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Helpful massage Robinsonville end on 47th

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Helpful massage Robinsonville end on 47th

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This is a of my toys which I have not mastered but want to.

Bikel to pose for the photo with me after a long show - JH Theodore's Wiki http: Bikel is President of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America and was president of Actors' Equity in the late s and early s.

His autobiography, Theo, was published in Following the Nazi occupation of Austria, Bikel's family fled to Palestine, where his father's contacts helped the family obtain British passports. He co-founded the Cameri Theatre there—which has gone on to become one of Israel's biggest theaters—before he moved to London to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Bikel was the President of the Actors' Equity Association, in which office he supported human rights. Bikel also appeared in Frank Zappa's film Motels.

On Broadway he originated the role of Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music in , for which he received his second Tony nomination. Bikel did not like his role in "Sound of Music" because his ability to sing was limited in the play, and he did not like to perform repeatedly the same role of the Captain. Since his first appearance as Tevye in the musical Fiddler on the Roof in , Bikel has performed the role more often than any other actor more than 2, times to date.

When an injury required year-old fellow Israeli performer Chaim Topol veteran of many productions of the stage show and star of the motion picture of Fiddler on the Roof to withdraw from a high-budget, much-promoted North American tour of the musical, Bikel substituted for him in several Canadian appearances, including Calgary in January , and had scheduled appearances in the musical beyond his 86th birthday in May of that year.

In , he heard Bob Dylan give his premiere performance of "Blowin' in the Wind". Bikel then went to his scheduled performance and became the first singer besides Dylan to perform the song in public. Its popularity led to the two opening a second club, Cosmo Alley, which in addition to folk music presented poets such as Maya Angelou and comics including Lenny Bruce.

Bikel became increasingly involved with civil rights issues and progressive causes, and was a delegate to the Democratic Convention. The particular episode was written by Rod Serling. He also appeared in a second episode of Appointment with Adventure entitled "Return of the Stranger. He appeared on the game show Super Password as a celebrity guest in In the early s, he appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation, in the episode "Family", playing Sergey Rozhenko, the Russian-born adoptive father of Worf, who, as a petty officer on the Starfleet vessel Intrepid, had found Worf at the site of the Khitomer Massacre and taken him home to raise as his son.

Bikel performed two roles in the Babylon 5 universe. In , he appeared in the TV movie Babylon 5: In the Beginning as Anla'Shok leader Lenonn. In February of , Bikel played the title role in Visiting Mr.

He was president of Actors' Equity in the late s and early s, in which office he supported human rights. President Jimmy Carter appointed him to serve on the National Council for the Arts in for a six-year term. His autobiography, Theo, was published in by Harper Collins, and re-issued in an updated version by the University of Wisconsin Press in Jon Hammond unveiling Sk1 Downloaded times http: Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed Percussionist at Where have you worked?

World Always On Downloaded times http: Jon Hammond Musician, television personality and radio broadcaster Jon Hammond boarded a Concorde in to travel from New York to Paris at supersonic speed, and he never slowed down. Anaheim California -- L to R: Musician, Product Endorser - short version here also http: It shows why the Hammond organ is one of the most enduring electric instruments and why Hammond is one of its best players.

Jon Hammond and announcement at end before his playing. This was a special program produced by great lady of Jazz, Cobi Narita and Saul Zebulon Rubin with many top jazz performers. Frank Owens was the master of ceremonies and also played wonderful piano with his trio backing many of the vocalists and saxophonists Frank Staton 97 years old and BIlly Harper who also performed on this special evening.

He gave advice and lessons to all who ask, and was often known to be the last to leave a clinic — ensuring all questions have been answered. Joe Morello the legendary Jazz Drummer July 17, — March 12, Instead of hearing aids, he had a lady who would repeat everything in to his ear - Jon Hammond http: At six years old he began studying the violin, going on to feature three years later as soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, and again three years later.

At the age of 15 Morello met the violinist Jascha Heifetz and decided that he would never be able to equal Heifetz's "sound", so switched to drumming, first studying with a show drummer named Joe Sefcik and then George Lawrence Stone, author of the noted drum textbook Stick Control for the Snare Drummer. After a period playing in McPartland's trio, Morello declined invitations to join both Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey's bands, favoring a temporary two-month tour with the Dave Brubeck Quartet in ; Morello remained with Brubeck for well over a decade, only departing in At the end of the track, he can be heard laughing about the "trick" ending.

During his career, Morello appeared on over albums, 60 of which were with the Dave Brubeck Quartet. He authored several drum books, including Master Studies, published by Modern Drummer Publications, and also made instructional videos. Morello was the recipient of many awards, including Playboy magazine's best drummer award for seven years in a row, and Down Beat magazine's best drummer award five years in a row.

He was 82 years old. Jimmy tells the story about his adventures driving his Hammond B3 Organ and musicians in a Hearse and story of like the commercial "Got go gotta' go gotta go right now He recorded a number of albums for Prestige Records, later recording for Savant Records. He received his first guitar at age Sparks began working in the rhythm and blues genre as a high school student, first with Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, and then with the Upsetters, a touring band formed by Little Richard, which also backed Jackie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye.

As part of the burgeoning soul-jazz scene of the late s and early s, Sparks often backed organists like Jack McDuff, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Charles Earland. Sparks released his debut album, Sparks! He had diabetes and high blood pressure. During the s, Raitt released a series of acclaimed roots-influenced albums which incorporated elements of blues, rock, folk and country, but she is perhaps best known for her more commercially accessible recordings in the s including "Nick of Time", "Something to Talk About", "Love Sneakin' Up on You", and the slow ballad "I Can't Make You Love Me".

Raitt has received nine Grammy Awards in her career and is a lifelong political activist. Mauriat NAMM Stand in the final hours of the last day Sunday , we get the blues - like the end of summer camp, say goodbye until next year and hopefully we'll see some of you in Frankfurt Musikmesse! Mauriat Agnieszka Obrebska Works at P.

Enjoy this HammondCast folks, send any photos if you were there, Jon Hammond http: I am still around. Industries subsidiary of F. This was Jon's 21st consecutive year playing at Musikmesse instrument trade show. Joe Berger shot this video on my Panasonic PVd camcorder - it was one of the first cameras with digital gain boost - you can see when it kicks in and takes on the look of a lit old film, it is an old film now folks - JH — with Leslie J. Played there many times..

Go for the sound! The live performance was thrilled and joyful. Without you, the NAMM would be less fun! January 13, Job Title: President and Founder Company: As a musician Jon has performed with many legendary players and as a clinician and product artist he has introduced many innovative products to music stores and their customers over the last 30 plus years.

Jon is closely identified with the two main products of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3 Organ. Jon Hammond Interview Date: Hilton Stage East http: Joe Franklin Jon Hammond Movie http: Getting Started with a Mac Got a new Mac?

Thinking about getting one? Learn how easy it is to use a Mac at this workshop. Read more Workshop is full1 1: Getting Started with iCloud iCloud is a service from Apple that stores your music, photos, apps, and documents—and then wirelessly pushes them to all your devices so yo Read more Workshop is full1 2: Learn how easy it is to ma Read more Workshop is full 1: Getting Started with iPad See why iPad is the best way to surf the web, check emails, read books and more.

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My friend and I came in to looking at all the beautiful items including purses, shoes, clothing They also had a pair or shades the actually looked great which I haven't had much luck in the past. This is the ultimate store for all Louis Vuitton items. If you see it in a catalog, most likely they'll have it here. One big issue is getting the attention of the sales associates. There are many tourist who gobble up many if not all the sales associates so you do need to flag them down if you want service.

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Also it helps to look the part and dress well. Was this review …?

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Fox Valley Plastic Surgery, S. Fairfield Inn by Marriott - Appleton SPA salon, Whether it is work or a family get-a-way that brings you to our property, our unique amenities and world class service are sure to make your stay with us a very pleasant experience. Fairfield Inn by Marriott - Davenport SPA salon, Whether it is work or a family get-a-way that brings you to our property, our unique amenities and world class service are sure to make your stay with us a very pleasant experience.

Flawless Airbrush Tanning SPA salon, Flawless Airbrush Tanningis the Providence area's most advanced sunless tanning service, providing the best looking and most convenient custom airbrush spray tan available! The second method is to stay on the balls of the feet.

This is similar to the pose method by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, which teaches you to reduce recovery time. The trip length can vary from 60 yards for power sports to long distance, up to 3 miles for a marathon runner. Try walking backward for knee rehab and thigh development. A powerlifter should do no less than six trips of 60 yards to a maximum of 12 trips for rehab and restoration. Other varieties are walking sideways, or forward with straps held below knee level for hamstrings. I hope you had a great holiday season and are ready to get back to setting new PRs on the platform in the new year.

Check it out at www. The show is growing by leaps and bounds every month thanks to you, the fans of this great sport of powerlifting. In the coming months we are welcoming some new sponsors and will be making appearances at some bigger end meets and, of course, The Arnold Classic. We have lots of new and exciting things happening for that will increase our entertainment value along with promoting the sport.

The Big Evil says fun time and holiday festivities are over! In my opinion, your success as a powerlifter depends greatly on your work ethic. This comes in two parts. The first is your ability to mentally discipline yourself to be able to push through the volume of work and intensity levels of your workout. This depends on your will to win and your attention to training details.

All you have left to do is some abdominal work. This is the time to toughen up and say: The more often you handle situations like this when laziness creeps in, after a while it will become easier to just do the work as your mind is now conditioned to be in a state where you will not mentally reason with yourself to get out of work. You will just do it. This is the work ethic of a champion. The second part of your work ethic is how well you have conditioned yourself physically to be able to handle the volume of work and intensity levels of your workout.

This comes from progression week after week, year after year of not cutting corners in your training—like we just spoke of when pertaining to the mental part of your work ethic.

As we all know, all the powerlifting champions of today and yesterday have photos courtesy Jamie Harris or had an incredible work ethic. Just take a look at a training log of anyone who has squatted a grand, for example.

Their volume of assistance work and poundages took years and incredible work ethic to attain. As you progress through the years as a powerlifter, you become mentally and physically stronger which helps prepare you for the bigger road blocks ahead that come when you reach the higher levels of the sport.

Here are a few of those road blocks: What are you going to do to rehab it? How are you going to train around it? These are questions that you will have to think through wisely. Another big factor, once you have a injury that is major, like a torn pectoral muscle for example, how are we going to change our technique around for example, bringing in our grip to take pressure off that injured pec and place it more on the triceps to better fit our battle worn bodies?

It takes a strong work ethic to work past injuries and devise new strategies to move ahead with your training after the injury bug has struck. The days of doing just any exercises and gaining fifty pounds on your bench in a month are over. At a world class level, you can train months for a lift and call a ten pound increase at a meet a success. Again, you are going to have to leave no stone unturned to achieve your quest for greatness and find out what stimulus your body responds to best for optimum results.

Keeping good training logs, adjusting your supportive gear, experimenting with different exercises and so on—all of this will require you to really dig deep and do your homework. Also, the mental frustration of not making progress will drive a lot of lifters out of the sport. This is a big part of where work ethic comes in.

How many times have you seen that happen? Listen, I understand that in life things happen that are of greater importance than your lifting, such as monumental events in your or your families lives, such as weddings or holidays.

The Big Evil says you should be balanced in life and enjoy these important days with important people in your life. With that being said, I can care less if the Steelers are playing on bench day.

Many top lifters have had different opinions of their value in training. This article will provide you with an approach that will enable you to use singles to your best advantage. Some lifters have mental blocks when it comes to singles. They usually are very comfortable with multiple rep sets, but psyching up for a big single can be unnerving.

This is similar to students who are good in daily class work, but freeze up on test day. Because of this, they cannot muster the necessary mental and physical strength to have great success using max or near-max singles.

Other lifters confidently deal with single reps on a consistent basis and stand a better chance of benefiting from their use in training. When it comes down to it, single rep sets and multiple rep sets are two different animals. With a multiple rep set, the weight used is lighter and we have a greater margin for error on the execution of each rep.

If you rep out a set of fives, getting out of the groove on one rep will seldom stop you from getting at least two to three reps. You get one chance. First of all, the measure of your success in competitive powerlifting is to produce the heaviest single rep possible.

I am of the belief that optimal long-term results come from a well-rounded routine revolving around a mixture of various rep schemes. Below is a sample 12 week contest bench cycle leading up to a competition.

Weeks 7 through 9 transitions the lifter to heavier weights and lower reps. During the final 3 weeks, a lifter should spend his core time on singles. These last 3 weeks are crucial in preparing for the athletic performance part of powerlifting—the max single. Week 11 attempt should be around their previous max.

The final week, a new max should be attempted. By gradually working into singles, the lifter can build momentum and confidence for the meet while building strength at the same time.

My week routine is just one example. Experienced lifters may not need as many weeks of singles and could get away with just weeks 11 and One thing to bear in mind is that a max single rep is very strenuous on both the mind and body and too many singles can burn out a lifter before the meet. As I mentioned earlier, there is little margin for error with singles, so attention to form, spotting, and lifting safety must be your focus.

If you practice proper form and safety, etc. To meet this goal, lifters must include a certain amount of singles in training. By working singles into your routine in the manner I suggested, you stand to improve your lifting technique, build strength, gain confidence and hopefully register a higher contest total. In a six-week, double-blind study involving 36 test subjects with at least three years of training experience, subjects using the core ingredients in Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series jacked up their bench press by more than double the results achieved by subjects using whey protein 34 vs.

Read the label before use. No sport comes close to powerlifting when it comes to dedication, intensity and raw strength. As powerlifters, we push our bodies beyond limits and stop at nothing to accomplish feats of inhuman strength. Most of us are aware that sports supplements are beneficial for increasing strength and power, but you have to be careful because a lot of them on the market are backed by pure hype. When you really get serious about your supplements, you have to check the facts… In other words, check the science.

Here are three perfect examples, in a few main product categories, of what you need to demolish your PBs. Plus, a key ingredient has been shown to increase strength.

Repetitions were counted to the one-half repetition and the results were multiplied by force exerted and distance traveled and then converted to joules. Adding this supplement into your program will certainly help get you that explosive strength you need to get out of the hole. These are just three of the Hardcore Pro Series supplements that are backed by science. I can physically feel a difference about an hour or two after taking a serving.

My muscles feel full and look full and are ready to perform to their greatest potential. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Up To lb.

I've heard you on radio shows and have read about the metabolic diet as well, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge which has been very valuable to people like myself. I just wanted to seek your opinion on something. How do anabolic steroids and growth hormone affect the chances of mutating your genes? And can it lead to genetic diorders in your offspring? I was having a discussion about steroids with a friend who is a biotechnology and genetics major. She thinks that androgens and GH can cause mutations to both the X and Y chromosomes in men, which can reduce chances of conceiving a child or lead to abnormalities, i.

In general, it seems that most epigenetic marks are erased at meiosis, so it is likely relatively rare for them to be passed on in a hereditary way, although the situation is different in plants where it can happen fairly easily, perhaps because gametes are not set aside early as they are in many animals but arise from somatic tissue at appropriate meristems.

Even then, if epigenetic changes are passed on to following generations it seems that the effects usually vanish three or four generations after the environmental stimulus has passed. Abuse of androgenic-anabolic steroids can definitely reduce the chance of conceiving, but this is due to their detrimental effects on the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis. However, the potential impact of this phenomenon on the physiology of animals is not yet broadly appreciated, in part because the phenomenon of epigenetics is not typically part of the design of physiological investigations.

Still enigmatic and somewhat ill defined is the relationship between the overarching concept of epigenetics and interesting transgenerational phenomena e. The lingering effect on subsequent generations of an initial environmental disturbance in parent animals can be profound, with genes continuing to be variously silenced or expressed without an associated change in gene sequence for many generations.

Known epigenetic mechanisms involved in this phenomenon include chromatin remodeling DNA methylation and histone modification , RNA-mediated modifications non-coding RNA and microRNA , as well as other less well studied mechanisms such as self-sustaining loops and structural inheritance. In this review we: Are there any other nutrients that can interfere with the assimilation of D3 or cause low levels of D3 despite supplementing 2, to 5, IUs daily?

As you know, vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in many conditions and diseases in both men and women, including heart and neurological diseases, depression, pregnancy problems, etc. There are a lot of things that can interfere with getting an adequate vitamin D level in your body with the use of vitamin D supplements. Various gastrointestinal diseases, for example Crohn's or Celiac disease, GI surgery, including most forms of bariatric surgery done for the treatment of morbid obesity, and kidney disease, are causes of vitamin D malabsorption.

Certain drugs, such as corticosteroids and some diet medications can interfere with absorption or conversion in the body. Since vitamin D is fat soluble, mineral oil, which is not absorbed, can carry some of the vitamin D through the GI tract and out of the body. Vitamin D absorption and utilization are influenced by your dietary intake. If you like getting the lastest tips on lifting issues, sign up for Dr.

Mauro will be covering topics ranging from diets, nutritional supplements and the nutritional supplement industry, to performance enhancement, drug testing, scams, and more. To sign up for the monthly newsletter email Dr. COM 15, Square Ft. Showroom Open to the Public Home St. Pre-Workout Amino Complex is a zero-sugar, zero-stimulant formula packed with seven grams of advanced amino acids, beta-alanine, L-citrulline and ingredients to help promote fatigue-controlling factors.

Post-Workout Amino Complex gives you 11 grams of critical recovery aminos with L-glutamine, L-citrulline and antioxidants to help replenish muscles and replace lost electrolytes. For example, potatoes and gophers. But what usually grows big in the basement under a gym?

Mold and rats—or something worse. What if these underground rats ate the mold, and grew into bigger and stronger rats Who knows if the two things are mere coincidence? I can just imagine what toxins are in the underground water supply. One thing is certain: If you train below-grade long enough, maybe you can even become an Iron Empire Gym-rat!

Rick, thanks again for the interest. RB The TF gym was started and named by a friend of ours, and it is not really a powerlifting type gym. We have trained at numerous gyms, including Dr. RB A separate hard-core gym, in the basement under a regular gym? Just like the Bat-Cave!! We hauled down enough rubber matting to cover the floor and got started. Hauling the equipment and weights down a flight of stairs, by hand, could have been a strong man contest alone! My brother Will Ellinger and I have been building our own equipment for a number of years; including fat bars, sleds, and farmers walk torpedoes, just to name a few.

Will trains a lot of young athletes—high school and college students mostly, but also wrestlers, football, lacrosse players, etc. All others are welcome. Okay, I admit it, they hooked me from jump with the idea that their gym was in the basement under another gym.

TF is a full service health club and day spa. This may seem like an odd couple, but it has been a good partnership for all. The underground Iron Empire caters mostly to athletes who want to improve in the sports arena. Over the years, powerlifters, strongman competitors, and Olympic lifters have all trained at our underground gym. By sharing space, equipment, and so forth, we have economized. We even bring memberships to Totally Fit, so we have worked together to achieve this goal.

Non-power type family members who drive their kids to the Iron Empire Gym can join the Totally Fit Gym and enjoy totally different offerings for health and wellness. Do you know Batman or Catwoman? But we have an old stereo with some big speakers and a complete list of equipment that you would expect in any hardcore gym. We have all kinds of odd stuff to carry: There are ropes, rings, boxes, heavy bags, sleds, and a tire to flip.

But we left a lane down the middle of the floor so you can flip the tire rain or shine. We also have a safety squat, cambered, buffalo bar, blast bar, custom made fat bars, chains, bands, top squat, front squat harness, Zercher squat yoke, custom made T-handle for swings, custom hammers, 7 foot EZ bar and more. Is your brother sort of like Robin?

But my brother has taken inspiration, instruction and ideas from many sources. Coincidently, he started training in in a hand dug-out basement. YES; this family has been underground for two generations! RB We always find ourselves looking back to the old time lifters from York Barbell, and other similar places, for different ideas and motivation. Will started reading Powerlifting USA in , when he was in college.

Will did not know what powerlifting was then. As luck would have it, one of our favorite writers at the time, Dr. Will was just 20, and I was only 15, but we traded a car to a friend to get 2 memberships and a trap bar. RB We got to see and train with some excellent lifters. We also received great instruction from Dr. Ken and Ralph Roila, his partner at the time. Will has never forgotten what Dr. Ken said to us when we first came in, and Will still repeats the same phrase to this day.

Robin was sort of girly. I always worried about him. He looks to the experts for information and inspiration, and a lot of lifters have helped. Will called him out of the blue. In the end, Will and I put together a pretty good place to train.

We have helped the athletes who train with us reach some of their goals—and we will continue to do so. I would also like to mention that Will is a head writer of strength and related articles for www. These articles give the athletes good, honest, and basic information that they can use. Please check it out. If you are ever underground on Long Island, please look us up. Or look down, whatever. Frank, you and Will are my heroes for having an underground training facility with secret passwords and trap-doors.

Plus you traded a car for a gym membership!! Iron Empire is the coolest place to wear a cape while lifting underground! Tell Catwoman I said hey—she is way hot!

Powerlifting USA readers, if any of you know Catwoman, please ask her why she never returns my calls. Try to get her to at least send me some photos or something. Until next month, keep lifting—above or below ground—and do NOT sniff the cleaning chemicals at the gym. She has so many records that it would take too long to write them all here. Natalie, tell us about yourself.

Where do you compete and what are your best lifts? My best lifts in competition are in pounds: Tell us about some of your most memorable moments in powerlifting so far. Hardcore moment — Completing my third attempt pound deadlift at the Night of the Living Dead deadlift meet after I hit a sticking point. Moment that changed me — Realizing that my deadlift at my very first meet was a world record!

That was when I knew I would be powerlifting for a while. What was it like when you found out you set a world record? Ha ha ha, I know! After that moment, I knew I was going to make powerlifting a passion. What was that like? I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. I liked how there were a lot of people watching. Natalie, tell us five things that you love about being a powerlifter. I love staying healthy and fit.

The great people I have had a chance to meet and lift with. When all my time and hard work pays off at a meet. Tell us about your training routine. I train three days a week plus cardio. Usually I split up the days with attention to each of the three powerlifts and any accessory work. Where do you currently train? The atmosphere is great; Scott and everyone else are pretty no-nonsense about working out, but still friendly and helpful.

I feel comfortable doing what I need to do. The facility has all the equipment I need plus fun stuff like flipping tires! In the early eighties, he was one of the top ranked powerlifters in the world. At the time, Iron was a miniature black Atlas.

I swear the guy looked like he could bench press an apartment complex. The guy was absolutely amazing. He looked like he weighed pounds or more, certainly not pounds.

Performance-wise he was just as awesome. There was no doubt that if he would have continued in the sport of powerlifting he would have won a number of world titles. As it turned out, Dale Rhodes, a U.

Olympic coach recruited Iron to compete in Olympic lifting. Within less than a year, Iron was one of the top Olympic lifters in the United States. At pounds, he snatched pounds and clean and jerked pounds. At the time, most good Olympic lifters in that class were busting a gut just to total pounds. After a serious back injury, Iron was forced to turn to bodybuilding. Like I said, he already looked like a black Atlas as a powerlifter.

When he got into bodybuilding, he literally turned himself into a hulk. He completely dominated the lightweight division in the Southeast. In all candor, Iron was the greatest all around strength athlete I ever met. It is simply fact. When Iron was in high school, he was one of the top running backs in the country. I am sure you know who Lionel James is. Lionel was an undersized super star—same as Iron. For example, Professional Strength Whey Protein Plus delivers massive size and bar-bending strength for less than other big-name protein formulas!

Experience the difference Six Star Pro Nutrition can have on your lifts. Army left and as a bodybuilder right burn University and spent five years in the NFL with the Chargers from — In the season, James set the NFL record for all purpose yards combined yards rushing, receiving, and returning kicks in the history of the NFL with 2, yards.

That same season he also set the record for receiving yards by a running back with 1, yards while also leading the AFC in receptions with Lionel will tell you straight out that Iron was a better football player than he was.

Now, I am finally getting around to what I want to talk to you about…tough love! That was the very conversation that Iron and I had the weekend he visited me. You see, we had a very similar, life altering experience when we left high school. When Iron graduated from high school, he was one of the most highly sought after football players in the country.

He eventually signed a full ride to play at Louisville. I also missed my mama and friends terribly. I immediately became homesick. I tried to stick it out, but after about three weeks, I called my mother and told her that I wanted to come home. At first she tried to talk me out of coming home, but I kept telling her how homesick I was. It will be alright. At least she said something to that effect. Well, that was the biggest mistake of my life.

I missed out on my education and an opportunity to play pro football. Now, I said I had a similar experience, and I did. I had a scholarship to Notre Dame University after high school, but less than a week into my first semester the Kansas City Royals baseball team offered me a pretty good job. I was only 16 years old at the time. I went to my father and told him that the Royals had offered me a job and that I wanted to be a part of professional baseball.

You will lose it. I told you I would help to put you through school, but I am not going to help you to be a baseball player.

You are an adult. You are free to do what you want. Read label before use. What does it take to be a champion? Watch as The Predator not only successfully defends his title with a win at the Arnold Classic crown, but also settles the score following his disappointing 4th place Mr. Olympia finish back in September As a result, he brought his most massive, shredded and muscular physique ever to the Arnold stage. This documentary examines what it takes to become a champion; what it takes to go from 4th place to first.

Travel with Kai from Brooklyn to Columbus, from uncertainty to confidence…from disappointment to redemption. To order your copy or find out more, visit www. The subjects will range from training, nutrition, equipment and powerlifting standards. Each month, a topic will be picked and 10 or 12 powerlifters—this includes administrators, judges and lifters, past and present—will express their opinion and possible steps for improvement.

With a well rounded panel we should be able to present all points of view. Hopefully the discussion will lead to improvement in our sport. We would also like to involve our readers in this forum. If a reader has a subject they would like to see discussed, please submit to: Box , Camarillo, CA or email it to bobgaynor comcast.

We would also like to have that reader include their opinion which will be included when their topic is discussed. As you will see, the current panel are all well respected members of the powerlifting community. If you would like to be included in future forums as a panelist, please email bobgaynor comcast. Even before the invention of bench shirts and squat and deadlift suits, lifters used knee wraps, wrist wraps, belts, and even in some cases elbow wraps.

Also, they have always tried to come up with ways to simulate a squat suit long before they were invented and in actual use. It is simply part of the sport since the beginning, but having said that, I am against all the new material and multi-ply equipment as having overdone a good thing. If raw lifting is to be allowed, at least use simple protection like wrist wrap, knee wraps and a belt.

Zero protection from injuries is not a good thing in any sport. I feel the only equipment that should be used in raw powerlifting competitions should be a belt and a pair of wrist wraps. Obviously, the idea behind raw lifting is to see what the lifter is capable lifting without the use of any equipment that will add weight to the lifts.

I know the belt adds weight to each lift, but I believe it is more of a safety measure. I mean, if your belt is 26cm thick twice that of legal thickness that is not going to help you lift more. And, if you choose to wear it times too tight, that will not help either. The wrist wraps are of the same idea.

I believe they are a safety measure. I like the knee sleeve option, limited to the TK brand and the Rehband brands. These two brands are single-ply and are non-fastening.

These offer warmth and a sense of security when squatting. They do not add poundage to your squat. The problem with them is anyone that is not familiar with them thinks they add pounds to you squat. This is why I did not list them. Tom McLaughlin published a number of significant papers in peer-reviewed journals on powerlifting related subjects back in the s when he was at Auburn University. One of his findings indicated that there was a supportive component to the use of lifting belts, since they increased intra-abdominal pressure IAP and allowed the torso acting as a fluid filled cylinder , supported mainly by the spine, to support more weight.

Many federations offer unequipped divisions, and there are many definitions as to what that is. Our panel members will share their opinions. It is beyond dispute that anything more than a singlet adds support and thereby becomes an ergogenic aid to help you lift more weight. Therefore the truest definition of raw lifting is a singlet only.

In raw lifting a belt and non-adjustable knee sleeves should be allowed. To me, raw is raw. When I picture raw, I want a belt and wrist wraps. All else is a form of supportive gear providing high returns in carry over. I personally think a belt, wrist wraps and knee sleeves should be allowed in the raw division. This equipment offers only passive support, not active support like squat suits and knee wraps. Plus a belt helps to improve safety, which I think is important.

So when I began to lift in raw meets the past couple of years, I was kind of surprised that power belts were allowed because nobody was using them in the early days of powerlifting. They act as a bridge between the abs and upper quads so the muscles are pushing against each other, and the lifter can instantly squat and deadlift more.

On the other hand, knee wraps are not allowed in raw meets, and I think they can be an injury preventative thing apart from being supportive. I went to a meet in January of that year and the gym was kind of cold and I wound up with the worst case of tendonitis in both knees. Until they were made legal again, I would put them on between lifts when lifting at meets to keep my knees warm. So maybe a more pure form of raw lifting would be with a workout belt and knee wraps.

I have now seen a raw meet with a classic division in which lifters can wear knee wraps. I suppose if one really wanted a pure raw meet, then lifters would only be allowed to wear a singlet. I think that might prove to be very interesting. Although it is unlikely that the sport will reach consensus across federation lines, I believe that raw lifting should afford lifters the opportunity to utilize a non-supportive singlet, 4-inch belt, non-fastening knee sleeves, and wrist wraps.

These equipment guidelines respond to the concerns of lifters with regard to the need for limited supports to decrease the potential for injury while not debilitating the integrity of raw lifting. This, of course, contradicts all that raw lifting is meant to stand for. I like belt and wraps allowed. I like having the variances and different ways to challenge yourself and to compete against others. Using knee sleeves is just another gimmick to force powerlifters into buying something else.

They were designed for strong men who had to walk with the weight, not single heavy squats. Everyone has knee wraps and uses them during their training. Why allow wrist wraps— how about wrist sleeves?

Just about every federation offers some type of a raw division. Raw always meant no suit, just protective gear: But just like the whole sport of powerlifting, there is no agreement. I believe you should only use a belt, wrist wraps and single fabric knee sleeves, and, of course, a thin fabric lifting suit. I feel unequipped lifting should be with some type of non-adjustable knee sleeve and a weightlifting belt, not a power belt.

If you allow a power belt, you might as well allow knee wraps. So keep it simple, non-adjustable sleeves and a weightlifting belt. Hopefully some day powerlifting will find some common ground on all subjects. If you have a subject you would like to see discussed, contact lambertplusa aol.

If you would like to serve on the Forum Panel, contact bobgaynor comcast. Ron Fernando—a good friend, talented writer, and powerlifting fanatic—passed away on December 9, A tribute to Ron can be found in this issue on page The year, A. Brother Bartholomew, an ancient monk of the Benedictine Order in England, had just finished his austere supper and was preparing himself for evening prayers.

The view from the balcony that late afternoon was spectacular—a clear, azure sea, devoid of the usual English gloom, and as sparkling as a bed of crystals. Brother Bartholomew felt at peace and looked forward to a quiet evening of contemplation and prayer. It was then that his reverie and sense of well being was totally and utterly destroyed.

For on the horizon, several leagues away, were THEM. The double set of oars dipped in and out of the water in a hypnotic rhythm closing inexorably toward the shoreline. Three dragon ships, painted in gaudy colors, each festooned with the symbols of the wild men of the North, and filled to the brim with brutal, powerful warriors were approaching.

He thought he could hear their harsh war cries even from this distance, and his stomach turned. Brother Bartholomew knew then that his end was near as this particular foe was merciless, and would slaughter each and every one of them. Clutching his beads, he whispered a prayer, a prayer that was soon to become famous throughout all Europe: A furore normannorum libera nos domine.

The Vikings in Europe of the 8th and 9th century were totally dedicated to a pagan god of war, Odin. Cramped by the narrow confines of their barren, icebound northlands, they exploited their skill as shipbuilders to spread a reign of terror then unequalled in violence and brutality in all of recorded history. The Viking culture was male-dominated and placed an extraordinarily high value on simple brute strength and physical endurance. Old stories tell of axe-throwing, log and horse lifting, and similar contests held by the Vikings in between their frequent raids into England and France as tests of manhood.

The hardy men of Sweden, descendants of the fearsome Northmen who worshipped pagan gods of strength like Odin, Thor the thunderer and Frey the sun god developed their early physical prowess working as loggers in the forests, fishermen in the wild and freezing North Atlantic and would become, in time, some of the finest strength athletes in the world. These early stars were the predecessors to a whole host of IPF medalists and world record holders, plus of course, many titans of strongman.

Johansson was exceptionally successful: He also competed in the Summer Olympics in Mexico City. He finished second in the World Championships midheavyweight class He trained for the Summer Olympics in Munich in , Kenneth Mattson at the Worlds where he was victorious. He is not the same Ken Mattson that New Englanders are familiar with, although they both lifted in the same weight classes and benched about the same weights.

He set five midheavyweight world records—four in the press and one in the clean and jerk. After the early s Johansson experienced success in bodybuilding competitions, especially in the Scandinavian region. Kjell Nilsson switched from Olympic class lifter and bodybuilder, and then to the Silver Screen.

Married to Australian actress Kate Ferguson, Nilsson put his might and muscles to good use in the movies: Nilsson was a veteran of several world championships where he placed as high as second, and was many times Swedish and Nordic champion. Lars was then, like me, a Lieutenant in the Army, only he was in the Swedish Army, where in those days they actually permitted their troops to have the stylish long hair of the day. He briefly held the world record that day of pounds, a remarkable feat considering he did it with a simple belt and t-shirt.

Lars retired some years later when he suffered a double quad tear attempting a near pound squat, done with his usual shoulder width stance and twenty-dollar squat suit. Ray took the psyche routine to the next level, often screaming himself hoarse, slapping his own face and chanting—in his native Swedish, of course—before each lift.

He was highly entertaining, but a fine lifter as well. As the IPF and international powerlifting as a whole blossomed, so did Swedish powerlifting and their general involvement in the iron game as a whole. Four lifters come to mind in the waning moments of the 20th century: Greatest in that he lifted the most weight, and in two of the more hotly contested weight categories: He began his international career in at the IPF hosted event in Sweden, as a junior lifter, no less with a first place.

Later that year he traveled from the frozen North to the sunny climes of South Beach, Miami, and set a whole boatload of junior world records at His total was now a massive This massive margin, at such a high level in international powerlifting, borders on the near ridiculous.

Not satisfied, Noren bulked up to over pounds and stole the show at superheavyweight at the IPF Worlds held in Fredrikstad, Norway, with a huge 1, Reviewing the videos of both, what was interesting was that his squat was replaced in the rack as it seemed to be sliding off his back and as per the rules, he tried it again, calmly walked the massive weight out and sunk it 4 inches below parallel before rocketing up.

The deadlift looked like the proverbial toy, and if pushed he could have gone as high that day as , as he was truly on fire. Since then, Lars Noren has dropped out of sight, vanishing from the Swedish and international scene as quickly as he exploded onto it. Despite it all, his exploits are never to be forgotten, not by his countrymen, nor the world of power.

Yes, the Swedes have put their indelible stamp on the world of powerlifting for decades. From producing early champions like Nilsson, Nentis and Mattson, to the unbelieveable exploits of the enigmatic Lars Noren, whose lifts today with simple single-ply gear would be hard to duplicate.

Aside from these champions, the Swedes took an early lead, which they have yet to relinquish in the area of meet promotion. Yes, the old time warriors and freebooters of the Viking era would be proud of their modern day descendants: Nentis, Backlund, Nillson, Gustavsson, Mattson and, of course, Noren—all of whom would be welcome on any of the Dragon Boats of the Vikings, and eventually to Valhalla.

Long may their exploits live in the annals of Nordic and world powerlifting history and may all of their mighty deeds never, ever be forgotten. Brad then bumped his PR in this class up to the following year. Jim Drapal started out deadlifting in Hawaii with the U. I am talking about all those great meds that help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and all the other drugs doctors like to prescribe like candy.

This, my friend, is a big mistake and is an entire series in itself. You see, most Americans like to eat like garbage disposals, consuming the unhealthiest of foods without thinking of the consequences.

Sorry for a stark wake-up call here folks, but it has to be said. America is getting fatter by the hour and the column I did that outlined the obesity rates across the different states was alarming at best. The problem I have with a lot of doctors is the fact that they do not school their clients about truly eating healthier to prevent health conditions, but just load them up like a pharmaceutical drug zombie popping a dozen different pills every day.

They take some meds for their high cholesterol, then some to lower their blood sugar, and then since they eat like slobs they need some acid meds because they keep burping up that double beef taco with double jalapenos and three types of cheese they enjoy eating three times per week.

If you think loading your body down with all types of meds is going to make you healthier, think again. I just love when one of those pop on the television.

It starts making you wonder what the hell is really in those meds. Some of them sound like this: Side effects include diarrhea, night sweats, swollen fingers, blurred vision, anxiety, uncontrollable anger and visions of suicide, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, facial lesions, hair loss, weak bones, depression, anal leakage, bloody stools, and the inability to sleep. I am sure you have seen similar commercials for drugs that cause numerous horrible side effects and one of the side effects is that it can make the problem you are suffering from even worse, not better.

Mmmm… nothing like going on a hot date only to have your eye start dripping all kinds of yellow mucous looking discharge over dinner. If you think a gelatinous crusted out eye is going to help you seal the deal with the honeys, you better think again.

Now we are talking. I think I will stick with the disease or problem rather than suffer the above disgusting side effect. Oh yeah, there is nothing like sporting a big fat hairy black tongue. If you thought the last one will impress the ladies, imagine having her check out a tongue that reminds her of a tarantula.

Like powerlifters need any help in this area. Nothing like adding another six pounds of fat to say Now that is the look that we are all striving for.

There are already too many overweight bald-headed powerlifters whose back of their neck looks like a pack of hot dogs, so we do not need to start incorporating side effects like this into the powerlifting community.

Now for those of you who are chemically enhanced, this is a common side effect that can be combated by a properly laid out PCT program. Or like trying to stimulate the economy by printing more bills… Oops, did I just say that? Either way, even our drug-free counterparts will not like their family jewels shrivel before their eyes.

No man would like this. So if you see this side effect on the label of your current prescription, think twice before throwing those pills down your throat. I know many of you who are reading this must be thinking that Mr. Nutrition Guru here is making this all up. Well, folks, I wish what I was reporting to you was wrong, but unfortunately the information is correct. These side effects are really ones that should make you open your eyes.

Darn… where do I sign up for this? Yes, you might save some money on the blue nail polish as well, but in reality I am sure there are not a lot of lifters that would enjoy walking around town with dark blue lips and nails. That is, unless you are auditioning as a back up dancer in a Marilyn Manson video.

Nice… pound powerlifters with purple skin blotches all over their body is not the image most want lodged into their frontal lobe.

Powerlifters have enough problems to deal with without adding in major skin discoloration and blotches that cover their body like some type of urban camouflage.

Imagine if you took the drug above that caused that black hairy tongue and then you took some other meds like this one that will now add in some white spots and sores in your mouth and all over your lips.

Is that a visual or what? Nothing like showing up for a job interview and when the boss starts asking you questions about your skills and current experience you start having eye twitches and spastic eye moments. Oh yeah, that will help you get your foot in the door and onto that new career.

Or how about going to deposit your weekly paycheck at your local bank only to go up to the teller with eye twitching and eye gyrations that make her think you are about to rob the place or are giving her some type of signal.

Well, this month I will be hitting you up with more crazy news that will truly blow your mind once again. Hell, it was so funny to read the e-mails from my loyal fans in regards to their response of the first part of this series.

This was a real shocker for many readers, as they were unaware that shopping carts carry more germs than public toilet seats. I can also tell you that many lifters in the Washington, DC, area also emailed me in regards to the info I unloaded on them about the intersex fish in the Potomac River.

Now, this issue is going to be also a real shocker for you too—so get ready. No, not in the least. At the same time, when I see things that are not right, they need to be discussed. Prescribing pharmaceuticals that damage the body more than they help is not the route that I support, especially when natural means through proper supplementation and proper nutrition practices can combat the problem without resorting to prescription drugs.

The problem that I am trying to express is the fact that way too many Americans use pharmaceutical drugs as an easy way out. I have gone to competitions where I see lifters take their daily meds before they start warming up for squats and it blows my mind. We are supposed to be strength athletes.

Come on guys, you need to shape up. Not just physically, but mentally to stop taking the easy route and take responsibility of your health. So, until next month: After all, you may have to go across different eras and different weight classes for accurate assessments, which makes direct comparisons murky at best.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the sport of powerlifting, where rule and equipment changes muddy the waters even further. When it comes to the bench press, you could make arguments for a number of guys as the best ever. For instance, pounder Ryan Kennelly benched 1, pounds—a mind boggling weight that might never be equaled in the shirted division.

Rob Luyando owns three different weight class records while wearing a shirt and Jeremy Hoornstra has pressed pounds at without any equipment at all, while Al Davis has hit raw at Weighing in at pounds, Mazza holds the all-time shirted record of pounds—a mark no one in the weight class has come close to.

Joe has been ranked number one in the world for the past six years and has claimed three American championships and three King of the Bench raw titles. How many powerlifters can you name who have dominated both shirted and raw competition benching at the same moment?

I go in and rotate band tension week to week, increasing band tension with less bar weight one week and then less band tension with more bar weight the next week. It avoids the body getting stale. We do long range training cycles, but within each cycle the weight gets heavier and the tension gets tighter each week.

I concentrate on the bench press—I am a benching specialist! At my age 43 , recovery is more important than the actual lifting. With the system, the idea is to work your way up to one work set of maximum effort. The system is based on stimulating muscle to the maximum and getting done. I can go through a full 45 minute workout before reaching my max set! I work up to a heavy set of raw and then put the shirt on for an extra-heavy set. This way my body stays used to heavy, heavy weight.

It pumps up my muscles and gives me an incredible strength boost. After training I supplement with Dark Matter—it is another all-time favorite because it refuels my muscles and helps me recover.

I take it every day and I love the way it tastes; blue raspberry is the best! He never gets heavier than about pounds between meets so he experiences no problems making weight. For the most part I try to eat clean year-round and drink a lot of water. Lunch is a grilled chicken salad, but this is not your typical diet fare.

This is grilled chicken over iceberg lettuce with hardboiled eggs, croutons and green olives with balsamic vinegar. His son Joey was ranked number one last year in the region before a concussion stopped his competition.

He is on track to regain his champion status this year. Mazza and his wife, Lorna, also have a year-old daughter, Gianna, and another son, Franco 7. I always try to compete under all conditions and in all federations. I just love to compete! I just want to be the best I can be and be recognized by my peers as one of the best lightweight benchers under any circumstances or conditions.

I owe my success to MHP supplements! In addition, I want to thank Titan Support Systems for their ongoing support and awesome powerlifting equipment. Also Jim Parrish for developing an incredible strength training system and being a great friend and training coach.

Last, I owe so much to my family for continued support and putting up with my traveling and hectic training schedule. On a band training day I try to increase weight with the same band tension as the last time.

We still add the weight, but start with bands on the bar. Thanks to his friendship with MHP founder Gerard Dente, Mazza was introduced to this line of sports supplements in when he was new in the power sport.

He will be the first to say that MHP products have been instrumental in his record-breaking run in the bench press. Being able to relax for the last days leading up to the meet can make the difference between being an anabolic animal and a nervous wreck. Our job is to provide the proven strength athletes guide to rapid fat loss that will not sacrifice muscle or energy to train. Our nutrition consulting work with numerous strength athletes has enabled us to perfect a system which emphasizes rapid physical and neurological recovery crucial for productive training.

The tips below provide everything you need to get the new year off to a fast fat burning start. Many nutrition plans call for calorie counting and declare it to be the overriding factor governing fat loss progress. Does the body react to calories of highly processed potato chips laced with trans fat in the same way it would to a lean protein source?

The answer is no! While caloric intake plays a role in the success equation, the quality and combination of food choices, in addition to timing, are much more important. Low calorie diets do not work! Initially they may spark some fat loss, but after three weeks or so the body slams on the brakes to protect you against starvation by lighting up all fat storing mechanisms.

Then your hard earned muscle becomes the fuel of choice. Focus on foods that were here 10, years ago as your body will react to them best—the resulting improvements in digestion can also improve energy! Consumption of processed foods delivers a high amount of toxins, hormonal byproducts and other crap you are much better off without!

Remember, a strength athlete relies heavily on the nervous system for maximal power output. This delicate system does not like unnecessary stress or added distractions. To make a long story short, the better the food choices, the better your performance and body composition will be. However, your macronutrient percentages need to change after 4 to 6 weeks to avoid metabolic staleness. Just like your training routines, the diet must change frequently in a strategic manner to help you achieve your goals.

Macronutrient Cycling is one of the most powerful nutrition tools we use to keep client progress going year round. Customizing these techniques to individual client needs makes a dramatic difference in the bottom line. Shaking up the macronutrient percentages correctly increase crucial fat burning enzymes and can help to optimize the hormonal environment.

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