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Fuck buddy Cheadle

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Fuck buddy Cheadle

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The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, places, events, etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Despite living one city over, Jack Rose loved where he worked. He had got his first job outside of college with the place and he felt a certain form of camaraderie not only with the place but with all of the staff as well. Jack threaded a hand through his trimmed brown hair before tipping a glass of water to his lips to polish off the tickle at the back of his throat.

He worked at the gym that was almost in the basement of the hotel and he had had a pretty busy day with all of the clients from the hotel. His limited staff had been run ragged as the storms outside of the hotel had kept everyone inside.

Lifting his head to look outside from the window, his deep green eyes floated from side to side trying to gauge what the weather would do next. There were a couple of grey clouds in the sky but other than that it actually seemed like it was going to be a decent turn out for the big convention tomorrow.

Jack grinned and tapped at his computer, not really doing much while he waited for his friend. Him and Alex went way back, all the way back to college in fact.

Jack smirked as he booted up his in-house e-Mail client, trying to get hold of Adam in cleaning. The two had a tennis game tomorrow and since neither Jack or Alex had been able to get into the convention they had made their own plans. The door to the gym swung open and Jack rotated in his seat to face the source of it, expecting to see Alex there.

Where the hell have you been? Before him stood a Goddess, she was clad in a thin, tight grey top with a short black set of shorts. Her long blonde hair and generous chest was a dead giveaway as to who she was. He then came back to doing what he was supposed to do. My buddy Alex comes down here every so often to work out for free.

He should be here any time now. Truth is more often than not the two friends would shoot the you-know-what, just like any pals would at a bar or going bowling. It just so happened that this usual time was when the gym would be empty and their conversations mixed with the workouts would not be interrupted or toned down.

Tonight it seemed would be a great exception. For the stunning, curvaceous blonde model known for her cosplay outfits of famous video game, anime, and comic book characters more often than not with her magnificent, large chest being shown off in some form or another this was quite an unexpected occurrence. Sure, at conventions she was used to meeting fans, signing autographs, and posing for pictures, and admittedly she fully knew that a great many of them were simply fans of her look and body rather than anything else.

It meant that she had to keep her toned and tanned body in great shape for all those skimpy outfits, and being able to have use of gym facilities as part of the hotel room deal? Man, they really were as fantastic in real life. He wondered just how they… No!

He mentally scolded himself, doing his best not to think on just what Jessica Nigri, yeah, that Jessica Nigri, looked like under those workout clothes she had graced his gym with. When she turned to face the slightly fairer skinned man, he grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

You need anything just let me know. The grey clouds had turned black and the rain had started to fall from the heavens. Stuffing his hand into his pocket in his workout sweats, the supervisor of the gym lifted out the key to the gym and he moved over to the door.

Slipping the golden key into the lock, twisting it to the side and then pulling it out just as quickly as he had put it in. Locking the gym so only the three of them were allowed inside of the basement to the hotel. Flipping the key over his thumb, he walked back into the gym and nodded to the three treadmills that sat in the middle of the open floor.

The gym itself was pretty advanced for what it was. Three treadmills in the middle, a series of exercise bikes that sat in front of the large open windows, some cross-trainers sat near to the bikes and over in the far corner was the yoga and stretching area.

Alex and Jack moved over to the treadmills and punched in their data as they both silently gawked at Jessica. Jessica, to her credit, was doing well at ignoring the stares.

They actually knew how to apply cologne and deodorant too. She could have been with worse guys she thought to herself. Walking over to one of the bikes, Jessica laid her towel over the front of the bike before she slipped on top of the seat and leant forward, pushing her rear back ever so slightly. She had caught what she had been doing and then there was that little part of her made her wonder if the guys had reacted. She could look over her shoulder and look at them or she could just continue to absentmindedly tease the guys.

Her body pushed itself forward again and her rear slipped back some more, the perfect round curves almost sliding straight off of the seat as she programmed in the details for her workout. Her legs pressed against the resistance of the bike, much to her delight, as she began the warm up part of her exercise session.

Across the short distance from the bikes, the two men were fighting battles of halfs as while they had done this initial stage of their workout time and time again, keeping their focus on running the brisk pace on the treadmills was being broken up by sneaking stares across at the beautiful model.

Watching as her shapely backside stuck out as she worked those legs was distraction enough as they ran, but when Alex tilted his head, leaning forward to see a glimpse of those breasts seemingly bouncing a little already as she moved, Jack had to give him a light smack on the arm to bring his thoughts back to reality. A babe stacked like that? There had been a risk of a potential bad weather front moving in over the city but nothing to warrant any fear or worry, so the radio had said in the morning at least.

From the sounds of that, the risky just went from minor to quite damn likely. I think I have a couple of spare tickets normally put back for my friends or family. Looking back at Jessica as she went back to cycling, he leant over to whisper to Alex in a conspiratorial manner. She must have been flying all over the country for the past couple of weeks. More clouds started to fill the darkened skies above the hotel and heavier rain started to beat down against the grass and the scenery outside of the establishment.

Both Jessica and the two guys were made to look up at the skies, all of them thinking the same thing as another thunderclap roared into their ears. Already got the week planned out.

It was nice to actually have a bit of conversation during a workout instead of the usual jerks who tried to hit on her and reeked of fake tan and energy drinks.

Unlike these two, even if she knew full well they were sneaking in the occasional stare at her body. A little peeping in exchange for putting a smile on her face?

A fair enough trade. Me and my boy Jack here are major fans of yours! That was a definite testing of the waters there to see if the stunning cosplayer was open at least to a little flirting, and that positive reaction was exactly the signal that both guys had been looking for.

Not a green light, sure, but considering what a complete stunner they had just a few feet away from them, they needed to take steps here rather than leap in and end up failing hard. Neither man would live this down if they screwed up what could be a major chance here. There was a fine line between obsessive and fan, the two men believed that they sat formally in the latter of the two camps.

Of course, when it was one in the morning and the pants were around the ankles, that could have been a different story. There was no denying that Jessica was a very attractive woman and she certainly had the best features for midnight self-service.

While Jack and Alex would leer at the woman, it would have been safe to assume that neither of them actually stood a chance with her. Despite how the waving of her rear seemed to hypnotise them both. Jack slowed the pace of his own work out a little bit so that he could peer out of the window, looking up at the grey skies as a flash of lightning miles away illuminated the skies. Jessica had to agree with the comment from the man though.

She nodded her head as her exercise came to a standstill. The energy was starting to pump through her veins as she dismounted the bike, looking around, the blonde cosplayer tried to decide where she was going to go next when another flash of lightning came a little closer to the hotel. Jessica peered out of the window before walking over to the small water cooler in the corner of the room.

Jessica bit down on her bottom lip softly before she bent at her waist and poured herself a small cup of water. Putting her free hand on her chest, Jessica tipped her body back and swallowed the water in one deep swig. Tossing the paper cup away, Jessica locked eyes with both men and she smiled coyly before running her tongue along her lips, lapping up the water carefully before another lightning flash took the power out completely leaving the three in the dark.

What the Hell just happened?? Reaching the two certainly desirable and absolutely to her attractive best friends, she found herself smiling as the glare from the phone showed off her gorgeous facial features, the sexy blonde hair, and of course those rounded, large tits that managed to look even better than even with this reduced amount of light. Maybe the power going out was a dose of karma for her cock-teasing, as she herself would admit she does constantly without sometimes knowing it due to her love of push-ups and low cut tops.

Well, she guessed there were far worse ways to spend a black-out than with a couple of hunks who were fans of hers. We gonna wait this out and see if the power comes back on or not?

Fans of hers, not completely drooling at the mouth and creepy, and they seemed up for a laugh and a good time. Since that workout is now out of the window for the foreseeable future, she wondered how they were going to spend the time now as she now took a moment to look over both men.

She clearly had licked her lips at them both before the power went down. Could they really stand a chance here? You two seem like you go back years and years? You telling me you never played it before? Glancing around, she picked an open looking spot on the floor just by the workout mat where that ball from before was placed, and not too far from some weight lifting benches.

She opted to take a seat down on the floor, crossing her legs and unintentionally giving off a great view of her vast cleavage being displayed from her tight top. Perhaps a bit too eagerly the two moved forward, forming a mini triangle of sorts so the two were sitting beside each other but both in front of Jessica, placing their phones down on the ground so they still had light for the game about to be started.

Throughout their long friendship, Alex had a history of using the old faithful method of deciding whenever a choice needed to be made, and his track record of success was worthy of a championship belt. Already these two were fun! Who you gonna pick? Jack grinned and rubbed his hands together, trying to decide on who was going to be the first victim to the game. His finger came up and moved from left to right, switching between Jessica and Alex at a near break-neck speed as if he was playing a hyper game of Eenie Meenie Minie Moe with the two people inside of the illuminated gym.

However, the game was rigged and while Jessica would have been a very willing participant the first selection was going to be his best friend.

Catherine Tates Nan S01E01 | Watch TV Series 4U

The show focuses on the personal and business lives of Marty Kaan Don Cheadle , a manipulative, immoral, driven and cold management consultant. In addition to the questionable business practices of Marty and his team, the series also focuses on Marty's personal life.

He deals with his disagreeable management consultant ex-wife Monica Dawn Olivieri , his retired-psychiatrist father Jeremiah Glynn Turman and his confidently flamboyant son Roscoe Donis Leonard, Jr. The main character, Marty, often breaks the fourth wall ; he talks to the viewers in a freeze-frame bit in which he alone moves and the others in the background 'freeze' but continue where they left off.

Alternatively, he talks to the audience while everyone moves but the others seem oblivious to the fact that he is on a monologue. The series is executive produced by Matthew Carnahan , Jessika Borsiczky, and Stephen Hopkins , with the pilot written by Carnahan and directed by Hopkins. On December 13, , House of Lies was given a pilot order.

Casting announcements began in December , with Don Cheadle as the first actor to be cast, as Marty Kaan, "a highly successful, cut-throat consultant who is never above using any means or anyone necessary to get his clients the information they want".

The next actor to be cast was Dawn Olivieri who plays Monica, "Marty's crazy, pill-popping ex-wife and biggest professional competition as her consulting firm is No. On December 29, , Showtime presented "House of Lies Live" which featured members of the main cast and guest actors on the show performing at the UCB theatre in the first broadcast of long form improv. Entertainment Weekly ' s Ken Tucker , reviewing the pilot episode, thought the show's premise "sounds terrific in concept", that "Cheadle and Bell are each in their own way exceedingly charming performers with a devilish aspect to their images", and that it has debuted at a good time: For Tucker, "there's no novelty or freshness in House of Lies' patter or its penis-placement" the latter comment being a reference to House of Lies' "butt-load of the sort of sexual activity one can get away with on pay-cable".

In stark contrast, Matt Rouch, writing for TV Guide , thought that "as a pitiless, biting satire of the debauched state of American big business, it's no lie to call this one of the smartest, funniest shows of the new year", praising its being "[d]eeply cynical, garish in its raunchiness and always rudely, lewdly hilarious". They get many first dances; their younger selves twirl at the reception alongside them in celebration of having loved each other their whole lives.

The concept is simple: Encourage body positivity by showing diverse bodies in a positive light, celebrating rolls, stretch marks, and flat stomachs alike by painting them with her words. But the highlight comes in a collage of submissions from everyday women in their underwear smiling faces included , wearing their own skin with pride. Francis and the Lights ft. What does it look like when black bodies are used as stage props to serve a vanilla narrative?

In those two days, Cheadle also invented his own meaning for D. But it takes an artist with kindred ambition, influence, and assigned cultural duty to pull off such a feat. Every surreal shot is a GIF , boosted by all the fancy technology — GoPros, rigs, camera robots — used to achieve so many of them this videos owes a lot to Missy Elliott, too.

Every striking frame is a portrait of Kendrick at his most masterful yet. I watched the last guy cum on her and she smiled at me as we made eye contact. Then, a little unexpectedly, the 7 year old scooted over to where I was a foot or so away and began sucking on my tool even as I sucked on a cock myself. A minute or so into it, I stopped her. The Pedo room is always the most elaborate and always the most popular. We had made sure that this was, outside of the Orgy Hall, the largest room of the mansion.

Indeed, it was gigantic and adorning it with fountains and rugs and a dozen beds had not taken away from that. That was not, of course, the reason most came to this room. I looked around and saw the reason most people came to this room. Everywhere, there were shocking acts of depravity. Threesomes, foursome, orgies, and all involving girls and boys of all ages.

As we came through the door, we were assaulted by the sights: A little girl who was no more than 8 or 9 was locked in a 69 with a satyr who was roughly her age but incredibly endowed. I only vaguely recognized the 16 year old. Another girl, this one a little older, maybe 10, was being fucked by a guy easily three times her age while a cute little thing, probably her friends age, watched them and masturbated.

She was fully clothed, minus her panties that were around her ankles and she had two fingers deep in her hairless little snatch. And then suddenly, a face I recognized. As all this took place, she continued sucking cock, owned by a satyr who looked as if he was barely legal age for a boy-slave in the Bacchanalia.

We stopped for a second to watch this spectacle and then moved on, approaching the Willis sisters. Abby Breslin was getting it from both sides from her co-stars. I spotted my mistress and we made our way over, across the room, past two very young girls sucking a very large black cock. Ryan stopped us, watching.

I could see she was very eager to learn the art of deepthroating, which is what one of them, Ambrosia Kelley, the ten year old from the Kill Bill movies, was doing. The other girl, a pretty blond girl around the same age, I did not recognize. Ambrosia, though, had the guys cock entirely down her throat while the blond rubbed and sucked on his nuts.

By the time we reached my mistress, I had noticed how much use the sex swing was getting. Thirteen year old Whitney Lee had a tube top stuck around her midsection while Mandy Moore, a rather large strap-on attached to her, fucked her while she sat in the seat. My mistress called my name. My mistress was wearing only a long chain that ended clamped at both nipples and a pair of black leather boots. Lourdes wore nothing but a anal plug. From the look of it, it was a remote control vibrating anal plug, since my mistress had a small device in her hand.

As Lourdes pulled out the last bead, there was considerable resistance. The last bead was gigantic. Kneeling, I kissed both my mistress and Lourdes. I saw Lourdes flinch from the corner of my eye. My mistress rose and took my hand. The girls, all of them, followed. The satyr came all over the couples faces and my mistress suggested they relocate somewhere else a few moments later.

Then, laying me on the bed, she instructed the two young girls to begin. The seven and eight year old climbed onto the bed and, after kissing me feverishly, I watched the two of them kiss. Let me say this. There is nothing like seeing two pre-pubescent girls kiss deeply, their tongues dancing between them. And then they began sucking cock. The sensations started a few moments later, just as I watched my mistress also climb onto the bed and begin fondling little Ryan, playing with her pussy.

By the time Michelle got on the bed and offered up her pussy to me, sitting on my face, I was nearing what I knew would be a huge explosion. I could tell it was Ryan by the choking sounds she was making, but she did manage it, even if it was just to deepthroat me once. They did keep after it, though, giving me a seriously decent cocksucking. Twenty seconds later, I was over the edge. When I finally opened my eyes, really coming out of it now, I witnessed Ryan and Bella climbing me, licking up the semen from my dark black belly and sharing the shit with a kiss.

It was only then that I noticed that my mistress had been watching this whole time, her legs propped up on the bed and her hand between them, masturbating.

I smiled at her and then told the girls to share some of my spunk with her. Crawling over to her, the girls began making out with her, kissing and once again fondling. My mistress had some of my spunk on her left tit.

Waking up after the first day of Bacchanilia is always a little surreal. Waking up in a strange place, beside strange people. Luckily, that was not to be my experience this morning. An 8 year old and a 7 year old…. I woke with the rising sun and quickly jumped out of bed.

So much to do, no time to do it! I gave the girls about a half an hour and then woke them. Too bad I had already showered. We would catch a little breakfast downstairs and then we would locate their parents. Larger than any three of us could ever see, it is comprised of a main building, a mansion, and a dozen smaller buildings.

Due to the size, preparations for this location was a little more difficult and last minute plans needed to be ironed out. Consequently, I was rather involved until well after the opening lunch. When I found the Nestling room around The big screen TV had on it a small orgy, a half dozen people fucking and sucking.

The woman at the bottom of all of this, a hermaphrodite, was really the one getting all the attention. Women and men alike were sucking her cock, licking her pussy, sucking her tits. A very nice DVD, overall. I glanced over and noticed Dani was back with us while Michelle continued. After a thorough description of the procedure and the purposes of it as well as a warning that they are not always comfortable , the girls moved over to the shower and Michelle administered the flushings.

This gave Dani and I a chance to talk. Even gave me a few ideas for the Pedo room when I first began the planning of everything. She has a flair for it. Ryan nodded her approval. But before I had a chance to accept the invitation, I heard a familiar voice from behind me. Of course, I was too. Rising to meet her, my mistress joined me, putting her arms around my waist, squeezing me to her.

She wore nothing but a golden bikini top that was just a little too tight and a pair of leopard short shorts that were way too tight. She looked fantastic, if a bit informal compared to last nights dress. Of course, I knew that tonight was about informality. Michelle had the girls disrobe and I rose, grabbing the plugs from the couch. My mistress followed me to the couch and sat down as I sauntered over to Bella and Ryan. She began fingering her beautiful cunt when I told Ryan she was first.

I grabbed both of her legs and placed them against my chest so I could plainly see her little pussy and anus. She nodded and I grabbed the lubricant. Placing a small amount on my finger, I spread the shit all over the plug. Then, getting a small little bead of the lube on the same finger, I moved it over her anal opening. She breathed in a little. Spreading the gunk all over her tiny opening, I watched her anus twitch ever so slightly in response to my finger.

And then even more. She was taking this anal plug up her ass like a pro, not even showing any sign of discomfort. When I began to feel a little resistance and her face changed ever so slightly, I told her everything was fine and just to relax. She smiled at me, relaxed, and the next thing I knew, the plug was completely inside her. Without answering, she glided over to my mistress, walking a little funny, but otherwise as if nothing was amiss. She gave a little more resistance, but was a real trooper.

I pinched one of her nipples as the last of the plaything moved into her and I think she almost came. She motioned to Bella and the girl joined the other two. And then play time was over.

Michelle chuckled a bit at that and then began a more in depth study of anal sex, asking the girls if they had any questions about their devices. Ellen had come with her and they had both entered through the side door, Ellen leading the girl with a chain that was around her neck.

Erica Durrance and Kaylee DeFer were a little late, coming in almost ten minutes after Ellen and her pet had arrived. They were only here to watch. The real show would be between their Latino man- boy and the Herm. And then the show started. Jacky moved over to the couch and the 10 year old approached her.

They began by kissing and then, almost violently, the boy was ripping her clothes off. I was standing behind the girls, next to Dani. I could see that Dani was getting a little hot and bothered, touching herself underneath her shorts. Michelle joined the two of us and elbowed me lightly. I felt up her ass and we kissed. When we stopped, the boy was rising to remove his clothes. She approached the girl and explained.

During orgasm, the testicles usually retract towards the body before a man cums. This apparatus changes and intensifies the sensation of orgasm by forcing the testicles to stay away from the body. Still next to Dani, I watched her begin doing the same thing, unsnapping the button to her shorts and masturbating.

Thinking about what Michelle had said, I began removing my clothes and approached the hermaphrodite and her temporary consort. I moved to the beginning of the couch, where Jacky was laying, and watched, my cock hanging a half a foot above her.

As I suspected she would, Jacky reached out and, pulling me down, put my cock in her mouth. And I was struck immediately by what an amazing cocksucker she was. As she made my tool disappear into her mouth and down her throat, I began playing with her newly pierced nipples, pulling the ring of the left nipple just a bit. Looking up, I noticed that everyone was masturbating now, even our two little anal plug girls.

With this, her muffled moans became a little more frenzied. The boy to really seemed to know what he was doing. A minute or two later, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she began moaning and babbling. I got my answer or at least partial answer…I would find out later that he was damn skilled when she began climaxing, bucking up and down on his cock, making her own small organ flap around against her stomach. I circled around and told the kid to slow down.

Once they calmed down sufficiently, I watched his cock slide in and out of her for a few seconds and then grabbed her small penis and began to get it stiff again. I then moved a bit so the girls could watch me first lick a tiny bead of pre-cum off the head and then fully pop the thing in my mouth. She stiffened almost immediately and I was deepthroating the girl in seconds.

And then another voice. And then the read head was joining in, joining Jacky at the far side of the couch. Our own little personal orgy hit a fever pitch when I could feel Jacky coming close once again. I was still sucking her cock, and occasionally popping his sticky member in my mouth, when she really began to stiffen up.

I sucked her deeper, sending her cock down my throat and then quit, giving her a handjob the rest of the way. Seconds later, she began squirting her load, ejaculating all over her stomach and my hand. And then she kept cumming. She unloaded so much spunk, Kaylee began squealing in delight. Leaning down, she began lapping up the ejaculate…Just in time for her little satyr to pull out and cum in her face. We all started laughing. The laughing continued for several minutes, the whole room cracking up, when, finally, Michelle broke it up.

I had been laughing so hard, I wound up on the floor, my erect dick still standing at attention. I rose and returned to my place in the back of the room. Jacky and the boy led Kaylee over to the showers.

We got another lesson on health, this time on pregnancy. Mitch explained condoms and other prophylactics and even demonstrated by summoning me over. In front of the girls, she began a handjob, stiffening me up a little, and then moved a condom over it, presenting the final result.

Every woman and girl, no matter what her age, got a small handful of morning after pills right before and right after the Bacchanalia. Ryan nodded her head. Bella only nodded her head more forcefully. She finished off with some pointers about analingus. Spend some time gliding your tongue around and across the hole. This will loosen up and prepare the anus to open up. Then, gradually, you can start to penetrate the hole with your tongue.

Out came the anal plug and Mitch took a look. I felt a hand on mine. I mean, demonstrate, with me? She plopped it out in my hand before I ever got to use the lube. We have all day and this is supposed to be informative.

I started out slow, spreading her cheeks and just flicking my tongue out a little, barely making contact with her. I got a little more aggressive when I noticed that Michelle was putting the first inch of so of her finger into Ryan.

I did the same, lubing up my index finger before doing so. I kissed one butt cheek while my index finger began disappearing inside the 8 year old. She began moaning as I did this and she moved one of her hands over mine, guiding me. I glanced over at Michelle and realized they were now watching us. I smiled at Mitch and she smiled back, giving a small head nod that indicated that she wanted to continue.

I slowly removed my finger from her ass and smacked her lightly on the bottom. Bella yelped slightly and I rose, her hand still over mine. Increases the sense of anticipation. I ran my tongue up and down her little crack and even inserted it into her for a moment, really licking her 8 year old pussy.

A minute or so after, we all began dressing for dinner. Both girls chose light dresses that were designed to come off with a few quick movements and since I watched the two lovelies dress, I could attest to the fact that they wore no underwear whatsoever.

In fact, the only thing they had under their garments were their anal plugs. The others had already left, heading for the main dining room. You want a piece of her, too? Should we do it in the incest room?

Eighteen year old Tania Raymonde had a boy-slave between her legs, apparently eating her out, as she continued eating her meal. Eva Longoria and her plaything were mutually masturbating one another even as they carried on a conversation with lovely Tania. Kerry Washington was the only one at the table still eating. We lost track of them when our own meal came. I offered my input. I kicked her under the table lightly.

Did you guys wanna do that early in the evening or later on? Michelle had told me that Bella had been very interested and had told her that she wanted to watch, if not participate, in the activity. Never my thing, but to each their own. Their slaves, two man servants and ugh Ellen, were also taking part, fucking and sucking already, with some people still eating.

Still, we watched for a few minutes, witnessing a spectacular double penetration, before moving on. The 13 year old, one of the stars of Zoey , was wearing a sheer dress that left nothing to the imagination and looked like she was about to lose even that.

She seemed to be doing the same as us, sitting on a couch across the hall, waiting for the action to begin. She looked to be hanging out with two of her other friends, Kiersten Havelock 11 and Miley Cyrus Havelock, of Lost fame, and Cyrus, of Hannah Montana, were both all over Justice, kissing the girl and fondling her through her dress. Ryan yelled out again. At this, Victoria noticed Ryan and called her over.

Moving across the room, we approached the little sluts, followed immediately by Dani. I was watching the three little vixens. As I mentioned, Victoria wore a dress that would make a hooker blush. Miley wore a strapless dress that was slightly more modest but that barely covered her ass.

And then there was lovely little Kiersten, whom my mistress and I had initiated just two years earlier. She wore an obscene leather outfit that showed off so much flesh, it was amazing it stayed on. In fact, every time she moved, I caught a glimpse of nipple, peeking out every once in a while. It had been uttered by Ryan and she was obviously showing me off. The Striptease room had been my invention a few years ago, when my mistress took over.

Girls and women of various ages, stripping their clothes off and, eventually, fucking men to music? How could you go wrong? They told us and I said we would make sure we were there. Anything to see these cute little vixens strip. And, of course, I hoped I could get one of our girls to do the same. We parted ways when everyone noticed that festivities were beginning, Victoria and her posse to find a friend and Ryan and myself to locate Portia.

Who we did find, however, was Hayden. She was sucking a cock, a rather large, black cock, that had just come out of Jesse Jane.

Yes, Jesse Jane, the porn star. We watched the pretty blond girl suck the tool down her throat and then quickly insert it back into the much bustier adult entertainer. It was quite the sight.

Until she saw us and stopped. She looked over to me. Dani rolled her eyes. You are absolutely beautiful. Hayden turned her attention to me. You could kinda tell Dani was feeling a little left out. We all busted up laughing. The Porn megastar had Rosman in a doggy style position, stuffing nearly all of his meat inside the girl. Then, when she told him to put it up her ass, we lost it.

She tilted her head to get a better view. Hayden had other plans, kneeling beside me and pulling out my cock. She swallowed me in one fluid motion. It only took Ryan seconds to notice and join in. Dani just sat on one of the chairs next to us, mesmerized by Rosman and Mandingo. Hayden passed my cock to the little girl and began whispering pointers in her ear.

I knew Michelle had talked with Hayden about Ryan. It had been almost a decade since she first began coming to the Bacchanalia. Those had been the days. I was brought out of my reverie by a loud smack. A few seconds later, Hayden brought Ryan to my attention. While she was struggling to do it, the little girl had fit most of my cock down her throat. She was making little noises at the back of her throat, but, nevertheless, the 7 year old was finally getting the hang of it.

I could feel Hayden pulling on my testicles, even putting them in her mouth. Hayden was whispering in my ear the second she left. I bit her lower lip playfully and she giggled.

By now, the room was in full swing. Major orgies happening all over the hall. She began wiping the shit all over herself and then, just like her, left the black porn star in search of more dick. I suggested we loose the remainder of our clothes and all three girls thought it was a great idea. By the time we had disrobed, we were being joined by Michelle and Bella once more. She was naked and completely wet. Showered off, I wondered. Does that mean she participated?

Not necessarily, I knew. Bella thought it was a splendid idea and we decided the Striptease room was our next stop. Dani could be a little bit of a brat. Dani furrowed her brow. The strip tease room was packed.

People were everywhere, some naked, some not. A number of couples were sitting in front of the two stages and one particular pairing, Jessica Alba and some male flesh, was making some of their own attention. Jessica was handjobing the guy as she watched 12 year old Miranda Cosgrove dance around on a pole. Miranda wore a little kimono that she was slowly removing to the rap songs that was blaring.

On the other stage was Hilary Duff. Duff was already three quarters through her dance, since she had already removed every stitch of clothing and was lying on the stage, gyrating and fingering herself.

I love young pussy, the younger the better, and I have had my share of Miranda. But to watch Hilary dancing around on stage…well, she was inspired. She is a true performer, as anyone who has seen her dance can tell you. Besides, the best part was coming up. Then, as the rap music slowly became a faster, harder metal song, she began dancing with the satyr. Naked, the kid was well endowed, but nothing special. Still, he knew what he was doing and seemed to move with her.

She ground on him as he put his arm around her. As he put his knee further out, you could see her little brown pucker as she continued gyrating on him.

The girls around me sat down next to me, all but Bella. Bella got up on my lap and even began stroking my cock gently. I nestled up against her, brushing her hair aside and kissing her neck gently. Then the real action began.

In seconds, the stud had Hilary off her feet. He tossed her upward, keeping tight control of her body and let her down in a very precise manner, right onto his cock. We watched him disappear inside her and then they were off. The two began fucking, really moving with the music and I could tell Bella was getting more and more turned on. I replied that we could and she kissed me. I continued watching the show while Bella, slipping off my lap, began blowing me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, enjoying the experience when I felt two hands on my shoulders, massaging me.

Samira is a Pakistani-American girl, an unknown in the entertainment business. I brought her to her first Bacchanalia about 3 years ago now after she brought me a latte at a local coffee place.

She wore matching red ties in her hair and red bracelets on her wrists. She shook her head. And then I thought of the girl who was, even then, still sucking my cock. I motioned to Bella. It was a nurse-based dance, Sami and Bella being the nurses and me being the…um…cadaver. The music started, they rolled me out and, I guess, began dancing. Bella had not been too thrilled about the dancing part, but Sami had run her through a few things in the few scant minutes we had had. About half way through the first song, one of the girls threw the top part of the sheet off of my head so I could watch their little dance.

Bella was doing fine, being very sexy and taking one thing off at a time. She even swished her hair around, mimicking Sami, without losing her little nurses hat. As the first song subsided, and right on cue, Sami grabbed little Bella around the waist and hoisted her up on the gurney.

Bella, in turn, leaned back, writhing on me, her head on my chest. A cheer went up from the crowd and Bella went wild, moaning loudly.

Then, somewhat unexpectedly, the 8 year old pushed aside the remainder of my sheet and began stroking my already aroused member. As it began, I shouted to Sami and we, Sami and I, became a little proactive. Getting the picture, she began sucking my member into her mouth while simultaneously repositioning herself over me so I could sit up and begin licking her tiny little pussy. Samira, as this happened and in one fluid motion, moved to the head of the gurney, watching my tongue trace a path to her 8 year old vagina.

I could tell it was something of a shock to Bella just by how she stopped her attention on my tool for a second. Then I watched as Sami put it back in, fucking the little girl with the plug. As she did so, she gently rolled the gurney around so the top of my head pointed out the crown. She wanted to make sure, I knew, that the audience could watch her butt fuck Bella with the thing. Once again, the crowd went crazy as the exotic looking beauty pushed the plug in and out of her small lover and I sucked her pussy.

And that was it for Bella. The girl began cumming, almost violently. Sami helped this along by pulling her tongue out of Bella and inserting her index finger. Once again, the crowd roared. As the last song finished, Bella started sucking my dick again. How unfortunate it was that our time on stage was just about done. Sami, however, took her cue from Bella and circled around, sucking my ball sack into her mouth before telling Bella we could continue this elsewhere.

I motioned to one of the booths in the back and we all kinda migrated to it. Sitting, I noticed Bella almost jumped over her sister to sit next to me.

Bella almost crawled into my arms. I grabbed a cloth robe and threw it over Bella, part of it covering me. She motioned to the approaching Jessica Alba. The young woman now wore a tight, nearly see-through belly dancing outfit, her exposed mid-drift showcasing her incredible body.

She spoke directly to Bella as she came to the table. I piped up, introducing the remainder of our little group. Of course, she knew Michelle, Hayden and Dani. Jessica had come to us many years ago, if memory serves, right around her 12th birthday.

And an amazing cocksucker! Jessica glanced over to me. I knew the look on her face. Of course, she was only half right. Oh, and the anal room a little later on.

Thirty seconds later they both ran back for Ryan. Dani went too and left Bella and Sami with me at the booth. I chuckled when I saw that she had embarrassed Ryan by pulling the girl forward and kissing her. There were hoots and hollers from the crowd, including from our group, as she did so. She then immediately stood up and, still focusing on Ryan, began removing her top. And began helping the girl suck my cock. By the time I looked up and saw Jessica, still dancing to the music, remove every bit of what was left of her outfit and bring a young stud on stage, I could feel the pressure building in my testicles.

Sami, knowing what she and Bella were doing to me did an incredible job of staying my climax by pulling my nads away from my body, but even with that, I could feel the orgasm approaching. This continued for a few more minutes, Sami keeping me on the edge, when Bella came out from under the table and asked me if she could watch me fuck Sami.

I ran my shaft over her pussy lips, teasing her a little, while Bella looked on, right beside me.

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