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Looking for a awesome femal

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You can see his testimonial on the testimoinal page. You can see their testimonial on the testimonial page. Pugsy is a past puppy of Shadybrook Kennels. He is ready for that cold weather in Chicago. She is dressed up in her new Christmas dress! She is a past puppy. You can see their testimonial under the home page. Thank you Lori and George for giving CoCo such a wonderful home. He is such a tiny little guy!

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I felt secure in knowing others were watching out for me. I can remember years ago living in Phoenix sobbing as I read a Vermont Life magazine article. In that moment I longed for community and close friends. Not having close friends since high school, I created a plan to develop them. We are helping other men start groups and develop deep friendships. The core of what we learned was the ROC formula: Relax, Open and Connect.

They are the first three strategies to generating close friends. There were not many places to hide, and I felt secure in knowing others were watching out for me. We live in a world that continues to run faster with more to do.

Your nervous system starts to habituate to that pace along with all those around you. Once you begin to accept and experience your pace you can start to relax.

In relaxing, you may feel anxious. This is a lifelong process. You need to start to see results. Mindfulness is a great tool to speed the development of this skill. By slowing down, you are more able to do the next skill. Once you begin to accept your body, mind and emotional experiences you have more room to open up to being vulnerable to others.

With vulnerability you are real, you are human. Sure, some will not like you. Once you relax and open, you are ready to reach out to connect to another.

If vulnerability is the key, connecting is the door. When you step through your fears to reach out to another while being present and vulnerable, you upped your game. Shifting from being passive to active by moving forward to connect has you give up some control. Sure you can connect from your hyper-persona, but you know what that will get you. If you want more friends sooner, apply these three steps tomorrow. This is critical to the ROC formula and friendships.

To the extent you feel unsafe your physiology will shift into its survival state. If you feel unsafe, there is a good chance the other person feels unsafe. You can push your way through by denying your physical and emotional feelings. Or you could slow down to allow yourself to feel the lack of safety AS your risk to move forward towards connecting. A safe space is the fertile soil for friendship.

When you slow down to connect to the kinds of friends you want you are more likely to create them. Rather than hoping, you get clear so you can create a plan. If you want friends that enjoy nature, hanging in bars may not be the place to meet them.

Joining a hiking club would set you up to meet nature lovers. With clarity comes taking a stand for what you want. Sure, a good friend is there for another when he or she is not receiving from the other. You know what I mean. When you see his caller ID, you hesitate to pick up. If you fill your life with relationships that suck you dry you will have no room for those that can nourish you. Start saying what you truly feel and want. Sometimes the truth will set one of these people free.

Others speak of having good boundaries. I say fill your boundaries with all of your feelings and wants. Be courageously authentic and the need to work on strong boundaries will be irrelevant. Those that you would want will be attracted to you.

We are attracted to people who have a purpose in life. We read books and see movies about people who stand up for something that puts them at risk.

Go for more than finding your passion. Explore what you want to live and die for. The more you enjoy your own company, the more others will. The more you enjoy being by yourself the less you have misplaced needs. We instinctually and biologically, let alone psychologically, need others. I am speaking about being OK with your own company. We are social animals; we are hungry for connection. We want to be heard and witnessed, not analyzed and lectured to.

The next time you find yourself not being heard or see yourself go into problem-solving mode, slow down. Use the ROC formula to reorient. Back away from seeing the person as a problem. Listen less for understanding and more for connection. Encourage the person to express vulnerable feelings with your actions and words.

If it feels right, you may touch the person. Research proved that touch is a powerful connector that can immediately tell someone they are OK. When a situation has intensity and possibly perceived danger we will move beyond our hesitations to reach out for help.

Studies were down during the bombing of London in the Second World War. Rather than people fighting each other for the limited resources they bonded together to share. Going on a strenuous hike with another can cement a friendship. Maybe you got lost. Once you rediscover the trail, you start laughing at all the mistakes you both made.

Those mistakes become your shorthand to remind each other about the experience and how good it felt. We need predictability in our lives. In lieu of no positive rituals, our unconscious will use negative rituals. A couple may have a date night every week. Through the week each person, rather than daydream about the last argument, can reflect on their weekly date that will be relaxing and connecting. Plan activities with friends that bring you closer.

Most would not have thought hanging with other men would be fun. They know if something tough happens, they have their group. Your ability to listen allows another to go deep into their experience. For the women of one Reddit thread, though, weeding out the best compliments they've ever gotten was easy.

Honest and unique compliments. As a girl, you get a lot of generic ones, such as, "You have really pretty eyes" etc. It's nice to hear, but if you go to enough bars, you hear it a lot. The first night I met my ex, we were casually talking outside a bar and he interrupted me to say, "You have a freckle on your neck.

Did you know that? It was so unexpected and unique, yet showed he had been discreetly checking me out. I found it incredibly endearing. I don't think there is anything nicer than being called "gorgeous. I had a random guy in Memphis once stop me in the street to tell me I was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen.

I blushed and mumbled 'thanks' and stammered like a dipshit, and he just smiled at me and kept on walking. I was a little dressed up, but nothing spectacular, and sure hadn't been fishing for compliments. But that really made my day, the more so because he didn't follow it up by asking for my number or anything. From a stranger, best compliment was about how she enjoys seeing me when I'm at work: Last week I was with my boyfriend, his family and our friends in his living room.

I made a comment about how I couldn't wait to get my makeup bag back after leaving it at a friends house for a week. He says, "You haven't worn make up all week? Damn, you are gorgeous! I feel like the best compliments are simple but just said at the right times. Had a professor yesterday ask me how old I was.

He looked surprised and said, "You carry yourself with much more maturity than that. This was a prof I was uber-intimidated by, who is rumored to be an elitist misogynistic asshole. I was dreading going to his office hours. It didn't exactly make me blush but I felt great for the rest of the day - westerrrr.

On our one-year anniversary, he was opening a bottle of wine he'd been saving for over 5 years for a 'special occasion. Best thing I can think of. I'd be walking on air for daaays. People tell me often enough that I'm smart and have pretty hair, but I didn't work for those.

To me, those things are everyday. Try to compliment your lady on something that she obviously put effort into. Also, a wink from someone I'm already interested in puts a violently happy pep in my step. To this day the best compliment I've ever been given was: If someone compliments me on my eyes, and they mean it. I have really big boobs, so it's nice that they even bothered to look above my neck.

I've found "I love seeing your smile, it brightens my day every time" always gets a huge smile from women. My boyfriend and I were in bed one night just talking and laughing. He said something, I forget what, but it was so funny I laughed in that loud, uncontrollable, throw-your-head-back kind of way. I was still laughing, and as I turned back to him, and he says:. You're beautiful all the time, but when you smile like that, I swear my world stops. Laughter to tears in 2.

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