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They say it could have come from a 25 foot croc. HArd to tell but it is huge one. I can send it to you by e-mail. I've done alot of looking up on Aussie crocs, they say there is a giant named Apollo who approaches 7 meters, river's famous for its jumping crocs.

I don't quite get how the wildlife officials in Orissa may have measured this giant, I'm guessing they measure the bank it was just on to estimate length. My bro told me they use a laser of some sort. Yeah it all comes down to the proof, seeing it for yourself. That Bhitarkanika place is tough man, the heat is terrible, the park itself has some seriously inhospitable environments and I ain't talking about the people.

Sooner or later I'm gonna make the trip there with loads of money and find out for myself. Will keep you posted Darren. Also, found out that one of me brother's Oriya friends got an uncle working in Bhitarkanika for the last 20 something years.

Will try and get pics from him. Darren, send me your e-mail, got a few pics of record sizes trophy hunting in Africa. Found a pic of an Orissa croc eating a cow. Looks big judging by the size of the jaws and teeth. Try and get in touch with him. Will be doing the same now. They might be slightly bigger a foot maybe but thats about it.

And the only reason for that is conservation and sheer protection. The crocodiles living in the wilds of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique have been described by researchers as being too numerous and bigger than the salties of Australia. I would'nt be surprised if someone nets a 20 foot plus croc in Australia but as a continent its huge and monsters like that could live in those inhospitable, impenetrable creeks and what have you.

In , the park in Orissa closed from March to July just to record the number of crocs living there and it was around this time a team from the U. S confirmed by reuters were shocked to see a 23 foot croc.

Orissa is not a very big state, neither is India as a country and a croc that big living in a square km park will definitely be see sooner or later. The story of the skull is awesome, belonged to a croc named 'Kalia' meaning black. Ate women only as the story goes. When killed by the King of Kanika, was cut up, found inside were the remnants of traditional india sarees, bangles, some human remains etc. That big croc and some others may have left that giant gene for the future generations hence there are so many massive crocs alive there.

Australia would have a lot more over 20 foot crocs,if they hadn't been shot to near extinction leading up to the 's. We need to send a resounding message to all those sceptics out there,who believe that crocodiles don't exist over 20 feet long.

I've seen the 'Gustave' footage on Youtube,and whilst it does look very big,it is difficult to get any scale of its size. I'd imagine some of those Private zoo's and Millionaire collectors in the USA and other country's would pay a fortune for an over 20 foot crocodile. AXL-lets see some photo's you've obtained of big crocs,skulls etc.

Like I said in one of my first posts on this forum,that book on crocodile hunting in Australia in the early 20th century freely mentions some massive crocodiles. It is believed that male crocodiles never stop growing. So common sense dictates that if they can keep as far away from the hunters bullet and consequently,his trophy cabinet,they can reach huge sizes because we also know that they live for a very long time.

I think one of the reasons the captive crocodiles die,is because they are over fed. Who knows how big-or for how much longer he would have lived in captivity if a sensible diet had of been followed. When you look at the girth and size of 'Gomek'-he looks 22 feet long. Send me your e-mail. Will send photos to you the minute I get it. We'll make our asessments then. The other one was a very amazing one it managed to hold of 40 men with lances,ropes,guns,nifes and horses for 6 hours.

Gustaav is said to have devoured more than humans so far, and has never been caught despite repeated attempts. After reading this thread I've tried my best to find it and I'll continue the search tomorrow and scan it in if I'm successful. On the topic of world's biggest etc. I think theres a healthy possibility that there are still undiscovered monsters out there that are on the right side of 25ft. Gustave is big, but I'm still willing to wager there's a bigger Saltie out there somewhere, whether its in some dark swamp in Papua New Guinea, or a hidden creek in the Northern Territory Due to Salties being protected in Aus since the 70's, surely there must be some absolute monsters brewing!

The massive ones in the wild look so much faster and aggressive. Utan looks like he couldn't catch a cold, let alone prey. His head length is about 3 feet alone. Gustave, Utan, Yai, all of them on one site with different pictures. Also old pictures black and white of some of the big monsters killed back in the day? It was shot dead by a Mr Peter Cole in the mid 's.

In ,at Hartleys Creek,Queensland,a 25 foot crocodile was shot and killed. But,the exciting news is,that there is apparently a crocodile living in the Goyder River swamp in Northern Arnhem land that is over 8 metres in length All I can say on this, is that when I am financially able-I will personally investigate the validity of the 8 metre crocodile.

Once again,I want to say that I believe that there are crocodiles over 20 feet long living in Northern Australia. They are very wary of people. But they DO exist. Lewis,it would certainly be interesting to see that newspaper clipping-get digging!!!!

Nobody ever really measured Yai or any of the other captive super-crocs. I think they top out at around 20 feet, this being the absolute biggest.

They reach a few feet under 20 and just start getting wider and fatter. I wonder what Yai would really measure if he was tranked and accurately measured by experts not affiliated with the park or even that country. My quess is feet. I don't doubt there are massive salties near 20 feet in length but these stories of ones feet are stupid without any good evidence and good measurements. It's just like the Great White debate, where even the Cuban 21 footer is in question.

With reduced hunting and remote habitat it is certainly possible that there are two or three foot crocodiles alive today are if larger there may be footers out there. My conclusion is that salties average about foot long with there being very rare specimens foot long and occasional foot monsters. With the largest confirmed crocodile in the past being 27 foot long. It liked Michael Phelps. I am always proud. In Harverd Biological institute there is a skull of a satlwater crocodile 28ft 5 inches although the skull it self is 5 feet 6inches so can anyone tell how big of a saltwater crocodile would a 5ft 6inch skull come from?

I can definetly say that in my opinion that there are ft and 25ft animals existing in the wilds and most remote regions of Australia. Oh so still I am wandering how big would a saltie have to be to have a 5ft 6inch skull. And just how big do salties get? Well there are so many stories,legends,alleged skins,skulls,and photos of animals ranging from any where from 20ft 6 meters to 33ft 10 meters long that it is hard to say just how big they get. All your estimates guys were very good ones.

I would say that the stories of ft meter monsters are just hunters's tales. Today in with reduced poaching and recovered habitat and how some parts of New Guinea and Australia are so remote there could be animals 23 feet 7 meters long with there being a few beasts reaching ft Although they would be very,very,very,very rare.

There is a skull in The Harvard Biological institute that is 5ft 6inches that is believed to have come from a creature between 27ft 8 meters and 30ft 9 meters long so that would make it 28ft 5inches 8.

Although this is the only evidence of possible animals 28ft 8. With there being a 2 or 3 animals 23 feet 7 meter long and a possible monster crocodile 8 meters 27 feet. Orissa is the best place to find such giants due to the high degree of protection there.

I wish I had purchased the book many times. Can anyone on this list about crocodile sizes know the title and author of this book. The book was big and thick like a large dictionary and had photos from long ago of giant crocodiles. If anyone has knowledge of the title and author of the book, please email me at jandpwalt sbcglobal. I spotted one on the banks of the nile. At least 47 feet long. I wrestled down with my bar hands and killed it.

And mounted it"s head on my wall as a trophy. It was about the size of a city bus. He said it was killed by the locals before he could make arrangements to bring it back to America, and no photos or other proof of its existence exist. Darren Ledet,Robert from Houston-lets have it. But in Asia there may be living crocodiles 23 feet 7 metre long. While in New Guinea, one of the most remote areas on the planet, may harbor even larger crocodiles exceeding lengths of 26 feet 8 metre long.

Whilst admittedly there is no tape measure in the photo-it certainly is the biggest crocodile I've ever seen-alive or in photograph. Killed in by Darren's father on Saipan Island,with a hand grenade-it certainly is one monster crocodile. Whilst I'm not an expert on photographic alterations I do know that photoshop wizzkids can make almost anything look authentic. BUT,this looks the real deal to me.

And to all those skeptics out there that have ridiculed the idea of crocodiles over 25 feet long,I say this;this puts the 28 foot Normanton crocodile,the 32 foot Philippines monster mentioned in Philip Holdens book,and all the other enormous crocs from the past in the FACT section of the history books-not the FICTION department. We have to somehow get the picture up on this site for all to see.

Please forward a copy of the photo to jeffdudas underwatertimes. They are never going ot get close to 30ft. How old are all of you? This giant was shooted by a ranger. I'm from Philippines and I'm a die hard croc enthusiast since I was a kid, and I've read articles that they caught a 27 footer here in the Philippines, which made me proud but then no pictures and lack of information. A guy working at the park said he is only a little over nineteen feet long but is still a sight to see.

Quotes over that size are mostly unsubstantiated. A crocodile nearly twice the size of the 11feet boat is displayed up against a boat in a film titled Northern Safari. Probably bcoz of there ability to adapt with the surroundings Even the villagers supoort this statement.. There usually about 16 to 18 feet long although a evidence proves that a few do reach 23 to 24 feet with there being a few records of 27 footers. You really want to do something then start to protect the habitat that's left.

Then your kids WILL be able to see pics of crocs over 23 feet. I'd agree with the general consensus that there are a few big ones hiding in the back end of nowhere in Aus and possibly India, but that's really not the point. If you look at this from an unbiased perspective all of the evidence of crocs over ft is just hearsay and innuendo, and therefore totally unreliable.

Even if there were some bigger ones that were reliably measured in the past this info doesn't translate into modern times without photos. Also I'm in Cebu as I write this so show me the body Reffostirsk or even better publish a photo, cameras may not have been that widespread in the past but they sure are now.

Just seen the pic of his dad with the croc on Saipan Island in '44 and its just a photographer using perspective, check this link www. You can tell his Dad's several metres away from the croc.

Sean i totally agree with you rather then making false cliams we should start to protect the habitat that's left, and believe me,some of my friends here in india are trying to do the same and "Crocodile park in chennai is a example of that". In early 19th century many crocs in rivers like ganga were killed by humans cause Ganga in India is treated as very holy river Which it actually is , but we should also protect the habitats that are dwelling in that river.

For your information the largest croc ever killed and measured was 28 feet long. The crew first thought that they had hit a large log but on closer inspection revealed it to be a large crocodile. No official report was writen because by this time crocodiles were listed as protected and the boats commander did not want to get in to any trouble. My grandfather was on the boat at the time and the diver that went into the water to check for damage was one of his closest friends who i have met and found to be a rather honest person.

Some photos were taken but were ordered destroyed by the boats commander. And it does NOT intentially use perspective to exagerrate size. The photo's 64 years old,what did you expect? The reason I ask is that unless the croc actually attacked the propellor with its mouth,a normal prop would hit and deflect and cut any object it hit in the water.

I have hit a log in a 30 foot boat and the resulting damage to the log,was not enough to kill an average sized shark. But a 28 foot crocodile with armour plated skin that could deflect most bullets-not a hope in hell of killing it.

The crew first thought that they had hit a island but on closer inspection revealed it to be a large crocodile. No official report was writen because by this time crocodiles were listed as protected and the Aircraft commander did not want to get in to any trouble.

My grandfather was on the Aircraft at the time and the diver that went into the water to check for damage was one of his closest friends who i have met and found to be a rather honest person.

See making new stories is not a big issue any one can do that but the thing is whether ppl around you believ it or not. Timbo mate we want proofs. Anyone who says they have seen one bigger must have been smoking something, however if anyone can prove it It measured 33ft In summary I totally agree with Dr.

This is the crocodile that Ion Idiress mentions in his book. Apparently the skin of this crocodile was kept for quite a while,though where it is now-well I'd love to know. If anyone else has more details on this monster-please provide them.

There is a saltie in chenai crocodile Park South India not very old but its already around 15 feet. The biggest saltie on record is about 27ft long and weighs at least 2tons, the average saltwater crocodile is 17ft long and weighs kg. Something that large would be carrying a lot of meat. There seems to be the use of perspective in the pic. However, not the size of the front leg of the croc, and the back leg is big enough to be outside the frame.

The adult in the pic is stooping over, while the child is upright. That should give some reference to the height of the croc, maybe be as much as 1 meter? But there could be some decomposition and bloat of the carcass. This might be as much as 7 meters long. Comments and more observations please. It is,however,a huge crocodile. If you could,could you send me a copy of the picture if you have a copy.

It would be appreciated. I have been in contact with a former councillor in Mackay,Queensland,who whilst in office, led a campaign to have a fibreglass replica of the 'Pioneer River' crocodile made. He told me that in fact the crocodile was shot in the 's,not ,as previously mentioned. It wasn't shot from the pub,but from a position where the pub now stands. He has a photo of what he believes could be the crocodile.

He also has another photo of a crocodile that he believes to be around 25 feet long. When I get copies of these-I will forward them to whoever wants them. One more thing about the pic though, the destruction of the bottom jaw: Gunfire or rope damage? Comments;Once again,it is very difficult to put the photo into perspective to give us some kind of idea as to how big it is.

But I think this;The people in behind it look like dwarfs in comparison. If the photo was a recent one,I would say that the photographer has used children in adults clothing behind it to make the crocodile look bigger.

But the photo is clearly very old. It is one of those photos from the walls of those old pubs at the top of Queensland and The Northern Territory. It looks bulkier and thicker than Darren Ledets 30 foot crocodile from Saipan Island. The damage to the lower jaw could be a number of things and aren't the point of contention we are attempting to sort out here.

Like I've said before on this Blog,I've seen a foot crocodile before and they are so much bigger than a 16 footer in girth. This crocodile looks much bigger than the crocodile I saw on Green Island in the 's. The photos from my friend in Mackay may be able to put some of these other photo's into some sort of perspective. The croc that surfaced measured over 50ft long 55ft long as estimate after it was dragged along the British navy vessels side to measure it.

It was massive and information about this incident are found in British naval archives. So while some people of limited imagination and narrow mind might ridicule the possibility of such a large animal; British officers of the typically British hypocritical Stiff Upper lip, generation of the time , swear by it.

I am born in Rajasthan and we dont have any salt water crocodiles here in Rajasthan [according to my knowledge]. I do not wish to comment on others who are infatuated with large sized reptiles like the Salt water crocodile. I am here just to tell you its not about the size of the animal, its all about discovering one on your own, i didn't went on a crocodile safari on a boat, i am content like a cow and may be one day i will go to Orissa to see this so called Huge crocodile Let me tell you once again friends that some of us need to clear their vision Thank You Sincerely Vikas B.

In the past crocodiles could get from 50 to 60 feet and weigh tons. Many have tried to capture him but have failed again and again. He has scars from bullets,knifes and all sorts from attempts to capture him. The largest that has been recorded to date was a 40ft croc which was only bones remains, it would feed on dinosaurs and 12ft long fish. I caught a 4 meter alligator out in the everglades 1 time. On wikepedia when i looked up green anaconda it says that they can grow from 19 to 23 feet and with reticulated pythons it said over Now when I looked up largest Organisms on wikipedia it said that the largest green anaconda was 31ft long and that the largest python was 33 feet long can someone help me understand what there trying to say?

There are more tall stories on this website than you could shake a stick at! Crocs and fables seem to go together. Here are some facts. Back in the s I interviewed and knew well Ron and Kris Pawlowski, the crack croc-hunters in north Queensland, Australia. I have no reason to doubt their account of killing a foot specimen one of 10, crocs they shot before becoming conservationists.

Ron is one of the straightest persons I have known and not at all the type to exaggerate. In the s they had in their house the skull of another monster, which by its size must have measured over 20 feet. Ron and Kris are two of the most remarkable, resilient people I have met — read more about them in my book The Incredible Gulf, published by Rigby Ltd of Adelaide and Robert Hale of the UK maybe a copy still hanging around some public library.

It is certainly possible that saltwater crocodiles that size still exist today but they would be incredibly rare. They can also weigh 2,, pounds or up to 2 tons. But be careful you don't want them to relate food with you May be after years your crocodiles will grow bigger due to the mutation that has occurred due to excessive feeding Or at least get one of the local guys to photograph it and send it to you.

I know the Savannah airlines and Westwing airlines pilots go there all the time, im sure one of them will do it for you if the publican refuses or cant! I recently read a book titled "Croc" about the old Australian crocodile hunters. It also delivered information on natural history, and attacks on humans These old croc hunters stated that most big male crocs didn't exceed feet, and that anything over 20 feet was extremely rare.

However, once these big guys reach around 15 feet or so , they start to get extremely massive and put on tons of weight and bone mass.

And because of PNG's remoteness would bet it has a large population of giants especially in the Fly, Sepik, and Ramu river systems. Some of the skulls I've seen on these rivers approached a meter or more long and probably weighed 30 lbs.

What magnificent reptiles these guys are! It was killed by an ingenious, risky strategem, acc. Shot by a women!? Who would give a bloody gun to a bloody woman!? Anything over 23 feet 7 meters 1. But in all honesty dont you think its a lil presumptuous of us to assume that we have discovered all a know all. Though these crocs have been threate to local people as sometimes many of them escape to rivers where people from near villeges use water for their daily work.

I saw myself crocodile floating on water in the river. But these crocs are well taken care and flourishing due to only the willing power and obcession towards these dangereous reptiles of wild life personel of Orissa. And people understand this. We live here together. It varies with the individual, the species, gender and length. The head to total body length ratio increases with length. For salwater crocodiles, on average, hatchlings' heads are about one fifth 1: Considering that this "25 foot" long animal is clearly much larger than 20 feet, it's head to total body length ratio could be higher than 1: A ratio of 1: This crocodile's length is undoubtebly somewhere between 25 1: If you want to know how to work this out, dividing 25 by 7 gives you the length of this crocodile's skull since they just multiplied the skull length by 7 to give the assumed total body length 25 feet , according this website.

For a head to total body length ratio of 1: However this crocodile's head to total body length ration will certainly not be higher than 1: Apparently this increase in the head to total body length ratio was only discovered in the last few years, so that's probably why this site states the ratio as 1: One thing is certain, even if the croc grows 40 feet or even feet, they absolutely don't stand a chance with selfish human beings around.

Totally the kind of pet you want to have. I have three females and a male. Has anybody read about ramree Island? The scattered rifle shots in the pitch black swamp punctured by the screams of wounded men crushed in the jaws of huge reptiles, and the blurred worrying sound of spinning crocodiles made a cacophony of hell that has rarely been duplicated on earth. At dawn the vultures arrived to clean up what the crocodiles had left Of about 1, Japanese soldiers that entered the swamps of Ramree, only about 20 were found alive.

The croc is sick. Bigger than I could have ever imagined. Cool Gators and Dragons. Go to this park! I love them, big or small.

There was an article together with photograph in the Daily Mercury, Mackay, Queensland, printed around which detailed the capture of the croc in a century earlier by shooting it from the pier in the Pioneer River near the present day Forgan Smith bridge.

The photo showed the men with tape measure from nose tip to tail - 33 ft. The Daily Mercury must surely still have this in their archival material. Or if there are any American wholesale hatch-lings alive estuarine crocodile's. And if the American- government isn't trying to make Mt. I have nothing against the American Gov. Please give friendly feed-back? Thank you for your time. He described it as being well in excess of six metres with a green head nearly half the length of his dinghy.

I personally have had an american alligator that was approximately 17ft. The size is guestimated based on the appearance that this lad was about ft. I will take you all out to see a couple of 6. The area i fish in is about , klm square. Some trips take 2 days to get where we go. There is nothing in between except rivers and huge inland Billabongs lakes.

This is where the big ones live. They are boring to look at as there are so many. What we look for are the bigger ones. We have seen them.

Ive seen one estimated to be 7m with a 3metre croc in its mouth. It spun around when it saw us and covered us in mud with its tail thrashing in the water. It had the 3metre croc in its mouth the whole time.

My friend has the photos. The truck is an old Toyota Landcruiser. They are at least 5 metres long but maybe a bit more. Australia has the biggest Crocs. The thing is it is extremely hard to know where to find them. We have 8, klm of coastline at the Top where the crocs live but only about , people living here.

They have a hassle free easy existence with an abundance of food so they are getting bigger. They are also protected and noone shoots them anymore. I have been sent a black and white photograph of what is supposedly this crocodile.

With all respect to everyone who has sent me proof of this The photograph is of a crocdile that looks no larger than 12 feet. It just isn't thick enough.

The question that i would love to have answered for me, about the Mackay 33 footer,is,what happened to the skin-someone out there has it. A private collector,or in some museum basement..

The path of the skin ends in London,and now it is lost in the fog of history. Named " Sweetheart" it had been attacking fishing dingys in Darwin Harbour and drowned while an attempts was made to trap it.

Weighed in at over kg. Catch is - just how do you measure and weigh any bigger live specimen? I'm going straight to Normanton for this one I'm a little concerned that we haven't heard from you since December 5, however? Take care out there! I've no doubt there are some scary mothers lurking in northern Australia. Has anyone found a link for a photo of the footer shot dead off Mackay, Queensland in ? It would appear that beast is reliably documented? And then,you have to see them from a plane.

Another document I've discovered is as follows;In ,a crocodile shooter named Colin Gostelow,from the Marina Station,shot a 25 feet 2 inch crocodile. It was skinned and what happened then I am yet to ascertain. But as I find out I will let you all know. These hunters must leave 4 crocodiles every day: For details of "Goliath" and other Irwin captures go to: They deserve to get attacked Also: Isn't one of the other largest crocodiles in Thailand?

So far the "monster gene" has been delayed within the crocodilian gene pool, so long as there ate humans to dominate this planet. But I still think supercrocs are out there, and it's benificial that we leave them alone. It was one piece and mounted on the and extended the full length of a side wall, across the back wall and part way up the other wall back toward the front door.

I was about 10 at the time and vey impressed by this as it was very polished and about 6 inches wide at both end and much wider in the middle. It certainly looked one piece.

Perhaps other from Mackay may remember this. It is the same as saying that great whites only grow to 6 metres long as this the size that has been caught. My point is just because a certain species has been caught at a certain size dosen't mean that there are not bigger ones out here! We had two boats and ours was 12ft. We were going down the river and hit a bump we thought it was a log.

The tallest man was only 8 ft Animals that grow to big have something wrong with them. But remember after 7pm there will be no rescue mission becoz i have experience it. Enter at your Own Risk. The average adult size for a saltwater is 13 ft. With some reaching 17 or 18 ft. The largest croc accurately measured by a scientist the only way it actually counts is 20 ft by one shot on the Mary River and another 20 ft.

Croc from new guinea. Im not saying footers dont exist, im saying its unlikely and no one has actually found one and proved it, no matter how big you say it is there is nothing to be said till you put a tape measure down its back. After all Human with the help of Science can make every thing posssible. Its a Science-Genetic Game. Measuring live crocs is probably even harder. A lot of scientists didn't think the Giant Squid was real until they actually washed up on shore.

I think it's fair to say that there are crocs out there bigger than 20 feet that just haven't been measured yet. It's ridiculous to say that 20 is the magical cutoff number, like they hit a wall or something at that point. What about the big fish stories I mentioned earlier? Would you believe the largest saltwater crocodile ever reported was This animal was apparently killed in the Bay of Bengal, and was so large only its head was recovered.

A skull reportedly belonging to this animal was stored in the British Museum, but when it was measured later it was estimated to have come from a The skull of another claimed 29 ft 8. Hope that croc would never die. If he does, that's so not good. I am a alligator lover. If I see somebody kill a croc, it's not good. I agree with everything Fabio said.

CRocodiles are just nice animals. It's acctuly the person's fault. Stay away from crocodiles. Look up Philidelphia Zoo Crocodile Feeding on www.

There are lot's of over shaped things. It's their brain's fault. Crocodiles are supposed to be ? Can sombody tell me the correct ansers to how long they are? The article said, that it took one hundred men to drag it's carcass ashore. The photo showed this dead croc, and maybe 8 or 9 guys lined up in front of it for scale.

The abdomen was so thick, it was nearly as tall as the men. It was a beautiful sunset shot , hard to forget. Have I exaggerated the size in memory? Did Nat-Geo pull a fast one? Has anyone else seen this picture? I'm prompted to make this contribution, encouraged by recent Andrew , and Tom , interestingly both from New York fortunately neither gentleman reports local sightings of giant crocs!

Northern tropical Australia would appear to be a logical region for development of larger than average crocs. Prior to mids this enormous area was inhabited almost exclusively by Aboriginal people who, given their tiny population, would have inflicted minimal impact upon the crocodile population.

Clearly, why risk lives hunting monster crocs when tender, juicy 2 metre versions were common, and no challenge for experienced hunters? From mids onwards, European infiltration saw introduction of domestic cattle grazing, and feral exotic animals: A wonderful, ready smorgasbord for the savvy croc population! The shooting in of a purported footer in Mackay Queensland see , , , , , and "Pawlowski" footer 48, , , photo link , appear to be reasonably reliably documented.

The final sentence, to make some sense of it all, was intended to read as follows: Mr Bhim Rao of Comments what ever you have created its not look like crocodile because his size would be 35 foot or more in my view i have never seen anything like that because i am a crocodile Hunter in my Past.

Shame on you Bhim you have go against the Law of Nature. I hope that till i am Alive i will never ever go to Bhitar kanika. Stephen of Comment No i understand how you feel, but some facts are dont need to reveal so Scientist Like Bhim Rao are Created those animals that can hunt their Hunter and Stop them without human help. It hard to say and most of you will still laugh what bhim rao has commented but reality is bitter what peoples dnt like it, And that the crocodile that live on Bhitarkanika was belong from Madras Crocodile farm and i have seen him for past 8 years day when i have joined the farm, i have measured him in the farm and but his size was 20 foot and i am happy Bhim Rao that our Project is successfull.

But that measured give us a cost of losing a hand of our Crocodile Farm Worker. That Cro name Belar was vast in size upto 20 feet or 10 meet till but i believe a good climatic condition and huge Human food sources has made belar what we never dream.

I believe there was a picture but I am not sure. Never took a photo of the article and I wish I had because I see conflicting dates. Reda an interview with her years later and she had not wanted to shoot it but it posed a threat to people. Bujang Senang is a huge crocodile that grew to 19 feet and 4 inches. It was struck down by a shotgun shell in Sg.

Pelaban in Lingga Batang Lupar at Sri Aman and judging from the well formed and worn canines on its huge jaw, it must have been justified. The 23 foot one in Bhitarkanika Park must be awe-inspring.

I do believe that some can grow to an unbelievable size that needs to be seen to be believed, BUT, any croc that big wouldn't get that big by showing itself off. Both Gators and Crocs are pretty smart. I'm sure they're big, and I'm sure they're out there, but they would keep themselves well hidden They're used to being hunted, they've been around for centuries, they would know to stay away Not to mention Pangil and Lapu-Lapu.

Also, not to forget the footer that was killed in at Jalajala and the one recently caught in Mindanao which was estimated to be at a massive 21ft. Also check my video in http: And procreate you Indians! I always knew the Philippines and other parts of South East Asia had some giants, largely, because of the ideal environments.

Lolong deserves his place in the Guiness Book, all info on him points to a record breaker worthy of the title. But he is big, around or a bit more than the 20 foot mark. Why such secrecy about him by the Orissa wildlife officials, beats me. The largest croc skull comes from a specimen killed in Cambodia in the s. Second goes to an American crocodile and the Kanika one is third. All were around the 22 foot mark and that is final.

A crocodile killed in Mwanza, Tanzania was 21 feet. The Luzon croc was also around the 21 foot mark. Any crap about 30 and 40 footers killed in the last years remains just what it is Australia still has, possibly a few giants in the 18 to 19 foot range. There maybe larger ones, but by sight, it's difficult estimate unless their measured precisely.

Just because you see massive crocs don't mean their 20 feet. If Lolong is as they say 50 y. Very commendable of the villagers for notkilling him. Potol may be the real killer though.

It's all nonsense, confirmed by Rom Whitaker and Dr. The picture by Darren along with another one is the max end of a 23 to 25 foot crocodile, the maximum limits of the species and until someone finds a bigger one, most surely it will be in the Phillipines. They absolutely know they have a bigger crocodile in the Agusan, and I won't doubt that.

What the hell is the matter with people over here, posting BS about foot crocodiles, and rubbish? Steve Irwin never measured a 20 footer, a real wild one. This site is based on correct information, validation, confirmation and research, not stupidity and trolling. Unless caught and measured, there is no evidence of mega crocs. Even Bhitarkanika needs to thoroughly prove their croc is over 20 feet long.

Lolong's girth is confirmed at 3. The most dangerous animal is the bear-but rare and the wolf-avoid the public. But this animal turning out your arm. I'm a true believer that there has to be some foot monster crocs out there!

They would have to be well over 50 years old, and very savvy. Steve Irwin had an episode on one of his shows that showed him and about 8 other guy's with him try to subdue a real monster, and there weren't enough men! They were in the process of tying his front legs and with great difficulty I might add, and it appeared like they were all on the back of a huge bronc of a horse the way it kept throwing one after another off its back!

Steve finall said this bloke is to big! We don't have enough men, and someone is going to end up getting hurt! He decided to safely release this particular specimen, of which he said that tis was the biggest he had ever seen!!

It's a shame he couldn't get the measuring tape all the way to the end of it's tail! He damn well tried!!

Doe's any one remember this particular episode, and if so was there any follow-up on this huge croc! I'm sure the location and closer spec's were documented by Steve. I don't know if he had time enough to get more men and go after this monster again before his un-timely and most reggretable death.

Your statment that 24 ft crocs have never existed is completely false and inaccurate. Modern crocodiles are the smallest the species has ever been in recorded history.

Though many have not visited those museum places to see them may be lack of information to them. Me And my father wood like to know. In a 24ft croc was shot at Cardwell, Nth Queensland Australia, and in a 32ft croc was shot from the bridge in the Pioneer River at Mackay,Queensland Australia.

Ogilvy,then curator of the Brisbane Museum is given as the authority for stating the reptile was shot in the Pioneer River. The Mackay Queensland monster, variously quoted as being 33ft, 32ft 9in, or 10 metres, and shot in , Fishermanphil's date above or , has been mentioned at least six times previously in this thread. The following is a quote by one of those contributors which I've extracted from this thread: The city is also home to many of the nation's most important [ according to whom?

It is also the main international gateway [ according to whom? Indigenous Australians are believed to have lived in coastal South East Queensland for 32, years, with an estimated population between 6, and 20, individuals before white settlement. On 17 July , Flinders landed at what is now known as Woody Point , which he named "Red Cliff Point" after the red-coloured cliffs visible from the bay.

The newly selected Brisbane region, at the time, was plagued by mosquitos. These immigrants were selected and assisted through immigration programs established by John Dunmore Lang and Johann Christian Heussler and were offered free passage, good wages, and selections of land. The penal settlement under the control of Captain Patrick Logan flourished with the numbers of convicts increasing dramatically from around to over men. He formed additional outstations and made several important journeys of exploration.

Logan is infamous for his extreme use of the cat o' nine tails on convicts. The maximum allowed limit of lashes was 50; however, Logan regularly applied sentences of lashes. Free settlers entered the area over the following five years, and by the end of , Robert Dixon began work on the first plan of Brisbane Town, in anticipation of future development. Over 20 small municipalities and shires were amalgamated in to form the City of Brisbane , governed by the Brisbane City Council.

MacArthur had previously rejected use of the University of Queensland complex as his headquarters, as the distinctive bends in the river at St Lucia could have aided enemy bombers. This incident became known colloquially as the Battle of Brisbane. Postwar Brisbane had developed a "big country town" stigma, an image the city's politicians and marketers were very keen to remove.

The state government under Joh Bjelke-Petersen began a major program of change and urban renewal , beginning with the central business district and inner suburbs. Trams in Brisbane were a popular mode of public transport until the network was closed in , leaving Melbourne and one line in Adelaide as the last Australian state capitals to operate trams until Sydney begun operation of a new system in The Brisbane flood was a major disaster which temporarily crippled the city.

During this era, Brisbane grew and modernized, rapidly becoming a destination of interstate migration. Some of Brisbane's popular landmarks were lost, including the Bellevue Hotel in and Cloudland in , demolished in controversial circumstances by the Deen Brothers demolition crew. These events were accompanied by a scale of public expenditure, construction, and development not previously seen in the state of Queensland. After two decades of record population growth, Brisbane was hit again by a major flood in January The Brisbane River did not reach the same height as the previous flood, but still caused extensive damage and disruption to the city.

Brisbane also gained further international recognition, hosting the final Goodwill Games in , and also some of the games in the Rugby World Cup , as well as the G20 Brisbane summit. Brisbane is in the southeast corner of Queensland. The city is centred along the Brisbane River, and its eastern suburbs line the shores of Moreton Bay. The greater Brisbane region is on the coastal plain east of the Great Dividing Range. Brisbane's metropolitan area sprawls along the Moreton Bay floodplain from Caboolture in the north to Beenleigh in the south, and across to Ipswich in the south west.

The city of Brisbane is hilly. The city is on a low-lying floodplain. The city has suffered three major floods since colonisation, in February , January , and January The Brisbane Flood occurred partly as a result of Cyclone Wanda. Heavy rain had fallen continuously for three weeks before the Australia Day weekend flood 26—27 January The CBD covers 2.

Central streets are named after members of the House of Hanover. Queen Street is Brisbane's traditional main street. The city has retained some heritage buildings dating back to the s. The Old Windmill in Wickham Park , built by convict labour in , [51] [52] is the oldest surviving building in Brisbane. The Old Windmill was originally used for the grinding of grain and a punishment for the convicts who manually operated the grinding mill.

The Old Windmill tower's other significant claim to fame, largely ignored, is that the first television signals in the southern hemisphere were transmitted from it by experimenters in April —long before TV commenced in most places. It contains a museum and can also be hired for small functions. Pre housing was often built in a distinctive architectural style known as a Queenslander , featuring timber construction with large verandahs and high ceilings.

The relatively low cost of timber in south-east Queensland meant that until recently, most residences were constructed of timber, rather than brick or stone. Many of these houses are elevated on stumps also called "stilts" , that were originally timber, but are now frequently replaced by steel or concrete. Queenslander houses are considered iconic to Brisbane and are typically sold at a significant premium to equivalent modern houses.

Early legislation decreed a minimum size for residential blocks causing few terrace houses being constructed in Brisbane. The high-density housing that historically existed came in the form of miniature Queenslander -style houses which resemble the much larger traditional styles, but are sometimes only one-quarter the size. These houses are common in the inner-city suburbs. At the census, Brisbane's tallest building is 1 William Street at m, to be overtaken by the m Brisbane Skytower , which is currently under construction.

Cfa [59] with hot, wet summers and dry, moderately warm winters. Due to its proximity to the Coral Sea and a warm ocean current, Brisbane's overall temperature variability is somewhat less than most Australian capitals. From November to March, thunderstorms are common over Brisbane, with the more severe events accompanied by large damaging hail stones, torrential rain and destructive winds. On an annual basis, Brisbane averages clear days.

The city's highest recorded temperature was Brisbane's wettest day occurred on 21 January , when millimetres The wettest month on record was February , when 1, Very occasionally a whole month will pass with no recorded rainfall, the last time this happened was August The average annual temperature of the sea ranges from Since the creation of the City of Brisbane in the urban areas of Brisbane have expanded considerably past the council boundaries.

The remainder of the metropolitan area falls into the LGAs of Logan City to the south, Moreton Bay Region in the northern suburbs, the City of Ipswich to the south west, Redland City to the south east on the bayside, with a small strip to the far west in the Scenic Rim Region.

White-collar industries include information technology, financial services , higher education and public sector administration generally concentrated in and around the central business district and recently established office areas in the inner suburbs.

Blue-collar industries, including petroleum refining, stevedoring , paper milling, metalworking and QR railway workshops, tend to be located on the lower reaches of the Brisbane River and in new industrial zones on the urban fringe.

Tourism is an important part of the Brisbane economy, both in its own right and as a gateway to other areas of Queensland. Since the late s and early s, the Queensland State Government has been developing technology and science industries in Queensland as a whole, and Brisbane in particular, as part of its "Smart State" initiative. Brisbane is one of the major business hubs in Australia.

Brisbane has the fourth highest median household income of the Australian capital cities at AUD 57, The Port of Brisbane is on the lower reaches of the Brisbane River and on Fisherman's Island at the rivers mouth, and is the 3rd most important port in Australia for value of goods. Most of the port facilities are less than three decades old and some are built on reclaimed mangroves and wetlands. The Port is a part of the Australia TradeCoast , the country's fastest-growing economic development area.

Commercially, the area has attracted a mix of companies from throughout the Asia Pacific region. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that the population of Greater Brisbane is 2,, as of June , [84] making it the third largest city in Australia. The census showed that At the census, the ancestries nominated by the largest proportion of inhabitants who stated their ancestries were English By far the largest ethnic minority are Asian Australians.

A significant portion of Brisbane's Vietnamese-born population reside in the areas of Inala , [96] Darra [97] and Durack. The most commonly nominated religious affiliations were 'No religion' Brisbane is also home to the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts. Many of Brisbane's preschool , primary, and secondary schools are under the jurisdiction of Education Queensland, a branch of the Queensland Government. Brisbane has an extensive transportation network within the city, as well as connections to regional centres, interstate and to overseas destinations.

The use of urban public transport is still only a small component of total passenger transport, the largest component being travel by private car. Public transport is provided by bus, rail and ferry services.

Bus services are operated by public and private operators whereas trains and ferries are operated by public agencies. The Brisbane central business district CBD is the central hub for all public transport services with services focusing on Queen Street bus station , Roma Street and Central railway stations, and various city ferries wharves. Brisbane's CityCat high speed ferry service, popular with tourists and commuters, operates services along the Brisbane River between the University of Queensland and Northshore Hamilton.

The Queensland Rail City network consists of 10 suburban lines and covers mostly the west, north and east sides of the city. TransLink operates an integrated ticketing system across the public transport network. The Brisbane River has created a barrier to some road transport routes.

In total there are ten road bridges , mostly concentrated in the inner city area. This has intensified the need for transport routes to focus on the inner city. There are also three railway bridges and two pedestrian bridges. The Eleanor Schonell Bridge originally named, and still generally known as, The Green Bridge between the University of Queensland and Dutton Park is for use by buses, pedestrians and cyclists.

There are currently multiple tunnel and bridge projects underway as part of the TransApex plan. An extensive network of pedestrian and cyclist pathways have been created along the banks of the Brisbane River to form a Riverwalk network. Brisbane is served by several urban and inter-urban motorways. The Pacific Motorway connects the central city with the Gold Coast to the south. The Ipswich Motorway connects the city with Ipswich to the west via the southern suburbs, while the Western Freeway and the Centenary Motorway provide a connection between Brisbane's inner-west and the outer south-west, connecting with the Ipswich Motorway south of the Brisbane River.

The Bruce Highway is Brisbane's main route north of the city to the rest of the State. The Gateway Motorway is a private toll road which connects the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts by providing an alternate route via the Gateway Bridge avoiding Brisbane's inner city area.

The Port of Brisbane Motorway links the Gateway to the Port of Brisbane, while Inner City Bypass and the Riverside Expressway act as the inner ring freeway system to prevent motorists from travelling through the city's congested centre. Brisbane's population growth placed strains on South East Queensland's transport system.

The State Government and Brisbane City Council have responded with infrastructure plans and increased funding for transportation projects, such as the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program. Most of the focus has been placed on expanding current road infrastructure, particularly tunnels and bypasses, as well as improving the public transport system.

It is located north-east of the city centre and provides domestic and international passenger services. In the , Brisbane Airport handled 23 million passengers. Archerfield Airport in Brisbane's southern suburbs acts as a general aviation airport. Water for the area is stored in one of three dams; Wivenhoe , Somerset and North Pine.

Since 13 May , Brisbane has enforced water restrictions due to drought. Electricity and gas grids in Brisbane are handled by Energex electricity , and Origin Energy gas , with each company previously holding a monopoly on domestic retail supply. Since 1 July Queensland regulation changes have opened up the retail energy market, allowing multiple companies to resell both gas and electricity.

Metropolitan Brisbane is serviced by all major and most minor telecommunications companies and their networks. Brisbane has the largest number of enabled DSL telephone exchanges in Queensland.

The Brisbane CBD also features a complete underground fibre optics network, with numerous connections to the inner suburbs provided by various service providers. Telstra and Optus provide both high speed internet as well as Pay TV through their cable services for the bulk of the city's metropolitan area. Both of these providers also host wireless networks with hotspots within both the inner and suburban areas. In addition, Telstra , Optus and Vodafone all operate both 2. Specialist and general medical practices are located in the CBD, and most suburbs and localities.

In October Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announced plans to offer incentives for developers to build aged care and retirement facilities in some of the city's inner-suburban neighbourhoods. The scheme was based on the discounts for student accommodation infrastructure charges Quirk claimed had energised the student accommodation sector.

The reason given was to enable people in inner suburban neighbourhoods to retire and go into aged care in the areas where they lived, and to increase aged care rooms and retirement units overall to meet growing demand.

The Brisbane City Council 's announcement said the 70 plus population of Brisbane was projected to increase by 50 per cent to The changes require revisions to the City Plan to include a new code for assessing aged care and retirement living development applications.

Brisbane City Council's Labor opposition said the changes would benefit developers rather than consumers, claiming the discounts don't necessarily tend to translate into more affordable property and called for some of the reductions be used to help reduce property purchase prices.

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art GOMA , opened in December , is one of the latest additions to the South Bank precinct and houses some of the most well-known pieces of modern art from within and outside Australia. GOMA is the largest modern art gallery in Australia. There are also popular entertainment pubs and clubs within both the City and Fortitude Valley. The Queensland Conservatorium , in which professional companies and Conservatorium students also stage performances, is located within the South Bank Parklands.

Numerous choirs present performances across the city annually. Due to the lack of a suitable purpose built performance venue for choral music, these choirs typically perform in the city's many churches.

Brisbane is also home to numerous small theatres that provide access to emerging amateur and pro-am artists and companies. The oldest is the Brisbane Arts Theatre which was founded in It has a regular adult and children's theatre and is located in Petrie Terrace.

Brisbane has maintained a constantly evolving live music scene, producing acts spanning genres including punk see Brisbane punk rock , indie rock , electronic music , experimental music , noise rock , metal and post-punk. Brisbane's live music history is often intertwined with social unrest and authoritarian politics, as retold by journalist Andrew Stafford in Pig City: Brisbane has hosted several major sporting events including the Commonwealth Games and the Goodwill Games.

Brisbane recently re-introduced their Basketball team the Brisbane Bullets into the National Basketball League Australia after a 8 hiatus. With the closure of the Milton Tennis grounds in , Brisbane lacked a major tennis facility. The construction was completed in The Brisbane International is held here from January Warana meaning Blue Skies was a former spring festival which began in and was held in September each year. Run as a celebration of Brisbane, Warana was similar to Melbourne's Moomba festival.

In the annual festival was changed to a biennial Brisbane Festival. BIFF features new films and retrospectives by domestic and international filmmakers along with seminars and awards. It was launched by Brisbane Marketing in to promote Fortitude Valley as a hub for arts and youth culture. The Bridge to Brisbane fun run has become a major annual charity event for Brisbane. The Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival was launched in by the Caxton Street Development Association to promote Caxton Street in historic Petrie Terrace as a significant entertainment precinct that celebrates and promotes Australian music, seafood and wine.

The annual Buddha Birth Day festival at Brisbane's South Bank is thought to be the world's largest, attracting over , visitors each year. Tourism plays a major role in Brisbane's economy, being the third-most popular destination for international tourists after Sydney and Melbourne. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary opened in and was the world's first koala sanctuary. The river itself was popular with bathers, and it permitted boating excursions to Moreton Bay when the main port was in the city reaches.

Other popular recreation activities include the Story Bridge adventure climb and rock climbing at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. The nearby Australia Zoo , made famous by Steve Irwin , also encourages many tourists to visit Brisbane. In , a competition by travel guidebook Rough Guides saw Brisbane elected as one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world, citing reasons such as "its winning combination of high-rise modern architecture, lush green spaces and the enormous Brisbane River that snakes its way through the centre before emptying itself into the azure Moreton Bay.

There are community and suburban newspapers throughout the metropolitan area, including Brisbane News and City News , many of which are produced by Quest Community Newspapers. The former free afternoon paper mX was distributed in Brisbane from until its closing in Brisbane is served by all five major television networks in Australia, which broadcast from the summit of Mount Coot-tha.

Additional channels are also available via DAB digital radio. SBS broadcasts its national radio network. The name has also been attributed to the city's nightlife, [] compact size of the central business district and perceived lack of sophistication, a comparison to the ostensibly kitsch and crass Las Vegas. National and ACT Canberra. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the metropolitan area of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. For other uses, see Brisbane disambiguation.

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The crocodile is really left over from the dinosaur age, the longer one goes back in time the larger the crocs were, the largest one killed in Australia measured 28 feet 4 inches and was 13 feet around the gut. Brisbane (/ ˈ b r ɪ z b ən / (listen)) is the capital of and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland, and the third most populous city in www.playnewzealandgolf.comne's metropolitan area has a population of million, and the South East Queensland region, centred on Brisbane, encompasses a population of more than million. The Brisbane central business district stands on the. Adelaide couple Ron and Esther Collings this month have celebrated a remarkable 80 years of marriage - a milestone that was marked by the Prime Minister in the Federal Parliament.