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Our Lady of Guadalupe Spanish: The basilica is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, and the world's third most-visited sacred site. According to these accounts the first apparition occurred on the morning of December 9, , when it is said that a native Mexican peasant named Juan Diego experienced a vision of a young woman at a place called the Hill of Tepeyac , which would become part of Villa de Guadalupe , a suburb of Mexico City.

Speaking to Juan Diego in his native Nahuatl language the language of the Aztec empire , the woman identified herself as the Virgin Mary , "mother of the very true deity" [3] and asked for a church to be built at that site in her honor. Not unexpected the bishop did not believe Diego, on the same day, Juan Diego saw the Virgin Mary for a second time the second apparition ; she asked him to keep insisting. On Sunday, December 10, Juan Diego talked to the archbishop for a second time.

The latter instructed him to return to Tepeyac Hill, and ask the lady for a miraculous sign to prove her identity. That same day, the third apparition occurred when Diego returned to Tepeyac and encountering the Virgin Mary, reported the bishop's request for a sign; she consented to provide one on the following day December In the very early hours of Tuesday, December 12, Juan Bernardino's condition having deteriorated overnight, Juan Diego set out to Tlatelolco to fetch a priest to hear Juan Bernardino's confession and minister to him on his death-bed.

In order to avoid being delayed by the Virgin and ashamed at having failed to meet her on the Monday as agreed, Juan Diego chose another route around the hill, but the Virgin intercepted him and asked where he was going fourth apparition ; Juan Diego explained what had happened and the Virgin gently chided him for not having had recourse to her.

She assured him that Juan Bernardino had now recovered and she told him to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill, which was normally barren, especially in the cold of December.

Juan followed her instructions and he found Castilian roses, not native to Mexico, blooming there. The next day, on December 13, Juan Diego found his uncle fully recovered, as the Virgin had assured him, and Juan Bernardino recounted that he too had seen her, at his bed-side fifth apparition ; that she had instructed him to inform the bishop of this apparition and of his miraculous cure; and that she had told him she desired to be known under the title of Guadalupe.

The bishop kept Juan Diego's mantle first in his private chapel and then in the church on public display where it attracted great attention. On December 26, a procession formed for taking the miraculous image back to Tepeyac where it was installed in a small hastily erected chapel. In great distress, the Indians carried him before the Virgin's image and pleaded for his life. Upon the arrow being withdrawn, the victim made a full and immediate recovery.

Juan Diego's tilma has become Mexico's most popular religious and cultural symbol, and has received widespread ecclesiastical and popular support. In the 19th century it became the rallying call of American-born Spaniards in New Spain, who saw the story of the apparition as legitimizing their own Mexican origin and infusing it with an almost messianic sense of mission and identity — thus also legitimizing their armed rebellion against Spain.

Historically the devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe did not lack significant clerical opposition within Mexico and elsewhere, especially in the early years, and in more recent times some Catholic scholars, and even a former abbot of the basilica, Monsignor Guillermo Schulenburg , have openly doubted the historical existence of Juan Diego, referring to the devotion as merely symbolic, propagated by a sensational cult looking to bolster Catholic devotion from amongst the indigenous.

While the image garners much religious devotion and fervent Mexican patriotism, scholarly criticism on the image is also notable, considering the artistic disproportion of the image, the similarity of the image to Spanish pre-colonial artwork closely related to the Aztec colony at the time, the alleged relationship of Marcos Cipac de Aquino in either inventing or amending the tilma cloak, and the public declaration of the abbot of the Guadalupe shrine pertaining to the false existence of the Marian apparitions.

Following the Conquest in —21, the Spanish destroyed a temple of the mother goddess Tonantzin at Tepeyac outside Mexico City, and built a chapel dedicated to the Virgin on the site. Tonantzin the beloved mother of the gods was celebrated each winter solstice [10] [11] [12] which occurred on different dates, the winter solstice of occurred on December 12, according to the UNAM.

What is purported by some to be the earliest mention of the miraculous apparition of the Virgin is a page of parchment the Codex Escalada which was discovered in and, according to investigative analysis, dates from the sixteenth century. It also contains the glyph of Antonio Valeriano ; and finally, the signature of Fray Bernardino de Sahagun that was authenticated by experts from the Banco de Mexico and Charles E.

Scholarly doubts have been cast on the authenticity of the document, however. A more complete early description of the apparition occurs in a page manuscript called the Nican mopohua , which was acquired by the New York Public Library in , and has been reliably dated in This document, written in Nahuatl, but in Latin script, tells the story of the apparitions and the supernatural origin of the image.

It was probably composed by a native Aztec man, called Antonio Valeriano, who had been educated by Franciscans.

The text of this document was later incorporated into a printed pamphlet which was widely circulated in In spite of these documents, there are no written accounts of the Guadalupe vision by Catholic clergymen of the 16th century, as there ought to have been if the event had the importance it is claimed to have had.

The written record that does exist suggests the Catholic clergy in 16th century Mexico were deeply divided as to the orthodoxy of the cult springing up around the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, with the Franciscan order who had custody of the chapel at Tepeyac being strongly opposed to the cult, while the Dominicans supported it.

Days later, Fray Francisco de Bustamante, local head of the Franciscan order, delivered a sermon denouncing the cult. He expressed concern that the Archbishop was promoting a superstitious regard for an image:. At the inquiry, the Franciscans repeated their position that the image encouraged idolatry and superstition, and four witnesses testified to Bustamante's claim that the image was painted by an Indian, with one witness naming him "the Indian painter Marcos".

Jody Brant Smith referring to Philip Serna Callahan's examination of the tilma using infrared photography in The report of this inquiry is the most extensive documentation concerning the Virgin of Guadalupe from the 16th century, and significantly, it makes no mention of Juan Diego, the miraculous apparition, or any other element from the legend.

At this place [Tepeyac], [the Indians] had a temple dedicated to the mother of the gods, whom they called Tonantzin, which means Our Mother.

There they performed many sacrifices in honor of this goddess And now that a church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is built there, they also call her Tonantzin, being motivated by the preachers who called Our Lady, the Mother of God, Tonantzin. It is not known for certain where the beginning of this Tonantzin may have originated, but this we know for certain, that, from its first usage, the word means that ancient Tonantzin.

And it is something that should be remedied, for the correct [native] name of the Mother of God, Holy Mary, is not Tonantzin, but Dios inantzin. It appears to be a Satanic invention to cloak idolatry under the confusion of this name, Tonantzin. In the 16th century and probably continuing into the early 17th century, the image was modified by adding the mandorla -shaped sunburst around the Virgin, the stars on her cloak, the moon under her feet, and the angel with folded cloth supporting her—as was determined by an infrared and ocular study of the tilma in It also contains the following glosses: Cuahtlatoatzin died worthily" [35].

This tract contains a section called the Nican mopohua "Here it is recounted" , which we have already touched on above. It has been attributed since the late s to Antonio Valeriano ca. Most authorities agree on the dating and on Valeriano's authorship. Two separate accounts, one in Nahuatl from Juan Bautista del Barrio de San Juan from the 16th century, [41] and the other in Spanish by Servando Teresa de Mier [42] date the original apparition and native celebration on September 8 of the Julian calendar , but also note that the Spaniards celebrate it on December 12 instead.

The initiative to perform them was made by Francisco de Siles who proposed to ask the Church of Rome a Mass itself with allusive text to the apparitions and stamping of the image, along with the divine office itself, and the precept of hearing Mass on December 12, the last date of the apparitions of the Virgin to Juan Diego as the new date to commemorate the apparitions which until then was on September 8, the birth of the Virgin.

These published accounts of the origin of the image venerated in Tepeyac increased interest in the identity of Juan Diego, the original recipient of the vision. A new Basilica church was built to house the image. Completed in , it is now known as the Old Basilica. The image had originally featured a point crown on the Virgin's head, but this disappeared in — The change was first noticed on 23 February , when the image was removed to a nearby church.

This may have been motivated by the fact that the gold paint was flaking off of the crown, leaving it looking dilapidated. A different crown was installed to the image. At that time historians revived doubts as to the quality of the evidence regarding Juan Diego. The record of the ecclesiastical inquiry omitted him, and he was not mentioned in documentation before the midth century.

It is not recognition of the physical, real existence of a person. He concluded that Juan Diego had not existed. In , Father Xavier Escalada, a Jesuit whose four volume Guadalupe encyclopedia had just been published, announced the existence of a sheet of parchment known as Codex Escalada , which bore an illustrated account of the vision and some notations in Nahuatl concerning the life and death of Juan Diego. Previously unknown, the document was dated The codex was the subject of an appendix to the Guadalupe encyclopedia, published in Paul's vision of Christ on the road to Damascus , drawn by St.

Luke and signed by St. Scholars do not agree as to how the name "Guadalupe" was ascribed to the image. Others hold that the Spanish name Guadalupe is the original name, and refers to the Spanish Our Lady of Guadalupe, Extremadura , whose cult had been important in Spain in the 16th century and had been brought to the New World with the Spanish conquest. The first theory to promote a Nahuatl origin was that of Luis Becerra Tanco. In addition, Mary was portrayed in European art as crushing the serpent of the Garden of Eden.

This appears to be borne out by the fact that this goddess had had a temple dedicated to her on the very Tepeyac Hill where Juan Diego had his vision, temple which had recently been destroyed at the behest of the new Catholic authorities. In the 16th century the Franciscans were suspicious that the cult of Guadalupe showed, or was susceptible to, elements of syncretism , i.

The theory promoting the Spanish language origin of the name claims that:. The portrait was executed on a fabric support of natural material constituted by two pieces originally three joined together.

The join is clearly visible as a seam passing from top to bottom, with the Virgin's face and hands and the head of the angel on the left piece. It passes through the left wrist of the Virgin. The fabric is mounted on a large metal sheet to which it has been glued for some time.

At this point, there is a wide gap between the wall and the sanctuary facilitating closer viewing from moving walkways set on the floor beneath the main level of the basilica, carrying people a short distance in either direction. Viewed from the main body of the basilica, the image is located above and to the right of the altar and is retracted at night into a small vault accessible by steps set into the wall. The nature of the fabric is discussed below. Neither the fabric "the support" nor the image together, "the tilma" has been analyzed using the full range of resources now available to museum conservationists.

Four technical studies have been conducted so far. Of these, the findings of at least three have been published. Each study required the permission of the custodians of the tilma in the Basilica. However, Callahan's study was taken at the initiative of a third party: The iconography of the Virgin is fully Catholic: Virgil Elizondo says the image also had layers of meaning for the indigenous people of Mexico who associated her image with their polytheistic deities, which further contributed to her popularity.

Morelos adopted the Virgin as the seal of his Congress of Chilpancingo , inscribing her feast day into the Chilpancingo constitution and declaring that Guadalupe was the power behind his victories:. New Spain puts less faith in its own efforts than in the power of God and the intercession of its Blessed Mother, who appeared within the precincts of Tepeyac as the miraculous image of Guadalupe that had come to comfort us, defend us, visibly be our protection.

In , Emiliano Zapata 's peasant army rose out of the south against the government of Francisco Madero. By the 16th century the Extremadura Guadalupe, a statue of the Virgin said to be carved by Saint Luke the Evangelist, was already a national icon.

It was found at the beginning of the 14th century when the Virgin appeared to a humble shepherd and ordered him to dig at the site of the apparition.

The recovered Virgin then miraculously helped to expel the Moors from Spain, and her small shrine evolved into the great Guadalupe monastery. According to the traditional account, the name of Guadalupe was chosen by the Virgin herself when she appeared on the hill outside Mexico City in , ten years after the Conquest.

Guadalupe continues to be a mixture of the cultures which blended to form Mexico, both racially and religiously, [83] "the first mestiza ", [84] or "the first Mexican".

Cisneros' story is constructed out of brief notes that people give Our Lady of Guadalupe in thanks for favors received, which in Cisneros' hands becomes a portrait of an extended Chicano community living throughout Texas.

In Chayo's words, "I finally understood who you are. Your church at Tepeyac built on the site of her temple"

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I have the power to control and dominate men and women within my Profession. Finally, out of my relaxing bath, and into a soft warm towel, held by andrew. I close my eyes and enjoy andrew's hands caressing my body, and as I sit on my beautifully crafted antique four poster bed, with Egyptian cotton sheets, andrew continues to massage scented oils into my legs, working up my thighs, and ensuring he covers every inch of my sexy body.

Oh gosh, it's really getting me horny. How I love a good massage from a handsome stud! What I love the most is the tease, I love to feel his fingers carressing my body, feeling the oils penetrating my skin, the relaxation, as he puts my mind in the right place. I know what men are like, and most do not realise that a woman needs the gentle approach. A slow and sensual build up, letting the mind and body work simultaneously.

Now it helps to know that andrew is very well endowed, and I do love a large muscle to ride, it's most fulfilling, but first I love to think about it. Our English four seasons are very different, each spell brings a unique and rich display of beauty, and I love them all for many reasons. But if I had to chose a favourite time, it would have to be during the Summer! The Summer is the month when my skin radiates an exotic bronze, my cleavage glistens from little sweat beads, and my white blouse feels soft and gentle against my breasts.

It was the middle of Summer, and it was a glorious hot day, not a cloud in sight. I couldn't have asked for better weather. Georgina glowed, her smile was so big, and she has one of those cute dimples on the right side of her cheek. Her full silky lips exude a deep kissable bronze, and she's wearing one of my favourite perfumes, Lou Lou.

It's bold, powerful and timeless, a distinguished scent from the 's! Yep, that's Georgina, she's come fully prepared, I know her. She's not here for a coffee, mmm. Gosh she's one sexually insatiable, highly erotic, and devilish wicked Madam! I can't imagine she's changed one little bit!

We chattered for a while, although she could talk for England. Georgina had just returned from Fisherman's Cove, in the Seychelles. Fisherman's Cove sounds delightful, it should be out of a smugglers tale. She's trekked thousands of miles across the world, driving, sailing and very little flying! The Seychelles is her HOT spot for taking time out of her very busy work life.

If she wasn't so damn sexy, oozing eroticism, I could listen to her stories for hours. My word, she certainly has a few to tell, and she wears the scars with pride! As I sip my coffee right now, the only thing that I wish to smell is her sweet honey nectar found between her luscious thighs, and that is exactly what we did last Summer! From talking outside to sharing my bed on a HOT summers evening, with the windows wide open.

By midnight the air was still very warm, and the heat generated between us had our bodies glistening in sweat. Dark foreboding lair, filled with large candles burning through this midnight hour. The warmth from the sizzling flickering flames can be felt, as I nestle up to my slave and indulge in one of my favourite pastime rituals!

Smothering his erect penis while he's shackled and bound to my wooden bench. What is so conspicuous is the intensity of our session within a most atmospheric and moody dungeon. Enjoying and toying with my slave, using and abusing his body for my pleasure, while testing his boundaries! How long is he able to sustain the level of torment, before he fails to stop the inevitable? Does he have the stamina, can he resist this unbearable temptation, to explode?

It's a game of intense pain and pleasure rolled into one! I've been overwhelmed with praise for last week's movie and you've yet to see what happens next!

Without giving too much away, I will just say, hobson certainly took an immense amount of tease and manipulation, it's any wonder how he didn't actually pass out! However, credit to him once again, and you will see just how effective my tease and torment was! In fact, just at the point of him exploding, hobson was in a complete head spin, disorientated, body trembling! My goodness, it took quite some time for him to recover! It's a good job he was lying down, as his legs would have collapsed, so a definite rest was required for him to recover!

Stunning cock and ball torment while nestled inside my secret garden. Fallen rustic leaves lay crisp and dry across the cold solid ground, it's time I generated some heat to prevent hobson's balls freezing from the cold elements, not that I really mind! That said, I did light a rather lovely log fire, which created a little warmth, and as I'm sitting comfortably on my hale bales, hobson was tied to the tree ready to be stripped and teased.

A slow seductive manipulation of hobson's caged cock using my exquisite leather gloved hand, and in no time at all, his shaft can be seen bulging out of it's cage, painfully! Just watch how I continue to tease and torment him, it's breath-taking! Protracted Bondage, it's the most incredibly intense cock teasing foreplay I've put this slave through, while he is bound in my exquisite leather straight jacket, shackled to my 2 meter diameter wheel. My slave cannot move a muscle, other than the one between his thighs!

How he didn't pass out is all credit to him! Not only was he wrapped in leather, shackled tight to my wheel, but his head was fully incased in my exquisite leather mask, blindfolded. The beauty of my wheel is having the ability to completely disorientate him, from a vertical position to being spun into a horizontal position, and then finally ending up with his head inches from the floor! Throughout his time with me, I had my cameras strategically hidden to capture this entire session.

What a blinding session it was, and one that I'm sure you'll agree, would be most desirable to experience by so many of my slaves. It's a most intense session of cock tease foreplay, before he finally exploded. I love putting my slaves through a most powerful session. It's a wonderful profession to be in, and it's so fulfilling for me to know that I have made my slave's experience a most memorable, and more importantly, an orgasmic one!

Duration 16 minutes 56 secs. Lady Annabelle has a pleasant surprise for george when she invites him back to her Manor for a sleep-over! But of course, things are not always what they seem, and george had quite a shock when I took him for an evening stroll around my grounds.

Little did he realise just what that meant, until I told him to take a look at my new little idiolect! The fallen rustic leaves during autumn provides a beautiful covering for george while he slips into my leather body bag for the night. Of course, I do love to take care of my visitors, especially when they stay as my guest, so I did make sure his ears stayed warm by keeping them snug inside a leather hood.

Now, while george stayed cosy outside, I spent the night with hobson in my dungeon, and what a night, teasing and tormenting him, and don't worry, I will provide more details of what happened with hobson very soon. Let's just say, he also went through a most intense night!

By the morning, I couldn't wait to greet george for his feeding time, before finally releasing him from protracted bondage! Nick set to work writing his first letter to me, essentially as a complete novice, wishing to explore the erotic side of BDSM combined with role play!

He is hugely into mind games, but felt he wasn't into real pain! As I often say, the mind is the most powerful tool one possess's and I found myself getting excited as I continued to read his letter! Casting light in the darker side of my desires! Bringing in the five senses, hypnotic voice, seductive scent, crimson silky lips, glossy passionate fingernails, sexy attire.

A decadent concoction of mind control, eroticism, role play, sexy attire, as well as the finer details, such as the staccato sound of stilettos! His surprise was I could read him so very well, getting him to embrace his new found Fetish!

While he recovered from an orbiting climax I put on an extra layer of crimson lipstick and gave him a little reminder of me for his journey home! Oh my slave, you have a lot to learn, but that's ok, your journey starts right here, with me. And, it's always good to start at the beginning. How low can you go? I will help you to your new position, down you go, lips to heels, open and let's see your tongue. Get to work, lick, feel your tongue glide along my glossy red shoe.

Darcy's" former bad treatment and impoverishment of Wickham is the main reason why she cannot consider marrying Wickham. Elizabeth sees a resemblance between Darcy and his aunt, Lady Catherine. Lady Catherine speaks of him "in terms of the highest admiration". He is "a little ashamed of" Lady Catherine's "ill breeding". Charlotte suspects Darcy is in love with Elizabeth. Darcy silent and dull; Charlotte doubts he is in love with Elizabeth.

Darcy several times encounters and walks with Elizabeth in Rosings Park. Elizabeth thinks Darcy is hinting that Colonel Fitzwilliam will probably propose to her. Elizabeth thinks that Darcy objected to the "ungentlemanly" occupations of her and Jane's uncles, when he separated Jane and Bingley.

The infamous proposal -- He frankly confesses how his love for her has overcome his sense that a marriage to her would be degrading because of her inferior family. He is surprised and angry at her rejection of his proposal. Darcy refuses to disguise his mixed feelings with flattery even in making a marriage proposal. Elizabeth tells him his present manner is ungentlemanlike , and that his manners have made a negative impression on her from the beginning of their acquaintance.

He is already making excuses for Elizabeth's believing Wickham. Elizabeth realizes that she doesn't objectively know much in Darcy's disfavor except for his "proud manner" leaving aside his separating Bingley and Jane.

Elizabeth thinks that if she had married Darcy, he wouldn't allow her to invite the Gardiners to Pemberley, because of Mr. Darcy's housekeeper's praise of him surprises Elizabeth. Elizabeth has "never in her life she seen his manners so little dignified", and he has "never spoken with such gentleness".

Gardiner ; "But to be sure, the good lady who shewed us the house did give him a most flaming character! Elizabeth is doubtful as to Darcy's feelings when witnessing his altered and improved behaviour at Pemberley The Darcys' call at Lambton: Gardiner have no doubt that Darcy does love her: The Darcys' call at Lambton: His improvement in manners continues; Elizabeth still surprised. The Gardiners become "anxious to think well" of him after they think he is interested in Elizabeth.

Elizabeth thinks that the news of Lydia's disgrace destroys "her power" with Darcy. She is tall like her brother ; she is "rather taller" than Elizabeth ; "though little more than sixteen, her figure was formed, and her appearance womanly and graceful".

Caroline Bingley's insincere laudations of Georgiana. Description of her by Wickham. Description of her to Jane by Caroline Bingley. Colonel Fitzwilliam "looks earnest" when Elizabeth suggests that if Georgiana is a "true Darcy" he, her co-guardian, may find her "a little difficult to manage". Elizabeth, on meeting her, discovers Georgiana is not "exceedingly proud", but only "exceedingly shy".

Darcy anxious that Elizabeth and Georgiana should get to know each other. Darcy did intend for her to marry Bingley. Dawson , Lady Catherine's maid.

His widow, the Rt. She is referred to as "Lady" followed by her first name because she is the daughter of a higher nobleman -- as opposed to Lady Lucas , who is merely the wife of a knight -- see an an explanation of aristocratic honorific prefixes here. Collins's description of her. Discussed by Elizabeth and Wickham.

She gives minute advice on how other people should run their lives: She "scolds them into harmony and plenty" ; it is "wonderful" how many young women have gotten governessing jobs through her recommendations. She accounts for the quietness of Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam on their departure from Rosings to their attachment to herself and her daughter: The dear colonel rallied his spirits tolerably till just at last; but Darcy seemed to feel it most acutely, more I think than last year.

Her famous call on Elizabeth. Description by Maria Lucas. Denny , of the shire Militia. He returns from London with Wickham , whom he had happened to meet again there. His manners "much admired". Co-guardian of Georgiana Darcy and an executor of old Mr.

Hints he can't afford to consider marrying Elizabeth. See "Money and Marriage" in the topics list. Colonel Forster , commanding the shire Militia; description ; married Harriet Elizabeth "triumphs" when she doesn't have to be ashamed for her uncle in front of Darcy unlike some of her other relations.

His profession considered insufficiently genteel Hurst , and by Caroline Bingley. Elizabeth thinks that Darcy snobbishly looks down upon her family because her uncle is in trade: His wife M , Mrs.

Their four young children. The Gouldings William named of Haye-Park. Miss Grantley , an acquaintance of Caroline Bingley. Haggerston , an attorney.

Hill , housekeeper at Longbourn. Hurst , of Grosvenor-street; description ; married Louisa Bingley. Jenkinson , Miss de Bourgh's companion. John , the Collins's servant. John , the Gardiners' servant. Jones , apothecary at Meryton. Description; no longer courted by Wickham.

Long ; her two nieces. Bennet in a bad mood -- she is afraid that Mrs. Long will take advantage of Mr. Bennet's not calling on Bingley, to have her nieces introduced before the Bennet daughters. Bennet in a good mood; Mrs. Bennet likes the nieces because they are "not at all handsome" , i. See an an explanation of aristocratic honorific prefixes such as "Sir". What this means is that Sir William Lucas is an irresponsible parent -- he has taken on the airs of gentility without the ability to give his children except possibly the eldest son the necessary wealth to support this status; the effect of this on Charlotte is seen in her marriage.

If Sir William had been more responsible, he would have done what the father or grandfather of the Bingleys did -- keep working until definitely wealthy, and then let the next generation be "genteel".

Bennet considers his manners more agreeable and genteel than Darcy's. His absurdities are worn out with Elizabeth. Awe at meeting Lady Catherine. Preparing for future name-dropping at Lady Catherine's. Lady Lucas ; Description. See an an explanation of the different uses of aristocratic honorific prefixes such as "Lady". Charlotte , 27, the eldest. Advice to Elizabeth on attracting men, re Jane.

Philosophy of happiness in marrying. Prudential advice to Elizabeth on not not appearing unpleasant to a rich man like Darcy for a relatively poor one like Wickham. Charlotte has "sacrificed every better feeling to worldly advantage". Elizabeth "persuaded that no real confidence could ever subsist" between her and Charlotte again; "all the comfort of intimacy was over".

John and Lucy had ten children. Then, they moved another 80 miles west and were living in Buckingham County, Virginia in Their 3rd child, John James, Jr. They evidently returned to Hanover County by , when Foster was born.

Mosby was also born in Hanover, in As John and Lucy continued to travel west, their family continued to grow. A daughter, Susannah, was born here. The adventurous couple finally settled in an area we now call Ohio County, Kentucky in , and only three years after it had become a state. Their 10th and last child, Mariah James, was born in John was then 49 years old.

It is possible that the boundary lines of the counties mentioned changed, as there were many boundary line changes. John could easily have been acquainted with Daniel Boone; they lived in the same general area, and at the same time.

There was only 16 years difference in their ages. John James lived in Kentucky for 20 years. He died in After much searching, I could find no published webpage that contained this particular James family history. In an attempt to help other James family researchers, I have published this information on this webpage. I list below some of the descendants of John and Justina James. I only show eight generations to protect the privacy of living persons. So far, no family researcher has found documented proof that Christopher is the son of John and Justina Thurston.

It seems that those records were destroyed in Richmond during the Civil War. Thruston James being chosen a Vestryman the last Vestry, was this day Sworn accordingly. Oct in Stafford Co. Dec in Ohio Co. Feb in Ohio Co. Oct in Kentucky, d: Sep in Ohio Co. Jun in Ohio Co. Aug in Garrard Co. Aug in Butler Co. Feb in Butler Co. May in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. This website was created by Elaine Hatfield Powell and is my personal website.

It is not associated with any group or company. Thank you for posting the James lineage. Have you come across any documentation that Christopher James or John James served in the Revolutionary War? Little is known about these James men because so many records were burned either during the Rev. War, mostly during the Civil War, or from courthouses that burned. In my research I have never seen any evidence or proof of any military service for John or Christopher.

Christopher was born in and died in Very little is known about him. Courthouse records of the period that might have provided clues to his life and precise lineage were destroyed during the Civil War, when Richmond was burned. Christopher married Lucy Thompson.

Since he would have been age 55 at the start of the Rev. War, I doubt he was in the war. However, I did see a website some years ago that suggested that he was in the war as a Major. John James was born in , the son of Lucy Thompson and Christopher James, and it says he was named after his grandfather, John James, who immigrated from England to the new world in This is a longshot. Is there anyone in your tree from this area?

They had their 3rd child John Jr. You can read more about the John James that lived in Buckingham on my website at http: Hi Karen, The website is my own personal website and the James family listed are my ancestors. I will never put any info on the web about living persons. Louis City, MO ………………………. Louis City, Missouri ………………………. I took some photos at the Green River Cemetery, but not many. I took photos in the old section, since most of my ancestors that lived there were there long ago.

I have a photo of a tombstone for Sallie James. It is attached to this email. However, this stone is badly worn. Some of the older stones in that cemetery are in bad shape — broken and lying on the ground. They also sell some funeral home record books. I doubt that there would be any funeral home records going back as far as your Samuel James though.

He lived in Ohio County, KY but died last year. He researched the Warren and James and related families for many years. I will contact her and ask about your Samuel. You could send via email attachment. Statewide vital records registration was first enacted in for the state of Kentucky.

Compliance was minimal and the legislation was only in place for ten years. Sporadic maintenance was also performed between Mandatory registration was again enacted as of January 1, for births and deaths.

Marriage records have been kept on a county basis since the formation of each county, with some pre-dating official formation. State registration was required beginning in An every name index to births and deaths after exists at the Office of Vital Statistics. Box Frankfort, KY I will contact her and ask if she has anything on Samuel Mosby James.

I would need MUCH more information for me to give you details. When and where was Sandford James born? Thank you for this.. I have both the James and Warren Histories. Ollie is one of 15 children! So you and I are 4th cousins. I would like to add their names to my family tree. You may email me in private at Elaine64 aol.

I did follow a lead to you but am not sure that this is the same relative. My cousins and I have various letters and such and have found references to John Sr.

Thank you so much! I have a copy of their marriage bond that I got in Butler County in I do not recognize the other James you have listed — Salley Kingston James. How is she related to Sarah? You can email me directly at Elaine64 aol. In short, after reading your information I do see that you are related to that branch of the James Family. Please email me direct at Elaine64 aol. I would like to see what you have created.

You may email me direct at Elaine64 aol. Jesse is my 6th cousin, 4xremoved. I will send you the tree via email. Have you run across this before and found for certain that they are different people? Thanks for any insight. I am trying to 1.

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