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Looking for a siren of song

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But how can a regular person with no self-defense training or experience in martial arts can stand up for themselves in a moment of danger? Personal security alarms are quite a novelty when it comes to self-defense for regular humans. Everybody knows the good old pepper spray , but let's take a look at a much more convenient and effective method to protect yourself.

Safesound Personal Alarm is a product that manages to deliver as promised with regard to acting as a wonderful personal alarm device. However, it also has some added benefits like the ability to possess convenient lighting whenever needed. The basic task of raising an alarm happens to be its best feature, as it can be quite loud.

Safe Sound personal alarm reviews can be overwhelmingly positive in favor of this personal security alarm, but it is necessary to stay grounded when it comes to this niche. Apart from satisfying all the basic requirements of an alarm device, this product manages to go one better by being a handy, concealed, and compact flashlight or as a personal alarm keychain.

This extremely loud personal alarm can help anyone feel safe at all times. This is an ultra-compact personal alarm that can produce a really loud and unpleasant sound, which cannot remain unnoticed. Of course, it will not help you to fight but will scare the attacker. If an elderly person has become sick and you need to attract attention, it will suit too. This small personal attack alarm makes a loud sound that naturally attracts attention when pulling out the pin. This personal safety alarm takes up little space, its wearing cannot cause any problems with the law.

This personal protective alarm is designed to exert psychological pressure on the striker to draw the attention of the passers-by, according to personal alarm reviews. The keychain personal alarm is useful for children, the sick, the elderly, those who cannot take care of yourself. Not everyone can scream long and even to whistle, you need to be awake.

Here you just need to pull the pin, and the siren will work, as long as the check will not be returned to the place, or the personal alarm is not smashed. As the personal alarm reviews state, the sound at the length of a hand is unpleasant and makes you want to move away. Its sound has an ambulance level and is equal to decibels. It can sound without interruption for 30 minutes. This alarm does not influence the enemy, but the situation that is around you. The enemy, who prepared for the attack, is likely to be discouraged from a very loud siren sound because the situation became unpredictable.

And most likely the attacker will try to leave the scene. A small-sized personal alarm, which, when pulling out a special check, makes a lot of noise to attract the attention of passers-by. The device is very compact and can be carried in a pocket. This personal alarm will hardly give you the full protection.

Rather, it is mean to exert psychological pressure on the attacker, which in conjunction with other means of self-defense greatly increases the chances of a successful outcome for you. It is recommended for women who do not use the basic self-defense tools effectively. The sound produced is equal to dB. As this alarm is rather simple in use, it is favorite among students, joggers, night owls, elderly, etc. It is also equipped with a mini LED flashlight. This device got a professional approval and has been used by the US military forces, police, etc.

But is this the best personal alarm? This personal alarm is a good example of a multifunctional device with a rather compact size. It is good not only for self-defense but also helps you to find some items in the dark. Rayovac personal alarm is used to attract attention in the event of a surprise attack, attempts of rape, theft or person critical condition. It can be a great solution for the safety of your children. One of the smallest and lightest security alarms with the siren.

Simple activation of the siren — just pull the ring. It is necessary to insert it back to stop the alarm. It produces a loud and shrill signal of up to dB. The alarm can be also used as a USB charger and a flashlight. It has enough charge to boost your telephone, so you will never appear in the situation that your phone is off.

It is possible to store the personal security alarm in your purse, pocket, on a keychain with keys. The SABRE alarm stands for a portable multifunctional personal alarm, which everyone can easily make use of. It might not be directly termed a self-defense device, but you can be sure it would get you all the attention around in times of need. This might be exactly what you need to defend yourself. You can now be relaxed in events of unexpected attacks because the SABRE alarm can be set off quickly to easily produce an annoyingly loud sound that would get the attention of everyone around a feet radius.

Its sleekness and compact design make it a personal alarm that can be fastened to a purse, backpack, or a key. Its simple to activate feature might be so sensitive that from SABRE personal alarm reviews some users see it as a problem. You have to pull off the metal chain to set off the alarm and then fasten it back to cool off the alarm. This, however, is seen as a problem by some users saying that the alarm goes off easily even without adding pressure to pull out the chain.

In general, this is one model to consider. Thanks to its attractive design, this personal alarm is especially attractive to women and children, but of course, it's for everybody! Its sound can be heard even at a far distance, so you do not need to cry for help in case of attack or some emergency. A very loud alarm keychain. It can be used in any place where you can meet the danger as on the bus, the subway, the elevator and other places.

When you need help, pull the plug from the unit and the alarm signal can scare the tyrant, a bully or a thief. It is also useful to draw attention if necessary. You can carry it in your bag or wallet and it will remain unnoticed thanks to its stylish design. This alarm is also supplied with a flashlight that can help you in dark. The power of its sound is dB. Due to its really loud sound, it can be used indoors and outdoors.

This tiny stylish personal alarm is a real monster of sound. This is a very good present for women and children as it is not only useful but also attracts attention very effectively. A very handy and useful thing, which is good for children, women, elderly, disabled.

Small in size and weight, the siren will fit in any pocket of jackets, shirts, bags. Cases, where the use of this security alarm can save the lives of people in different situations, are numerous.

Imagine that an old man became ill, fell, and no one is nearby. Another case, you are attacked, the alarm will help you to attract people's attention, but this is not important, the sound of the siren itself suppress the psychological mood of the striker to continue the action.

The sound emitted by a siren exceeds dB! It is a low power consumption device. It is perfect as a handbag decoration. Inasmuch as the Siren Song keychain alarm will not call the authorities when you are in need of help, its alert volume would definitely notify other individuals within the vicinity.

And this might be all you need in such situations where a sick person needs to get the attention of a doctor or when someone needs to make a distress call. It is easy to move around and activating its loud sound is very simple. You need no warrant or permission of such to acquire a siren song personal alarm. This makes it accessible to anyone interested — kids, sick or disabled individuals, elderly ones, and especially the females.

However, from this personal alarm reviews, a lot of users complain about it not having instructions in the pack. This has caused several problems for the users. Such problems include not understanding how to replace the batteries. Some even said it is not as loud as expected. It is worth confirming these facts though since it is supposed to produce a sound at decibels ambulance level. Some mistake the speaker for a button — however, you just have to pull out the chain to set the alarm off and then put it back to put it off.

This is a good example of a hands-free alarm security system, so it is suitable for bikers, walkers, etc. A personal alarm is designed to protect the wearer effectively from hooligans and criminals on the street, as well as to draw attention to the owner if he suddenly became ill. This self-defense alarm will be a practical and indispensable assistant for the elderly and sick people while walking in the street.

This personal alarm also has a handy strap for putting on a neck. It is made in a sporty style. It is a weather resistant and can be worn while jogging, hiking, climbing, etc. To switch it on, you need to press a red button. It is also equipped with a built-in red flashlight that blinks when the signal is on. The alarm siren has a power of decibels.

It is widely used for little kids from 8 and up, young ladies, elderly, disabled, night workers when they meet an emergency. It is small and portable, able to be put on bags, wallet, cell phones, and suitcases. This alarm looks smart and fashionable. This personal safety alarm is for those who are worried about their safety.

It is suitable for individual use and is especially good for kids, teens, students, and women thanks to its funny design.

Siren | Definition, Legend, & History |

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Archived from the original on December 24, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved from " https: In addition to the usual use, though, siren song can be a verb or adjective. One can be siren-songed into something, or an argument could be described as siren-songed.

The mythological associations also make siren song a popular title for pop culture use. Poems, songs, and bands have all been named Siren Song.

Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words. Examples of siren song. It was tough to resist the siren song of infinitely variable brightness, but I did it See Next Word single white female siren song skater boy sket skinny legend skinny love. Where does siren song come from? Who uses siren song? Sign up for our Newsletter!

Jul 28,  · Yeah, actually. But the siren's not actually a myth, it's more of a beautiful creature that preys on men, enticing them with their siren song. I enjoyed Siren Song more than I thought I would but it would have gotten a bit higher rating from me if she would have indulged my need (and those of most normal people) for revenge, I don't particularly care for forgiveness when it looks more like stupidity. Watch Siren on Showmax now. Unlimited Streaming to your Smart TV, desktop and mobiles. Start your Free Trial now.