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Extreme pain looking for help

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Extreme pain looking for help

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Extreme pain looking for help

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Neck pain is a common complaint. Neck muscles can be strained from poor posture — whether it's leaning over your computer or hunching over your workbench. Osteoarthritis also is a common cause of neck pain. Rarely, neck pain can be a symptom of a more serious problem. Seek medical care if your neck pain is accompanied by numbness or loss of strength in your arms or hands or if you have shooting pain into your shoulder or down your arm. Seek immediate care if severe neck pain results from an injury, such as a motor vehicle accident, diving accident or fall.

Your neck is flexible and supports the weight of your head, so it can be vulnerable to injuries and conditions that cause pain and restrict motion.

Neck pain causes include:. Most neck pain is associated with poor posture combined with age-related wear and tear. To help prevent neck pain, keep your head centered over your spine. Some simple changes in your daily routine may help. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. This content does not have an English version. This content does not have an Arabic version. Overview Neck pain is a common complaint. Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic.

American College of Rheumatology. Accessed June 11, Chronic neck pain tip sheet. Evaluation of the patient with neck pain and cervical spine disorders. Treatment of neck pain.

Chiropractic and neck pain. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Related Office ergonomics Symptom Checker Neck pain. Mayo Clinic Marketplace Check out these best-sellers and special offers on books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic.

Neck pain - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

I am just wondering what is the strongest medicine out there i can use until i go see my dentist like what kind of hundred mg i can use i was told that tramadol is the best the only thing with that is it's only 50mg that's not enough for the pain so could any one suggest anything else besides the 50mg i need some thing stronger that that hope i can find some thing stronger than that have a nice day.

Oil of Oregano is amazing. After reading this I applied some on a quetip. I could feel it penetrate. NO pain since, no need for more advil.

Very swollen face, but that doesn't hurt. Will see the dentist in about 3 hours. Thank you, so glad I had some oil of oregano--heard it was good but didn't know what for and never used it. I was awake for 3. No mess helping, debating on going to the store to get stronger stuff which I did anyways finally went to the store but before leaving the house.

I put some Oregano oil in the area. I only wish I started looking stuff up earlier in the night. I still got stuff like the kanka stuff someone else talked about.

But this oregano oil is amazing. I just tried the oil of oregano and it seems to have worked! Burns my lips a little since I got some on them but it's worth it Professionally speaking, oil of oregano is one of the most potent anti-microbial oils known. Use caution around eye area please. Good to use this in your regular rinse water after brushing everyday just a few drops. Safer than Listerine, etc,due to the additives in those products. Also, watch your toothpastes! I also highly recommend coconut oil pulling you can Google this as an effective part of your daily dental hygiene routine.

Miles of microscopic tubules run throughout our teeth where bacteria like to live. Coconut oil, and specifically THIS oil, because of its fatty make up attaches itself to these bacteria and draws it out.

Good luck, and easy on the sugar and white flour products! These damage from the outside AND inside. I used an off label OTC med. Called "Kanka" made for canker sores but didn't have orajel on time and pain hurt to bad and on a weekend of course! The Lanka is amazing it numbs stronger than anything but heals infection great. Guess its because canker sour is open sore and its heals that why not tooth infection. Worked for years I tell all with toothache the same and I get big thank you later and smiles at no more pain.

Only down side don't drink after you apply it. If you drink it will wash it away. Other one is warm salt water swish. Not hot not cold but good warm. Warm will sooth salt is naturally healing. Don't drink swish slowly carefully if in major pain and spit out or open mouth and let fall out. Some spit hard it it can hurt. Swishing quick can cause pain to just go slow.

At times of severe pain I'd swish and just hold a bit so salt water sat on bad tooth area. I do just below hot but warmer than room temp. But for severe pain Kanka. If dentist OK amoxacillian anti biotic works good for bad infection but ladies Yeast infection alert here.

Of course not all will get one but common for this med. I get doc to order diflucin pill for yeast infection take it 24 hours after start antibiotic and usually don't get it. Yeah who needs tooth ache and yeast infection at same time. Kanka has saved many teeth from being pulled.

Salt water more for minor issue with teeth before major bad. I'd like to add that, as a past microbiologist, I can tell you that the salt in the water makes the wound from surgery less likely to become infected. Salt is a hostile environment for most infectious agents. It can also hurt when it touches the wound. My mom two me 2 weeks ago "kidney failure happens to some people who take diflucin" my sister passed away due to complications of kidney failure, pancreas failure, she was on dialysis, and only 31 died at home and heart heart i guess stopped.

Also had been in a coma 3 times before that. I have been on the antibiotic Keflex now for several days and it hasn't helped my toothache at all even though it did help the sore in my nose heal. Nothing I've tried has helped yet at all. I saved myself from a major dental work, as dentists would love to do their work and make their money. Grape seed extract for 19 yrs I've been taking it, also keeps gums healthy What is Myrrh Extract Tincture, and where would I find such a thing.

I've heard of the grape seed extract, and if it works for you, I'll give it a try. I'm on multiple meds and have awful teeth because of that and heredity. Currently, one of the worst toothaches in my life have come upon me. Not only does the tooth itself hurt, but the one next to it, and the jaw below it. The pain even keeps me up at night. Last night, it woke me up. Please someone help me, this pain is right up there with an earache and childbirth! Well Jkoch1, before any of these new medications were around, and even now I use my mothers remedy.

Let saliva build up around the affected area and blamo, free natural numbing agent. I didnt know this was a tooth ache remedey. I currently have a bad tooth ache,and did this kinda by accident. I realized when I did it the pain would completely go away,so i kept doin it. It worked better than the pain relievers i was using. Than i went to this site looking for other suggestions and seen this.

It sounds far fetched,but really does work. I was fasinated to see this on the first page I looked at. It absolutely works,but its temporary relief. Thanks for sharing this,I find it fascinating something so simple like this worked so well. Thanks for informing others and myself about it. From what I experienced, it may help to hold cold water in your mouth, replenish it constantly when it goes warm.

I'm going through this type pain right now. Generally, before it's severe pain, you will have some warning sign a tooth needs attention. Don' wait, get it taken care of then. The ice cold water treatment worked almost immediately, stopped the throbbing and hopefully will get me through until Monday when I can see the dentist. I found the cold water treatment worked when the cold water hit the aching tooth it relieved the pain,but i found each time i used the cold water technique and spit the water out the pain would be worse than before.

Also its kind of uncofortable to constantly keep the water in your mouth and having to keep replacing it. Thats just my experience. Other people's might be ddifferent,but good luck.

I agree, it's far from a permanent fix. Yes, it is awkward, and timing a trip to the dentist can be a headache, while the tooth isn't aching. For me, I had to get the tooth pulled, I think it was molar 3. Dentist also sees some infection in another tooth canine that may have elevated the pain. If cold water is working, you are looking at a root canal. It cold water hurts then you have a cavity. I have just got my braces put on and I have tried everything like: Tylenol, Advil, acetaminophen, Naproxen sodium and nothing has worked.

Need help what should I use. Severe pain is in effect. So I wanted to say about the cold water is once you get into the habit it can be hard to break and it can make the pain much worse as after a while your teeth begin to throb. I have cried over the pain that in the beginning was mild irritation. The best thing to do when that happens is to suck it up and deal with it until the throbbing goes away.

As an EMT who once had their stomach pumped don't take all of the over the counter pain killers. That just spells disaster. I am aware that this is an old article but I'd like to share my wisdom. I have tried the mouth wash, orajel, vanilla extract, salt water, and painkillers.

In my opinion the mouth wash works the best when it hurts but not when it's severe. For severe tooth pain I've found that peroxide will completely stop the pain along with headaches and such from the tooth.

What I do is let the peroxide bubble for about minutes it may feel weird or sting a tad bit but the results are well worth it!

Do not swallow the peroxide of course. I hope this but of information is useful because last night the pain in my tooth was unbearable and I wasn't near my home or peroxide and my Listerine was doing nothing for me, got home this afternoon with the entire side of my mouth hurting and a pain in my neck with a headache.

The peroxide saved me from that extreme pain. You have saved my life! Then i did the Peroxide for 10 min. And my pain went from a 10 to a 2! I am pregnant an I've tried salt in a paper towel on my tooth , I've taking amoxicillen , I've taken ibuprofen , ive taken tylenol , I've drunk salt Walter , I've used peroxide alone , I've used peroxide in hot water , ive used pure vanilla extract.

Take an Advil liquagel and poke a tiny hole in it. Squeeze the liquid on your finger and apply it to the tooth it will numb it. Don't get it on your tongue though, it tastes awful!!! Going back and forth in three hour intervals of Tylenol and ibuprofen will help.

Also use Listerine or hydrogen peroxide and hold it near the affected area for a minute or two. Also regularly sip cool but not cold water and make sure you're plenty hydrated but not more than 2 gallons per day.

The hydrogen peroxide may burn initially because of cleaning the affected area but within five minutes or so it should stop the pain for a longer period until the medicine takes affect. Just make sure the area is very clean as often as possible. Use The hydrogen peroxide to finish bubbling out anything that may still be in the area and ridding any infected area of debris. Hope this helps, it worked for me. Well i had severe tooth pain all my left side was hurting bad well took aleve but did not work finally tried every remedy and decided to gargle tylenol liquid in my mouth until pain goes away then swallow it and chewed on one tablet of aleve on the side that was hurting pain went away almost instant i know it taste horrible but i was desperate i also put some analgesic gel on the side of my face where the teeths and gum were hurting hope this helps to anyone having pain in there mouth.

First of all toradal is a prescription and a pretty powerful one at that. Also, people are looking for home remedies until the can get to a dentist. Its a prescribed pain reliever you would get from your dentist.. You sara, make my tooth hurt worse.. N btw, what home remedy worked best for me has been a combo of 4 things:. With doing these steps, i went from a miserable, painful 10 down to a comfortable on the pain scale.

Whatever remedy you decide to use, i wish your pain away as it is a pain that is equal to getting stabbed in the head in my opinion.. You can purchase clove oil at any vitamin shop, or even online for severe toothache pain. It's been around for years. It will definitely help until you can get to a dentist. Still looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question.

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We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. How can I relieve extreme tooth pain temporarily, until I can see a dentist? Answer this Question Report Favorite. You might try a numbing agent like Oragel. Comment Vote up Report. View all 5 comments Add your Comment. I hope you feel better and this info works for you Votes: You have just saved my life! Listerine has done it, I can't believe it. Listerine just prevented me from yanking a tooth out myself.

Place the arch of the foot on it and roll very slowly. This will hurt and feel good. The arch of the foot tends to collect a ton of pain, so be careful when you start to roll. You will find pockets of tightness, and when you do stay on it and hold and breathe for 30 seconds. Continue to roll out the foot daily. If the pain is too painful--back off on the amount of pressure that you are appling.

You want to feel pain that hurts but feels good. I call that Sweetpain. Roll for about mins. I teach myofascial release ball rolling and this is wonderful, and yes too the arch supports are wonderful. You can roll whenever you want. My only reply to everyone that has writen in -- yes this is horrible, and yes my mom too did not have it so bad, so what is going on here that is new? Its a crazy part of our live. I did start some great vitamins, and I had a hysterectomy in , so I have NO idea when menapause is happening.

I know working out is huge for me. I am taking the Maca powder that was suggested here a long time ago, and I love it. It seems to take away the sweatie part of the hot flashes. I only get them at nite.

I am taking vitamins that were recommended by a friend of mine who too went thru this. I started with these and the maca powder, and so far I am seeing and feeling a difference. I hope I don't get the pain like all of you are having. I do have aches and pains in all these joints but not so badly. I hope this info helps you Sue. The tennis ball is a miracle thing. I have helped tons of people in my profession with this. I just read you thread and it could have been me writing.

I have all the same symptoms stopped the pill in Feb and am now in Menopause. He stayed the joint pain was directly related to menopause. I am also taking Tumeric, Magnesium and have started making Bone Broth. I also have Plantar Fasciatis. I would love to hear any other suggestions on what to do. This is seriously taking a toll on my life just getting around is horrible.

Posted 5 months ago. What I am curious about is the high number of people that stopped the pill, as I did and were thrown into this whirlwind of pain.

This July will mark 3 full years. It all started with me with not being able to get out of the car easily. I wrote it off to the long car ride. MRI's and blood work perfect. I wonder what pill everyone was on. I was on the generic form of Yaz for 15 years and stopped the pill at age 50 and it was like getting the rug pulled out from under me. I went on HRT for 6 months and felt better, somewhat but the whole cancer thing scared me. I am getting a new MRI and new blood work to rule out any rotator cuff tear.

I doubt that is it because a year into this mess I got the same sort of pain in the left shoulder but not as bad. Then I get the wrist aches, thigh aches, elbow pain come and go. This tells me something else is going on. I even had blood work done to ensure I wasn't allergic to wheat. I will say, if I keep my Aleve level up, I feel ok. Night time and turning over is the worst. I am going to find a new OB. The one I have been seeing for since I was 21 doesn't believe in testing hormones and just gave me the generic patch and progesterone pills.

There has to be an answer. I hear you all loud and clear out there! When it started in I thought I was dying. It really takes a toll on your psyche and it makes you depressed too. So if the calcium is gone and the pain is still there, all my injections and rounds of PT for frozen shoulder seem like I was barking up the wrong tree. Posted 3 months ago. My best guess is too much acid in my tummy.

Posted 2 months ago. Thank you for posting!!! I think you just helped me figure out what is wrong with me. I was 44 when my symptoms started -3 yrs ago now. I then started to have severe PMS and rage with horrible cramps-then the joint and body aches came. I would have to shuffle and hobble to walk into my kitchen a few feet away.

It was like I had nothing to give and mentally I had lost all desire for life. Trying to even call to make a Drs. I had went to 3 gynos within a years time and thank God the 3rd one said I needed hormones even though my labs were fine for estrogen. I even had a dr. Mentally-I was close to the edge as you could get. I had feelings of despair and it was bad!! When I took my first estrogen pill-the nasty uterine cramps had started to subside within 2 hours and by the 3rd day I was up out of my bed walking around and mentally-the joy was coming back and I started to care about things again.

Within 8 months I had felt better than I had in years. I stupidly started taking my estrogen every other day then I quit. I ended back in bed for 3 weeks-as the estrogen had to get back in my system.

I told my husband that I was the tin man and the estrogen is my oil. But I never felt that good again as I did in April when I foolishly stopped taking my estrogen. I again am wondering if I have some underlying condition that is causing this.

I barely take it now but do every so often to have a period. So I think to myself-is it low estrogen, or does it happen if I have high estrogen or low progesterone or high progesterone. Or I have low vit. Could that be causing it with the hormones. When I had to fill out the paperwork I could barely write or hold the pen The guy at the compounding pharmacy where I get my pills said I was on the lowest dose of estrogen and maybe it needed to increase.

I still want to know why we are affected with the joint and body pain and others are not-is there some connection to low estrogen and something else that causes this with us?? And to the people who say exercise and diet — I am telling you that nothing helped as I physically and mentally had nothing to give!! I am going to up my dose and see if I can get the relief I need so thank you for sharing your story!!

But if anybody wants to contact to me to see if we can figure out why this is happening to us-please do!! As I said my labs come back fine except for vitamin D-I am trying to fix that now too and my test for inflammation was perfect.

I do have a low libido and a couple of months ago I had an extremely bad time with ovulation that I almost went to the ER with horrible uterine cramps and dizziness and all my body and joint pain came with it.

I felt like I had been beaten up for three days after the episode. What hormones would causes that?? I just wish I could find a Dr. Praying for us all as this is a nightmare!! I developed this myself - dr knew nothing. I said exactly the same to my mother and husband , my joints made me feel like the tin man and now I can move - I out on 7 stone since this started age 44, after 6 months oestrogen I have lost now able to diet and excercise over 50 pounds and so much fitter.

Mine started with not being able to get out if the car too!!! Even a ten minute trip felt like hours. I have been on. I just switched -at first I upped my dose of the biest capsules for a week then totally switched to the vivelle dot.

I was hoping to get immediate results with the patch but think it might have been too high as I had a headache Report post Thanks for your help! We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are not moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in respect of any healthcare matters. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek appropriate medical assistance immediately.

Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and steps will be taken to remove posts identified as being in breach of those terms.

By using this site you agree to our use of cookies. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Hi I am 50 and have been in perimenopause for some time. Hi Lesley I have been reading your post and I am sorry you are having such a rough time. I have just recently 'completed' menopause ie a year without periods and have just started on Livial.

I didn't want to take HRT but the hot flushes have become a problem, along with a few other issues, and I too have in the last week or two had pain in my legs when walking. It seems to be centred more on tendons and muscles rather than on joints. I have both hips replaced and they were xrayed recently and all ok. I also had a swelling come up on the middle joint of one thumb which the doc said was a Heberden's node, ie arthritis and one or two of my other fingers are showing slight signs of swelling It seems more than a coincidence that it is happening right now along with the hot flushes becoming more noticeable.

I had read that sore muscles and joints can be one of the symptoms of menopause but yours seems extremely severe and I think your GP should really refer you to a rheumatologist? You mention that your thyroid may be involved. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid at 47 years I'm now 53 and this commonly occurs around menopause as all the hormones are so closely interdependent.

If that proves to be the case with you, please don't use soy products as soy is now known to inhibit thyroid function. I use Viscotears for dryness in the eyes which I didn't suffer from when younger, and also Vagifem, a suppository for local dryness relief. If you are considering using estrogen boosters please bear in mind that you should also be replacing progesterone, ideally via a progesterone cream, otherwise you run the risk of becoming 'estrogen dominant', which is a risk factor for various problems such as female cancers.

I have found progesterone extremely good for panic attacks which I started to have when I became hypothyroid. Hope this helps somewhat. Kate Report 34 Reply. Hi Goldfinch I have just read your thread with great interest as thought I was going mad with my symptoms over the last 10 years. HI how are you coping on Citalopram, how long have you been on it, I am on 5mg escitalopram day 10 ,how now got sore throat, I am also menopause , no HRT, also got fibromyalgia, have joint aches in hips, arms, sholders, bottom of back, sit with hot water bottle a lot, also IBS, which having trouble with at the moment, not knowing what to eat.

Hi Miranda, Im still here on this thread. Good luck to you! Hi Sue, I'm new to this forum and haven't read everything so I may be off base replying to you but it may help someone else.

I am 46 btw. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes in previous post, so so tired. I am going to see a new doctor and ask her read this forum thread. I am so scared of cancer but I have no life anymore so the fear has got to take a back seat to my disabling pain. Your story has given me hope. Get a female doctor is the first thing you should do in my opinion. Having a male doctor for female issues is like hiring a auto mechanic to work on your plumbing issues.

Hi Angela, I have the same joint pain in knees, hips, bottom of my spine and thumb joints. I also have the stiffness you mention and struggle to get down stairs first thing in the morning without holding on to the handrail. After being mobile for 5 mins or so though I can move fairly pain free. I have been tested twice for Rheumatoid Arthritis convinced it must be that but the test came back normal. Lupus was also suspected but that was ruled out too, so it must be menopause causing this.

I have tried multiple types of vitamins, putting soya in my diet, etc but not found anything has helped. My conclusion is to try to eat healthy and keep moving as much as possible, cycling, swimming, yoga, gym.

I take an ibuprofen sometimes if it gets a bit much. Some days are worse than others. If you or anyone else find something that helps, let me know! I have been following this thread a couple of years and wonder if this pain and stiffness ever goes away, or we just learn to live with it?

I will order the book and enjoy the read. Thanks for the book info. I have tried hrt, thyroid treatment, etc trying to see what helps.

I can survive with the other symptoms, shoulder, both hips, lower back, moods, fatigue but when I woke up recently with severe pain in the bottom of both feet I got scared. Read about it and of course decided I have menopause related plantar fac.

Increased thyroid med a bit and feet are better. I have not spoken to one human being that relates. You in this forum are it. Bought inserts for plantar fasciitis off Amazon and like magic within a few days the pain eased off. Connie Report 1 Reply. I am having problems with my feet too see comment made above a couple of weeks ago.

I have bought the inserts like Julie and am seeing improvements. I also rub magnesium cream into my feet at night time.

Hi Angela I just read you thread and it could have been me writing. I just recently wrote back to Sue but its not posted yet. I specialize in that and it works.

Use a tennis ball, and roll it under the arch of your foot. You will feel pain, but it should feel like sweet pain--hurts but feels good at the same time. When you find a tight spot--stay on it for seconds so the tension releases, and then continue to roll. Roll for a few mins and then stand with your weight even in both feet. You will feel sensation in the leg you rolled on. This is amazing work.

I have helped alot of people with this. Do it times a day. You will get relief with this. Thank you for responses and thank you Connie for tennis ball directions! I too stopped the pill Yasmin 4 months ago at Within 2 weeks I was getting hot flushes. No period yet, but my whole body aches.

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