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Married lonely in Miami Texas TX

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Married lonely in Miami Texas TX

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I am waiting for A Woman full body. Will you teach me to Maimi again FOR SALE: 1 male human Description: Male Has job Has place to rest his head Has goals Owns car Looking for a female ages 27-35, has family values, goals, morals, that is wanting to get to know the male. I'm looking Married lonely in Miami Texas TX you, yes you. A little about the kind of guy I am. Let's IM, Text, or Talk.

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Married lonely in Miami Texas TX

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I'm home and thinking about having some company tonight. Picture upon request. Are you Bold, Self Confident and Adventurous.

All I ask is you can prove you are in fact a woman, by a with a written sign or something.

I don't really like to talk about my situation but I'll be glad to let my wife explain to u why she left me because she was gay couldn't get along with her lover had a stroke can't take care of herself. If I divorce her my insurance won't cover her care. She is still my best friend even if she doesn't remember why. The other three women in my life including her exlover understand this. That's because they were never lied to and were friends first and lovers later and knew exactly what they were getting into.

The only reason I'm here is because my lovers have matured and have their own lives. I supported one while she went to med school, one is graduating from law school next year they will always be in my life and the person who is with me will know that.

I never wanted this life it is harder to have more than one LOVER than most people will ever know but I wouldn't change a thing now. Just so u know I was married for thirty five wonderful years before my wife had a stroke.

Find married but looking for a date Texas Milfs. As I think about the many years I have been married, and many things I have survived through it all, I have at times ask wy I stay. Simply pt deep down I do love him despite his faults and closed mindedness. He is my best friend and lots of time that overrides everything else in life.

Knowing he will be there for me to listen , even if he doesn't agree, the respect he usually gives me. Why do I do what I do, because I have needs he cannot meet, and I am not that old. Something inside of me dies without the sex satisfaction in my life. So I enjoy my friends, quietly and discreetly, then come home and be the wife he needs to be. Who is to tell what is right or wrong.

I am sure many of you have your opinions of what I do. But you aren't me and I am very unique. I don't think conjointly, never have , never will. So you need a sexy woman??? But what is sexy for you then!!! Is it just looks??? If looks, fine, don't read any further And if that's all you're interested, cams and porn will do fine with you then Until you grow up, that it But if you're more into attitude, you can play your part Starting by how you treat your woman or women in general!!!

Women are a full package, forget whore - madonna things IF you let your woman bloom If you accept strong sexuality, she might accept hers easier. It this world it's not such an easy thing, so encourage her Remember, behind a sexy sexual woman there's always a good lover!!!

Someone who puts her in the first place. Egoist lovers never produce good lovers or sexy women!! How could a woman feel sexy if you don't make her feel sexy Try to read her signs, her body, ask her what she likes There is a difference between fast food and slow food And btw: How are you dressed, in old jeans and t-shirt you inherited from your grandpa?

Bad breath, smelling like an ashtray or whiskey jar? You know a modern invention called shower and soap?? Not so uncommon to meet guys like that.. Is she doing all at home? No time for friends? Just staying home with kids?? No wonder if she's not too interested in sex or taking care of her Your partner should be no less than your colleagues or business contacts Like it was something for work or hobbies. And why not, test how the stereotype things like wine and candles and bath work Take her to dinner or arrange a picnic Do things in a way she'd like Or then just the opposite, surprise her I think it's easier than you think And anyway, easier than trying to get someone from this site It's just like finding a squirter: It's all about the attitude Married Affairs in Texas, TX.

lonely married Houston, TX,

Are you a Christian? My name is Rachel. Im 63 years young and refused to let a number to determine my feelings. Thanks for these open, honest comments. No children, lots of moving and unexpected traumatic events. Lived a very different kind of life. I am in the exact same boat.

I have learned that a domestic partner was the way to go for me. Then, she passed almost 2 years ago. I think that my reason why no legal marriage had to do with my upbringing. Our attachment style is formed early in our lives, between us and influential caregivers. I have no regrets exept the cancer part. Hi Sherry I am just the opposite have to many kids and would like to get away from them all.. So count yourself lucky.

I to am lonely and looking for some friends my age to hang out with. I raised 3 of my own children and adopted 6 more so I have been busy raising them now they are grown and expect me to keep raising them the youngest is now 23 my oldest is Time for me to live my life. My dear friend since high school always said we would travel when everyone grew up we are now 71 and she is still working.

I live in northern Illinois and seriously thinking of selling my house and leaving the country.. I have my heart set on Nova Scotia I have not been there yet. But keep studying everything about it. I plan to go in June and check it out.

Just want to talk go places but I have no money. I would just be glad to have someone to go to movies or out to eat. Wondering how your family compared to that family. We too are trying to sell our house and move South. Sherry, I see your name a lot.

Is this just a sounding board or how do you meet the people you are talking to and have so much in common to talk about? Andrea, I have lots of posts here because I really feel there is potential to make connections here, although it may be a sounding board for some. Also I think it helps all of us because through this thread we see we have a lot of company when it comes to loneliness. Not easy to find real connections though.

Not certain how this site works but can relate to most of you. If anyone can advise I would appreciate it. Even the online sites for those without children have closed down.

There are actually about six secured dating websites out there. So I am not really sure what you are viewing on line. I was on one forum just for people to connect online, friendship or not. That one closed down soon after I joined and the other similar sites were also closed.

If interested in this and other things, you can email me: Maybe we can help each other out with this new adventure! I live in Gainesville ga. I am exactly in the same boat. People can say to each their own meaning that no one person would never be correct to direct any other adults actions. I have personally found that if one lives in a metropolitan area that it has more clubs more resources. At the same time, it is all about companies spending their advertising to get the word out there.

I have seen people in hospitals never having any visitors. Still, some people that become patients prefer it this way. And, am working on being pro active to improve my life in a relationship.

Im 52 feeling the same way. Last man I was with was my husband 12 years ago. I want to share with someone. Male female just companionship. It would be nice to have a conversation with you. They treated me like crap my whole life, all us siblings, no one talks to anyone. I got married at 36, I used to get abused at jobs then come home and get abused by my parents and siblings.

But I truly believe what goes around comes around. My son and 5 cats and dog keep me going. I finally got married at 42 and that was just a waste of 10 years and a self-esteem killer in the end…. I moved to this little town because I could afford to buy here, at the time. And never fit in. I have some health issues but can still be active, usually.

I used to be so bouncy and busy and productive. Everyone treats me like how they see me…. My friends are online now. I love good, deep conversation, keeping informed in politics, world events, Christian beliefs.

Better than nothing, keeps my mind busy….. I feel like I am stuck also Linda. The town I live in has no activities for seniors. My husband has been gone for 7 years now and I have been lonely that whole time.

They have a huge camper but they never invite me to go camping with them. I would be so excited if I could just go with them one time. I do have a car thankfully because I need a car to get to the grocery store and to run other errands. But that is about all I do in my life is running errands and get groceries. I have been on depression pills and they helped a little but there are days that I am just really sad and wish I had someone in my life.

I do not want to get married again have been there a couple of times and do not wish to do that again. I just wish there was some way we could all get together and be friends. Just read your post and I know exactly how you feel. Moved to a new location approximately 10 years ago. Hope your situation has improved since your post!

My heart broke hearing your words! My husband passed away 5 years ago and my children and grandchildren abandoned me to! You have a friend now me. I would like to connect with you. I am in the same boat. Have one daughter and son-in-law that lives near me but both are so busy that they really do not have time for me. I only have one good friend and we used to do things together but she has been ill and her husband has been ill so that has kept us from getting together.

So I am very lonely too. I have three cats which give me some companionship but not having any friends to do things with is really hard.

I have gone to church before but have neverfelt a part of anything there. It would be so nice if some of these letters that we read here where we could find out who they are and how far away they live from us so that we might be able to make friends with each other so that we would not feel so alone and lonely. I tried internet dating several times and it is not for me A year ago I met a chronic liar who had a substance abuse record.

Some are paid, at least one is free and there are a few facebook pages, although they may not be active enough. If you explain yourself, as you did in your post, you have a chance to get some good responses. Hi Zachie- At present I am having trust issues with men in general. I do love dancing though and I am trying to grt the courage to go to older dance clubs alone, and line dancing.

I know exactly how you feel. It really does hurt. I am in the same situation. I desperately miss having a best girlfriend… -Shelia. I have learned that there is a grieving process after a separation, divorce, leaving a long term friendship, partnership and a persons demise.

Some move easily forward and some do not. The people who wish to be alone til their demise with no companionship whatsoever, etc. They find peace their own way. I do not want that way for myself. I am not sure who is getting this message but after being only not lonely for 6 years my feelings have changed. I have lots of female friends I luv their company but I now feel I would like some male Chatter. So I went online and met a very nice man so quickly that I just could not believe it.

We spoke for three months online and never met because he lives out of the country and worked out of the country. He was very very pleasant and I had really started to fall in love with him.

To make a long story short I found out just this last week that I was being scammed they call it romance scammed. It has broken my heart but I do not talk to him anymore because he really is not who he said he is.

Be careful if you go online there are so many scammers out there today and they will take advantage of you and not blink an eye doing it. I lost my husband of 33 years suddenly. I have 2 grown daughters that try and include me in things , I am grateful for that. Even people I worked with for over a decade just disappeared. Sometimes I really believe people are afraid to talk to widows.

I am or was very active loneliness is worse than death. I have not moved forward easily. I am also very lonely. I have a busy job, which more than anything I want to get out of, in an unfriendly city where nothing really good has ever happened for me. I have a few friends here, more abroad. My family is all overseas. I did a bit of dating but it gave me panic attacks — ridiculous, I know.

I am afraid that I will be alone forever, stuck. I do a lot of stuff by myself — going out, trying new things, meeting people, travelling — but I never feel really relaxed anymore.

I am also afraid to quit my job and strike out alone — being old and poor — and alone! But being here is a living purgatory. I would also like to meet up, but you all seem to live a long way from where I am. This is the worst part of my life and an off button would be helpful.

I lost my husband to cancer. I had health insurance. He did not… his business fell into trouble when the collapse stopped all lending to contractors.. My biz was doing great and he did not want me to worry about his biz struggles.

I paid cash for his medical.. My loves are fishing, hiking, hunting, camping. Try finding a woman to do those things. And men… no go… I do not want to date anyone and male friends for outdoor companions do not exist. I am college-educated and have built 3 businesses. There is no senior center here… there is no grocery store within 25 miles. Soo I struggle to pay bill. I go fishing alone. I go months during winter alone.. I had a busy, full life with too many people, plenty of money, 40 years of marriage , travel, faculty friends..

I am truly not depressed but i really have little desire to keep on going. This, quite frankly, sucks! I am 73 and still work in my business. Someone i can share my inter most thoughts with. Someone to go on trips with. Go out to eat. Just someone who enjoys my company. I live in Alabama. I have a sister and a brother left and neither are anywhere near me. I just went to the store today and fell in their bakery area……surprised me, really did. I think I turned too quickly and bumped into a post.

I think a lot about no one checking on me, I could probably lie on the floor for several days before a neighbor might decide to check……. The only thing I really do outside the house is go to church and bible study class. Speaking for myself, I have some health issues that prevent me from traveling or otherwise getting out on a regular basis so that I can meet other people.

If you have the health to enjoy these years you are truly blessed. You can only rely on the internet so much for friendships. I never ever thought I would be 61 years old and be alone. The more I am alone, the more I desire to be alone.

I am 87 years old this month and have never felt alone. Always learning something new. Began learning the saxophone six months ago and having a ball. Played clarinet and oboe as a child. Going from classical to jazz.

I have many blessings and am grateful for each day. Do have to deal with scoliosis and macular degeneration which is annoying but in the context of things, I am a lucky lady. Have had a very full life. Iam 56 yr old woman single one son 25 lives on his own and Iam very lonely would love to find friends both male and female and Iam not sure if there even is a place to do that?! Soes anyone know of a place to make friends after 55??? In the Miami area, this. It is why it exists.

So, you are in the same boat as so many others. Go to your nearest local community center and get their monthly list of activities and then just pass by when an activity you like is on. If you like the crowd, then sign up to be a member. If computer savvy and have the money go to the most popular singles sites that have your info secured emphasis added. I am 69 and alone as well. I found a small church that I am happy with. Everyone is very friendly. I also have a Shih Tzu.

I believe having a pet and church family helps. Senior Centers are good also. I still miss having a steady person to go to dinner with and just be around the house. My husband died from cancer 11 years ago. It would be nice to share with another the wonders of life at our age. I still work part-time and met a lot of older and younger people. They never look down on us seniors working for reasons.

I enjoy senior activities , being with the grand-kids, art work, and more of a country person. I am looking for companionship with someone that I may have something in common with. I enjoy going to murder-mysteries on stage production and so on….. This site is for the general public in the features section and is not secured. Best not to type in any personal information. Steve, The point pf what ppl are saying here i believe is We are looking to make connections.

When we age some looe family or never had any.. Hello Sharyn How are you doing today? I can recommend it if your city has a chapter as most mid to large sized cities do. Do not reply to this person. You can tell by their poor use of English grammar that this is probably a Nigerian scammer.

I have tried Meet Up a few times but since people come with other friends, it is hard to connect with that one person. I live in Northern Ca. I lived in N. I was in Berkeley just once when someone dragged me to a protest about something. What is your story? There should be etiquette regarding talking too much about your relatives, especially oohing and aahing to others about their kids and grandkids. I am 64 years old and live in Florida. I am a retired nurse.

I am currently in a loveless relationship and have been for 10 years. I have two good friends who come to visit me every year from up north. I miss having a connection with a friend. My partner does not have any friends and never wants to leave the house.

I would love to have a companion for walking, going to lunch, exploring places laughing,, etc. Even living with someone can be more lonely than living alone. Janice, I imagine it could be lonelier to live with someone like that.

Do you have close family nearby? I am fortunate that I have two married daughters that live in Florida. I am very close with my grandchildren also. I had a very rough time with my youngest daughter a couple of years ago. At that time, I began to focus on me. I joined a gym, got involved with my other daughter and grandkids, and realized I needed to focus me. Fortunately, My youngest daughter and I have reconciled.

She has grown up a lot and I am now enjoying a relationship with her, my son-in-law, and 18 mo grandson. I guess I have just met the wrong type of people…no connection. As long as I can be healthy and comfortable enough, I think I can make it. Hi i want to move to fla but have no family or friends there iam 76 but very healthy love to walk were are you in fla iam coming for vacation soon.

I wish you lived near me, I am in the same situation and would love to make some new friends, I just never know where to go to meet them.. All the best, Patty. I definitely agree with you. I have found that people are settled in their own cliques and very difficult to break the ice.

I really appreciate your response. It is kind of nice to know there is someone out there that feels as I do. He actually attempts to talk to me and sticks to me like glue, in bed he burrows beneath the blanket and conforms his body to mine so I have a natural hot water bottle. So I would recommend getting a dog if a person is allowed to where they live and can afford one.

Doggies also love being walked so it gets you out to parks and areas set aside for dogs where people with their dogs seem to more easily strike up conversations that, of course, revolve around their dogs. Pets can be very important. I have an online friend who has no family to speak of and no local friends. Her rabbit gives her company and happiness. Walking pets out in public is one of the best ways to make friends. I am living proof because when I was 18 and in a new area, I had a family of 4 kids and 4 dogs befiend me — I hardly had to say a word and it got me a babysitting job for the 4 kids,.

Originally, from New England. Have lived here 10 years. I too would love to move to FL but I too have no family or friends there.

Do you have an area in mind? I moved here last July and would love to find someone to do things with… flea markets, trips, bingo, whatever. Hello Janice my name is Joan I also live in Florida, lake county.. I am 70 a ypung 70 my children and grandchildren live in Florida but you know how it is everyone is busy..

Hi Janice — We are the same age. I am a still-working professional and live in S. What part of Florida are you in?

My family is not nearby and I am a widow. I am thankful for my pets. I think the long weekends and holidays are the most difficult. I enjoy my home but would like to have more social things to look forward to with a good local friend similarly situated to break the monotony. Plays, concerts, museums, etc. I would like to live in FL. Hi Jesse Hi I feel the same way. Very painful to be alone for me as well. Please drop me a line and maybe we can talk. I would never want anyone else just him.

Bottom line is we will either be with our loved ones in an afterlife, either in heaven or here on earth by Godly intervention or we will live long enough to see people actually brought back to live via tech, but of course that will take hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of years. Yes I know how you feel I lost the love of my life 3 years ago.. It seems good friends are hard to make everyone has their own group..

Now at 65, retired, widowed … One daughter, family and child out of state. The other lives away. For 36 years I loved being a wife, mother, and career. Now I live alone in small town. How do I find a NEW self worth? Hi, I just turned 61 and I am retired.

I suffer with depression and anxiety which confines me to be honest. I have no children and family is not an option for me to have much of a social network. I just moved back to my home state and I feel terribly alone, it is just me and my cat here. I find myself overridden with anxiety about my will, beneficiarys, and especially an emergency contact. Recently I fear driving which I never had problems with.

Just to have someone check on me is a Godsend, and I am blessed to have an acquaintance that worries about me, and contacts me once in a while to touch bases. Church attendance is iffy at the most, and even that makes me anxious. I know if I was more social some of these problems would be fixed but with depression and anxiety issues it is easier said than done. Thank you for letting me vent a little. Hi Karen, I have anxiety and depression too.

I do not know if I would have this if my mom or husband were not here. I had a relationship early on that was somewhat abusive and just never got over it. Time has flown by and I got sad when I realized I will most likely always be this way and got really anxious as well. But luckily I had super supportive co-workers who were right there listening, and reassuring me when I was about to retire and we stay in contact and go out to eat and movies, baseball games, casinos, whatever.

They are my second family. We all need each other. I have a younger friend who is 40 who calls me about 6 times a week and we could talk for hours. I know God loves me and watches over me, so I count my blessings. My feet hurt which is my main concern because I gained 60 pounds! Otherwise I would be way more active. I do need a dog to walk!

My world revolved around him and the things we did together. I have children that are loving but very far away. I have been mostly a homemaker with part time jobs. I try and practice breathing every day.. Hello Karen How are you doing today? Hi Karen, My name is Jon and I am from Massachusetts and would love to have a cup of coffee with you some morning.

I am going crazy. I need to talk to another and relax a little. If your in my local I would to see you. Keep each other company. Jon, ps thanks for listening. John shay and all, anyone with a problem as severe as being on oxygen or getting dementure should consider a clinical trial. I too suffer from anxiety, depression. PTSD, and bipolar disorder. If you ever need to talk. I will check back on here.

Your comment really touched my. I am an early retired 58 years old single female, and currently find myself estranged by my only adult son. I always thought of myself enjoying my retirement with grandchildren. That has not been the case. My siblings have never been exemplary and were always quick to criticize and gloat. Now, that I do not have my son around I feel lonely and isolated from the world.

I do not like self-pity but unfortunately I do feel this way. I feel the same as you do. I am so lonely. I understand bout the kids. Sometimes, they are so busy that they honestly do not understand. My only son, who is married and wonderful, thinks I am his age. I am 7l, work full time, take care of many cats, my own and ferals, and on top of it, my job is stressful and I have a chronic very painful disease.

He wants to understand but unless people have gone through things, they really cannot comprehend. If I was not sick and did not have to work, I would never be lonely as I am not looking for a man but would just join walking clubs, reading clubs, and the list goes on. You just have to volunteer or join groups or maybe even work part time. I wish you the bes. Hi John, I lost my husband 3yrs ago. Than my health went down hill.

I have spinal stenosis and ended up in a wheel chair only till I can get strong again. I was the most out going person. Love being around people. But i originally was born and raised in calif.

My husband and I. Friends all live in Calif. And stay in touch. My 3 daughters moved here 1 at a time. They come around the most. Retrieved June 28, Retrieved July 1, Fuster was convicted of molesting the children entrusted to his wife's care in their home in the middle-class Dade County suburb of Country Walk, a planned development that was intended to be an idyllic refuge from the anxieties of urban Miami. Stephen Ceci The Child Terror". Retrieved January 29, Janet Reno has a reputation as a politically savvy official.

The White House hopes her nomination will end the controversy over previous contenders". Retrieved August 27, Retrieved May 28, Clinton Nominates Reno at Justice". Retrieved June 23, More than Simple Blunders? The Wall Street Journal.

Retrieved June 16, Retrieved August 25, Retrieved June 11, Politics -- The Administration, Janet Reno". Retrieved September 1, Archived from the original on October 24, Retrieved January 5, Focus on science of preventing crimes". Archived from the original on February 17, Retrieved February 15, The Honorable Janet Reno". Retrieved April 17, The Blog of Legal Times. Retrieved April 18, Archived from the original on September 27, Archived from the original on January 23, Archived from the original on June 26, United States Attorneys General.

Cabinet of President Bill Clinton — Christopher —97 Madeleine Albright — Les Aspin —94 William J. Perry —97 William S. Mike Espy —94 Dan Glickman — Daley — Norman Mineta — Robert Reich —97 Alexis M. Cisneros —97 Andrew M. Jesse Brown —97 Togo West — Raines —98 Jack Lew — When you add excessive rain, overbearing humidity, and year-round heat to the insane traffic, you realize that Miami is just plain uncomfortable.

Because most of the people there are refs.. They came from a 3rd world banana republic, so to them, ignorant Miami is a paradise.. Everywhere else in the U. Other cities actually expect you to work for your wages, do the bare minimum, have some level of integrity, and at least speak very basic English. All I can say is that 10 years ago I was praying to get out of Miami, I called it a cesspool. I took for granted how beautiful it is, and there are plenty of friendly people that I have met there.

I used to always complain about the heat in FL, and now I have the opposite and I would much rather be hot than freezing cold. It was a hard lesson to learn. You can come back to Miami whenever you want to. Thousands of uninsured illegal alien motorists will be happy to crash into your car and then speed away from the scene.

Perfect weather year round- even better than Miami, people there actually still speak English, give decent customer service, and believe you actually have to move your ass and life a finger to get paid for your work, not just be good looking. Everyone else in the world loves Miami and hates the rest of America because you are all bigots. Go suck a dick, you discriminating assholes. As for Southern California, the people are rude, conceited and have no topic of conversation aside from their Body Mass Index…and your beaches are a rocky piece of shit.

As for ignorant, rude and lazy, who are you to talk? Take a walk on Venice Beach and then consult me, dumbass. If Miami is all you have ever known, then go figure you would defend it, because you have never known anything else. You are making the assumption that the people that are defending Miami have never left. Which is vastly untrue. I, for example, have lived in Arizona, California, Michigan, Alaska, and have even lived abroad in Europe and Asia, so it is wrong for you to assume that our judgement is clouded by not having gone anywhere else.

I have seen the rest of the world and it pales in comparison to Miami. The people are nice, witty and friendly, great company, and very hardworking.

You try moving from another country and starting anew and saying that the people of Miami are lazy and dumb. As for the author of this article and others that are saying that this article is humorous and witty, you are idiots. All this article and its consenting replies shows is the frustration of people who never accomplished anything in their lives and are envious of the carefree and happy lifestyle that is associated with Miami and its people.

You are the type of people I was making fun of when I was in college because their major is a joke and all you did was party in frats and do keg stands and stumble hungover into your classes the next day to write a prose. If this is your level of professionalism, you are an embarrassment to your profession and you should be fired. You are a despicable person. Go for it there, carpediem. One thing to underscore is that there generalities can be applied to a lot places outside Miami so these characteristics are not exclusive to this particular location.

Also in terms of geography and demographics it would be help to understand the history of Miami - look there are a lot hispanics here yes just like you will find a lot jews and Eastern European immigrants. If you have a great job here or have money to spend then this place is amazing.

Now if you have no responsibilities and you dont mind going from hostel to hostel then be my guest not pun intended. Money is gonna make or break your experience here. But anyway I am done - and the guy who wrote this is either really broke or has no social skills. Jules, I agree with all what you said except for the last part. You know why this article did so well? All of the entitlements that undocumented people receive drive up the cost of living, so of course sanctuary cities tend to be more expensive to live in than American cities that are less friendly to illegal aliens.

Matt first of all this article is about Miami, Florida, not Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is common knowledge that Cambridge is a sanctuary city. I realize that Cambridge has Harvard and M.

Those intellectuals want their lawns mowed and their houses cleaned for the cheapest price possible so they welcome undocumented people. Frank you could not be any further from the truth. Again, money rules south beach and Miami Beach. Miami is a sanctuary city. This is common knowledge. Everyone I know in Miami is either an illegal alien or they are the relative of an illegal alien.

Matt, no not at all. How is it that d thong guy is funny, funny how? I wonder if the author of this article ever imagined how vitriolic the posts would become. The main difference between Miami and the U. I am not knocking people who speak a different language than English, because none of us decided where we would be born. What I am saying is that on the U. Many people in Miami, Florida seem to think they have moved to a Latin American country.

I have to translate for both English speakers and Spanish speakers where I live because of the lingual divide here in Miami. Most of these r True; and some r very accurate.

So y do so many take it so darn personal, Y? Because no1wants to hear the truth. Dumb people love Miami says:. Miami is full of stupid cubans who need to go back to cuba. Anyone thinking about moving to Miami should read this!!!!!!!!!! Totally on the mark…. Unfortunately I have to commute between Miami and Denver. As my plane descends to land at the airport here in Miami, I can actually feel the IQ level going down along with the elevation of the plane.

My husband and I live in Miami expensive high rise tower. We had a shooting in our building several months ago - between some gang-bangers who lived there - probably over a drug deal that went bad.

Miami would then be one of the greatest places to live. I would bet money that the last 4 comments are from people who currently live in Miami.

I also had a lot of bad things to say until I moved. Thats when you realise how great Miami is. You Gringo loser like them all. Miss Lina ask me to contact Dr makuter I contacted him to help me bring back my husband and he ask me not to worry about it that the gods of his fore-fathers will fight for me.

He told me by two that days time he will re-unite he meet me before he will have rest and my husband together. After two day my husband called and told me he is coming back to me , I was surprise when I saw him and he started crying for forgiveness. Right now I am the happiest woman on earth for what this great spell caster did for me are apart from that i also control my husband now and my husband love me never before, you can contact him for your on help Dr makuter on any problem in this world, he is very nice man, here is his contact.

JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address He is the best spell caster in the world? The guy who wrote the original article is exaggerating, it is not true! Some parts are partially true, but not like he states it.

He is probably hating because Miami has the biggest population of hispanic people, is one of the most diverse places, is very international. It seems he had a culture shock! On top of that there is a lot of tourism from Europe, and all over the world!

Just bc the people that live there are mostly native spanish speakers, does not mean it is not diverse. And is understandable that many people would have culture shocks, and clashes in that city bc it so diverse with people of so many different nationalities! Clean your fingers and look at yourself first before pointing out negatives and creating prejudice at other places and people.

If you doubt this, check out the US Census. Glad I left says:. I find it very interesting how Miami residents that have never been outside the figurative walls of Miami-Dade County continuously defend the Hispanic ethnicity as being many. The low level of education, or perhaps the laziness of educating oneself speaks volumes.

Those of you who have posted percentages, please do your research before you post erroneous data and information. However, while in Miami, these cultures easily, and quite effectively, have merged throughout the years of multiple waves of migrations. Therefore, these blended diverse cultures, for lack of a better identification process, are ALL Hispanic.

As I have lived and experienced many diverse, and not so diverse locations within the US, and currently living in D. Do yourself a favor and explore the rest of the country before making uninformed, uneducated comments.

There is so much hatred that is just focused on race and culture. Every city has its good and bad parts, especially a metropolis, whether it is majoritarly one people or the other that compose it. It really is not that bad as the author exaggerates it.

You say to explore the rest of the country like if I have not. And it is awesome that racists like you have left. Camilo, my comment was an overall statement based on all the comments on this post not just yours.

There are areas in Miami that do have potential and are much better than in the 90s. Hot, young educated female, who reads books shocker and is Cuban-American here. What this author says is true…and anyone who puts their child in a public Miami-Dade school is comitting child abuse. Everything else sucks in Miami. Just go to the mall or any public place frequently during the middle of the week and you will see plenty people of the working age walking around dragging their feet wearing t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.

Glad I left too says:. I lasted 4 years in this shit hole before moving to Atlanta. Dear Matt, I am hispanic and I lived in California for 10 years, my salary rate was always lower than my white co-workers. Same thing happens with this city.

Corporate America pays bad salaries to us, for the same old reason: By the way, have you ever traveled to a latin country? Miami has good and bad likeanywhere else. I have lives in a Fla Miami,Jupiter,lake worth andnow live half hour south of Atlanta. Much more civilized place. Everything in this post is true!

I could elaborate volumes on each point the author Matt made. This was one of the biggest reasons I moved from ghetto Miami.

Too many ex and future convicts ruining the beautiful landscape. This place is paradise for scum bags. Genuine nice people are few and far between in Miami. To hell with that miserable place. Jay Bo… Very true! An old cuban guy, around 75 years of age, wanted to fight me, because i called him out on not picking up his dogs poop in the middle of the sidewalk. I was polite about it, however he just started to go off on me!

It really is the Wild West. I hope you get out soon or have already left! The one thing that I find painful is when Spanish speakers demand that I speak in Spanish. This happens to me often at Publix, but it has happened with people that repair household appliances, too.

I am of Hispanic ancestry, but I no longer speak Spanish fluently. I probably should not take the time to type my thoughts as I have a paper to write, but here I go. I came across this page while looking at apartments. Mostly I feel like I need to tell people other than friends and family about my move.

I am planning on moving to Miami next November. I currently live in Northern Virginia and am going to school. Being here for 23 years has been great, but I want to live someplace else for a while.

My two options were move into an old town in VA, live with my best friend who moved to NYC two years ago, or come to Miami. Rent in NYC is super high, staying in VA would be the best option my area is getting expensive though , but I would like to get away.

I have been visiting Miami for the past fifteen years, as I have my grandmother, uncle, and cousins who live there. Every time I visit, I never want to leave. Of course some of the points on the list are true, but like other people have said, having crummy parts is true in any other city. I know what it is like, good and bad. I mostly love Miami for the beach. There is much that I want to do when I move there.

I have been looking at apartments online and will meet with an agent when I visit this January. Who knows how long I will be in Miami. Some who read this may say, what do you know about this place.. But I know it well enough, good and bad.

And…if Miami will be underwater in who knows how long, better that I get my bum there asap. Am I right or am I right? I have a cousin who is my age, and is pre-med. I know, I know, I get the tone of this article.

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Ovia should contact him via his email address: Comparing a turd to a pile of vomit.. Compared to any other major American city with a tripple digit I.

Northern Virginia is beautiful. Many parks, suburban, super homey feeling, shops of all sorts, very quiet. Basically, I love Virginia, and will most likely come back, once I or if I ever have children. You can contact him Via this email. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address or Directly through His website on http: Though I do love the surroundings.

Fact being your not the only one who recieved improper comments from them when it comes to articles about miami. And yes unfortunately I am a Miami as well but at least I agree that I was being disrespectful to you all. Anyone who thinks Cubans are dumb….

Ally…you are an ignorant pig. You and your trashy friends…. Git momma and her tadpoles and go elsewhere. MIKE del Portillo says:. You have to be an ignorant son of a bitch to believe anyone that suggests a voodoo priest can fix your fucked up self. Anyone who bitches about Miami and still lives here…. The pathetic bitches that like pussies ran off…its obvious that you are weak. When confronted with reality You are a punk. The people who leave negative comments just prove my points for me, so I never take it seriously.

Keep fighting the good fight. I actually agree with the majority of your comments while I would say that miami lacks a sense of cohesion and lacks a general sense of intellect and innovation. Those who do not see this have most likely never ventured outside of Miami to other metropolitan cities that area ar more developed than miami currently is.

Miami, specifically Miami Beach, would truly be paradise without those superficial, arrogant, self indulging, materialistic douche bags. In addition to the low class crowd that frequents south beach any given weekend, with complete disregard of their surroundings and continuous environmental abuse. It is what it is i suppose. Deal with it or leave! After almost a year of Broken Relationship, my boyfriend left me with a broken heart. I felt like my life was about to end i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time.

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Did this author spend all his time on the Beach or something? I have a feeling that the author just hung out in the wrong circles…. Im pretty sure that this article was solemnly posted for the purpose of sacarstic enteratainment. An one bedroom apartment can easily run you from dollars which is insane for someone working dollars part time if even that much. This article obviously was meant to be funny. You guys have 0 sense o f humor.

By the way, we are moving to Miami next year. Miami showcases a legion of dumbshits, on a good day. On a bad day degenerate cowards. Just bear in mind that to someone whose elevator opens up to a foyer of a double-decker apartment; making sure Winthrop the driver arrives on time without the dog shitting on the rug in the interim looms of larger importance.

Did I take a shot at Jews, how horribly non-politically correct I have become. Which is perfectly fine since I myself am Jewish. Much love to the world, Chris. Chris Tytell otra vez says:. Just clearing the air a bit before the smoke of battle ensues. I neither curse nor do I write paeans about this town.. Long story short, you pack your rotten luggage with you, and wherever you land, you will still be left with you.

Scuz-baggish caliber of a place, notwithstanding. Its not perfect anywhere, but after the beautiful weather for the last few days, going swimming in this amazing ocean, I easily forget the bad vibes and complex issues facing this town.

But yes, you are overall spot on! You will not want the secular lifestyle nor have a taste for liquor or anything that pollutes your perception of life. Well everything sounds true but he forgets to tell about all this fat Americans with terrible fashion. I even saw one with a snow jeans!! They end up in Disney world, I guess this is part of the circuit. Eating healthy food is the main problem as when you stop a gas station for ex. Americans are friendly, speak really loud, very proud about themselves, but even more proud about there blue passport that they like to show at the airport when they make the queue… strange as I read that Americans need to pay taxes even when living abroad.

Proud to be in a gold prison, that is something special. The only people I socialize with are my husband, my son, and the concierge and security in my building.

When most outsiders hear where I live, I always hear how lucky I am. I pretend we are temporarily living on an island off the coast of the United States and now that my son has finished school, we will be going back to the U. I am so ready to find my village of people. We are moving to Boston next week. Yep, cold and all and I am thrilled. Visiting here is fine.

Live here and be prepared for to observe a very fascinating pocket of America…that many non-English speaking inhabitants truly believe all of America is just like Miami… Love the list! My Name is Bachchan Scott. I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster when i contact this man called. He is really powerful.. My wife divorce me with no reason for almost 6 month and i tried all i could to have her back cos i really love her so much but all my effort did not work out..

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I grew up in Miami Shores and have always lived a very American life and I could not wait to run out of Florida for College to NYU as soon as I turned 18 and after 10 years in NY I moved back thinking things had changed and they did and will always change for the good or the bad change brings upset. Wish us all luck only we can make it a better place even if it is the capital of Latin America.

Jeesh Erick, that run on sentence.. Extremely sucky people I mean rude, lying, ignorant, hypocritical, narcissistic, corrupted, scumbag people. As a native miamian or should I say new Cuba? I am Candra Jones and i have a good news to share to the entire world. Do you need your ex husband or lover urgently?

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If you have such problem or similar to this, please contact him on his email. And now the comments have deteriorated into advertisements for spell casters. Which is just so perfectly Miami. I have never been so glad to see someplace in my rearview mirror! Escape while you can! Or maybe get a spell cast. I just want to share my experience and testimony here… I was married for 3years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture… He started hailing me and he was abusive.

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In case anyone needs this man, his email address. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address His spells is for a better life.

Again his email is. I must agree that the cubans have destroyed half of miami and the blacks the other half. I am not racsist either just stating the truth. If you want to vacation here make sure you dont get on a side street. You would be very lucky to get out of there without being robbed. Miami has become just another big city littered with crime. Worst yet English is a foreign language. And again folks, if you are smart, you will put Miami in your rear-view mirror.

Escape while you can. The huge number of ignorant and rude people is overwhelming. I moved here from Lima, Peru against my will and always felt so negative about the disgusting place Miami is.

As soon as I could, I moved to Germany where I hold citizenship by jus sanguinis. So fuck you Miami! You will down in your own filth. America and the Caribbean. You might be surprised to find wholesome and luxurious ways of life that decent, educated, higher-class people lead as well as to witness amazing natural and cultural heritage sites.

I aay this because the people that the U. What a pity for Miami and other immigrant cities. An amazing testimony on a spell caster who brought my wife back to me.. A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife.

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