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Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends

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Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends

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Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends

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W hat elements are needed for an action-packed animated family film? Stunning animation, comedy, character transformation, a good verses evil conflict, cute and adorable sidekick animals, and wayward but loveable heroes. Enter Miguel and Tulio, the comic duo con-artists. A set of mishaps lands them on the exact beach described in the map that would lead them to El Dorado. After finding the city, the high priest, Tzekel-Kan, sees them as the embodiment of the prophesied coming gods. Additionally, the unseen impeding threat of Cortes and his army finding the city continuously looms over the horizon.

In this film, I am reminded of the parable of the Kingdom of Heaven being likened unto the catch of many fish in a net. The good and bad fish are sorted and separated Matt. As with most movies produced these days, one needs to take in the whole story as is and sort out the good and bad.

The negative elements of the film are few, but notable. Chel is created as an overtly voluptuous character, which I found out of place for a film geared towards a younger audience. In addition, there is implied sex between Chel and Tulio; though, since they are both still fully clothed, it can just as easily be implied they actually did not. There is, however, full rear nudity of the two men when they jump into a hot spring, and again when they have to chase some monkeys who are stealing their clothes.

A few scenes may be too scary for younger children. In one scene, Tzekel-Kan nearly has a cowering man thrown over the Temple platform as a sacrifice to the gods. Pagan revelry is partaken of, but in a much toned-down form, so that comic drunkeness is the worst that is seen. The positive elements are obvious as well. As with any good family film, the violent scenes discreetly eliminate or hide anything gruesome; thus it is a presentation of violence without being violent.

Miguel frequently sticks his neck out to save the citizens from becoming sacrificial victims. Additionally, he displays an uncanny compassion towards the people that becomes a true heart of love for them. Tulio as well comes to realize that love, friendship, and the lives of others are greater riches than gold. Finally, Tzekel-Kan believes he discovers his bloodthirsty god of prophecy in the form of Cortes, but instead discovers the principle of reaping what you sow.

I found that even though the lyrics may not have stood out, the music itself is catchy and does get your feet tapping. Another criticism I read suggests that the friendship between the two men strays out of bounds.

I myself saw no hints of impropriety between them. I personally have not laughed so much during one film in a long time. Jane Harrold, age It moves on to lies, stealing, sex, pagan rituals, cursing, etc.

It should have received an R rating. I was very disappointed in the fact that it is not for children as I was lead to believe. Always leary when we go to a free, before release preview with our 6 and 8 year old. The animation was as good as anything out. The chacaters are all likable and funny including a horse. Some clever and original scenes. He also becomes possessed along with a statue which was a bit intense.

And then the scene where the characters are on top of each other, no doubt to what was going on. That part went over my childrens heads, but I felt uncomfortable myself and for other parents there. The main chacters and the girl are common con artist. Remember there is no fast forward button to push at this movie!

I agree with the comments of two of the reviewers, there is a sex scene, although behind a sofa and the characters are not very interesting, or even that likeable.

The two main characters are thieves, and the purpose of their visit to El Dorado was to rob it. For the most part, it is a forgettable movie, although if you love animated movies for the animation, it has some stunning animination.

While, in the end, the main characters redeem themselves somewhat, overall it is a very weak story. I would not recommend taking young children to this movie. I took my children, ages 11 and 14, to see this film, hoping for the best.

The film had its good points, I enjoyed the quality of the animation, and the story had the warm predictability one expects from family films. But there were several moral problems. The character Chel bothered me in part because she was the only female character, and was presented in a way suggesting that a woman should flaunt her sexuality in order to get ahead. I was as troubled by some of the reviewers by the implication of sex behind the sofa—but something else troubled me more.

I believe that religion itself is presented in the film as a generally negative factor in human life. The religion of the people of El Dorado is presented as one from which they have to be freed—not freed in the Christian sense, but freed in the secular sense.

Being hemmed in by religion is bad, following your own desires is good. The only overtly Christian symbol in the film is the cross that appears on the sails of the ships of Cortes—and Cortes and his men are presented as the embodiment of evil.

Thus, the message seems to be that religion generally is bad, and Christianity is particularly bad. When my wife and five 5 year old sat down to watch this film we were ready for a cartoon. What we received was some of the best animation we have seen in years!

The action was good! If I wanted to take my neice and nephew through a mockery of new gospel and blood cleansing songs I would just turn on the TV. The lyrics were ungodly and the absoulute human sacrifice scenes were demonic… My Ratings: The main characters were enjoyable and loveable to watch.

The slave girl was mildly feminist, but not overtly so. The plus side was the stunning graphics and great repoirtoire between the characters. The only down sides were the lackluster music and skimpy story line. Overall, a good film for kids and adults. Little kids may not pick up on some of the jokes.

It is good to get another player in the animated movies business other than Disney. I have read comments which suggest that young children should not see this movie, I however, would not take any children to see this movie. The younger child will be scared by the monster scenes and probably disturbed by the death which appears throughout the movie, ending with the armadillo finally eating a little butterfly that has been flittering thru the whole movie, one final sick twist.

The high priest pushes his sidekick into a vat of some concoction to make the brew complete and give him powers. Of course, the sidekick is killed in the process. Gee, I wonder what he wanted to say?

The implied cursing, sex, death, drunkenness, orgy-type situations are totally inappropriate. The whole pagan gods thing is an issue that could just as well have been left on the cutting room floor. Adults will be embarrassed by the improprieties of the movie, including the lead female part, as well as irritated by the psychedelic music scenes which were unimaginitive and uninspired.

The music was instantly forgettable. Do yourself a favor …miss this movie. We took our entire family to view this movie. Our children are 12, 8 and 7 mos. My eight year old picked up on the fact that there was more than just kissing going on behind the couch. Clearly placed there for effect as it leaves the viewer wondering what was really said.

Of course all these items could have been left out and it would have been a totally enjoyable movie. I question the critics that imply there is more than friendship between the two main male characters. Maybe not younger elementary age either. From the opening song that states the gods decided to bestowe upon us mere mortals a city of gold, to the end where we are suppose to think we can be god like or god should be like us, this movie is not for Christians.

The main characters Tulio and Miguel are two spanish con artists who find a map to El Dorado and make there way there. They are mistaken for gods and they take advantage of this, unfortunately through the whole movie.

I found this very disturbing and parents with young kids are going to have to spend the evening explaining that we are not gods nor will become gods and that God our Father is not some simple human who can make mistakes etc.

Kids very well might get scared. This movie is rated PG for good reason. The main female lead walks around swinging her hips suggestively and wears a very skimpy outfit. There is a scene with Tulio which implies very much that the two of them were having sex.

I personally thought that the story was wasted. A better one would have been if Tulio and Miguel had to save the tribe and city from the Spanish and the wizard. The songs were okay, but even they were not really ones to remember unlike many Disney ones. The only good thing here was the graphics. Overall, I think Christians should stay away from this cartoon. There are just too many disturbing scences and blasphemies against God to waste your time on this film.

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A jovial and easygoing leader, with a fondness of celebration and feasts. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. You had to be all 'Oh, look at me, look at me, I'm a god. I have been around boats, believe me. All you have to do is find a pry-bar! A long piece of iron with a hooky-thing at the end! You fight like my sister! Retrieved March 8, Retrieved January 14, Retrieved June 24, Retrieved May 11, Paul March 1, Los Angeles Daily News. Retrieved March 8, — via HighBeam Research.

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The Brig Tim Rice.

The Road to El Dorado () Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from Miguel: Look! El Tulio: The stars are not in position for this tribute!. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The Road to El Dorado [Original Soundtrack] - Elton John on AllMusic - - Given that. After having won a map to the legendary city of El Dorado, then being caught for Tulio as well comes to realize that love, friendship, and the lives of others are end not win any awards, and despite its flaws, I still found watching “El Dorado” to be TO EL DORADO silly, funny, irreverent, insane odd and STRANGE.