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Wrigley also compares the Western European marriage system, where couples were much older because they had to wait until they could support themselves, which might require say, the parents to die, since the land was not subdivided usually but went to the first male child. But in Eastern European countries, most women were married at a very young age not long after puberty, and ended up having far more children as well. The Western European marriage system prevented the outcome Malthus had predicted in his first writings — that inevitably the standard of living was bound to be depressed to bare subsistence level and misery for most of the population.

He later saw that in fact marriage systems could prevent this from happening and wrote about it in later books.

I discovered this book in the excellent list at the BioPhysical Economics Policy center: The three centuries between the reigns of Elizabeth I and Victoria, are conventionally termed the industrial revolution. At the beginning of the period England was not one of the leading European economies. It was a deeply rural country where agricultural production was largely focused on local self-sufficiency.

In part this was a function of the low level of urbanization at the time. England was one of the least urbanized of European countries: The market for any agricultural surplus was limited other than close to the capital city. Before the industrial revolution, prolonged economic growth was unachievable.

All economies were organic, dependent on plant photosynthesis to provide food, raw materials, and energy. This was true both of heat energy, derived from burning wood, and mechanical energy, provided chiefly by human and animal muscle.

The flow of energy from the sun captured by plant photosynthesis was the basis of all production and consumption. Britain began to escape the old restrictions by making increasing use of the vast stock of energy contained in coal measures, initially as a source of heat energy but eventually also of mechanical energy, thus making possible the industrial revolution. In organic economies negative feedback between different factors of production was common.

For example, if the population increased it would involve at some point taking into cultivation marginal land, or farming existing land more intensively, or increasing the arable acreage at the expense of pasture, changes which tended to reduce labor productivity, inhibiting further growth and reducing living standards.

In early modern England the rising importance of a fossil fuel as an energy source meant that many of the relationships which involved negative feedback in organic economies changed: The growth process tended to foster further advance, whereas in organic economies the reverse was the case.

If the woolen industry was flourishing and the demand for wool therefore rising, more land would be devoted to sheep pasture, but this must mean less land available to grow corn for human consumption, or less land under forest. Expanding the production of woolen cloth must at some point create difficulties for the supply of food, or of fuel for domestic heating, or for the production of charcoal iron.

If the land was the source of virtually all the material products of value to man, expansion in one area of the economy was all too likely to be secured only by shrinkage elsewhere. Most of the raw materials used by industry in organic economies were also vegetable, such as wood, wool, cotton, or leather.

Even when the raw material was mineral, plant photosynthesis was essential to production, since converting ores into metals required a large expenditure of heat energy that came from burning wood or charcoal. Coal is a stock, not a flow. Each ton of coal dug from a mine marginally reduces the size of the stock, and the same is true of all fossil fuels.

Drawing upon a stock will ultimately lead to its exhaustion. On this estimate of woodland productivity, therefore, it would be necessary to reserve 2 million acres of land for forest to produce the same quantity of heat energy each year as could be secured from burning 1 million tons of coal. The advantage gained by employing draught animals was perhaps greatest in relation to overland transport.

The output in terms of ton-miles performed during a working day by a man with a sack on his back or pushing a wheelbarrow is almost derisory compared with what is possible by a man with a horse and cart on a firm road surface.

In many agricultural systems draught animals were essential. This was normally true of the cultivation of cereals such as wheat. If the yield per acre of a cereal is modest, it may be beyond the physical capacity of one man to cultivate a large enough area by his own efforts to support himself and his family. The land had to be ploughed by oxen or horses. If the produce of 5 acres of land is needed to feed a working horse, the area available to feed people is reduced commensurately.

Domestic heating in towns. Bairoch estimated that each town dweller typically needed between 1. For simplicity, I assume that 1. A town with 10, inhabitants, therefore, would need access to the annual growth of wood taking place in woodland covering 16, acres. For an urban population totalling, say, half a million people and therefore needing , tons of firewood a year, it would be necessary to devote the wood growth of roughly , acres to meeting their domestic heating needs.

The same quantity of heat energy could be secured from burning approximately , tons of coal, since burning 1 ton of coal produced as much heat as 2 tons of dry firewood. The switch from wood to coal therefore enabled approximately , acres of woodland to be used instead to produce food, or wool and hides, rather than fuel.

The classical economists saw all activity giving rise to material production as involving three component elements: The quantity of capital and labor available to allow production to take place might in principle be increased as necessary and without apparent limit, but the same was not true of land. The area of land was limited and could not be increased.

Advances in technology might permit significant improvements in aggregate output. The output from any given area of land might be increased by the introduction of a new crop, as when the potato arrived from the Americas; or by innovations which reduced the proportion of arable land kept in fallow each year; or the area of land under cultivation might be increased by drainage of marshland, enclosure of heath, or reclamation from the sea, but the general problem was permanent and insoluble.

If growth occurred it must at some point increase the pressure on the land since the land was the source of all food and the great bulk of the raw materials of industry. If either poorer land was taken into cultivation or existing land used more intensively, this must tend to involve declining returns both to capital and labor, and eventually growth would grind to a halt or be reversed.

Ricardo made it clear that his gloomy conclusion was due not to institutional shortcomings, the character of economic systems, or the failure of human judgement, but to the operation of the laws of nature. He summarized his analysis in a manner that left no grounds for optimism about the secular trends of real wages or profit levels. His reasoning excluded any possibility of the type of sustained growth that came to be termed an industrial revolution: Whilst the land yields abundantly, wages may temporarily rise, and the producers may consume more than their accustomed proportion; but the stimulus which will thus be given to population, will speedily reduce the laborers to their usual consumption.

But when poor lands are taken into cultivation, or when more capital and labor are expended on the old land, with a less return of produce, the effect must be permanent.

A greater proportion of that part of the produce which remains to be divided, after paying rent, between the owners of stock and the laborers will be apportioned to the latter. Each man may, and probably will, have a less absolute quantity; but as more laborers are employed in proportion to the whole produce retained by the farmer, the value of a greater proportion of the whole produce will be absorbed by wages, and consequently the value of a smaller proportion will be devoted to profits.

This will necessarily be rendered permanent by the laws of nature, which have limited the productive powers of the land. It is seldom a grave concern in societies that have been transformed in the wake of the industrial revolution, but would have had pressing and immediate relevance from time to time for congregations in Tudor times.

Poverty and the difficulty of securing an adequate supply of basic food were ever-present features of organic economies. Adam Smith had previously expressed it bluntly: Every species of animals naturally multiplies in proportion to their means of subsistence, and no species can ever multiply beyond it. But in civilized society it is only among the inferior ranks of people that the scantiness of subsistence can set limits to the further multiplication of the human species; and it can do so in no other way than by destroying a great part of the children which their fruitful marriages produce.

In times of prosperity the population would rise quickly, outpacing production. Living standards would therefore fall and, as the bulk of the population became poorer, mortality would rise, eventually to the point where it matched the level of fertility. The population would therefore cease growing and the laboring poor would hover on the verge of destitution. What was distinctive about the system when compared with other marriage systems was that decisions to marry were strongly affected by economic circumstances.

This in turn was the result of the convention that on marriage a couple should create a new household. Instead of joining an existing household, a couple on marriage was expected to establish a new one. This involved accumulating the resources necessary to acquire and equip a household.

For many couples it was necessary to save from income over a period of time to make the marriage possible. If incomes were depressed or irregular it took longer to do so than in more prosperous times. As a result the average age of marriage might rise or fall in sympathy. In western Europe societies, moreover, a significant fraction of each rising generation never married, and this proportion was also influenced by economic circumstances.

In other societies the timing of marriage was governed by the prevailing conventional norms that meant that the vast majority of women married young. It was frequently the case that celibacy was almost unknown and the average age of marriage for women was far lower than in western Europe, often close to the attainment of sexual maturity. The fact that in western Europe between a tenth and a fifth of each generation never married, combined with a relatively late average age at marriage for women, implied that fertility levels were normally lower than in other societies.

This generalization is too sweeping. Fertility levels were influenced by many factors other than age at marriage and celibacy levels. Relatively modest levels of general fertility sometimes prevailed through the effect of social and personal conventions and practices very different from the west European system.

And the west European marriage system itself took varying forms. The first edition was published in Coal in truth stands not beside, but entirely above all other commodities. It is the material source of the energy of this country — the universal aid — the factor in everything we do. With coal almost any feat is possible or easy; without it we are thrown back on the laborious poverty of early times. He was deeply concerned about the depletion of coal reserves generally and the export of coal in particular: To part in commerce with the surplus yearly interest of the soil may be unquestioned gain; but to disperse so lavishly the cream of our mineral wealth is to be spendthrifts of our capital — to part with that which can never be reproduced.

In short, the export of corn was less hazardous than the export of coal because the former was the product of an energy flow, whereas the latter was an exhaustible stock. If mechanical energy had continued to be provided almost exclusively by human and animal muscle, the constraints of an organic economy would have continued to limit growth. Because draught animals were the most important single source of mechanical energy in early modern England, increasing use of mechanical energy would only have been possible by devoting a larger and larger acreage to animal fodder.

In the midth century, it was times larger than it had been in the s, and 20 times larger than in The annual growth rate for coal production varied between 1. The total rose massively between the mid 16th and mid 19th centuries. In —9 the annual average figure was 65 petajoules, a quantity roughly equivalent to the energy contained in 2.

Three centuries later, in —9, energy consumption had risen to 1, petajoules, a total more than 28 times as large as the earlier figure. The very large increase in energy consumption that took place was mainly due to the rapid expansion in coal production over the three centuries in question. Coal provided an annual average of 7 petajoules in —9; in —9 the equivalent figure was 1, petajoules.

Peat represents an accumulation of the product of plant photosynthesis over thousands of years; coal a similar accumulation over millions of years. Sieferle estimated that in the 17th century 0.

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In eastern Europe in both these age groups the proportion of women who had never married was negligible. Hajnal provided evidence that what was true of eastern Europe was true of almost all societies elsewhere in the world for which he had reliable data.

The difference in proportions ever married in the two systems clearly implies wide differences in the average age at first marriage. The mean age at first marriage for women was In the west European marriage system the average female age at first marriage, though it varied considerably, was years later in life.

Even though exponential growth was physically impossible in organic economies, the prevailing standard of living was not foredoomed to be depressed close to bare subsistence for the mass of the population in societies in which the west European marriage system had become established. In drawing attention to this fact, exemplified in the economic history of countries in north-west Europe, Hajnal emphasized that he was essentially re-expressing views which Malthus had propounded as a mature thinker.

If the prevailing fertility level is somewhat lower, because marriage takes place later in life and a proportion of each generation remains single, and if marriage decisions are influenced by prevailing economic conditions — in short, if fertility as well as mortality is sensitive to the level and trend of living standards — a different outcome is readily possible.

Given the nature of organic economies, the potential disadvantages of a society in which fertility is high and invariant are clear. The poor will indeed always be with you.

But this is only a limiting possibility. There were many circumstances that might cause fertility to fall well short of the highest level attainable.

Clearly this will be true where, as in the west European marriage system, there is a high average age at marriage for women and conventions that lead to a proportion of each rising generation of women never marrying.

What is remarkable about the populations of pre-industrial western Europe is that they not only evolved a set of social rules, which effectively linked their rate of family formation with changes in their environment, but also managed to secure such low fertility that they achieved both a demographically efficient replacement of their population, and an age-structure which was economically more advantageous than the age-structures generally to be found among non-industrial societies today.

At one extreme there were societies in which every woman was married at or close to the age of arriving at sexual maturity unless she was seriously handicapped physically or mentally. The timing of marriage for women was determined by physiological change.

At the other extreme in the west European marriage system, economic circumstances played a major role in influencing the timing and frequency of marriage. The social convention that brought this about lay in the expectation that on marriage the newly married couple would set up a new household rather than joining an existing household as was the norm in many other organic societies.

This created an economic hurdle to be surmounted before a marriage could take place. Rather than the timing of marriage being governed by reaching or approaching sexual maturity, it was strongly influenced by the time spent by the couple in securing an adequate sum in advance of marriage to enable them to create a new household.

This meant that the average age at marriage for women was characteristically in the mids rather the mid to late teens. Family sizes were therefore significantly smaller. With a mean birth interval of 30 months, for example, marriage at 25 rather than 18 would reduce completed family size by 2. If the economic barrier to be surmounted was severe, or saving was difficult and parents were unable or unwilling to assist, it also meant that a proportion of both sexes would never marry because they had failed to assemble the wherewithal to do so.

In peasant communities, for example, the ability to marry might depend upon gaining access to a holding. If holdings were not subdivided this would result in an unchanging number of married couples. When living costs rose because a bad harvest caused grain prices to soar, marriages were delayed.

Long-term economic trends that affected living standards might also influence the timing and extent of marriage. Worsening economic circumstances tended to produce a rise in the proportion of men and women remaining single; and those who did marry would do so later in life. An implication of relatively high mortality is that fertility must also be high if the population is not to decline. Late marriage and the fact that a significant proportion of women remained single affected the composition of the labor force.

In England unmarried women normally entered the labor force. To transfer of a load of grain weighing 2, pounds by a wagon drawn by four horses 23 miles the horses at almost ten percent of their cargo, pounds of grain, so only 2, pounds of grain was delivered.

In the wealth of nations, Adam Smith stressed the significance of transport costs in relation to the size of an accessible market.

In an assessment of the importance of good transport facilities, he asserted that: They are upon that account the greatest of all improvements. They encourage the cultivation of the remote, which must always be the most extensive circle of the country. In the band closest to the town the land is devoted to market gardening, fruit-growing, and milk production perishability rather than transport cost determines this usage.

The next band illustrates vividly the restrictive nature of high transport cost. It is forest land from which the town meets its fuel needs both for domestic heating and for local industry.

Access to timber is also vital for other purposes, notably for the construction industry. Because of its bulk and weight timber has to be grown close to the town. Its price rapidly becomes prohibitive as the length of the journey to market increases. The three bands between the timber and pastoral bands are devoted to cereal growing.

High transport costs operate rather like tariff barriers. Most local industries are, in effect, protected in much the same way that a tariff would provide protection. Competition is restricted, except in regard to products of high value per unit weight.

In contrast, if transport costs are low an efficient producer will be able to sell at a profit over a larger area, and the consumer will benefit. A river that passed through a market town gave some farmers a huge advantage. The strips of land on either side of the river distort the original simple pattern of concentric bands of land use. The bands are extended outwards on either side of the river because close to the river the cost of transporting a crop or other produce to the town might be no higher at, say, three times the distance from the town at which the same cost is incurred if the product is moved over land.

In contrast with other major branches of the economy, the energy used in transport was exclusively mechanical energy and until the middle decades of the 19th century this continued to be provided, as in the past, by animal muscle on land and by the wind at sea. Only with the development of an effective method of converting heat energy into mechanical energy did this change.

If production is areal the associated transport system will be dendritic. Much of the agricultural production takes place towards the periphery of the farmland surrounding a town and is therefore transported to the town from the outermost twigs of the system. In order to reach an urban market the grain must journey first along the twigs to reach the small branches and then the larger boughs before reaching a main trunk of the system.

Similarly, for urban products to reach rural markets they must journey through the dendritic system in the opposite direction. The volume of traffic along any given stretch of road will be modest except on the roads close to the main market. In organic economies this meant that it was difficult to secure an adequate return on road improvement since the resulting saving in reduced transport cost could seldom justify the initial expenditure. Greene, writing about horse usage in the United States, notes that the average density of horses in the forty-six largest cities in the country when urban horse usage peaked in was horses per square mile.

She estimates that in Philadelphia, where the density was about per square mile, there were more than 50, horses in the city as a whole. The pressure on horse supply had long been apparent at the local level. For example, it was noticed in the 18th century coal mines at mines some distance from the nearest navigable water. Langton, describing this problem in Lancashire, wrote: It is said that 20, horses were employed in the Newcastle coal trade in Musson noted that horses were still widely used as a source of power in the classic period of the industrial revolution: The different mating systems in Western and Eastern Europe also have genetic and evolutionary or sociobiological consequences, which may have contributed to the West spearheading the industrial revolution.

The great tragedy is not the transition from wood to fossil fuels but the transition from fossil fuels back to wood, made vastly worse by our collective refusal to manage the transition as it approaches. It is now too late for rational planning at a high level, such as the level of a national government, but some individuals, families, and small social networks still should be able to give themselves a chance to survive the transition.

Sadly, many who would like to do this can not, and many who can, will not. It will also be aggravated by our unbelievable and entirely avoidable level of global indebtedness which reduces our flexibility to prepare before the transition or to adapt during it.

What many astronomers are now calling the Eddy Minimum will be not just an opportunity for obnoxious deniers like me to gloat, but will be a profound catastrophe for much of the human race, which contracted substantially during each of the last two grand minima, the Dalton and the Maunder. That global energy production will be peaking and then commencing its irreversible decline during a major solar minimum does not merely add to but multiplies the threat to civilization.

But let us also count our blessings. The huge explosion in discovery and knowledge which could never have reached its current level by painstakingly incremental advances but required the gigantic push of the industrial age which created a vast surplus of resources to enable extensive research and development and discovery will leave us with many lasting benefits.

Think of some of the discoveries that will not vanish with the industrial age: And this is far from being a complete list. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, future generations will have a chance to be far better off then their pre-industrial ancestors, and the fossil fuel age will have made that possible. I only wish I could add the end of slavery to this list, but it still lingers at a low level here and there and will probably make a comeback during the post-industrial age.

At least we obtained a constitutional prohibition on slavery except for convicts in the US, which hopefully will retard its resurgence here. Consider the landscape of complexity: But to get from this peak to that peak, we have to pass through the valley between them. You might call it the valley of the shadow of death.

The next two or three generations will pass through that valley before some part of the world begins to slowly re-ascend the next mountain.

The bronze age, the ancient age, the medieval age all ended, in every case traumatically. Now we face the end of the modern age—not with a whimper, but with a bang.

Nehemiah…are you suggesting that if our Milky Way galaxy is like a giant whorly flower in shape, we move between the petals rather than stay on one petal. Or are these cooler areas within our petal.? This section of you comment got me a bit confused but overall I like your optimism which unfortunately if it comes to pass will only benefit humanity several hundred years in the future. The destruction of the Library at Alexandria still represses the intelligence of a large group today….

This very essay on Wrigley book quotes transformational wisdom from books written generations ago that is all but forgotten to most of us today. There was plenty of coal to always create these machines and running them digging for more coal — a process that was so tightly integrated and weakly audited, nobody knew what coal was going for building and empowering the machines, their industrial base and ecosystem — to that went external to the process.

That has shaped our theory of economics since, and made it ignoring, all along, wear and tear that leads any energy-producing device — Civilisation being a one — to its destruction, unless massive energies are put into its maintenance and continuous revival. This far, and as our civilisation has grown vastly, repairs became no less energy-intensive than the energy expended earlier constructing any of those devices anew.

Correlating recently the energy expended in humans-run processes to the useful energy ever produced by those processes , a new-generation economics are expected to emerge, from now on, as humanity departs from past abundant fossil fuels age into the unknown. If Hubbert has lived the Internet age, it is likely he would have put his peak oil curve going, on the right side, backward, driven by Entropy internal to matter , deep into the heart of the base of the curve, eating all active embodied energies that have been earlier stored in structures, human bodies, and technology during the golden age of fossil fuels see airplanes, ships, cars, weaponry, trains junkyards, ruined cities in the Middle East, ailing infrastructure worldwide, etc.

Excellent explanation of the limits to civilization caused by energy availability. The customs of marriage and the structure of society were also clearly controlled by energy. Disagreement can make for enlightening conversation. I appreciate your analytical and quantitative approach to energy questions.

I notice also that you have a very strong conviction regarding the CO2 theory of climate change, as do I in the opposite direction. Now, I can easily list you all my criticisms of CO2 theory, but you can find these objections already on the internet from various sources.

I assume that you, as I, have examined all the proposed explanations for climate change before making up your mind on this question, just as I am sure we both examined the energy question very closely before we developed strong convictions on that matter.

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A lusty combination of light-hearted hardcore and the 'Dukes of Hazzard. The fourth edition of the series is a departure from what's come before, with a whole new storyline and theme. The plot centers on Jamie Gillis, a notorious lothario who's set out to break the world record by having sex with 15, women in just three years.

Everything is going smoothly until a trio of delectable damsels move into his apartment building. His roommates Jerry Butler and Richard Pacheco try to keep him focused on his goal, but Jamie's fallen head over heels for the delightful charms of Monique Ga brielle. When a male guard is murdered inside a woman's prison, an investigation is underway to find the killer.

When two jailbirds are shackled to each other in a nasty pen run by sadistic guards and hefty dykes, they escape, steal a car, ball a farmer, raid a chop shop and they just might persuade a judge to let them go because they crack a major stolen car ring.

Deidra Holland is a novelist. When her imagination gets the better of her, she seeks help for her sexual compulsions from a famous psychotherapist. Past-life therapy takes Deidre back to more than one erotic encounter of a lifetime. But is the Doc for real, or are his methods - and motives- unsound? When a mann is laid up in the hospital, after an attempt on his life, his wife hires a PI to find out who put him there and why.

Bolla, David Morris Synopsis: Samantha Fox has troubles galore when in order to inherit a sizable fortune, she must solve a riddle her father left for her. Job 1 is to lay her brother in law and make him hers. Turns out, he's the Devil and he is taking control of the women in every way.

This time around the Devil has made 2 women murder their husbands and gave them sexual freedom in exchange for their souls. But the girls have decided to back out and they must argue their case in court. Alex De Renzy takes us on another guided tour through the world of erotic encounters with his patented vignette style of storytelling.

In the style of 'Wild Things", this feature too, is a guaranteed 'Ball Buster"!! The warden of a female prison makes a deal with the inmates for special privleges, if they can beat the men's prison baseball team.

Itchy and Eatit Bonker have a nice house in Queens, a very beautiful daughter who is a nymphomaniac, a mooching son-in-law who is hung like horse, and a fondness for fooling around every chance they get. Come spend a day with them as they try to keep it, Ball in the Family.

A surprise party gets outta hand when the working girls show up. Bang Bang starring C. In financial despair, young Holly decides to break into the adult industry. She soon finds herself takin' it all off for men who are more than willing to fill her g-string with cash, and we all find out what goes on behind closed doors.

Barbara Broadcast starring Annette Haven, C. Annette Haven is Barbara Broadcast, world-famous sex expert. Lang is a reporter looking for Annette's angle. They meet for an interview at an eatery where sex is the best thing on the menu. They proceed to indulge in an orgiastic seven course sex-feast that has gone down in annals of blue movie history!

Leggy, luscious lust bunny Barbara Dare plays the title character in this white-hot spoof of the sword and sorcery genre. She yearns to free her sister from the clutches of the evil knight who dwells behind the castle walls. The nefarious one wants to marry her sister against her will, but Barbara is captured before she can put her plan into motion. Barbara turns in the performance of her carnal career, laying bare her every debauched desire as she loses herself in the decadent dark ages.

Great fun for fans of the genre or anyone into flying fur and freaky frolicking. But the cops have picked up their trail. Watch as an inventor's plans for time travel become reality and a man and woman from the future travel through time to bang whomever they run into! T hese Ladies belong to a women's investment club which mixes pleasure with business and are prepared to Wall St by any means necessary.

Mike Horner stars as a late-night DJ whose female fans keep driving him to distraction. He's a lusty lothario whose show on KZZR radio keeps gal calling in and telling him all about their lusty liaisons.

That turns out to be a lot harder than he thinks. This hot foot fuckfest is "The Godfather" of the foot fetish video world! If you like your feet bare and maybe just a little dirty or very dirty then this is the film for you!

These 2 ladies have just turned the magic 18, and are out to break a lot of hearts, wreck a lot of marriages, and have a lot of sex. But that could just backfire on them. Teri Weigel's first job out of college lands her smack in the middle of a VIP's world of wheeling and dealing. A capable woman, she rises to the task of setting up house and holding down the fort while the 'players' are away. Things get sticky however, when a series of strange events bring her under the romantic spell of Rick, her boss's lover.

The deeper she falls for him the more bizarre her behavior becomes until finally, flinging caution to the wind, Teri comes face to face with a reality she cannot deny. We're not sure if this was the kind of help they were looking for, but no one is really complaining.

Croix Jon Dough Synopsis: Join the sensual and exotic Kascha and a bevy of star studded gal pals in a sizzling backdoor adventure! Set in a rural town, Kascha is the sheriff that keeps everyone on the stariaght and very tight narrow. Sometime in the last century, a prospector gets lucky and strikes gold. On the way to register the claim, he stops at the local cathouse where the girls seduce and rob him.

The town blacksmith forges a bracelet from the yellow metal but the girls lose it in a hold up. Many years later it's found and falls into the hands of the prospector's great granddaughter. Crime fighting has never been so erotic as in this sinfully sensual reworking of the cartoon hero's myth.

Bat Bitch is played by carnal cutie Jacqueline in a top-notch performance that leaves no doubt as to who's the sexiest crime fighter in Gotham. When Russian spies threaten to steal sensitive documents from her city's vaults, Bat Bitch flies into action. Whether taking on a group of evil henchmen or relaxing in sinfully sexy trysts in her own private batcave, this is one Bat Bitch who knows what needs to be done -- and does it!

The Russians refuse to give up easily and plans are underway to end Bat Bitch's life, while taking the secrets of the USA to the Kremlin. This time out the Brat, is off on a 'surfer dude' kick, and once again, her hubby has slipped into the background. The fantasies of a female lifeguard are explained in this daring mood piece from the mind of Judy Blue. There are no spoken words, just music that seems to crescendo with the climaxes of these beautiful girls.

Luscious Loni Sanders is Beauty — and she lives up to her name! But when her father loses her in a poker game, Beauty gets a taste of sexual wildness form the winner Jamie Gillie , who she thinks is a beast. He proves her that beneath his rough exterior lurks a romantic lover. Most notable is her encounter with the infamous, Long John Silver and his 20" tool. This is real porn history!!! When a beautiful, rich, snobby bitch mistreats a homelss person that turns out to be a warlock, he casts a spell on her that destroys her life and fores her to take to prostitution as a way to support herself, just to teach her a lesson.

A waterbed company on the verge of bankruptcy, comes up with a brilliant ad campaign to boost sales. But first they must find the perfect spokesmodel for the project. They hold a beauty pageant to loctae the perfect woman, but all the contestants are approaching the judges to sway their votes When a guy and his wife inherit a dude ranch, they and their best friends decide to go spend a weekend there. Only thing is, no one told them it was haunted by a horny couple that were killed there in the s.

The Clamclit sisters are "movin' on up" and swapping their beloved hillbilly farm for a lil' ol' mansion in Beverly Hills, that is, if Mr. Dripsdale doesn't screw up the deal! There's a shitload of good, old-fashioned country fun in this down right nasty tale.

Featuring Tiffany Million's 1st anal scene!! Peter Pole stars as the 'Beaverly Hills Cop' in this wacky take-off on the mainstream hit. Peter's a go-getter who just can't seem to be in the right place at the right time, even as everyone around him bumps and grinds their way to wanton eighties ecstasy! He spies on plenty of passion as he wends his way through LA. Gregor is a gourmet chef relocating in America from Russia And they fall in love. But the cook has to kill a husband and maybe a bodyguard to get to Asia.

Will there be great sex because this is a Toni English film? It's the story of a girl and her bed. A bed that gives advice, tells tales, and just might save Celeste from some untold danger. All in all, it's bedlam. When all hell breaks loose It all begins with a woman needing a minor operation and her husband being compelled to go along. Little do they know this hospital is unlike any other they've ever been to.

You'll have to watch and find out for yourself what makes this one so special. Perhaps, it's because The Brat workd here. When a woman wants to back out of investing in a matress store, her husband must get the money back from his partners who aren't thrilled about having their business put in jeopardy.

Two girls rent an apartment together so they can live out their sexual fanatsies in the big city. Sex through the ages is the theme of this white-hot romp from Some of the era's sexiest strumpets strut their stuff as they illustrate the ins and outs of sexual expression over the last years or so.

The fun begins back in the Victorian era, when even a hint of ankle could be considered scandalous. Of course, behind closed doors they were showing off a lot more than just ankles! We proceed through the Jazz Age, the Depression and the buttoned-down s, each vignette showing that there's nothing new under the sexy sun.

The action concludes in , as we discover the truth about the carnal clips we've been watching. It's non-stop time-hopping fun featuring the hottest starlets of the day! Hot and bothered Italian cloak and daggeress Moana is training a brand new cadre of female recruits in the fine art of getting heads of state in over their heads by giving them a 'hard' time.

Mata Hari didn't have a thing on Ms. Moana in the sex for secrets department. She'd have most guys telling not only where they hid the micro film she finished saying drop your pants! This is the film for lovers of dirty spy stories. The sex is thunderous, the women are gorgeous and the story is actually quite good.

The night before her wedding proves to be an amorous evening of debauchery and decadence for our once bashful bride. Join Erica Boyer in this sinful tale of vows that were made to be broken and naughty nuptials gone amiss.

A series of vignettes shows what goes on in this LA suburb, when the doors close. A series of vignettes tells the tales of these woman and their love for a good butt banging!! Behind The Green Door Series. This timeless classic, produced by the famed Mitchell Brothers, casts the oh-so young Marilyn in her first adult film role.

We watch as two truck drivers recount their most unusual sexual encounters, including one scene where Marilyn gives extreme pleasure to a guy on a trapeze Highly erotic, with long intriguing sex scenes - not to be missed. Behind The Green Door: Once again a woman transforms her everyday existence into an irresistible private fantasy of the most bizarre, sensual and electrifying kind! Dwarfs, fat ladies, bearded ladies, muscle men — no character type is too strange or too bizarre.

Combine them with a tantalizing story, sizzling action, beautiful women… and you've got a winner! The Sequel brings to full force the dynamic eroticism latent in a woman's fantasy and presented in a form unsurpassed by anything the screen has yet experienced. Bella is the erotic story of a very passionate young woman who falls madly in love with her next door neighbor - who is also happens to be her mother's lover!

This film takes you on a salacious journey behind one family's closed doors. Jealousy rears its ugly head and after coming to blows, these two females finally agree to share the stud - and all without daddy finding out! Rarely seen sex kitten Tracy Adams shines in the starring role, delivering one of the greatest ingenue performances in erotic entertainment. With searing sex and original music by the Rome Symphony Orchestra the Pope must have been out of town!

An under appreciated classic of its era! Essentially, Barbie and Ben enlist cosmetically-challenged girls from a shopping mall, and then stick dildos and fingers up their butts the girls' butts, that is. After knowing each other since they were two years old, and being best friends in college, April and Randy Spears go their separate ways. They still keep in touch a bit, but have completely different lives.

After years mostly apart, April and Randy start to catch up a bit after Randy gets divorced, and start wondering why nothing ever happened between them. Best Little Whorehouse Series. The most exclusive bordello in Beverly hills is the setting for this tale of working girls , and the lengths they will go to please their clients. When Barbara inherits a whorehouse in old Hong Kong, she dives into the family business with Relish! Join Barb and a slew of beauties as they set the standard for personal service at the Orient's hottest cathouse.

Candy runs the most successful bordello in all of San Francisco, along with it she must endure the problems each of her girls have, not to mention one serious problem.

You'll have to watch the movie. Don Fernando plays some sort of rising movie star who gets caught peeping into a ladies room and is thrown into jail. An alien is sent down to earth to educate a group of simpletons on the fine art of backdoor boffing, as he conjours up willing participants, all beautiful and eager to demonstrate.

The insane pimp is running the streets after escaping from the mental asylum, and finds he must take back what is his A bed recalls all the sex that's been had on it through the ages. Includes Seka as a gangster's moll and Vanessa Del Rio as a sassy greaser chick! A philandering married couple spend their time off from work engaged in all kinds of sensual shenanigans in this pseudo-send-up of the long-running TV hit.

A millionaire seeks help from his buddy to find him a woman that wants himmore than his money On the trail of 'The boner Bandit' this sexy sleuth sniffers out the cocky culprit in an avalanche of sexual activity that proves she always gets her man.

This steamy sexvid from pulls back the curtain on the sordid shenanigans that thrive in and around Beverly Hills. Everyone ends up wealthy and wise to the wanton ways of the world. It's a bed-hopping, blistering excursion into the city's deepest, darkest sexual secrets.

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