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Seymour sex rooms

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Seymour sex rooms

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Married lady in same situation is best. Looking for sex maybe more Horney blonde loves to give oral. My favorite things to do are to watch baseball and cook--I've been told I can cook too.

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Seymour sex rooms

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I have a job, house, car, motorcycle a camper so I am not looking SSeymour a handout. If you like to laugh, love a good conversation with an adventurous, educated and generally good looking man then you could be the one for me. I'm white educated.

RE: I should say something w4m If this is who I think it is-When I'm sad, she comes to me With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free It's alright she says it's alright Take anything you want from me,anything. Reply with Lick me wet in your subject if interested, I won't reply otherwise. Black thick girl searching for a fine white man only.

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended stop reading. This is a work of fantasy the author in no way condones violence towards celebrities sexual or otherwise.

If in doubt Stop Reading. Igor was very content as he knew he would be, when the idea for this evening came to him. She looked up nervously to see if She had displeased Igor in some way, She knew the cost of displeasing him and didnt want to suffer that again. Igor grinned evilly and tugged Pennys hair so that She was forced to swallow even more of his cock. Now it was Pennys turn to let out a muffled groan but She had no other choice but to accept her fate and redouble her efforts to pleasure him.

Igor was the head of the London branch of a particularly viscous Russian criminal gang sometimes erroneously referred to in the press as the Russian Mafia. The gang over the last few years had effectively taken over Londons criminal scene.

Vice, protection and of course drugs were their major interests, these and other activities provided Igor and his gang with unbelievable amounts of money. The gang ruled their empire with a ruthless streak which terrified both their victims and potential rivals. Igor was the leader for one simple reason he was the most vicious of all the gang. He would allow no slight against him or his gang to go unpunished and invariably the punishment would be disproportionately violent.

Igor had all of the trappings that wealth brings, multiple houses, luxury cars even a private jet. A seemingly never ending supply of beautiful women who were persuaded to indulge Igors twisted sexual tastes. The method of persuasion varied, sometimes money, sometimes blackmail, sometimes a viscous beating with canes and whips, whatever worked.

Igor liked his sex the same way as he liked everything else violent! The beautiful young blonde last week was a typical example. Igor had spotted her in the VIP section of Vodka one the gangs nightclubs. She was stunning, about five feet two, perfect breasts, nice legs and ass shown off by her short black dress and a very pretty face with an enchanting smile. She was persuaded to accept the offer to join Igor and his friends for champagne. Igor could be a charming host and quickly discovered that her name was Charlotte and that she was a trainee lawyer with one of the Citys biggest firms.

She had a plummy voice, the result of years of public school education and generations of privilege. Six hours later, Charlotte was naked her arms tied behind her back, her elbows tied painfully together. She was kneeling in front of Igor while he viscously face fucked her. Charlottes face was streaked with mascara stained tears, her ass and inner thighs streaked with welts from the severe caning She had been given to ensure her capitulation.

Igor had raped her twice and fucked her virgin ass for good measure. It was as he shot his huge load into Charlottes mouth, he remembered a very similar moment with a similar young blonde two months ago, it was exactly at this point that the idea came to him. If he could have normal woman any way he chose and then persuade them to keep quiet about it afterwards then why not celebrities.

Igor was distracted by these thoughts as he forced Charlotte to swallow every drop. Charlotte collapsed to the floor disgraced and defeated. Her ordeal however was far from over , Igor pressed a concealed button and two of his henchmen entered the room.

Charlotte screamed as She saw they were naked and sporting large erections. She continued to scream as She was carried out of the room. Charlotte was to discover even greater levels of humiliation as She was used as a fucktoy for the next three days by twenty five members of the gang. Charlotte was then told that if She went to the police her family would die.

The gang never forgot to make a profit, so She was also told that although She could return to her privileged life, twice a week She would have to whore herself in one of the gangs more seedy brothels.

Again failure to comply or if She was tempted to commit suicide to escape then members of her family would take her place. Igor had given a lot of thought to his idea, and once he had decided on his plan he immediately made arrangements to put it into action. Though her job at the T. Station was very lucrative and led to other opportunities within television She was still a little frustrated by her status at the station, on one hand She fronted the early part of the show, the News Hour but was then ousted to newsreader for the much more popular GMTV Today replaced by either Fiona Phillips or Kate Garraway.

She just didnt get it. Fiona was older than her, without being immodest Penny knew She was prettier than Fiona, She also knew that while Fiona wasnt above flashing some cleavage She didnt wear the short skirts that Penny did. Not that Penny was adverse to plunging necklines either. Kate had cemented her position again this morning. Responding to a report from a particularly muddy part of the riverbank of the Thames, She jokingly announced on national television that Penny and She would be mud wrestling each other there later.

Penny was taken aback by this finally stammering a lame does it have to be in mud? As Penny approached the door to her apartment She decided that She needed to raise her profile. She was due to fly out to Portugal tomorrow to shoot a holiday feature for the show, perhaps She should up the ante by wearing some hot bikinis. Penny unlocked her front door and entered her apartment, She felt a sharp prick in her arm then everything went black.

Penny came round to discover pain, lots of pain. She was on her knees, hands tied behind her back, her elbows forced painfully together and tied. She struggled for breath and tried to scream. The large penis gag halfway down her throat made this futile. The most pain however was coming from her ass, somebody had forced a very large anal plug into her ass while She was out with whatever they had injected into her, then it began to vibrate and Pennys whole body shuddered in pain.

Three of Igors men were standing around her, one was mauling her naked breasts, twisting and pulling at her nipples. Another man was furiously frigging Pennys painfully dry pussy. The third man stood behind Penny and held her head in a vice like grip forcing her to stare at her wall mounted plasma screen. The screen was showing scenes featuring her from recent GMTV shows. Good afternoon Penny said Vlad one of Igors closest lieutenants, who was watching Pennys predicament from the luxurious sofa behind her, Glad you finally decided to join us.

Penny tried to struggle but to no avail, She tried to close her eyes but discovered that her eyelids had been taped open. Vlad continued Im sure you are wondering why we are here, please allow me to explain The images on the screen in front of her began to change, there were still scenes featuring her from GMTV but these were interspersed with violent sex scenes featuring rapes and brutal beatings.

Even more terrifyingly there were scenes of Pennys closest friends and family obviously shot without their knowledge going about their daily business. There was a video of her sister taken through a kitchen window while She prepared a meal, yet another showed her best friend Mariella Frostrup taking her daily swim at the exclusive health club which they were both members of, the camera lingering over her friends body, the scene cut to the clubs changing room the camera again devouring Mariellas body as She showered and got dressed.

The club was supposed to be very secure so how could they get film like this? We require your services Miss Smith Vlad continued, you are going to attend a party in exactly two weeks time, you will be collected from this address at six p.

You will wear the clothes we supply for you and for the duration of the party you will perform any and every sexual task asked of you. If you refuse or go to the police your friends and family will be hurt, raped and killed. Penny was crying uncontrollably now, She knew from the film in front of her and the awful pain She was in that this was very real and that they were deadly serious.

You are going to Portugal tomorrow, I believe said Vlad. Oh fuck they know everything, thought Penny. I also believe it has been known for the film crew to try and talk you sluts into going topless while on location How could they know this? Wondered Penny, the crew were always trying it on with the presenters when they were on location. They all tried to cajole the girls out of their bikinis and if that failed then they encouraged them to wear the skimpiest bikinis they could.

Penny had never succumbed to this but She did flirt with the crew, after all they could make or break her should they choose. She would sometimes wear a thin top with no bra underneath in the evening while She and the crew relaxed in the hotel. She knew they liked this and it paid to keep them sweet.

It didnt hurt that She enjoyed the attention and the sexual power it gave her either. She had heard the rumours of a tape featuring GMTVs weathergirl Andrea MaClean in which She presents the weather forecast from a beach in Spain topless, Penny hadnt actually seen it but judging by the help and attention Andrea always got from the technicians on the show, She thought it probably did exist.

Vlads heavily accented voice jarred her back, This time they are going to get what they want, big time! You will be visiting a nudist beach this trip and instead of the usual flirty piece to camera followed by the long blurred shots of the beach you are going to be a great deal more graphic.

You will strip naked and do an extended feature on the beach with lots of interviews. Penny still crying uncontrollably just couldnt believe what She was hearing, what would be the point, while the crew and whoever they shared the tape with, would She had no doubt love it, there was absolutely zero chance of it being transmitted on national T. What Penny didnt know was that the chief executive of GMTV was an acquaintance of Igor and that the tape was going to be broadcast in its entirety.

The men then stopped assaulting Penny and She was untied and her gag removed, the anal plug however was left in her ass. She fought to suck in desperately needed oxygen, hoping that her ordeal was over at least for now. Penny was to quickly learn that this was not the case.

Vlad who had been out of Pennys eye line so far stood up from Pennys white leather sofa and stood directly in front of Penny. Drink this now he said handing Penny a large soda glass filled with about a pint of a white cloudy liquid with two straws in it. Penny had no doubt what the foul smelling liquid was and refused to accept the offered glass.

If you dont drink every last drop in the next five minutes, your sister will be sucking dog cock within an hour. Penny tearfuly capitulated knowing that as She took her first sip of horse cum , her life would never be the same. Penny was standing on a nudist beach in Portugal, naked as the day She was born. The crew had been delighted when She had told them that She was going to be naked, it occurred to her that they already knew, particularly when they suggested that She shouldnt wear any underwear for an hour before to avoid lines showing.

She was conducting her fourth interview of the shoot, this time with a creepy German man who must have been seventy, he also kept touching his half erect cock as he openly studied Pennys nude body. Penny wondered if life could be any worse, then She remembered the party.

She just couldnt go through with it She had to get away, no matter what the cost. So it was that at midnight She sneaked out of the hotel and got into a taxi. The airport please and hurry replied Penny clutching her small overnight bag.

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But, days like today I'm perfectly fine with chillin inside where its warm. Put Your BBW in the subject line with a few pics if you are serious. Kick it on the beach and write and get to know eachother.

I would love to train with any other women in the area (no running clubs, they intimidate me).

The Seymour House offers you a choice of five creatively theme-decorated rooms. All rooms have private baths, a fireplace, a queen or king size bed. Inside Stephanie Seymour's huge closet, which has entire rooms dedicated to her Birkins and couture (but sons Harry and Peter Brant, Jr. are locked out). Seymour sex chat: Finding sex in Seymour has never been easier! FlingFinder is the sexy dating site that treats you like an adult. It's a great way to meet like-minded people for casual sex (or more) in Seymour, Victoria (VIC)