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Metcalfe MS sex dating

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Metcalfe MS sex dating

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Metcalfe MS sex dating

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I am a alone, healthy, good seeking (I am told, but am modest, so I would say. I have been getting over my Metcalfe MS sex dating girlfriend til recently.

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There was nothing really wrong here. Taking a deep breath, Taylor reached down and yanked her short-shorts and the small pair of white panties hidden underneath them right off.

Standing up with the small tuft of blonde fur above her crotch on full display, she stood there, letting Anya drink in the sight of her. Hurry, hurry, before your muscles cool down.

Taylor got on the table completely naked, and lay face down. She was surprised to find a bottle of water with a straw resting right beneath the face-pillow her head was resting in. Taylor took a sip, but tried to focus on catching her breath. Do you have any problem areas? It was the heat of the room and suddenly laying down.

Taylor did as she was told, keeping her face down in the pillow, but letting her eyes closed in anticipation. She knew Anya would treat her well. Let me know if this hurts. Firmly, but not too hard. She did this several times, and Taylor felt downright heavenly as the short redhead worked her over. If this feeling had been what Emma had been talking about when she suggested the place, Taylor would happily feel this way for a couple of days.

Considering how Anya was making her feel, Taylor would trust Anya to do pretty much anything. Taylor did as she was told, letting her arms drop down off the side of the massage table. Anya immediately took her right arm and began kneading the flesh. The blonde country star felt like her arm was butter by the time Anya moved over to the other side and repeated herself. She was no longer naked on a table in some faceless building in LA.

She was on a beach, basking in the sun. Taylor had never once gone skinny dipping in her life, but if Anya had asked her to at that moment, she would have. Anya could ask anything of Taylor at that moment, and Taylor would do it. The singer could only grunt her agreement. Anya could touch her anywhere she wanted. It never even occurred to Taylor to be scandalized or offended — it felt too good. Here she was, number one musical artist Taylor Swift, laying naked while a sexy woman massaged her ass.

You have given it to many boys? Was Anya asking what Taylor thought she was? Taylor blinked — she was turned on! This massage was making her horny! Taylor opened her eyes, confused. Was Anya NOT going to touch her pussy again? Had she imagined it? Read the whole situation wrong? Maybe she had dreamt it, dozed off and let her imagination run wild. Was she just projecting what she needed onto Anya?

Except her pussy was still tingling wet, and she was still quite turned on. Anya was touching her pussy, and it felt wonderful! Taylor was more than primed and ready — her body reacted at once, her nipples going rock hard and her pulse skyrocketing. Taylor writhed a bit on the bed, her head coming up out of the face-pillow, and the singer turned it to the side to gasp for breath as Anya continued to make her squirm.

But no one had ever made her feel like this. Taylor closed her eyes tight and tried to hold on as a powerful rush filled her blood, and what little remained of her stress seemed to melt away.

She hated to admit it, but the stretch did feel good, even when Anya did it with her other leg. She wanted more sex! Happily, Taylor rolled over onto her back, no longer at all concerned that she was completely naked. She wanted to be naked. She almost squealed with delight when she saw Anya had stripped down to a tiny white thong. But to her surprise, Anya pushed her back down on her back. Anya has her own lover. A good man, yes? With strong hands and smarts to use his cock inside Anya well. Not the biggest, but big enough for little Anya.

Besides, Anya has much more work to do on you, yes? With that, Anya went to work, leaving Taylor confused. And Anya had a man at home? What did that make Anya? A physical trainer who went a little too far with her patients? It actually helped Taylor, she would realize some time later, as it let her body recover from that first orgasm.

Taylor was so confused. She needed Anya to give her more. Besides your ass, that is. Taylor nearly gasped, her nethers growing wet just at the word pussy. So there WAS more coming. Taylor just had to make it through. If the shoulders were tough, the arms were worse. At first, Taylor just took it, but by the fourth different angle on one arm, Taylor was growing sore. Still, her arm DID feel stretched, and she supposed that was important.

By the time Anya moved to the other arm, Taylor was certain she would die from an overdose of horniness. She was anything but relaxed. She found herself hoping it would turn Anya on, make her get to the pussy faster. But no matter what, the neck stretches seemed to take an eternity. You just have more stress there. Almost done with the neck. Then we move on. Taylor closed her eyes and just enjoyed it for several long moments, trying hard not to imagine what was coming next.

That includes those areas no one even worries about, yes? Those fingers were magic, at least as far as Taylor was concerned. They felt like fiery little nubs, their heat almost more seductive to Taylor than what they were doing. The blonde superstar felt her body ratcheting up towards orgasm so much faster than it had the first time. Perhaps, she mused, because she wanted it so much more. Oh oh oh OH!

She was so close. So very, very close. The singer almost cried, feeling the rush of blood and hormones immediately start to drain away. Taylor heard her open up a cabinet, then suddenly Anya was popping up next to her head.

Before her, Anya held up a pair of simple pink dildos, one a little larger than the other. Anya smiled, and put both dildos away, and came back up with a slightly bigger one. Taylor actually shivered looking at it. How could such a large thing get up inside her. Taylor gritted her teeth a bit at the cold, but tried to enjoy the finger work Anya was doing. That, at least, felt very nice indeed. Taylor was no virgin, but she was hardly a slut, either.

The large plastic phallus Anya was now slowly sliding up into Taylor was larger than that fan by a good solid inch or more, and she was already feeling it. Oh, it was big. And felt so much better. We must stretch all of you! Taylor had never been so filled in all her life, and it felt fantastic. She nearly climaxed right there, but managed to hold on as the phallus slipped from her body. Quickly, Anya got the dildo all the way in, bottoming out inside the singer once more, and this time immediately withdrew it, making the younger girl squirm with sexual delight.

She was getting so close again. So close to yet another orgasm! Stretch my pussy out good! It feels sooooo good! This time, Anya did what Taylor wanted, slamming the large dildo into the young star, then pulling it out before repeating the process. There was no more waiting. Anya rammed the plastic cock in and out of Taylor, and in no time, Taylor was writhing about on the table like a woman possessed. She knew nothing but sexual pleasure for a long, long time, actually passing out from her orgasm.

Taylor did as she was told without even thinking, and got a little thrill as she naturally pressed the bottom of the dildo against the table, pressing it a little bit deeper into her. Oh, so much dirtier. Anya knew what she was doing.

Anya applied a lot of lube. But Anya knew the importance of lube for anal sex, and she knew that for Taylor to enjoy it, she had to be plenty lubricated.

Here she was, laying naked on a table with a strange woman, a huge dildo shoved up her pussy, about to get another one in the ass. If anyone walked in, or took a picture, or even guessed at what was. For what seemed like an eternity to Taylor nothing happened, just some rustling of fabric.

With her pussy filled, and her body already primed for sex after two most powerful orgasms, Taylor Swift felt nothing but pleasure as the dildo slowly but surely entered her deepest, darkest parts.

Her times with boys in her butt had never been like this. They had hurt her. It felt so damn hot. It would fuel her fantasies for years to come, encouraging her to let future boyfriends — and girlfriends — fuck her ass whenever they wanted.

With the other, larger dildo still inside her pussy, every time Taylor ground her crotch against the table, it pressed deeper into her snatch, hitting raw nerves and driving her a little crazier. When Anya finally got the entire dildo inside her, Taylor was certain of only two things. Please, fuck my tight little ass! Fuck me with that big dildo of yours!

Anya seemed to take forever to get back behind Taylor, stopping to fiddle with something. Once more, the singer was thankful for all the lube, but she could barely stammer how good it felt, feeling the large plastic cock slide out of her backside. All Taylor could feel was the pleasure shooting out of her ass, and the beating of her heart.

Taylor actually gasped aloud, almost whimpering to have that dildo returned to her ass. What she saw nearly made her climax right there. Anya was naked, her heavy breasts on full display, the small tuft of red hair above her crotch hidden behind a strap-on dildo, itself dripping with lube — dripping!

Again, Taylor nearly creamed herself. Taylor took a deep breath, and Anya slapped her butt. As Anya inched the well-lubed monster into Taylor, the tall blonde was certain she was going to be ripped in half.

It still felt sooooo good, even through the pain. Anya clearly knew her way around strap-ons, as she carefully eased her artificial penis inside Taylor with a gentleness no man could match. Oh, Taylor was accepting it. With every rocking little fuck, Taylor stretched a bit more, her sweet ass taking it all. And Taylor wanted more. Taylor managed to pry her eyes open and glance over at the mirrored wall, amazed at the sexiness she saw. She was so sweet, so kind. Uber Attack Files Chapter 6 Author: MF, rape, oral, anal, preg.

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