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Housewives seeking casual sex Midway Kentucky

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Housewives seeking casual sex Midway Kentucky

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What do we think of Hifi as of Jan As what we do is far more advanced than what most do, as we upgrade using design knowledge, seeing the worth in this will take time to grow. Putting good ideas in that other vintage cope well with, the Goodmans was truly awful as we went far beyond what it could cope with. Not a waste of effort as it lets us see how far you can upgrade. As of Xmas we used the Realistic STA amp, we've not even fully upgraded it yet but the sound certainly appealed.

Some stay here as references but they get used too. Far more work put into that amp than it sold for, but when things are done for research, it doesn't matter. The KLH 27 amp we have for sale was a real tricky amp to upgrade, it needed a lot redesigning to have it working right.

It was here nearly a year, getting looked at every few months as thinking time is needed. Now it's sorted, we sell it on, although we'd like to keep all the "experimental big job" ones, we are here to sell. The more good ones we find the less there are left to find. It still keeps interesting. Three years ago we wondered "is that all there is? Hifi is doing well, it is Seasonal, Nov-Dec are not Hifi buying months, but we get lots of emails asking about upgrades.

Loudspeakers still appear to be the most confusing area as some match amps better. Post Hifi is still a mystery area to us, so much is overrated junk is a fair comment. We don't play the 90X beyond comparing so we'll put it for sale again. Even modern-new Hifi is still not that different to the basic designs, if the designs are so dumbed down to give 'technical excellence' if little in the way of music pleasure.

The stumbling block as ever is the Cost, as well as finding an amp good enough to upgrade to start with. For all the Amps we've upgraded, none is "Perfect", some are at the top of Excellence, but every amp does have it's own quirks.

It's still not 'perfected' but to realise that will get more ideas tried out. The mass-market approach to Audio, we'll not call it "Hi-Fi", is mostly very mediocre. Why should they bother though? What Was That Noise? Was it outside or on the TV? Headphones or Earpieces are how music is listened to today, or the tiny 'speaker hole' in the back of a mobile phone with it's heavily EQ'd sound. On EastEnders at Xmas we were led to believe the crappy speakers on a laptop would be enough to fill the pub with 2w of 'power' and many buy those powered speakers to get 15w, the same sort of junk that was around in Cassette days.

As bleak as it sounds, many are content or ignorant of how music sounds, just like Teenagers were content with Transistor Radios or Dansettes in the ss. Look on Amazon, Record Players are popular items, cheaply made Retro things are getting people enjoying the physical appeal of having a recorded item, not just a digital file. The pleasure of Music. The typist has been reading an annual for an xmas break from Hifi mags, as on our Pre War Annuals page, it was from years ago.

Be sure the poems in the book would have been learnt 'by heart' and often the illustrations were coloured in. Because they had nothing else to do. Today from what you see, the kid of today must be entertained every minute, they have no imagination, they'll just be another sheep in the system. We can see the obvious increase in interest in Vintage Hifi since we started this Hifi site in People are finding joy in vintage tech a lot more, vintage gaming is a huge market.

The most thriving market is Vintage Cars as 'Chasing Classic Cars' shows, but this market is a narrow one driven by rich white guys who have money from biz or retiring. No guarantees the prices will last for long. But music will be forever around, if many just want it for free, but the human need to own things means collecting will continue, if only of things they see as valuable. The current trend is intricate 'wallpaper' design ones, if who bothers to see what they are, they all look a mess from afar, especially worded ones.

That could do with some paragraphs, but it's a blog You can use Tape input or Tuner on amplifiers, but a compromise. Our w Valve amps aren't getting use as the "JJ" brand EL34s are great but these are far wider range frequency response than the old Svetlana Winged C's that many rave about.

Enough about that online, but things need altering to stop the crackling. Some designs go too far to make amps universal, but suitable values can be found. The Realistic sounds great on TV, if the midrange setting needs 2 notches back. Is this speaker mismatch? On trying on headphones after doing some upgrades, it shows the amp set flat on tone on some tracks can be far too much midrange that is a bit overwhelming, if on most tracks it sounds fine.

It shows up some of our earlier CD recorded tracks aren't quite as clean as we'd like them, but went unnoticed before on speakers, headphones are unforgiving. How accurate the response of the Realistic is will be measured once we get the main caps done.

To have no circuit diagram for an amp this good is a real pain as we need to see the design schematic. Some stages can be traced by track but it's too complex to try to draw it, if sections can be worked out.

Musty smell is dry mould in the wiring looms, what are we going to do with the lid, a fine walnut with a nice colour if stains on the front edge. Lots to do to make Vintage Amps look home-worthy, if the least to do is the best option. The guy said he'd get it powder coated, but to match the colour is the issue. Wood can be tidied, but low grade metal with paint or coatings usually is best avoided, unless you can get a spares amp to swap parts.

We've seen repaint jobs on ebay amps, one seller proudy said he repainted the top, but it was laughable, streaks, runs, bald bits.

As with amateur hifi work, to undo the Idiot's Mess is often a big job, more on that on another page. We're not linking to pages that subjects that appear again are covered fuller on, 'Search' box will find that easy enough.

Also as with any wordy thing, some may be repeated again. It's not perfect on some 45s that aren't mastered too well. Yes, a direct drive Technics can be as good sounding as a Garrard But with top resolution, it's very different, we didn't expect to say that.

We've played some amps we've not rated 'excellent' once upgraded, based on headphone use, but on the 15" Tannoys they sound surprisingly good, but in reality someone with Tannoys isn't going to use a cheaper amp, if we have been surprised how good some can actually sound used on speakers way out of their class. The refined speaker will make even the most modest amp sound good. Sadly the idea of Hifi repairs is often far from professional. We've seen some laughable repairs by lazy techs too idle to get a 0.

Some transistors past can be expensive or custom ones for the amp only. Like with cars, no-one's going to look inside so bad repairs go undetected. Trust with hifi is the thing.

Would we trust a bad repair on an amp we'd put on the speakers to try for a while? Amps not too well known if we use them for TV sound, they aren't trusted to leave plugged in overnight for a week, when they'll be off during the day, so they have to gain our trust. More a case of what is found in the UK is limited. The main problem is of the brands they mention Some of those brands have some impressive higher power later s amps but the risk of ICs puts us off too, again based on upgrading limits.

We've had those wanting to upgrade 20w Philips amps, but we fairly say it's not really worth spending the money on a budget amp. We had a question asking if we could sort out a Beomaster , a very retro stylish w RMS into 8 ohms receiver. Fault after fault could occur unless the thing was fully rebuilt.

If we had it here to get working, it'd need to be done right. Not all things last forever. This is stuff that's already written about on the site. Very casual way some people approach things, but we'll not waste your money on any job that we don't see worthwhile. This is a tricky one as the market is changing a lot. But we've not tried any yet. We've tried all types of ESL bulb since they came out about 10 years ago.

These were Lloytron k Cool White - lumens - 20w. These weren't perfect in use, first of a good idea though, they blinked, some were a bit noisy, they failed too quick by burning a resistor inside that was the wrong spec based on lack of space. But the light was great. The desk lamp uses E27 Edison screw bulbs, not the B22 bayonet ones, so when the last one failed on that resistor, to find Lloytron sold out.

But they've been improved, the current one we use are Prolite k Daylight White - lumens - 20w. Use elsewhere, they are slightly blue light which isn't perfect for TV watching, if a few days later on updating this we are used to them. They do smell a bit on first use though. ESL bulbs are an updated version of those, if without the flickers before starting, updated tech. How well these have lasted we'll tell later Back to the Lloytron ones again.

We were reminded of the very expensive Trio Supreme 1. This we've looked at but never found the circuits to see what it's exactly about. The TVK site has pics, but we can't see any way to bypass it as it's 6 amps. Crossover switch on the back probably only makes it a 2 channel 33w amp.

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