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It lies in a desert area north of the Jbel Ouarkziz and is part of the Sahrawi -inhabited southern region of Morocco. The Draa River lies to its south, and the N12 highway crosses the town.

In the census Assa had a population of 18,, the largest in its province and sixth largest in the region. It lies in a desert area north of the Jbel Ouarkziz and is part of the Sahrawi-inhabited southern region of Morocco. Assa or ASSA may refer to: In Morocco, the 75 second-level administrative subdivisions are 13 prefectures and 62 provinces.

They are subdivisions of the 12 regions of Morocco. The districts are subdivided into rural municipalities communes rurales, sing. The arrondissements and urban municipalities should probably be thought of as fourth-level subdivisions, on the same level as the rural municipalities, but they are not part of any district. Ali Salem Tamek Arabic: Ali Salem Tamek was born in Assa, southern Morocco.

He has emerged as one of the most outspoken Sahrawi dissidents under Moroccan rule. Biography He has been jailed five times for nationalist activities, fired from his job, and for a long period of time had his passport confiscated. He was condemned to one year in prison and a fine of 10, dirhams. On November 24, , he was detained again in the Dakhla region, trying to cross the Moroccan-Mauritanian border.

Since , he worked as a local administration functionary in Tue Mohamed Cheikh Elmoutaoikil Arabic: He was jailed in for one year, and was later arrested several more times.

He worked as a civil servant in Casablanca he was the secretary general of the municipality of Ben Msik, in Casablanca, in Previously, he had been secretary general of Assa's municipality, before being forced by Moroccan authorities to fled from Assa to Casablanca. Zag pronounced Ezzag Arabic: It lies to the south of the town of Assa and is the last settlement on the road south from there until Western Sahara. According to the census Zag had a population of 7,, the second-highest in the province behind Assa and the eighth-highest in the region.

Its population in was 43, Municipality 3 Zag Municipality 21 Aouint Lahna Rural commune 0 Aouint Yghomane Rural commune 0 Touizgui Rural commune 1 Al Mahbass Rural commune 48 9 Labouirat Haut-commissariat au Plan, Lavieeco.

Archived from the original PDF on 23 April Retrieved 22 April Politics of Morocco take place in a framework of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, whereby the Prime Minister of Morocco is the head of government, and of a multi-party system.

Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of parliament, the Assembly of Representatives of Morocco and the Assembly of Councillors. The Moroccan Constitution provides for a monarchy with a Parliament and an independent judiciary. On June 17, , King Mohamed VI announced a series of reforms that would transform Morocco into a constitutional monarchy.

He was part of the Moroccan Olympic football team, who exited in the first round, finishing third in group D, behind group winners Iraq and runners-up Costa Rica. He also competed at the Summer Olympics in Sydney. Retrieved 21 May National Route 12 is one of the main national roads of Morocco. Most of the road is good. There is very little traffic. Sahara Occidental is a disputed territory in the Maghreb region of North Africa, partially controlled by the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and partially Moroccan-occupied, bordered by Morocco proper to the north, Algeria to the northeast, Mauritania to the east and south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

It is one of the most sparsely populated territories in the world, mainly consisting of desert flatlands. Occupied by Spain until the late 20th century, Western Sahara has been on the United Nations list of non-self-governing territories since after a Moroccan demand. Currently for Morocco, ISO codes are defined for two levels of subdivisions: Each code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen.

The second part is either of the following: Current codes Subdivision names are The region was made up of the following provinces: Archived from the original on New Moroccan license plates Moroccan license plates match in size and appearance to a large extent the European license plates and usually show black text on a white background.

Description Since , the sign begins with a maximum of five-digits followed by two vertical lines. In between the lines, there's an Arabic character to distinguish between series.

Finally, there is a one- or two-digit region code for the origin of the vehicle. For two-line signs the letter and region code in the top line and the serial number on the bottom appear. Moroccan diplomatic license plates have a yellow background. They show in the left margin, the letters CD and the country's name in French.

The other side of the plate shows the same in Arabic script. Between these two blocks, two pairs of numbers appear, the latter indicating the country of ori On 3 January he became Minister delegate for general affairs and good governance.

Retrieved 20 March External links Ministry of general affairs and good governance This is a list of the national sites and monuments of cultural and historic value that are classified by the ministry of Culture in Morocco. One list for monuments and another one for buildings.

The southeastern part of the region is located in the disputed territory of Western Sahara and a small strip of land in this area is administered by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Long stretches of virgin beach line its Atlantic coast in the northwest. The capital Guelmim and the Noun River Arabic: A portion of the Moroccan Wall is located in the south Fourth round The fourth round was played on 12—16 May There are eight autonomous centres throughout Southern Africa.

History The Cape Astronomical Association was established in , shortly after the appearance of Halley's Comet. In it was decided to merge the two Associations to form the Astronomical Society of South Africa after an invitation from the Cape Association.

Membership and Publications Membership is open to all interested persons. This is a list of municipalities urban or rural communes , and arrondissements of Morocco, based on the census. In a new administrative division of Morocco was adopted, creating 13 new provinces: Many municipalities and communes below are now part of these new provinces.

The list below is not yet updated for this change. Errachidia Province Rural commune 1 Abadou Al Haouz Province Rural commune 0 Abaynou Guelmim Province Rural commune 3 Abbou Lakhal Figuig Province Rural commune 0 Abdelghaya Souahel Christian Cambon born 8 March is a French member of the Senate since , constituency of Val-de-Marne department. References Page on the Senate website Between and , he held the position of Minister of Communications and Spokesperson of the Government in the cabinet of Abbas El Fassi.

Retrieved 11 August Omar Rifi 6 February La Gazette du Maroc. The Moroccan government considers the Polisario Front as a separatist movement given the alleged Moroccan origins of some of its leaders. The Polisario Front argues that according to international organizations as the UN or the AU, the territory of Western Sahara has the right of self-determination, and according to that organizations Morocco illegally occupies the parts of Western Sahara under its control.

Polisario sees that as a consequence of the vision of a Great Morocco, fuelled in the past by the Istiqlal and Hassan II, and considers itself a national liberation movement aiming at leading the disputed territory to independence under the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Human rights The Western Sahara conflict has resulted in severe human rights abuses, most notably the aerial bombard This is a list of the second-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Morocco including all provinces and prefectures in descending order of their total areas as per the Census Report of Most areas of some divisions are shown combined.

Rank Administrative Division Area km. This is a list of the second-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Morocco including all provinces and prefectures in descending order of their total populations as per the Census Report of An animated map shows the order of independence of African nations, —

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Between and , he held the position of Minister of Communications and Spokesperson of the Government in the cabinet of Abbas El Fassi. Retrieved 11 August Omar Rifi 6 February La Gazette du Maroc. The Moroccan government considers the Polisario Front as a separatist movement given the alleged Moroccan origins of some of its leaders. The Polisario Front argues that according to international organizations as the UN or the AU, the territory of Western Sahara has the right of self-determination, and according to that organizations Morocco illegally occupies the parts of Western Sahara under its control.

Polisario sees that as a consequence of the vision of a Great Morocco, fuelled in the past by the Istiqlal and Hassan II, and considers itself a national liberation movement aiming at leading the disputed territory to independence under the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Human rights The Western Sahara conflict has resulted in severe human rights abuses, most notably the aerial bombard This is a list of the second-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Morocco including all provinces and prefectures in descending order of their total areas as per the Census Report of Most areas of some divisions are shown combined.

Rank Administrative Division Area km. This is a list of the second-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Morocco including all provinces and prefectures in descending order of their total populations as per the Census Report of An animated map shows the order of independence of African nations, — The decolonization of Africa took place in the mid-to-late s, very suddenly, with little preparation. Racing to secure as much land as possible while avoiding conflict amongst themselves, the partition of Africa was confirmed in the Berlin Agreement of , with little regard to local differences.

Thierry Roussel born February 16, was the fourth husband of Christina Onassis, and the only man with whom she had a child, daughter Athina Onassis Roussel. Roussel is best known as the controversial former co-trustee of his eldest child's famous fortune and for having been involved in a number of legal entanglements with the four Greek trustees of that fortune.

These disputes were mostly ended or quieted in by the court-ordered transfer of the administration of Athina's trust to a private auditing firm. He has two s Through his father he is of Moroccan Jewish and Russian descent and his mother is Argentinian.

On 24 May , Thierry gave birth to the couple's first child, Roman. The double origin of the founders — Luchaire and Bartoli from the Faculty of Law and Economics and Ahrweiler from the Faculty of Letters — is now found in the name of the university: He was a member and a vice-president of the Front National, and was among the Non-Inscrits until the formation of the Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty Group in the European Parliament. He sits on its Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.

Martinez is also a substitute for the Committee on Budgets, a member of the delegation to the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, and a substitute for the delegation for relations with the countries of Central America. Securitas AB is a security services security guarding and mobile patrolling , monitoring, consulting and investigation group, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The company expanded through acquisitions of several small security companies, initially in southern Sweden. As seen before in seasons 25 and 27, the show's website announced they would begin filming on October 1, , at Washington Square Park in New York City, and invited fans to join them as they saw the new teams off.

This was the nation's eleventh appearance at the Olympics, except the Summer Olympics in Moscow, because of its partial support to the United States boycott. Men's football was the only team-based sport in which Morocco had its representation at these Olympic Games. There was only a single competitor in fencing, swimming, and weightlifting. The Moroccan team featured four Olympic medalists from Sydney: The educated and well-traveled Vibia Sabina ca.

But while Roman women held no direct political power, those from wealthy or powerful families could and did exert influence through private negotiations.

The Big 5 is a series of construction trade fairs originating in Dubai connecting international suppliers of construction products and services with buyers from the MENA region. The first Big 5 Construct Nigeria is expected to launch in Lagos in Additionally, The Big 5 Heavy running in Dubai focuses on the infrastructure industry, while The Big 5 Solar provides a dedicated platform for solar solutions for construction.

History The Big 5 has its origins in an event known as Arab Water and came about from an amalgamation of five separate product-focused events that all had a The Western Saharan protests began on 25 February as a reaction to the failure of police to prevent anti-Sahrawi looting in the city of Dakhla, Western Sahara, and blossomed into protests across the territory. They were related to the Gdeim Izik protest camp in Western Sahara established the previous fall, which had resulted in violence between Sahrawi activists and Moroccan security forces and supporters.

The protests also purportedly drew inspiration from the Arab Spring and successful revolts in Tunisia and Egypt,[1] though according to some commentators, the Arab Spring proper did not reach Western Sahara. There is renewed calls for peaceful protests from the Polisario Front. Bouchta El Hayani born in Taounate is a Moroccan artist who started his professional career in the s. Since this period he has followed a successful path to become one of the leading and most famous Moroccan artists.

First and foremost he is one of the rare Moroccan painters that perfectly master drawing techniques. His work has been featured in several exhibitions all over the world.

Galerie Flandria - Tanger Morocco Sharif Sidi Mohammed Alaoui Arabic: He is reportedly a very close friend of the monarch, in addition to being his distant Alaouite cousin. In linguistics, a filler is a sound or word that is spoken in conversation by one participant to signal to others a pause to think without giving the impression of having finished speaking.

Fillers fall into the category of formulaic language, and different languages have different characteristic filler sounds. The term filler also has a separate use in the syntactic description of wh-movement constructions. In English In English, the most common filler sounds are ah or uh , er , and um. The use of the Valleyspeak word "like" as a discourse marker or vocalized pause is a particularly prominent example of the "Californianization of America Map of medieval universities in Europe This article contains a list of the oldest existing universities in continuous operation in the world.

Inclusion in this list is determined by the date at which the educational institute met the traditional definition of a university[Note 1] although it may have existed as a different kind of institute before that time.

Thus, for the list below, the university must have been founded before in Europe or be the oldest university derived from the medieval European model in a country or region. It must also be still in operation, with institutional continuity retained throughout its history, and so some early universities, most notably the University of Paris, which was abolished by the Revolution in ,[2] are excluded. Le Caire, nid d'espions, is a French spy comedy film directed and co-written by Michel Hazanavicius in his feature film debut.

Cairo, Nest of Spies is based on the OSS novel series by Jean Bruce, but acts as a parody of the spy genre rather than a faithful adaptation, and depicts OSS as an idiotic Frenchman with narrow-minded views on race, religion, and gender roles.

A sequel, OSS Lost in Rio, also directed by Hazanavicius and starring Dujardin, was released in Agent OSS is sent to in Rachida Dati French pronunciation: Prior to her election, she held the cabinet post of Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice.

She was a spokesperson for Nicolas Sarkozy during the French presidential election of After his victory, Sarkozy appointed her to his Government on 18 May She was elected mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris on 29 March Even though Dati was raised in a devout Islamic environment, she attended Catholic schools.

A cult film, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film with a cult following, obscure or unpopular with mainstream audiences, and often revolutionary or ironically enjoyed. Lao Charles G. Its official religion is Islam. Holding a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the country shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest, and shares marine borders with Iran and Pakistan.

The coast is formed by the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Gulf of Oman on the northeast. From the late 17th century, the Omani Sultanate was a powerful empire, vying with Portugal and Britain for influence in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

At its peak in the 19th century, Omani influence or control extended across the Most undergraduate degrees except modern languages are taught in French. It is one of the thirteen successors of the world's second oldest academic institution, the University of Paris, and was established shortly before the latter officially ceased to exist on 31 December It was founded as a direct response to events of May This response was twofold: Entrance of Paris 8 University History Founded in , the new experimental institut Morocco competed at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

The establishment of a friendly monarchy in Mexico would ensure European access to Latin American markets; and French access to Mexican silver. Eleven of Gold or Onze d'Or is the nomination of the best 11 players in every season of Moroccan Botola. The players are always chosen by fans who vote by SMS. Assa, Morocco topic Assa Arabic: Member feedback about Assa, Morocco: Administrative divisions of Morocco topic In Morocco, the 75 second-level administrative subdivisions are 13 prefectures and 62 provinces.

Member feedback about Administrative divisions of Morocco: Lists of country subdivisions Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Ali Salem Tamek: Victims of human rights abuses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Mohamed Elmoutaoikil: Prisoners and detainees of Morocco Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Zag, Morocco topic Zag pronounced Ezzag Arabic: Member feedback about Zag, Morocco: Member feedback about Assa-Zag Province: Provinces of Morocco Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Politics of Morocco topic Politics of Morocco take place in a framework of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, whereby the Prime Minister of Morocco is the head of government, and of a multi-party system.

Member feedback about Politics of Morocco: Politics of Morocco Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Otmane El Assas: Footballers at the Summer Olympics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about National Route 12 Morocco: Roads in Morocco Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Western Sahara: Former Spanish colonies Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. MA topic ISO Member feedback about ISO ISO Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Guelmim-Es Semara: Geography of Western Sahara Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Kaltoum Bouaasayriya: Moroccan athletes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Vehicle registration plates of Morocco topic New Moroccan license plates Moroccan license plates match in size and appearance to a large extent the European license plates and usually show black text on a white background.

Member feedback about Vehicle registration plates of Morocco: Vehicle registration plates by country Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Mohamed Najib Boulif: Moroccan politicians Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of sites and monuments in Morocco topic This is a list of the national sites and monuments of cultural and historic value that are classified by the ministry of Culture in Morocco. Member feedback about List of sites and monuments in Morocco: Lists of monuments and memorials by country Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Guelmim-Oued Noun: Regions of Morocco Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Moroccan Throne Cup: Member feedback about Astronomical Society of Southern Africa: Astronomy organizations Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

List of municipalities, communes, and arrondissements of Morocco topic This is a list of municipalities urban or rural communes , and arrondissements of Morocco, based on the census.

Member feedback about List of municipalities, communes, and arrondissements of Morocco: Municipalities of Morocco Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Christian Cambon: Union for a Popular Movement politicians Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Khalid Naciri topic Khalid Naciri Arabic: Member feedback about Khalid Naciri: People from Casablanca Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Human rights in Western Sahara: CS1 uses Arabic-language script ar Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of administrative divisions of Morocco by area topic This is a list of the second-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Morocco including all provinces and prefectures in descending order of their total areas as per the Census Report of Member feedback about List of administrative divisions of Morocco by area: IDFA is the key launch pad for documentaries.

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Pluto is a new world sales company bringing exceptional feature films from Germany and around the globe to the international market and worldwide audiences with an innovative and individual approach to distribution. The following companies are based at the Polish Cinema stand: Established in September , the Polish Film Institute supports the Polish film industry at all stages of film production, and promotes Polish films to potential audiences in Poland and abroad. Pong film is a Berlin-based film production company producing award winning experimental films and art-house cinema.

Films produced by pong film have been shown worldwide on film festivals like Berlinale, in cinemas and on TV.

ICA is the national film agency in Portugal and supports film and audiovisual projects at different stages: Film sales company based in France and initially specialized in short films distribution. Over the last 4 years we expanded the activity for feature films, unique, daring and engaging productions from all over the world. Princ Films is a dynamic international sales and distribution company based in the United States.

We acquire, produce, finance, market and distribute films and other entertainment content worldwide. Riki Productions creates projects from the ground up, as well as colaborates in production, promotion and sales.

We form a package of popular family programs such as animation and game series, feature films and TV programs. Founded in , Tokyo-based Production I. We license our films worldwide. Proimagenes Colombia is a non-profit organization created to promote and strengthen the Colombian film industry. Commercially-minded and creatively-spirited, Protagonist Pictures is an international sales company, committed to strong relationships with filmmakers, investors and distributors.

Market Screenings a Do You Believe? Pyramide runs a library of nearly titles for domestic and international distribution. Miscellaneous genres, directors and producers remain the main asset of the company. The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, supported the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Israeli Council for Cinema, supports high quality original Israeli films and international coproductions with an Israeli partner.

Radiant Films International is a worldwide distribution company focusing on mainstream and independent theatrical features and specialized television programming to the international marketplace. As exclusive sales company of the Rai Holding, Rai Com distributes more than films and hours of high quality TV programs worldwide with a focus on top-notch author films and classic quality Italian libraries. Raven Banner Entertainment represents innovative and compelling elevated genre films for worldwide sales and Canadian distribution.

Recreation Media provides direct access to distribution, handling sales on a diverse slate of quality feature film and television titles. Red Arrow International is a world-leading TV distributor of acclaimed scripted, factual and formatted shows.

Red Sea Media, Inc is an independent sales agent, production company and financier whose mission is to create branded, layered and theatrical level content that appeals to the VOD, TV and digital spaces. A cost effective business model. Promotes films in new and different ways, with an eye on newcomers. Specialized in art-house, from genre to cutting edge cinematic features.

Passioned by eye-catching cinematography. Russian sales, production and distribution company representing documentary content in international markets. Rewind Film is an Italian independent film distribution company founded in Rewind Film is focused on the worldwide sales of video and television rights of the films of its own library.

Rija Films is a film studio founded in in Riga and its main activities are film production, service provision and film distribution. Riley Productions is a UK based production company specialising in films that seek value in populations underserved by mainstream films. We love strong fictional stories with international appeal that create their own world touching the audience. The Romanian Film Center is a state driven institution founded in , committed to support the Romanian film industry.

Roskino is the only state body responsible for the international image of Russian motion picture art, representing it at film festivals, markets and awards, assisting in distribution, PR and marketing. Russian World Vision main objectives are: In , Ron Dyens founded Sacrebleu Productions. About fifty short films have been produced since then and they have been selected in more than one thousand national and international festivals.

Founded in , Sahamongkolfilm International Co. Helps get films made. From financing and packaging to marketing and selling, Salt is the essential ingredient. Medien can look back on a history of 30 years of successful film distribution. The following companies are based at the Scandinavian Films stand: SC Films specialises in international sales, distribution, finance and production.

Commercially minded, we seek great scripts, smart producers and creative directors. We aim to distribute theatrical films per year. It supports outstanding Australian screen talent and develops and finances bold, enduring and commercial screen storytelling. Screen Flanders is your first stop for audiovisual activities in the Flanders region, providing financial support through its economic fund and information and services via its film commission.

Screen International is the leading film industry resource covering the international film markets. We provide a global perspective on film development, finance, production and distribution. Screen Media, formed in , acquires and distributes motion pictures to television stations, cable networks and home video outlets throughout the world.

Offer available to new subscribers only. Shah Productions is an international film production company based in Islamabad. Specializing in the production of quality action movies for the global entertainment market.

It provides prime film production services in Pakistan. The festival welcomes 30, documentary-makers and lovers, including 3, industry delegates. Additionally, the company has now advanced into the animation market. Established in and a division of the Orion Group, Showbox Corp. The Singapore Film Commission is part of the Media Development Authority of Singapore with the aim to nurture and promote our film industry and talent, supporting more than short films, scripts, features and events since Slingshot Films is a sales agency specialized in creative documentaries and art-house fiction films.

National institution for cinema in the Slovak Republic: Since , the Slovenian Film Centre has provided continuous programming and planning, thus making film production in Slovenia possible.

It is also responsible for the cultural presentation and promotion of Slovenian films abroad. SND — Groupe M6 is the international distribution department of SND, a division of French broadcaster M6, and has been involved in feature film distribution since This company focuses on producing indie Himalayan films and it can collaborate with other production companies to produce broader focus films as well. Sola Media is a sales company, specialized in high-quality family entertainment and animation features.

Providing individual service, Sola Media is one of the leading companies in its field internationally. The Solution is a full service international sales and financing company which offers filmmakers access to development funding, production funding, production and post-production services as well as international distribution.

Soul Food Films is a film production and sales company whose main goal is to present, promote and widely distribute films and film talents coming from South-East Europe. Soureh Cinema produces and distributes feature, short, documentary and animation films.

It has applied thought and determination of famous artists, performing facilities and its technical support to improve the civilized cinema. The unit is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment into South Africa and remains ready to provide sector specific information on film and media with introductions to local industry. The following companies are based at the South African Films stand: It offers producers free services and assistance for shooting all kinds of audiovisual works in our territories.

Spotlight Pictures is a worldwide film sales and distribution company specializing in cast-driven, commercial feature films. Star Media is one of the leaders in production and distribution of theatrical and television movies, telenovelas and series, TV shows and docudramas successful on leading television channels in Russia, CIS and abroad.

Starway International and its owner Don Coscarelli have been licensing his films internationally for over 20 years. Their centerpiece franchise is the Phantasm film series. At EFM they will present the brand new Phanstasm: Producing feature films national and international , developing TV series.

Launched in , Stray Dogs is dedicated to bringing international, director driven, edgy films to worldwide audiences. Summerside International is a vivid and innovative entertainment brand, specialized in production, financing and worldwide distribution of feature films and television programming.

Sundance Institute is a non-profit organization that discovers and supports independent films and theatre artists from the U.

We are active in production, exhibition and theatrical, video, television and multimedia distribution. Svensk Filmindustri is a subsidiary of the Bonnier Group.

The Swedish Film Institute Foundation works to promote films across the board — from idea to finished product, during launch in Sweden and around the world, and by preserving films for posterity in our archives.

Swiss Films is the national film agency which promotes Swiss cinema abroad and in Switzerland, and consolidates cultural and commercial activities. It plays an active role in facilitating the sale of Taiwan films internationally. Their pivotal objective is to produce premium features, entertaining and demanding in equal measure. Taodue — established in by Pietro Valsecchi and Camilla Nesbitt — is the leader in Italian productions with its box-office record breakers and an avarage of more than 40 prime times covered each year with its TV series.

Since the s, TBS has been proactively engaged in international program sales such as dramas, variety programs, program formats, animated programs, documentaries, and movies to the globe, establishing a record of success. Telefilm Canada is dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of the audio-visual industry.

Through its various programs, Telefilm supports dynamic companies and creative talent here at home and around the world. Get more info and see the trailers at canada-berlin The three film brands are: Wilddrama, Real Fear and Terra Magna. TF1 International is one of the leading French distributors of international rights and is present in all major markets. Its number of products exceeds over 3, titles of various genres.

Toho is one of the leading entertainment conglomerates in Japan as the producer and the distributor of films, television programs and home video products. Advocacy and client driven stories, are available for daily broadcast. TomCat Films is a film sales and distribution company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It has become known for its genre, drafting and mockbuster titles.

It has a U. TFC comprising 17 Film Commissions located all over Italy, is a benchmark for national and international productions, investors, authors, professional operators and institutions operating in the cinema and audiovisual sector.

Trentino Film Commission aims to assist and support film and television projects that can be set in the unique landscape offered by Trentino, the northern Italian region between Lake Garda and the Dolomites.

US and UK distributors and international sales agent, acquires movies per year as well as coproductions. TrustNordisk represents a feature film catalogue of more than films including Oscar and Cannes winners. TrustNordisk is based in Copenhagen and is the premiere sales agent in Northern Europe. Founded in , Ankara Cinema Association organizes the Festival on Wheels, Turkish film weeks abroad and produces films. The association is also in charge of the Turkish stands in Berlin and Cannes.

TvZero makes creative documentaries and fiction films since Urban Distribution International presents international art-house films by promising young filmmakers and renowned directors whose films distinguish themselves through innovation and originality. UVM is a world sales and distribution company, aiming to facilitate the access to markets of the European films. Unifrance is a non-profit organization based in Paris promoting French cinema worldwide. It accompanies French films from their sale to their distribution, in the medias and international film festivals and markets.

The following companies are based at the Unifrance stand: Unijapan is a non-profit organization established by the Japanese film industry to promote Japanese films abroad. Joint venture company for film financing, production, acquisition and domestic distribution based in Seoul, Korea.

Recognized and respected throughout the world of show business since , Variety is the premier source of entertainment news. Variety is a subsidiary of Penske Media Corporation. In the meantime, Variety predicts there will be a heady cocktail. Verband Deutscher Filmproduzenten e.

The VDFP is a German independent producers association; we offer support for independent German and European producers, including networking and information regarding co-productions as well as co-financing.

Versatile is a Paris-based sales company dedicated to supporting the widest range of independent cinema and gifted filmmakers worldwide. Geki Stage theatre has its own allure. Cine Cinema has its own appeal. VMI is a worldwide distributor of quality independent film, documentary and music content with an impeccable reputation in the industry.

It also represents various short films for a consortium of UK Universities. WestEnd Films, a dynamic international sales and financing company, offers filmmakers extensive finance, production and sales expertise and contacts across the industry — from financial institutions to the major Hollywood studios. A venture founded by Jayesh Kodwani, Wet Grass Films has completed 6 years of award winning creative production. Film production company with over 60 years experience.

Wide is a leading independent sales company committed to the promotion of new talents. We represent more than 20 new feature films a year and a library of more than titles. Most of the films are realised as coproductions. Windrose distributes high quality documentaries and live performances worldwide.

Its catalogue is composed of entertaining and demanding films. Wizart is a unique full package company with production facilities to produce world-class family animated feature films and animated series, as well as an international sales and marketing department. WTFilms is a sales, production and financing company with a strong focus on genre, edgy independent movies and hip documentaries. An exceptional mark on the industry as one of the fastest rising stars in the spotlight as an independent distributor.

The Yellow Affair is an international sales agency based in Scandinavia with a catalogue of 80 feature films, documentaries and TV series. ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the worldwide program distribution, international coproductions, the acquisition of licenses and the merchandising of program brands in its own name, for ZDF and third parties. The Berlin based production company zero fiction film produces international theatrical fiction films and documentaries, last co-productions: Produces full range of film services.

Vor dem Schlafengehen in die Traumfabrik. The Ritz-Carlton Ambi Distribution The Mandala Annapurna International The Ritz-Carlton Archstone Distribution The Ritz-Carlton Covert Media The Ritz-Carlton Epic Pictures The Ritz-Carlton The Exchange The Mandala Foresight Unlimited The Ritz-Carlton Fortitude International The Ritz-Carlton Global Screen The Ritz-Carlton Goldcrest Films The Ritz-Carlton Good Universe The Mandala Highland Film Group The Mandala IM Global The Mandala K5 International The Mandala Lakeshore Entertainment Hotel Grand Hyatt Moonstone Entertainment The Mandala Premiere Entertainment Group The Ritz-Carlton Radiant Films The Mandala Red Granite Pictures Hotel Grand Hyatt Shoreline Entertainment Hotel Grand Hyatt Silver Reel The Mandala United Studios The Ritz-Carlton Voltage Pictures The Mandala The Weinstein Company Mikko Kuparinen Wide Prod co: Theresa von Eltz Prod co: C-films Deutschland , Tatami Films With: Alex, Lara, Fedja and Timo spend Christmas in the adolescent psychiatric emergency unit.

Under the care of the young psychiatrist Dr. Wolff, they will have a time that none of them will ever forget. Jerzy Skolimowski Prod co: They live in an unsure world where anything could happen at any time. An unexpected chain of events can seal many fates in a mere 11 minutes.

Cabaret performer Astrid is six months pregnant when she learns that her unborn child will be severely disabled. She and her husband have little time to take a decision of enormous significance. Anne Zohra Berrached Prod co: Rob Zombie Prod co: Takahisa Zeze Prod co: For most, the old emperor died years ago. For a few, he still lives. In , a kidnapping has eerie parallels with Six-Four 64 , an unsolved case from on which the Statute of Limitations looms one year hence.

A young Palestinian schoolteacher gives birth to her son in an Israeli prison where she fights to protect him, survive and maintain hope. Mai Masri Intramovies Prod co: After the death of her sister and nephew, a real estate reporter uncovers the sinister truth behind a mysterious man who has been buying houses where tragedies have occurred. Darren Lynn Bousman Prod co: If Switzerland is sometimes perceived as heaven on earth, the question that follows is: Believers, agnostics and atheists all feel the need for a narrative when confronting death.

From Mars, to the Earth, below the surface. Nicolas Steiner Maximage Prod co: In her ancestral Sardinian world, she is the Accabadora. Enrico Pau Prod co: With the discovery of an ancient puzzle box, a boy, with the help of his friends, begins an adventure to find his fortune.

Geoff Anderson Prod co: Germany Drama Eve is a successful adult film performer. Adam is a reclusive university student obssessed by Eve.

Hans Christian Berger Prod co: Counterforce Film Productions With: Johannes Schmid Prod co: The non-fiction author Walter falls for the pensive and peculiar Agnes. Anne Fontaine Prod co: Mathilde, a young French Red Cross doctor, is on a mission to help the war survivors. When a nun seeks for her help, she is brought to a convent where several pregnant sisters are hiding.

Mathilde is their only hope. We invite you on a 3D voyage to Aldabra, a mysterious coral island located south of the Seychelles, one of the last pristine locations on planet earth. Witness nature as it was years ago, untouched by mankind. When Alena arrives at her new elite boarding school, the other girls start to harass her. Contact The Match Factory. Giovanni Zelko Prod co: The Algerian is an international political thriller about the conflict between the Middle East and America.

It follows Ali Ben Youcef across the world from Algeria to Los Angeles revealing his role in a terrorist sleeper cell. Oana Giurgiu Prod co: Libra Film Productions With: A well documented history of Jewish Romanians starting when a small community was leaving to establish one of the first settlements in Ottoman Palestine.

Since then the history of both Romania and Israel are intertwined. Contact Romanian Film Center. Michal Marczak Prod co: Well-established in his provincial town, Karsten sees his life spiral out of control when a woman dies in his home after a party.

He quickly learns how one moment of weakness can place his comfortable position in society at risk. Contact Memento Films International. Warsaw has become a city emergent, teeming with a new generation of twenty-somethings trying to discover their place in a city uncomfortably torn between its traumatic past and the bold future that always seems just out of reach.

Vincent Perez Prod co: Hugofilm Productions, Petit Film With: A lonely private investigator falls in love with a mysterious woman who left a disturbing message on his camera. A gloomy yet magical journey begins on which he must find the courage to break out of his isolation.

Contact New Europe Film Sales. For generations, we have believed that man is driven by ruthless self-interest. But now this idea is being increasingly challenged. The Altruism Revolution examines the scientific reasons behind the call for a more caring society. Niklaus Hilber Prod co: A Film Company With: A group of teenagers at a secondary school in Zurich yearn for love, acceptance and sex. With the power of social media pressuring them, the kids are pushed towards fulfilling the fantasies they see on their screens.

Four residents of Cologne in a prefabricated highrise on the edge of the city. A story of struggles against addiction and poverty, of lives that used to be different. And of friendship and happiness. Robin Humboldt Prod co: A cruel chain of events turns a quiet, introvert boy from a desolated adoption center into a fierce leader of a group of ruthless youngsters, who decides to take revenge on the world that has done them nothing but harm.

Vardan Tozija Contact Prod co: Philip Scheffner Prod co: A group of people are plunged into a dark, claustrophobic maze, where they must fight to survive, as the outside world watches. Francesco Cinquemani Contact Prod co: Anna has lived in Naples for forty years. Or maybe, judging by the demons that surround her, she is already in hell. A job and a new love give her the chance to find herself again. Giuseppe Gaudino Prod co: Charles Olivier Michaud Prod co: Anna is an independent photojournalist investigating a human trafficking and child prostitution network in Asia.

On her journey to the root of all evil, she meets Sam, a fixer who will intervene decisively in her destiny. In the last chapter of this highly expected trilogy, our pint-sized superhero rises once again to the occasion by forming unexpected alliances and saving the town from destruction. Ask Hasselbalch Contact Prod co: Maurice Dekkers Prod co: Daniels girlfriend broke up with him — via SMS.

Constantin Maier Prod co: Constantin Maier Filmproduction With: Brotherhood is tested in this intense drama. Robin Pront Prod co: Carlo Lavagna Prod co: A Spanish couple travels to a country in Eastern Europe to adopt a child.

However, things do not work out as they had expected. Finding themselves faced with growing hostility, their own latent conflicts come to the surface. Daniela Fejerman Contact Prod co: Mickey 11 is frustrated with his changing body. He is no longer a child but who is he? He is a loner at school, his mom is an enigma to him. In a mix of reality and imagination he faces the fact — growing up is not for kids.

Visar Morina Prod co: Nori 10 and his father Gesim earn their living by selling cigarettes in pre-war Kosovo of the nineteen nineties. As Gesim decides to flee the Kosovo without his Nori, the boy set out on a perilous journey all the way to Germany. Kuba Czekaj Prod co: Dominik Hartl Prod co: The snowboarders Steve, Branka and Joschi are left behind at a remote skiing resort.

On the same mountain where an experiment by a local entrepreneur goes terribly wrong and unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife. Andrei Cohn Prod co: Film Location Guide, Mandragora With: Robert is a young writer passing through a difficult time.

He decides to return home to his native village. He has a distant relationship with his father. He meets two former schoolmates, Petrica and Paula his teenage sweetheart. We all love our parents, but to go back and live with them when you are an adult is another story. The Bad Cat is an animated epic for young adults featuring the unforgettably bad cat, Shero and his foul mouthed gang in action.

Eric Lavaine Contact Prod co: Mehmet Kurtulus Contact Prod co: Over the course of a summer, during which a broken love affair briefly blossoms again and her grandmother has to go into hospital with a broken hip, Ana, 26 years old, does her best to cope with life.

Rachel Lang Prod co: Eva Husson Prod co: Full House Films With: Dani De La Orden Prod co: When George falls in love with Alex, she starts a game with their friends, testing and pushing the limits of sexuality. Once the nature of their activities is revealed, they both deal with the scandal in radically different ways.

A squad of unsuspecting cops go through a trapdoor to hell when they stumble upon a black mass in an abandoned building. Can Evrenol Contact Prod co: Sergey Mokritskiy Prod co: Considered as the best female sniper of history, she fought to defend Odessa and Sevastopol against German troops.

Zoki dreams of hitting the stage together with his best friends Bruno and Leon. Their hearts beat for hip-hop. Boris Petkovic Prod co: Frieder Wittich Prod co: A fast-paced film about music, love, unfulfilled wishes and secret dreams. It explores the question whether there is life after failure and examines the courage it takes to leave the safety of your life behind and to start over.

Fredrik Gertten Contact Prod co: Claudio Cupellini Prod co: Indiana Production Company, Rai Cinema, 2. The decisive years of Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, told through rare archive footage in which a young Zlatan speaks openly about his life and challenges.

Nadine and Fausto meet on the rooftop of a Paris hotel. Both are fragile, alone and obsessed with the idea of an unattainable happiness. Their love is challenged by their own individual ambition and desperation. Liang Zhao Prod co: In high school, Damien is constantly bullied by Tom. As he fights his way in and out of rehab, the son of an actor turned politician is forced to face himself. Through a series of disappointments and finally a tragic event, Charlie begins the journey to selfdiscovery and acceptance.

Felix van Groeningen Prod co: The sky seems the limit, at least for a while, for nightlife is an addictive trip and the world keeps spinning. On a layover in London, Ava invites her ex-boyfriend William to her airport hotel room.

When they are reunited, Ava shares some unexpected news. Jaclyn Bethany Prod co: Rob Reiner Prod co: Avi Mograbi goes to meet African asylum-seekers in a camp in the middle of the Negev desert where they are confined by the state of Israel. Together, they question the status of the refugees in Israel. Avi Mograbi Prod co: Manolo Cruz Prod co: Mago Films, Cineplex With: A tough-as-nails detective embarks on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien warship.

Pan Nalin Prod co: When their year old daughter goes missing in India, tensionriddled parents Carl and Julie journey together to the Himalayas searching for her. What they discover in the end is far from anything else they could have expected. A thousand years ago, one boy with a dream of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister.

Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule everything, Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change. Khurram Alavi Contact Prod co: Barajoun Entertainment Ambi Distribution With: George Mendeluk Contact Prod co: Adil El Arbi Prod co: Caviar Films, a team productions With: Mavela is a Black Bronx. The young couple is forced to make a brutal choice between gang loyalty and the love they have for one another.

Contact Be for Films. Maximiliano Schonfeld Prod co: A young woman arrives at a farm. Soon she can stop the frost that was devastating the plantations. She seems to have powers. Hope emerges among the villagers again. They start to worship her like a saint. In a remote Nepalese village, during the Maoist Civil war, Prakash and Kiran, two year-old boys, are best friends despite belonging to different casts. Min Bahadur Bham Prod co: France Drama Greece.

A seaside resort struck by a heavy heat wave.

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