flip-over. An aircraft is similar to my boat, designed for calm air but when it touches the water, it becomes a boat constrained by the physics of the water out of any control.

The middle of the ocean is completely different from the nice river conditions as for Sully. Under those local meteo conditions, 1 to 1. But, when reading the larger BTO, I am not far from thinking that it is linked to the increased constraint to maintain the beam pointing so … but this is a guess only.

The second BTO value, after adjustment for missed timeslots, is very close to the first. If the original speed was knots say, the aircraft angular momentum would be somewhat less than half the previous linear.

That angular speed, averaged with nil at the beginning yields a time to complete that first half a revolution; in this case 4 secs. From that, impulse from the sea to reduce momentum that amount in 4 secs would require a force of , lbf a round figure, but just by chance. That equates to 1. However I think the black boxes would be rendered insensible as Victor has said. Still even putting that aside, a horizontal force of , lbf on the nose would not be resisted by that surely, even disregarding the vertical.

If much of that horizontal force came initially from the engines and wings, with the average deceleration being 1. That would of itself then worry the mountings etc. One other thought is that the ROD 8 secs before was about 48 fps Holland again. It used to be that carrier undercarriages were designed for 15 fps, their landings being controlled crashes, with no rounding to speak of.

Maybe they are still. He would have had to round out in four seconds or the aircraft would have hit the water very hard, the fuselage breaking most likely. My reaction is that Kenyon, Don Thompson, and Mick Gilbert have all told you the same thing using different words. I have no idea how you can look at the evidence that was assembled and presented to you and come to the conclusion you did.

Others can decide for themselves. Perhaps your choice of words is causing confusion. You relate Item 11 from the debris report to damage to the passenger compartment of Asiana Exactly which seat back suffered damage to the IFE assembly in a way that it would produce a part resembling Item 11?

An image with a circle around the specific seat back would be helpful. I pointed this out to Don. He named seat 41D. The left seat in the middle second row on the image shows his monitor-encasing has seperated. Then on the right fourth row another encasing has seperated completely also with the monitor left in place. The exterior-cover has a different layout in Asiana but the same principal.

And which seat do you believe shows the equivalent to Item 11 either missing or damaged? David In your recent IFE paper, where did you get your end-of-flight speed estimates? Not to mention a possible implication of Broken Ridge target if the descent was pilot-initiated. The left seat in the middle second row as a starter. In the Asiana photo, I see evidence that some of the plastic cover plates to the monitors popped off.

Independent of the Asiana photo which I think you will not reach agreement on because the styles of monitors is different, and you refuse to acknowledge that the missing plates are decorative and simply popped off , the MH17 photos show how much imparted energy is required to damage and dislodge Item At first this was not the issue debated.

Easily seperated with little force needed. Seats and other parts from MH17 fell down from high altitude swirling to the ground. This was not a high speed nose down impact by any means. No wonder some monitor-fixtures got seperated.

Like in Asiana Are you for real: If you think the MH17 evidence shows that Item 11 will separate with little force, I give up. The speeds came from an earlier post, below. The speeds and descents I arrived at will vary with that. I note their independence from whether piloted or not. I think it likely that an equation for exact answers could be developed but thought iterating would do, output feeding back into input to arrive at coherence.

If a slow down was not immediately before the descent I gather from others he may not reach the 7th arc in time. Yes, well I cannot join in with the notion of him having a specific target, which would necessarily have him active at the end, leaving aside a zero altitude waypoint!

Maybe a year ago I participated with others in reviewing whether his fuel load was reasonable for a flight to Beijing, given the weather predicted at his destination and at diversion alternatives.

To me it was entirely consistent. Maybe it had been a personal protest and maybe he had gone over it to some degree but the selection of this flight looks spontaneous ie that day, maybe that moment rather than him having selected and planned around it, IMO.

In other words there was no fuel planning to arrive at a specific site. Had he spontaneously chosen a reachable site or some other objective like sunrise there would have been the uncertainty of what actual weather he would encounter and other eventualities so he would have arrived with reserves.

In that case he would have shut down the engines APU coming on and ended with fuel remaining, or jettisoned. Neither is supported by fuel consumption estimates to the 7th arc, though I do understand these are assumption dependent. In general though he would have planned and ended up further north east. That is yet another implication of there having been an active pilot, IMO, and important one. Their is additional radar data out there. MH17 pictures show also a complete monitor fixture seperated probably on impact with the ground.

But MH17 cannot be compared with Asiana in this regard. MH17 was a mid-air break-up and pieces like seats fell from high altititude impacting with high vertical speeds. I only argue that item 11 which is the clipped-on monitor encasing needs not much force to remove or seperate. Altough the Asiana monitor-encasings have a different lay-out I think those are clipped-on too and the pictures show those encasings can seperate in a relatively low speed, nose up crash-landing.

David OK thank you, I see the speed is during the descent so picking up speed. Therefore in order to match Arc7 timing, the heading has also been changed to closer to about deg, which is the minimum distance between Arc6 and Arc7 whereas an unpiloted nominal S path does need relatively high speed to cut across the Arcs Basically, although Jean-Luc and I have different end points by half a continent or so , we are both envisioning a different style of ending — slower speed and lower altitude approach via active pilot.

A terminus farther North say around CI does result in less satellite induced Doppler at XX, but not enough less to have a major impact on the need for a rapid descent to reconcile the BFO data.

The difference is maybe Hz or so. I am not at all in love with his rotation explanation. Does its intertial side initialization from on ground hold? Does it auto restore like a crashed MS Word? Or does it re-initialize or default somehow? Not my wheelhouse caveat but seems critical when we are assuming full power loss and reboot of some or all systems. It is a false analogy.

It can only be realigned when the aircraft is stationary on the ground. However, that is not the scenario that was being discussed. Asiana flight was fitted with the same monitors as MH But I propose to leave it here. The issue started with Don Thompson and Kenyon stating firmly item 11 was the monitor-fixture.

I showed it was only the encasing. Now we disagree on the forces needed to seperate this encasing. I believe analogy with Asiana flight can be relevant regarding item 11 and the forces needed. I only conclude for now item 11 can not serve as conclusive evidence of a high speed nose-down impact. I simply had not done enough investigation to have a firm opinion. However, after looking at what you, Kenyon, Don Thompson, and Mick Gilbert have presented in the last couple of days, I am firmly in the camp of Item 11 being consistent with a high-energy impact.

Nobody is going to change your mind, and it is futile to try. However, the data has been neatly assembled for anybody to decide for themselves. I see no immediate math problem with an intentional dive at the end. The initial descent to cloud level in my vision does not apparently lead to a soft crash, you are saying.

Understood I believe that you were specifically addressing whether power loss to heaters on pitot tubes leading to bad air data would affect SDU.

It sounds like a loss of ALL power would impact its function. Maybe I am way off my rocker not my area by a stretch but this whole situation caught my eye. Could this have occurred? And how might it have affected the BFO?

The ADiRU was functioning normally when the AES identified itself as Class 3 capable. It is not safe to assume that at all. If anything, the assumption should be that the equivalent part to debris item 11 on the HL seats is the upholstered upper seat back case, none of which show signs of displacement. The properly safe assumption is that impact damage from the crash of Asiana flight is irrelevant.

I am gradually compiling a detailed description, it is well underway, and I will complete during the week. You can be assured I am giving it cogent thought, so as nothing could be construed as unsubstantiated opinion. Although it may not seem necessary to set the fuel level to zero AND employ the cut-off switches, in the PMDG model, the windmilling action of the engine shafts continues to supply electrical and hydraulic power if the cut-off switches are not employed.

Do you know if a fuel starved engine on a B will continue generating hydraulic and electrical power as it windmills? Some jet engines will generate one or both while windmilling, but others will not. If answer is yes, did MH have an operating auto pilot and hydraulically operated flight controls as it drifted down? We now know that that the rotational windmilling of the high pressure spool of the engines is sufficient to maintain hydraulic pressure but is not sufficient to supply electrical power to the main or transfer AC busses.

This was confirmed in a Level D simulator run performed by Andrew. Many people here believe the recovered parts show damage consistent with a high speed impact, with some wing control surfaces separating before impact. That opinion appears to the consensus, but not held by all. I am watching this debate for a long time on Jeffs or Victors page, but what I see, is that only DennisW is keeping common sense, and when he is calling for Sagan, maybe not a cyclist,he is calling for himself.

Dennis, I would like to thank you for bigger picture. If yes, how long? AC power is lost when both engines flame out. When that happens, the primary flight control system PFCS reverts to secondary mode because the loss of pitot heat potentially causes the air data to become unreliable. The APU also starts automatically if there is fuel available. AC power will be restored if the APU autostart is successful.

Do you have any feel for velocity needed to cause flight surfaces to peel off and cause flutter on the flaperon? Presumably that damage would happen at lower altitude with the higher density air below about FL Would water erosion make sense for the flaperon say a more nose-in trajectory?

I suppose the water could still make a flowing force over the wing. It might not have been flutter that caused the damage. Actually the Silk Air accident report rules out that parts of the airplane Boeing could come off due to pilot induced nose down vertical dive. In the case of Silk Air only parts of the empennage were affected, which are generally more exposed to flutter damage, and this was only because engine power caused excessive descent speed at low altitude p.

In the case of MH, on the other hand, it is generally believed that the engines were no longer running. No doubt uncontrolled spiral descent would stress the airplane structure far more than straight vertical descent, and this could explain why parts of the wings and landing gear assembly came off at that point, similar to China Airlines , where the same kind of damage was observed, in which case the pilot was able to recover from a steep descent, something that is similar to the spiral descent scenario for MH p.

I am hypothesizing that the flaperon separated due to high speed AND pilot input, i. It was not just the flaperon that apparently came off due to flutter or otherwise , but also the outboard flap and landing gear door and probably some other wing panels. Dont forget the RH engine cowl fragments, the two Flap hinge 7 RH fairing fragments, both missing their outboard edges, the RH empenage skin panels, the barely recognisable RH aileron fragments. The left outboard flap the only part from the left wing to me indicates that this piece did not come down along with other parts, like the screen frame or vertical stabiliser, i.

All other wing parts are from the right wing. Could it mean the right wing was better protected, i. I am proposing that flight control surfaces that show damage to the trailing edges but not leading edges might have separated before impact due to high loading from high speeds and pilot input.

The right outboard flap was adjacent to the right flaperon. Considering the case where the flaperon was damaged and eventually separated, it is not hard to imagine how the proximate flap would be subjected to high structural and aerodynamic forces during the descent.

The area within this NM circle that is inside the 7th arc is being scanned now by Seabed Constructor. The area to the inside of the 7th arc was scanned by GO Phoenix only to a distance of 5 NM from the 7th arc at this latitude, but out to about 18 NM to the outside of the 7th arc.

Possibly only going to have to wait What we want now more than anything is to see the wreckage on the. Currently we have different opinions; I see the right wing as more damaged than the left. The only certainty is that on one can be sure.

Trite I know, but true. This s is my favourite warm spot. Please compare the Asiana and MH17 monitor pictures closely.

They have the same dimensions and the same lay-out. Bigger problem to me now is how to explain the outer shell of the encasing item 11 seperated from the inner shell of the encasing while both also must have been covered by the one piece of fabric that encloses both when the complete encasing seperated. It depends on how both shells are fitted together. Are they glued together, or clipped together?

How and did the fabric cover seperated first? I hypotesise the fabric deteriorated while drifting in the ocean for so long and then the two shells seperated one way or another glue disolved, wave action? Maybe you or others have? Another explanation I can imagine is the fabric of the encasing was ripped off by water forces running through the cabin with high speed during a high speed nose-down impact. Then also seperating the front halve of the encasing from its other halve during impact.

Very complicated explanation too imo. But at least the MH17 pictures indicate it was not a mid-air high altitude break-up. All the pictures show the fabric of the encasings did not seperate during this high speed mid-air break-up or during their falling to the earth.

The found pieces as a whole still just leave conflicting evidence. To me most signs clearly point to the latter but lack of proof and conflicting indications make it impossible to draw final conclusions now imo. The French analytics on the flaperon would be very welcome. But they still are not pubicly disclosed. Hopefully OI has them. JS Posted February 26, at What was the purpose of the elevation angle rings? Are you referring to this chart: Similar charts exist for each satellite in the Inmarsat system: I think it is plausible they just used a chart that was available at the time.

As Jeff suggests, they had not at that time produced a chart that showed BTO-rings. Elevation angle is not an obscure parameter. Not only is it used for pointing, but it also relates to the observability of the satellite and whether the signal will get lost in the noise at the horizon. In fact, elevation angle is used as part of the logic in the SATCOM to determine when to log-off one satellite and log-on to another. At a high level, it has a lot more relevance in understanding the performance of the system than BTOs, ping arc radii, and line-of-sight distances.

It is not surprising to me at all that it was a parameter that was used in the early days to describe the position of the aircraft relative to the satellite, because at a glance it shows the feasibility of communication between the AES and the satellite.

Still could be true but I am less strong on it, now thinking the data suggests it was S with a heading adjustment at the end to say S…. Like TransAir flight who made a turn to loose speed before landing. Or the Gimly glider who lost speed by adversing the plane to the slip-stream extremely.

Ge Rijn I agree active pilot flight ending by definition has many possibilities that may not have been fully explored by the modeling community, apparently due to preference for or appearance that passive flight might better explain the flight path. My perception is active flight to the end is gaining some more support now from the BFO data and possibly debris data, but at the moment glide to ditch is not favored.

But it is somewhat early idea to model active pilot to the end eg; David and Gysbreght final descent work. Andrew, Dr Bobby Ulich. Chances are that it would but that remains uncertain and most likely will remain so it seems. However as I have alluded to in a post to TBill and developed further with Gysbreght on the JW blog, there is a more likely serious consequence of a professionally piloted end.

It supposes the reason for him flying that far would be that he had a destination in mind, obviously within the limitations of the Peking-destination fuel he had onboard. Surely he would not have supposed that fuel exhaustion would be coincident with that, so he would have allowed a reserve margin for unexpected conditions and eventualities more generally. Searches past and present, in assuming the aircraft was unpiloted, suppose fuel exhaustion.

However had there been a professional pilot he might have jettisoned the reserves or crashed with them at his destination, leading to a search based in part at least on the current full fuel usage possibility being ill-founded. The aircraft would not have got that far, yet that need not be apparent since the 7th arc log-on would have the same cause if he jettisoned or shut the engines down at the destination.

As to the 7th arc timing, obviously that is a given so his fuel consumption would have been at a lesser rate than currently supposed. I have touted step climbs and a descent from around the sixth arc as possibilities for a reduction but his average speed would have been less, covering less distance in the same time. How much fuel he would have set aside and the distance that would suggest the aircraft might be further up the arc is a nice question.

Andrew, I do not suppose he would treat this as a no-diversion reserve since such as go-rounds would not need to be included. Can you think of a logic he would follow? Dr B, in case you care to comment. I have compared the monitor assemblies and while the Malaysia Airlines monitor assemblies as evidenced in the MH17 photos have a 3: Yes, I was thinking of a not dissimilar scenario.

If you look at the photo of the frame in the Debris Report where the item is being held up against a seat back you will see evidence of the frame distorting on the left hand side and cracks on the right hand side. Maybe, although a large reserve margin might not have been necessary.

If the desired end point was entered as a waypoint, the FMC would calculate the remaining fuel when this waypoint was reached. He could have even entered a holding pattern before turning south, and remained in that pattern until the FMC indicated he would have little fuel remaining at the waypoint. Along the way to the waypoint, he could perform step climbs as recommended by the FMC, and the CI could be adjusted to increase or decrease the remaining fuel at that waypoint.

As he probably did not download a weather forecast for the route, there is a real possibility of some adjustment along the way. Basically, fly as fast as possible and still get to the waypoint. It looks to have been from impact with or by the seat, quite possibly separated.

On the aircraft right side I gather. I guess if he had a specific end point in mind he might have allowed about a tonne of fuel for the lack of accurate forecast winds, etc and possibly another tonne or so for manoeuvring, assuming a powered ditching was part of the plan. The system can only jettison down to about 5, kg remaining in each main tank.

Thanks for that judgement. I did not mention just circling to burn it. The the longer he did that the earlier he got there, pushing transit speed back up. Still, there might be a case there too. This would not be a powered ditching though since there would have been no log-on if so unless there was IDG selection off. I was assuming a dive, engines off,accounting for the BFOs.

Hence from what you say he might have planned for a tonne to make sure he got there, though what he would have ended up with would have varied from nil to 2 tons with favourable winds assuming his assessment was plus or minus. Yes not the only, though to do it by fuel gauges and flow rates he would need great faith in his instruments to be confident that, adjusting as he went, he would not end up under or over eg residual fuel etc.

Especially if the FMC calculation was done using an intermediate value of CI, it should have been possible to link reaching the waypoint with fuel exhaustion by starting with a reserve margin of a MT or two.

Still on moderator approved status at JW. Not sure why I am even posting there other than to toss cold water on far out commenters that truly pollute a responsible interpretation of the data we have. I have no idea why JW seems to fear my comments. I am not hostile or attacking in any way. I am done with that site. How can this man JW call himself a journalist when he filters sincere and, IMO opinion, valid commentary. That is truly incredible to me.

You mentioned S routes and I have to ask you a question regarding one flight path. There are a few recent contributors to that blog who cannot, or choose not to understand how simple the BTO concept really is. They are raising so many red herrings, and then criticising reasonable attempts by others to clarify the issues. As far as I am concerned they can go figure it out for themselves.

Most of the answers are in publicly available papers and documents, including the ICAO protocol descriptions and the Inmarsat paper to the Journal of Navigation. If they want and expect more detail from Inmarsat, let them go ask for themselves. Good luck with that! It used to concern me too, until Dr Bobby provided us with an accurate fuel model. If the pilot wanted to travel as far as possibly which incidentally, I believe he did quelle surprise then constant M0. This cruise setting gives a range of nm from My proposed path is nm from In other words, I get a 7nm shortfall in range and a corresponding 1 minute shortfall in endurance.

Deciding how best to moderate is not easy. With no moderation, a blog on this subject would quickly get overrun by trolls and those with agendas, and the value would quickly diminish. As proof, just look at the crap on Twitter that most here choose to ignore. I have rarely chosen to moderate comments of contributors, but I do when I feel that somebody is being dishonest or deliberately derailing the discussion. That is subjective, and as you know, I was accused of doing just that on another blog.

Rather than complain, I decided to avoid that blog and start my own blog, which are options that anybody can pursue. Anybody that pushes back in a strong and persuasive manner is not going to be treated well. People contributing there need to accept that.

Yes, to me the damage to this front piece of the encasing indicates it endured a violent impact blow caused by another object that smashed into the monitor encasing.

I assume this could have happened on impact with the water. A S path needs to start heading south at about Arc2 I am using CTH mode which catches the winds. After all I think it is a good thing we dived deeper into this item. SC seems to be motoring through the NW side of the secondary search area. They are recycling the AUVs quite fast. As soon as an AUV is finished its cycle, it gets picked up, data downloaded, battery refurbished and reused further up the 7th Arc.

OI appears to be only using 6 AUVs at the moment for this purpose. Thanks for the update. It seems that OI is constantly improving its operational efficiency. With 6 AUVs deployed and assuming a 10 hours turn around time on top of the 55 hours in the water, this means a coverage of Thank you for the update. OI really mean business. But their biggest challenge is still ahead if the plane gets not found before.. For those interested in the 7th arc bathymetry, the geological feature that lies to the north of the Tertiary Search area is the Diamantina Escparment, and to the north of that escarpment is the Broken Ridge plateau.

Not a Fracture Zone in customary sense of accepted terminology. This estimate is not the overall average, which is much lower. It is only a snapshot of recent days.

But even for the purposes of never being found, randomization would probably be a better strategy — endless, anonymous, deep. A long-haul veteran could only be impressed by the loneliness of the SIO, and FS pre-runs only emphasize that.

There is absolutely no statistical basis for doing so. It MH was a singularity. Any probabilities you assign to various aspects are simply a guess not based on any previous data whatever. Bradley Efron, a Stanford University statistician, said the complications make Bayes a bad fit for the Malaysia Airlines hunt.

Bayes works great with events that have well-characterized components relative to a probability distribution. It is garbage and guessing otherwise. Where in the world did they get that stuff? No need to preach regarding using Bayes rule to find MH One or more assumptions or prior distributions were obviously wrong. If they were all correct, the plane would have been found.

Unfortunately, the failure of the Bayesian analysis is used by some to justify ignoring some or all of the Inmarsat data set, which like it or not, is the best data we have. I have trouble seeing a certain target in that area based on what was known before the recent bathymetry. But his claws remained sharp and the fire in his belly burnt bright, for he was still of the Dragonkin, no matter the form he wore.

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Bella and Donatello by felicia reviews Bella on the run from Victoria falls into the Turtles lair and they save her from the Vampire. This event changes Bella's world as she becomes part of the Turtle family and learns to become a Ninja and find love in the genius turtle Donatello.

Horrified, they assign a guardian to him to keep their youngest member safe. Until he'd been given his guardian, Bilbo never realised how he'd missed having family. Freak by Jewelie-chan reviews Anderson is used to getting away with some pretty nasty insults, but when John loses his temper, how much will he get away with? Let's just say Anderson's jaw is going to be hurting for a while. Lord knows that man needs someone who can keep up with him. When John keeps coming back, Greg is impressed.

When they seem perfect for each other for each other, but neither of the blind idiots see it, well. Then Greg is less so. We may never touch by inkinmyheartandonthepage reviews One shot: Uhura never thought that the crush on her professor would never amount to nothing. She didn't even know he was married. Interesting Instances of an Invalid by Miller reviews Unfortunately for Cain, he seems to get injured a lot around a certain Princess. Fortunately for a certain Princess, she is good at taking care of him…whether he wants her to or not.

Tin Man - Rated: Bella never expected to fall in love with Miami, especially not to someone who worked with her dad. But that doesn't stop the love that blossoms between her and Ryan.

With the help of Marcel she's able to live a normal life, or as normal as it gets for her. She quickly meets the Mikaelsons, and with her love for children helps them with their new member Hope. This friendship will hopefully lead to love. Unconditional Love by BiteMyTongue reviews Everyone seems to believe that Bella is now Tony's babysitter, making her the one they run to when Tony gets on their nerves.

It's really no problem to Bella, she loves Tony so spending time with him is a really something she loves. It'll just take Tony a moment to understand what it means to love someone unconditionally. We'll see just how close to I get Officially M to be safe Tin Man - Rated: Last part so far. Bella goes back to Forks after the summer and goes back to school. Abandoned by the family, Bella slowly grew stronger in their absence and, even though she loves them all, Bella decides to hold the family responsible for their actions when she returns from Italy.

Bella teaches them all that their choices have real consequences, ones that just might change everything Instinctual by keltieful reviews Jim and Spock fight like cats and dogs.

Which, considering their Shifts, isn't so surprising. Pike stepping in to sort them out? Jim should have seen that one coming. Will absence make the heart grow fonder, or will the distance be too boring for the consulting detective? Given by Nightshade's sydneylover reviews Jim had been waiting weeks to give Spock his Christmas gifts.

Yggdrasil by Laora reviews Bilbo Baggins dies peacefully on the ship to Valinor, and when he wakes, he is a young hobbit living in Bag End. Thorin Oakenshield, on the other hand, drowns in his own blood on a gruesome battlefield; his screams as he wakes in Ered Luin will haunt his sister and nephews for years to come. My Nobody by PizzaAngel99 reviews "They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh.

But every time she laughs, I'm the one who falls in love. Suicide Squad "Anything you say can and will be held agaisnt you. So only say my name. Three Continents Watson by inkinmyheartandonthepage reviews One shot: In which Sherlock is in love with John and finds it increasingly frustrating that everyone adores John. Rated T for safety. Bella's moves to Gotham at 21 and becomes entangled with the King and Queen of Gotham and they claim her as there Princess.

Set after Suicide Squad and pretend Waller is dead and the Squad was released. Why Did you Do It? Tigress need's to know why po had to make a sacrifice like that to save everyone from kai since they thought he was gone after reviving kai's victims Kung Fu Panda - Rated: Beyond Words by booksblanketsandtea reviews An exhausted Spock accidentally calls Kirk "Ashayam" while on duty. Kirk is determined to find out what it means. Hogwarts AU- Gossip always spread quickly around Hogwarts and it's the news everyone has been waiting for.

Rated T for safety: An entry to the Fete des Mousquetaires October Competition: Ink Friend by Isys Luna Skeeter reviews Belladonna Took decides to give her friendless son a friend, even if it means an inkfriend who he only hears from from-time-to-time. A new intake into penfriend fics, Thilbo-slash version Hobbit - Rated: Halo by BiteMyTongue reviews Tony takes a trip down memory lane as he thinks about his time with Bella.

He had never realized how much the quiet girl would mean to him when they first met. At the Edge of the City by HashtagLEH reviews "You know, for a guy who's supposed to be avoiding stress, you picked a hell of a place to settle. The blue glow of the famed arc reactor in the billionaire's chest lit up his face, showing a raised eyebrow of amusement.

A certain striped feline has also developed feelings of fondness towards the Dragon Warrior, but is still hesitant to act upon them. However, Tigress will have to take things upon herself when a snow leopard might just beat her to laying claims on HER panda Kung Fu Panda - Rated: Buying the Space Farm by Rose reviews What was the stellar crew of the Enterprise thinking when their Captain breathed his last?

This is that fic with all their POVs. Childhood Dreams by yaoigirl22 reviews Everything had gone right, they had won. They should be back at the bar celebrating and bickering as they always do, instead they're in a hospital wondering what had gone wrong. Coming Home To You by Jewelie-chan reviews John's been away for some time and has just returned home from duty. How will Sherlock react when John comes to surprise him and the Yard?

And what's this about a Victoria Cross! I recommend reading that first, but it might be okay to just read this. I hope you enjoy! No Beyond spoilers until the fourth section, no knowledge of TOS necessary.

Frozen by HanaSheralHaminail reviews "Ka'i. Jim hoped the pronunciation was at least adequate. Right there, right then it seemed to Spock as if the Captain's use of Vuhlkansu had brought a significant change to how he perceived him; as if it held some kind of meaning he couldn't quite place. Set after Star Trek Beyond!

T for language, mostly. But she's not quite human, she also has a long and interesting past and it's not over for her yet. Besides, technically Tony Stark isn't supposed to be an Avenger under any circumstances. Basically fun identity porn and friendship.

Bent but not broken by MoonlightTaylor reviews Athos is drunk and says something. Then, a mission goes terribly wrong Torture scenes, violence, probably some swearing here and there. Beginnings by MusketeerAdventure reviews Brief accounts of our musketeers at the start of season one and then moving forward; where beginning foundations launch close relationships; new adventures; and uncharted personal journeys. Precarious beginnings of a well-earned commission sends d'Artagnan on a fevered journey where threads of the past join with the present, then reach out to an unknown future.

It's two master assassins and a genius, after all. But these kidnappers aren't leaving any openings for Natasha and Clint to exploit Unfortunately, that might mean compromising himself and trusting his teammates to get him out alive.

Now she has to make the decision to either stay in London with her family and perhaps be unhappy for the rest of her life, OR to honor her promise and return to her Wonderland and a chance at happiness. Her decision will have consequences for both worlds though. Alice in Wonderland, - Rated: In the middle of a battle that decimated a city, he rode up on a dinky motorcycle.

He didn't do it to protect the city, nor to stop Loki, nor for any personal desire to fight. He did it because a total stranger had, for the first time, walked into his life without any fear of his alter ego. He even zapped Bruce in the side to prove it. When Chloe gets into some bother, the Angels decide it best to inform their brother Lucifer before he finds out himself and causes problems for everyone. Sign This by inkinmyheartandonthepage reviews Oneshot: He quickly calculated the pros and cons of asking John what he was singing and whether it would involve a lengthy discussion that would most likely end in an argument on what was appropriate or not.

Set My Soul Alight by Bertie Bott reviews Bella's life takes a horrible turn after Edward leaves her so she makes a call to the one person she could always count on to be there for her. Vast Fields of Light by burnt-silver reviews "As the wedding banquet drew to a close, Tamina found herself wondering once more if she had been unwise to agree to marry the youngest Prince of Persia.

Prince of Persia - Rated: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Darcy's Story by PairOfFineEyes5 reviews It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man of good fortune and elite warrior skills must be in want of a warrior wife. In Colonel Darcy's case, he is quite content snubbing off all of the opposite sex, until a certain female warrior catches his eye. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Rated: Wonderment by Lyn Harkeran reviews Alice returns to Wonderland after 3 years, and begins her search for her two dearest friends: The Hatter and the Grinning Cheshire Cat.

Mistakes and Regrets by radredknuxfan reviews A routine battle against bandits goes horribly wrong when Po's choices end up getting people hurt, including his dad. Overcome with guilt, Po exiles himself from the Valley despite the Furious Five insisting that it was an accident. When he returns after years have passed, he's changed, but is it for the better? Rated T for dark themes. Looks can be deceiving by inkinmyheartandonthepage reviews One-shot: Sherlock, despite being a genius, looked like a drug addict even though he hadn't touched a substance in years.

John didn't care but the yard do and make it known as often as they can. Not even Time can heal a heart so completely shattered. Or at least, that is what Thorin Oakenshield had thought up until that fateful night.

The dwarf had worried before over how the hobbit would fare when they reached the mountain That dragon was toast. Turns out hobbits can be very dangerous creatures when given a frying pan to swing around Hobbit - Rated: After being sent to Azkaban Bella is broken out and joins the dark lord. She vows revenge on the Cullen's. She finds in Severus the man she's always wished for and Severus finds a women to hold his heart. Harry on the dark in this too. Project Lumberdork by SuperGroverAway reviews Several years in the future, Wendy is invited to join the twins on a grand cross-country trip to investigate reports of paranormal activity across the US.

But little does she or Dipper realize is that while they hunt and do battle with all kinds of monsters and oddities, Mabel is secretly working on her boldest plan ever Future-Pines Gravity Falls - Rated: It proves to be impossible and the effort causes Sherlock to faint as he comes.

Of course, John is concerned. Tony is trying to send a message, but he isn't sure anyone on the other end understands him. Clint is ticked off because Tony keeps taking beatings for him.

Natasha is certain those pictures are hiding clues Revenge by Violet Halliwell reviews Isabelle Petrova has spent the last five hundred years hunting down her sister to make her pay for the deaths of their family. But now that she's had her revenge is it time to settle down? Isabelle is uncertain what will happen now Elijah, the only friend she's had all her immortal life, has his family back.

Could his brother, Kol, be the one to convince her to stay? Second Place by Tony Stark's Hidden Side reviews It wasn't something most people kept track of, the number of times someone has saved your life, but the Howling Commandos did. Steve certainly hadn't intended to continue the tradition with the Avengers, but it just Only Steve knew the day Tony's count passed Bucky's.

One twenty-six to one twenty-seven, and it felt like he was leaving his best friend behind. Changes by StarTraveler reviews Takes place after the season finale Lucifer and Amenadiel talk, Lucifer also helps Chloe comfort Trixie after a nightmare. Oh, There You Are by sherlockian4evr reviews John can easily carry and lift a sleeping Sherlock, carrying him upstairs and then at a crime scene, but Sherlock has to have help from Greg to lift John.

For Sherlock for getting me through the last year of absolute insanity. Also for a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. The Contest by Thenidiel reviews Fed up with the lack of maturity amongst his musketeers, Treville organises a competition. He was so plain, so docile and so normal that they were shocked to find that maybe he really wasn't.

Rated T for violence. The Forsaken One by cindy reviews d'Artagnan's first mission with the Inseparables does not go well. As he endures the pain of interrogation he wonders, why have his friends forsaken him? Or were they ever really his friends at all? A Hobbit's Rescue by Lady Laran reviews Gandalf keeps a promise he made to a dear friend, Belladonna Took, and in doing so, a lass is saved from a society that scorns women.

While she is rescued, the others find that their lives are changed for the better. Wait, Nick thought, eyes widening. She's taking my side? Inspired by a Deviantart. Inhale, Exhale by Oceanbreeze7 reviews The Arc Reactor did so much more then what everyone had realized. Or maybe they never thought to question how a metal cylinder could exist inside the sternum of a human being without causing any lasting damage. A Touch of Luck by ramblingonandon reviews "There is a destiny that makes us brothers; none goes his way alone.

All that we send into the lives of others, comes back onto our own. Life seems to change for the better until the night before her graduation, when Bella's life takes a turn for the worst.

The Winged Soul by inukagome15 reviews It wasn't until he was three that he realized he was different and no one else could see the wings. Platonic Showering by inkinmyheartandonthepage reviews One-shot: Rated T for safety! Dean Winchester is hunting alone when he meets Bobby's daughter: Bella is running from a past she can never truly escape and holding a grudge against the people she once called family. Amidst the chaos of revenge and caught up in a demons plans for war can the pair finally let go of the past and find love?

Part of Your World by its-like-a-story-of-love reviews Trixie and Lucifer team up to surprise Chloe for her birthday. A Dangerous Business by Caitriona3 reviews Miss Belladonna Lilly Baggins would very much like to know how she ended up on such an adventure! The Dwarves just know they need a fourteenth member in order to pay proper honor to Yavanna, wife of their creator, Mahal.

One of Yavanna's children will do Big, Fru Fru - Complete. Fated by inkinmyheartandonthepage reviews One-Shot Soul mate AU — Nobody new when it would happen but at midnight you would fall asleep and wake up in the body of your soul mate.

Twister by Buckeye01 reviews When a tornado rips through the streets of Paris and buries the Musketeers under a pile of rubble, what can they do but wait and hope for rescue? Not if rescue comes from within. This is a story of waiting, hoping A bit of brotherhood. Back by Xeen Cyr reviews Lucifer spent some time in Hell.

So I thought of a way to make him see his errors. Unfortunately, d'Artagnan has to pay the price for it. This is what my muse came up with. Featuring all main characters. A Shaman enters them in time travel. Bella doesn't believe until they step out in the Wild West.

The roaring 20's with Flappers and Gangsters. They face prohibition in the 30's and boot leg in the mountains. War or peace of the 60's, poodle skirts and rock and roll. Disco 70's with big hair 80's. They only have each now. Not Just a Dumb Bunny by Neocolai reviews Primitive instincts drive deeper than loyalty, as Judy learns when she takes the pellet for Nick.

Muzzled by TatorTotTottish reviews When Nick Wilde runs into the Junior Ranger Scouts who bullied him as a kid, he is forced to face painful childhood memories, all while he and Judy Hopps find themselves on a case that threatens to tear them apart. Based on an idea by Bgnsteal.

JudyxNick Zootopia - Rated: When someone offers him a second chance, his choice is clear. So begins another journey. Unexpected allies, bloody battles, dragon fire and a hidden quest shrouded in mystery await the King under the mountain as he once against sets out to reclaim his homeland.

Four Musketeers, but also four friends, four brothers. I decided to explore their bond, their lives, their souls, through a collection of short stories, one for every chapter, focusing each on a single emotion.

I also will follow the alphabetical order. Let's go with chapter Reviews are greatly appreciated, but prompts too: There was only one person who could've written those words.

Only this sets in motion a romance that ends up being everything she could ever want. Nothing can keep these two lovers from each other, not even a new identity.

What have they gotten themselves into? Sequel to It's a Date and It's a Wedding. After being abandoned in the forest by Edward, Bella awakens to find herself in a strange new world, bound across time and space to a mysterious Elf. What it says on the tin. What do our boys get up to during their downtime?

This tale can stand alone from the first story called 'Never Too Old to Learn'. K - English - Chapters: What if Danny wasn't told to shoot Stan Grey Area by Doverstar reviews Oneshot. Nick and Judy have time off and they're gonna spend a solid week back in Bunnyburrow, taking it easy! But on the first morning, when Nick discovers the story behind three long scars on Judy's right cheek, things get a little heated.

Especially when Gideon Grey shows up for breakfast. Nicholas has a few choice words for his fellow fox. Trapped on the warring planet, Kirk must struggle through his demons to keep Spock and his landing team safe. Spock has recently found he has feelings for his captain and is determined to stay away.

Can he when he sees Jim falling into the memories of his horrid past? I havent met him yet. Maybe a new start in a new town with one of my best friends in the world he will finally show up. Oh my best friend you know her as Sookie Stackhouse. As long as Mr. Right is not a freakin vampire. Breathe the Free Air by Cazzy20 reviews New town, new friends, new life, free air. Brat by bucktooth22 reviews Greg asks Sherlock for help with a case but Sherlock says no so John goes to help.

John gets hurt and Sherlock feels guilty. Johnlock oneshot Sherlock - Rated: Voiceless by Wicked Daphne reviews When she went under, the world was at peace. She wakes up, they say world is at war — they didn't say what she will lose.

There is only one little problem: Athos didn't escape as unscathed as it seemed at first look. The company is expecting a soft, weak, whiny creature. What they get is something far more special than even Gandalf was aware. Finally, after months of pain and loss Bella lets the only person she can trust know what happened to her. Bella has lost all hope in life, in a forced engagement, she no longer feels any hope in ever being happy.

The only thing she can hope for now is that some point she can be happy again. Of Mishaps and Misadventures by Buckeye01 reviews The four boys are sent on separate missions in four separate directions with instructions from the king to lure a thief. What could possibly go wrong? Get ready for crazy mishaps and strange misadventures where everything is not as it seems.

The Conspiracy by animexchick reviews D'Artagnan get sent on a solo mission when the others are away, things quickly take a drastic turn for the worst and it is up to the three senior members of the inseparables to come to the rescue of their youngest. Along the way secrets of both the past and present will be revealed and knowledge of a new threat to the citizens of France will be uncovered. Expect lots of whumpage! Hauntings by JolinarJackson reviews John reigned himself in, reminding himself once again that Sherlock was very not interested and thus very unavailable.

Spirits in the Mist by mommy4thomas reviews What happens when a judgy little witch and a snarky vampire get trapped on the "other side" and find themselves in Forks, Washington?

What happens after they witness the cruel break-up between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen? A story of friendship, love and finding your way home. Not related to my series. Bound and Determined by celticgal reviews "Saving another's life makes one responsible for it. Given our pasts, we are, all of us, bound to one another.

Safe by kodiakkemaxx reviews "Lucifer," her voice was eager and soft. Would she get angry at him if he blew it again by calling her by her rank, or even her name? She was here, and so happy to see him.

Obviously something was very, very wrong. Takes place post x Complete, such as it is. M for references only, no scenes: Last Homely Hole by ClassicalTorture reviews Thorin wakes up in an unfamiliar room, feverish and in the care of a curious and quite gorgeous being. Last thing he remembers is tumbling down the hill in Hobbiton.

Bilbo just wants to know who exactly did he have to lug to his house through the rain. Lots of new fanart to see in my profile for this! The Goblin Queen by phantom-lass reviews Centuries ago in a battle thought of more as legend than fact, a Hobbit - a Took - defeated the Goblin King.

T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Fight in the Night by stuckatschool reviews Darcy stumbles upon Elizabeth training in the Rosing gardens and requests a spar.

Based on the movie. Bella doesn't become comatose when Edward leaves. Instead, she became angry. She went on to become a world-renown researcher, debunking supernatural legends, using her insider information. She even writes a book, all the while hiding from the Volturi. Imagine her surprise when she meets Damon and her entire life is turned upside down. First in a series. In the sands of time, a promise was made to a faithful follower.

That promise is finally realized in a future that magic is all but forgotten. A man from the past stuck in the future, a woman lost, and a wolf is all that stands between a future with no magic, and a love that will surpass all of time, not once, but three times.

Part 1 of the Light Trilogy. That is until her eleventh birthday when she encounters her soul mate. The only problem, he's a spirit trapped on the other side.

Seventeen and moving to Forks with her father, Bella is closer to being with her soul mate,there's always something fishy lurking around the corner. When the sky falls by MoonlightTaylor reviews A mission in the mountains, and d'Artagnan's luck seems to have run out.

There's a fall, a little girl, some very worried musketeers, and a reality that seems to be growing crooked for the Gascon. Mademoiselle D'Artagnan of the Musketeers by yaoigirl22 reviews Treville wasn't sure why D'Artagnan was in a dress, and didn't really want to know.

He'd just wish Aramis would stop staring at the boy's 'heaving bosom'. Also D'Artagnan's honor and virtue gets defended at some point. Not Your Average Hobbit Lass by Minn-Mani reviews This is a story in which Bilbo is in fact Billa Baggins, and she is a BAMF, and is not afraid to show the sexist dwarves that she can take care of herself, especially when she has a special ability on her side. Summary sucks, I know, please read! Rated for violence, movieverse.

True Faith by Rainsaber reviews A tragedy befalls D'Artagnan and all those around him, making Athos re-examine what D'Artagnan truly means to him after what happened on the battlefield months prior. Alexandre Dumas - Rated: The Cost of Power by DraconisMuse reviews After coming in contact with a mysterious stone, Po and Tigress must search for answers to save their friends Occupational Hazard by cloemarrie reviews A phone call, a unexpected mission, he disappears. Will she ever forgive him?

Too Late Now by witchrose reviews The battle on the steps of Erebor has been fought and won and the Dwarves of the company are content, that is until Gandalf appears, frantically searching for their missing burglar. Bilbo Hobbit - Rated: To the outside world, he looked like an ordinary Hobbit but what was hiding inside of him was a demon waiting to spring out.

No Slash Rated M. A Moment by MusketeerAdventure reviews Summary: A collection of brief moments between our musketeers especially d'Artagnan and Athos , that would otherwise go unnoticed; swallowed up in the hectic parts of a day to perhaps end up in the recesses of memory — tucked away. As the hour before a mission draws near — our musketeers share a moment of love, allegiance and brotherhood.

The world hates Tony Stark. It was his own choice, not to come out as Iron Man. Things are never as easy as they seem. Identity porn and angst. Danger Magnet by etraxler reviews Set during New Moon. The Cullens leave and Bella eventually finds herself in need of help She ends up with the vampires she least expected I really suck at summaries.

Friends Reunited by Mewoo27 reviews The sad and lonely life Bilbo Baggins has after the fall of the last heirs of Durin lead the valar to pity.

What would their lives be like if they could do it all again? And if they play a few games as they travel, well, it's all in good fun. I'm Always Here by Rikki Writinglover reviews 5 Times Tony took care of the team and got them to sleep, and the 1 time they took care of him.

Ingenious Idiot by Kanae Yuna reviews "The truth is plain and simple: Kirk is a genius, even under the most unfavorable conditions Although d'Artagnan is convinced he will be alone in the new year, his new friends surprise him and prove otherwise.

All she wants is a normal life, but she isn't that lucky. Falling in love with her cousin's best friend is only the beginning, it's discovering she's not who she thought she was that changes everything. All she wants is to be happy, and she realizes all she needs is her soulmate to be happy. Bilbo has gone back to Bag End, feeling like he wasn't wanted by the dwarves, especially one in particular - Yule is coming, and Bilbo has no plans to celebrate it, not until a certain King Under the Mountain comes with his companions to make amends and to finally tell his burglar how he truly feels about him.

A Home For Christmas by obeytherandomness reviews Bilbo's random acts of kindness means the world to the family of Thorin Oakenshield this Christmas. Modern AU Hobbit - Rated: Hybrid Queen by Fire. Her destiny is intertwined with Klaus and the stubborn hybrid causes trouble for her. Athos is left unconscious in the snow and faces three things that challenge his attitude towards Christmas. Blameless by wild-springflower reviews "Athos began to shake his head in denial but D'Artagnan cut him off.

He wasn't sure how long Athos had been wallowing in self-blame but it had to end, he had to end it. Vigil by wild-springflower reviews "Give it up Musketeer. What was supposed to be a simple delivery becomes something more Can Thorin ever get his hobbit back? No major character deaths. This friendships lead to something a little more special.

But stupid later decisions lead to bigger problems. Hopefully, they get their happily ever after. Dance with the Devil by Speklez reviews A teenager on a class trip gets caught in the crossfire when an unrepentant vampire grows bored and decides a little mischief is in order to stir things up in the world.

Rated for language Twilight - Rated: Sherlock Confronts the Elephant in the Room by wendymarlowe reviews Sherlock faltered the moment he caught sight of John's cock bulging against the confines of his pants. John's unusually large, no-way-Sherlock-won't-comment cock. Sherlock blinked once, twice, then inhaled slowly and opened his mouth to speak- "I swear," John cut in, "if you say one word about standard deviations from the mean I will punch you, half-dressed or no.

Sight Unseen by AZGirl reviews D'Artagnan was absolutely certain that the three Musketeers were good men and were his friends, but could he trust them with this aspect of himself? What Happened to Them? On a blood-strewn battlefield, the secrets of one man. Written for the "There is no friendship that cares about an overheard secret" challenge by Arcangel-liberty4all Musketeers - Rated: She lives in a life without the love she so desperately searches for.

Can an aristocrat and a painter find love at first sight?

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