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Match case Regex search. The best way to encourage accusers to come out and slander Donald Trump is to offer a huge, sweet payday. It isn't Donald Trump who is obsessed by crowd size - it is the Main Stream Media that gets wet down their thighs if they can show even a single empty chair at one of his rallies.

A successful Trump Presidency is the best thing for America and the worst thing for Democrats. The word "Pocahontas" when used against a non-native American is in fact an Honorific-denied. It is the same as saying, "You madam, are no Pocahontas. In the same regard, calling someone an Einstein when they are obviously an idiot, is not an antisemitic slur, it is simply saying that that person is no Einstein. No bigoted slur intended. This blackmail against a private citizen was perpetrated by a multi-billion dollar enterprise that cries about Trump trying to stifle the Press's Freedom of Speech.

Anyone on the left see the irony here? President Donald Trump unleashed perhaps the greatest tweet ever Sunday morning on Twitter. A terrible case of sciatica left me too groggy from pain killers to blog at night my favorite time.

The only treatment that has offered me a modicum of relief has been an inversion table like the one pictured here I bought on eBay. Thanks to Donald Trump Alicia Machado looks great today.

I love watching Czechs bouncing across a tennis court. Muslims don't just want us unbelievers to die, they want us to endure unbearable torture first as punishment for being filthy infidels. Ten years ago when I first started blogging I wrote an article in which I confidently made an absurd, outrageous, unbelievable prediction that came true. But once we discard the stems and spit out the pits, how much cherry is there left to eat?

The New York Times says we should fear right-wingers more than Muslims. The shooter was a Muslim and his targets were gays. If you don't know, under Shariah law being gay is a crime punishable by death. They read all about the Fountain of Youth, claimed by The Spaniards when they arrived there. They collected up all they had left and sent for four Bottles of the water.

As soon as it arrived, they drank as directed. If I had to take a guess: Suppose she came in front of you to apply for asylum. Do you ask her to lift her skirt and drop her panties to prove her gender? Zuckerberg has the right to filter the news however he likes. But it would have been nice if someone with that much power treated all his users equally fairly. Hundreds of unwelcome Muslim refugees, mostly men of military age, clog the highways near Padborg in Denmark.

I was out for a walk when I came across 3 Muslim women in full robes. I thought to myself I should make an effort and try to talk to them to understand their culture. Belgian Police Waiting for the right time to start a raid? Muzzammil Hassan talks with his attorney at his arraignment - shocked that the jury did not see the murder of his wife from his Islamic point of view.

If DNA evidence were available in most murder cases, we certainly would be exonerating thousands of innocent people convicted of murder.

Let me tell you about a man who failed a polygraph, gave a detailed confession to rape and murder, and was ID'd at trial by two eyewitnesses: A slam-dunk case, right?

I know what happened to Trump at that CNN interview. It's happened to me many times, it's happened to my wife, and I have no doubt it has even happened to Megyn Kelly. Our government agencies have become so corrupt, so incompetent, so fat and greedy that voting in regular politicians cannot change the culture that we now have in Washington.

We need an upsetter-in-chief. Know anyone running who will eliminate every unnecessary agency? If it were not against the law I would gladly donate money to a vigilante group to take this detective out of his home and have him brutally and mercilessly beaten to death with socks filled with razor blades and spiked-ball-bearings. Isn't it time to admit defeat? To acknowledge that the minimum wage and all the programs for the poor have led to declining real wages for many workers and high poverty rates for families with children?

Suppose you went into a coma in February of and didn't come out of it until today, February Here is the conversation you might have with your doctor as you slowly regain consciousness:.

I believe that a certain hormone in a female kicks in when the man she is looking at has mucho dinero that clouds her vision and makes her overlook certain defects in her lover. Most countries in the world know that taking in Muslims will only lead to rape, violence and terror. Before any of my readers cry "Islamophobia! As of , ignoring the Nobel Peace Prize, individuals have been awarded Nobel Prizes of which a mere 33 have been women. Here is what a student with a bachelor's degree in Black Studies can expect his future to look like For the majority of our population, College is a Scam.

However learning a trade or getting an education, as long as it doesn't require hocking your lungs, is not a scam. Here are 13 words to say instead of the word "vagina" and use even in an august setting such as a state house of representatives:. Muslims - when not engaging in rape, torture, murder, forced conversion, slavery, and other vile and evil acts are busy portraying themselves as the victims. Today's Mesoamerican Religion has almost nothing to do with the Aztec religion. Those who understand the threat posed by Islam agree with Trump.

Liberals have a mental disease which prevents them from seeing that threat clearly. Why Jewish tradition makes Jews a light unto the nations and Islamic tradition makes Muslims into bringers of darkness. Said and Cherif are brothers and were born in the 10th arrondissement neighborhood in Paris. The Kouachi brothers were orphaned by their Algerian-immigrant parents as children and grew up in the city of Rennes.

Both brothers later moved to Paris and then became mass murdering terrorists. See this photo of the poor Palestinians in a nearly empty Gaza marketplace with nothing to buy or eat.

See the brutality of living under Israeli rule? Thank God that when I buy a lamp I don't need to also buy a special electric plug to make it work, nor do I need to install an outlet specifically for that lamp. What kind of sick pervert thinks young children should be charged with sexual harassment for hugging?

Why purposely put your life at risk - in either case? When a hunter employed one African to help him hunt an elephant, that African never had to resort to poaching to survive. That led to abundant wildlife on hunting preserves. Want to see what a gallery hall filled with a Muslim peace movement looks like?

In general, merchants can ask the customer to show a driver's license but cannot write anything down from it. In 67 years less innocent Palestinians were killed than in one week!

How the mighty have fallen. If this were a scene from a Hollywood movie, the psychotic and mentally disturbed President who made this statement would be quickly impeached and removed from office to the wild applause of the audience, happy at seeing such a maniac separated from the levers of power. The most powerful person on Earth gets his revenge by going " Nya, Nya, you can't follow me on Twitter! Liberals in our country are so gullible and so stupid as to honestly believe that the hundreds of terror plots by homegrown jihadists uncovered by the FBI were never really capable of being executed or in reality staged events by Fox News reporters dressed as Muslims simply in order to advance Republican wacko conspiracy theories about a supposed Muslim threat to our country.

What should worry the governments of the civilized world is what is cloaked in darkness, hidden in plain sight among all these refugees. So many Muslim men and so many places to hide the jihadists. Perhaps after seeing this, just perhaps, Hillary will then realize that she has been presenting herself as a human grotesque too stupid, pompous, and vulgar to realize she has been caricaturing herself. The ping test in modern times serves well if you have a genuine coin to clink against the test coin.

I could not write anything funnier than to repeat the lie that Spain was conquered by force of truth, reason and logic. The only parts of the globe missing from ISIS' map of world conquest on their 5-dinar gold coin are the polar ice caps.

Tents do not rest well on ice floes. If 1 out of a thousand Muslims in India one day decide to jihad against their country, India would be facing a half-dozen times more mujahideen than there are in Syria and Iraq combined.

After years of observing mice I came to the conclusion that human beings, unrestrained by law and morality, act much like mice.

And men, like mice, need variety in their sex life. Trump will make this country great for businessmen again and that, dear reader, is not only good for Trump, it is good for our country. If your parents did not come here as legal immigrants and you are born here, your status should be the same as children of diplomats - that is, you are not automatically an American citizen.

In my experience in personally being involved in hundreds of criminal cases, the vast majority of prosecutors do not share exculpatory evidence with the defense. At least five Muslim countries Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen are known to have executed juvenile offenders in the past decade. According to a Brookings Institute study this person isn't really living in poverty.

All eight limbs to intertwine with!! How do you like it this way? The inside has swollen, moistened by the warm waters of lust. Here is a quote that Barack Obama never said, but in his heart wants to say: I have visited hundreds and hundreds of foreign cities yet never came across this.

The greatest threat to Western Civilization is not al Qaeda or Muslim terrorists - those we can spot - it is your common, ordinary, average, seemingly moderate Muslim. Hillary Rotten Clinton wants us to believe that mortgage rates and asthma in black children are signs of institutional racism.

Israelite by Clermont Sun Publishing Company - Issuu

Weedlt submissions for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons. Wereject those published elsewhere. In My View pieces run routinely in the space below, alternating withnational columnists. Email submlsslons are preferred. Box Bend, OR Fax: Dogs, and dog owners, should have off-leash space By Bruce Johnson mous for. The problem is that there recent editorial in The Bulle- are not enough appealing trails tin suggested that the Bend close to town where dog owners Park 5 R e creation District can legally exercise, with sufficient should not allow dogs off leash in trail distance to get a good workout any part of Shevlin Park.

The pri- and a safe environment for their mary argument against off-leash dogs to run with them. But don't penalize the maparks, those parks primarily serve jority of responsible owners for the people who want to let their dogs inconsiderate actions of a few. For many people, walk- chose to work out in places like ing, running or riding bikes with Shevlin Park with their dogs off their dogs is their primary form of leash, despite signs prohibiting the outdoor activity. I t i s an i ntegral activity, is evidence of the need for part of the healthy lifestyle that additional space to accommodate.

Mere annoyanceatthe presence of off-leash dogs should not be considered a conflict that justifies prohibiting off-leash recreation. The vast majority of people who exercise with dogs off leash are re-. The betterapproach isto focus our ef-. If off-leash activity was allowed in selectareas of the park, dog And other park users would know.

Enforcement efforts should the district to permit off-leash rec- ercising with their dogs off leash be directed toward those owners reation on some trails while keep- can share our natural resources in who cause the problems, not a blan- ing otherpartsofthe park reserved harmony with o t her r ecreational ket prohibition of all dogs off leash. We don't close all trails to bike act with dogs. We need more places like that, riding because of the safety conDogPAC has been working with close to town, not fewer.

Brummel, of La Pine Nov. Baird Memorial Chapel of La Pine is honored to serve the family. Per the family's request, there will be no services.

Contributions may be made to:. T he p r oposed c o d e group in the meantime that with Deschutes County in change would allow COID has sought federal and lo- November hoping for local to pipe an additional 4, cal historical protection for historic recognition and profeet within land zoned sub- up to 7, feet of the canal.

The property includes the canal National Register of Historic c ounty d e termined t h a t opposed the code change. COID was an owner of the The Deschutes County PlanThe National Park Ser- property with its easement ning Commission recom- vice will decide whether and could oppose the local mended a denial of the code the section of canal should designation.

The Deschutes County comA final decision by county approval would likely dis- missionersare scheduled to commissioners has been on rupt plans to pipe the canal deliberate on the two applihold since August while the because of federal and lo- cations at 10 a. March 25 irrigation district pursued cal requirements protect- at the Deschutes Services mediation with homeown- ing historically significant Building, NW Wall St, ers.

A resolution was not structures. The group of homeown— Reporter: Former bass playerfor the Grammy-winning group Toto. Died Sunday of complications from Lou Gehrig's disease.

They lobbed cow patties at each o ther, hunted ghosts in a n. Continued fivm Bt Additional deputies responded Edlefsen is described as 5feet to the area toassist with thecall.

Garrison wrote in anews Edlefsenis on probation for a release early Mondaythat at conviction of unauthorized about 5 p. Sundaya Deschutes use of avehicle andfelon in posCounty Sheriff's deputy respond- session of afirearm, according to ed to the areaof Brookswood the OregonJudicial Information Boulevard andBaker Roadon a Network. Deputies andOregonState PoUpon arrival, thedeputy lice conducted asearch of nearby learned theparties involvedwere roads in anunsuccessful attempt in a trailer park onCheyenne to locate Edlefsen.

It is believed Road. Initial reports indicated a Edlefsen fled south from the knife had beeninvolved in thedis- trailer park. Additional witnesses pute, but it wasdeterminedthat placed EdlefsenonNavajo Road the vehicle ownerhadactually where hestopped andaskedto. Last fall the county and city. Obituary policy Death Notices are freeand will be run for oneday, but specific guidelines must be followed.

Local obituaries are paid advertisements submitted by families or funeral homes. Theymay besubmitted by phone, mail, email or fax. The Bulletin reserves the right to edit all submissions. Please include contact information in all correspondence. For information on any of these services or about the obituary policy, contact Death Notices are accepted until noon Monday through Friday for next-day publication and by4: Obituaries must be received by 5 p. Mondaythrough Thursday for publication on the second dayafter submission, by1 p.

Fridayfor Sunday publication, and by 9 a. Deadlines for display ads vary; pleasecall for details. SPECIAL Hundredsof individualswil win Completeinformation wil be rushedIoyou valuableoil andgasleases onpublic landsin by returnmailbysimplyleaving your name upcomingaudionsandlottery drawings, and mailing addressat I Entry details andenrollment formswil be Incredibly,mastwil risk just a smalltax- rushedwiftout obligafon, tomeettheupcoming deductablefeeIo enter this little-knownprogram Aprilclasingdeadline.

Don't missthis perofferinghighlyIavorableaddsfor success. The project originally included plans for condominithat aspect of the project. Members of theRedCross team arrived atan apartmentfire at1: March15 in the block of AshStreet in Sisters. The RedCross provided lodging, food, clothing, shoes, comfort kits, medication and information about disaster health and mental health services to the two adults affected bythe fire.

But Biogreen has a long way to go before building. City offiAbout 20 people would work p otential biofuels plant i n cials would want to be sure at the plant and another 65 or Lakeview. The plant, pro- the city system could supply so would work in the forest, posed by Red Rock Biofuels enough water to the plant, as gathering wood to burn.

Giv- in Fort C o llins, Colorado, as well as to current and fuen the number of thinning would turn biomass into jet ture customers. The sure that we have enough the chance of large wildfires, questions include how much water for commercial exhe figures there should be a air pollution the plant would pansion," Allen said. La Pine steady supply of wood.

The current plant in La Pine, Mike Ewall, mass in La Pine a "very water supply is ample, but e xecutive director o f t h e valuable project," Biogreen's not endless. Pennsylvania-based Ener- Brobergsaid thepower plant In , Biogreen faced a gy Justice Network, said his would put off less smoke than labor union complaint saynonprofit has helped stop wood burned in open air. He argues that biomass La Pine plant, hurdles left the company has a tentative plants are "very polluting for Biogreen to clear include agreement with a union and and very inefficient.

The plant the issue would be resolved "Anything that burns any- would use about gallons if the plant goes ahead. HunterDouilas See life sized samples of the latest innovative and stylish Hunter Douglas window fashions!

Those with information relevant to the investigation are asked to call DeschutesCounty non-emergency line at His death was caused by of New Zealand after completcomplications of Alzheimer's ing a page dissertation disease, his daughter, Emily on unsupervised, rough-andSutton-Smith, said. His academic adA professor emeritus at the visers made him delete "the University of Pennsylvania, disgusting jokes and rhymes "universal theory" that would school children whispered to tie myriad strands of psychol- each other.

Berkeley, and taught at BowlBut his thoughts on play ing Green State University in kept evolving and play itself Ohio. From to , he never stood still. Still, it had to taught developmental psycholbe studied; for Sutton-Smith, ogy at Teachers College, Coplay was nothing less than an lumbia University.

He lectured throughout the "Play begins as a major fea- world and, as a research conture of mammalian evolution sultant to the Toy Manufacturand remains as a major meth- ers of America, gave frequent od of becoming reconciled interviews. The approval would likely disrupt plans to pipe the canal because of federal and local requirements protecting historically significant structures. HoodMeadows 0 Mt. No arrests were made. Return your entry form to: Enter as often as you like.

Must be18 or older to enter. Winnerwill be notified by email only. Winner'8 nameandphoto may be published inTheBulletin. No purchasenecessary, visit The Bulletin for additional entry forms. Offer good inTheBulletin home delivery area only. Rules areavailable at TheBulletin office.

Payment must beprocessed before gift card is issued. We just happen to be leasing the same building. It's good for our. Cummings and Menasco tions so that it feels new to us," were laid off by Kramer in No- Cummings said. The clinic did hung new pictures. They will not pay any of her December also use a new, cloud-based wages, but she recently re- program that will allow paceived back wages from the tients to access medical reOregon Bureau of Labor and cords and order prescription Industries, she said.

Thenew clinic's ownersareformer employees oftheDeschutes Veterinary Clinic, which closed abruptly in December. Temperature bandsare highs for the day. Temperaturesaretoday'shighs and tonight's lows. ORE 56 atWigamette Pass: Times of sunand clouds today. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation will host the U.

Top alpine racers ages from the Western Region will be competing in super-G, giant slalom andslalom. About skiers are expected to race, including several skiers from Central Oregon. The Huskies earnedthe first overall seed in the women's.

The Lancaster Central School Board voted to retire the longtime symbolMonday during a special session called after three districts with sizeable numbers of Native American students canceled lacrosse matches. The term Redskins is considered by manyto be a racial slur against Native Americans.

While supporters of the nicknamesaid it was a source of pride and never meant to offend, a resolution by Superintendent Michael Vallely saidit has becomea "symbol of ethnic stereotyping" and that keeping it could subject students to retaliation. The unanimous vote was shouted down by Redskins supporters, many of whomwore past and present school uniforms and jackets with the Redskins logo. Mountain View head coach Craig Reid helped to establish the Cougars as one of the elite boys basketball programs in the state.

His eyes tinted pink and glazed with. The bull's-eye, it's been there for a while, but it just feels like it got more intensified. Oregon State, the No. They will begin their run in the tournament Friday.

The winners of those games will meet Sunday. The Huskies, who are led beimproving and havebeen rolling — winning games by an average of 42 points this. But parts of it are tough, for lots of coaches.

And I think for our program, because it has established itself as one of the stronger ones in the state at our level, you get everybody's best shot every night. The kids feel it. The more you win, the more you don't want to let down the people who have been in the program.

I think that part has gotten tougher for the players and probably tougher for myself and my staff over the last three or four. He raised his his Cougars were bounced from the championship final appearance. Between final site with back-to-back losses in Oh, how much more enjoyable it is to embraces with his players, assistant their first two games, sending Reid end a season with a victory. Reid glanced coaches and supporters, Reid admired and his team back to Central Oregon back to his Cougars, rapt in their joy.

He thought back to the Over the past 15 years, Mountain He peered around Gill Coliseum, tourney, when Mountain View lost in View has grown into not just an Interrecalling how unexpected state tourna- the quarterfinals but won its next two mountain Conference power but a force ments can turn out for any participant.

Wooden for most all-time. Are we mature enough to handle it? We will find that out very soon. It means major headaches and potentially major fi-.

Before each of his new team's games this season, Ichiro Suzuki, like all players, will need to get loose. Like all players, Ichiro will stretch. But Ichiro will start earlier than most play-.

The pliability connoisseur is one of the few major-leaguers who doesn't lift weights. Instead he prefers a rigorous flexibility routine that re-.

Pilates and it is not yoga, although people have told him similarities exist. It's a complex circuit that takes up to. Carolina Central at Miami Fla. Trevor Prater scored two trys and three conversion kicks to leadall scorers with16 points. Dalton Chambers scored13 points on onepenalty kick and five conversion kicks. Levi Penter, RyanDavis andAlex Esselstrom eachscored two trys while five more players added a try to the Bobcat effort.

Borland told ESPN's "Outside the Lines" earlier Monday that he is retiring following his standout rookie seasonbecause of concerns about headtrauma. The year-old Borland had a team-leading tackles in his stellar rookieseason,emergingasapunishingdefender. Healso hadasack and two interceptions. He told "Outside the Lines" he wants to do "what's best for my health. The person spoke on condition of anonymity becausetheworkout was not made public. Considering all the offseason movesmadeby coach Chip Kelly, maybe his taking a lookat the HeismanTrophy winner with the huge following shouldn't be asurprise.

Tebow has not been on anNFL team since the season. Thefour-time AllStar lefty was placed onthe day disabled list by the Philadelphia Phillies to attempt to rehabilitate an elbow injury without surgery.

Lee has atorn common flexor tendon and wastold last week to stop throwing. It's the third time he tries to recover from the injury non-surgically. OnMonday, Seavey became thefirst musher to leavethe checkpoint in Koyuk, taking off at 4: Hehadarrived in the village about Seaveywas the first to reachKoyuk, miles from thefinish line in Nome,even though he left the previous checkpoint at Shaktoolik morethan anhour behind Burmeister.

Seaveyarrived three minutes aheadof Burmeister. Four checkpoints remain for the mushers asthey bravethe hardpacked trail andchilling North Pacific winds of the Bering Seacoast. Today Men's college Baseball: First round Boys tennis: Manhattan , 3: Sisters,Madrasat Redmond, 4 p. Mississippi , 6: RobertMorris , GroveatRidgeview,5: Dayton , 6: Lafayette , 3: LSU , 6: Georgia , 9: Wyoming , Bend,Mountain View,Redmond, Louisville vs.

Albany , 4: Sum mit at Thurston, 4p. UAB , 9: Austin , 4: Washington 2H , 6: MountainViewat Sisters, 4 p. North Floridaor Robert Morris,p m. Davidson , 4: John's , 6: Thursday'sGames Track and Iield: Purdue , p m.

Hampton or Manhattan, 6;40p. Sisters atCrescent Valley,6 p. Friday's Games Kansas vs. Friday WestVirginia vs. Glencoeat Summit, 8 p,mcMoun- Baylor vs. GeorgiaState , TexasSouthern , Harvard , 4: Wofford , 6: Girls tennis Friday's Games Oregon vs. Nonconference W isconsi n vs. Coastal Carolina , 6: TifanyFiguero,M,, ; Grace Perkins, 8, def. Michigan atLouisianaTech ,4;30p. Central atMiami ,4 p. Montana atTexasA8M ,6 p. Boys tennis Uc Davis at Stanford ,8 p. Wednesday'sGames Nonconference Arizona St.

Bend 4,Madras0 Bucknel l atTemple , 4 p. Calica, M,,; NickCam pbell, 8, def. Francis NY at Richmond , pm. Saul Vanderbilt atSaint Mary's Calif. Vermont at Hofstra , 4p. TampaBay 71 43 21 7 93 Radford atDelaware State , 5 p. Detroit 68 38 19 11 87 Gardner-W ebb atColorado , 6p. Boston 69 36 23 10 82 Pepperdine at Seattle ,7 p.

Ottawa 68 33 24 11 77 Florida 69 31 24 14 76 CoNegelnsider. Rangers 68 44 17 7 95 Today'sGames N. Illinois at Oakland , 4 p. Pittsburgh 6 9 3 9 20 JamesMadison atS. NewJersey 69 29 29 11 69 NorfolkSt. Kentucky ,4 p. Columbus 69 30 35 4 64 La. Louis 69 44 20 5 93 collegebasketball poll, with first-place Nashville 71 43 21 7 93 votes in parentheses,recordsthrough March 15, Chicago 68 41 21 6 88 total pointsbasedon 25points for afirst-placevote Minnesota 69 38 24 7 83 throughonepoint for a 25th-placevote andlast Winnipeg 69 34 23 12 80 week'sranking: Colorado 69 32 26 11 75 Record Pts Prv Dallas 70 32 28 10 74 1.

Duke 2 1, 2 Vancouver 68 39 25 4 82 5. Arizona 3 1, 5 C algary 69 3 8 2 6 5 81 6. Virginia 2 1, 3 LosAngeles 69 34 22 13 81 7. Gonzag 3 1, 7 a SanJose 6 9 3 4 27 8 76 8. NotreDame 1,1 78 11 A rizona 70 2 1 4 1 8 50 9. Kansa s 99 5 9 Monday'sGames 97 9 10 Maryl a nd 93 5 8 TampaBay4,Montreal2 Oklahom a 2 1 5 Edmonton 4,Toronto 1 NorthCarolina 24 - 1 1 7 0 3 19 Today'sGames Bayl o r 2 68 0 1 6 PittsburghatNewJersey,4 p.

Louisville 2 61 4 1 4 Ottawa atCarolina,4 p. SMU 48 5 20 Buff aloatBoston,4: Utah 45 5 17 MontrealatFlorida,4: West Vi r gi n i a 2 39 8 1 8 Minnesota atNashvile, 5 p.

Arkansas 2 37 3 2 1 SanJoseatWinnipeg,5p. Georgetown 2 2 3 N. Butler 2 2 2 Philadelphiaat Vancouver, 7p. VCU 1 09 Othersreceivingvotes: ErnestsGulbis 14 , recordsthroughMarch15, pointsbasedon25points Latvia,, Philipp Kohlschreiber voteandprevious ranking: Kentucky 32 1 74 7 3 28 , Spain , 6 , , Villanova 73 0 5 ThanasiKokkinakis,Australia, def. Wisconsin 68 9 6 Argentina,,, 5. Arizona 67 5 2 JohnIsner 18 ,UnitedStates,def. Duke 16 ,SouthAfrica, 6 , Virginia 64 6 4 Bernard Tomic 32 , Australia, def.

David Ferrer 8 , 7. Gonza ga 59 7 7 58 7 9 Spain,, Northernlowa 3 50 9 1 1 Kansa s 2 48 2 1 0 Third Round Marvland 47 0 8 Wi c hita State 37 9 12 EugenieBouchard 6 , Canada, def. CocoVandeweghe 30 , UnitedStates, , North Carolina 24 - 1 1 3 4 7 1 9 2 1 4 LesiaTsurenko,Ukraine, def.

AlizeCornet 20 , Oklahom a 29 2 13 France, , , Louisville 29 1 16 Belinda Bencic 31 , Swilzerland,def. Baylor 2 23 2 1 7 Wozniacki 4 , Denmark, , Utah 2 21 6 2 1 JelenaJankovic 18 , Serbia,def. SMU 21 3 20 Arkansas 16 , United States,, , AnaIvanovic 5 , Butler 6 9 23 Georgeton w 32 , Belarus, , FlaviaPennetta 15 , Italy, def.

SamStosur 21 , Oregon 6 6 NR Australia,, Austin 9; Davidson Sabine Lisicki 24 , Germany, def. First Round Friday's Games Dayton vs. IowaState , 9am. WesternKentucky , 2 p. Wichita State , 4: Saturday'sGames Louisville vs. BYU , 1p. LSU , 3: Seton Hall , 3;30p. Albany NY , 9a. Gonzaga , 4: Saturday'sGames Princeton vs.

Green Bay , 8a. Pittsburgh , 8a. Boise State ,a m. Miami , 9a. Arkansas ,9a m. DePaul , 2p. NotreDam e vs. Montana , 4: Saturday'sGames Oklahoma vs. Quinnipiac , 4p. CSNorthridge , 6: Saturday'sGames NorthCarolina vs. Liberty , 8a. JamesMadison ,a m. Ohio , 3: John's CentralConnecticut St. Mary's Cal WrightState at Toledo Eastern Michigan at Drake Tulsa atMissouri State Maine atVilanova Richmond atStetson PoNs Women'sAPTop26 The top 25teamsin TheAssociated Press' final women'scollege basketball poll, with first-place votes in parentheses,recordsthrough March15, total pointsbasedon25 points for a first-placevote through onepoint for a 25th-place vote and last week'ranki s ng: Record Pts Prv 1.

Uconn 35 87 5 1 2. NotreDame 83 6 2 3 79 8 3 3. SouthCarolina 77 7 4 4. Maryland 72 1 5 5. Baylor 70 5 6 6. Tennes see 67 0 7 7. Louisville 56 1 9 9. Princeton 2 38 1 1 4 NorthCarolina 8 15 2 1 6 Chattanooga 29 7 17 GeorgeWashington 2 0 6 19 FloridaGulf Coast 20 Northwestern 2 13 4 2 2 California 9 3 25 SouthFlorida 2 7 1 Others receivingvotes: Record Pbr Pvs 1.

Connecticut 32 32 - 1 80 0 1 76 6 2 2. NotreDame 72 8 3 3. Maryland 71 3 4 4. SouthCarolina 66 4 5 5. Tenne ssee 64 5 6 6. NorthCarolina 24 - 8 44 2 12 3 39 7 1 3 MississippiState 2 6 - 6 3 7 2 14 33 5 15 Iowa 2 1 6 Chattanoog a 1 9. George Washington t 19 FloridaGulf Coast 1 6 6 21 Rutgers 10 0 23 OhioState 7 6 24 Seton Hal 6 4 22 SouthFlorida 5 0 NR Othersreceivingvotes: John's3; Tulane2; Quinnipiac1; WichitaState1.

Portland at Sporting KansasCity,5: Unitedat NewYork, 2 p. Chicago at SanJose,4 p. Miami ss atJupiter, Fla. Philadelphia at Clearwater, Fla. Detroit at Lakeland, Fla. ChicagoWhite Soxat Glendale, Ariz. SanDiego ss at Peoria,Ariz. This celebration get this job done and win this last was not for just one game but for a one for Coach," Haugen said.

This commemoration was eryone knew how much time he's put not just for this Mountain View team in these last 15 years.

We wanted to but for its coach — because after 15 really show how much we value him years of guiding the Cougars, Craig and how important he is to us and Reid felt it was time to step away. Soon, it was not just the Mountain In fact, it was just a few weeks ago View team that hadbecome aware of that he came to the decision that this.

Even then, during pregame, Reid questioned whether he should let his players in on his secret. There was no scouting report for step down over the past fewyears, inthe Cougars. There was no game cluding after the season.

But plan, other than to run and have he always returned to the Cougars. As the Cougs done. And soon after his intentions knowledge, Bob Reprepared to break the huddle and became public take the court for the opening tip, ichert's cellphone was flooded with Reid dropped one final piece of text messages and calls.

Reichert, the longtime Central motivation: He's really done a administrator. You don't want your. Where weight lifting left him feeling constricted, these exercises, which he has done since his playing days in. You want What ensued was a point them to stay because you want that Mountain View victory, a third-place high level. Craig's always stood for trophy, and a lengthy celebration of that high level.

All-Star, a gray-haired, red- er Federer in tennis, Tiger gloved, trilingual sage that Woods in golf or Michael uses a flip phone and comes Jordan in basketball," said with a media entourage. The dehumidifier keeps by his talent and find his used bats close to their orig- regimented, detail-oriented inal state. Before he owned approach admirable. Realone, Ichiro would leave bats ly, the best way to describe in the sun to dry like laun- what they feel is rabid love. Dehumidifiers are not common in major-league don't care about baseball clubhouses, but since his they care about Ichiro," said debut in their use has Setsko Nagano, a Japanese increased he once gave one fan who now lives in Boca to teammate Michael Morse Raton, Fla.

It's hard to argue with At this point, what could Ichiro's results. He's built up a pretty solid foundation for not only Mountain. That, Craig Reid ever happen to it basketball in Cen- emphasized, was the biggest reason tral Oregon ," Haugen proclaimed. He did all of that. And parts of it are tough, for lots of coachthen hewas able to create an amaz- es," he said.

Those standards were not limited don't want to let down the people just to his Cougars — players, man- who have been in the program. I agers and assistant coaches. Adult Japanese women peaked through the stadium gates for glimpses of him like teenage girls at a Ninety Marlins games will broadcast in Japan this.

Viewbut the other programs. Knowing that involvement with youth basketball, a core group of players — includhow he established the Central Ore- ing starters Davis Holly and Jordan gon Basketball Organization in Vance — expect to return next seaand how that program has grown to son, Reid feels more at peace with more than 60 boys and girls teams his decision to step away. Ending the for players in grades five through season — and his career — with one eight. Haugen was one ofthem any playAnd with his son James, a junior.

B ut he's still a hi t w i t h fans, as evident by the ovation he received before his. The Terriers are the 10th team women's basketball committee chair championships held at predetermined to enter the NCAAs with a losing record. Dru H a ncock s a id. Notre Dame has played in the past h ave any wins i n t h e Third-seeded Louisville was the only four Final Fours, but have come up short Top Their strength one of the 16 teams not hosting as the of a title each time.

Baylor, Iowa and of s chedule w a sn't school's home arena was being used for Stanford are the top seeds in the region NeXt uP gre at. The Carthat will try and derail the Irish. South RPI over BYU in the opener. Green B ay-Princeton ment. ESPN2 a chance to show the en- the field. This season the Tournament, getting into the field ever kane Region. Three teams will be making their The Terrapins became the second up one day in the first two rounds and first trip — American, St.

Francis, Brookteam to go unbeaten in the Big Ten, the the regionals. The Final Four is still be- lyn and Savannah State. The NCAA also decided to go back to secutive appearances end.

Earlier in the Undefeated Princeton, which is the rewarding the top 16 seeds with home day coach Andy Landers announced his 15th team to enter the NCAA Tourna- games in the opening two rounds for the retirement. This is simply the best thing for him alone, of his time. He has been so successful while being so. In many ways, he's the player he has always been. Themachines are in erage during the past three Jupiter and will be shipped seasons sits well below his to an emptied storage area career mark of.

He was within Marlins Park, sepa- only a part-time player for. Carohna C O A Fri. They'll do it a. Storm cruise in opener Bulletin staff report A. Mountain View, also playing its first game of the season, received its lone score from Grant Gorham. Girls tennis Bend 8, Madras 0: Thebull's-eye, it's top performance, he'd be right after been there for a while, but it just feels. Bend 4, Madras 0: Bend's Aaron Banquer-Glenn and Nick Campbell started the season strong, each winning in straight sets in singles.

He's Simple as that. And there is nothing Understandably, Reichert said, "It was just a great way to go out," Reid's departure might generate he said. Nowitzki added 22 with some Raptors , Pacers BOSand eight of its last nine. Lakers 17 49 Minnesota 14 52 d-divisionleaderx-clinchedplayoff spot.

Totals 25 Assists—Portland 19 Lillard 9 , Washington 9 25 Wall Minnesota at Toronto, 4: Indiana at Chicago,5 p. Carroll ,Milsap 19, Brand 6,Teague , Bazemore 11, Mack,Antic, Schroder ,Muscala 6. Totals Johnson , Hil , Black 4, Clarkson 17, Ellington , Lin , Boozer , Brown 5, Davis 4,Kelly Lakers 30 24 2 4 27 — GoldenState 30 28 24 26 — Johnson 22,Young , Lopez , Williams 8, M. Brown , Jack,Plumlee,Jeff erson Brooklyn 33 34 31 24 — Minnesota 29 26 24 27 — OklahomaCity 29 34 29 23 — Dallas 27 26 39 27 — Dragic 20,Wade 32, Chalmers,Walker, Andersen Jazz 94, Hornets 66 , 6easle Wiliams 3, Jefferson , M.

Totals Hayward , Favors, Gob- 5, Lauvergne ert 9,Exum u, Hood Gr een,Randolph,Gasol Evans, Cotton Totals ,Udrih, Lee, Allen Charlotte 16 14 16 20 — 66 utah 30 31 24 9 — 94 Denver 18 19 26 18 — 81 Memphis 24 23 18 27 — I am sure that it will be It means t eeth g n ash- much greater for , probing for broadcasters in ably at least 3 billion fans enNorth America, where the gaging digitally one way or pound gorilla is football another.

It means celebration FIFA. Sports and E ntertainment "I think it would be fair to who now runs the investsay that while it would make ment firm B ruin Sports no difference to our on-site CapitaL attendance, which tends not The Asian Cup and Afto be affected by FIFA World rica Cup of Nations, which Cups, such a move would would both have been staged almost certainly assist our in January , will surely global reach and exposure be forced to move, perhaps.

Its d omestic March to N ovember, so league, Major League Socthere's a natural break in cer, which typically finishes November and D e cember its season in early December, anyway," said Andrew Geor- is a niche player. The World giou, the chief operating of- Cup, which would overlap ficerforthe sports manage- with the Thanksgiving holment agency Lagardere Un- iday, would thus run smack limited, who was long based into the meat of the N FL in Singapore.

It is much more problematic for Australia, where the. But 5 awareness of its World Cup p. But that does not karta and 10 p. And so I it being so over the top you think you can expect a pret- start to alienate your NFL ty big uplift in audiences for viewers," said David Carthe World Cup, espe-.

Though some advertisThe proximity to Christmas and the new year also ers might be more eager to presents commercial oppor- spend with the first quarter tunities globally.

So many quesing director of the Interna- tions. But Payne and others still see the winter of as tional Olympic Committee. Zenith Optimedia, a mar- potentially a global win for keting agency, recently es- the sport in terms of reach timated that shifting to the if not in terms of internal harmony. That is partly because other broadcasters," Payne more viewers are home in sard. The downside, of course, the winter, although seven years from now, the pace of is that no soccer fan or teletechnological change could vision executive would have mean people — athome or had to worry about any of away — may not be gather- this if FIFA had made the ing much at all around tradi- smart, right decision in the first place.

Montreal in winning all four games beSteven Stamkos had two goals and added an tween the teams this season. Plekanec and Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau. Filppula opened the scoring during a power play at Max Pacioretty made an ill-advised pass from neutral ice back into the Canadiens zone that Stamkos stole and made it from the right circle with 4: Kings 1, Coyotes 0: Jordan Eberle had a goal and two assists and Capitals 4, Sabres 3: Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.

Wall Street predicts Oracle's latest quarterly earnings were flat versus a year earlier. The business technology giant has benefited from increased software sales. Oracle's revenue also has grown as more of its corporate customers shift to cloud computing, or leasing software stored in remote data centers instead of paying licensing fees to install programs on PCs kept in their own offices.

Oracle delivers fiscal third-quarter results today. I - Current annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. I —Sumcf dividends paidthis year. Most recent dividend wasomitted or deferred. Monday following the announcement. Life Time operates large gyms across the U. It also sells a line of nutritional products, publishes a magazine and runs a unit that holds running, cycling and triathlon events. In August, Life Time said it was considering splitting itself into two companies: Life Time's shares jumped 5 percent.

The yield on the year Treasury fell to 2. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans. T L T Source: DSW reports fiscal fourth-quarter financial results today. The shoe store chain's sales are up on an annual basis through the nine months ended Nov.

Even so, the company's earnings are down slightly in the same period. Did DSW generateenough sales during the holiday season to lift the retailer's earnings for the year? The major indexes climbed from the start of trading, and the buying swept up stocks in nearly every industry as the dollar dropped against the euro.

Investors have been worried that the dollar's surge against the single currency of the country eurozone would hurt earnings of U. In economic news, a report showed U. The price of oil slumped to a new six-year low. Nine of 10 industry sectors of the Standard and Poor's index rose, led by health care.

Dorn and Rachel T. Johnson to Jimmy V. Copeland, CrookedRiver Ranch No. Sibert to Robert K. King, Juniper Heights Subdivision No. Barry to Timothy G. Petersen to Kevin W. Robinson, trustee of the James S. Greene,trustees of the Robert D. Sawchuk, to Raymond K. Scott Nelson, trustee of the R. Puckettand Ochoco Mint Growers Inc. Tomlinson, trustee of the Karmin M. Anderson to David M.

Ellington, Mountain RidgeEstates P. July Nine Whet it does: Makes and sells reusable tote and overnight bags. Garrett Loveall, owner and founder. While OPEC's competence at managing the market was always much in question, the organization's decision. And so, July Nine was born in Three years later, that project has become his business. He designs, manufactures and ships his tote bags to places like Japan and South Korea from a garage attached to his Redmond home.

Loveall said he initially wanted July Nine — named for 9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires, the widest street in the world — to create. Instead, he began developing tote bags after the city of Eugene, Loveall's home at the time, banned disposable plastic bags in Loveall, who was making canvas overnight bags at the time, said he received requests to design a quality reusable shoppingbag to fill the void. He initially balked at the task, because he thought of reusable.

Loveall said that all of his bags are made in his garage byhim or his three sewers; a typical Sushi Sack takes about 10 minutes to assemble. For all of July Nine's success across the world, Loveall said the. Still, he sees that changing in the near future. Loveall said he will be moving out of his garage and into a new building, which will house July Nine and other entrepreneurs.

But the price tag doesn't seem to have scared off potential customers or. Loveall sold 10,bags in and and is on pace to exceed that number in alone. Loveall also said that the company will be circling back around to its original goal: The direction of oil prices, which had risen sharply from January lows, has fallen back in recent days. It's definitely stores that sell higher-end goods. These companies have helped increase U. Many analysts say that with low prices discouraging investment in drilling, production growth in the United.

States will eventually level off and even begin to decline. But when this change will happen is a matter of speculation. I'm hoping to be employing at least a dozenpeople. And just to have a really strong distribution of brand and a variety of goods. The security fence along the Israel-Egypt border, built in Israel is monitoring the situation in the Sinai region amid turmoil in Egypt following president Mohamed Morsi's ouster.

Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim, who in the past represented Eda Haharedit, the haredi organization that backed the May protest, says the quiet is mainly tactical. The draft is four years off and as it draws near, he says, the volume of protest will increase.

Israel casts its eyes on violent Sinai region amid Egypt turmoil JNS Israel should do all it can to help the new secular government in Egypt beat the Muslim Brotherhood, even if that means amending the Military. Last year, Aharon Kravitz launched the website Dossim. The site aims both to present haredi society in a positive light and to document antiharedi articles and physical attacks on haredim.

Friedman agrees that such efforts at dialogue are probably useless because the haredi lifestyle is so misunderstood among secular Israelis. Better, he says, for haredim to focus on upholding their way of life. Nitzan Nuriel told Army Radio on Sunday. A Color Red alert did not sound beforehand.

Israeli high school students win contest with robot wedding JNS A team of 9th-graders from a high school in Rehovot, Israel, won the RoboCup international robotics competition in Holland with their robotic reenactment of a Jewish wedding, returning to Israel on Wednesday night with the first-place trophy. As a licensed massage therapist for seven years, he has worked for many businesses and is now on his own with Advanced Therapeutic Massage.

Hunt works with the chiropractor to help his clients receive the best massages. Even though he works in an office, he does make house calls as well. His massages will increase circulation in your body and give you an overall good sense of well—being.

Massages get rid of toxins and relieves stress. Hunt gives some health tips of his own. He says that everyone should get a massage at least. After every massage, he suggests to his clients to stretch every day and drink plenty of water. All of these classes are fast paced, challenging and most of all, fun. They have 14 classes a week at five different locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

They incorporate a variety of dance styles, including jazz, hip hop, latin, ballroom, disco, bollywood, and plenty more danced to popular music that you probably already know and love to these classes.

They also offer a service for private events called Party Starters. They will get people dancing and break the ice at your next private event such as a wed-. Through Party Starters, they send some of their instructors to lead simple group dances and to get the party started. She believes people shold choose a motive exercise that they will enjoy and stay with it in the long run. She wants everyone to enjoy their workout with the dance fitness classes she offers so they will continue to get the exercise they need.

They use the highest quality optical lenses and frames and state of the art contact lenses. They are the premier eye are provider in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Their staff consists of highly. Americans are eating more and moving less, and unfortunately, these habits are rubbing off on our children. Food marketing has led to increased portion sizes and added sugars, salts and fats, while the advent of new technologies has had the unintended effect of decreasing physical activity. More than ever, American kids eat loads of junk food and spend much more time texting, watching television and playing video games than running around and being active.

Researchers estimate that only about 20 percent of children meet basic activity level recommendations and 25 percent are completely sedentary. At the same time, the foods we eat have become larger and more calorie-dense over the past 20 years. Bagels and pizza slices are almost double the size they used to be, and certain beverage cups can now hold an entire bottle of soda. Indeed, children are increasingly succumbing to adult diseases — so much so that doctors have changed the term adult-onset diabetes to type II diabetes because.

The Jewish community is not immune to this trend. Original research by Dr. In fact, Singer found that Jewish children in certain pockets of the community are substantially more likely to be obese.

Part of the reason for these troubling findings is that children who attend Jewish day schools study a joint Jewish and secular curriculum, which means 10 hours per day sitting in school, and then going home and sitting for a few more hours of homework.

Physical education is often deemed less important than other subjects, so kids are sedentary for most of the time they spend in school.

Moreover, in many Orthodox day schools, fitness activities are further restricted because of limitations on coed exercise. Unfortunately, Jewish adults are not doing any better. The average Jewish family is more likely to eat a lavish meal together than go for a walk or kick around a soccer ball. Parents should set an example for their kids by adopting healthy lifestyles for themselves. This means more fruits and vegetables, less oil, salt and sugar, and a far more active lifestyle. Instead of watching television as a family, parents should encourage walking, hiking and other healthy activities.

At the same time, our Jewish day schools should recognize that physical activity is just as important as Hebrew and algebra, and should modify their curriculums to make physical activity a major part of the day. This can be as simple as creating a schedule that makes children walk across the school to get from one class to another, or shortening every period by a few minutes to make more time for organized physical activity. Schools also might consider bringing in professional dieticians and exercise instructors to teach children about exercising at home and making smart food choices.

Summer camps are also great places for children not only to be active, but to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle at home. They offer ChromaGen Lenses for people with visual dyslexia. They are simply tinted lenses that, when properly prescribed, stop words that move on the page. A short screening process allows each candidate to see if it will work for them.

Screenings can be done in any of their locations. It is a free screening and they will know if the product works for them without spending a dime. They say it is important to get yearly eye exams because many eye problems don't have obvious symptoms and can go untreated. Another eye health tip they have is that the eyes are a window to your general health because many symptoms of other diseases can show up in the eyes.

High blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease all can cause changes in the eye; changes that would only be found during a comprehensive eye exam. Access brought the fun indoors when they took over the Civic Garden Center to plant cacti and learn about plants that are indigenous to Israel. Dinner and drinks were included. Access is an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation. For more information about Access, please consult the community directory in the back of this issue.

Access is an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation for Jewish young professionals, Nearly people participated in this event that featured a 3-course Italian meal, including wine and other beverages and dessert. Three couples auditioned in front of the crowd for a chance to be contestants in the hilarious game show: Couples had to answer a series of questions about their significant others, similar to the Newlywed Game. For more information about Access or the Schmooze for Twos program, please consult the community directory in the back of this issue.

Well, those days are back, and then some. They have worked with the former owners to borrow from the storied past of this iconic restaurant, while also focusing on the trends and tastes of today. The result is something special for the dining public.

Inside, the place has the ambiance of a mountain lodge, but with accouterments of Kentucky horse culture everywhere, right down to the jockey attire of the wait staff.

But there is more; a lot more. The menu is loaded with good choices. For example, the Granny Smith Waldorf salad is a popular choice focused on the female palate.

Fresh apples and grapes are combined with raisins and walnuts in a Waldorf dressing that is both classic and delicious. Other salad choices are: The halibut was moist, flaky and flavorful, served over asparagus spears in a lemon demi sauce. The filet was done rare, to order, and perfectly charred. Pictured, from left are: One specialty item is a.

Friday—only offering— kosher—salt—encrusted prime rib of beef, while it lasts. The prime rib is available in , and ounce cuts. While dining, a couple desserts went by, and seeing them, we saved room. You may want to try the 5—layer chocolate cake and the red velvet cheese cake as we did. I can vouch for both—scrumptious! On Sundays, the chef makes up potato latkes as well.

Cincinnati's first and only true wine, restaurant and wine retail store. Place your restaurant ad here! Your restaurant will also receive featured articles and a spot in the dining out guide. He is being tended around the clock by a team of expert caregivers. Add him to the Refuah Shlema List.

Recite Mi Shebeirach Prayer for Healing with us: Mi shebeirach avoteinu M'kor hab'racha l'imoteinu May the source of strength, Who blessed the ones before us, Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing, and let us say, Amen. Mi shebeirach imoteinu M'kor habrachah l'avoteinu Bless those in need of healing with r'fuah sh'leimah, The renewal of body, the renewal of spirit, And let us say, Amen.

Mi-sheberakh avoteinu v'imoteinu, Avraham v'Sarah, Yitzhak v'Rivkah, Ya'akov, Rachel v'Leah hu y'varekh et recite the English and Hebrew name v'yavi aleihem refuat hanefesh u'refuat haguf yachad im kol cholei amo Yisrael. Barukh atah Adonai, rofeh ha'cholim. May those in whose care they are entrusted, be gifted with wisdom and skill, and those who surround them, be gifted with love and trust, openness and support in their care.

And may they be healed along with all those who are in need. Blessed are You, Source of healing. Recite Psalms and Esa einai el heharim me'ayin yavo ezri.

Correction In the Announcements section of the July 4, issue of the American Israelite, we made an error. In the wedding announcement photo, it said Jeffrey and Frances Lazarow were pictured in the photo. The man pictured in the photo is Jonathan Lazarow. We regret the error. A Song to the Accents: I raise my eyes to the mountains, from where will come my help?

From the depths I called You, HaShem. Sincerely, Netanel Ted Deustch Publisher. E-mail your letter to editor americanisraelite. Most notably this day marks the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust and why our task on this day we make it a point to remember these tragedies and to understand what we should be truly sad about and where our sadness should lead us.

This Haftorah is the last, the longest and the most tragic of the three readings from the Prophets which speak of the calamities that occurred during the time preceding the destruction of. This indestructible Third Temple built by Hashem himself will be where Hashem will show himself to us and we will present ourselves to Hashem. It is where the spiritual and physical worlds will join. Twice before we were given this gift of a divine in our midst and twice we failed to prove worthy hence temporarily concealing the divine presence from our lives, for that reason Hashem withholds this last Temple from us, confining its reality to a higher, heavenly sphere that is beyond our grasp.

Even so, on this Shabbos, we are motivated by this heavenly vision to correct our behavior and hasten the day when our exile will end and this spiritual Temple becomes our reality. Two years earlier, Israeli medical experts had helped update the hospital s disaster response plan to deal with mass-casualty incidents.

Drawing from expertise honed over decades of treating victims of terrorist attacks, Israeli doctors and nurses shared best practices with their American counterparts, including how to distribute the wounded to hospitals and methods to locate fragments deep in wounds.

On the day of the bombing, Alastair Conn, Mass. Israel s training of Boston first responders spotlights one of the many ways the United States has benefited from bilateral cooperation with the Jewish state.

Israeli alliance contributes more than ever to American security. The strategic logic that first brought the two countries together to fight Soviet influence and counter radical Arab nationalism during the Cold War endures amid the current challenges of political Islam and violent extremism. But it is a two-way street. Israel has contributed to. American hard security through counterterrorism cooperation, intelligence sharing and the development of such innovations as unmanned aerial vehicles and missile defense.

Advances in the high-tech, medical and sustainability sectors have helped maintain American economic competitiveness and promoted sustainable development. With a high-tech community second only to Silicon Valley, Israel s cooperation with U. As Bill Gates observed in , the innovation going on in Israel is critical to the future of the technology business. Unsurprisingly, dozens of leading U. My revered teacher Rav Joseph B. The Almighty chose to express His wrath against the corruption and insensitivity of the nation Israel by destroying the inanimate stones of the Holy Temple; God razed the Temple to the ground, but He allowed His nation Israel to live.

In this manner, God demonstrates the eternality of His covenant with Israel; Israel may be punished but we will never be destroyed. And this is why it is precisely when the flames were devouring and destroying the physical stones of the Temple, but not wiping out the Jewish people, that Jewish law alleviates the somber and burdensome atmosphere of the day by allowing us to rise from sitting on the ground and to adorn ourselves with the Tefilin.

Did the Children of Israel approve of Moshe's plan to appoint judges to help judge the people? Where did the Children of Israel travel after leaving Mount Sinai?

Pushing each other and not respecting the leaders and elders. How can we change the character of a day and date of historical destruction, doom and gloom? In every other instance of a festival, the manner in which we celebrate the Kedushat HaYom sanctity of the day is determined by the miracles of God performed on that day.

How can we alleviate the heavy atmosphere of our observance of the day precisely at the time when the destructive flames were beginning to envelop the Temple?

Indeed, although the passage opens with a brief description of the corruption of the Israelites and the eventual destruction which will occur after they enter the Promised Land Deut 4: Who proposed to send the spies?

The Children of Israel 5. Who liked the idea? All of the Children of Israel. However, the Children of Israel sinned, by sending the spies. Moshe did not mention Yisro because he was humble Yisro was his father in law , or Moshe consulted with with Hashem before implementing it.

It opens with Feder moving back to his sleepy hometown with his wife and kids. This film may hold the record for famous Jews in one movie. Here they are, in role size order: Geils rock band, including: IKE DAVIS, 28, a good defensive player, was brought-up in and, while his batting average has never been high, he made up for that with power hitting 32 homers in During the last three weeks of June, however, he finally got a. However, as doctors point out, there is risk with sharing breast milk: There are an increasing number of professionally run breast milk banks that test donated milk for safety.

But an informal sharing program, such as Silverstone has launched, offers milk that is not tested and, therefore, carries a risk. Applicants must bear their own expenses of coming here.

Apply to the undersigned. The place will be vacant in July next. Candidates please address S. The National Cash Register of Dayton has removed from the old stand on Vine street to its magnificant new quarters at East Fourth street, telephone, Main and Bert Alexander, the sales agent, who has been in charge of the N. Speiser, of Philadelphia, a member of the House of Representatives and a leader in the Republican ranks, has been appointed to the post of assistant district attorney, made vacant by the appointment of John M.

Patterson, as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Good music, fine rooms, and the most most modern and convenient accommodations at the Club House. Hot and cold sulphur baths. The Springs are located in Lewis County, Ky. The best family accommodations at the old rates are offered, and everything is warranted first class.

Their facilities are such that they can produce the finest and best made article at the very lowest price. They solicit correspondence with country firms and guarantee satisfaction in quality, make and price.

Special attention given to artistic decoration of halls and banquet boards, wedding dinners, etc. Prompt and satisfactory work at reasonable prices guaranteed. One of the exhibits at the Exposition which draws the crowds is that of the Bartholdi Suspender Co. Embroidering the name and place of residence on silk suspenders for a customer while he waits is the attractive novelty.

Reizenstein of the Company is in charge. The Cincinnati Zoo Opera schedule includes the following: Performances begin at 8: Tickets may be obtained at the Zoo, beginning at 7: There are no Monday operas. Weiner, has been active in Hillel since his attendance at Indiana University.

He is married to the former Miss Patricia Bartel. Others elected are Marvin Levy, first vice president; Mrs. Larry Rogavin, recording secretary; Mrs.

Bernard Kluber, corresponding secretary; Miss Marlene Kerman, treasurer; Morris Barron, financial secretary; Leonard Kirschner, assistant financial secretary. Did an excellent job with a wide variety of tones and topics. A Place That Says Remember. The Workum Scholarship Fund is an internship program facilitated by the Jewish Vocational Service, with partial funding provided by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. College-age students from Cincinnati are selected to participate as interns at Jewish social service organizations within the community.

Working for 30 hours a week, the interns participate in weekly seminars, where they learn about the role of each of the interns and the function of the Jewish agencies where they are working. The scholarship provides the funding for these paid interns, and it is the hope of the organizers , that the students will be inspired to choose to work in the Jewish community when they begin searching for a job. July 11 7 p. Since then, 50 older adults have been referred to the Shalom Center for protection.

But only seven have accepted help. Abusers often are relatives, making it difficult to break the bond between abusers and their victims. Typical shelters are inappropriate for several reasons, including that they are not prepared to handle the health needs of older adults, Regan said. Those shelters also can be difficult for older adults to access because they are intentionally located in places that made it hard for abusers to find them.

Older women also can be uncomfortable because of the young high—energy children who stay in typical shelters with their mothers. Regan also concluded that physicians and other health care providers need more training to screen for and identify elder abuse. Many doctors do not screen for abuse during exams, failing to pick up signs of abuse, according to Regan. And when they do notice abuse, they lack places to send their patients for help.

She encouraged agencies that focus on domestic violence and elder abuse to collaborate more. Agencies that deal with domestic violence need more training in dealing with older adults. Agencies that deal with older adults need more training in dealing with domestic violence. She said more community-wide awareness efforts, such as those initiated by the Shalom Center, need to be undertaken to educate the public about elder abuse and where to get help.

In an interview, she urged passage of the Ohio Elder Justice Act, designed to protect older adults from abuse. One key provision would provide ongoing, comprehensive training for caseworkers and develop educational materials for people who are legally required to report abuse.

Another provision would require employees in various financial service industries to report suspected elder abuse. Before the Shalom Center, she said, it was even more challenging to help abused older adults. The Jews of Ecuador and Peru If water flushes down the toilet south of the equator in the opposite direction than north of the equator, in which direction does it flush when you are exactly on the equator? Well, we are not sure of the first answer but the second can be answered by learning about the history of the Jews who immigrated to Peru and Ecuador.

The large immigration of Jews to these two nations were those escaping the Holocaust. Nevertheless, the country eventually gave way to a policy of selectivity. Jewish immigrants to Ecuador were supposed to be employed in the agricultural realm, but the authorities soon surmised that the immigrants were actually merchants, industrialists, and businessmen, and were not farming. Today there is a thriving Jewish Community in Quito of about 5, It boasts a community center that offers educational, religious, cultural and social opportunities, as well as all the other communal functions.

This is due to several factors. In the s the government of. Juan Velasco was elected. He brought socialism to Peru and did not allow for much private property or freedom of the press.

Socialism was a big deterrent for the Jews who were mostly business owners. In the s when a new government was elected, Jewish emigration stopped.

Since then Jews started to immigrate to Peru. Even though the Jewish community has been dwindling in South America, they are well represented in Peru.

Jews own many of the important businesses. Many Jews also serve in the government. One extraordinary case is Efrain Goldenberg Schreiber, who served as finance minister and prime minister in the s.

These Jews are descendants of people who were converted to Catholicism when the Spanish took over Peru. Virtual Jewish Library, Lima Peru. These are some fascinating facts about the Jewish communities of Peru and Ecuador that we will meet with when traveling to these fascinating countries.

Couple this with the phenomenal sights of nature in Machu Pichu and the Galapagos and perhaps you will want to join us on a remarkable trip to Ecuador, Peru and the Galapagos on January , For more information please contact Rabbi Daniel Roberts. They need their own safe places, like Fernside, to let down their guard and heal. She clearly touched those suffering from grief and offered them hope.

I also saw Seth speaking personally to a man who brokenly asked about how to get up off the floor of devastation. It was just so clear that they both cared deeply about helping others who had gone through similar loss.

JCC because it is a safe and fun environment that parents can trust. The extended day options are helpful for parents who work and need a place for their kids to go early in the mornings or stay late in the day. It can be hard to get kids ready and out the door in the mornings. With camp lunch, parents no longer have to worry about packing lunch every day. JCC campers love the pizza, wraps and burgers as well as fruits, vegetables and other healthy choices.

Vegetarian choices are also available. Bordeaux has diligently preserved its elegant 18th century architecture. The current Grosse Cloche Bell was cast in June Due to its weight and the risk of cracks that could be caused by the vibration of the bell, it has not been rung since the commemoration of the Allied Victory on 8 May Our panoramic sightseeing tour culminated with a visit and wine tasting at Chateau Smith Haut Lafite.

Like the best of Francophiles, you will know it is something to be savored. There you can get free maps, advice, and a crash course in wine tasting. The celebrated vineyards of St. Emilion are among the most famous and attractive destinations in the Bordeaux region. The vineyards reach all the way up to St. Emilion excursion toured the village, its underground monuments, and other landmarks including the Collegiale Church and its magnificent cloister, the 12th-century ramparts, the marketplace and Egllse Monolithe, a 12th century church carved from one of the cliffs above the city.

It is the largest underground church in Europe. Adjacent to the church, the catacombs include a charnel house and numerous sepulchers dating from the 11th and 12th centuries. One of the largest places of worship in France, it can accommodate up to 1, people.

During World War ll it was badly desecrated and used as a prison for Jews waiting to be sent to the camps. A plaque in the courtyard commemorates the family names of those who perished.

Be sure to make time for a pleasant stroll along the Garonne River from the Esplanade des Quinconces to the to the pedestrian area that radiates from the Place de la Comedie. On the Esplanade des Quinconces is the Monument aux Girondins.

It consists of fountains and a large column surmounted by a statue representing liberty. There are two statues of Montaigne and Montesquieu on either side of the place. Two rostral columns, erected in , stand at the end of the Esplanade, overlooking the. These columns are surmounted by statues of Neptune symbolizing navigation and Mercury symbolizing trade.

On the Place de la Comedie, directly across from the Grand Theatre, the elegant, faithfully restored Grand Hotel de Bordeaux reigns supreme. If you have more time in Bordeaux than a shore excursion allows, you must further explore this region where sunshine ripens the grapes to luscious colors. Let yourself be treated to la couleur du bon gout.

The color of good taste. Let yourself be totally immersed in le vins de Bordeaux. The wines of Bordeaux. A tour through the Bordeaux wine-producing region that lies along the banks of the Gironde, the Garonne, and the Dordogne Rivers, is a tour through vineyards gently bathed by iodine-perfumed breezes from the Atlantic Ocean. The , acres of vines, which occupy this most favorable location in southwestern France, account for one-third of the total wine production in France.

A variety ofsoils, subsoils, microclimates, grape varieties and traditionsgenerate a diversity of nuance and bouquets and offer a range ofwines unique in the world. Red wines; dry white wines; sweet white wines; and white dessert wines.

Bordeaux represents an age-old cultural influence of rare permanency and richness. Bordeaux, the capital of Aquitaine, is a place where vineyards are art and buildings are history. The American flag was proudly seen all along the drive down and the drive home. The Fourth of July has always been extremely important to my late father, Harry Sharff. He arrived in this country from Russia at the age of twenty. This is a country where you have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and if you know the right people and have enough funds, you can even become the President of this United States.

It brought tears to my eyes. As a first generation American, I was taught to live and love this country and became aware of the many opportunities it gave. What, may you ask does any of this have to do with food?

What would Rosh Hashanah be without honey cake, or Thanksgiving without turkey. The all American hot dog, hamburger and French fries are in great demand on the Fourth of July. Over years of celebrating the Fourth of July, I have added several tasty recipes to my holiday menu. The one that goes over the best, is my drunken watermelon.

This recipe is for adults only please. The number of servings depends on how large the size of the watermelon. Make sure you choose a sweet, ripe watermelon. Method Cut the watermelon in half if it is really big. With the tip of a sharp knife, poke holes about 2 inchs apart over the surface. If it is a smaller watermelon, do not cut it in half, just poke the holes on the outside of the skin. Slowly pour the vodka into the holes. Wrap the watermelon tightly in plastic wrap then in foil, and place in the coldest spot in your refrigerator overnight.

Cut the watermelon in small squares and serve with toothpicks in them for easy pick up. Puree the watermelon in your blender or food processsor, remove to a medium bowl. Push the watermelon through a fine sieve or use a Foley food mill to remove any fiber; stir in the lemon juice and rose flavoring. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the sugar and gelatin; slowly pour the boiling water over this sugar mixture; stirring to dissolve the sugar, add to melon and mix well. Pour the watermelon into a shallow metal bowl or cake pan and place in the freezer until it is frozen solid, about 6 hours or overnight.

Break into chunks and process until smooth.

September 10 - It’s OK to Use the NSA Logo While Commenting on the NSA (2) (by Bruce E. Boyden) September 9 - The Class Action Fairness Act: History, Uses, and Differences from Traditional Diversity Jurisdiction (0) (by Charles Sharman). Full text of "ERIC ED Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (86th, Kansas City, Missouri, July August 2, ).Commission on the Status of Women Division." See other formats. I found another place to crash in Hong Kong and gave a new interview revealing that the U.S. National Security Agency had hacked government computers in China. I assumed that in gratitude for receiving this heavy-duty info, the Chinese authorities would let me stay as long as I wanted.