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I m looking for someone who wants to be loved

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I m looking for someone who wants to be loved

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I m looking for someone who wants to be loved

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Hope you enjoy them. Iam a country boy I m looking for someone who wants to be loved lives on a farm so I love outside but I also play games too lol.

I'm looking for someone who is in the same situation as me, not happy with the physical side of my marriage but not looking to change anything either. It would be better if you are also a beginner (or advanced beginner:)), I'd feel bad to make others wait for me. If your always lonely or need some one to talk to or do things with then say hello. I read every day and a huge variety of books.

Ahsoka's name has been cleared of any wrong-doing and the Order is now aware that Bariss was a traitorous bitch, but she had quit the Order after the betrayal. The bar was a relatively quiet one.

Surprisingly so, given that it wasn't far from a main thoroughfare. The sound from the traffic nearby was reduced to no more than a dull and distant roar.

A Togruta female sat in a chair at a bar. She was idly swirling the teal liquid in her glass around, not really paying attention to her surroundings. She was utterly lost in her thoughts. The bartender in front of her, who was an incredibly busty Zeltron female in a skin tight bodysuit that not only left absolutely nothing to the imagination as to what lay underneath, but had a portion cut out on her top to reveal an impressive amount of cleavage.

Ahsoka knew she was young and still had some growing to do, but despite having finally begun to fill out in the past few months, she would never have the bust of the Zeltron. The bartender had inquired several times about whether the young girl wished for another drink. Despite her occasional inquiries, the woman hadn't done it in a way to be insistent about buying another or in irritation with Ahsoka taking up a seat at her bar.

The young girl thought it a genuinely nice change of pace from her previous experiences of wasting times in bars. Especially considering how deep she was in the side of Coruscant the politicians didn't wish to talk about and the news crews long realized should never be shown to the public. Drinking, unfortunately for the goddess serving customers at the bar, wasn't on the forefront of the Togruta's mind.

In fact, she had barely touched whatever it was that was inside her glass. The request ' Surprise me! Today, had been a day like no other in her admittedly insane life. The decision to walk away from the Jedi Temple had been both the easiest and hardest thing she had ever done.

The problem she was only now truly realizing was that the Jedi Order had been her entire life. She had next to no recollection of her life prior to the age of three when her Force sensitivity had been discovered on the planet of Shili by Jedi Master Plo Kloon, someone she still felt as a sort of father figure to her.

Of course that meant nothing when she had been standing in the pit before the Jedi Masters who had passed judgement on actions they thought she had taken. Every possible close tie and relationship she had was connected to the Jedi Order.

Idly she wondered if that was another reason why the Jedi took children from their families; to give them really no place to go, other than the temple.

Ahsoka admitted to herself that the thought was rather cynical and bitter but at the moment she didn't much care. Someone slid up beside her at the bar and leaned forward arms over the bar as he leaned forward. Ahsoka barely glanced over at him, as the unassuming human male's profile didn't register as being important to her at all. She did register that he had dark brown hair, or maybe black. She didn't really care to focus on his features. The bartender in front of her however lit up with a wide smile in recognition.

Ahsoka did note that it didn't seem to be the false happiness many bartenders across the galaxy would do for repeat customers so that they would attempt to purchase more alcohol in an attempt to kill their livers or whatever bodily organ the species had that might process alcohol through the body.

No, this bartender was genuinely happy that this man was here. Long time no see! Last time I heard you were out exploring some old ruins on… Ziost or something? The man, presumably the aforementioned Harry, chuckled good naturedly. The bartender grinned, "Nah, one of my suppliers mentioned he'd hauled some cargo out that way and docked near your ship.

Closest to a good cup that I don't have to make myself or that doesn't taste like liquid dirt. Ahsoka Tano repressed a sigh, she felt a pang in her heart as the sound was almost identical to the one SkyGuy used to give her when she'd been a touch too enthusiastic about something or he was humoring her. Harry winked at the Zeltron. She rolled her eyes and picked up the credit chip, depositing it quickly. To Ahsoka it was obviously familiar banter between the two and enough of a distraction to give her something to focus on beyond her own troubles.

He picked up the steaming cup and took a sip, before closing his eyes and letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction at whatever was in the cup. He allowed a slow smile to cross his face. Harry looked affronted, though Ahsoka could tell from his tone that it was teasing. Believe me I know.

I've tried most of them. Most who come here aren't looking for drinks without alcohol. In fact, I'm relatively certain that some of my patrons are unaware that there actually exists drinks that don't contain alcohol. Then the bartender focused her attention to Ahsoka. Hers isn't any more alcoholic than yours. Harry barely glanced over at Ahsoka, dismissing her casually. Ahsoka noticed how his eyes lingered in her bared cleavage before he continued after taking a sip of his tea.

I keep dropping them into the safety box you gave me. Ahsoka peered curiously at the box with a frown on her face, it was a decent sized box, but it almost seemed hard to notice, unless she was looking right at it, otherwise her eyes seemed to slide right off.

On the top of the box was a little opening to slide things in, but otherwise the box seemed like a solid hunk of metal. Harry ran his hand over the side of the box, Ahsoka had gone back to studying her glass so as not to be too nosy, but she looked up sharply when she felt a small surge in the Force. Harry was either oblivious or unconcerned by her sudden interest in his actions as the box opened up from a seam that hadn't appeared to be there before.

Inside the box were packages of several different sizes that Harry idly began sorting through. He piled several datacards into one pile, and a couple of other packages that seemed to be small lumps into another.

The packages that weren't data cards seemed to disappear into his jacket with quick movements. Harry hummed softly before shutting the case and running his hand over it again in a curious gesture before pushing it back across to the bartender who took it without hesitation to store it in the back again. Harry shrugged a bit as he slid a card into a datareader to begin perusing it. Though… I wonder if you 'accidentally' slipped any more pictures of yourself in there like the last time I was gone.

The bartender winked at him. Harry chuckled as he took a sip of his tea, idly flicking through information on his reader, humming and seemingly oblivious to anyone around him. Ahsoka was still watching him curiously when she felt something press against the back of her head. Ahsoka froze, realizing that it was the business end of a blaster that was currently resting against the back of her head.

She cursed herself for being so distracted as to let someone sneak up on her. She also cursed her lack of a lightsaber as it would no doubt be coming in handy right about now. Leaving the Jedi Order had been a rather spur of the moment decision that afternoon after the courts had been forced to see that she was innocent.

She, rather stupidly she admitted in retrospect, didn't reclaim her only dependable weapon. She attempted to go another route, by attempting to bluff her way out of the situation.

She spoke slowly trying to inject terror into her voice, "J… jedi? No, I'm not, you've got the wrong person. She was not at all helped by the snort from the human, Harry. She couldn't tell if he was laughing at her situation, or her clumsy attempt to manipulate the person behind her while under stress.

The laugh was most assuredly directed at her though. She wondered what kind of person could laugh at a person facing this misfortune and wished she'd get a chance to make him think twice about laughing at someone in trouble. Otherwise he simply sat there continuing to read and take another sip of his tea, seemingly unconcerned with the situation developing beside him.

Unfortunately, the attitude was matched by many others in the bar, they were either unconcerned or glancing over to make sure the business didn't involve them. Ahsoka Tano was unsurprised by this, well aware that was how things worked in less reputable areas.

No one wanted to intervene for risk of getting themselves drawn in and possibly eating a blaster bolt for their troubles. The bartender was looking over past Ahsoka's shoulder and to each side with wide eyes, something Ahsoka took to be a relatively bad sign. That meant there were more than just the one behind her. She could hear the sneer in the voice as it replied.

Ahsoka frowned wondering how on earth the word had gotten out that she had turned down admittance into the order. It had only happened a few hours ago! Ahsoka's eyes widened and she couldn't keep the look of shock off of her face. Not only had word circulated that she was out of the order, but somehow she had a bounty placed on her head?

And people willing to collect on it? Especially here on Coruscant, a system that wasn't exactly friendly and welcoming to any bounty hunters that ventured through. There was no missing the excitement in the voice of the man as he continued to speak, "The bounty on you is six figures, nearing seven if you're alive! Ahsoka couldn't help the scowl that crossed her face. Being put on trial as a traitor to the Republic was not one of her best moments and now at least one of the enemies she made working with such a high profile was looking to bite her in the ass.

She squared her shoulders and tried to sound as calm and confident as possible. The person behind her didn't so much as hesitate, "Good, then you'll put these binder cuffs on.

She looked at them and looked at the counter for anything she might be able to use as a weapon with surprise on her side. Unfortunately the only thing within reach was her cup and she had no idea how many people were holding blasters on her. She'd be a lot less likely to escape or put up a fight if her hands were cuffed especially if she couldn't manage to get uncuffed. Alive is just worth a good deal more.

“My Ex-Fiancé Wants Me Back, But Now I’m Falling for Someone Else”

These favors don't have to be constant or over-the-top, but if the person truly loves you, then they'll want to do things to make you smile and to make your life easier. True love isn't just about what you can take from the person, but what you can give as well. If the person really loves you, then they will do nice things for you without you having to ask. It should be implied that you need a favor or help sometimes.

If you have to ask for something nice every time, then that may not be true love. See if the person always wants to be around you. Part of being in love is always wanting to be around the person you love, even if it's impractical. If the person truly loves you, then they will want to be around you — a lot. This doesn't mean the person will want to be attached at the hip, but it does mean that the person will try to take as many opportunities as possible to see you.

Let them give you space. If the person truly loves you, then they'll not only want to be around you a lot, but they will also know when to give you space and let you do your own thing. If the person wants to be around you all the time, then that's not love — it's infatuation. As love matures, two people will realize that they still need to do things separate to maintain their own identities. If the person wants to be around you every waking moment, then that may be more of a sign of that person's insecurities than true love.

Determine if the person truly understands you. True love is true understanding. Though it sounds lame, the person should really "get" you in order to love you. If the person actually understands your moods, knows what you want and what you don't want, and has an idea of what will make you happy before you may know it yourself, then that may be true love. See if the person wants the best for you.

This should be true even if it isn't the best for them. If a person truly loves you, then they will understand that there are some things that you have to do that may not be the best for them, or may mean that you will be spending some time apart.

If they truly love you, then they'll understand that you have to spend a summer on a remote island to pursue your career in marine biology, or that you have to go home early to get enough sleep for a test instead of spending the night with them.

If the person only wants what's best for both of you at all times, then they're not really seeing you as a unique individual with your own needs and desires. If they really love you, then they won't only be there for the fun times — they'll also be there to help you achieve your goals and move forward in your life. If they truly love you, then they'll be there in the bleachers during your soccer game, they'll be there to see you defend your thesis, and they'll be there to give you a ride to your job interview.

And they'll be there whenever you want to talk about something that means a lot to you. If they really love you, then they will support you to achieve your goals or pursue your interests, even if they have nothing to do with them. Part 3 Quiz What is one thing a person can do to show they truly love you?

They will try to spend all free time with you. Your loved one will always support whatever is best for both of you as a couple, not what's best for you as individuals. They will do nice things for you without you having to ask. What if my personality is strange? Should I act like the person my crush really likes? It doesn't matter if your personality is "normal," "strange" or anything in between.

If he or she doesn't like you for who you are, it's not true love. Never try to be something you're not. Not Helpful 57 Helpful When he does not express his feelings, but his behavior shows his love, what does this mean?

How he treats you matters more than what he says. Some people are not that comfortable talking about their feelings. If his actions make you feel loved and respected, that should be enough. Not Helpful 8 Helpful How do you know if someone who tells you they really care about you, that they really do care about you? Sometimes "words aren't enough" and "action speaks louder than words".

People have the tendency to not share that kind of information especially if it's sincere. If you really want to know if they care, look at what they do for you. Do they make time to see you during busy weeks? Do they call you every now and then to check up on you? Do they drop small gifts and make a real effort? Do they remember extremely specific details about you?

And most of all do they trust you? Answer these and you'll know. Not Helpful 60 Helpful I think I'm in love, but we're not sure if it's really love or just infatuation. Is there any more information that could help us? A girl becomes very emotionally happy when infatuated with someone, which can be confused with falling in love. Time plays a huge part in a healthy relationship. The first couple days or weeks can be filled with a lot of emotion, so stay faithful and wait it out.

You don't have to have this electric feeling all the time. If you're truly in love, you'll be content with just yourselves and won't mind silence or time apart. Have trust in each other, faith in your relationship, and love each other's perfections and flaws. Not Helpful 1 Helpful What if I told the boy who has a crush on me that I was not interested in him because I was afraid he would reject me?

What should I do? Tell him you said you weren't interested because you were nervous and feeling insecure at the time.

If you're honest with him, he shouldn't hold this against you. Do it soon, or he'll find someone else. Not Helpful 9 Helpful A person who has suffered through a bad relationship needs time to trust a new partner.

Give him several months to trust you again, and work hard to earn that trust. After a few months have an honest conversation about how important his trust is for you, and encourage him to open up. If after six months he still can't do it, explain that you're losing faith in the relationship because he won't let you in.

Make sure that your message gets across with love and kindness, and not anger. Beyond that point he and you if you choose to stay should probably seek counsel, as the damage is too deep.

Not Helpful 27 Helpful I'm becoming uncomfortable with my boyfriend, and I'm not sure whether it is my fault or his. Take a few hours to yourself to write things down. Try to clear your mind and trace back to when this discomfort first surfaced. Sometimes quiet reflection -- and prayer -- can bring you greater clarity. Not Helpful 18 Helpful Break the ice, you have to entertain her especially if you've only just met.

Use your charm and share some stories but first and foremost you have to know her, so start with some simple questions, such as: What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? Then add on to these answers. The key is balance -- keep the conversation fresh and continuous, be smart and think fast but make sure it's natural and always be yourself. If that doesn't work, sorry to say but she might not be too interested. Not Helpful 48 Helpful You can tell if he tells you constantly that he loves you, he is considerate of your needs and he goes out of his way to spend time with you.

He will show genuine concern when you are having troubles and he will be there for you, not trying to fix things but to be supportive. Ask your heart, it knows best.

Not Helpful 49 Helpful How do you know a person truly loves me if lately they have been a bit off with me? The song was used as the theme in the movie Ghost. However, it was originally written for another movie decades earlier. The earlier movie was about a man who was being released from prison and looking to reunite with his love interest.

In this endearing country song, a younger man meets and older one and realizes they have one thing in common: The older man looks back on his life and recounts all of the times that he has waited on the woman he loves, from their first date when she was half an hour late, to their wedding that took a year to plan, and nearly every day thereafter.

He imagines that he'll end up waiting for her in death as well. However, he doesn't mind because that's what lovers do: The lovesick man in this ballad is oceans apart from his girlfriend. He is left waiting it out, nearly going crazy for her to return.

Still in love with the woman who has broken his heart and left him, the guy at the center of this pop song returns to the street corner where he first met his ex-girlfriend. With his sleeping bag, a cardboard sign and a photo of her in hand, he waits, hoping she will return to the spot where their love affair began. He's the man who can't be moved. This remake of Cyndi Lauper's classic rock song is about the mutual support that exists between two people who care deeply about one another:.

If you fall, I will catch you; I'll be waiting I'll always be waiting Time after time This heartwarming country song from features a couple separated by miles but not love.

The husband is trying desperately to return to his ailing wife, but he is detained by a Montana snowstorm. As she promises to wait for him, the wife fondly recalls other moments that she waited for his return: This guy has some sense of timing! Sadly, our hero doesn't arrive in time, and his waiting wife dies. Let's hope she wasn't alone. She leaves behind a note promising to wait for him on the other side. The narrator leaves his sweetheart back in his native Tennessee as he bounces from Boston to Denver to Los Angeles in search of career success.

While he finds success, his one true love waits for him back home. He pleads for her to join him, but she insists that she won't leave; instead, if he loved her, he'd return to her. The narrator in this pop song feels remorse for how she treated her lover, but she has learned from the experience.

Now she is waiting for when he is ready to love her again. She promises to treat him differently and better this time. Having been through a cycle of heartache, hoping and deep aching for the return of his beloved, the narrator in this pop song awaits the return of his lover.

Realizing that their love is one-of-a-kind, he waits for her to come back around. If you feel like you've waited your whole life—eternity even—for your one special sweetheart, consider yourself most fortunate to have found the one who is your perfect match.

It describes a love so intense that the narrator feels he has loved and waited for his better half for 1, years. Better yet, he claims he will love her for 1, more. Have you ever stood by supportively while you pined away for a friend whose heart was breaking over someone else? That's what the narrator in this rock song is doing. The girl he loves is trying to recover from heartbreak. Our patient narrator is so certain that his friend is the one for him that he will wait indefinitely for her to realize that the love she deserves has been there all along.

Now that is confidence. In this country song, the narrator is a sad and lonely wife who waits at home for her husband. Even though they are far apart, she cries herself to sleep missing him and waits faithfully for his return. The sailor who narrates this country song sets sail tomorrow.

He'll be leaving his lover until Springtime and needs to know if she will wait for his return:. Oh, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss It's better my darling, I promise you this: The next time I hold you, I'm not letting go Will you wait for me darling?

I need to know. It'll all work out. While the narrator in this hard rock song sits and waits for his girlfriend, he tries to convince himself and her that the end will all be worth the wait.

This folk rock song may be almost 50 years old, but it reflects what's going on today with increasing regularity. People travel great distances from their homes on business, for school, and to serve their country in the military.

Although there is social media and communication methods, it's lonely waiting for someone you love to return. Nothing truly replaces having them right there with you:. So far away Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? It would be so fine to see your face at my door Doesn't help to know you're just time away.

Who cares that the guy she wants is someone else's boyfriend? That's a small detail. When you're certain you belong together, you gotta wait it out while you convince him that you're the one. That's the narrator's strategy in this Taylor Swift hit. The guy in this rock song has been waiting on the woman he loves for such a long time now that he feels foolish and cruelly treated.

He claims that she builds him up just to knock him down, yet still he waits. No one said waiting on love was easy. As special as this person is to you, you cannot afford to put your entire life on hold waiting for her to change her mind.

You owe it to yourself to get out there and work on making yourself a happy person interested in the world around you rather than just being interested in capturing her attention. There are many possible matches for each of us in this world, not one soulmate.

Open yourself up to the possibilities. There may be someone out there even better for you than her — someone, who will love you back! No more waiting around, ok? You gave it a good shot already. That depends on a lot of factors, but the most important one is YOU. I hope you feel good enough about yourself to believe that you're worth loving.

Here are a few things to consider in determining how long to wait on someone when there are 7. Evaluate your relationship understanding and level of commitment.

Is this a marriage or long-term, exclusive relationship? On the other extreme of the continuum, have you never even shared your feelings with them and thus you don't know whether the feelings are one-sided or mutual? It's very hard to maintain a relationship over a long period of time without a deep spoken commitment.

The more mutual it is, the longer I'd personally be willing be invest. If there's any component of secrecy to the relationship such as in a clandestine extramarital affair, beware. You'll probably be waiting forever for them to leave their spouse.

What do you expect from each other from a behavioral standpoint? What constitutes a betrayal? For example, you might consider "waiting" to include loving someone from afar while continuing to casually date or fall in love with other partners over the years. Your beloved might consider "waiting" to be exclusive emotional and sexual fidelity, even if you haven't communicated for a long period.

Know what you each expect. If there's an imbalance in expectations e. Is this a voluntary separation in which they had the option to stay with you or take you with them, but instead chose not to?

Or was the situation forced, compulsory, not their choice? A variety of examples include: Is there any timeline or plan for getting the two of you together? How concrete is it? Has either of you articulated "deal breakers" for the relationship? Has either of you violated these? The more concrete a plan and timeline, the more confident I'd feel about waiting. Failure to meet intermediate milestones would signal red flags.

Opportunity costs refer to what you give up when you choose another option. By waiting for this person, what are you potentially giving up? Are you okay with that? Seriously give this one some thought. As much as you have a connection with this one person, sometimes the timing doesn't work.

Don't pine away for someone during the best years of your life. If it was meant to be, they'd prioritize you as much as you have prioritized them. Should I continue waiting for the person who abandoned me, came back and lied to my face and left again after promising to never do so? Curiously, the one thing you did not say is that you LOVE this person and that is good because the way they're treating you is neither loving nor respectful.

You need to love and respect yourself, too, and not allow others to treat you so dismissively and manipulatively. People teach others how to treat them, so your challenge is to do a better job teaching others to respect you. This person 1 abandoned you twice, 2 lied to your face, and 3 broke their promise. Forget "continuing to wait" for them.

Why are you waiting for them NOW? Stop communicating with them. Cut them out of your life and redouble your efforts on making yourself whole and happy. Contrary to the movies, you don't need another person to "complete" you. You're good enough by yourself. If you need to, seek the assistance of a professional therapist or counselor e. Kick this person to the curb and demand more of both yourself and those you care about. You can do this! I'm rooting for you. A friend and I like each other and flirt a lot, but she turns me down whenever I ask her out.

Should I stop flirting so neither of us gets hurt or wait it out? Mariella replies First, change your criteria. It might be better to pause your rigorous appraisal process and learn to make friends first.

If choices about the people we grow to value in our lives were all based on such speedy assessments imagine the number of wonderful characters who might slip our grasp. The same is true when it comes to relationships.

Love at first sight can be a terrible deception. We have to embrace the mystery and surprises along with the frustrations. Then again as someone slowly but inexorably slipping back to the analogue world wherever possible, I may not be the best person to advise on seeking a mate online.

In my youth we were limited by our location and chance encounters. Your state of mind, your current desires, the signals that inform your pheromones and the ones that dampen them are influenced as much by circumstances as chemistry.

Talking about memories and life experiences is a wonderful idea for someone who is dying of cancer. Sit together, talk about the things she most wanted to experience in . 83 thoughts on “ Can “Looking” be a Symptom of Sex Addiction? K mal September 20, at am. My husband was addicted to pornography years ago for a while and he also has lied to me about several things. He has a problem being honest. Dreams. When we sleep, our vibration rises, nearly matching the higher vibration of loved ones in spirit form. Because our subconscious minds are far less cluttered than our waking minds, spirits have an easier time getting through to us.