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Women bored on a wednesday and need a good pounding

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Women bored on a wednesday and need a good pounding

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Women bored on a wednesday and need a good pounding

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A few weeks ago, I received an email from one of my clients who inquired about a barre class that I used to teach when I worked as the school director at a dance studio. She wanted to know if I had any interest in running this class again. Here was her email:. Recently as I was cleaning my house, I came across your original brochure that had your Barre Class listed.

Would you consider bringing this class back? That community would LOVE it. I know I would be there and will be a great way to market to their huge customer base. First of all, let me say that yes, I used to teach barre classes.

I am a dancer. I also taught aerobics and cycling, and I enjoyed them both very much. BUT, I also believe that if you are not happy with your performance in the gym, your strength or your body, there are better ways for achieving your goals than the three I mentioned. Again, there is nothing wrong with these classes. Remember, I used to teach them. This may mean re-thinking exercises and training. Are barre classes good for you?

Would I get more business if I brought back my barre class? My philosophy is strength. I want women to be able to carry the full propane tank for their grill back to the car by themselves and not have to ask for assistance. I want women to feel confident in their own skin.

You cannot build a strong upper body doing repetitions of arm circles. You cannot build strong glutes doing 50 leg kicks to the ceiling. All you will do is tire your arms and your butt out. And really, what good is that? Yes, you will be sore. I really enjoyed teaching my barre class when I worked for the dance studio.

It was a perfect way to build a new adult class at Kinetics and as a result of the class, I realized how much I wanted to work with adults. By the time I opened Fivex3 Training, I realized what I needed to do with the class to make it fit with my message about strength. The class needed a big face lift. Basic Training was born. I could not be more happier with this class. First and foremost, I do not believe in the message these classes promote.

Professional ballerinas look the way they do because they are genetically born with a body that enables them to look the way they do.

I, too, studied ballet, but I do not have the body to be a professional ballerina. Am I less of a dancer for this? Second, I believe, as many other women who strength train believe and who are in my field, that women need more than what a barre class offers.

No one is telling you that you need to lift lbs although this is damn impressive and shows true strength and domination. My five year old nephew deadlifted his bodyweight just the other day. Exactly how much he weighs. And he carried two 8kg kettlebells around the gym 18 pounds without a second thought.

I had two 8 year old girls pull each other on the sled two weeks ago. They loved every minute of it. And most recently, one of my clients who just turned 73 years old, deadlifted 80 lbs and then proceeded to do a frame carry with the same weight.

Rachel is a dancer. And she teaches ballet and performs in Nutrcracker each year. Does she have long, lean muscles? And she never will. But she is no less of a dancer. Blame your parents if you want to blame someone. It is all genetic. Someone with long femurs will have long muscles. Someone with short femurs will have short muscles. Your muscles will not get longer if you are not tall. Tall people have long bones and therefore long muscles.

Short people have short bones and therefore short muscles. If you want to be leaner, lose the body fat. When I taught my classes, I was just beginning my journey into the strength world. I was training at the gym and teaching these classes. And I was feeling stronger and stronger each time I taught my classes thanks to all the squatting, deadlifting and pressing I was doing at the gym.

But I soon realized this class could not survive anymore. I do not regret one minute for this class- I loved teaching it and quite a few of the people who started with me with this class, followed me to Baltimore when I opened up my gym. And they love my Basic Training class just as much if not more than my barre class.

And because of the way I promoted my barre class way back then build strength , I actually attracted people ages 40 and up. No one under 30 with the exception of one or two took my class. I made a point of promoting strength.

If I had had more equipment as I do now, I probably would have taught it differently. I have discovered a better way to do this. I actually never even thought about this that much until now because all I was really trying to do was come up with a new adult fitness class at the dance studio. Over the past two years, I have learned so much more about strength work and the benefits of barbell training.

My philosophy is simple: This is how I want to train and why I believe women should train this way too. While I know that I could reach more women if I offered this type of class, I do not want to compromise my beliefs when it comes to strength training.

In my opinion, women need less of these classes and more good all fashioned basic strength work. And I am sure that these women do see changes in their bodies because anything will work…for a time. But I will never bring this type of class back.

When you are stronger, you feel better. When you are stronger, you look better. When you are stronger, you are better. I am so glad that you enjoy the Basic Training class! I look forward to many more classes with you!! Thank you so much for posting your reply, Emily.

I shared it on my wall. Inspired Fit Strong — 74???? You have used the photo of barre class with out permission … Please remove it. This is a photo of my instructors at a barre studio and myself.. It is not stock for public consumption. Separately, you are completely wrong about barre class. Perhaps they can not pull their husbands out if a burning building — not sure whose overall goal that would be anyway — but they are not looking to build enormous muscles and look like a man either.

Thank you for your comment. I apologize for using your picture. I will remove this out of courtesy to you and your instructors. However, what I cannot and will not do is apologize for my post. I am not completely wrong about barre classes and if you actually read my post, I am all for women doing what works for them and makes them happy. But I want to deliver to my female clients what I believe to be a better program for getting stronger and gaining confidence. While I am sure that your clients have gotten stronger from your barre classes, I believe that my clients are served better by actually lifting weights that will challenge their bodies, minds and spirits.

None of my ladies look like a man. In fact, all of my women have dramatically changed their bodies into curvaceous, strong and fit women. Your comment implies that my goal is to make women look like men. Women can be strong, have muscle, lift heavy weight and still be women. I want to deliver the best program to my women and for them and for me, this includes picking up weight that weighs more than 3 lbs.

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I really wish people would actually READ posts and not just see one or two words and decide they need to comment. I changed my mind. And I am better for it and so are my clients. What I appreciate about basic training work—the squatting, pushing, pulling, lifting, reaching, stepping—is the functional value. At the same time that my body becomes stronger, my capacity to DO is remarkably enhanced.

I want to be strong and functionally confident. This focus offers me a way to lean in and own my life in a way that is just different from wanting a merely physical outcome. I have a similar background to yours.

I got into barre through a simple Craigslist posting looking for dancers who taught group ex, a perfect fit for me. I had never tried barre before. Even though I am someone who lifts weights and yes, they are heavier than 5 lbs—not all classes are the same, you are lumping all barre formats together, but I digress , I began to see major changes in my body in the first 3 weeks of training. I could do more pushups yes, we do pushups.

I could hold a plank for twice as long as before. The shape of the muscles on my legs changed, and my turnout became stronger because we worked internal and external rotation in class.

I strengthened my TA more than ever and found a small six-pack with the tiny, slow movements we did for core. Sure, these workouts might not be what you prescribe or believe in. These are people who may need low-impact work. Many are recovering from ski injuries, running injuries, weight lifting injuries, rotator cuff tears, osteoarthritis.

I have a woman in class who broke a hip last year and barre has made her more functional in 3 months than all of her PT work over 9 months did. Barre was created as a hybrid of dance, pilates, yoga, and rehabilitative exercise, and it is getting a lot of people moving. In addition to the low-impact benefits of barre, many people need an additional challenge in their workouts—feeling as if they are dancing and moving to music contributes to a sense of well-being and mental stress relief for many people that simply lifting weights does not, and barre classes incorporate that through graceful arm movements and fluidity.

To summarize, just as barre is not for everyone, nor is lifting heavy weight for everyone, and as a trainer, it would behoove you to remember that. If an exercise program is getting people off the couch and moving, and inspiring them to continue, that is something amazing.

Hi Briana, Thank you for your reply and comment. No where in my post do I try to discourage people from taking a barre class. I really wish people would actually read my article for what it is and not what it is not. The majority of the people who took my class were over the age of They came from all backgrounds, all ages, all abilities. They got stronger, they moved better and most importantly they had found a class that was low impact and helped them.

We did split squats, push ups, deadlifts, planks…. This is what helped them. I never, ever, ever say that you should never, ever, ever take a barre class. Anything that people do is better than sitting on the couch. And if you love barre classes, take them.

If you love to run, run. And for the love of god, please stop marketing these classes to women and promising them things that they never will achieve. You cannot make your legs longer. You cannot get long, lean muscles. It is bull shit and I wish people would stop saying these things and promoting these classes this way.

As a client at Fivex3 Training, I understand exactly what Emily is talking about. Emily is talking about me. Just before coming into the gym I had been taking a barre class for 3 months. I love the class. I thought the instructors were great. I felt pain in places I had never felt before, and I felt like I was getting a great workout. It was the focus… look like a ballerina. I even invited a friend to a barre class because I was so excited about it.

My friend is tiny. She is naturally thin and naturally strong. She breezed through a barre class that was extremely difficult for me after 3 months of the same workout. It became very clear to me that I had made no progress in 3 months.

I had no expectations when I came to Fivex3. A friend invited me, and I figured I would give it a shot. Very quickly I learned the correct way to squat.

But here I could throw a bar on my back and squat with no issues. We never talk about long, lean muscles or how we are going to look in a bikini. Our goals are related to performance. I bet if I took a barre class now I would actually be strong enough to perform the movements correctly. It works for them. But Emily is talking about people like me. I fell for the long, lean muscle promises.

The only promise that Emily makes is that if you work hard, you will get stronger. Maybe you will change the way you look along the way, but you will definitely change the way you feel. Furthermore, at Fivex3 we do not classify people by their body shapes. We do not glorify one perfect ideal body or describe women as bulky, stocky, or manly. All body types are treated as beautiful and strong.

Everyone has a lift or exercise that they do well, so no need to feel the failure of not looking like a ballerina. I have been working out with free weights for a long time and had gotten in great shape and was strong.

I recently had some work done at my house and the garage was out of commission so I decided to join a bar studio in my area. Of course the studios claim was that the workouts covered strength and cardio and needed to be done at least 5 days a week, so I went and went. I liked it at first, a nice change, but after six months I saw no results and my cardio and strength had diminished. My garage is usable again and I am back to my home workouts of strength and cardio and am sooooo happy.

That bar is not for me. Thanks for this fantastic post!!!!!! You are very welcome Kristie!!!! I always learn a lot from both sides! Glad to know your garage is back!!!! Got lift those heavy ass weights girl!!! Your post was very informative and motivating. I would like to go back to doing weights but need help and motivation. How do I find something like Fivex3? I am located in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Hi Nancy, Thank you for your comment!!!!

Anything can get you results at first….. I just emailed a coach friend of mine in Florid to see if he knows a good place in Tampa Bay. In the meantime, check this place out: They seem to have what he have and much more!!!! Thank you for this informative post and for expressing so well thoughts about these Barre classes.

A bit of background: What I like about the method: I do not like the bucketing of body types they market: I am not lean but I am strong.

I can do 40lb dumbbell lifts. Also the level of cardio in the bar method was very low compared to using a pre programmed elliptical or treadmill. Most of the people in class look straight out of the stepford wives LOL. Why do I still go? Because it is the only place of exercise close to my home. I work and go to school, so time is of importance! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment!!!

You go because it is close to your home and that makes sense and you like it…nothing wrong with that!! I liked teaching my barre classes when I taught them at the dance studio. And you got my post…you really read it.

Do it if you like it. Do it if it works for you. If it is not working for you, stop. Only ballerinas look like ballerinas. I continued to take barre classes for another 3 years, but never really achieving what I wanted to look like — without the pressure of wedding and dieting, my body was not changing.

And I noticed that I kept using the same weights during classes — 3lb weights, not ever going up to 5lb. So I looked elsewhere — and found few, but honest opinions posted online, just like yours.

This article is by far the most thorough and thoughtful, thank you. Now I realize that I will never look like them because 1. Barre classes will not make me thinner, leaner or longer.

Wow, it feels great — I feel stronger, refreshed and extremely rewarding — without exhausting my muscles with repetitions with 2lb dumbbells. They typically have beautiful studios that make you feel pampered almost like a spa, and community feel was also a draw. Amy, thank you so much for your thoughtful and honest comment in regards to my post. YOU read the article…. But after awhile, things stop working and you need to stress your body differently so it will continue to grow and change.

There is nothing wrong with these classes…. Our life consists of lifting things and carrying things and sprinting to catch a bus. Why not train for LIFE? I am so happy you enjoyed this post and it made you question…. Barre classes are making me much much stronger.

I think you are beautiful, but I would not be happy in a big muscly body. Anyway- i think lifting heavy is super cool- but the physical effects are not for me. They are not for everyone. But if you want to be able to still walk upright when you are 80, I think building muscle through resistance training is the way to go.

My goal is to be 90 and still able to do for myself and that means a strong body with muscle in all the right places. I am beautiful and I have a muscular frame to boot. This means more to me than fitting into a pair of jeans. Good luck with barre! Thanks for the interesting perspective. I did a few months of hot barre classes last year and really enjoyed it. Hi Emily, this post is old so I hope you are still reading comments and available to answer.

I just started taking Barre classes. I am about 40 pounds overweight, with a huge rack, and combined nursing of two children for about 5 years. At this point I am all hunched over. My question is, I thought that the idea of bar was to create upright carriage and good posture.

But I mainly want to get really good posture. Your article has inspired me to add some heavier weight training to my routine. Hi Kiki, My apologies for getting back to you so late. I have not been writing much these past few weeks as my sister recently died from colon cancer and my mind has been a little preoccupied.

Long is determined by your genetics. You are either tall or short. Strength training will make you stronger, build muscle and if you are eating enough protein and watching your caloric intake, you will see a change in your body composition. Your weight may stay the same or even go up, but your clothes will start to fit you differently as your body slowly changes shape due to your new weight training regimen.

By getting stronger, your posture will improve as you will carry yourself differently. Pushing and pulling exercises push ups, rows, bench presses, overhead presses will strengthen your upper body as well as your whole body. Add in squats and deadlifts and magic happens.

Barre was created to get women in the door by promising them a ballerina body because, well, I guess, a lot of women want to look like ballerinas. Needless to say, it has been very depressing. I am very conscious about what I eat and feel like I am larger than I have ever been.

With that said, there have been positive aspects to barre — I am stronger, more tone, and my butt is visibly more lifted. I have worked out since I was in college — more cardio than weights but since I turned 40, I have focused more on weights and I have seen great results, which I avoided in my earlier years where I only focused on cardio. I have always been strong and build muscle easily especially thigh muscle and although barre is not a weight lifting class, it may be just enough my body needs to bulk instead of lean.

Your comments are appreciated. A Look Behind the Bar: I was actually looking up becoming an instructor when I found your site. You say women should want to be strong over and over and whether you mean to or not, suggest that strength comes from one certain form of exercise- weight lifting. I know incredibly strong women who do a wide array of workouts. I believe that it is most important to have a good diet and stick to something. A lot of people would never stick to weight lifting the way they would in a barre class.

I have been doing barre for a year now. I am also an ex dancer. I have seen incredible changes in my body.

I am without a doubt much more toned. Almost every person I know has commented on the changes in my body. I do not believe there was false advertising at all, my thighs are absolutely leaner. My butt is higher. I have photos to prove it.

I am shocked with my results. You also mention barre being bad on your knees. Honestly, almost every workout out there has risks of you do it too often or have bad form, with the exception of maybe swimming.

Crossfit is constantly having complains for injuries. It also comes off condescending and defensive in the comments , which is why I will defend it back to you. Barre has changed my fitness life, and as a previous commenter mentioned, that should thrill you as an instructor.

And yes, I read every single word and comment of this. I am glad that barre has changed your life. Strength training has changed my life. Also, thank you for putting words in my mouth. I do not believe that anywhere in the article I talked about barre being bad for you knees. Did you even read my article???????? Where do I say that barre is good or bad? If if works for you, wonderful. I will keep deadlifting and squatting to get stronger.

I have read both the article Emily has written, attended a pureBarre class, and I am a ballet dancer. Kudos Emily, I concur with everything you have said. Actually, the class I took actually contradicted my ballet training.

Diet, training, and genetics are what make a ballerinas body. Ballet just utilizes the body. Ballet barre is not exercising, you also use artistry.

I applaude all the woman that want to be fit, the problem is the industry that allows these exercises with claims that are unrealistic, that is concerning. I wish everyone much success in their fitness adventures. I am telling you if you want a to go to barre, go to your local dance studio. Learn the art while achieving better posture and flexibility. Classes cost about 15 dollars for an hour and half class. Want to get strong do weight training. Thank you for your comment Christine.

You summed it up perfectly: Get stronger by strength training. Take a ballet class for the movement quality, flexibility and better posture. Could not have said this better myself.

Thank you Christine for your comment. I believe in a functional approach to fitness, based on client goals and lifestyle, and I recommend cross-training to all of my clients. Runners can benefit from swimming, dancers will benefit from weight training, etc.

I feel like with a proper background and approach, an instructor can make a barre class a really good bridge between dance and strength training. Ballet focuses on body awareness and control, balance, and graceful movement. To achieve this you must have strength, flexibility, and endurance.

But getting to that level takes years of training and dedication, which turns off most people who are interested in trying a class. The teachers seemed to be uneducated in dance OR training and kept giving incorrect information about the body. I want to integrate body weight training and real weight lifting, without scaring away new participants.

Hi Jo, Sounds like you would have enjoyed my barre class that I taught at the dance studio where I was the school director. YOUR class sounds a lot like what I programmed. We had the ballet element with the bodyweight training as well as resistance training. No one was there for long, lean anything. All they wanted to do was move, sweat and feel better. Thank you so much for your opinion on Barre workouts! I, like many here, actually read your post and took from it the valuable information put forth in it.

Because I want a strong body…period! The comments about women not wanting to look manly or achieving a kitty svelt body are all fine and well, if you are superficial in your understanding of body mechanics. Yes I am overweight, but this wonderful body still allows me to do my job and I am on the road to treating it better through strength training. It helps strengthen muscle, ligaments, tendons, and bones, all tissues that will help to ensure a continuation of healthy full range of motion, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, strengthen the neck, spine, back, etc to continue enjoying life with minimal assistance as we age.

Want firmer breasts and tighter buns, squats, dead lifts, and push ups are a time tested solution that are cost effective. Also you have to train and create the regime to be a bodybuilder, which have various categories and coaching to achieve the desired results, just like any profession, swimmer body, runner body, etc.

And finally you were solicited to restart a class that you once taught and gave the reason why you choose not to do so…very simple. The lift your husband out of a burning building comment one individual made is insulting. If the wife is unable to do so, I hope that the possible woman firefighter is strong enough to do so, or the female EMT on call can do so, because by the way, they have to strength train for their positions!

A continuation Also, it would be helpful if women could stop judging the way others look or themselves. Be grateful to be able to do the activities you love, to enjoy an active lifestyle, and be a motivator. Why add more suffering and ill will? Your blog helped me to see that!

Emily, Is there any benefit to adding one barre class a week to a mostly weight training program? Both combined gave me a pretty decent workout for the day but it took forever. Anyway, I guess what I am asking is if you think barre in particular is worth the time. I hate to admit it but while I love being strong, I also want to look good in a swimming suit!! This is a very informative discussion. After years of sports and working out caught up with me mild injuries , I did The Bar Method 5x per week for a year.

Initially I gained mass in my butt and thighs to the point where I really had to cut my calorie intake. After four months I slimmed down. I loved the women in my class and enjoyed it very much. However, I lost strength and cardio endurance. The thing is, most of the these barre classes require additional workouts cardio and strength and not everyone has the time. Some of the movements are unnatural and abnormal stress on feet and knees. Also, what is wrong with a women looking as strong as a fit man, awesome!

Whatever improves your health. Any movement is better than no movement. Cardio and heavy strength will. I love kettlebells and lately have been doing Orange Theory since I find it 1. Keeps me interested and 2. Packs in an awesome minute workout. Improves my fitness in many ways. Pushes me to try harder.

It gets you where you want to go. I just enjoyed the real information on the post. Oh, one more thing. I wear a heart monitor. The Bar Method burns about calories strong workout as opposed to orange theory strong workout or Tabata strong workout — 1 hr. Thank you so much for your post! I found it by googling barre vs. As I was reading, a lot of questions popped into my mind based on books and articles I have read before.

All that to say, I do both a crossfit and barre. Basically, I do a WOD with heavy barbell weights and the jumps, kettle bell etc, then I do Barre because it helps me focus on breathing, stretching, balance, posture and flexibility. I find that combining Barre and Crossfit has enabled me to feel less sore from day to day. What are your thoughts on combining the two? Perhaps you have a suggestion?

Also what are your thoughts on working your muscles certain ways to get different muscle results—is it genetic, or is it really how you work them? Hi Laura, Thank you for your comment! To be perfectly honest with you, if you like doing barre and you also do Crossfit and it works for you, keep doing it!!! There is nothing wrong with doing something that you enjoy. I like lifting weights. My balance is already taken care of with the barbell. My posture comes from all the pulling I do — rows, chin ups, deadlifts, etc.

If you enjoy barre for these reasons, wonderful!!! We can all get stronger by lifting weights. Our bodies will change on their own and they will look like us…. If you want bigger muscles, you will have to do more bodybuilding work. If you want to get stronger, you will have to add more weight to the bar every time you train.

There is no magic. There is nothing complicated about it. Add more weight each time. Professional athletes have bodies that are built for the sport they are competing in. Ballerinas are built with feet and flexible backs.

Basketball players are tall. They are born with bodies that allow them to train in that sport and become professional athletes. It sucks, I know, but that is reality. I train for me and me alone. And lifting heavy weights works the best for me. Thank you for your comment Jasmine. Did you actually read my article? Because if you did read it, you would know that I did not bad mouth any business nor did I tell woman that she should not try a barre class.

I explained my reasons for not wanting to teach barre anymore. You did read the part about me actually teaching barre for oh, about three years, right?

You did read the part about me not liking the marketing behind barre classes, right? Yes, you have your opinion and so do I. If you do not LIKE my opinion, that is fine with me.

But please do not tell me to stop whining like a child. And I like it. I just happen to like being able to lift more than 5 pounds. Thanks for your comment. There is something to the claim long lean dancers body. My legs look thin and long. I also read an article that stated daily stretching can help you grow. I thought we stopped growing once we have reached a certain age? I am literally standing tall. Why did my height increase? When I did p90x my height never increased. Can people please stop posting ridiculous claims about barre classes?

Next time, read the article completely. You may stand taller but please do not claim you are taller. I swear I am going to run into a brick wall soon. Naturally petite and very unmuscular women sometimes feel unwelcome in body building type classes, and barre is a more reasonable and welcoming environment for genetically weaker women.

Liz, I have no idea how you found us but you obviously do not understand who we are or what we do. I am sorry you feel this way about yourself. And everyone can work to get stronger. I have 70 year old women at my gym squatting, benching and deadlifting. No one has EVER made them feel bad about themselves. None are intimidated by what we do. And half of my women squat more than my guys. Sorry but you are better than that. If you actually gave yourself a chance, you would find out that you are more capable than you think.

I know of a 92 year old woman who started barbell training last year and after about five months, she hung up her walker and her cane. What do you think of that? I am assuming you are not 92 years old. You have no excuse for not wanting to be stronger. If a 92 year old can learn to squat, deadlift, bench and press…. Saving my husband from a burning building IS actually my goal!

That is one of the reasons I started strength training. I asked him to act like dead weight and I could barely lift him up to a sitting position, let alone drag him. I do both barre and lifting and have seen better results with lifting weights. My legs are more sculpted with proper squats and dead lifts, and even better results when I do plyometrics. It should not be that way. A strong woman who knows the limits of her body is way more attractive. Also, no matter how much you exercise, there is no way for a female to bulk up like a man!

It is genetically impossible. Yes you will see muscle, that is a good thing. Hi Allie, Thank you for your comment! There are plenty of women who do both….. I did until I opened my gym and decided that I now had better tools to help women and men achieve their goals. Thank you for your reply!! While maybe the marketing claims behind barre may be targeted to a specific type of woman, there are legitimate claims about increasing strength and lean muscle mass and increasing flexibility — without adding bulk.

While barre is loosely tied to ballet strength techniques, this is not a ballet nor a dance class. The workout emphasizes using light weight and higher reps or often just your own body weight just a different type of strength training than you promote , and the last time I checked my body weighed more than 3 lbs.

I have never before been able to hold my body weight in a variety of planks for minutes at a time or do REAL pushups in a row. I have a healthy, curvy, strong womanly physique that even my husband comments is leaner and stronger while still looking feminine. And for the record, I could pull him out of a burning building if I had to. As a business owner, you come across as unprofessional and obviously threatened by barre competitors.

I ready every word and every comment on here. Let women do what they like to do without belittling or passing judgment — or acting like one type of workout is superior. According to your theory, women with incredible strength from yoga or barre or even dancing are not considered strong. I challenge you to attempt some of their body weight balance workouts and then claim they lack true strength. Thank you very much for your straight forward and honest comment.

I am glad that barre works for you. And never did I say that women should not do barre in my article. I clearly stated that I found that there are better ways to get women stronger that work for me and for them. Take your barre class.

A lot of my friends who are dancers do. It may not be for me but it works for them. And I am sorry if my comments offended you but I am offended by the comments that clearly show that you really have not read what I actually wrote.

I do not tell women what to do and never will. I just show them tools that I believe will help them achieve what they are looking for. And as far as body shaming goes, give me a break. If you actually even met me and the women I work with, you would have to eat those words.

I am so tired of hearing about body shaming. We just want to get stronger. Move on with the body shaming remarks. I do not at all feel threatened by barre instructors or their classes.

I am stronger than I have ever been in my life when I was dancing and what did it for me was good old strength training. In fact, I have a client who took barre for a few years and then started with us in November because she wanted to get stronger so she could care for her disabled husband who is brain damaged and has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 7 years.

She could not care for him on her own for the first two years because her house was not set up to care for him and she herself was not able to lift him and carry him. She came to us in November and NOW she has the strength and confidence to care for her husband, pick him up when he falls out of bed, get him in and out of their car….. She stopped worrying about long lean muscles and she got stronger. I am sorry but barre did not help her. Squatting, pressing, deadlifting and benching helped her.

Oh, and thanks for bashing my body type. I feel so loved. I look the way I look and all the women who work with me look they way they want to look. We are all different. Thank you again for reading. Makes me feel so good inside. Oh, and by the way…. And I am very proud of how I look. What an interesting read! As a naturally size two girl who does Barre I completely understand why you made this post. As you put it, I walked in tall and lean not the other way around!

It IS false advertising. On the other hand, I went from being completely sedentary to lifting weights less than a year ago now and honestly I totally get it. Getting stronger is awesome! What is hilarious is how many people in the comment section are offended. I do Barre, but your article is literally your opinion and quite frankly makes a whole lot of sense.

Anyway, thanks for writing this post Emily, you seem awesome! Yes, this post was just MY opinion!!! And we are all entitled to our opinions. Women want to find what works the best for them when it comes to exercise. For some, it is barre. For others, it is picking up Atlas stones. My article was an opinion piece…and for many women on the fence about barre, this article made them re-think their intentions for taking the class. Keep kicking ass Amy!

You seem pretty awesome yourself! And you know what? It is my strength that is helping me learn how to move in this class. I have no real technique what so ever…yet…. Thanks for this sobering and real article. They just made me angry. It felt like I was punishing myself and focusing only on my looks which feels shallow, boring and totally unsustainable.

When I am consistent with them, I get lean and strong in all the right places at least 5 times faster than barre workouts. To me the barre workouts are just stupid. It seems to promote a strange kind of elitism as well. No offense to everyone making a fortune off these classes, but give me 20 min of kettlebells for way better results ANY DAY. I have been doing a variety of barre classes off and on for about 5 years, at a multitude of studios.

I am also an avid runner, cyclist, and boxer. Most recently, I attended Pure Barre for a consecutive 6 months. It took me awhile to realize that my favorite part of class was the warm-up. Because it challenged me with push-ups and planks. I would find myself thinking, why am I doing this? Overall though, I realized that the biggest problem I have with this workout might be mental. I want to be an athlete. I want to get stronger, faster, build endurance, and generally be capable of doing daily tasks that do require strength and endurance-especially living in a city without a car.

I want to get a PR in my next race. I want to be surrounded by other strong and fit women who are red-faced, sweaty, and busting their asses. For all of these reasons, I strength train, box, run and cycle. And no one has ever mistaken me for a man. Catherine, Yes, I am still reading comments. Thank you for reading the article and understanding that it was an opinion piece…. Because we are still women, even when we are squatting, benching and deadlifting heavy ass weight. All the best to you!

I was researching Barre classes for the first time and came across your article. And, whether it was your intention or not, I have decided not to try them at this time based on what I have read.

Instead, I would like to get into the strength training workouts you teach. I am a runner and have been for years but am not strong at all. Full disclosure, I hate strength training. Not sure why, but I find it boring and the exercises intimidating when I can barely do a pushup. I am a nurse and understand the benefits to a combined cardio and strength training regimen for lifelong health and mobility.

However, I never really know where to start. So, where does one start with the kind of strength training program you teach? If I were to join a gym, what type of strength training classes would I be looking for? Thank you for your comment! Your best bet is to seek out a Starting Strength Coach as these people are most qualified to get you training the right way.

If this is not what you are looking for, let me know and I will try to steer you in the right direction. Cross Fit in particular horrifies me given the lax standards for most instructors. I just assumed they referenced the fact that you stretch after each muscle group giving you a radically different feeling than a workout that makes you feel tight like running!

Find a competent strength coach who will actually start you off at your level and not throw you into a program that does not take into consideration YOU. I can train the most de-conditioned individual and make him or her stronger because I have the equipment that will help them succeed.

Most strength classes are just that — classes. They do not necessarily individualize. If you want your core functional, seek out a Starting Strength coach who will teach you how to use a barbell and properly train.

Stretching after working each muscle group does absolutely nothing. Anyone who tells you otherwise just wants your money. Stretching does not make any muscle longer. It does nothing to the muscle. You cannot stretch a muscle. Thanks for following up. I am a distance runner, and I did get strong with Crossfit, but I also gained too much muscle big butt and thighs that had to be carried for That was not working for achieving BQ times.

I have since participated in Barre classes and yoga to help with flexibility and maintain some degree of strength. The weight melted off, and I am slim and strong. I have yet to meet a female crossfitter who could get near my times in the half or marathon even though I am 50 years old. Each athlete has to find what exercises work best for his or her goals.

To each her own. Find what works for you. If you want to run a marathon, then run. If you want to sprint, lift weights and sprint. Big butts and thighs are great for that. Thanks again for your comment. I was a dancer a lifetime ago. I took my first barre class because a friend dragged me to it. Know what I mean? Sure, my friend was right and as a former dancer, I fell in love with how the classes made my body FEEL and the instructors are knowledgeable and positive. I am glad you did.

I loved every minute when I taught it…my way. What I hate is the message it is now sending women…the marketing.

At the time, barre was just coming on the scene and I never, ever marketed to women only or as a way to lean out and get toned, lean thighs. We have had incredible results for the client base and the workouts are unique and fun.

We lost some of our client base to these workouts, as we expected. I see flabby, weak and heavier clients. It makes me very sad. Thank you for your article — it gives me hope that there are other women out there training that realize their are better options. I applaud you for your smart and informed commenting to the few crazies who have posted. A fitness boutique studio opened right downstairs from us about a year ago. I'll be able to respond if there are any questions.

Each should be long and painful, of course, with JJ stroking their quivering bodies as they die an agonizing death. Do I need to say they should be nude? I didn't think so! You sure got that right! Thanks for the teaser for What She Knows. Like you said, hard to judge a movie on a second clip. I'm still considering it. I did purchase The Secretary tonight. I was surprised it's only 10 bucks through NicheClips. You have a good track record so I felt it was worth taking the chance.

Quite a nice scoop on Savage Sisters I've never seen it, and it's one of only 7 movies she made in her career God bless her, she clearly gravitated toward roles like that. Brian's Page says that she's only threatened with torture, so the scene you saw was probably all there was. Still, might be worth a watch if you can find it cheap. Like a lot of her movies, it's not on DVD. Thanks for the latest update. So Jane didn't complete her roasting scene yet I was hoping for more vidcaps and more of your behind the scenes observations about Jane's reaction to the scene.

Got to be quite a chore now trying to balance two movies at one time. But good things come to those who wait, and since we have no choice but to wait, I'm expecting this to be a very good movie. Two platforms now, you say? I'm thinking Mila will hang while watching Jane burn.

Why else would you need a second platform? But I'll wait and be surprised along with everyone else. I'll miss these updates while you're gone. They're a lot of fun to read, and you really put a lot into them. We appreciate everything you're doing for us, thanks again. Like I said, I would rather take the time and do actual trailers than snippets--I only wish I had time. But, luckily the 15 year solid rep helps.

Someone on the forum emailed me based on the 20sec clip below assuming that because the whole movie must be like that part and would not be interested. In fact, just that part was like that. Unfortunately, he would not go into details, just wanted to make a point that he thought I sucked and suggested I did not quit my day job--oops--this IS my day job--and night job"all work and no play make John a And, that is cool.

Telling me what was wrong would have helped. I guess it was not seeing the hits in that sequence and the shaky stylized camera--but, again, that was just one part.

I hit her with a pipe, sledgehammer and wrench and showed them all. Anyhow, a Gimper ordered this custom and felt it was one of the best he has gotten. Everyone's different I guess. And, I certainly understand the frustrations when choosing content. Mostly it is a combination of technical errors and believability. I hate being reminded that I am watching a movie.

I hate the break in fantasy. I like to be drawn in. When they go from camera A all sharp and nice and whatever color choice to camera B, all orange and grainy, I think, hey, that is distracting--why didn't they tweak it in post? With regards to this movie, I don't think you would like it, Ralphus, because the electrocution is not electrodes, but wrapped copper around her. And, because it was a mini custom, shot in 1 hour instead of hours, it was very rushed, the copper was not as tight as I would have liked.

Still, she did well and it sold well. Take care, JohnM Saturday, November 6th - I thought it was pretty good. Saturday, November 6th - I had to go to the link to check out the web site before realizing it was heroine like a girl and not heroine like the elicit street drug. At first I thought it was another niche fetish that I was not yet aware of. Heroin, the drug, is spelled without the "E" at the end.

But ever since you posted that, I've been thinking about scenarios like that. What does anybody think about drugging victims? I've seen it in movies before.

Obviously, injecting someone with drugs wouldn't be my first choice of things to do with a tied up victim, but you have to keep them under control some way. Anybody ever seen the movie Crazy Six? One in particular I think is extraordinary. Actress Ivana Milicevic plays a character named Anna who's a former junkie that's trying to go clean.

Anyway, the bad guys grab her and whisk her away, and when we see her next, she's tied to a chair and the entire lower half of her face is covered in duct tape , including over her nose. The only opening is filled with a crack pipe. The bad guys drops in a rock of crack and starts to heat it up with a blow torch. Anna panics and manages to blow the rock out of the pipe, which pisses off the bad guy.

He gives her a smack across the face which sends the chair toppling , including the unfortunate woman that's still tied to it. The bad guy heats up the crack inside the pipe, and as smoke starts to rise up from the pipe, Anna's eyes widen.

She is forced to smoke the crack, and when we see her next, she's weak and clearly stoned out of her mind. This scene rings my bell on a number of levels Plus that, I'm always looking for unusual scenes and I've never seen a mainstream scene quite like this.

Appreciate the honest answer regarding What She Knows. It probably would not have done it for me. A bit too much blood for one thing, and yeah, I'm kind of particular about what I like to see regarding electro scenes. You've shot some great shock scenes in the past but it's not always a easy illusion to pull off. Since you can't really see electricity, a lot of the effectiveness of the scene relies on the actress to give a convincing performance.

I'm also spoiled by the subtle shocking special effects that ZFX uses, but that can be overdone too, in the hands of someone who goes overboard with it.

I think you made an excellent point when you mentioned that anything that breaks the fantasy and reminds us that we're watching a movie is a bad thing.

It's like switching to split screen in the middle of the scene, which one producer in particular has been criticized for. We don't want to see you direct, we want to see the action onscreen! If your content is good enough, we don't need distractions, just show us the action and let us experience the fantasy.

Sunday, November 7th - I'm with you about scenes such as the crack pipe scene in Crazy Six. Could there be better proof of the deleterious effects of Gangsta Rap on our society???

One of my favorite fantasies involve injecting a girl with a paralysing drug. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did this twice: Orgasmagoria did it in "Office Kill". It's a fun way to torture a girl without worrying about knots or keys.

A Canadian Ralphus wrote: We shouldn't even need to have this discussion. Maybe getting too caught up in the action is something that's ultimately going to drive up my therapy bills, but let me worry about that.

Producers should focus on making the best product possible, and putting in reminders that "it's only a movie" ruins the effect.

That would be me. And John is correct: But understand that by "best" I mean that the finished clip met or exceeded my expectations. It is unlikely to be "best" for anyone who does not share at least some of my particular affectations, and certainly won't be "best" for someone who requires every aspect of a production meet all their personal preferences precisely.

The more picky you are about your fetish es , the more likely you will be disappointed with a custom video, no matter who produces it. I suspect I am more particular than most custom buyers. In this case, John offered his clientele an opportunity to shoot a short, simple clip with a very attractive actress at a significant savings -- what he calls a "mini custom".

There were two catches: As I had less than a day to submit my outline, that second catch was a given. Looking back, I think this worked out for several reasons.

First, my "script" was about eight point-form features imbedded in a two-sentence plot. This made it easier for John to hit all the notes. Second, John had already produced two customs for me previously, so he had a pretty good idea what I was after, even if it wasn't spelled out in the request. Third, I kept my expectations low -- I knew this would not be a premium one-hour production with lots of detail.

Still, it turned out far better than I had expected, which brings me to point four: Finally, it was done in a flash -- less than a week from script to finished clip. So all in all, for me this was a great experience, even though not everything was perfect it never is. If you've enjoyed other customs made for me like the two Deadly Interrogation films , there's a good chance you'll like What She Knows.

If not, you probably won't. I have to concur with John. I remember you being less than thrilled with Deadly Interrogation II , so this one probably won't do much for you either. There are far fewer of the sparking effects which bothered you in DI2 , but anyone who dislikes blood should steer clear. I suppose that depends on the drug If it renders the girl completely comatose, well, what's the fun in that? If it leaves her woozy and unaware of the peril she faces, that tends to reduce the fear factor, which frustrates those of us who thrive on seeing the victim in as much terror as possible.

If the drug affects her ability to fight back or prevents her from escaping, it often becomes a poor substitute for the strenuous bondage many of us hold dear. In all these cases, I just say no to drugs.

If it weakens an otherwise powerful heroine and leaves her vulnerable to defeat by a less potent foe, that's good plotting. If it heightens a girl's pain threshold, allowing her to endure more agony without passing out, we all get more bang for the buck.

If the drug actually causes pain itself, or leaves the victim to die a slow, agonizing death, well why not add some variety to spice up the boring old roster of knives, whips and hot irons? So in other situations, drugs can be a most gratifying supplement to a GIMPer's arsenal.

One of my favorite fantasies involve injecting a girl with a paralyzing drug. And that's one more great use for drugs. I've never seen a Buffy episode in my life, but fondly remember the Italian thriller Black Belly of the Tarantula , in which Barbara Bouchet and other gorgeous Eurobabes are injected with paralyzing spider venom before being tortured and killed.

Sloth The drug thing? DHT - now I'll have to pull "Red Ridge" out from the archives and watch it again - and the lingerie clad poser chick in the daily pic certainly was on the horns of a dilemma.

Margot - another informative update - and Mila gets hanged in "Barbazul" with the worst yet to come you say - adding that to my shopping cart now - we can only imagine what the twisted brain will come up with for the other lovelies.

Stay well all Monday, November 8th - This one won't last too much: Gonzaullas another whipping scene in youtube. I think that I've not posted this one before: Dangerous Dave Dexter, from the Showtime series of the same name, he drugs all of his victims before killing them. His drug seems to knock them out and parlyze them. Unfortunately, he very rarely kills females.

His first victim was a female but really it wasn't a great scene. Wow, Cheri Caffaro did bondage in 6 of the 7 movies she did? That kind of Gimp percentage has got to put her at or near the top of all mainstream actresses. Can anyone else think of an actress that appeared in at least say 5 movies and was tied up in 4 of them? Cheri deserves a Gimp award. Ralphus, have you ever thought about coming up with a GIMP award? Some way of recognizing a great performance or scene? Or maybe you have already done this?

Monday, November 8th - I see that I had posted the link before, indeed. Cheri Caffaro not only is she good looking, she has a real bush, actually kind of hairy I must say. Cheri [Caffaro] deserves a Gimp award. Maybe a Lifetime Achievement Award would be appropriate. Know of anyone who has passed out from too much onscreen GIMPage?

The glowing brazier next to the rack I hope she will hold out The Rack can be a wonderfully exciting, erotic instruement of torture. I'd love to see more photos or even a preview video of this. Doesn't do much for me. One exception is when the victim is injected, passes out, and then wakes up tied in a helpless position awaiting torture or rape. The drug can later be used to knock out the victim again and have her tied up in a different position.

But as an actual torture implement, there are so many other things that I prefer seeing. Since I'm a gag snob, I'm wondering if there will be any gagging in Maleficarum. I noticed a rope gag not one of my favorites , but is there anything else, like some medieval device to silence the victims?

BTW, I really liked those pictures of Jane with the drill and the other tools. There's something about a sexy woman building her own torture furniture that really gets my blood pumping. Generally, it does not thrill me, but it was handled very nicely in The Wax Mask where the victims were strapped to a mechanical chair and injected with a paralyzing drug to turn them, essentially, into living statues.

The victims were awake and aware of the mechanical needle slowly approaching them, aware of their impending doom. Lots of suspense, sweat, tears and torment on display not to mention flesh.

Your updates on Maleficarum have been exceptionally informative and entertaining. I was especially impressed with the pictures of Jane working on the sets in fashionable work clothes.

When I am doing construction work, I'm in a t-shirt and jeans, and I can safely say that I have never topped off my work ensemble with a scarf around the throat. All kidding aside, I am really looking forward to this movie. I rarely get too excited about anything in an effort to avoid being too disappointed.

But this project has me far more anticipatory than usual. Can we get autographed DVD cases? Yes, I am also hoping for sweat-slicked bodies, with good lighting that enhances the glistening limbs and torso. Visible perspiration, whether fear-induced or heat-induced, ranks as my absolute favorite "authentic" touch. There is just something about tears rolling down cheeks and drops of sweat rolling down bound, helpless and tortured hot naked female bodies. Exceptional scenes of torture just should not be too clean and dry, you know?

I'm with Brutus and Sloth on this one. Drugs sound like a great way to subdue victims, especially in order to change bondage positions. But the best part is when the victim slowly awakens to strict bondage to see a cackling sadist with wicked-looking instruments or a raging hard-on close at hand.

The pleasure is in the active struggling. A drug-induced stupor doesn't do it for me. However, a couple have come close. GIMPers may recall seeing Tory in a free video clip that Steve Power linked on the forum showing her actually being choked out. Although my favorite Powershotz scenes are those where reality impinges on fantasy, choking does not especially push my buttons, so I did not salivate overmuch viewing that clip. However, my takeaway from that clip was that Tory was quite the trooper and maybe future scenes with her would push that elusive envelope outside of which is Safeword but the boundary of which is Awesome Limit of Consensual.

So I patiently waited for the scenes featuring my personal favorite perversion, painful or, you know, painful looking penetration in a bondage scenario.

She is stunningly tempting bent over. And it turns out that Tory is, indeed, a trooper and lets the Masked Man abuse her in the most enjoyable manner.

Up to a point. Tory is naked, on her hands and knees on the standard Powershotz wooden training bench. She has a large blue ball gag in her mouth which comes out very early into the scene , her ankles are crossed and fastened together with a leather strap, and her wrists are fastened to her knees with leather straps as well.

The Masked Man shows Tory the bulb-ended glass rod with which he is soon to violate her. Tory does not exhibit the fear and apprehension that I think she should, but looks instead inconvenienced, which prompts me to hope what she lacks in fear and apprehension she will make up for in pain and discomfort.

But I'm twisted that way. The Masked Man has a small bottle of lubricant which he squirts into the top of Tory's crack and lets it ooze slowly down to her brown asshole. There's about a minute and a half of teasing and spreading lubricant until the Masked Man wraps his arm around her throat, gets a firm grip on the glass rod, and pushes it up her ass, at which Tory cries out and jumps forward.

When he shoves it deep, Tory's eyes flutter, her cries drop to a more guttural timbre, and her feet twist and bounce as she curls her toes. The Masked Man sodomizes Tory with the bulb end of the glass rod for 5 minutes, pushing it in, pulling it out, and jiggling it around in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions for the best reaction.

He also takes a blink-and-you-miss-it diversion into her pussy. Then he reverses the glass rod and uses the larger conical end to violate her. He goes slowly, easing it deeper to Tory's obvious discomfort, and at the point he pops the large cone past her sphincter, she cries out loudly and there is a sudden cut. Tory is back in position, looking slightly more unsure than she did at the start of this scene, as the Masked Man squirts more lubricant into her ass crack.

The Masked Man works the lubricant with his finger, taking the opportunity to lubricate up into her anus to a depth of two knuckles. Then the glass rod, conical end forward, reappears. Tory's fearful anticipation really enhances her actual 4-minute sodomy, which is accompanied by terrific expressions, cries, and near hyperventilation. As a follow-up after the rod comes out, the Masked Man finger fucks her ass and makes her say, repeatedly and with feeling, she wants it up her ass, which rates nicely on the humiliation meter.

Hand gagging and spanking feature in the abuse. Up to now an awesome video clip. However, at the 14 minute mark, the Masked Man sticks his thumb up her ass and Tory announces in a calm and even voice, "All right, cut. I'm done with your finger in my ass. I don't know how much work it would take, but excising that or second exchange would enhance this video clip tremendously. At the 15 minute mark, there is a later or maybe earlier, I don't know scene wherein the Masked Man warns the bound Tory that it is going to get intense.

Then he fucks her mouth with a stubby rubber dildo, which is nevertheless long enough to gag Tory frequently. In that the Masked Man catches Tory's head in the crook of his arm and shoves the dildo deep and forcibly holds it in while she gags and struggles to pull away, it is kind of intense. Tears flow, which is always a plus in my book. The ball gag goes back in, there is some groping, then Tory says, "cut," and the scene ends. This clip features almost 12 minutes of various types of anal violation, to which Tory responds most expressively.

She also maintains eye contact with the camera almost the entire time, which I personally enjoyed. Probably two-thirds of this scene is shown in a split screen, which I also enjoyed in this instance because I would have had a difficult time deciding whether I wanted to watch her pained expression or her anal violation. With the split screen, I get both. All in all, another inimitable and intense instance of actual anal abuse from the Powershotz studios, with a dash of oral abuse thrown in for good measure.

Sorry, but I was exceptionally put off by the verbal exchange at the 14 minute mark and personally I feel it would be a much better clip with that surgically removed.

Also that last "cut" at the end. Not just stringing her up for now reason. To me, what makes a torture scene is interrogation. Quietly asking her questions she defiantly refuses to answer about a group she belongs to or a treasure she refuses to give the whereabouts of, or trying to make her confess to being a witch. I, for one, enjoys watching an attractive woman being defiant while being tortured on "the rack".

A cruel woman, evil in her own right, directing her masked, sweating interrogator to turn the crank three more notches. Watching her body, drowned in sweat from the heat of a glowing brazier next to the rack, containing different shaped irons and heated tipped needles.

The woman's jaw clenched as she tries to hold back screams.. Will it be in Portuguese? Ralphus ThanX for picking up "The Secretary". Amazingly, it's worked; it's been viewed nearly 10, times already. That movie is quite special for me; it was one of the first and best mainstream scenes I ever collected, on my very first compilation tape from the mids.

The film is full of great tortures, 2 of which are shown in this minute clip, one featuring the blonde chick hung naked upside-down over "rats" really, just gerbils and the later suspension over the quicklime pit the blonde survives, her friend is not so lucky. Seeing that movie as an impressionable young man was quite a watershed moment for me. I mean, nude upside-down suspension?

I had never seen that before. That was about as good as it got for me. How I would love to be young again and experience a magic movie moment like that again for the first time She made 7 movies, and at least 6 had bondage in them. In one of them Too Hot To Handle , she was the one doing the tying, to an older woman, first giving her a mud facial and then torturing her with electric shock.

In Savage Sisters , she was apparently only held down to be tortured, although she was handcuffed earlier, according to Brian's Page. Brian's Page officially credits her with 5 movies where she's tied up. Still 5 out of 7, plus the other film in the dominant role, that's quite impressive.

I agree, Hall of Famer for sure. Maybe if we honor her on the forum, it will inspire her to come post here. Google says she's still living in LA, and apparently you can access her information fairly easily. I wonder if she would agree to an interview? That would be quite a scoop, huh? I know you asked Margot, but since she won't likely be here for a couple weeks, here's my take. I love gags, too, but I'm not really sure they're appropriate for an Inquisition setting.

You seldom see them in medieval scenes and the reason is probably because the whole idea is to get them to confess to something, and they can't do that when they're gagged.

The rope gag was my idea with the roasting scene, although I also suggested the traditional apple gag, with a twist, a strap of some sorts over top of it and cinching it over her mouth and strapping it in behind the neck. We nixed that idea, mainly because the roasting wasn't meant to personify Jane as food, like a pig being roasted, but instead more as a torture device, which is how it's going to be in the movie.

Still, I wanted to see the helpless look of a strap or a rope through the victim's mouth, which is why we went with the rope gag through the mouth. It's something you can still talk through and better, scream and cough through! That will probably be the only gag in the movie, though. As much as I like gags, we'll probably be hearing a lot of screaming that will be unimpeded by any such device over the mouth. This post is already way too long, but thanks for your latest Powershotz review. Regarding the dialogue that was left in, I can't agree more.

I know these things are edited quickly for a quick turnaround, but didn't we just mention distracting things that break the fantasy can ruin the effectiveness of a movie? You also said you liked the split screen; but to me that announces loud and clear that "Hey, this is a movie! Watch me show off with my fancy special digital tricks where you can see both angles at once!

You're a far more generous grader than I would be, I can tell you that. The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above. Tuesday, November 9th - As an example, I'm not so much disappointed with Webcam Massacre as I think I would like it much much more if certain things were changed more sex before death, more moaning, more obvious pain, etc. It's still a great video and is one of my favorites, but every time I watch I can't help thinking, "If only Sloth Gonzaullas - nice find on "Last Orgy" - it would seem that guy has the entire movie loaded at YouTube - and it's been up for quite some time - Nazis, babes and gerbils make an all time classic.

YikYakker - yeah, done in the context of "Wax Mask" the drug thing worked nicely - means to an end thing going on. John Galt - good to see you back in the review business - keep up the fine work. Dangerous Dave - speaking of Cheri Caffaro I was viewing "The Abductors" the other day and noticed something that had eluded me for all these years - the facial resemblance shared by Cheri and Gerie Bronson makes me think they may be siblings - then tack on first names so similar - just a bit of Gimp trivia in the making perhaps.

Ralphus - if you made an interview with the somewhat reclusive Blakemore a reality surely Caffaro should be a piece of cake - what a Gimp coup that would be. Stay well all Tuesday, November 9th - Unfortunately, the customs customer for that movie does not like sex scenes to be included in his versions.

Cost and time would have prohibited it anyhow. This production was over 5k Luckily it was BYOB. I try to create a versatile product, however, to cover many fetish aspects.

It is a sometimes a double edged sword. When I make something very specific, I am catering to only one niche. Some fetish niches are so hard to please, that I run the risk of only pleasing one portion of them. Take belly stabbing fetish. Stab her 1 inch down and to the rightno, stab her in the belly button, no--stab her 1 inch down from the belly button, etc. Each person may or may not buy because it does not hit their exact bent.

That is why, even in customs, I tend to incorporate the customers main fetish element, but also as many sub fetish elements as I can. With Webcam, there were many--just not sex. But, it covered a good range regardless and ultimately, sold very well.

I think, for the most part, I am marketing to the crowd that allows for other fetishes, that understands I am trying to cover what they like, but others as well.

This is a small market, so in order to survive, I have to cover the largest range as possible, while still staying within specific fetish categories. It is sometimes difficult to understand, but after 15 years, I am better then I was 15 years ago. I am not entering the Gimp market. I have been producing for a long time. Several gimpers invited me to share what I have because, like many movies you post reviews and previews of, certain aspects of my movies have gimp elements that, to some, may be attractive to you.

As I hang out here, I get new ideas. And, I have a couple regular gimpers that are my custom customers, so I do work that, while ultimately meant for death fetishist, have elements, sometimes strong elements, of gimp material.

Hopefully, over time, I will have things that some of you will like. It probably helps that I personally enjoy it. I was looking at what Jane has been doing and just drooling. We have the room now to do fantastic set pieces.

One day, I hope we get help doing larger projects. There are so many things I would like to do in our new studio, torture and death and well as the verticality to cross genres. JohnM Tuesday, November 9th - Baron von Folter E-mail address: The language of that area is Spanish with Aymara and Quechua influence.

The movie will be done in Spanish with I have been told Jane speaking some English. She plays an Anglo caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Baron von Folter Tuesday, November 9th - I would love to see this happen. At one time, I thought she was on Facebook or one of those social network sites, but I couldn't find anything -- meaning she was either there and disappeared, I didn't search properly, or she was never there and my memory is just getting more wonky.

All I found was this one picture. Perhaps we need to take up a collection to track her down. If the interview ever does happen, I will certainly provide some questions to our tireless interviewer. Thanks for the surprising text-only review of Tory Ass Rodded and Throated. I don't think it's quite my thing, and that interruption in the film only makes it worse.

But, as always, the review was a fun read. I figured you'd done just about everything under the sun by now. Are you referring to the spit roasting scene? Because when Jane and I were discussing how to tie her to the spit for that sequence, I sent her several artworks, photos and a few video clips that showed her examples of what I wanted to see and the right and wrong ways to do it.

I told her the best roasting scene I'd seen put on film was a film called The Ranch that Rue Morgue did Anyway, we patterned the design of the spit after yours, and I told her I wanted her tied in the same manner, with several ropes supporting her body, except that her arms should be tied over her head. So basically, The Ranch was the main inspiration for the spit-roasting scene in Malificarum. Of course, yours was a simulation, probably a composite of 2 shots, the girl tied to the spit and the fire down below.

Obviously, with a fire that big , you couldn't safely roast a woman any other way. It's a good illusion, but the problem is when you would cut to anything other than the long shot, it was easy to tell there was no fire down below her. There was also no smoke, which was another giveaway clue. I also showed Jane the Insex clip "Turkeys". That was our other inspiration, since it proved that a woman could be safely spit-roasted in real life.

There was an actual fire in that, although the flames were very low and it was mostly just a lot of smoke, which was a good thing. But there were things I didn't like about the Insex clip, the first being that the victim had a butch haircut and a huge tattoo, and secondly the consensual attitude the girl on the spit was calling the shots, telling them when to turn her. I told Jane that the key to making it work was that there needed to be lots of smoke, otherwise it would be hard to convey that she was really up there feeling the heat and literally roasting.

I wanted it to be real like the Insex one, but look more conceptually like The Ranch. Like everyone else, I'll have to wait and see how well the filmmakers pull it off. Wednesday, November 10th - Very nice digital artwork. Interesting that the both the victim and the torturer are nude. But shouldn't the guy have an erection?

I know I would! I have done a lot of scenarios. But, back in my Ruemorgue days, the two avenues where we got real creative and did expansive productions were our "girl hunt" videos. Hank and I piddled along for a while, shooting in hotel rooms, doing the basics, but about a year into our partnership, he got some property up in the San Juan Islands, which is up in Northern Washington State.

He was excited and so was I--though not as much--at the time, neither of us were making any moneyand would not for a couple more years. Also, I was not excited about the hours it would take me to travel there. He had built his splithe could weld very well and he liked to make things. Years later he made a nearly full scale guillotine it was used once before the rainy weather killed it , but I digress.

I quickly learned compositing effects, so when we got the script for "The Ranch" we jumped on it. It was a big project for us. One good actress and several actors. We needed to stage a stalking scene in a grocery store, then an abduction in a parking lot all in public. Keep in mind, Hank was a new part time resident on this tiny island where everyone knew each other--or at least thought they did. Back on the property, we did a simulated rape scene.

I remember one thing about Janice--she could scream. Finally, we were ready to do the roasting. Actually, before that, we did a fake enema scene. She sat over a bucket with a tube--well, you get the image--the sound effects made it all work.

The big mistake at that point was how we put her on the rack. We used straps and tape. It did not look good in my opinion and covered areas I would rather have left visible. Then, we carried her out, set her on the spit and started turning her. This was my first time, and--I got much better later, but for this time, I had one camera set up for the composite shot and I hand held the other, trying to always shoot up and avoid where the fire would be.

At the time, I did not think about the reflection and heat because, well, the whole project was being done for very little and except for the model, everyone was working for free--we were all just winging it.

So, this was unique in that it was a live roasting and I think the only one we ever shot that way. All the others, the girl was already dead--usually with a split gut.

So, we told her to scream and scream she did. She screamed so loud and for so longmy ears are ringing thinking about it. And we roasted her for a long time. Hank would rub oil and soot on her as the scene progressed. I was mostly concerned with getting the shots and making sure the composite camera did not get bumped, that the light did not change that much, and that Hank and Gary did not step through the composite space. All that, and I still was trying to get handheld shots that would mesh with the digital footage.

And, I had no idea at the time how it would come across. Back home, I edited it together, added fire and was happy. Happy because, I had added fire under the girl--digitally and that was exciting. Sometime during a re-edit, after I learned more, I added a masked glow over her body and made the area below her wave slightly to imply heat.

I could not add smoke because, I felt it would look weird to add smoke in the composite shots when the hand held shots did not have it. And, I could not add smoke to the hand held shots because the smoke composite would not mesh with the movement of the camera and at the time motion tracking was not an option. Even today, it would be very hard to do. So, how would I do it today?

I would and we later did do this , add glowing lights under her. Today, I would figure out a way to cause those lights to flicker as well. This would add the proper reflection to her skin to tie unto the fire. Next, the other shots would not be with a handheld, but on a jib. A jib would allow trackable movement so I would be able to put flame tips and licks into the scene on those shots. And, if I had the budget I would have the smoke added live as I was shooting those shots and they would mesh with the digital shots where I can now add realistic smoke.

All in all, for the first time, it was a great experiment and experience. And, we had done something heads above any other fetish producer and continued to do larger things like that. Even recently, Hank continues to do these big projects.

Today, I am chaining a girl, spread eagleshe is a prisoner of war. Already beaten and raped, this will be the scene where we light a fire in a small stand, directly under her pussy. Full effects and gore, tons of blood curtailing screamsthis was be my most disturbing project in days. Hey, thanks for expounding more about your shoot for The Ranch. I really love hearing inside details about bondage and fetish productions, probably because I made films in college and have a natural interest in the subject matter, obviously.

I reviewed that film for the board a long time ago, and so did my friend AvF His review, better than mine, is here. I went back and took a look at what we wrote. We both praised the roasting scene and both had mixed opinions about other aspects of the film. I said I didn't think the girl's acting was too convincing and bordered on annoying.

AvF said the ad-libbed script was clueless I agree and we both contended I will agree with you, though, she was a helluva screamer, especially during the roasting scene.

That movie could have been great, but there are too many flaws. Still, it was a decent effort, and like you said, groundbreaking for its time. I still consider it to be conceptually the best roasting scene I've ever seen on film, and I hope the new one that Jane is making surpasses it. That's the plan, anyway. A prisoner of war, you say?

They make great victims, because in war, there are no rules Screw the Geneva Convention! And a fire directly under the pussy? You know, I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I love any kind of fire torture. How are you going to pull that off without burning the actress? Definitely let us know when that one gets released. And if you have any teaser vidcaps, send 'em to me and I'll put up on the board.

Any preview vidcaps would be greatly appreciated. Which war is the scene set, if one doesn't mind being asked? Thursday, November 11th - DHT I just saw this on Facebook: It was a commercial film made in starring Robert Stack and a delicious Elke Sommer. I have never seen it mentioned although it does contain a GIMPworthy scene as follows. Elke is kidnapped by gangsters in Hong Kong to get her to tell the location of a a medallion that is the key to finding a treasure.

Wearing a bathrobe, she is dragged into the bandits lair and spreadeagled on a heavy wooden cross. An acid dripping orb is lowered and begins to spit out the corrosive liquid as she struggles to avoid the drops.

Negatives - she is not naked and is rescued too quickly by Robert Stack. Positives - she is beautiful and the acting is great, especially when she is struggling against being strapped to the cross. The movie is also known as "The Peking Medallion". It is available on tape from Amazon used.

I do have a second rate digital copy of the scene. Haven't seen it, but it sounds interesting. Here's a short trailer. I'm all for attaching hot babes to crosses or Xes.

Nancy Kwan is in it, too! You know, I remember seeing the box for The Corrupt Ones lots of times when I worked in video stores and I never once checked it out. I mean, it was Elke Sommer, but who knew? Absolutely no hint of any GIMP-age on the box cover. I'll see if I can pick up a copy cheap. Once again, another title not on DVD. Elke Sommer was frickken gorgeous.

She got tied to a bed and gagged in a film called Daniella By Night. A good scene, but she's not really in any kind of peril. An over-the-mouth gag, too, not my favorite. Still it's Elke Sommer in bondage and worth seeing. Not only is Elke at her sexy best she was only 22 , the filmmakers knew exactly what to do with her. As a matter of fact, it's by the same director who tied her up in the previous film.

He was no dummy. There's a scene where there's a wild party aboard a yacht and they hold a mock "slave auction" where Elke is hogtied and the guests get to bid on her. She's actually got a crotchrope between her legs supposedly the first one in mainstream movie history, if I remember right.

But here's the kicker: After the fire rages on, all the partygoers are in their lifeboats sailing to shore when one of them happens to remember, oh hey, we left Elke all tied up back there. By the time a couple of guys come back to get her, she's screaming her head off and the room is filled with flames. She does get rescued in the nick of time. Adding a fire always makes a bondage scene better, since it adds that extra level of suspense.

And here's a few vidcaps of that: JPG Friday, November 12th - She is listed in the Notable Guest section. Sorry to hear about Maria. I didn't know her work very well, but I know she did some stuff for both SgtMajor and Gord before starting up her own website. She posted here a couple of times in after one of our regulars invited her over here. Seemed like a nice lady. Here's the announcement on Sarge's blog: Also, in the interest of accuracy, I said it took place in Hong Kong, it was Macao.

As I remember and it was a while ago she is standing restrained? Her tormentor shows her his fingers in a pincers grip, then his hand disappears below her waist and suddenly she is in great pain. Later she can barely walk.

Not a great scene but obviously a memorable one to sick perv if it is still recallable after all these years. Friday, November 12th - That is really sad, because she was really cool. Sloth Gimpdom hopes Maria's family and friends will fare well in spite of their loss. Ralphus - so I'm going through the archives and I stumble across a moldy oldie dvd I had never seen and don't know where it came from - "BATS ALERT" - don't know if you've seen this but it comes in the form of a Jack Palance, Anita Ekberg movie "The Mongols" - at the very end after the Great Khan has been murdered and placed on his funeral pyre Polish men and women including the lady of the hero are tied to X-frames and will perish in the conflagration - fires are lit but the hero arrives in the nick of time - now, I didn't find it particulary well staged and they are rescued but if you've not seen it take a view and judge for yourself - but go directly to the last 10 minutes - watching Jack Palance chew up the scenery for the entire film is more than the human spirit can bear.

Stay well all Friday, November 12th - Nice to find someone whose memory is even more selective than mine. Gonzaullas "Last Orgy of the Third Reich" has disappeared from youtube. We'll see how long last these: I got the news on Monday that she had passed away. I think it's important for people to know that she would want you to enjoy her work because she loved bondage so very much. Simply put I would not have evolved without her. I thought her to be every bit as tough as any H. Her man Lee was so very kind to set me up with a phone call just before she passed away.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be saying my goodbyes to such a great friend and special person. She liked it real, and she liked it tight, and she loved the fight.

Please keep her and her man Lee in your thoughts, good Karma can help them both. Damn, it sure did. Within a few days of it appearing here, too. Probably all the extra hits that clip was getting alerted someone at YouTube. They trashed his whole account. He had entire full-length movies there that were full of nudity and bondage, so he was definitely living on borrowed time trying to post them there.

BTW, the first and last clips you posted were from Devil's Prey , a most outstanding mainstream offering with some gorgeous nude women in merciless peril. Hank Hobbs just recently posted the longer and uncensored versions of these same clips. Check 'em out at his Yahoo group. I've already got it in my collection, although I would love a better quality version than the one I bought from Something Weird Video.

I've seen some beautiful quality vidcaps from the movie on the web so obvious a better copy exists somewhere. I agree with you on the BATS scene , not bad but should have been much better. Fairly rare to see a mass burning scene in a movie, though. At least the lead victim was pretty cute. But one thing, though. If you fast-forward to the last 10 minutes of the movie to avoid Jack Palance's atrocious overacting, you'll miss what I consider the highlight of the movie, the whipping scene with Antonella Lualdi.

It's a good one. Or you could just click on the video link in the Whipping Scenes Database. Saturday, November 13th - A Canadian I would also like to offer my condolences to the friends and family of Maria Shaddoes. I'm sorry for your loss. Sloth Gonzaullas - a fine job you're doing as liason officer - you must be bucking for a promotion - those are some nice finds, even a few from Inquisition Live.

Ralphus - speaking of the whipping scene in "The Mongols" - I suspect my copy may be even worse than yours - after the chick is lowered to the ground another Mongol enters with some type of clear container - I can't make it out - is there a critter of some kind in it?

13 women explain what it feels like to be on the receiving end of analingus (that's If you like oral, then it's nice to have someone go down on you all the way and all over. I'm not sexually sensitive in that area, so it's boring. But I think one of the biggest myths it's responsible for is that women at right about minute 22 of intercourse (or “Pound Town” as one of my friends refers to it), I start thinking about what I want to eat for dinner (or breakfast — I'm one of intimate (read: creepy), missionary — I was dry, bored and hungry. 90 pound ethnic teen girl takes white monstercock F . great overall video - worthy of 5 stars. great job This is the best mature women I ever seen.