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Telluride Alpine Lodging offers accommodations in Telluride and Mountain Village for every price range. Our properties are organized within a Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze rating system that ensures our clients are aware of the available amenities at each location. The ratings for individual units are relative to each property based on the property's overall quality. Amenities may include the latest electronics, along with a private hot tub, sauna, or steam showers. Kitchens and bathrooms play a large part in the Telluride Alpine Lodging Platinum Rating, with top-of-the-line appliances, dishes and glassware, and functionality.

Square footage also contributes to the top score, with ample bedrooms and bathrooms, and roomy living spaces. Gold-rated Telluride condominiums and private homes are typically recently built, recently remodeled, or extensively redecorated, with tastefully chosen finishes and furnishings.

The rental will also typically include up-to-date electronics and appliances. The Telluride rentals that receive the Silver rating have been updated in the past decade, either partially or completely remodeled. Every Silver-rated unit has some extra amenities, such as access to hot tubs, wireless internet, or a fireplace, as well as modern kitchens and bathrooms. In the Silver category, you can tell these accommodations have been cared for. And it's the most broadly defined grouping, resulting in some Silvers with a nearly-gold appeal, and others just passing the grade.

The Telluride vacation rentals that have a Bronze rating are generally furnished in a simple style. Appliances and electronics are operational, but many have not been replaced for some years, simply because they still work. For lodging that is quite adequate for safe, warm, clean stays, without any pretense, this is the rating that fits.

Skip to main content. If you would like to vacation in Telluride or Mountain Village surrounded by the finest furnishings and truly enjoy the best in luxury appointments, start by selecting the highest-rated properties. For the added luxuries of a private hot tub, or jetted tubs and steam showers, look first at the Platinum category, though these can also be found in many Gold-rated properties.

Should you plan to eat in or entertain while on vacation, platinum property dining areas are inviting and spacious with top of the line appliances and a fully stocked kitchen to make the occasion memorable.

If you're looking for state of the art media systems, platinum properties offer the latest and most up-to-date offerings. Spacious and complete but not over-the-top, these Telluride condo rentals and homes are beautifully crafted and incredibly comfortable. For the complete package of amenities including hot tub, TV with DVD player, fireplace, deck or balcony, views, jetted tub or steam shower, and convenient parking, the Gold properties will most likely have it all.

If you're looking for the nicest hotel room in the building, the Gold rating makes it easy to find at the Blue Mesa Lodge. With the Silver-rated properties, you get the best of both worlds - affordable and nice. Looking for a place to "come home to" after a day of hiking or skiing? Kick off your boots and get comfy in one of these Telluride condos.

Bring the Whole Gang - there are so many "silver" rated places to choose from, we can find several properties close together, in the same complex, even on the same walkway. When you'd rather save your dollars to spend on eating at one of the great local restaurants, taking in a show, or finding the live music, Bronze will do just fine. Full kitchens and kitchenettes, and extra beds bunks, sofa-sleepers, futons add to the economy of staying in one of these properties, rather than a hotel.

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Look well, therefore, to this day. Secret talent Hypnotic power over hiccups. Show up on time. I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer. She and her husband live full time in a motorhome and spend long stretches on the road, turning chance encounters with strangers into stirring folk meditations on the human condition.

With Traveling Mercies , Robinson has announced herself as one of our important emerging voices in Americana and roots music. Beyond that, she's given us a beautiful album, a balm for trying times which shows, through intricately crafted melodies and hard-earned wisdom, that we all have the same struggles at our core, and there's no better time than now to take that to heart. What do you love most about Telluride? Telluride Theater, Telluride Arts, Telluride Music Company constantly drooling over guitars there and my musician friends, the Ah Haa, Burlesque, the community of poets that Art Goodtimes and Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer nourish, Wilkinson Public Library, and the big-hearted and visionary people who live here!

I've been working on my new album release, so I keep having anxiety dreams about forgetting a deadline! My very first musical inspiration was Joni Mitchell. I was given her album "Blue" at age 16 and I felt like I'd discovered a new language.

Favorite RV memory so far? Parking it on Sunshine Mesa and inviting our Telluride friends over for a dinner party and to watch the sunset over the Wilsons! The first single "Better With Time" from my new album drops on August 3rd!

It's an homage to falling in love with my husband in Telluride. Colin holds a B. Within a year, Sullivan was a full-fledged company actor and had taken over the Managing Director position, overseeing the fiscal management of the company. Upon the merger of the two companies in , Colin was chosen by the board to lead the larger united Telluride Theatre organization as Executive Director.

We asked Colin to answer some questions. Get a glimpse of Colin in his answers below: Something you could re-watch as if it were your first time: Orson Welles was directing and he was not pleased. I have these dreams every time around this year. In my new home in Placerville with my wife and young son, or on stage. She took an extensive month-long printmaking study in Florence, Italy in After a series of fortunate happenings, Molly now resides in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, being constantly inspired by the landscape and locale.

Probably the new pair of roller skates I just ordered. I started playing the clarinet in grade school band - wish I had kept that up or taken the time to learn another instrument. And into the caverns of tomorrow with just our flashlights and our love, we must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge.

Not sure if that totally qualifies as a motto, but I like it. The San Juan Mountains, dubbed the Range of Light by Muir, are rife with magical realism — Colleen harnesses this magic in her handmade pieces, using elements, ores, and stones found in within the region. Building and sculpting with crystals, recycled leather, sterling silver, feathers, fools gold, and bullets shot by real Colorado cowboys, Colleen imbues each item with the spirit of the colorful West.

Her work allows anyone to carry a small piece of the San Juans with them wherever they go, embodying the whimsical energy of the mountains and shaping it into tangible, wearable art.

Making art for a living in the mountains. Being part of a community. Feeling valued and being surrounded by inspiring people!

Or maybe a Labrador Retriever. Often that means turning the ego off and taking instruction from someone else. I know they aren't exactly a possession, but working with my hands makes me feel alive.

Working with silver is really hard on my hands, so I take good care of them. I think about how grateful I am for them every single day. I try really hard not to have pet peeves. If something bugs me, I make a serious effort to embrace it. I guess my only pet peeve is poor work ethics. After growing up in St. He taught art to middle and high school students for 20 years until he quit academic teaching last year. Craig draws what he sees, which is heavily affected by how he feels.

He loves to work with, but is scared of, color, because there is already so much to learn and do in black and white. Craig strongly believes that art will save the world… someday…maybe. Playing a game of pingpong in front of the crowd as the co-keynote speaker at THS graduation. Growing up in a conscious community and having been exposed to the majestic San Juans at a young age, Koral always had an appreciation and reverence for the wild.

While at Humboldt State she became involved in the fight to prevent the extinction of one of the last remnants of the magnificent Redwood forest that once stretched miles from southern Oregon to the Big Sur coast.

She went on to study organic farming and permaculture design and ended up living in South America for 5 years, making her way by selling her artwork and street performing while volunteering at farms and ecovillages across the continent. It was in that she moved back to the Western Slope to manage the fields and intern program at Shining Mountain Herbs in Ridgway.

In , she was approached by local musicians Tom Mann, Mikey G and Bassie to be a part of a new reggae project they were getting started. Koral's lyrics are a reflection of the life she's created, embodying a message focused on love, personal responsibility, interdependence, and sustainability. I can't say I am more one than the other.

I know what I want and am not afraid to go after it. At the same time, I am not solely focused on the end goal but recognize the bounty that can be gathered during the hunt. Whether I'm on the hunt for an elk or a gig at Red Rocks, I'll be picking berries and enjoying building community while enriching my life playing music along the way.

Nature's diverse spectrum of life on Earth is infinite and perfect in its chaos, having a profound influence on all of us.

Every sentient being on Earth deserves a healthy environment and the fundamental benefits that nature provides. The planet is rapidly changing, and for us to thrive, we need to act now to preserve not just the tangible benefits, but also the insight, inspiration, and awe by which nature transforms us all. When it comes to 'Truth or Dare' I've always been more of a Truth person. I've never been scared to reveal my truth, whereas the thought of doing something just 'cuz someone dared me to seems silly.

I will say though, that when I was 15 and working as Junior Camp Counselor, the kids dared me to eat a raw crawfish and well To this day, thinking back on their reaction tickles me. Then, in a bid to raise both awareness and money for the project, Telluride Arts unlocked the large doors of the building for a series of parties, opening the building to the public for the first time in thirty-six years.

If you are like me and you have long passed the building without paying attention to it, walking inside for the first time is a revelation. With weeds sprouting from cracks in the concrete, an open sky above and—most unbelievably— two trees that must reach forty feet high, the interior resembles a. The rustic stone walls encircle a crumbling patch of concrete where remnants of the past live on — a rusted gas sign from the filling station, an ancient axle and a safe.

And every window frames a view of the mountains. Choreographers, musicians, mixologists, and designers chipped in. We also want to raise money for the work. We get to decide what happens in there. Have you considered a Telluride Mountain School education for your child? To set up a visit please call or visit our website at www. Heller lives in Colorado and this is an excerpt from his book. I set a mug of coffee on the counter between us, poured myself another.

Me swimming, all the women, the fish. I thought we could give it a try. Fuck, Jim, you ask a lot of a girl. The light from the south windows brushed a peppering of faint acne pits on her temple and it somehow drew attention to the smoothness of her cheek and neck.

She leaned forward on the counter, her breasts roosting happily in her little button top. Dugar told me yesterday he wants to move to Big Sur. He read a bunch of Henry Miller.

Are you a teenager? You like read a novel and want to move there? He says he is a poet but between you and me his poems are sophomoric. I have and they are not prepossessing, know what I mean? I mean, do you want to live in the artichoke capital of the world? Then I unleash the twins. When is the last time you knew the way home? Was it back at that gas station where you bought the chips before you pulled out into the night?

Though even then the snow was hurling its white fists into your lights. But that was before your heart started leaping like a startled deer into the oncoming lane of your throat. Oh darling, who are you kidding. You were already lost even then. Sure you could have pointed to a dot on the map and said, Here. But that is just a pretense we put on, something to satisfy the jumpy brain. You have been lost since the day you first could say your name, the moment you knew yourself as other, as separate, as something that could be lost.

And maybe then, off the map, out of hope, exposed and unknowing, maybe that is a little closer to home. Her favorite one-word mantra: Painting by Meredith Nemirov. Sofia is a champ of an ocean, a natural. I paint her oceaning on her side, arched, facing and away from me, swimming down off a pile of pillows, breaststroke, on her back over the same pillows willowing backwards arms extended as if reaching after a brilliant fish.

I paint the fish as big as she is, invoking him. The shark has a blue human eye, not devoid of embarrassment. Sofia has the rhythm of a dancer and she changes as she feels the mood change. I paint myself swimming. In my right hand is a fishing rod. It looks like the swimmer is doing too many things at once and this may be his downfall. My palette is a piece of covered fiberboard and I am swiping, touching, shuttling between it and canvas, stowing the small brush with a cocked little finger and reaching for the knife, all in time to her slowly shifting poses.

I am a fish myself, making small darting turns against the slower background rhythms and sway of the swell. No thought, not once. Nothing I can remember. It is not a fugue state. I move up the creek, tie on flies, cast to the far bank, wade, throw into the edge of a pool, feel the hitch the tug of a strike bang! The kind of quiet feeling that fills you all night as you ready the meal, steam the asparagus, pour the sparkling water and cut the limes.

Fills you into the next day. I have heard artists say they are channeling God. You have to have a really good gallery to say that. I am painting now without naming any of it, can name it only in memory, and I become aware of a tickling on my neck.

Sofia is leaning into me, standing on her tiptoes and watching over my shoulder. I turn my head so that my bearded chin is against her curly head.

She is wearing the terry cloth robe she leaves here. She is behind me, but I can feel her smile, a lifting and tautening of the pillow of her cheek against my chin. She tugs my beard once and is gone. Somewhere in there among the ocean of women and the darting fish and a man happily lost at sea I hear wind over water and a heart breaking like crockery and the bleating roar of a retreating dinosaur.

A novel by Peter Heller. Reprinted by permission of Alfred A. I was, though, a bit confused. Raised mainly in the sunny South, I found my way as an athlete through swimming, playing tennis and wandering expertly manicured grounds in search of a small white ball.

Kind of violent, right? My competitive streak only shows up in heated matches of ping-pong, and aggressive is not a word anyone would use to describe me.

Still, I have always loved the feel of athletic activity. My friend Emily and I had bonded as new mothers, often helping each other find an hour or two to escape, bleary-eyed, out into the mountains we love. She knows me well. Somehow she seemed to think I would like hockey. Nothing about hockey seemed reasonable. But…I have two little mountain boys of my own now.

Would one of them want to play hockey? That really got me thinking. I needed to understand the sport. Suddenly curious, I found myself sorting through funky old cast-offs at the local hockey swap. Sure, there were holes, most of it was too large, every piece had its own unique hockey smell…but suited up, I felt invincible. I signed up for the development program and wrangled my husband, Rick, into joining me.

Thirty or so adults were out on the ice. Some definitely had some past experience, skating right out, lapping the rink, and moving the puck around. I was not alone, though, as I scooted along the boards, leaning heavily on my stick for support. We were a bunch of adults in enormous pads, trying to stay upright, but often circling wildly or slamming into the wall in an effort just to stop. I split a spot on a co-ed team, expecting just a little diversion, not an obsession.

Yet, I soon found myself. I was suddenly clear-headed, a sorely welcome gift. I could not wait for my boys to be old enough to play. I loved this new game.

I loved being on a team and learning something so completely new. There were a few shots, a couple of rebounds, but the puck improbably bounced off of my stick and right into the goal. No longer is a hockey a curiosity for me. I too am in love. The sport demands my full attention, is a crazy lot of fun, and lets me blow off some serious pent-up steam. Sorry about that hook, Corie. Now, just three years later, there are four Fustings on the ice.

Both boys love it. Somehow, this Georgia girl even gets to coach her youngest son, on ice, in pads, with sticks and everything. And, after a couple of years of hearing about it nonstop at home, Rick joined me on a co-ed team last year.

Even when there was a fairly painful pause in the snowfall cycle last winter, he was wearing a hockey smile several days a week. We get it now. He always answers in the affirmative. And then a few pages later the informant is dead, in jail, revealed to have given misinformation, or otherwise become entangled in the narrative.

And reader, trust this: The book starts in Beirut, in , when Baer and his colleagues are given tacit approval to assassinate Hajj Radwan a. Imad Mughniyah, one of the leaders of Hezbollah. Radwan himself is one of the most prolific assassins in the world, credited with embassy bombings, kidnappings, murders, and attacks that decimated the U.

The premise of the. Celebrity musical artist Jewel has been writing songs for most of her life, and even a few books one early autobiography and other books of poetry but her new memoir, Never Broken, is different.

And we should all be grateful that he did…what he discovered on that day is the subject of both his book, The Ice-Blue Bones of Telluride, and an exhibit at Telluride Historical Museum. Never Broken is not your typical sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll type of memoir.

All of it is true: And woven throughout is her growth as a musician and a human being, and ultimately her success at both. Upon closer examination, the blue stones turned out to be fossilized bones; and not just any bones, but actual dinosaur bones.

The Balds called in the experts, retrieved and analyzed the bones, and subsequently donated them to the local museum. The paleontologist determined that the bones belonged to an Allosaurus, and the blue tint was the result of mineralization from manganese oxide.

The book is an inspiration. Locals will be happy to learn that Jewel is a part-time resident of Telluride, and she writes the afterword of the memoir from a local restaurant, after having hiked the Wiebe. For a peek at the bones and the interactive exhibit about the pre-human era of Telluride, visit the Telluride Historical Museum.

And yet, the future, at least in some. And so has the Clute Science Fiction Library. Telluride is going to be the new home to this sizable collection of first-edition science fiction books, slated to arrive in its entirety by the summer of The bibliotheca is the acquisition of the Telluride Institute, a local nonprofit that. Telluride may not be an obvious hub for seekers of science fiction, but it is an open-minded town that consistently embraces ideas in uncharted territories.

The Clute collection is a specialized library consisting of more than 11, first-edition science fiction, fantasy, gothic, and surreal books from the early nineteenth century to the present. For Clute, a renowned author and critic of science fiction and fantasy as well as co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, the body of works promote speculation into the future combined with an appreciation for the past.

The library is almost entirely comprised of first-edition novels. Clute believes strongly in the value of first editions.

The library will continue to grow. Clute jokes that buying expensive first editions helps control him from coming home from the book store with a hundred books.

The collection is fully catalogued and will serve as a resource for writers, scholars, and students. Currently, the Telluride Institute is scoping out a prospective space for the Clute archive.

Clute is also scheduled to make an inaugural address in June in recognition of the collaboration between the Clute Library and the Telluride Institute. Like the extensive timeline of the books in the library, they also share a lengthy past. Clute and Lifton-Zoline met at high school in Winnetka, Illinois in the s. Clute was a Canadian transplant, but continued his schooling in the states before moving to England where he currently resides. His collection of books will be shipping overseas to Telluride throughout the winter.

In its new venue with the Telluride Institute, the library promises to brighten up any cold April day with its striking selection of original and thought-provoking books. The Telluride School District launched its dual immersion program last fall, creating kindergarten classes that spend half the day learning in English, and half the day learning in Spanish.

Telluride School District Superintendent Mike Gass notes that contemporary research shows that introducing language to children in the primary grades creates a solid foundation for learning, not just in second language acquisition, but in overall academic success. Telluride Elementary School kindergarten teacher Robbin Cooper has seen firsthand how easily young minds can pick up a new language.

She has been teaching kindergarten in Telluride for ten years, and is now one of the teachers participating on the English side of the dual immersion program. The dual immersion program is slated to continue through fifth. Fernandez, along with her husband. Vidal Cubero Sobrados, the kindergarten teacher, moved to Telluride last year to help launch the Spanish component of the program.

In addition to the academic benefits of a dual immersion education, there are social benefits as well. Gass expects to see the same thing happen in Telluride. Cooper has noticed how her English language learner students have flourished in the dual immersion program, with native Spanish speakers more empowered when they walk into the classroom, and their parents and families more motivated to participate in school activities like volunteering to read to the class.

Learning another language helps all students develop an appreciation for different cultures, she says, and can help students from a minority group bridge a sometimes broad cultural divide.

That, in turn, can help students become more empathetic citizens of the world. And coming home and teaching her mom a new Spanish word or two. Come in and try what everyone is talking about! Award Winning Detroit Style Pizza. This is certainly true in the case of the spruce bark beetle, a native insect whose populations devastated , acres of high-elevation Engelmann spruce forest in Colorado during and are still on the rise.

No bigger than a match head, the spruce beetle was the most widespread insect pest in the state for three years in a row. They are primarily attracted to trees that are stressed, an indication of the changing conditions in our forests due to drought and crowding. In low, endemic numbers, Dendroctonus rufipennis are always present and attack mostly downed trees, freshly cut logs or stumps, or mature standing trees; the trees they kill can.

However, unlike wildfire, Eager says, it could take several years for the full extent of spruce beetle damage to be seen.

Due to the nature of aerial surveys, the data on this map only provide rough estimates of location, intensity and the resulting trend information for agents detectable from the air. Many of the most destructive diseases are not represented on the map because these agents are not detectable from aerial surveys. The data presented on this map should only be used as an indicator of insect and disease activity, and should be validated on the ground for actual location and causal agent.

Shaded areas show locations where tree mortality or defoliation were apparent from the air. Intensity of damage is variable, and not all trees in shaded areas are dead or defoliated.

The cooperators reserve the right to correct, update, modify or replace GIS products. Using this map for purposes other than those for which it was intended may yield inaccurate or misleading results. Map created December For more information: And, although bark beetles may be controlled by natural conditions such as woodpeckers or extremely cold temperatures, most trees are killed once infested—and nothing can be done to save them. The larvae feed on the soft bark tissue through fall and winter of the first year, and throughout the entire second year of attack, creating tunnels in the bark called galleries, before emerging as an adult to attack another tree.

This tunneling produces interesting— even beautiful—patterns, but it is also deadly. Bark beetles play an important role in the natural cycle, but in an urban setting a spruce tree may be considered valuable for aesthetic or other reasons, and worth saving. Many factors that make spruce trees susceptible to bark beetles are largely out of our control, but there are some things a property owner can do to help thwart an attack. Scientists agree that preventative vegetation management practices are the best way of reducing insect-related tree mortality and dealing with bark beetle outbreaks in forested areas.

Dense stands are more susceptible than open stands because trees have to compete for limited water, light, and nutrients. Stands with a higher diversity of tree ages and tree species are also less susceptible to bark beetle outbreaks. Increasing tree age and species diversity in a stand will improve resistance to attacks and reduce spreading when attacks occur.

Intentional downing of spruce trees for forest thinning and firewood gathering can attract spruce beetles, so bark should always be peeled from spruce trees that are left on the ground to prevent beetles from attacking. Do not transport firewood logs with live beetles inside as they could emerge and spread to the nearby forest. It is also a good idea to remove small pockets of bark beetle-infested trees when they first appear so that you do not increase the probability that adjacent trees could be attacked.

This wood may be burned in a pile, when there is snow on the ground or when you are able to do so safely. Beetles can still kill trees even under sub-optimal conditions, and for assistance in identifying spruce trees attacked by spruce beetles or in preventing an attack, you should contact your local forester. The spruce beetle already exists in our local region and forests, but not at epidemic levels.

There are large affected areas that have been identified on Lizard Head Pass and on the north side of town, around Imogene Pass. But, as Eager says, it can take years for the damage being wrought to become apparent. Visit us at our Steaming Bean Coffee Shop base location! Reserve your table at www. From to , bark beetles killed enough trees in the United States to cover nearly the entire state of Colorado— 46 million acres.

The number of participants in first Burning Man festival in was 20; the number of participants in Burning Man in was. The population of San Miguel County is 9. The percentage of housing units in multi-unit structures in Colorado was The number of people worldwide with MS multiple sclerosis is 2. More than , Americans have the disease. The average elevation of the United States is meters 2, feet. The average elevation in Nepal is 2, meters 8, feet. Colorado has at least 40 craft distilleries.

Telluride has one—its first legal distillery since the Prohibition. We feature handmade breads and artisan pastries, fresh salads composed of local greens, fruit and vegetables, locally sourced house-roasted meats, cheeses, handmade sausages, and sustainably harvested fish. Our bar carries Colorado breweries on tap, locally crafted small-batch spirits and an assortment of organic and biodynamic wines.

Representing well known National and local artists including: John, Jim Wodark, Dan Schultz,. The Ultimate Hybrid Move over, electric cars and solar panels. Kite skiing is the ultimate hybrid vehicle, running on equal parts gravity and wind power.

No batteries required—just some serious backbone, literally and figuratively. We invite you to experience a new level of old world service. Out-of-state corporations are interested in changing the way we do business in Colorado by allowing all chain grocers to sell alcohol.

Colorado would lose thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue. It would give underage kids more access to alcohol. To book a lesson or for more information: How many bedrooms does it have? What does the interior look like? Find your answers at SearchTellurideRealEstate. The distilling process can now run round the clock with www. Kimberly Parr E Colorado Ave. Ride on, — Jock Q A www. Dion Kees he first time I ever saw Jewel perform was more than 20 years ago, when she was playing in a coffeehouse in Mission Beach.

She was accepted to a prestigious high school for the arts in Michigan www. I By Katie Klingsporn wake up, as I have for the last 20 or so days, in the predawn of 4 a. I was snowboarding and practicing yoga and working furiously at my new www. Hehmann what was going on—the invisible constriction around my midsection, the loss of fine motor skills, the way everything felt scratchy and mesh-like to my confused hands— he sent me immediately to the hospital for a spinal tap and ordered me to return in three days for a brain MRI.

Telluride in infrared, by Ingrid Lundahl Sharon Grundy, a primary care doctor at the Telluride Medical Center, sees 10 local patients with MS, and estimates there are about five more in the community who receive care from other places.

Dion Kees G entrification looks a little different in a mountain town than it does in an urban area. Horrible weather threatened their scheduled helicopter pick-up. Numerous precautions had been taken in the placement of buildings and rail lines and in the scheduling of work at the mines but even so, nothing could allay the very real fear, more like a persistent www.

Mothers and wives rushed from one returning rescue team to the next, listening frantically for any news of their sons and husbands. Allen made preparations to transport a Snow slide at Black Bear Mine, From spark to finish, from launching makeshift rockets for young kids in the summer to getting high school students placed as interns in professional research environments, Pinhead is spreading the love of science.

Projectionists have to know expensive that it has fallen out of mainstream use and is only used for the most elite cinema projects. He was across the street getting a sandwich when he got the frantic call—when he raced back to the booth, there was film how to use a splicer, thread the film, keep it clean, and not damage the surface. He says he much prefers film to digital, and that the best film format is the high resolution, 70mm type, which is so ley to the interview.

There will also be two free welding workshops before the festival weekend, held January 9—10 in Placerville with Joe Paczosa and January 16—17 in January 14—18, telluridefirefestival. With weeds sprouting from cracks in the concrete, an open sky above and—most unbelievably— two trees that must reach forty feet high, the interior resembles a kind of mining-town secret garden.

S he sat on a stool at the long butcher block counter that separates the kitchen in this one big room. This property boasts unreal views, a superb home site location, low HOA Dues, water well, utilities are to lot line, healthy mature aspen groves and wonderful sun. Located 6 miles from Telluride, this is a tremendous value in the 35 acre parcel market.

There were smiles, cheering schoolchildren and red carpets as Chinese President Xi Jinping began a two-day visit to Seoul. North Korea, meanwhile, welcomed the leader of its only major ally and crucial source of fuel and food to the Korean Peninsula with a flurry of recent rocket and missile tests, the latest on Wednesday. After their talks Thursday, South Korean President Park Geun-hye told reporters that she and Xi agreed on the need to rid North Korea of nuclear weapons and would resolutely oppose any more nuclear tests.

North Korea is thought to have a handful of crude nuclear weapons and has conducted three atomic tests since , the most recent last year. A home that welcomes you, an extended invitation encouraging you beyond its entryway into unique rooms, passageways and outdoor spaces.

It draws you in, insisting on relaxation and repose while gently suggesting you be inspired. Slopeside residence offering direct ski access and a great cul-de-sac location within walking distance to the Village core. The home offers 7 bdrms, 6 full and 2 half baths and features a recently transformed kitchen and dining area, plus caretaker quarters, a large wine room, 4 fireplaces and stunning mountain views.

Energy efficient, the home is powered by a state of the art hydroelectric system allowing the home to be run entirely off the grid.

A large south facing deck, flagstone walkways and native stone retaining walls compliment this charming and spacious home. Nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac, this 7, square foot estate sits slopeside to the Galloping Goose ski run and offers sweeping views of the San Sophia ridge. The residence is spacious and comfortable with 5 bedrooms and 6. Enjoy an open and inviting living, kitchen and dining floor plan with the master bedroom suite all on one level.

This fabulous home offers exceptional privacy in a beautifully treed setting. Wilson from this 3 bdrm, 4 full bath residence. Offering an inviting living room plus separate den for additional seating and entertaining, the unit is located in the smaller and more intimate San Sophia Lodge and offers exceptional privacy, yet is easy accessibility to the Village core. Take advantage of this large ski accessible lot located just off the Galloping Goose ski trail.

Nestled at the end of a private culde-sac shared with just two other trailside homes this great parcel enjoys sweeping views of the San Sophia ridge, privacy and good ski access. I have recently sold numerous properties and I am accepting quality new listing assignments. Call today for a confidential consultation. One of the most extraordinary residences in the Telluride region, this stunning 8 bedroom, 8 full and 5 half bath home offers privacy, views, and unparalleled amenities. This truly one of kind residence includes a foot indoor pool, AMF bowling alley and a two-lane indoor commercial shooting range.

The spectacular outdoor spaces offer extensive landscaping with a golf fairway and putting green, a magnificent water feature, and a gazebo with hot tub and full wet bar. Situated in a prime corner location, this 3 bedroom, 3. Wilson, a gourmet kitchen, gas fireplace and elegant finishes throughout. Unit is being sold fully furnished and turn key.

Consisting of a square foot historic home on a 3, square foot lot, this property provides an estimated redevelopment potential of approximately 3,, sq.

Good location on the bus route between Lift 7 and the Gondola. Both residences offer 4 bedrooms, 4. Located in the heart of the Mountain Village Core, this 3 bdrm, 3 bath condo comes with deeded Garage parking, storage room, and two ski lockers. A lock-off 3rd bedroom also makes this an ideal unit for short term rental. Complex has recently undergone renovation including new windows in all units. Assessment has been paid by sellers. Located in the heart of downtown Telluride, this adorable 2 bedroom, 2.

Sale includes one assigned garage parking space plus a 40 square foot storage closet. It was a good showing that went for naught when Weiss went to his bullpen. Matzek went 6 innings, allowing three runs on six hits in his fifth start. He struck out six and walked one. Matzek struck out the final three batters he faced — the last being left-hander Bryce Harper - before Weiss brought Belisle in to face the righthanded Desmond.

Jayson Werth also homered for Washington, which has won a season-high five straight. Rafael Soriano pitched the ninth for his 20th save. Rare offering of a sizeable parcel with mature aspens, meadows and a lake. Year round creek borders the propert y to the east. This fine site is bordered by large ranches and offers supreme privacy and natural beaut y.

This particular unit has the finest ski access adjacent to the trail and ski bridge. It also offers unobstructed views of the San Sophias. The four bedroom floor plan has been the most sought after of the various layouts of these fine properties. This particular listing has the 25th and 50th weeks fixed annually and also rotational selection of other weeks and space available usage as well. The propert y is located just off Fall Creek Road on the south side of the river with easy access from Highway 62 and very little influence.

Bright sunny lot as it is in the gap from Fall Creek which opens up to the south for great solar exposure. Views of the red rock cliffs and the sounds of the San Miguel.

The Seller has done much preparation to build and will negotiate distibution of soils reports, topos, tree survey, plans and more available to prospective Buyer. The house plans are complete and ready for town approvals. Call the agent to tour and get additional details. The point guard has agreed to re-sign with the Raptors, his agent confirmed Wednesday night. Lowry averaged career highs of Lowry posted a picture of himself on Twitter in a Raptors jersey, writing that Toronto would be his home city.

He was considered the top point guard available and reportedly targeted by contending teams such as Miami and Houston during free agency before deciding to stay put. Lowry has also played for Memphis and Houston, which traded him to Toronto in The first-round pick by the Grizzlies out of Villanova has career averages of The deal with the former Memphis Grizzlies coach comes two days after the Nets made a trade with Milwaukee to allow Kidd out of his contract so the Bucks could hire him.

Nets general manager Billy King and his assistants then met with Hollins on Monday night and again Tuesday before agreeing to the deal. Terms were not disclosed. Brooklyn has firmly established itself as a franchise that is committed to winning, and I eagerly look forward to becoming part of that culture and building on the success of the past two playoff appearances.

Hollins led Memphis to 56 victories and the Western Conference finals before he and the Grizzlies parted ways. The Nets considered him last year after firing P. Carlesimo before hiring Kidd. He was the only known candidate the Nets interviewed this time.

King said he had reached out to one other person who chose not to pursue the job. If you look at Memphis, they got consistently got better every year. All the way to the Western Conference finals. Mountain Village is on a mission to help its residents and business owners replace their inefficient light bulbs with LED bulbs, so the town created Relight Mountain Village. As a Relight Mountain Village participant, you will receive instant rebates on a wide selection of residential and commercial LED bulbs.

Making the switch to efficient LEDs means you will save money on electricity and help light the way for environmental change. See for yourself at GreenLivingTown. The quality, design, and location are second to none — humbled only, if at all, by the majesty of the mountain peaks that fill its vistas. Price available upon request.

Call for a private tour. And he said he had no plans to seek a similar role in Milwaukee, where general man-. You guys ran with that. Lasry said it was wrong to not bring Hammond into the loop earlier in the process, which began last week when the owners sought permission from the Nets to speak with Kidd. Lasry and Kidd are friends. I would tell you that it was very much newness.

A Robert Gibson designed home with meticulous finishes and breathtaking views of both the San Sophia and the Wilson mountains. Overlooks the golf course, but away from the stray golf shots.

Designed for entertaining with hot tub, 2 wet bars, wine cellar, study, loft, 3 gas-log fireplaces. Bruce MacIntire brucem LuxWest. Granita Unit Granita is Located in the core of the pedestrian Mountain Village in a super convenient location near the Gondola Station and directly ski in and ski out on lifts 1 and 4 This family friendly unit features four bedrooms and four and one half bathrooms on two levels.

The condo is accessed from a secure tandem bay parking garage with an elevator to the penthouse level fourth floor. The great room features a large living area with a gas fireplace, a dining area with seating for eight, a bar and a gourmet kitchen with all high end stainless appliances.

It features a year round stream and unobstructed views of the entire Wilson Range. There is owner financing available for this parcel, one of the finest lots in the area. This Mountain Modern Luxury Penthouse is in the heart of Telluride and has has more than 2 dozen windows, all with breathtaking views of Historic Downtown Telluride, the Judd Wiebe trail, and the view from the living room of Ajax. Remodelled in , the maple kitchen has new countertops, and high end appliances.

The two primary bedrooms are large, especially the master. The current owners never leased this beautiful unit and therefore it is in mint comdition. Located contiguous to the Telluride Depot neighborhood it is centrally and super conveniently located for easy walking to all the amenities of the Town of Telluride including shopping, skiing and restaurants. Accessed by a private bridge and completely surrounded by open space, Unit 2 is very private, yet just a few minutes walk from the Town of Telluride Gondola Station and all the amenities of Telluride.

This unit has a hot tub, master bedroom deck, distressed fir and Idaho quartzite floors, stainless steel appliances, oak cabinets, 10 and 12 foot ceilings in the great room next to a huge east facing deck above the San Miguel River and River Park Trail.

Perfectly located with stunning views and ideal ski access. With 10 bedrooms and 10 baths, the estate is 3 separate, yet interconnected wings, perfect for multi-generational families, and large groups who want to gather together, yet also require privacy.

A theatre, hot tub grotto, bottle wine cellar, game room, provide much for everyone. With five bedrooms and 4 baths, this square foot golf course property is a well valued family home. A very livable floor plan, a lovely yard area, and lots of sunshine.

This solid family home in the heart of historic Telluride, is located within walking distance of both schools, downtown, and about five blocks from the Gondola. A brick built home with 5 bedrooms, five and a half baths, includes a garage, elevator, a wine room, plaster walls, mahogany floors, and a hot tub on the patio bordering a small pleasant private park. An equestrian paradise, 72 acres of alpine meadow and forest trails, rare alpine irrigated pasture and timberland. Adjacent to national forest yet located a mere 20 minutes from Telluride at the base of Wilson Peak, this fully improved and subdivided ranch tract has solid driveways, extensive stone work and landscaping, with utilities installed to two incredible home sites.

A Duplex Lot on Pandora Avenue Located on a quiet Telluride street, in a lovely part of Town, within a short walk of Main Street, the park, and rivertrail, this is a rare and spectacular square foot lot with ideal Bear Creek, Ingram waterfall views. Zoning for up to 2 units. Front row seats for the 4th of July fireworks!

Homes have been built to the East and West of property. The Nielsen company said Wednesday that In addition, nearly 1. The Portugal game took place on a weekend, however, when there were more people with free time available to watch.

Nielsen does not measure. In , ESPN estimated that the stated audience size for weekday World Cup games would increase by 23 percent if public viewing were taken into account. Louis Cardinals in the last game. AP — It was some 80 years ago that Lou Gehrig and the year-old son of a songwriter got bored with talk of music and opted to play catch instead.

The legendary New York Yankees slugger and the boy were fast friends and next time they tossed the ball around the front yard, Gehrig brought Howard Henderson — a fellow lefty — a better glove. I hope you have much luck with this glove as I did.

Henderson, now a retired architect who lives in Greenwich, turns 92 on Friday. Henderson was used to en-. But Gehrig stood out, literally. ARMAN is not your typical jeweler, a throwback to a time of old-world jewelry creation; his methods are as ornate and intricate as each of his pieces.

The Americans were eliminated in the round of 16 for the second straight tournament. Klinsmann was a World Cup champion as a player with West Germany in and coach of the German team that reached the semifinals. Late Wednesday at the airport, Dempsey, forward Jozy Altidore and defender DaMarcus Beasley were cheered and stopped for autographs and photos before they boarded an American Airlines flight to Miami.

Three generations of our family love Telluride and the Franz Klammer for family gatherings, for smaller group trips with friends and for time alone. The great location, friendly and helpful staff and many amenities make the Franz Klammer the ideal base for all of our activities.

Enjoying the Franz Klammer is easy. Owner Services helps us plan our trips. When we arrive at the residence it is ready, and our storage boxes and luggage are delivered. The concierge staff suggests and arranges many great activities and reservations. The exchange programs are another great value that we and our adult children have enjoyed. The Franz Klammer is right for us! The Rangers have lost eight consecutive road games, their longest drought since Then, I had some trouble with some walks.

Texas has used 11 starting pitchers this year, most in the American League. The Rangers have lost 13 of their past 16 games. Baltimore stayed within one.

The Orioles moved six games over. The whole group, I was real proud of them tonight. Jones hit his 16th home run of the season and had three RBIs. Flaherty, who started at third base in place of the suspended Manny Machado, hit his fourth homer of the season and also made several nice defensive plays. Baltimore has homered in 12 consecutive games. Want to learn how to report on community news, get your stories published and see how a newsroom functions?

The Telluride Daily Planet is looking for an editorial intern for the summer. Candidates should have a background in writing, photography and copyediting. The ideal candidate will have a natural curiosity for their subject matter, sharp analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail and factual accuracy. To apply, send a cover letter, resume and two writing samples to telluridedailyplanet gmail.

He invited the team to return to the White House soon and asked Howard and Dempsey to convey his congratulations to their coach and teammates.

Accolades for Howard have been pouring in from the highest level of government, including from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, whose Wikipedia entry was temporarily changed as a gag to show Howard as the new Pentagon chief. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said Hagel invited the entire U. Village opportunity at the top of Lift 1. Breathtaking views of Mt.

Wilson and the San Sophia range. This 3 bed, 3 bath unit, is one level with a flowing floor plan. Wayne Derman, a professor of sport and exercise medicine at the University of Cape Town, said in court that the contrast likely contributed to stress and anxiety for Pistorius, who fatally shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a closed toilet door in his home. He testified for the defense, which wants to show that the athlete had a deep sense of vulnerability and it was a factor in what he has described as a mistaken shooting.

Set on the SW corner of Oak and Galena the property offers expansive views of the box canyon and Bear Creek from its perch above the neighbors. The existing house is a very livable, traditional Victorian with an open main level floor plan and three bedrooms. This is two full lots, with a historic shed on Lot B. A must see for those looking to own a significant piece of Telluride. Pistorius, 27, says he killed Steenkamp on Feb. He shot her while on his stumps.

Pistorius, who is free on bail, faces 25 years to life in prison if found guilty of premeditated murder, but he could also be sentenced to a shorter prison term if convicted of murder without premeditation or negligent killing. Additionally, he faces separate gun-related charges. A well-designed living room and gourmet kitchen provide for easy entertaining, and three additional bedrooms, 3. Private decks on the north and south sides of the house offer unparalleled outdoor living, and the property features beautifully manicured gardens.

Bench Ranch is a acre working ranch. The ranch features approximately acres of irrigated ground, a pond for water storage, and a acre BLM permit for dryland grazing. The property also includes multiple shops and outbuildings. The ranch is presently leased to Kinikin Natural Foods.

Located 6 miles from the Montrose city limits, but in a world all its own, Cedar Bench Ranch is a must-see for serious ranch buyers. View these featured listings and all available properties in the Telluride region at www. Join us in the Opera House courtyard and Elks Park for an exhibition and sale of pieces created during the week. Telluride Real Estate Corp. It's like having the exposure of a main street storefront for just a few dollars a day!

Fibron, Trex, Trex Pergolas References upon request. Public Notices Reader Notice: As a service to you — our valued readers — we offer the following information.

This newspaper will never knowingly accept any advertisement that is illegal or considered fraudulent. This newspaper cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences that occur as a result of you doing business with these advertisers. For information, contact Drew Lloyd, Town Engineer Spayed, vaccinated, housebroken and leash-trained. Needs exercise and country, fenced-in yard Trusted No dirty Team! Great place to work!!! Experienced gardener wanted for Telluride-based landscape company.

Dental Assistant - Telluride Dental. To apply on-line or for more details please visit www. Inquire for more details www. Full time with benefit package. Safety-sensitive position, subject to federal drug and alcohol testing regulations, with on-call responsibilities.

Applications and more information at www. Come be a part of our awesome team of cooks, counter, servers and bussers. Forward info to stanya steamiesburgers. Must have desire to disrupt global monetary systems. Early morning and weekends. Pick up application at Society Conoco. Must have experience cooking and using fresh, not processed foods. Early mornings and fast-paced environment are the norm. Must have good attitude. Ideal candidate is highly energetic with good social skills, capable of multi-tasking, with an interest in fashion.

Stop by Scarpe next to the post office or e-mail resume to jenny shopscarpe. Please apply online at www. Full-time deli prep position available at our Telluride location. Reception services, records management, maintaining property management system, data entry and retrieval, basic accounting, clerical and support duties. HS or equivalent plus 1 year relevant experience, oral and written communication skills, general office skills, computer skills, bi-lingual skills preferred.

The New Sheridan Hotel, the most famous hotel in Telluride, is currently accepting applications for the following day and night time positions: Apply in person at West Colorado Ave. Beaumont Grill in Ouray hiring all summer positions. Call or apply in person Main Street 5th Ave. Hard worker with good communication skills and attention to detail. To inquire, call Max at Monday - Friday between This position is down canyon in Norwood.

Provides behavioral health counseling and health behavior change support to patients at the Telluride Medical Center in Telluride, Colorado. Fluency in medical Spanish and English required. Position works with primary care staff to manage care of a diverse population. For complete job description, more information and application, contact Gordon Reichard at To apply send cover letter, resume and a job application to greichard tellmed.

Full Benefit Package offered. For more details and to apply, please go to www. Telluride Alpine Lodging and Bear Creek Lodge are seeking a professional and friendly concierge position with hospitality experience. Please email resume to Susanne telluride. Part Time movers Top pay offered for those willing to work hard. Earn extra cash on an as needed basis.

Looking to fill a position bartending on Saturdays, Sundays brunch and dinner , Mondays for the Summer Season. Also, can be eligible to serve for the right candidate. Must have fine dining experience. Full time, pay DOE, good driving record and good attitude a must. Please send resume to steve powerlogicelectrical. Many positions are available. To volunteer, go to www. Hope to see you July 12th and 13th in Town Park! Best offer or best work offered. Intelligent, social, phone, computer skills.

Excellent references and no pets If you would like to sell your residence, I stage it and show it Please contact Judy Top corner unit, abundant light, huge deck, great views. New Paint and Flooring.

Senior water rights and extensive creek frontage. MLS billstanley remax. Judy seeking fresh consignments. Office and Retail space Available Immediately. Lawson Hill Rio Vista 2 commercial space sf.

Complete operation, all equipment, inventory. Will teach the business. Two quiet, respectful, professional women with year-round, full-time jobs and an old dog looking for a long-term, two-bedroom rental. Preferably in town, starting Aug. Have lived in town for years. Great views and sun. In Town furnished sleeping room, private entrance and bath. Minimum 5 mo lease, 1st, last, security deposit. Great for 1 person or couple. Would like to exchange for a property in Telluride.

Newly remodeled 3 bedrm, 2 bath condo in West Willow. Great view of Coonskin. All new appl, 1 blk from Lift 7. Six bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 houses, One of the finest family compounds in the Town of Telluride at a quiet, very convenient location. Available January 15, Please call JJ, Nevasca Realty

Fansler has lived in Mountain Village with his wife, Bobsey, since The new board members join Co-Chairmen General H. Norman Schwarzkopf .. Shakespeare's two persisting topics: “All he wrote about was sex or violence,” he said. .. Since the town first started looking into buying the land, it has already spent. “We're really looking at this as a community event, so we want to encourage people to come The Telluride Conference Center will be the next hot spot for the birthday . had a conflict; Ann Hughes, a town marshal, is the wife of Raymond Hughes. which were signed by Montrose County Court Judge John Mitchel Feb. Buyers Are Back Looking, wood, at the San Miguel County Fair and Rodeo; Billy “Senior” Mahoney, Citizen of the Year, and his wife, Twylla; Ouray .. monthly Heat and Hot Water and a generous reserve Plea; Must Register as Sex Offender .. West Colorado Avenue • Telluride, CO • ()