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Looking to spank you

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As he lifted his hand he could see the two perfect handprints blossoming in vivid red on Jamie's thighs. All of a sudden, he picked Jamie up off his knee holding him under the arms and sat the boy on his lap. You yourself have asked for this and you are going to receive everything you deserve! You have been a very naughty little boy and you know it! You also know that in this house naughty little boys are punished and punished properly and soundly.

Thinking back on his past behaviour and how he ended up here, dressed like a little boy in very short velveteen stretch shorts, sitting on this mans lap with stinging legs and smarting bottom, he suddenly felt at home. He wanted to be here, wanted to be sitting or even laying on this mans lap; forever. Jamie couldn't understand everything that was running through his mind. The three smacks to his shorts covered bottom and the four smacks to the back of his legs had really stung, but thinking about his behaviour and the fact that he had actually asked for this made his head swim.

He loved the way Mr. Heller picked him up with ease as if he really were a little boy. The way he sat him on his lap and, most of all, the way Mr. Heller called him a naughty little boy and made him feel like one. Although he was scared at the thought of real punishment he knew he had to go through with this.

An image of a boy being soundly spanked on the bare bottom, legs and arms kicking, and tears and snot streaming down his naughty little face as the little boy cried hard came crashing through his thoughts.

Jamie knew then that he wanted to be that little boy, even more, he needed to be that boy. He needed to be spanked until he was crying, bawling, howling and wailing like a naughty little five year old. He felt that although this man was going to make him cry hard, he also felt that he deserved it, and this man cared enough to put him on the straight and narrow.

Jamie looked the man in the eyes, and with a little voice that sounded surprisingly childish to himself, and Mr. Heller hugged him close and cradled his head to his big chest. You have been naughty, daddy is going to punish you and then you will be a good boy again. Do you understand little one? For the rest of today, I'm going to turn you into what you need to be; a very sorry and repentant little boy.

Tomorrow will be a new day and we can start again, but for today? You have been a bad, bad, naughty little boy and you need to learn the errors of your ways and this daddy is going to teach you a lesson that you better not forget or you will find yourself in this position again in the near future!

Jamie felt big tears welling up in his eyes. He looked up into Mr. Heller's eyes and just sniffed looking at him with big, doleful, sad, little boy eyes and nodded. You know as well as I do how to be a good boy, you chose not to and that is your decision. But, if you decide that you want to stay and live with me, I WILL be your daddy and you will behave like a good little boy or I will smack you every time you are not. Heller once again lifted the boy under his arms and placed him carefully over both his knees.

Jamie again, felt that wonderful feeling as Mr. Heller picked him up and placed him face down over his knee without any effort at all. Heller began to gently rub the smooth, velvety material of the boy's very brief shorts. He also ran the palm of his hand up and down Jamie's flawless and smooth thighs. He took hold of Jamie's waist and held him close, making sure that no matter how much this little boy struggled he would stay firmly over his knee with no chance of escape.

Heller raised his large strong arm over his head. Hesitating slightly, he brought his hand down hard right in the middle of the boy's bottom. He left his hand where it fell and marvelled at how his hand covered the whole of Jamie's little bottom. Jamie felt the impact of the hand landing on the thin shorts and his legs shot straight up; this was his very first proper spanking.

Holding tighter onto Jamie's waist, Mr. Heller raised his hand and again brought it crashing down on the velvet shorts. He got into a rhythm and spanked down hard all over the shorts covered bottom, over and over again, spanking the boy hard about every second.

Jamie was on another planet. He had for so long wanted to be over a man's knee having his little bottom smacked and now it was happening. He couldn't believe how much it was hurting though. Smack after smack landed on Jamie's little bottom.

Each smack landed only where the shorts covered his bottom. With Jamie's bottom being small and the shorts very short, it wasn't long before Jamie received smack after smack on the same spot.

Oh God, this is too much! For the first few smacks Jamie just grunted and tried to keep quiet. This was getting harder though. He now started to squirm over Mr. Heller's knee; no more than twenty smacks had landed. After another ten, Jamie began to make mewling noises and mildly kick his legs. Another ten and Jamie began to feel his bottom get uncomfortably hot and he began to squirm harder.

This was getting too much, he could now feel the tears begin to well up in his eyes and his nose started to feel runny. Heller on the other hand could feel how Jamie was taking his spanking. He could feel the boy's attempts to be brave to no avail, and although he couldn't see the boys face, knew that he was very close to breaking; he held the boy more firmly around the waist and hitched him further over his knee, making sure that the boys legs were way off the floor.

It was like watching a dam start to crack and burst. First the tears that were welling in Jamie's eyes began to overflow and trickle down his face as Mr. Heller's big hard hand fell relentlessly over and over and over again on his little bottom. As the smarting, stinging, pain grew Jamie's legs began kicking more frantically.

The more he kicked and twisted over this mans knee, the more his little willy ground into the mans thigh and the harder he became. Jamie knew he was very, very close to full crying shame but surprising himself he also knew that he was exactly where he wanted to be. He loved being over this mans knee, hands and feet clear off the floor, being held firmly and close to Mr.

Heller's body, he somehow felt safe and secure. Smack after smack kept landing on the seat of his little sissy shorts. Jamie knew that very soon he would be howling like a sorry spanked little boy and a sense of relief washed over him, he wanted to be a sorry spanked little boy; he quietly began sobbing. Jamie began crying louder and struggling hard to get off Mr. Heller felt relieved that Jamie was now crying. He loved the way that the little man across his knee kicked and squirmed, his little legs kicking up and down.

Time for a little break he thought to himself and tugging the boys shorts up high landed two very hard smacks to the boy's bright red sit spot; Jamie yelped. Heller gently stood the boy up between his knees and for the first time looked at Jamie's red tearful face. He loved the way the boys face grimaced. He was holding both of Jamie's arms around the biceps to stop the boy from rubbing his bottom. Jamie wanted to rub his bottom but couldn't, but he didn't stand still, he was shuffling from foot to foot, clenching and unclenching his burning little cheeks.

Heller almost laughed and had to fight to keep a stern look on his face. Jamie had begun to regress to the mind set of a small boy and he was beginning to sound like one. Heller loved the way little Jamie said, oh daddy, daddy. If only the boy knew how much more his bottom was going to hurt later on, not to mention the back of his long legs. He intended to spank this boy until he was crying and hiccupping like a small child.

But daddy I'm a good boy now! Heller looked resignedly at the pouting little tear streaked face. Neither of them could believe how much like a whiney little boy 18 year old Jamie sounded. Jamie's voice seemed to have transformed and was a higher pitch than before.

Jamie stamped his foot. As quick as a flash, Mr. Heller stood up and grabbing hold of his boys ear, marched him to the boys bedroom. I'll teach you to disrespect your elder's and have a tantrum young man.

Just you wait until I get you to your room. You are not going to sit down for a month! Jamie wailed as he was dragged up the stairs and to his room. On the way they crossed Giles path who almost giggled like a boy himself as we watched Mr. Heller and the boy ascend the stairs. Heller holding onto a tearful little boy's ear and the boy almost skipping and holding onto his daddy's hand to stop him from pulling his ear off. As they ascended the stair Giles was happy to see the boy crying as he was forcefully led upstairs by his left ear as Mr.

Heller soundly scolded the naughty boy and smacked the back of his legs all the way to the bedroom door. Jamie cried like the naughty little boy he was. Once in the boy's new bedroom, Mr. Heller did not let go of Jamie's ear. He walked the boy instead to the traditional schoolboy desk in the room, put his left foot on the chair and hoisted the 18 year old little boy over his upraised knee. Jamie almost panicked as he was bent over, his hands and feet a long way from the floor.

He dangled over his daddy's knee with his bottom the highest point of his body and perfectly placed for the soundest of spankings; Jamie felt very little indeed thinking that he must look like a naughty 6 year old infant. Heller pulled the large hairbrush out of his back pocket and held it over his head. Poor little Jamie had no idea that his daddy was holding a hairbrush as he held him tight.

Jamie shrieked, his arms outstretched and legs kicking as the large hairbrush covered every single part of the boy's lower shorts. Over and over again the hairbrush landed, not full force, but hard enough to thoroughly redden the little bottom under the velveteen shorts and bring the boy back to loud sobbing.

Heller stopped the hairbrush spanking and placed the hairbrush back in his back pocket. With Jamie still bent over his upraised knee he gently rubbed Jamie's warm bottom and began scolding the little scamp again. He had never called anyone sir before and was amazed at himself, mind you he had never called anyone 'daddy' before and he had already done that!

Standing Jamie between his legs he looked at the boys flushed faced which was beginning to colour. Jamie cupped his little bottom in his small hands and rubbed his bottom energetically. Heller let Jamie rub. Jamie looked down at his feet and coyly looked at Mr. He began to pout, his bottom lip sticking out and his eyebrows knotted. Heller looked at the pouty face and glaring eyes. This boy is being defiant he thought. I think we have a long way to go before you become the good little boy you are capable of being.

Jason just stood there open mouthed between Mr. He really thought his spanking was over. His little willy started to get hard again at the thought of being smacked again. He didn't know why but he desperately wanted to be spanked until he was howling and screaming, though he was in no way going to let Mr. Jamie decided to play this along and almost smiled at the thoughts that went through his head. Heller was gripping both the boys arms.

He began wagging his finger in the boys face. You're not my daddy" He was kicking his little legs and waving his arms as he was carried by Mr. Heller under one arm. Heller couldn't see the boys face, he only saw the short trousered little bottom and the kicking, struggling legs.

If he could see Jamie's face, he would see that the boy was smiling all the way. He laid Jamie on his back on the bed and before Jamie could realise what was going to happen, Mr. Heller had both the boys legs up in the air with his feet clamped under his armpit.

Jamie shrieked and tried to get his legs free. Heller had smacked Jamie with his hand from just below the hem of his very brief shorts right down to the tops of his white girly knee length socks. The back of Jamie's left thigh was a mass of clear, red handprints. Jamie tried to struggle but his legs were clamped in place by Mr. Heller and there was nothing he could do. Only a few finger prints could be seen; Jamie howled and tried to kick to no avail. Before Jamie knew it Mr.

Heller had let go of his feet and was once again holding onto the little boys left ear forced him to stand up. As soon as Jamie was on his feet he tried to dance bringing both feet up and furiously rubbing the back of his legs while he cried like a naughty boy all the time, tears streaming from his eyes; there was no snot yet though.

With no time for Jamie to rub his smarting legs, Mr. Heller pulled the crying boy back to the spanking chair and forcibly pulled Jamie over his knees. He took hold of the back of Jamie's little shorts and pulled them up his back forcing the seam even further into the crack of Jamie's bottom and exposing a good portion of the boys lower bottom. Heller looked down at the wonderful, full little bottom and bright red legs.

He kicked off one of his leather soled carpet slippers and picked it up. He brought the slipper up high and crashed it down hard on Jamie's sit spot; Jamie shrieked and began kicking his legs again. Over and over and over again the very stingy leather soled slipper landed on the exposed lower bottom of the boy, it had gone from pink, to bright red to crimson, all the while Jamie crying hard and kicking. And so he did, for a good ten minutes Mr. Heller spanked the back of the boys legs from the hem of his shorts to the back of his knees, though this time he made Jamie spread his legs and gave Jamie's white inner thighs a good spanking too.

Jamie was crying so hard he was hiccupping, tears and snot covered his red face, though his face wasn't as red as his legs. The back, inner and outer thighs were totally crimson from the slippering. Heller finally stopped and standing Jamie up walked the crying boy to a corner of his bedroom. Heller retrieved another hard wooden chair and placed it in the corner facing it. If you dare get up, I'll give your legs another good smacking, understand?

It was a big straight backed chair and Jamie feet couldn't reach the floor. Heller sat on the spanking chair looking at his squirming crying little boy sitting in the naughty chair; Jamie looked so small and cute. Jamie, now that he was squirming in the chair had stopped crying hard, his legs and sit spot stinging awfully. He felt as though he had just run a marathon but was beginning to feel better now.

Oh God, he thought to himself, that was amazing! It had hurt and stung so much but now he had a burning, smarting glow that was beginning to feel so good. Fifteen minutes had passed and Jamie clutched onto his little willy which had become hard again. He couldn't wait to rub his bottom and legs; he was still squirming. Heller noticed how little Jamie quieted down and smiled as he saw Jamie right hand clutch his little dick, he thought it was quite funny watching the boy squirm in the chair as he kept squeezing his little friend.

He looked at his watch, the thirty minutes were up. Jamie, who was in a dreamy state jumped at the stern voice and looked behind him. He saw daddy sitting in the spanking chair and holding the nasty hairbrush.

He got up though and slowly walked over to his daddy pulling at his shorts trying to get the seam from out of his crack.

Daddy almost laughed hearing his little boys pleads and promises to never be naughty again; impossible he thought. He took hold of his boys arms and stood him between his legs. We're almost done little one. He picked Jamie up and gently placed the boy across his left knee, jack-knifing Jamie and bringing his bottom up high causing his red cheeks to open up and displaying his little boy's boy hole.

When I'm finished, you will not want to sit down for a week and you will be what I promised you this morning. A soundly spanked and very, very sorry little boy.

But, you will be a good little boy again. Thirty times the hairbrush landed, about a spank a second, turning all of Jamie's bottom crimson red. Heller spanked the sides of Jamie's bottom and from the top of the crack to the sit spot. Jamie could do nothing but howl and struggle and kick and scream.

His legs were kicking up and down, his little fists were out stretched and his little mouth was an open oval of sound, long strings of saliva hanging from his lips and reaching the floor. Jamie couldn't see anything so swollen were his eyes with tears and snot, his whole face was covered with the stuff.

He didn't realise it at the moment but he was in the state that he longed for in the morning, but time had seemed to stop still for him. Heller said as he raised his left knee higher. He looked down at Jamie's now red and purple bottom. In sharp contrast was the brilliant white of Jamie's inner spread cheeks and Jamie's little boy hole staring up like a target.

He dropped the hairbrush on the floor. Heller gave the left inner cheek ten good hard fast smacks with his hand. Jamie, almost in shock, never expecting to be spanked there caught his breath then let out a long wail.

Ten more spanks landed on the right inner cheek as Jamie kept bawling and saying 'daddy' over and over again. Ten hard and fast spanks landed right over Jamie's little boy hole. Jamie just collapsed over his daddy's knee crying very hard. Heller looked down at the spread cheeks and noticed that Jamie's little boy hole was now a ruby red, with slightly puckered lips.

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