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Hot blonde black car 114th and Monaco

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They should pay close attention to the weather forecast. And they should post lookouts. The federal government issued those standards and others nearly two decades ago after a wildfire tragedy in Colorado.

On Tuesday, investigators from around the U. The tragedy raised questions of whether the crew should have been pulled out much earlier and whether all the usual precautions would have made any difference at all in the face of triple-digit temperatures, erratic winds and tinderbox conditions that caused the fire to explode. Forest Service revised its firefighting policies. They must also be continuously informed of changContinued on 11A. In this photo shot by firefighter Andrew Ashcraft, members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots watch a growing wildfire that later swept over and killed the crew of 19 firefighters near Yarnell, Ariz.

Don and Patricia Hedger of Killdeer built the unit Prairie Gold Apartments to provide housing for their employees and others in the western North Dakota community. Last week, workers for a landscape company rolled out a carpet of emerald green lawn, planted leafy trees and tinkered with an underground sprinkling system to keep it lush and healthy. The west-facing apartments have a dandy view of the rodeo grounds. The first time tion Co.

But experts in the field say that Silicon Valley has made America a surveillance superpower, allowing. The Europeans do it, too. Obama said Monday during his trip to Africa that every intelligence service in Europe, Asia and elsewhere does its best to understand the world better, and that goes beyond what they read in newspapers or watch on TV.

They said such spying includes tracking senior U. Gabrielle Giffords and her former astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, came to Alaska to lobby for expanded background checks for gun sales. On Monday, Giffords visited a Las Vegas-area range and shot a gun publicly for the first time since surviving a attack.

Kelly started Tuesday at an Anchorage shooting range and shot a variety of guns and rifles. They are scheduled to visit Bismarck, N. The problem is one of the few health issues the CDC is working on that are clearly getting worse, he added.

For many decades, the overwhelming majority of U. But by , 40 percent were women — most of them middle-aged women w h o t o o k p re s c r i p t i o n painkillers. Skyrocketing female overdose death rates are closely tied to a boom in the overall use of prescribed painkillers. AP — Prosecutors rested their case against Pfc. Bradley Manning on Tuesday after presenting evidence from 80 witnesses, trying to prove the former U. Army intelligence analyst let military secrets fall into the hands of al-Qaida and its former leader Osama bin Laden.

The year-old native of Crescent, Okla. To prove that charge, prosecutors must show Manning gave intelligence to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, knowing it would be published online and seen by an enemy of the United States.

The bold strikes have signaled the Islamic militant movement has no plans to suspend its campaign of violence even though they have agreed to embark on a U. Published daily at E. Periodicals postage paid at the Bismarck Post Office. Member of The Associated Press. Outside on the streets, the sense that both sides are ready to fight to the end sharpened, with clashes between his supporters and opponents that left at least 23 dead, most of them in a single incident of fighting outside Cairo University.

He accused loyalists of his ousted autocratic predecessor Hosni Mubarak of exploiting the wave of protests to topple his regime and thwart democracy.

When going on vacation, call or to save or donate to the Newspapers in Education program. Home delivery subscribers will see a reduction in their subscription length to offset these premium rates.

In this image made from video broadcast on Egyptian State Television, President Mohammed Morsi is seen Tuesday addressing the nation in a televised speech. The crisis has become a struggle over whether a popular uprising can overturn the verdict of the ballot box.

While Morsi has stuck to a stance that he is defending democracy in Egypt, many of his Islamist backers have presented the fight as one to protect Islam. Prosecutors have asked Army Col. James Pohl to set a Sept. Prosecutors say in a motion unsealed Monday that the sporadic, five-day pretrial sessions held so far are not adequate for what is believed to be one of the most complex trials in U.

Mark Martins, and a civilian co-prosecutor, Clay Trivett. The five prisoners face charges by military commission, a special tribunal for wartime offenses, which include terrorism and nearly 3, counts of murder for their alleged roles planning and assisting the Sept.

The defendants include Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who has admitted to being the mastermind of the plot. Delays Their May arraignment, postponed by a prolonged debate over whether they should be tried in civilian or the military court at Guantanamo, ended up taking 13 hours after the defendants refused to use the court translation system. Subsequent sessions have been put off or delayed by factors that have included a tropical storm threat, the derailment of a train in Maryland that.

Legal disputes have also bogged down the case. Four defense teams have refused to sign a protective order governing the handling of classified evidence, arguing the restrictions are overly broad and intrusive, and they have battled with officials over the rules on communicating with their clients at Guantanamo that they say interfere with attorney-client privilege.

What happened to the men in custody before. The slow pace has been difficult for observers, who have included firefighters and relatives of people killed in the Sept. Al Fuentes, who attended a pretrial session in June. Too complicated Under the law, companies with 50 or more workers must provide affordable coverage to their full-time employees or risk a series of escalating tax penalties if just one worker ends up get-.

Business groups have complained since the law passed that the provision was too complicated. Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarret cast the decision as part of an effort to simplify data reporting requirements.

We can also be reached online at www. Office hours are 7: Classified, or ; Display, Box Bismarck, N. Queen of Diamonds Jackpot: Jury selection in his court-martial is to begin July 9 and last at least four weeks. Hasan, an Americanborn Muslim, faces the death penalty or life without parole if convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the massacre on the Texas Army post.

At a hearing Tuesday, the judge, Col. Tara Osborn, rejected about a third of the plus questions Hasan wanted to ask military jurors.

Osborn read only a few of them aloud in court. One question she rejected referred to other mass shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings. The White House, State Department and Pentagon all refused to comment on any specific steps the administration would like to see taken, saying any actions are for Egypt to decide. However, the officials said President Barack Obama outlined the suggestions to Morsi in a phone call late Monday from Tanzania where he was wrapping up a. As Obama flew back to Washington, some of his top national security advisers were meeting at the White House Tuesday to plot a way forward.

The committee usually meets to prepare policy options for the. But officials said they determined that the low-key approach was no longer tenable after all sides hardened their positions on Monday. First, the army gave Morsi a hour deadline to take action or face military intervention. This clinic is located at W. Interstate Avenue in Bismarck, near Pinehurst Square. Open House Join us 5—6: To schedule an appointment 8 a. Monday through Friday, call or request an appointment online at bismarck.

Against that backdrop, the initiatives Obama promoted on food security, improved health care and expanded access to electricity appeared to pale in comparison. The president made a rare on-the-record appearance before reporters on Air Force One to give an extra boost to his program for reducing hunger. Around the same time, Gen. Meanwhile, diplomats at the U. Embassy in Cairo have been speaking with the opposition, the officials said. Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, protesters demanding his ouster and the powerful Egyptian military.

The officials said Washington has stopped short of imposing a to-do list on Morsi, but has instead offered strong suggestions, backed by billions of dollars in U. Those include calling early elections, appointing new cabinet members, firing an unpopular prosecutor. A graveside service will be held at 10 a. Saturday, July 6, at Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck. Kaye had a lifelong love of her roots in Bismarck and her family would be pleased to have her friends join them at the service.

Kaye was born July 15, , in Bismarck, the daughter of Bayert P. In addition to raising six children, Mrs. She retired after more than 25 years in the field of medicine. Eastgate Funeral Service, Bismarck. Michelsen, 80, passed away July 1, , at his home. Services will be held at 3 p.

Interment will be at Riverside Cemetery, Moorhead. Visitation will be held from 1 to 3 p. Friday at Wright Funeral Home. Paul, taking classes in radio transmission.

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It is an exciting account of some truly amazing experiences. His first visit was in search of buffalo, which had become rather scarce. Nonetheless, he displayed a dogged persistence in pursuit of his quarry, to the point of nearly wearing out his guide. Later, when he took up ranching, he worked fiercely alongside his hired cowboys, meeting every challenge the rugged terrain and Mother Nature could throw at them. His honesty and fairness earned the esteem of his fellow Badlands inhabitants.

Roosevelt was invited by the town of Dickinson, to speak at its first. The author provides us with some important excerpts from that eloquent speech. The full text is available at the website: So it is peculiarly incumbent on us here today to so act throughout our lives as to leave our children a heritage for which we will receive their blessings and not their curses. Hal Hase is a retired psychologist who practiced in Bismarck for 35 years.

A time for gratitude and faith in our principles I feel a very unusual sensation — if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.

Liberals are moved by outrage at what is wrong with their society; conservatives feel gratitude for what is right.

As we prepare to observe the th birthday of the greatest republic in world history, this conservative, true to. The police do not provide basic security. Tourism, the largest source of foreign cash, has all but MONA dried up. The poor eat Glancing around this little more than bread. Egypt, Turkey The Muslim Brotherand Brazil, you hood may have provided reflect on just food and blankets to the how complex a poor as an outlawed party successful under Hosni Mubarak, but society is.

Suffering Egypt civic participation, are managed to oust a dictator doing the only thing they in and then hold an can — taking to the streets. There are no town meetings, so they howl and march and shoot.

Yet even if the desperate protesters now thronging the streets are successful in removing Morsi, such a victory is bound to be pyrrhic. Is the Third World too remote? Consider then, in our gratitude tour, the nations of Western Europe.

Portugal, deeply in debt and coping with unemployment of 18 percent, was paralyzed by a general strike last week. Trash piled up, buses and trains stopped running, and even journalists at the state news agency stopped reporting. Friends just back from Italy report that the discontent, which had until now been evident only in the provinces, has reached the capital. Or consider this headline from the Atlantic magazine: How could such a thing happen?

Spain, like other socialist countries in Western Europe, has overregulated business to such a degree that it has made it impossible to fire workers. This has had the altogether foreseeable consequence of making Spanish employers highly reluctant to hire. France has a similar problem, along with a huge national debt — the result of spending money it was not collecting. Yet we may not be going down the same rat hole. We have the layers of protection our founders designed to thwart the foolishness and cupidity of our leaders, and we have one thing more — the example of flailing Europe to remind us this July 4 to stay faithful to the principles of our founding.

Some of the highlights were the replacement of three, very large vessels, one of them feet tall, and the. The major component was the clean cooling water project, which will now circulate clean water through heat exchangers and mean less fouling and scaling of pipes and equipment. It only got better, from his point of view. The dog will live with them in their ground-floor apartment.

Thanks to the apartment project, the rent will be affordable. The apartment she and her roommate will occupy and another waiting for a North Dakota Highway Patrolman are set aside for essential personnel with subsidized rates. The Hotshot team from Prescott entered the smoky wilderness over the weekend with backpacks, chainsaws and other heavy gear to remove brush and trees and deprive the flames of fuel.

Dick Mangan, a retired U. Forest Service safety official and consultant, said it is too early to say if the crew or those managing the fire made mistakes. Continued from 1A bers might have taken too many risks because they were on familiar ground and were trying to protect a community they knew well.

They want to get in there. They plan to make their way into the charred fire scene and issue a preliminary report in the coming days, said Mary Rasmussen, a spokeswoman for the Southwest Area Incident Management Team. One contractor, Neptune Aviation Services, had three aerial tankers making drops on the fire earlier in the day.

But at the time the firefighters died, the planes had been grounded because of treacherous conditions, said chief executive Ronald Hooper. Continued from 1A of all the work. He said after an intense black plant work schedule, most employees are now back to normal shifts in time for summer activities. Reach Lauren Donovan at or lauren westriv. More housing in Killdeer will help ease a severe shortage in the community. The expensive and helpful gesture for Killdeer is an important one for the.

A year ago, the couple dedicated space in a small strip mall on main street, paying property taxes and utilities for a day care after learning that several company employees were going to have to quit because of a day care crisis in town. Don and Patricia Hedger Reach Lauren Donovan at or lau- are seen near their new apartment complex.

Whatever the case, the pool of information in American hands is vast. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp. Snowden is in Russia and has been seeking asylum in multiple countries. Mountain View, Californiabased Google Inc. Menlo Park, Californiabased Facebook Inc. Electronic eavesdropping is, of course, far from an exclusively American pursuit. Many other nations pry further and with less oversight. China and Russia have long hosted intrusive surveillance regimes.

Wikileaks is an anti-secrecy website that has published several documents deemed classified by governments. You are a modern day Paul Revere: He also expressed frustration that WikiLeaks may not be giving his son the best advice.

WikiLeaks has been helping Snowden apply for asylum. Governments are also racing to capture traffic as it bounces back and forth from California, importing bulk surveillance devices, loosening spy laws, and installing centralized monitoring centers to offer officials a onestop shop for intercepted data. Secretary of State John Kerry explained the spying as routine. The German government did put severe restrictions on its intelligence services, especially on the domestic intelligence branch, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of East Germany with West.

German intelligence tracks both U. Every year, I feared I would be picking up fingers to rush to the emergency room to have sewn back on, or that someone for sure would lose an eye. If you want to endure tears and begging, you can lock them in the house while all their friends are out in the street lighting fireworks.

Or you issue a blizzard of exhaustive warnings and allow them to dip their toe into it with as much safety as possible. Being a parent means being forced to navigate situations in which you assess the possibility of their getting hurt versus the possibility of turning them into pale, safe houseplants. If things go right, you are grateful that they had the experience of having fun that involved some risk.

If things go wrong, you wish to God you had encased them in bubble wrap and kept them locked up. When you make a decision, you never know until after the fact if it will turn out well or badly.

Weigh that and decide. How tight to hold them? How much to let go? How much risk are you willing to tolerate for the sake of turning out, hopefully, independent, capable human beings? And of course, you are risking yourself, because what happens to them happens in a very real way to you. Except if they do get hurt, they live with the scars and you live with the guilt.

You become expert in the art of the deal. But eventually, they will want to drive a car. You will have to suck it up and let them. And when that happens, you want them to have built up some navigational competence of their own. The only way they can do that is with trial runs, small freedoms along the way. The first time you send them off to college is not so different from when you send them off to kindergarten. But you have to do it. They might be scared, too. But overcoming fears is what people must learn to do.

Reach Karen Herzog at or karen. Law enforcement officers began investigating substances being sold at Discontent, E. The 10 defendants, including the store owner, manager and eight employees, have pleaded not guilty to all charges. Surrogate Judge Benny Graff had set a July 1 deadline for motions in the case. Prosecutors now will have a chance to answer the litany of defense motions that have been.

A motion hearing has been scheduled for Aug. Several of the motions ask Graff to dismiss the cases. The store owner, Thomas Teply, filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him, saying prosecutors used terminology other than what is required by state law in complaints. All 10 defendants want cases dismissed because of selective prosecution and abuse of process; they argue law enforcement officials are aware of other retailers Continued on 6B.

Drury stayed with the show for its entire nine-season run from Veteran actor James Drury, best known for his portrayal of The Virginian in the television series of the same name from , greets Cheryl Kruger of Bismarck and her son, Reily, 3, while signing autographs at Meriwether Trade and Gift Shop on Tuesday morning in Mandan. The hour trek from his home in Houston to Mandan to see his fans was no exception. Fresh from the road, Drury made his first appearance in Mandan on Monday evening at the Eagles.

Drury, who says he has been on horses since he Continued on 6B. Obama also said the State Department would not sign off on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project if it had any significant impact on carbon emissions. T h e p ro p o s e d Ke y s t o n e pipeline would stretch from the Canadian province of Alberta to the Gulf Coast.

Of the total pipeline capacity of , barrels of oil per day, , barrels per day has been promised to to Bakken crude. The majority of the oil traveling through the pipeline would be Ca n a di a n o i l f ro m th e Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta.

The proposed 1,mile pipeline has been under review for more than four years. Review is required because it crosses an international border. Hoeven said the proposed regulations would require coal-fired plants to meet emissions standards for natural gas plants.

He said that would make it unfeasible for companies to get approval for new plants. He said a national energy policy needs to include all forms of energy, both traditional and renewables.

McLennan said large-scale projects cost hundreds of millions of dollars. New regulations make investments in new facilities increasingly difficult, officials said.

Four pediatricians, a psychologist and a pediatric nurse practitioner will be working at the new clinic, along with nurses and other staff. The clinic, on Interstate Avenue west of Washington Street, is castle-themed and features Meddy Bear — a popular mascot that originated with Medcenter One — in various landscapes on the walls.

The decor is meant to put kids at ease and be. Parag Kumar, one of the pediatricians moving to the clinic. The physicians moving to the clinic — Kumar, Dr. Sara Reinke and Dr. Melissa Seibet — were involved with the clinic plans from the beginning. Kumar said they concentrated on accessibility and availability. There is more parking available for patients and more options for appointments. Every day, each doctor will leave a few slots open to allow for same-day appointment needs.

The clinic also is ventur-. The approach for the clinic is more holistic, Kumar said. The addition of a psychologist will help address a wider range of the issues kids could be dealing with right in the clinic. Each doctor will likely see an average of 20 to 25 patients per day, Kumar said. The clinic will be open 8 a. Sara Reinke, left, and Dr. Parag Kumar are pediatricians who will be at the new Sanford evening hours eventually.

The body of a man thought to have drowned June 22 on Lake Sakakawea was recovered Saturday night. Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson, in a statement, said a citizen reported finding the body floating in the Missouri River.

The body had been brought to the Pouch Point boat ramp southeast of New Town. The body was found in the same general location where a Sidney, Mont. Initial air and water searches were unsuccessful in locating the man after he was reported missing.

Game and Fish Department officials said the area where the man went into the water is known for having huge boulders on the lake bottom and a sharp dropoff with water depths going from 7 feet to 30 feet and deeper. Miller also was charged with drunken driving in but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving and having an open container. Miller, who has been in the Senate since , supported legislation this year aimed at strengthening penalties for drunken driving in North Dakota.

A second DUI arrest requires a minimum sentence of 10 days in jail. Morton to look at annexation issue The Morton County Commission will hold a special meeting at 3 p.

The board nominated members Tim Rector and Donna Fishbeck to remain as board chairman and vice chairman, respectively. The next board meeting is July Airman rescues 3 from Mo. AP — A year-old airman from Malmstrom Air Force Base put his CPR training to good use just hours after taking the class, rescuing a man who had been trying to pull two females from the Missouri River.

Jake Bush was fishing on Monday near Ulm, south of Great Falls, when he saw three people struggling in the river. One was the year-old man who had tried to rescue the year-old girl and year-old woman.

Bush pulled the two females out of the water first, then went back and got the man, who was underwater. Bush performed CPR on the man until emergency crews arrived. The man remained hospitalized Tuesday.

Grants available to for child care The North Dakota Department of Commerce started accepting applications for child care grants Monday. The goal of the grants is to increase child care availability in the state. The deadline to apply is Aug. Grants can be used for purchasing real estate, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

For more information, go to www. A logjam of trees downed by recent high winds and floodwaters is piled up under the Wabasha Bridge in St.

The indictment in the case was filed March 26 but was not unsealed until Monday. All 22 defendants face identical charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine and conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute heroin.

According to court documents, some of the defendants were released on their promises to appear pending trial and had to submit to drug testing. Several have been returned to jail after testing positive for prescription drugs and street drugs. Minnesota saw only about 3 percent growth, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. County, home to Moorhead, saw 7 percent growth. The billboard has since been moved down the interstate in Minnesota to a spot near Fergus Falls.

The North Dakota Chamber said the move was planned and had nothing to do with the bad reception the sign received in Fargo-Moorhead.

Bismarck city offices, the landfill, the household hazardous waste and electronic Recycling Center will be closed and there will be no garbage collection on Thursday because of the Independence Day holiday. Garbage collection changes due to the holiday are: All other routes will be collected as normally scheduled. Closed Thursday; 8 a. Monday through Friday and 8 a. Saturday and closed Sunday. The schedule for the household hazardous waste and electronic recycling center: Closed on Thursday; 9 a.

Tuesdays and Thursdays; 9 a. The Gateway Mall recycling trailer site has been relocated to the east side of the Kmart Store. For more information visit www. Census Bureau estimate released Tuesday reveals North Dakota housing growth leads the nation with a growth rate of 2.

Nationally the rate averaged 0. Statewide, nearly 7, new housing units came online last year. North Dakota is home to the top two counties in the nation in housing growth. Williams County was ranked first with a The county had 1, new units. It saw 1, new units come online, a growth rate of 4.

Six other North Dakota counties ranked in the Top counties nationally: Tribal members on Monday voted to recall chairman Roger Yankton Sr.

The tribe has gone through years of upheaval, particularly with its child protection system. The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs took over that system last October after criticism that it was failing to protect vulnerable children on the reservation. The criticism began to mount after the May slaying of a 6-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister, who authorities said had been sexually assaulted.

Driving under the influence: Lynk, 26, Ninth Ave. False reports to law enforcement or other security officials: Ridley, 19, First St. Lot 19, Mandan, 60 days, 57 days suspended for one year, also minor in possession or consumption: Prohibited acts with conDaughter, Jacob and Douglas Amber Fortney, Mandan, J. Myers, 27, Second Ave. Schmid, 61, S. Rowan, no age list- offense: Daniel Boone, 42, Eastpoint, Fla.

Hanneman, 44, N. Wild, 34, Fifth Ave. Judge Gail Hagerty Driving under suspension: Kimbrough, 26, E. Messer, 47, E. Possession of drug parap h e r n a l i a: Daniels, 46, Lockport St.

Judge Cynthia Feland Driving under suspension fourth offense: Unfortunately, since her mom died well over a d e c a d e a g o, Ja n e h a s become a hermit. She is distant, and whenever we make plans, she makes an excuse at the very last minute to cancel on us. While I can sympathize with her terrible loss, I feel she needs to move on and start living again. Carol and I are not sure how to approach this.

What should w e d o? Tell her you are worried about her, and suggest she look into counseling to help her get her life back on track. She also can find a Motherless Daughters support group through www. Carrying a load Dear Annie: After 56 years of marriage, our father passed away and left my mother alone for the first time in her life.

Four years after Dad died, Mom suffered a bout of meningitis. While she has recovered completely, she is convinced that she is bedridden. I moved back home to take care of her because no. A long day feels longer when it seems that all you do goes unrecognized or unappreciated.

Both feel in short supply, as too much of your life seems to be devoted to other responsibilities. A floating feeling dominates your consciousness today. Distance might m a k e t h e h e a r t g r ow fonder, but silence only hardens it. Your assistance and cheerleading will help give someone a fair shot. Should I be following special guidelines for diet and exercise? Advances in cancer treatment and earlier detection are allowing more people to live longer after a cancer diagnosis.

To d a y, m o r e t h a n 12 million Americans are cancer sur vivors. And many of them look to diet and exercise to help prevent cancer recurrence, live longer or just feel better. Recently, the American Cancer Society reviewed and summarized the scientific evidence about the role of diet and exercise for cancer survivors.

It found that the same things that prevent cancer from developing in the first place also help keep it from coming back. The ACS also advised:. You are kind, compassionate and devoted.

That does neither of you any good. Of course, your siblings should step up, but they are not going to do it, so handle this as if you were an only child. Your mother could benefit from day care programs, and you need respite care. The legal process Dear Annie: She is concerned that one grandson has borrowed a great deal of money, and she wants to deduct that. To do otherwise opens the executor or trustee to lawsuits from the other beneficiaries. Email questions to anniesmailbox comcast. Box , Chicago, Ill.

When the past starts to feel closer than it actually is and memories seem to be holding you back, avoid the side view mirror and step on the gas. Instead, slow down, take a deep breath, rest and regenerate. Did you choose this life, or did it choose you? Either way, you see it as your responsibility and take as much control of it as you possibly can. You might be that mysterious person to someone else, as well.

Today you naturally will see how people might connect and how they need one another. But everyone inhabits his or her own picture. Compassion brings things into proper focus. Those who worked hard to get where they are sometimes think they are entitled to better treatment, but not you. My younger sister lives in the house with us, but does her own thing. The problem is, four other siblings live in the same city, and three are retired. Yet no one helps look after Mom but me. Mom has a sharp tongue, but her memory is shot.

I drive nearly miles a day to and from work. I worry that I will die of exhaustion and Mom will be alone. My mother, of course, has no sympathy for my situation. I am not the executor of her will or a beneficiary. But I would like to enjoy a few years before. He or she can provide specific, evidencebased advice.

Eating smaller and more frequent meals can help. Or try special fortified or nutrient-dense foods. Taking more than the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals does not improve treatment outcomes or longterm survival. In fact, it can interfere with some cancer treatments. For example, taking a beta-carotene supplement may encourage the growth of lung cancer. Discuss when to start exercising, and how much, with your doctor.

Losing weight and keeping it off can help. When some of my patients hear advice like the ACS has given, they are skeptical. To them, cancer is a powerful force, and it seems unlikely that a healthy lifestyle could do much to tame it. I tell them that the advice is supported by large and well-done scientific studies. There is little doubt from those studies, for example, that survivors of breast cancer who are overweight have a worse prognosis than those of normal weight.

We are beginning to understand w h y. A research study was publ i s h e d re c e n t l y w h i c h showed regular exercise leads to hormonal changes that discourage the growth of breast cancer cells. Anthony Komaroff is a physician and professor at Harvard Medical School.

Go to his website to send questions and get additiona l i n f o r m a t i o n: It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem-solve in an uncertain environment. Interestingly, though, the environment is less certain in bridge, where there are unseen cards, than in chess, where the position of every piece is known.

Some chess games feature a sacrifice, purposely losing a piece. This is much less common in bridge, but can be required — as in this deal. South is in three notrump. West leads the spade queen. South, with seven top tricks two spades, two hearts and three diamonds , must establish two club tricks to get home. But even if South can succeed, he will lose the lead twice. In this situation, with two k e y- c a rd s t o d i s l o d g e, declarer usually should duck the first trick.

East must realize that if declarer has the club ace, his queen is worthless. Here, this gives West two club entries, one to establish his spades and one to cash the winners. Note that if East retains his club queen, he wins the second club and does not have a spade to lead. Then the contract makes. They went on to praise his academic and financial stewardship during nine years at the school, including the. The Virginian Continued from 1B was in diapers, was looking forward to the fireworks display and the Mandan Rodeo.

Cheryl Kruger brought her children Colby, Macey, Ambry, and Reily, all under the age of 12, to meet the Western television star. Kruger said they got hooked on the show watching old Westerns with her. We show that the good guys win in the end.

Flohr said she is anticipating the clinic will be busy as soon as it opens. She said a couple of people knocked on the door last week to see if the clinic was open.

Sanford is hosting an open house for the new clinic from 5 to 6: Another motion asks Graff to move the trial. Teply, 59, has been charged with Class B felony conspiracy to deliver synthetic cannabinoids, Class C felony conspiracy to deliver drug paraphernalia, Class B felony possession of synthetic cannabinoids with intent to deliver and Class C felony possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver.

Teply, of Moorhead, Minn. Steven Johnson, 30, has been charged with Class B felony conspiracy to deliver synthetic cannabinoids, Class C felony conspiracy to deliver drug paraphernalia, Class B felony possession of synthetic cannabinoids with intent to deliver, Class C felony possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver,. Continued from 1B Class B felony delivery of synthetic cannabinoids and Class C felony delivery of drug paraphernalia.

Johnson is the manager of the Bismarck Discontent store. Reach Jenny Michael at or jenny. Hoeven said any national energy policy should have a states-first approach to it.

For example, he said. How fracking is done in North Dakota is far different than in states in the eastern part of the country, where oil and gas are at shallower depths, he said. Energy policy also should include streamlining the sale and storage of. Reach Nick Smith at or or at nick. Add nectarines, corn, beans and celery; toss to coat well.

Refrigerate at least 1 hour to blend flavors. You may substitute 2 cups frozen corn, thawed, for the grilled corn. Slice yellow squash lengthwise into ribbons with a vegetable peeler or mandoline, discarding outside ribbons and core. Slice zucchini crosswise into thin round slices with a knife, vegetable peeler or mandoline. Slice carrots lengthwise into ribbons with a vegetable peeler or mandoline.

To serve, divide squash and carrots among each salad plate. Top each serving with radishes and onion. Serve with Vinaigrette on the side Per serving: Recipes courtesy McCormick Foods. CucumberCorn Salsa Prep time: To do this, one at a time stand each ear on its wide end and use a knife to saw down the length of the cob.

In a medium bowl, combine the corn kernels, cucumber, celery, scallions, dill, and the lemon zest and juice. Opt for basil or tarragon. Season with a splash of hot sauce, salt and pepper. Scoop salsa up with chips or crackers, or add to sandwiches, salads, burgers and tacos. Adding herbs and spices to familiar condiments such as mayo and ketchup makes delicious toppings for anything from meats or veggies to grilled.

Lemony Herb Mayonnaise Prep time: Refrigerate until ready to serve. Fill smoker box with wet wood chips. Place smoker box under grill rack one side of. Smoky Tomato Ketchup with Poblano Chile grill. Heat grill on high heat about 10 minutes or until smoke appears from chips. Reduce heat to medium. Place tomatoes, onion and poblano chile on grill rack.

Smoke tomatoes, onion and poblano chile for 5 minutes. Coarsely chop tomatoes, onion and poblano. Place in large saucepan. Stir in brown sugar, cider vinegar and smokehouse maple seasoning. Cook on mediumlow heat 45 minutes to 1 hour or until mixture is thickened, stirring occasionally. For ages ; no nap time. Private prayer support, Rainbow Shop prayer room, S. General Service Office, www. Featured speaker and meeting. Alexius lamaze classroom, second floor.

Dance to live music, seniors free. Masons, Shriners and prospective members welcome. Still, for those so inclined, there are plenty of ways to gild this lily. You can infuse the sugar syrup with fresh herbs. You can add seltzer. You can combine it with other fruit juices, including cranberry, apple and pomegranate. Holiday aesthetics and electrifying flavor aside, this drink is almost absurdly healthy. Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of A, as well as lycopene, potassium and magnesium.

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants. Rinse out the blender, add the blueberries and puree until the mixture is smooth. Transfer the blueberry puree to another ice cube tray. In a third tray, divide the coconut milk between 6 cubes.

Transfer all of the trays to the freezer and freeze until solid, preferably overnight. In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar and water and cook, stirring occasionally, until Associated Press the sugar is dissolved. Let effect will be like a kaleido- cool. Finally, In a pitcher combine scope for the mouth. Add Red, White and Thinking of a bright 3 cups of cold water, then white fruit with which to fill Blue Lemonade taste and add additional out my tri-color team of ice Prep time: Happily, plus freezing until ready to serve.

As everyone knows, better in each of 6 rocks glasses. Fresh mint leaves, to gar- 20 calories from fat 13 perI suggest giving the process nish cent of total calories ; 2 g fat a head start by letting the In a blender, puree the 2 g saturated; 0 g trans drink stand for a bit before watermelon until it fats ; 0 mg cholesterol; serving, then encouraging becomes liquefied.

Pour the 40 g carbohydrate; 2 g fiber; your guests to take their watermelon liquid into ice 33 g sugar; 1 g protein; time drinking. Tell them the cube trays you should have 10 mg sodium. Grilling is more than just meat Spoon into blender or food processor; cover.

Pulse until mixture is chunky. Store ketchup in clean covered container in refrigerator up to 2 weeks. If your grill does not have a smoker tray, place wood chips on a large sheet of heavy duty foil. Fold up sides to form a pouch. Poke several holes in foil.

Process just until smooth. Gradually add oil with machine running. Process until well blended and smooth. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator up to 1 week. Serve with grilled bread, chicken, pasta or potato salad. To serve, brush naan or other flat bread with olive oil. Sprinkle top with seasoning of your choice. Grill over medium heat 1 to 2 minutes per side or until grill marks appear. Pour pesto into ice cube trays; freeze until firm. Place pesto cubes in freezer-weight resealable plastic bags.

Store in freezer up to 2 months. Thaw cubes in refrigerator before using. For the purpose of fitting hearing aids only. Add onion; cook and stir 5 minutes or until just caramelized. Add raisins, sugar, cinnamon, ancho chile pepper and salt; cook and stir 1 minute.

Add bourbon whiskey; stir to loosen browned bits in bottom of skillet. Mix peaches, lemon juice and vanilla in medium bowl. Add onion mixture; mix well. Serve alongside grilled biscuits, sausages, pork chops or chicken. Store chutney in clean covered container in refrigerator up to 1 week.

For dessert, set out a buffet of ingredients for your. For your next summer cookout, try these flavor combos: Chocolate-covered pretzels, vanilla marshmallow creme, caramel sauce, chopped peanuts. Shortbread cookies, vanilla marshmallow creme, raspberry jam, chopped grilled peaches. Vanilla wafers, vanilla marshmallow creme, chocolate sauce, chopped grilled bananas and strawberries. Peanut butter cookies, vanilla marshmallow creme, caramel sauce, toffee bits and chopped peanuts.

Sugar cookies, vanilla marshmallow creme, lemon curd, raspberry halves. Best Around free Seasonedquest upon re. Please call ahead Hamburger for large orders! He called it a domestic threat without international connections. Malizia told a news conference there was no evidence or indication to suggest a connection to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings in April, which used bombs made from pressure cookers.

Wayne Rideout said the public was never at risk, and the threat was detected early. Nuttall and Korody were arrested Monday, the same day that thousands attended the Canada Day celebrations at the provincial legislature in the provincial capital of Victoria.

Police said the pair targeted the celebrations, but the bombs were found outside the legislature before the crowds gathered. New wording in the law requiring people to visit or keep in touch with their elderly parents or risk being sued and facing penalties came into force Monday, as China faces increasing difficulty in caring for its aging population. It remains to be seen how much the amended law changes the status quo, however. Elderly parents in China already have been suing their adult children for emotional support, and the new wording does not specify how often people must visit or clarify penalties for those who do not.

One of the drafters, Xiao Jinming, a law professor at Shandong University, said the new law was primarily aimed at raising awareness. We want to emphasize there is. In this Thursday, May 23, photo, a group of elderly men take a rest on their wheelchairs at a park in Beijing.

New wording in the law requiring people to visit or keep in touch with their elderly parents or risk being sued came into force. It says offspring of parents. Pedro Passos Coelho said in a televised address to the nation late Tuesday that his government will continue its battle to restore the bailed-.

Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar quit Monday, complaining he lacked political support for his austerity program. Xiao said even before the Law of Protection of Rights and Interests of the Aged was amended, there were several cases of elderly parents.

Court officials generally settle such cases by working out an arrangement for sons or daughters to agree to visit more frequently. Typically, no money is involved. The number of people aged 60 and above in China is expected to jump from the current million to million, or 35 percent of the population, by , according to figures from the China National Committee On Aging. The expanding ratio is due both an increase in life expectancy — from 41 to 73 over five decades — and by family planning policies that limit most urban families to a single child.

Expires Offer not valid with any other coupon or special. Please present coupon at time of order. Limit one coupon per customer per visit. Only one discounted meal per person. These offers are subject to cancellation at any time.

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Drop off resume at: Bismarck, ND Or for more info call: J5 offers a competitive salary and benefits. Once you have them completed either fax them to: Please apply online at: Competitive salary with excellent benefits medical, dental, vision, retirement. This position manages overall operations, oversees finances, makes personnel decisions, performs duties related to the activities of the ambulance service and reports to a Board of Directors.

The successful applicant should possess excellent communications, organizational, and analytical skills. Additional qualifications should include: Flexible schedule, competitive wages, great benefits, career advancement opportunities. Please send resume to John Stickel at john oasismgmt. Wages are all negotiable. Please send resume to jcullen kellersupply. For more information on either of these positions, contact the HR Director at: We will consider applicants with good written and oral communication skills and sales ability.

If you are interested in this excellent opportunity, please send your resume to: MCA, 4th St. NE Hazen ND, Supervises the medication monitors and establishes monthly schedules. On call every 8th weekenend, every 8th holiday and various times throughout the month.

If interested call Patty at ext or send resume to S. The economic growth in western North Dakota has increased sales volume to new levels. If you are self motivated, reliable and have the drive and ambition, a six figure income is attainable. It is a 5 day a week work schedule, but top producers will work hours per week.

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