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While I was talking about education redesign at dinner with a friend, he made a statement that knocked me off my chair. He said that, beyond little kids, school should be optional. Students would only attend if they wanted to.

Then, he pondered about what educators would be forced to do to change the system if significant numbers of students decided not to attend. His vision, while sounding outlandish, is not that crazy. While optional school is unlikely to occur anytime soon, I love the thought because it would force the system into doing things that the system seems reluctant to do, especially handing over ownership of learning to the students themselves.

The State Board said that learning should be able to happen anytime, anyplace, anyhow, and at any pace, for school credit toward graduation. If every student could customize his or her own learning to meet learning requirements, i. I was one of those students. But if I had had the opportunity to create my own plan, I would have loved learning.

I simply want every student to wake up every morning excited about what they will learn that day. How long will it take before this will become a reality? He speaks and consults on education redesign to regional, state, and national organizations. Saeger, Michael Witthaus Listings Arts listings: Opinions expressed by columnists do not represent the views of the Hippo or its advertisers. We have tips for creating the perfect soil, plus advice on whether to start with seeds or bulbs — and which ones work well in this climate.

Finally, we got the lowdown on which tools you really need to get your garden to grow. The woodworking show Rough Cut has a new host from New Hampshire, and we talked to him about his new gig p. And two big cultural events are coming: Chris Sununu sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta expressing concerns about the limited number of temporary migrant worker visas that have been made available.

Brown had been a police officer in Manchester since July This comes after undercover detective Darren Murphy was fired in February for misconduct.

The money will be invested in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and to modernize state fleets, decrease diesel emissions and lower the tax burden for taxpayers.

The state Department of Corrections announced that 11 corrections officer trainees graduated their mandatory nine-week training course at the Corrections Academy in Concord. According to a press release, a graduation ceremony was held on April The state has been struggling to hire new corrections staff and has been engaged in a marketing campaign to attract new applicants. This round of graduates includes people who were formerly in the military, as well as an x-ray technician, car salesman, nurse and nuclear plant operator.

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard announced he has terminated two police officers from the force. Cornacchia has been suspended without pay since he was charged with a pedestrian hit-and-run while off duty in Budget shortfall May According to the Concord Monitor, the legislature failed to set aside enough money in anticipation of the court decision.

Officials are now scrambling to find a way to close the budget hole, according to the story. According to a press release, Sarah Stewart was confirmed as the next commissioner of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Stewart will replace the current commissioner, Jeffrey Rose, in July. An electricity transformer the size of a building was set to be transported to a substation in Deerfield on Tuesday, April 17, the Concord Monitor reported. The large metal box was to be transported on a foot long, axle trailer going 15 miles per hour.

The New Hampshire Community College System has announced that it has eliminated fees associated with applying to its community colleges. Several schools in New England were delayed or closed on Monday, April 16, due to freezing rain and sleet, the AP reported. Wind gusts for the day were forecast as high as 60 miles per hour and freezing rain turned to into rain. Concord, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine each set cold temperature records for the Sunday prior, for the coldest day in mid-April in recorded history.

In Concord, it reached a high of 32 degrees. The previous record in was 37 degrees. A recent survey of bat hibernacula — the abandoned mines and caves where they sleep through the winter — found that bat populations are continuing to struggle with the devastating effects of white nose syndrome.

Researchers are still working on solutions, but New Hampshire biologists suggest small ways residents can help them out. The onslaught of white nose syndrome began in the state around , when the fungus began irritating the bats and causing them to prematurely wake from their slumber, exhaust their natural fat stores and ultimately die.

When New Hampshire Fish and Game did its survey of hibernacula, it counted nearly 4, bats. Reviewing these same hibernacula a decade later, it found just Some species were hit harder than others. Once the most populous species of bat in the Northeast, their numbers in the state dropped from 3, to one in the past 10 years. Other species of bat have also been decimated, such as the northern long-eared bat.

Houghton said there are about a dozen known hibernacula in the state but they surveyed four hibernacula in this winter survey. They hope to check different hibernacula next year. This is the first survey they performed in the past three or four years, Houghton said, because they wanted to give the bats a chance to hibernate in peace and maybe rebound their numbers a bit. All local species except the big brown bat which saw some declines but not nearly as much as others are now listed as state endangered.

Bat species in Europe, where the fungus originates, have evolved an adaptation to the fungus over millions of years. So a long-term solution in North America may be far off. Still, biologists have found that some little brown bats are surviving despite having the disease, especially in places like New York, where it was first discovered.

A study that included New Hampshire found some banded bats survived and returned to their regular roosting locations. That was the case with some bats that hibernate in a cave in Vermont and return to a barn in Charlestown, New Hampshire, to roost, according to Susi von Oettingen, endangered species biologist for the U. Fish and Wildlife Service. One of the reasons the bats do well there is that the barn owners are careful not to disrupt them.

Still, she said the survivors are in very low numbers. The recovery is going to take decades, she said. Glimmers of hope One of the reasons it will take so long for There are research projects across the population to grow back is that bats only give country to find a solution to the problem. Houghton said some are experimenting with UV-C light to irradiate the fungus, but bats can get easily reinfected and the light may not Helping out There are ways residents can help bat popreach places under the wings or armpits of the bats where the fungus has taken up residence.

Houghton said one way is to stay out of old The fungus lacks a gene sequence that allows it to repair cell damage caused by UV light, mines and places where bats hibernate.

Disturbing them will make it harder for them to making it a sort of vampire fungus. Researchers are also looking for ways to survive the winter. Humans can provide Houghton said. There also needs to be a consistent source of fresh water nearby for the bats to drink from.

Bigger houses are better than smaller ones, according to von Oettinger, because bigger groups of bats will be able to cluster together. And if you can get or so bats on your property, it will make a noticeable dent in pesky night-time insects like mosquitoes.

Houghton said people can find a lot more tips at the Bat Conservation International website at batcon. This is part of a burgeoning field of science where scientists, engineers and health care providers hope to someday manufacture replacement tissue for humans using 3-D printing technology. In real-world application, these would serve as a sort of template or scaffolding that, when mixed with living cells, would guide the cells to form skin grafts or corneas or even more complex organs in the future.

The hard part will be striking a balance between creating a wide-reaching vascular network and not compromising the structural integrity of the tissue. Even a simple tarp will do the trick. Another approach von Oettingen suggests is putting a bat house inside of a barn. That way, the bats will concentrate into a single location, which helps them share body heat for the young and makes the guano more manageable. Houghton said you can also set up bat houses in trees or on the sides of buildings.

But location does matter. Bat houses need to be at least 12 to 15 feet above the ground and. Other restrictions may apply. To use coupon online, enter promo code at checkout: Students need to print at least 2 milliliters of tissue but they can customize the shape in any way they want. UNH Manchester is also planning on buying a couple printers for the event and its Biofabrication Innovation Center, which is planned to be opened in January, , according to Mary Stewart, the director of education and workforce development at UNH Manchester.

Someday, this printing technology may also be used for printing custom pharmaceuticals for patients based on their body mass index and their required dosage. Thayer said he hopes this competition will become an annual event, and they also hope to expand it to high school and middle school students interested in STEM fields.

But organizers also hope to see how fresh minds approach the same problems and come up with new ideas for solutions that may someday be used to save lives. Second Chance NH is a project of the Brennan Lenehan law firm, designed to provide affordable legal advice to help you avoid the consequences of a criminal conviction.

New Hampshire law provides several methods to expunge or minimize the effect of a criminal record on the rest of your life. Every Tuesday evening through April 24th 5: Meet with one of our lawyers or call ahead to schedule your evaluation and consultation. No appointment necessary We will provide an evaluation, consultation and advice about annulment and expungement of New Hampshire criminal convictions.

The legal services to be provided at the clinics are in the nature of limited representation and all participants will be required to sign a limited representation consent form. This advertisement approved by Michael J Iacopino. Linds Jakows is the campaign manager for Freedom New Hampshire, an advocacy group working to pass legislation that would add protections against transgender discrimination in the state. Jakows is a non-binary transgender person who does not identify as male or female and was named Citizen of the Year by the New Hampshire chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Can you chart the course on how the current discrimination bill got drafted and passed by the House? This is the third time that this bill is coming before the state legislature.

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Businesses and agencies interested in being a Festival Sponsor or securing a vendor space, for the three-day event, should contact the. You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way Women in Love, D. H Lawrence Celtic Instrumentals for Fingerstyle Guitar .. Lanterns Over Demner - A Science Fiction Murder Mystery, Dale A. Kagan. And as always, I would love to hear from our readers on how we are doing. The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire is returning to Kingston Saturday, May 13 . Must Mustbe bepresented presentedatattime timeofofsale. sale One Oneper the Granite State to perform traditional and contemporary Celtic songs on harps, .