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Join the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users. Register or sign in to use it. Looks like our thoughts on the price turned out to be exactly right. The service is part of an attempt by studios to harness pay-TV as they seek new ways to sell movies and counter shrinking DVD sales.

Few customers will purchase the premium rentals unless the quality of the movies improves and the price comes down, White said in an interview. The theater owners, at the same time, don't want to have to compete and actually improve the quality of their service -- so they whine and complain any time the studios do anything to make accessing content outside of the theaters any easier.

The end result, then, is just a big question of why anyone bothered at all with this plan. It made no sense for anyone involved. If you're going to offer video on demand to consumers, offer them a reasonable product at a reasonable price or don't bother. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in It's so easy to see that I'm surprised you missed it They can't evaluate a movie on profit or loss because movies from the big studios never make a profit.

Jay profile , 26 Sep Just imagine how pissed off Walmart would be if they allowed DVDs in movie theaters. Skeptical Cynic profile , 26 Sep The more options you give someone that are within reason the more options you give for someone to buy. Example from my own life: I have not bought a movie in over 18 years on any format. There are lot of reason why but mostly it comes down to I don't want to pay for something at a too high price that I may only watch a few times.

The bargain I got was that we could watch on what we had DVD , we got the option to watch on what we will have, and also got the option to transfer it to a portable player. Although, later I found out it was limited. I forgot to say that if they had actually used a focus group they would have found out that no one will pay that much for any movie except Star fans.

The eejit profile , 26 Sep And even then, the price they're asking is similar to a low-midrange graphics card for a PC.

PaulT profile , 26 Sep You actually bought 2 formats. The "digital copy" was there as part of an attempt to try and help the studios outlaw ripping software because they still think that people will rush and buy legally if they can't pirate.

As you found, this means that it's so limited as to be almost useless. Of course, if you downloaded the film from an illicit source as a replacement, it would work perfectly And it would not be limited by the fact that you can't skip the previews 12 minutes or the 3.

Rikuo profile , 26 Sep True, the digital copies are absolutely worthless. I remember about three years ago buying a copy of Hancock on Bluray, new from Amazon. When I got it, I read the back of the case, and found out that the digital copy had expired. JMT profile , 26 Sep 1: Anonymous Coward , 26 Sep You waited 18 years to pay for this? How is this the tipping point, your post doesn't really go into why spending so much is such a good deal.

Skeptical Cynic profile , 26 Sep 1: No I waited because nothing was worth it. As for spending so much. Children come first Really? I think that is an OK amount. I got what I needed and a future format for my house. Sure the digital version was close to shit but it was there even limited. Better than I can say for the usual fare they dish out.

The "option to transfer to a portable player" is just a matter of having the right software. You can just sort things out for yourself and it's not even that hard really.

It's not like you've got a usable digital copy there. DinDaddy profile , 26 Sep 4: What limitations are you running into though, out of curiosity? I also tend to think that the pricing on this VOD offering was not strictly a result of placating theater owners. I would bet that is actually the valuation they believe this service is worth.

Am I losing my mind or did that pronoun he? I have no idea who the he is. Maybe 'it' if you want to talk about DirectTV as an entity Anonymous Coward , 26 Sep 2: Lame comment perhaps, but it was just pointing out an error in the article. It wasn't meant to be hurtful as I read it. Anonymous Coward , 26 Sep 1: I think DirecTV is a pretty cool guy. He offers overpriced products and doesn't afraid of anything.

Anonymous Coward , 26 Sep 5: He the spokesperson I'm glad I'm not the only one that have trouble reading things. I have no idea if it is ADD, dysgraphia, dyslexia, heart attack sequels or something else but it just make me feel normal LoL. Atkray profile , 26 Sep This just proves that people are unwilling to pay a fair price. You freetards all want everything for free. Little mikee and all you koolaid drinkers insisting that if the studios offer an acceptable way for people to get movies they won't pirate.

Give it up the party is over. VMax , 26 Sep Anonymous Coward , 26 Sep 8: Also no mention of "skin in the game", "more to the story", or the ubiquitous "FUD".

In a free market the producer does not dictate the price. It is not up to the producer to set a "fair price. Richard profile , 26 Sep Ninja profile , 26 Sep Niall profile , 27 Oct 4: Atkray profile , 26 Sep 1: AC , 26 Sep 3: Actually, this proves nothing of the kind. There are parts of the experience you get at the theater that cannot be replicated on a " flat screen. Hey thats a bargain because you would spend a lot more than that to see it at the theater".

Now, I agree there is a certain segment of society that does not want to pay any price and would just prefer everything be free. Studios need to recognize it is more about convenience than about a subset of folks that don't want to pay for a movie.

I am happy to pay for content when it is content I want to watch. I do prefer convenience though and therefore willing to pay for it. I occasionally go out to the movies with my wife. I don't torrent movies or other content. There are few movies I would buy because there are only a handful of movies I would watch more than once. Not everyone is a pirate, not everyone is trying to accumulate some massive movie library, not everyone expects everything for free.

Yes, it's a very smart and reasonable business indeed. Color me shocked with his conclusion. ComputerAddict profile , 26 Sep Their problem is after forcing their customers to wait 28 days for movies on netflix and redbox, they have made them complacent to wait the extra 30 days when the normal pay per view price is offered. Once again, they screwed themselves. As a Netflix subscriber 7 years running and a Redbox fan I feel zero need to pay the extra. So their logic fails.

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