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Want to play in dunes or mud with you

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Evernight " The Reign of Darkness " is a strategy game that pits you against other players in a quest to conquer the world of Midia. This world is filled with a vast number of conquerable regions. Each new player begins with only a single region, however, by deploying your forces and launching calculated attacks into the surrounding regions and player's kingdoms… the player's borders rapidly expand. The objective is to crush or coerce anyone that stands in your way to controlling as many regions as possible at the end of the game.

Evernight is a turn-based game. What that means is that you tell the game what you want your forces to do ie, move to a neighboring region. Then, at set times, the game will process all player moves at the same time -- this includes fighting battles. When you log in after the turn has been processed, you will see the results of the previous turn's battles, and be able to give your orders for the next turn.

There are 6 forms you can call upon within Evernight, each tied to a specific religion and conjured from a temple dedicated to that religion. From the craggy peaks of Midia I brought the stony powers of the ground forth in the form of the Colossa. The creature stands as tall as a fortress, and its granite skin is near impervious. Wherever this titan walks death will follow, and even the bottoms of the frozen seas will not be safe.

As I had created the Amber from all things pure, so the Black Dragon was summoned from all things evil. Its chaotic appetite for death defied even my most delirious fears… and when its form rose from the twisting portal of MindBender, nothing was safe from its poisonous fire.

The ageless Incinerak sent the Magma Demon in my hour of vengenace not as servants, but treacherous deceivers. Their dry-witted cruelty and slavering thirst for blood have earned them a fearsome reputation and an intolerable attitude.

The strangest of the Forms must be the wide-minded Woodens. This all-seeing entity penetrates the mortal mind with the madness of Bork, and its ancient, splintered fingers crush legions in their grasp.

Never before had I laid eyes on a thing so sublime… so illusory. For centuries the machines of the Golden Age, the mighty Iron Hulks , lie dead and cold beneath the stony ground. But destiny will open the eyes of the mechanical God, and his legions will rise from their earthy tombs to devour the air and the land. Mortals will be ground under their heartless metallic tread The ageless Incinerak sent them in my hour of vengenace not as servants, but treacherous deceivers.

From the remains of the machinery of the Golden Age a race of mechanical Form arose. The supernatural glow of doom glimmered in the hollow eyes of crushed metal parts, and I watched as the land was flattened under uncaring, bloodied wheels. Long ago, when my quest seemed futile and my holy war seemed a delusion of madness, there were a chosen few who pledged their lives to the cause.

Ironically, the sorceror's empire must be built on a foundation of these crusader's lives… and so they stride into battle. Since the Golden Age mortals have been kin with this ancient and wise race.

Their sturdy demeanor and impervious resolve bring comfort to the endless darkness of the trenches, where the wounded and dying cower behind the sheltering bulk of their shelled allies. For generations, elite crusader warriors have mounted these viscious reptilian killers.

I watched as the last wave of their toothy legion rolled into the valley below me… claw and tooth tore the enemy to bloody ribbons… only terror and a growling darkness answered their bizarre scaly warhowl.

It was the diabolical Nergal who brought these unnatural monstrosities to life. In subterranean pits their countless numbers breed and heave with pinkish sickness. They are the mindless devourers of mortals; the egg-spawned children of a rotting madman. After the sun of Midia was no more, and a plague of bogs infected the world, a race of beasts arose from the murk to wreak havoc on mortal men.

Haunted and twisted by the dark forces of their hideous, mystic origin, these horrors obey only the sorceror who fears not their acidic appetite for flesh. Legends say the Glows were the dream of a mad sorceror in the forgotten mists of history.

Who knows what spawned their translucent bodies… But on this make no mistake, their otherworldly minds will penetrate even a stalwart consciousness and kill a victim from within. Evernight features a range of 36 different spells that can be used to strengthen your forces , weaken your enemies, and do various other sneaky things.

Spells are divided into 6 categories of 6 spells each. Spells from the Church of the Transcendent Body deal with changing regions into a different region type. There is one spell for each region type. The Druids of Oarne category is comprised of a miscellany of spells. Generation Technology contains the movement altering spells. These spells don't actually move troops, but rather modify their movement orders to coincide with the effects of the spell.

Then, when the movement phase of the tick occurs, the troops move along their new orders. Psylicides, which can prove very powerful in the hands of a skilled caster. The Psylicides are structured around misdirection. The spells within the Ancient Amra category are defensive combat spells. The Gonmol Horde category contains the offensive combat spells.

There a two resources in Evernight. Treasure generated from the various terrain types and Fury earned though Battles! Used to build structures and buy lessers , the main combat force in Evernight. You start the game with 50 Treasure.

Each turn, you receive Treasure according to the number and type of regions you control. Most of the region types have a special property and produce varying amounts of treasure. There are 6 different region types within Evernight: They do produce the most treasure though, so are frequent battlegrounds.

Enemy lessers and Woodens are hidden when in forest regions. You can only view battle reports from battles fought in forest regions if you were one of the combatants. Lessers may only enter Mountain regions by using the GrunchGuard spell.

Any lesser left on a Mountain region without an active GrunchGuard spell is destroyed at the end of the cycle. Lessers may only enter Frozen Sea regions by using the GrunchGuard spell. Any lesser left on a Frozen Sea region without an active GrunchGuard spell is destroyed at the end of the cycle.

Fury is used to cast spells and to summon and fuel forms. You start the game with 35 fury. Each turn, you receive more fury based on how well your lessers performed in battle the previous turn. You gain 1 point of fury for each enemy lesser they killed and 1 point of fury for each point of damage they did to enemy forms.

When your forms kill enemy troops, you do not gain fury. Instead, that form gains experience and becomes harder to kill. Long and deep is the history of Midia. Here you shall find scripts of arcane knowlege and the flora and fauna of this land known as Evernight.

In the ancient days of Evernight, then known as the planet Midia, a warm sun illuminated a golden age of commerce and culture. The six great nations grew and reached all the glories of a civilized world This terrible bane was brought from its timeless watery slumber by one twisted mortal sorceror known as Nergal the Mad. Every soul on Evernight suffered when Nergal's heinous master rose from his murky resting place to devour and destroy every trace of the Golden Age.

Though Nergal himself was one of the first victims of this abomination, his effect on the destiny of Midia had taken its toll, and now only a sorceror of greater power could rescue this small planet from a fate more terrible than any madman's nightmare As Bork's hated form lumbered without direction, bringing blackish rotten death to all that its gangrenous tentacles touched, a young girl in the remote nation of Thrin was undergoing a ceremony as old as Midia itself.

Her bloodline was prophesized to rise to the defense of this small world in its darkest hour At last the great duel began On the eleventh day, Bork's fate seemed imminent and the prophesy promised to come true.

But who can say what powers shape the truth of foresight or the certainty of the future A cataclysmic explosion more furious and destructive than ever known turned the sun to dust, and the planet Midia fell into endless shadow. It is said The Black Between was blasted into six pieces by the force of the sun's destruction For the next millenium the unrelenting darkness infected even the most wise of mortals with fear and madness. The six great nations, which at one time had flown the banners of a golden age, now decayed into ruin and chaos.

It is surmised that dire vengence, raw and brutal, would write the next page in the legend of Evernight Searching for a means to reassemble The Black Between and destroy Bork for time eternal, the Queen of Mystery tapped the very elements of Evernight for every scarcity of strength.

Her mystic reach extended to the core of the most remote mountains, to the depths of the darkest waters, and beyond the burning earth and forgotten lands of the long-dead Golden Age. From these places of power she summoned a race of demigods: From gaseous pools of chanting light The Forms emerged; each a towering monster of immense power.

Soon untold numbers of Forms walked Evernight unchecked. For two centuries it was so. The Black Between still lost to the inky wilderness, no decisive power could bring Evernight under control.

Forms warred across plain and mountain range as the Gods looked on. Since her death, only a chosen few have dared to harness the Forms' power, and even fewer know of The Black Between's existence Now, a new prophesy tells of a final reckoning. Use strategy and diplomacy skills to conquer foes and dominate the world.

Combines the strategic elements of Risk and Chess with Role-playing and Fantasy elements to create an unrivaled online community.

Evernight - The Reign of Darkness

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