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Perkins;copyright updated November 22, His camp is near Whitesburg, Letcher Co. What we all raised there is all destroy, I have to move my family from there Strong were recruiting, some of their men had gone over on the South Fork and shot at Bill Strong, then a soldier just out of the Union army, having deserted and returned home. That fired him up, and he went to making up a company of his own men and killing nearly every Southern citizen he found.

Henry Maggard had erected a full 2 story hewed log home in a bottom just above the old Oven Fork Church, in Letcher Co. When the war years came, Henry was too old to serve but he championed the Union cause as did most of his family and many neighbors. To make ones choice known was dangerous and to openly speak for and defend it was almost sure to place one in extreme danger. But Henry spoke out openly and often, despite warnings from family and friends. It was not long until a band of bushwhackers descended on his home.

Some say that they were led by a Captain Hawk. Henry was captured, taken down by the river and there made to kneel in the daisies by a fallen sycamore log. Mockingly they told him to say his final prayers as discussion was held to determine who have the "honor" of ridding the country of another "Union Man". In the group was a new recruit, a 16 yr old boy named Talt Hall.

One of the older men suggested that it would be a good time to allow the boy to kill his first man. Henry was murdered by Talt Hall. He was thrown in a patch of weeds where his body lay until vultures indicated the location of his body. Thomas Talton Hall enlisted in Co. We had not been at home long before an old slave by the name of Bailey came and told us that the Yankees waylaid the house of Uncle Washington, and when he came out had shot him right thru the body, and had shot at the old man.

That was James Noble, his master. The old man had started up to see his brother, Washington, whom they had shot. His little boy had run down for the old man, and they were waylaying for him.

They knew he would come that way. They were on a point at the mouth of a hollow where they were going to turn off to go to the river and as he came up opposite to them they began firing at him with out even saying a word to him.

He was an old graybearded man. He turned around and looked at them and said, " Look at my gray hairs; you can't kill me, for God is with me. He said there were about 15 in the crowd, and they just shouldered their guns and walked off, and he never moved until they got out of sight.

About 12 o'clock Washington Noble died. They took him off, and his son-in-law was there and knew them all. He was a Union man and they inquired of him about the country. He was out with them a good while, the family said. After that we could never hear anything about Lesson Noble. Richard Haddix, his son-in-law, said that he knew them all. William Strong with a company of men he was recruiting for the army John Little's creek, about two miles from his home They had kept him over on that branch as a prisoner until they came back, and when Capt.

Strong came to the men and told them that they had killed Washington [Noble], they killed Lesson Noble, for they thought if they turned him loose he would go to the army and they would have him to fight. The spies came back and reported that they saw the soldiers; that there were about fifty from what they could learn We lay there all night, keeping pickets out.

The next morning at the break of day we marched down to the house, aiming to surround it, but a man came out of the house toward where we were, and Shade Duff shot at him, and he ran back into the house, and the Yankees began shooting at us from the house.

The Rebels shot thru the windows and the doors and were charging toward the house, when the Yankees ran out in their drawers and ran across the Kentucky river and up the hillside into the timber, and shot back at the Rebels. Hays with his men charged down the bank of the river. Dick Duckam said that he shot at a man and saw him fall. Dick afterwards deserted the Rebels and joined the Yankees, and so did Bill Deaton.

We fell back to the point out of reach of their guns. While there I saw a man walking about yards down the river in a field. I had a Springfield rifle. I raised the sights to yards and laid my gun on top of the fence, and said " Watch me make that man run.

I did not care then if I did kill him, for the Yankees had shot Ephrem Sizemore in the head, and his brains were running out. He was a brother-in-law of Capt. We left him where he was shot. We heard that he lived until the next day All the soldiers got back to camp safely except Ephrem Sizemore. It was not long until Capt. Smith left the country for Letcher county. On the way, Elisha was able to throw down his pocket-book near a gate, where it was later found.

He was then shot in the back. Then the family was allowed to haul his body away in a sled, and they buried him on Breedings Creek, near his home. Identity of the members of this band was known. Hiram Hogg is forced by threats from Col. Caudill's men [CS] to leave his home in Letcher Co. On the other hand, a third son, Carter Collins, was a member of Co. Our first day's travel was up a large stream called Cut Shin, a tributary of the Redbird.

I think we crossed it some times in less than 16 hours and pulled up onto the Lewis neighborhood, stopping overnight at Moses Creek. The people were loyal here, yet in great dread of roving guerilla bands that often scooped down on them taking their property and often murdering them for no other reason than being loyal Union citizens aiding poor Union men to get back to the Union lines. These guerrillas were independent bands claiming to be regular Rebel soldiers, yet were only thieves claiming the side their hearts were one.

They were not loyal to any legal authority and never better satisfied than when robbing some Union man of his horse, clothes and money. They were naturally cowards, devoid of principal, fit only for acting this part of bushwacker, murderer and assassin. After leaving Cut Shin on Moses Creek, we traveled east, crossed the middle fork of the Kentucky river and made our way to Perry County The sentiment of the country was divided about equal between secession and loyalist.

We had to play it real fine and consider ourselves as the Romans and do as the Romans do while in Rome. The secessionist would advise us on how to sneak past the Unionists and the Unionists how to get through the Rebel neighborhood. We finally reached Trouble, a tributary of the Kentucky River, a stream being true to its name and an appellation most admirably noted to the region through which it serpentined its waters along The last mile traveled on this stream became trouble indeed.

Rebel soldiers were reported in the neighborhood. We had crossed Trouble just below an old mill down below us in the Collins neighborhood. Upon the south bank stood the Mill House, a little further up the bank stood the old Rudely construction, a low, log still house where corn, apples and peaches were boiled and from this made into juice, doubled and made into brandy and whiskey.

We felt troubled as we knew Rebels liked these articles well. An old darkey was in front of the still house some 20 yards away chopping wood. We walked up and spoke to him and asked if any Rebel Soldiers were ever seen there or if they came there at all. You better believe dar is chickens and blackbirds near here, Suh.

Four of us moved slowly on Perry, Breathitt, Letcher and Owsley The rebels are still in possession of the counties named above, having driven off the families of the Union men in that vicinity, but, with the proper arms and the necessary drill, Major Eversole's hardy mountaineers will lose but little time in retaking their homes and inflicting punishment upon the rebel vandals who have temporarily dispossessed them.

The rebels in that region of country number four or five hundred, under command of the notorious Jack May and the robber-chief Benj. Captain Henderson Matthew Combs, Co. G, 13th KY Cav. Strong's men killed him [Combs; MP]. They would not let him surrender, but killed him in his own house, and went on a mile and killed David Barnett, an innocent man. According to Gordon Barnett, David was shot reason unknown down along Troublesome, where he owned 50 acres.

Smith" may have been Samuel B. After the Major [Eversole] returned to war, his family moved two miles down the river, and it was here that a band of marauding guerillas descended on the helpless wife and children. The marauders took all the cattle and horses except one blind mare and one yearling steer which were hidden in the woods, they took all the meat from the smokehouse; they killed the geese and threw them in the river to float downstream; they ripped the featherbeds and let the feathers blow away on the March wind.

Eversole, This Old House] Note: This took place in Perry Co. They got after my two oldest sons, up the branch from my house, and shot most of their ammunition at them: Lacy then charged upon my oldest son, with his musket in hand, cursing him - swore he would hang him. My son drew his pistol, shot Lacy through the arm, and into his canteen. Lacy threw up his hand, hallowed out, don't.

The Rising Tide: The War on Civilians Breathitt, Letcher, Perry, Owsley, Leslie & Wolfe Counties

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