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Gossip is rampant in a stylish Fifth Avenue beauty salon where an expert hair-dresser is involved in several intrigues. People in a sleepy Arizona town, are threatened by a truck- stop bandit and suspicious treasure hunters. Jessica travels to New Orleans to research a new novel, but gets caught up in a series of voodoo killings.

A nurse under a cloud comes to Cabot Cove. One of her patients is Jessica's best friend Maggie. A movie set in Rome is the setting for a more than they planned while filming a J. Jessica goes to New York to bid on a manuscript for the local museum and finds the bidders are not necessarily honest.

What is the secret ingredient in the ice cream? Jessica means to find out and see that the donation for the literary foundation is paid as promised. Jessica is called to testify before a grand jury after a victim's last phone call was traced to her number.

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A much disliked singer gets a jolt from an electric guitar during a rehearsal for a rock concert benefit in Cabot Cove. The victim of a childhood kidnapping sees more in the manuscript she is editing than coincidence would suggest.

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Deputy Andy bought a house with numerous defects from the victim and emerges as the chief suspect. Jessica is booked for a seminar in Australia when she gets word that she may have claim to an inheritance in the area--land used for sheep grazing. The natives are not all happy with this. There is much ill-will and Ned is injured, too much to skipper his craft.

His daughter replaces him and then Kyle is killed. This is no way to run a regatta! Seth's niece returns to Cabot Cove for her wedding only to have her groom die "accidentally" before the event. In San Francisco, a radio station's new manager is trying to change their image by firing every staff member who is past a certain age and playing music for teen-agers only. Dedicated to the Memory of: Derek Marlowe Jessica is on a train headed for El Paso where she is to lecture at a conference. She shares a table in the dining car with a woman who subsequently vanishes, leaving her purse on the table.

Then a message is announced for the woman and Jessica accepts it. This leads to an attack in her compartment and a demand for 'it'.

She has no idea what 'it' is and is rescued by a man claiming to be a journalist. She is warned away by an FBI man, but continues to follow her clues to Agua Verde where the woman apparently lives. The plot twists and turns as she delves deeper.

Jessica attends a lecture in Virginia given by Cassandra Hawkins, who is trying to clear the name of her ancestor, Samuel Pinckney. Samuel, a slave, was killed by a mob who accused him of murdering a white plantation owner on his wedding night in Jessica's investigation reveals that she herself is a descendant of Samuel's owner, Sarah McCullough.

As Jessica and Cassandra search for clues in the present to discover who really committed the crime, flashbacks reveal that Sarah was quite a detective herself. Lyn Hamilton Description Unavailable! Related links via Google.

Murder, She Wrote (an Episode Guide)

There were 10 foot by 10 foot marble panels, that were once walls, loose from the walls of the Trade Center. Lights were hanging down. The lights were, I believe, off. Unfortunately there were dozens of people in the lobby. They were in a contorted position. They were black in color; moaning; just writhing around. At this point, Lt. Walsh was in the lobby of the North Tower, approximately 1, feet below the airplane's impact point at floors 93 to We were just watching this airplane on target for the World Trade Center.

All of sudden, boom, he disappears into the Trade Center. So immediately everybody got into the rig. We automatically responded down to the World Trade Center. I imagine we got down there in less than two minutes. We all gathered our tools, and we headed to through the front door. What I observed as I was going through these doors and I got into the lobby of the World Trade Center was that the lobby of the Trade Center didn't appear as though it had any lights.

All of the glass on the first floor that abuts West Street was blown out. The glass in the revolving doors was blown out. All of the glass in the lobby was blown out. A lot of those were hanging off the wall. In the center of these two elevator shafts would be elevators that go to the lower floors.

They were blown off the hinges. Were these elevators that went to the upper floors? They weren't side lobby elevators? And they were blown off? They were blown off the hinges, and you could see the shafts. The elevators on the extreme north side and the other express elevator on the extreme south side, they looked intact to me from what could see, the doors anyway. It didn't make sense," said Cacchioli. Cacchioli was in the lobby of the North Tower, approximately 1, feet below the airplane's point of impact at floors 93 to Tommy and I had to go back down the elevator for tools and no sooner did the elevators close behind us, we heard this huge explosion that sounded like a bomb.

It was such a loud noise, it knocked off the lights and stalled the elevator. When I began to try and direct down, another huge explosion like the first one hits.

This one hits about two minutes later, although it's hard to tell, but I'm thinking, 'Oh. My God, these bastards put bombs in here like they did in ! Leading the man by the arm, he then ran into a group down the hall of about 35 to 40 people, finding his way down the 23rd floor stairwell and beginning their descent to safety.

Then I heard bang, bang, bang - huge bangs - and surmised later it was the floors pan caking on top of one another. Cacchioli was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor of the North Tower, approximately feet below the airplane's point of impact at floors 93 to 98 and approximately feet above ground level. The entire collapse of the North Tower occurred in only 11 seconds. It's unlikely the sounds referred to here by Mr. Cacchioli were floors pancaking since it took him several additional minutes to exit the building.

They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth and when they wouldn't let me do that, I walked out. It was a disgrace to everyone, the victims and the family members who lost loved ones.

The whole experience was terrible. I became a firefighter in , March, My whole family was firefighters, goes back a long way. So, about '98, I transferred over to the 10 house. OK, it was all good. We must have been in the Trade Center a thousand times, at least. September 11, I went to work about 8: In seconds we see the wing of the plane crash through the building. We got our orders from the Command Post to team up with Engine 5 and start our way up.

So we're standing there in the lobby. We're getting all together. All of sudden we hear [makes explosion sound]. People just come running out of the elevators on fire. I mean it was like "What is going on here? People running around all on fire. Schroeder was in the lobby of the North Tower, approximately 1, feet below the airplane's point of impact at floors 93 to And all of a sudden we heard, "Mayday, Mayday, Second plane.

There's no way there's a second plane. We got bounced around in the stairwell like pinballs, man. And we just said, "You know what, time to go. Most of the people were out. We were the last guys going up the stairs.

We got down -- We started taking off -- About 12 of us -- We got down to the 3rd floor and that's where the stairwell collapsed on us. And we had to dig our way out. Now the building's coming down. We can't see nothing. He was pointing over. The building would have collapsed.

He saved our lives. Saved about 12 guys lives that day. We got down to the lobby. And everything was blown out, exploded. We were the only ones in the lobby, now.

We're going, "Wait a second here. How confusing was it for you to know that a plane just hit so many stories up, but yet you saw all this devastation going up? We couldn't believe it. We were scratching our head; thinking, "What's going on? When you were in that building, how long after that first plane hit did those elevators blow out, would you say? We were in there for maybe five minutes. Five minutes and the elevators exploded on us. We said, "Something's wrong here. I mean, in five minutes all of a sudden now the elevators are exploding on the first level, the lobby?

A lot of people try to brush that off. There was a distinct time delay between the planes hitting and the elevators exploding. So, it wasn't -- Question: And what was your feeling about the lobby being so destroyed, as you said? We were saying that how is this happening when it was 80 stories up there. You say, "Something else had to go on here. Something else was going on here! I don't care who you are. I don't care what you say.

It's been six years. Six years, since holding this back. And you know what; it's time. You know what; let them do whatever they want to do. Somebody should really know what went on that day. We gotta bring this out; tell the world. All these people are in the dark. They gotta really open their eyes here. Their eyes have been shut too long.

You know, so, a lot of people don't know that. A lot of people -- you know it just didn't like -- it just didn't [ makes sound like puuff]. It was coming down. It was coming from the interior. It trapped us on the 3rd floor. And we were like, "This thing is definitely coming down, man.

We're like, "How is this happening when the plane was up 50 more stories and the stairwell's collapsing on us? Something wasn't right in Denmark that day. I mean them windows were like as thick as spaghetti. There were two, three inch glass. You know, come on. They exploded out of the lobby. It wasn't from the jet fuel. They were down from the lobby. The lobby was over here. That should never have happened, something what happened there. We came down -- It looked liked a bomb went off in the lobby.

There was no fire. It just looked like a bomb went off. Megan Bartlett — WTC survivor. Founder of Ground Zero for Peace.

Victim of Toxic Dust Exposure. Eyewitness to the collapse of WTC 7. He spent the next four days searching through the rubble and nearby buildings for survivors. Regarding his observations at WTC 7, immediately prior to its collapse. So, we're like, 'Ok, you know, we'll take their word for it. You know, we'll stay behind the line. I guess -- I don't know if he got an answer or not. He came back over with his hand over the radio and what sounded like a countdown.

And at the last few seconds he took his hand off and you heard '3 - 2 - 1'. Just run for your life! It was like a distinct sound. It's not like when compression, like boom boom boom boom boom, like floors that were dropping and collapsing. That to me, I knew that was an explosion.

There was no doubt in my mind. That was Building 7 that fell. Disabled from respiratory illness caused by inhalation of toxic dust.. That didn't sound like just a building falling down to me while I was running away from it. There's a lot of eyewitness testimony down there of hearing explosions. I didn't see any reason for that building to fall down the way it did -- and a lot of guys should be saying the same thing. I don't know what the fear is coming out and talking about it?

I don't know -- but it's the truth. I think we're being lied to. The only answer to get to the bottom of that lie is a new investigation. I think that the members that conducted it had conflicts of interest directly relating to not just our government but corporations intertwined with our government. I think it's a farce; that we're being lied to. There's not a word in it about Building 7.

I think it's time to demand a real investigation of the experience and let the truth come out in the wash. I walked around it Building 7. I saw a hole. I didn't see a hole bad enough to knock a building down, though.

Yeah there was definitely fire in the building, but I didn't hear any -- I didn't hear any creaking, or I didn't hear any indication that it was going to come down. And all of a sudden the radios exploded and everyone started screaming 'get away, get away, get away from it! It was at that moment I looked up, and it was nothing I would ever imagine seeing in my life. The thing started peeling in on itself Somebody grabbed my shoulder and I started running, and the shit's hitting the ground behind me, and the whole time you're hearing boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

I think I know an explosion when I hear it. So, yeah, I want to know what took that building down. I don't think it was the fire and it certainly wasn't a plane. Yeah, it had some damage to it, but nothing like what they're saying. Past President, Corrections Guardians Association. The Commission shall publish one or more reports of their findings.

That was the north tower now coming down. I should say that people in the street and myself included thought that the roar was so loud that the explosive - bombs were going off inside the building.

Obviously we were later proved wrong. That's basically what my memories are of the day. The sight of the jumpers was horrible and the turning around and seeing that first tower come down was unbelievable. The sound it made. As I said, I thought the terrorists planted explosives somewhere in the building. That's how loud it was, crackling explosive, a wall. After a while we were looking up at the tower, and all of a sudden someone said it's starting to come down.

This would be the north tower coming down? This would be the first one. Or the south tower? It was weird how it started to come down. It looked like it was a timed explosion, but I guess it was just the floors starting to pancake one on top of the other. After having survived the collapse of the South Tower by taking shelter behind a large pillar near Ground Zero, Captain DeShore found temporary safety in a small shop.

Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center, there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially it was just one flash. Then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode. The popping sound, and with each popping sound it was initially an orange and then a red flash came out of the building and then it would just go all around the building on both sides as far as I could see. These popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger, going both up and down and then all around the building.

I went inside and I told everybody that the other building or there was an explosions occurring up there and I said I think we have another major explosion. I don't know if we are all going to be safe here. I told them I can't force you, but I don't know if we are going to be safe here. I'm going to try to get as far aware from this building as possible. The North Tower collapsed shortly thereafter.

It seemed like on television they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions. Everybody just said run and we all turned around and we ran into the parking garage because that's basically where we were.

Running forward would be running towards it. Not thinking that this building [South Tower] is coming down. We just thought there was going to be a big explosion, stuff was going to come down.

A lot of guys left at that point. Floor after floor after floor. One floor under another after another and when it hit about the fifth floor, I figured it was a bomb, because it looked like a synchronized deliberate kind of thing. I was there in ' It actually gave at a lower floor, not the floor where the plane hit, because we originally had thought there was like an internal detonation explosives because it went in succession, boom, boom, boom, boom, and then the tower came down.

There was already things that were fallen or cracked. A lot of structural wall damage and ceiling damage that I could see. It looked like something had fallen down, hit and like exploded out. I mean the whole area around it was maybe 25, 30 feet of really severe damage.

At this point, Firefighter Murphy was in the lobby of the North Tower, approximately 1, feet below the airplane's impact point at floors 93 to There were pieces of marble like ornamental marble, I guess, on the walls that were maybe 2 foot by 3 foot pieces, maybe even little bigger, that had split and cracked and some had actually fallen. There was a couple that had fallen onto the lobby, this little lobby floor.

Some of the doors - they were silver colored elevator doors and they were almost like hanging out of plumb. They just didn't look right. We are in the lobby waiting for the elevator. We are standing there and the first thing that happened, which I still think is strange to me, the lights went out.

I had heard right before the lights went out, I had heard a distant boom boom boom, sounded like explosions. I don't know what it was. At the time, I would have said they sounded like bombs, but it was boom boom boom and then the lights all go out.

I would say about 3, 4 seconds, all of a sudden this tremendous roar. It sounded like being in a tunnel with the train coming at you. It sounded like nothing I had ever heard in my life, but it didn't sound good. All of a sudden I could feel the floor started to shake and sway. We were being thrown like literally off our feet, side to side, getting banged around and then a tremendous wind started to happen. It probably lasted maybe 15 seconds. It seemed like a hurricane force wind.

It would blow you off your feet and smoke and debris and more things started falling. It seemed like it took forever, but there were about ten explosions. At the time I didn't realize what it was. We realized later after talking and finding out that it was the floors collapsing to where the plane had hit.

We then realized the building started to come down. He was standing at the elevator bank waiting to go up. We were waiting in I guess like a little almost like a cutout area of the lobby, an elevator bank. One elevator was only working out of like four elevators in that bank.

The door closed, they went up, and it just seemed a couple seconds and all of a sudden you just heard like it almost actually that day sounded like bombs going off, like boom, boom, boom, like seven or eight, and then just a huge wind gust just came and my officer just actually took all of us and just threw us down on the ground and kind of just jumped on top of us, laid on top of us.

There were rocks falling and all that. The lights were still on at that point and all of a sudden the lights went out and you couldn't see anything. Regarding her actions immediately following the collapse of the first tower, WTC 2 Patricia Ondrovic: I tried to run into the lobby of 6 World Trade, but there were federal police -- maybe 4 to 6 of them -- standing in the open doorways.

As I tried to run in, they wouldn't let me, waving me out, telling me "you can't come in here, keep running. I think I started running faster at that point. Did you hear any "popping" sounds when each of these flashes in the WTC 6 lobby were going off? Yes, that part was like a movie. The pops were at the same time as the flashes. Can you estimate either how many flashes you saw or how many of these "pops" you heard inside this lobby? At least 6 before I was turned away.

Did you think these explosions in the lobby were maybe lights popping out as in an electrical surge, or did they seem more like explosives going off in a timed manner? I immediately got the impression they were timed explosives.

I have never thought they were anything else, not then, not now. Have you ever seen a building being demolished with explosives on TV and was the flashes and pops similar to that? It did remind me of just that. I had seen something on a Las Vegas casino being demolished and that's what it reminded me of. Can you try to describe what these "pops" you heard sounded like? They sounded like light bulbs popping, but there were no light fixtures where the explosions were coming from.

The sound was not all that loud. At the time, who did you think planted these explosives in there? I didn't have any notions of where to put blame per se, but I remember thinking that it was possibly the same organization who tried to blow up the building back in I figured they came back to finish the job.

At the time I was running, I remember thinking that "they" wired the whole area. At the time I wasn't aware that what made the towers catch fire were passenger jets crashing. I thought the buildings had bombs planted to go off that day.

The idea of not only one passenger jet, but two took me a while to comprehend -- not to mention the pentagon as well. Yet, there is no mention of them in the transcript of her FDNY testimony.

However, 26 lines of her lines of testimony were intentionally blacked out in the transcript. Her testimony is available here.

Paramedic Rivera arrived at the WTC prior to the second airplane impact. How did you know that it [the South Tower] was coming down? What did you hear? What did you see? It was a frigging noise. At first I thought it wasdo you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear 'Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop'? That's exactly what--because I thought it was that.

When I heard that frigging noise, that's when I saw the building coming down. He was standing across the street from WTC 2, near a toll booth, when it collapsed.

Later, standing in the middle of West Street, near Vesey We heard -- I heard 3 loud explosions. I look up and the north tower is coming down now, 1 World Trade Center. At that time, when I heard the 3 loud explosions, I started running west on Vesey Street towards the water.

Port Authority Police Department. Veteran of Operation Desert Storm. From Women at Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion: I went outside and got my coffee at the coffee wagon and I heard a plane that sounded like it was flying real low.

I looked up and all I could see was this big orange fireball at the Trade Center. I dropped my coffee, ran into the building, called my command and said, 'Something just happened over at the Trade Center. I'm going over there. All of a sudden I heard the second plane.

It sounded like it was coming full. We were in a stairwell trying to hurry people along, and we heard it hit. A couple minutes later, it sounded like bombs going off.

That's when the explosions happened. I could hear it coming and I knew something was going to happen. It started to get dark, then all of a sudden there was this massive explosion.

We were on the mezzanine, which is all encased in glass. The windows blew in, everything went black, we all got thrown. There was an incredible rush of air and it literally sucked the breath out of my lungs.

I heard that noise again like a railroad train coming. I told everybody, 'Get out of here! I don't know if that was when One World Trade started coming down or if another building had come down.

I'm only assuming that Building One was still up at that time. There were still some people there, and there was a doorway to the outside toward Building Five. We had to look up before we went out because body part and things were falling from above. I crossed over to Building Five. Somebody said something about the Pentagon being hit We went into Building Five.

All of a sudden everything went quiet again. I said to the guy behind me, 'Brace yourself. That sent me and the two firefighters down the stairs. I heard the rumbling again, like a locomotive coming.

Then the same thing happened again, where the wind sucked the breath out of me. I can't tell you how many times I got banged around. Each one of those explosions picked me up and threw me There was another explosion, and I got thrown with two firefighters out onto the street.

A firefighter grabbed me and said, 'Are you okay? I had burn marks, not like you'd have from a fire, but my face was all red, my chest was red, and for three or four days there was stuff coming out of my body like you wouldn't believe. It was like shrapnel. It's still coming out. I'll look at a little pinpoint under my skin and it will be bleeding. And her statements about multiple explosions in the Towers excerpted above had been published 20 months before the hearing.

Port Authority Police of New York. Awarded the Harry Myers medal As a roll call was being taken of the responding Detectives, Tower 2 began to collapse. The area above the secondary explosion actually leaned to the west and then the collapse took place. Ftizgerald and the undersigned rapidly retreated from the area, fleeing north on West Street, so as not to be engulfed in the ensuing debris field caused by the collapse. Jean Hunt — Pentagon survivor. Senior Program Analyst, Pentagon.

Disabled from injuries sustained in the attack on the Pentagon. Army, and Elisha Gallop — Pentagon survivors. April suffered major injuries in the attack on the Pentagon, resulting in partial disability and medical discharge from the Army. Two-month old Elisha suffered head injuries causing hearing loss and developmental delays. Endorsement of the PentaCon documentary: And I think that everyone should sit down and take a look at it. Do you have any theory about how a Boeing could have hit such a secure building without any anti-aircraft defenses being activated or any warning alarms sounded?

I have thought about this very question numerous times. And then I realized I needed to rephrase the question. The real question is what is the probability or likelihood that no anti-aircraft defense, warning alarms or additional security mechanism functioned on that particular day? And then we need to think how likely is it then there was a glitch in all the security mechanisms, anti-aircraft defense and warning alarms? A much disliked singer gets a jolt from an electric guitar during a rehearsal for a rock concert benefit in Cabot Cove.

The victim of a childhood kidnapping sees more in the manuscript she is editing than coincidence would suggest. The scene is a guest lodge in the Grand Tetons. Two of the guests are hiding secrets. Who has the diamond? Deputy Andy bought a house with numerous defects from the victim and emerges as the chief suspect.

Jessica is booked for a seminar in Australia when she gets word that she may have claim to an inheritance in the area--land used for sheep grazing. The natives are not all happy with this. There is much ill-will and Ned is injured, too much to skipper his craft.

His daughter replaces him and then Kyle is killed. This is no way to run a regatta! Seth's niece returns to Cabot Cove for her wedding only to have her groom die "accidentally" before the event. In San Francisco, a radio station's new manager is trying to change their image by firing every staff member who is past a certain age and playing music for teen-agers only.

At the meeting, on a rooftop, Cowan reveals that he did burn Michael, but only on the orders of superiors, who act for " Before he can explain further, he himself is assassinated by a sniper.

In the second season it is revealed that she ordered that Michael be burned so that she could use him for various black ops. Throughout the season, she forces Michael to perform a series of apparently unrelated errands for her, which he eventually learns are part of a planned assassination attempt.

Before Michael can work to foil the assassination, someone beats him to the punch by killing the assassin and nearly killing Michael in separate explosions.

Although he initially suspects that Carla is responsible, Michael learns that she is just as much in the dark as he is; and she orders him to find out who was behind the bombings.

Michael eventually discovers that the man responsible is Victor, a former employee of Carla's who has now gone rogue. However, rather than turning him in, Michael decides to team up with him to get Carla taken out of the picture by her own superiors, by revealing her abuse of the organization's resources for personal gain.

Carla, however, discovers their plan by shooting Victor and trapping him and Michael aboard Victor's houseboat. From the shore, Carla offers Michael a choice: Michael refuses to concede. Just before Carla pushes her detonator, she is killed by Fiona with a sniper rifle. He was a covert operative who worked with Michael during his spy days in Serbia and Russia until he became disillusioned with his government and even tried to persuade Michael that it was their government that burned him.

By nature, Larry is outwardly friendly and cordial, but is really extremely violent, hot-tempered, ruthless and sociopathic. During the crazy times in Serbia they were serving in, Larry seemed somewhat sane in comparison. Larry eventually saw their government superiors as restrictive and even traitorous towards their own operatives so he decided to enter "retirement" by walking into an oil refinery right before it exploded as witnessed by 15 others.

Presumed dead, Larry became a contract killer. After several terrorist attacks were pinned on Michael, Larry came to believe that Michael had finally adopted his philosophy on life and business. In the second season's "Double Booked", the son of a wealthy socialite plotted to kill his stepmother so he could inherit his family's fortune. Michael quickly spoiled the contract hit by impersonating Larry and pressuring the son into backing out of the assassination.

Recognizing what Michael had done, Larry turned around and impersonated "Michael Westen" in order to intimidate the son into continuing with operation, threatening to make him a "Dead-ee" a term that Larry coined for targets. With the assistance of Michael and his allies, however, the assassination was ultimately foiled. But when Michael attempts to take out Larry while the son pretended to pay for the hit, he fails to get a clear shot, allowing Larry to kill the son and then escape.

In the third season's "Enemies Closer", Larry returned to Miami with members of a vicious Mexican drug cartel on his trail.

He killed would-be assassin Justino in Michael's flat, using the body, and the fact that he used "Michael Westen" as an alias to force them to help. He had also adopted the persona "Larry Garber" after he killed the man and used his identity to launder money.

Almost succeeding to drive Michael from Sam and Fiona by deflecting his and their calls, Michael worked out Larry's endgame and set Larry up as an innocent civilian who called the police after finding evidence of money laundering. Larry, due to his investments, could not simply kill Michael and disappear so he was forced to cooperate with police.

In the fourth season's "Out of the Fire", Larry once again returned to trouble Michael's life working in conjunction with Tyler Brennen, the "owner" of the Management organization's NOC list. Larry and Michael were paired up again for the first time in years to assassinate everyone on the list; starting with IMF agent Albert Machado. Michael attempts to buy time by having Machado kidnapped rather than killed but Larry kills Machado anyway. While furious, Michael tried to deceive Larry into helping him, Sam, Fiona and Jesse steal Brennen's evidence and then continue in hunting down Management.

At a rendezvous point, Larry, having considered Michael's offer, made a move that benefitted only him; killing Brennan. This forced Michael to work with Larry to regain some form of leverage, but Michael's team outmaneuvered Larry, with Michael retrieving the flash drive and leaving Larry with nothing but a murder charge. In the fifth season's mid-finale "Dead to Rights", Larry reappears at Michael's loft with Anson Fullerton as a hostage to use for high security clearance to a local British consulate.

Larry has Anson's wife hostage with a bomb placed around her neck, threatening to kill her unless Michael and Anson aid him in robbing the consulate for several million dollars. Since he had to bribe his way out of the prison Michael sent him which has exhausted all of his fortune he had in escrow and also murdered an Albanian warden to ensure his escape, Larry no longer treats Michael even remotely amicably.

Larry fakes a chemical exposure alert in the floor below the British Consulate to seal off the wing. He forces Michael to replace a document which would have Larry gain millions in land contracts.

In the meantime, he hacks building security to force Fiona, Sam and Anson to back off. Unusually, he happens to have killed his leverage Anson's wife before the job was done. Fiona locates the office where Larry is monitoring security and places an RDX bomb on the bulletproof window. Luring him with a few sniper shots, she sets off a bomb near the room he is in, presumably killing him along with two security guards after a secondary bomb placed by Anson is set off though it should be noted that a newspaper headline shown later in the episode lists only two casualties.

Unknown to him, Larry's actions was the catalyst of Anson's exploitation for Fiona to cause the consulate's destruction as leverage against Michael.

In the seventh season's "Psychological Warfare", Larry appears in Michael's hallucinations while Michael is being interrogated by the organization he agreed to dismantle. Drugged and forced to imagine Larry inside his head, it is that revealed that Michael and Larry were betrayed by an asset on their last mission together, which led to Michael destroying the building that contained the asset. However, Larry forces Michael to admit that there were innocent people inside the building as well, and that they burnt to death because he couldn't do the mission properly as he could have.

Michael tearfully says that he became scared of what he had done and feared that he was becoming like Larry, leading to his departure from working with him ever again. Larry is despised by both Sam and Fiona as they feel that he is a bad influence on Michael. Though they share a mutually antagonistic relationship, Sam and Larry apparently know each other very well and could therefore have had dealings with one another in the past.

Michael has admitted that there is a small part of him that is like Larry, but that this part grows smaller the longer he is around his friends. For his own part, Larry seems to have slightly paternal feelings for Michael and is constantly frustrated by his former comrade's reluctance to embrace the darker side of his personality.

Larry is the longest-recurring villain outside major antagonists. Tyler Brennen Jay Karnes was a ruthless gunrunner and former military intelligence operative. He is the first villain-of-the-week to become a recurring character and the first person whom Michael can never smooth-talk into doing anything. Michael, dispensing with the use of cover identities and approaching Brennen as himself, frees Samantha's son and tricks Brennen into letting him return the item to its rightful owner, forcing Brennen to go on the run from his buyers.

In the third-season episode "End Run", he returns, having dispatched his pursuers by a particularly clever ruse. He poses as an investor in the latest business venture of Michael's younger brother Nate.

Brennen tells Michael he will have Nate killed if Michael does not agree to help him. Although Michael gains access to the device, he bluffs Brennen into believing that he has drained Brennen's offshore accounts and sent a hitman to kill his daughter.

Brennen releases Nate and leaves empty-handed, swearing vengeance. In the fourth season, Brennen returns. In the episode "Dead or Alive", Brennen has Marv Jesse's former handler killed and the flash-drive that Michael and Jesse had stolen then smiles playfully at Michael from the fleeing vehicle.

In the following episode "Out of the Fire", Brennen blackmails Michael into assassinating members of Management and framing a terrorist group. He also hires "Dead" Larry to assist. When Michael and Larry return from the first job at a rendezvous point, Brennen was pouring glasses of champagne in celebration for the victory but Larry double-crosses Brennen and kills him.

Miami Police Detective Michelle Paxson Moon Bloodgood appeared at the start of the third season almost immediately after Michael opted out of protection from "Management". Paxson had noticed shady activity from Michael, Fiona and Sam, and worked to shut down their operation.

In the episode " Fearless Leader ", Michael and the others find one of the most dangerous men in Miami and plan to hand him over to Paxson, letting her take credit for the collar. In exchange, Paxson agrees to let Michael and his team operate relatively freely, with Michael ultimately convincing her "we're on the same side". Until the sixth season, she was the only antagonist in official authority whom Michael had faced. Introduced in the episode "The Hunter", he tries to recruit Michael with gifts such as a basket of yogurt and lotion delivered by a sexy masseuse.

Michael refuses each time, insisting that he is not a mercenary and is not interested in Strickler's money. Strickler seems to know every detail of Michael's life and keeps tabs on Sam and Fiona as well.

He is powerfully connected and appears to be able to control just about anyone, including government agencies. He is even able to affect movement on Michael's burn notice, and is thus able to get Michael to do some questionable projects in exchange for getting the burn lifted. A man with a silver tongue, he is able to convince Michael to do things the same way Michael does with everyone else. In the mid-season finale "Long Way Back", Strickler tells Michael that Fiona's influence on Michael's life is "holding him back" and that he has arranged to have her kidnapped and sent back to Ireland where her enemies are waiting.

Michael kills a hostile Strickler and rescues Fiona, leaving Strickler's body with Fiona's kidnappers. Before Strickler was killed, both were working on "secret business". Gilroy has no problem killing innocent people and actually rather enjoys it, going as far as to kill his own teammates if they fail during a mission like when he killed "Claude" due to "complications from [an] injury" despite the thief having only broke his ankle.

He is rather good at what he does, committing violent acts and killing people without getting caught or being blamed for it. Michael figures out who he is when Gilroy reenacts his crimes to Michael. He is approached by Michael to join him on his "secret job" but turns Michael away, saying he is not good enough for his job, but after seeing Michael pull off a job, he is impressed and decides to hire Michael.

After performing some errands for Gilroy and doing some investigative work of his own, Michael discovers that Gilroy's operation in Miami involves a plane heading from Chile to Poland that's transporting an extremely high-risk prisoner to which Gilroy intercepts the plane. After diverting the plane off course, he was paid 10 million dollars for securing the release of the prisoner, which turns out to be Simon Escher.

By the time Michael arrived, Gilroy had been shot in the abdomen, strapped to an explosive device and handcuffed to the steering wheel of his vehicle. After briefly speaking with Michael and ruefully acknowledging that he himself had been manipulated and betrayed, Gilroy dies when the explosive device detonates and the vehicle explodes. He is responsible for numerous bombings, arsons, kidnappings and assassinations for the Management organization.

Sometime prior to the series, he went insane and began carrying out terrorist attacks for his own interests. When Simon became too high-risk for "the powers that be" to continue doing business with, they attempted to have him killed but failed, which led to Simon's vendetta against Management.

Using his high-ranking access, he compiled a list of names, aliases, occupations and locations of all of the Management members as an insurance policy via a book-code of the names in the Escher family Bible, which can only be decrypted by a second portion of the code. Realizing he was too small a cog in the machine to strike at, he enlisted the help of private-sector corporation Drake Technologies CEO John Barrett for assistance in taking his former employers out.

But he was captured and taken into exile as a super-max prisoner. When Management burned skilled and talented spy Michael Westen with all of Simon's crimes to secure his dismissal, Simon somehow discovered this information and became obsessed with Michael for taking the "credit for his work". Both freelance spy-wrangler Tom Strickler and professional assassin Mason Gilroy planned to have Simon broken out of the super-max prison.

After Michael gunned down Strickler, Gilroy took it upon himself to break Simon out for the promised price-tag and ultimately forced Michael to assist in the dangerous jail-break. Once the plane's pilots were bribed to stop at Miami, Simon turned on Gilroy by shooting him in the abdomen and strapping him to an explosive device that blew him up inside of his car. In the season finale "Devil You Know", Simon is now a free man and on the loose once again and first turned his attention to Michael by forcing him to lure Management to Miami.

During a meeting between Michael and Management atop a helipad, Simon detonated a bomb that blew up the helicopter and stormed the rooftop under a police officer disguise. He killed several of Management's bodyguards and captured the old man but Michael barely escaped death by sliding down a construction chute. Restraining Management inside the back of an ambulance that served as his escape vehicle to flee the scene of the bombings, Michael hijacked another car and crashed into Simon's ambulance.

After a struggle between Simon and Michael, Simon is once again captured, but promised Michael that he'd soon "end up just like [Simon]". In the fourth season, Simon is once again a prisoner of Management. When Michael requested he be returned to Miami for interrogation about who his benefactor was, Simon broke free of his restraints and attacked Michael, hurling them both out of a window and onto a deck.

There, he told Michael of the location of a buried stash he had hidden inside a cemetery containing an audio-tape that implicated "Vaughn" in Michael's burn notice. He also led Michael and his allies to Barrett. In the final season episode "Tipping Point", Simon reappears after it is revealed that the CIA has been using him for off-the-books missions for two years.

He attempts to work with Michael, but Michael eventually stabs and kills him after going into a rage. Vaughn Anderson Robert Wisdom is a high-ranking and connected member of Management who serves as Michael's point of contact. It is implied he is the replacement for Carla.

He explains to Michael that there is a person or organization orchestrating wars internationally for profit and shows him a dossier containing seemingly unrelated documents. Michael is able to see the "big picture" from the documents and identifies a man, Gregory Hart Michael Ironside , as an arms dealer supplying both sides of the war.

Vaughn and Michael track Hart using his "sat phone" to apprehend him. When Vaughn and Michael question him, he refuses to share any information.

Vaughn responds by shooting him in the leg. Before they are able to extract any information, a Predator drone destroys the camp, wounding Vaughn in the process. Without any other leads, Vaughn asks Michael to retrieve classified information using a copy of counter-intelligence operative Jesse Porter's security pass, which ultimately ends in Jesse being "burned" by his superiors in the same fashion as Michael. As Michael and his team slowly unravel the conspiracy, tensions between Vaughn and Michael become strained; as Vaughn vocally is against the softer side of Michael's methods of solving problems, preferring intimidation and torture to Michael's preference of manipulation and stealth.

His information directs Michael to a buried tape-recording marked "Berlin ". The tape from Simon's box implicates Vaughn in Michael's burn notice, as well as efforts to assassinate Simon.

When Michael seems to go rogue, Vaughn attempts to manipulate Fiona into getting Michael back on the side of Management; which ultimately fails. This leads to Vaughn and other Management commandos storming the pier with guns blazing where Michael is meeting with John Barrett: While on the surface Vaughn is a friendlier and more positive representative of Management than Carla, he is also extremely ruthless and makes it known he will commit atrocities himself in order to prevent even larger-scale acts of destruction.

He lies to Michael about not being involved in his burn notice, though Simon's tape contradicts this. His first reaction to the "accidental" burning of Jesse is to have him captured and hauled away to the same super-max prison Simon is held in. And he seems to regularly have information that he does not share with Michael.

In the episode "Eyes Open", Vaughn promises to leave Miami because of his failure during Michael's sting operation but says he still has "big plans" for Michael, suggesting he will return at some point down the road.

In the fourth-season finale "Last Stand", Vaughn and numerous mercenaries of "Management" return to Miami, having been alerted by an anonymous email from the now-deceased Tyler Brennen. He and his men are determined to retrieve the contents of Simon's Bible at any cost. Vaughn makes it clear to Michael immediately that he is finished "playing nice" with him, and is now here to do what is necessary to accomplish his task.

Vaughn and his army corner Michael, Fiona and Jesse in an abandoned building. Through his various connections in Management and the apprehension of Madeline, he gives them two options: With Jesse's leg badly wounded, Michael opts to divert the forces while Fiona and Jesse escape; Fiona returns to Michael, and they are saved from their suicidal mission by a military platoon directed by Sam and authorized by Congressman Cowley, who was promised the flash drive.

Vaughn is outgunned and arrested. Despite having been sent to Guantanamo for nine months, Anson Fullerton uses Vaughn's accounts to begin the restoration of the organization, something Michael picks up on while in Washington. Determined to get answers, Michael gets Vaughn transferred in-state for interrogation. While resistant at first to reveal his secrets, Michael forces him to reveal them by threatening to let Vaughn's enemies get close to him.

John Barrett Robert Patrick was the powerful and wealthy CEO of international telecom company Drake Technologies that has numerous high-profile connections abroad and involved in the military—industrial complex with several US allies. Although he appears in the fourth season, his character was alluded to several times in the third season.

When Simon Escher compiled a complete file on Management's organization, Barrett collaborated with his powerful allies and such capabilities. But with Simon detained and his cypher-key bible locked in a safety deposit box, Barrett had his associates make their own moves. Now a free man and on the loose once again, Simon used his benefactor's resources to procure two bombs. In the fourth season, Barrett planned to have a team of freelance thieves rob the safety-deposit box and recover the Bible but they failed the operation and were caught.

So he hired assassin "Kendra" to kill the thieves for their failure. When Michael Weston and Jesse Porter captured "Kendra" and learned of her part in the conspiracy, the two burned spies broke into the safety-deposit box and stole the bible and learn that it was Simon's book code.

In the episode "Blind Spot", Barrett was contacted, while in New York City, by Michael and Jesse to offer the Bible in exchange for answering their questions about the contents. While hesitant to admit his complicity, he sent a Colonel to retrieve the book which they anticipated and countered.

Barrett then personally arrived to Miami with an effective army to negotiate with Michael for the Bible. In the mid-season finale "Guilty as Charged", Michael infiltrated Barrett's highly secure mansion to secure a meeting.

At a harbor, Barrett and several of his mercenaries arrived in black SUVs. After obtaining the Bible and confirming authenticity, Barrett explained how he was Simon's unofficial partner and his intentions of eliminating the Management members. He also showed interest in recruiting Michael to achieve this goal. But the deal went bad when Barrett was notified that "Vaughn" and other Management mercenaries approached the pier in a convoy of vehicles and began a shoot-out with Barrett's mercenaries.

As a full-scale war erupted on the harbor, Barrett ordered a mercenary to capture Michael for interrogation. While Jesse's timely intervention prevented Barrett's two-man team from taking Michael, the distraction left Michael vulnerable to Barrett. Weakened and bleeding out, Michael was snatched by Barrett and thrown into the passenger seat of the SUV. Barrett drove the vehicle through the war zone until they were on the open road again.

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