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Deep east texas cyber sex chats

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Deep east texas cyber sex chats

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Government ranks 18 US volcanoes as 'very high threat' Oct Melting glacier in China draws tourists, climate worries. Europe, Japan send spacecraft on 7-year journey to Mercury.

Some police dogs now have cameras, too. Virgin Orbit mates rocket to jet for airborne launch system. Google reveals 48 employees fired for sexual harassment. US temporarily stops youth climate lawsuit days before trial. Latest Technology Video 0: Apple iPhone XR hits stores worldwide. Apple and Samsung fined in Italy for slowing down older phones. Amazon opens its third Go Store. Instagram is now the most popular social media platform among teens. Elon Musk's hyperloop takes a big step forward.

Apple releases the iPhone XR. Google launches next generation smartphones. Self-driving cars in Paris. YouTube goes down worldwide for about an hour. Facebook tests un-send button for its Messenger app. Samsung announces new flip phone. Latest Technology Headlines 34m ago. China's private satellite-carrying rocket fails after launch The first attempt by a private Chinese company to send a rocket into space has failed.

Wall Street sours on Silicon Valley, battering tech stocks Once-golden technology stocks quickly losing their luster with leery investors. Protesters in Germany block tracks to disputed coal mine Protesters in western Germany are demonstrating against a large lignite strip mine in western Germany, with a group of activists occupying a coal Cry me a river: Low water levels causing chaos in Germany A hot, dry summer has left German waterways at record low levels, causing chaos for the inland shipping industry, environmental damage and billions of GM proposes nationwide zero-emissions vehicle sales mandate General Motors says it will ask the federal government for one national gas mileage standard, including a requirement that a percentage of auto Microsoft to keep working with US military, despite concerns Microsoft vows to keep providing technology to US military, overriding the concerns about artificial intelligence killing people.

Virgin Orbit mates rocket to jet for airborne launch system Southern California-based Virgin Orbit attaches rocket to carrier aircraft in milestone for development of its airborne orbital launch system. California agrees to delay enforcing net-neutrality law California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says he won't enforce the nation's toughest state-level net-neutrality law when it takes effect in January.

US says no radiation released in steam leak at nuclear site U. Washington state nuke site returning to normal Employees at a nuclear weapons production site in Washington state who were ordered to stay inside when steam escaped from a tunnel containing Facebook removes Iran-linked accounts spreading false info Facebook says it has removed 82 pages, accounts and groups linked to Iran from its service and from Instagram for engaging in what the company calls UK fracking firm Cuadrilla pauses drilling after tremor The only firm drilling for shale gas in Britain has temporarily suspended fracking after a mild earthquake.

Lawmaker sued for banning 2 constituents from Facebook page Rep. Jim Walsh has been sued by two constituents who argue their First Amendment rights are being violated because they've been banned from commenting As risks outweigh growth, Wall Street looks for value Risk versus reward for high-growth stocks; a new calculous on Wall Street knocks stock darlings down a peg, maybe more.

Apple iPhone XR hits stores worldwide Apple's latest smartphone has positive reviews and a low price point. Google app tested in Venezuela takes swipe at press censors Google has unveiled a tool meant to help fight against press censorship around the world, testing it first in Venezuela, where journalists say they're Google reveals 48 employees fired for sexual harassment Google has revealed that it has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment during the past two years and sent them away without a severance package.

China building boom uncovers buried dinosaurs, makes a star China's rapid city building has churned up a motherlode of dinosaur fossils, and no one has seized the scientific opportunity more than one Oregon governor joins other states in offshore drilling ban Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has issued an executive order blocking offshore drilling. Water out of thin air: Google corporate parent's 3Q disappoints jittery investors Google corporate parent releases 3rd-quarter report that adds to investor anxiety about future prospects.

Jerry Brown has been named executive chairman of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a group that measures manmade threats to human Government ranks 18 US volcanoes as 'very high threat' A federal agency is updating the threat from US volcanoes, finding a dozen of them have increased in danger.

Brown warns of blindness toward nuclear threat California Gov. Jerry Brown says the Trump administration's plan to withdraw from a nuclear arms agreement with Russia is wrong, dangerous and stupid. Norwegian fund, German utility exchange barbs over coal mine A Norwegian pension fund is doubling down on its criticism of German utility firm RWE over its long-term plans to use coal.

Europe backs own space launchers amid growing competition Major European countries are backing a new generation of home-grown launchers amid growing competition from private space companies and developing Trump to develop national strategy on '5G' wireless networks Trump to develop national strategy on '5G' wireless networks.

Russian rocket lifts off for 1st time since failure A Russian Soyuz rocket put a military sattelite into orbit. Egyptian archaeologists find parts of pharaoh's booth Egyptian archaeologists uncover parts of booth with seat belonging to famous pharaoh Ramses II. Twitter user numbers fall but profit soars Wall Street OK with massive user purge at Twitter, shares soar. Google abandons Berlin campus plan after locals protest The internet giant confirmed reports it will sublet its building to charities.

Nokia cuts more jobs as high-speed network deals come slowly Telecom networks provider Nokia reports lower third-quarter earnings, says it will start a new cost-cutting scheme as it waits for demand to pick up. Apple and Samsung fined in Italy for slowing down older phones The phones were found to slow down when newer operating systems were downloaded.

Microsoft's fiscal 1Q shines with help from new bright spots Microsoft expansion into online software subscriptions, website propel fiscal 1st-quarter performance. Fatal outbreak germ a threat to frail patients A common virus blamed for a deadly outbreak at a New Jersey children's rehabilitation center usually poses little risk for healthy people but can lead Efforts to suck carbon from air must be ramped up A new federal science report says the world should start sucking heat-trapping carbon dioxide out of the air.

Amazon opens its third Go Store Plus, Target offers free shipping for the holidays, and Facebook updates its Messenger app. EU parliament backs ban, limits on single-use plastics The European Parliament is overwhelmingly backing a wide-ranging ban on single-use plastics to counter pollution in the bloc's seas, fields and Some police departments are putting cameras on K-9s.

Wall Street skeptical of Tesla's promise to post net profit Tesla's promise to turn a net profit gets skeptical look from Wall Street ahead of Wednesday's earnings release. Monsanto weed killer ruling is 1st step in long legal battle Monsanto's parent company vowed Tuesday to press on with its nationwide legal defense of its best-selling weed killer after a San Francisco judge Experts caution study on plastics in humans is premature Scientists say they've detected tiny bits of plastic in people's stool.

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This is about a beautiful affair. Two people meeting and getting lost in each other. When we are together it is. They'll be brainwashed and fed the surviving, theoretically superior program. But is this cybersex or just advanced robotic engineering? VirtualTrivia Many sources quote William Gibson as saying his nightmare would be virtual reality turning out to be like "fteebasing American television.

But if you have any standard compact-disc player and a pair of headphones you can step into the world of virtual audio. Close your eyes and listen to the results of 3D recording, which fans claim is to old-fashioned stereo as stereo is to prehistoric mono. This technology was developed as part of virtual reality research. After all, a truly virtual world won't just have great 3D graphics, but will have the sounds and eventually the feels and smells to go with it.

Christopher Currell, a Los Angeles-based engineer and musician made virtual audio during virtual reality work. The virtual audio recordings feel "3D" to the listener because sounds enter analytical-quality microphones set in a computer-designed mannequin's head.

The microphones are spaced and positioned as your ears are. In fact, to be more precise and real, the microphones on the mannequin are positioned in the ear canal where the eardrums would be.

The resulting recordings are then run through "signal processing" so that the sounds can be retrieved from disk and played back to the appropriate ears.

Listen to virtual audio with your eyes closed and you experience sounds in space around you far more realistically than a stereo's best efforts. This effect is already in use for several virtual audio sex recordings, as de- scribed below. Currell is reportedly in Japan improving virtual audio, which for some time may be the poor person's route to virtual sex. The product, which is also discussed in Part 3 of this book, claims to be "Erotica in 3D sound" using "sonic rendering and digital manipulation" to create "virtual reality sex on a compact disc.

The sound experience may be equated to what you hear when you are making love — possibly a plus — or what you hear when the neighbors are doing it, which may be a convincing argument to get yourself a real sex life or at least put some soundproofing in the walls.

The variety of cuts on the disk offer singles masturbating, straights doing it, and gays and lesbians enjoying themselves. The disk comes with a poster, a "cyberubber," and "eco-goggles," to help put you in the mood. The disc will play on any CD-audio machine. What visions do you see when you close your eyes?

Cyborgasm will take you as far as your imagination will allow There's a hetero- sexual couple, a lesbian couple, and a woman alone with her bathtub. You hear sighs, words, and the real sounds of sex, not the banal saxo- phone music of typical porn movies. The disk does not have the stories and the word play of Cyborgasm.

At some stores, it is sold bundled with a vibrator. Are these CD products the latest and greatest in cybersex or just a brief moaning of passing fancy? They do stimulate various degrees of arousal in the average listener and stimulate more than just the auditory senses, but most would-be riders of the virtual sex wave will want something a little more graphic to direct their explorations.

Cybersex in the Theater Virtual reality, and to some extent virtual sex, have also invaded the traditional theater. Well, maybe not traditional, but the in-person, not a movie, theater. For example, George Coates has produced several shows that include virtual reality techniques. One such show is Invisible Site: Here there are a lots of effects — visual and auditory — played out on a variety of screens, with a plot that is centered on "an invisible site franchise where computer users with required cash experience virtually-real minds-eye adventures.

You will also meet a woman who wants fantasy, and so logs into the "Singles Rendezvous Network" as Prospero. She soon makes someone else on-line her "Caliban," a love slave. She ends up having with Rimbaud what local critic Heather Mackey called "a little tryst in the manner of the messy, liquid love scene in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Among those who are using virtual reality techniques in their performances are Pete Townshend of the famed rock group The Who.

Well, the visuals are limited. You get some "space age shades," sunglass-like goggles that display colors and patterns on your eyelids, plus some earphones and a SuperMind pocket-sized computer. You listen to the "experimental soundtrack" and use the "push-button sex" panel on the computer to synchro- nize your brain waves. What type of sounds are found here? This is powerful stuff that can become addicting. The fantasies on the Virtual Sex product include: Island Fantasy where a beautiful island girl nibbles on your ear and massages your body with unbelievable erotica , Spring Picnic where romance blooms as you and your lover share a picnic blanket surrounded by natures' incredible beauty , Wilderness Seduction where a beautiful hiker wanders into your camp in the middle of the night, slipping into your sleeping bag so that you can experience an incredible night of passion under the stars , and finally Thunderstorm Romance in a cabin, with a fireplace, enough said.

Virtual Rags In this final section, we look at four magazines and a handful of women and men who are keeping tabs on the progress of virtual sex and how they see the field evolving.

New Media Big Sounds: New Media magazine covers multimedia technologies — video, sound, animation, interactivity — for computer programmers and designers. It's a mainstream tools magazine for technical types, largely, though it also keeps those on the business end of "multimedia" up to speed.

The April issue featured an article on "Digital Sex," with a cover that engendered positive and negative mail. The issue also contained several key articles about what was happening in the intersection of computers and sex.

Still, some readers saw it as "trash" even to mention such subjects, much less to illustrate them with some images from the programs — even though none of these actually showed nudity. Editor David Bunnell pointed out that, "There is a thin line between courage and foolishness, and in tackling the topic of sex and interactive media I admit that we may be treading dangerously along it. Apparently, a large propor- tion of readers of computer magazines find the placement of pornography and computer news together to be offensive.

An interview with Mike Saenz of Reactor produced the comment "Sophisticated sex simulation will be ubiquitous and accepted as legitimate entertainment, education, and therapy Just as a flight simulator is used to train pilots before they climb into a real plane, I think sex simulation could be used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and warn about sexually transmitted diseases.

I think that's all for the best. I am absolutely opposed to censor- ship, but I think men have to be made aware that this kind of thing can make women feel very uncomfortable. When reality wasn't enough, he set out to create his dream lover— a computer-age, female Frankenstein. To add elements of mystery to the three-dimensional fantasy, he inserted dialogue into the program and then blocked them out of his memory so that he could be suprised by new twists in his interactive creation.

Although he never completed the program, Arngrim found that his attempts to create a virtual reality program greatly improved his real world sex life. Is it live or is it memo-sex? If one can already don virtual-reality goggles and interact with three-dimensional computer-generated images, how soon will the experience go from shoot-em-ups with space aliens to one-night stands in another dimension? Wired In describing the mission of his magazine, Louis Rossetto, editor and publisher of Wired magazine, says, "Why Wired?

Because the Digital Revolution is whipping through our lives like a Bengali typhoon — while the mainstream media is still groping for the snooze button. Rossetto states, " Wired is about the most powerful people on the planet today — the Digital Generation. These are the people who not only foresaw how the merger of computers, telecommunications and the media is transforming life at the cusp of the new millennium.

QJtiubfu i VirtualTrivia When Wired asked Jaron Lanier why sex had to be brought into virtual reality, he said, "We as a culture are deeply, hopelessly, insanely in love with gadgetry.

And you can't fight love and win. Com- menting on the clumsy, confining nature of present attempts at creating an artificial world, he said, "All told, it's a sensation akin to wearing a deep-sea diver's armored suit and being fed oxygen by an air hose. Clarke looks forward to when we can "feed impulses directly into the brain so that you bypass the sense.

That way, virtual reality is theoretically indistinguishable from reality. What I've sort of hinted at is, if we did have our skulls shaved, and put on some kind of helmet fitted with thousands or even millions of microprobes that could map out and zap the bits of the brain that were required, we could feed sounds and images into the brain directly.

That would be a revolu- tion, of course. I can envision an era of total couch potatoes, when we have our legs amputated because it just wastes energy to keep them functioning. The article figured that sex was one of the hidden factors that let the VHS from Matsushita beat the technologically superior Beta video recording technology developed by Sony in the early s. She was soon besieged by inquiries from a legion of young and old males.

She soon began to change her look to a more sleek and glamorous image and altered her speech to include more sexually explicit terms. It was a case of real life mirroring virtual reality. It's probably the best place to find ads for the latest sexual CD-ROMs and certainly the first place you'll read about any virtual sex breakthroughs. These news pieces will fall between ads for traditional phone sex and lots of fiction combining technology and sex.

Lisa Palac, the editor, doesn't care if her subject is called porn or erotica. Clarke queries, "If you could experience everything, be everywhere, know everything, sitting in a chair — "wired, " to coin a phrase — why bother with reality? It's an interesting philosophi- cal question.

I don't know the answer. In Esquire Michael Hirschorn quotes her as saying that virtual sex is, "An intriguing notion, in fact so intriguing that scads of elaborate fantasies have been developed around computer-generated sexual fantasy and release. There's only one problem: Except for the one-dimensional thrill of Cyborgasm her Virtual Audio disk cybersex does not yet exist. The second issue featured Reactor Corp. Lisa Palac pictured with friend , editor of Future Sex magazine and chief visionary on the cybersex frontier.

Let's start with Cyborgasm. Where did that come from? I met Ron Gompertz at a Mondo party almost two years ago. I told him I was a pornographer, to which he did a double take. He described how he had been dabbling in virtual audio technology for virtual reality.

I said I didn't even know what that meant — stereo but better, or what? I went to his house and he played some sound effects for me: I was sitting in the same space where he recorded it, with headphones and a blindfold on.

And I swore he was doing these things to me — crunching the paper and so on. I thought, this isn't recorded, it's real, it's a bad joke he's playing on me. Then I took off the blindfold and discovered I was alone in the room — it was a recording. It was really freaky.

So from then, I knew the power of virtual audio. Of course it's human nature to then say "how can I improve my sex life with this? So you instigated the project? I was the creative director, he was the engineer. I have watched a lot of porn and listened to a lot of those crummy little sex tapes you can buy. I wanted Cyborgasm to be better, so I went to people I already knew, people who would be comfortable being recorded.

The strongest thing about Cyborgasm would be their ideas, that it wasn't just a bunch of scripted scenarios for actors to read. That's the whole hook about virtual audio: You want to feel like there's a real person there and this person is sharing with you. I would let the tape role and record hours and hours of stuff.

I noticed that there's a tape alongside the disc. We do have an analog tape, because even now there are plenty of people who don't have CD players. But with the tape you don't really get the 3D effect. There's a vague feeling of it being 3D, but you really need a CD player and headphones to make it work.

And now there's competition. Other "3D" or "virtual audio" sex recordings. That's capitalism for you. But the others aren't using the same recording system. The one we use was actually developed for virtual reality technology. Anyone can say "virtual" or put "cyber" in front of it, but the competition is just binaural microphone recording.

What about the magazine. What is "future sex? Somebody else came up with that title. The magazine was going to be called "X, the future of Sex. People were just calling it "X. People were asking, "is it a band," "a movie about Malcolm X?. But the future of sex isn't just gadgets that transform our sex life. It's a way of thinking about sex and our culture and erotic ideas and identities.

Getting past the status quo. Do you see any movement in the traditional sex magazines to cover such ideas? Penthouse called — they're launching a ''cybersex" section. But are they really interested in promoting the most challenging and diverse erotic spectrum. I don't think so. They have the target audience, they're convinced this particular group of men wants this one thing.

They're a business and make their decisions on what sells. There's nothing wrong with that. There are parts of Penthouse that really turn me on.

But I can't live on a steady diet of it. So with Future Sex you're taking a different aim? Everyone wants something better from pom, but nobody does anything about it. It's easier to complain than to say good things because saying something about particular porn says something about you. It will ostracize you. Once you come out of the closet outside a hetero, breeder relationship you get the stamp of "perversion" on your forehead, that you can't erase.

We want every issue of Future Sex to be different. Our formula is no formula. Why the technology coverage? Technology is totally influencing our culture on every level and that seems to be accelerating in the past few years. Tech- nology is affecting every part of our daily life, in all fields: Whether that's good or bad, we can't unring the bell. Certainly technology is also going to change the way we look at sex. Sometimes that might be in the form of a new sex toy — that's part of it, but not all of it.

Is virtual reality sex overplayed in general? Of course, it's all media hype. Which is why my perspec- tive as editor of Future Sex is not just to talk about the hardware, the software, but how that's being implemented.

That doesn't always come in leaps and bounds, in the perfect virtual reality system, but in thinking about the issues. We did an article about bulletin board systems. Now let's go onto these boards, see if the medium is the message. What types of subjects are talked about that maybe people couldn't discuss before.

Maybe letters had too much of a lag time There's a tremendous amount to say there. You can say people are having sex chats on a BBS, but beyond that, what are you going to talk about. It's not news to say people are having sex.

But there's so many different variations and topics within that. There's a sex angle to just about any subject you can name. We have a sports page in every paper every day. Why isn't there a sex page? Mondo Mondo is a "computer magazine with a subversive rock 'n' roll attitude" according to its editor, R. Sirius formerly Ken Goffman.

Compute magazine has called Mondo a bible for cyberpunks, hackers, crackers, and wild-eyed visionaries. The magazine evolved from Goffman's previous magazines, High Frontiers mainly about drugs , and Reality Hackers.

This magazine is a "guide to the cyberlife," covering virtual sex, the Internet global commu- nications network, high-tech paganism, pleasure pulse implants, and anything else about the digital millennium.

Although the magazine is sometimes seen as being dedicated to the exploration of virtual reality, it actually has a much wider agenda. Titles of articles have included: In the past computers were thought of as tools for the business and military. Now there is growing feeling that we can take some of this technology over for more humane and artistic purposes. And that leads me back to my [desire to become] a lizard. I mean, I've done transsexual. Now I want to do trans-specieal, you know?

And then rationalizing it on the grounds that they can distantly — and in the most controlled manner — share the space with a few specialist companions! Sirius states, "In the past you couldn't keep 'em back on the farm after they'd seen the city.

In the future, you maybe won't be able to keep 'em in the city after they've been in cyberspace. She goes "Tell me the name of the thirteenth president of the United States and I'll show you my tits. The first personal robots, let's face it, are not going to be bought to bring people drinks. QJtaiam Finally, Mike Saenz, creator of Virtual Valerie, has commented about the role of cybersex in the progress of virtuality reality research. Porno is what made the VCR market what it is today, and I think virtual sex will do the same for virtual reality.

Use a low baud rate bps or lower the first time you dial into any of the following boards. Some of the boards offer high speed modem access, but many are geared to chat mode and only accept up to bps.

Although most of the people who operate adult bulletin boards are nice, fun-loving, and sane people, there are some off-kilter sysops on the loose! Play safe and dial at your own risk!

Box 35, Sycamore, IL , voice. Mondo magazine, P. Box , Berkeley, CA , to subscribe. Strip Poker 3 pits you against three lovely opponents in the classic battle to preserve your modesty. Jigsaw Pinups lets you try your skill at assembling a beautiful picture on your screen. Along the way, you should hear a few squeals of delight. The programs also require at least K of available RAM memory and at least 1. The disk may be freely copied. Both games are smaller versions of Artworx's commercially available products, however.

To take advantage of Artworx's half-price offer for the complete versions, you must return the original disk from The Joy of CyberSex to Artworx. Artworx can be contacted at Artworx Software Co. Place the disk in any floppy drive and log onto that drive from the DOS prompt by typing the letter of the drive followed by a colon.

BAT file or by typing B: Due to incompatibilities with some graphics cards, Strip Poker Three may not display correctly on all computers. If you are having difficulties running the game when you type STRIP, use the following command to load the program: This command lets you play a game that is similar to the main version, although it does not display a status icon.

Choose the game you want to play and type the command followed by the Enter key. SIB describes the differences between this demo version of the program and the commercial product. To proceed to the game screen, click the left mouse button. The screen displays Kami, Greta, and Laura, the three cardsharks who will try to take your money and your modesty. Cards are shown at the bottom of the screen, and mes- sages appear in the window above the cards. At far right is a box that shows the size of the pot, the amount you must ante up to stay in the game, and your total cash flow.

Each opponent employs a particular playing strategy and a unique set of comments, thus you get to reveal their personalities the more you play. If you click on one of the smaller pictures, it switches positions with the larger picture. The lady in the larger picture always is displayed fully clothed, however, no matter what stage of undress she is in.

You can continue to play the game until you or all of your opponents lose all clothing and dignity. In this special version of the game, the ladies disrobe on-screen only to a certain point; after that, any further loss of clothing is marked only with a comment. You and your opponents play draw poker. You can open the betting with any kind of hand. The value of the hands are as follows: Note that an ace can only be used as the high card in filling a straight. Your opponents' holdings are displayed next to their pictures, and your holdings are shown on the third line of the box at the right.

Use the mouse to point to a selection and use the left button to make the selection. If you are using the keyboard, use the left and right arrow keys to move and press the up or down arrow keys to register the selection. This is done for you automatically. During betting, the amount of money in the pot is dis- played on the top line of the box at right. When it is your turn to bet, select from the following options: You elect to do nothing and wait to see what your opponents do. If all players stay during the first round, the hand is redealt and another ante is added to the pot.

You cannot stay if an opponent has already bet or raised. You concede the hand and the money in the pot. You put some money in the pot, hoping your opponents will do the same and you can win it all. If you and your opponents have bet and you believe you have a better hand, or if you wish to scare an opponent into dropping, you can raise the amount of money in the pot.

Select the amount to bet. There is a maximum of two bets or raises per round. You can call only if an opponent has bet or raised. Call means that you are willing to equal the amount your oppo- nents have put into the pot, but you do not want to raise any higher.

If a player completes the betting by calling, you then may draw new cards. You can draw up to five cards. Use the mouse to point to the cards you wish to discard and click the left mouse button. When you are done discarding, click Done in the message window. For keyboard input, you will see a pointer over the first card. Move the pointer to the right or left with the arrow keys and enter your selection using the up or down arrow key. When done, move the pointer right or left off the screen and the word Done appears in the message window.

Press the up or down arrow key to see your new cards. A new round of betting occurs after the draw. You are then shown you opponents' hands, and you are informed who won the hand and how much the winnings are. If the player betting the clothing wins, the article of clothing is kept and the debt cancelled. Few unpaid females frequent the cyber-grounds of this mail-dominated fantasy world.

If you are looking for sensual on-line pillow talk with a dazzling array of sizzling hostesses, stunning full-color images, erotic letters, and much, much more, EROSLink may be the professional on-line service of your "wet" dreams!

On many services, men simply have no women to talk to. We've solved that problem. Our hostesses are available from 6 p. EST, and till 3 a. Erotic experience is as much fantasy as reality. We make the fantasy fulfilling. All photos and letters that appear on EROSLink are publication-quality material, licensed from copyright owners.

Want to see how hot our X-rated ones get you? The Ultimate Online Service Call 8 N 1: All otber rights reserved Our sizzling Hostesses are waiting to join you in the hottest private 1-to-1 chat you can imagine!

EROSLink's graphics leave just a brief bit to the imagination. EROSLink, available through the Minitel network see the listing for Aline , draws an international clientele, including callers from every continent except Antarctica. Although chat with professional on-line hostesses are one of the premiums offered with an EROSLink member- ship, even if you are a non-"pro" female, you'll be mighty popular here. Whether you are having a one-on-one chat, partying in a private room, viewing the extensive library of GIF images, or reading scorching letters from the lustful, one is bound to have a spirited, fun-filled, erotic, on-line adventure on EROSLink.

I'm calling from the frigid North. What are you doing on-line here? Actually I am researching BBSs and on-line services nation- wide for a forthcoming book. Well, we could research it together. How old are you? Where in the frigid North do you live? I'm older than you. I live in Toronto, or at least close to it.

You're persistent aren't you. I'm in my mid-forties. People tell me I'm distinguished looking. No, sorry, I'm not single. How would your wife feel about you being here? Probably not pleased if she knew. OK, let's talk about sex. How do you like it? Hey, you're the subject here.

How do YOU like it? Often, slow, gentle, straight or bent OK, what kind of underwear do you have on? Why Calvins of course! Well then, take them off and give them back to Calvin so we can get down to business! Can I kiss you? How does one "kiss" electronically? Electronically speaking, my screen is all damp!

Talking with "Robofox" makes masturbation seem like a team sport. If you start looking forward to one-sided banter with this programmed she-devil, watch out, you're really going off-kilter fast. Even if you have to pay them 50 cents a minute to listen to you! What's shaking tonight Robofox? You're quick with your fingers, how about your tongue? How did you jump to that conclusion? What's your favorite type of sex?

I enjoy watching "Partridge Family" reruns more than life itself. I could do things to you that you would never forget. Couldn't compare with the thrill I get from watching Danny Partridge "play" his instrument. It ain't the meat, it's the motion. Is there something wrong with my meat? Wait, let me check my fridge! I like my men to be very submissive. There's something very sexy about a man who knows how to beg.

A few of Robofox's other sweet nothings include: Robofox is for robots and seriously unhinged individuals. The user's credit card will be billed at a cost of 50 cents per minute plus sales tax which includes network access throughout North America. There is no charge for any month that the service is not used. Callers must be over 18 years old. Download the PC or Mac version from the system at This phone number connects callers with software and information, but it is not the EROSLink service.

It takes about 17 minutes with a baud modem to download the basic package, Part 1, and about 35 minutes at baud. The Mac package takes about 20 minutes at baud. Software parameters for downloading must be 8 data bits, no parity. When you are up and running, call to get your personal account ID and password. Remember to select a local access phone number from the directory included with the software setup.

Sending a file to service. Novell networked TBBS system: A Bulletin Board System. Acronym for video graphics array. VGA offers high- resolution color graphics and clean text. Good old American sex becomes state of the art with Event Horizon's vast library of adult video movies and games. Steamy conferences and chat will rocket you into orbit. Jim Maxey, President and Founder of Event Horizons, a former television and radio reporter and owner of one of the largest private detective businesses in the Northwest, prides himself on the quality and professionalism of his firm.

After losing a legal battle with Playboy regarding use of proprietary images, Maxey made some important policy changes. Absolutely no uploads are allowed. Event Horizon's Adult Downloads menu include a number of intriguing sections. Choose Sizzling Swimwear for images that could find a place in a Sports Illustrated lineup. Hungry Amazons features some torrid ladies. Gay Lifestyle provides a walk on the wild side. Rip Graphics allows users to navigate via mouse and displays menus much faster and cleaner, even at and bps.

Whether you're in Singapore or Des Moines, the cost of ordering a library image is the same. Most of the files offered on-line are also in the library. A measurement of the number of bits trans- mitted per second.

The name you want to be known as on the adult boards. The sexier your name, the bigger your response! Event Horizons also offers The Black Hole, an entertainment area broken out in ten levels offering challenges. When a challenge is completed, the user receives credits for additional on-line access time. Voluntary challenges earn more credits and consist of games such as Poker and Blackjack as well as The Void, The Black Hole Jail, Ask Buddha, or Embarrassing Moments revealing user statements that are kept on-line for all to read.

According to Maxey, the most frequently downloaded item is "Orgasm," a video movie featuring a woman bringing herself to orgasm via masturbation. An operating system used by most personal computers. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks and money orders are all accepted. Eye Contact Are you a gay or bisexual man? If so, then Eye Contact is for you.. Active party line chatting, explicit photos, and scorching text files are the major come-ons to play!

As San Francisco's largest gay men's on-line service, the four-year-old BBS is devoted strictly to gay and bisexual adult men. Whether you are inter- ested in meeting a horny transsexual, looking for soiled boxer shorts, pining for a sex buddy, or interested in downloading explicit, steamy images and text, Eye Contact offers one-stop shopping. Eye Contact's features include personal e-mail and file storage, matchmaker databases where users can search for the lover of their dreams, and public forum areas featuring the tamest level of vanilla sex to the raunchiest kink imaginable.

The BBS's confer- ences include discussions on health issues, politics, sports, and much more. The file library includes everything from shareware utility programs to explicit photos of men in "compromising" positions. The private and public chat areas rev up to top cruising levels after midnight. Interestingly, closeted men can even be found within the confines of sanctioned gay cyberspace, as witnessed by the conversation below on Eye Contact: I'm so glad you're here!

Yes, Reds, I am truly a woman. Well, I'm really into women, they're my first choice I have a girlfriend. Does your girlfriend know that you're into guys? Nasties and Nicies Divulging Residential Addresses: Do not divulge your residential address on-line! If the other party is really anxious to get ac- quainted off-line, take their phone number. Build the rapport slowly, and if the chemistry is there, meet first in a public place. I don't want her to find out!

What do you look like? I'm tall with red hair, blue eyes, 31 years old. Sounds like you're quite the looker! Have you met any men in person from this BBS? I've met three in the year and a half I've been here Heh, wanna come into my private channel?

I'll pull you in if you want? Take me, I'm yours Reds. Men here get down and dirty and don't waste time I'm just a lonely old studman looking for a: Winner of the most common alias, hands-down, is the ever-popular "Anonymous": I want your undershorts boxers or jockeys after they've been worn for a day, and smell of your piss and funky butt. Leave me a mes- sage and we can arrange for purchase or trade. Does it have to do anything with gender changers?

Sysop, Richard Kravitz explains, "We offer a safe haven for gay men. Many gay men who feel isolated in their communities dial into Eye Contact for a welcoming place to play and meet like-minded people. Whether our callers are looking for a lover, the latest news on AIDS developments, or a place to belong, we make them feel at home.

Local access numbers are available in over US cities and 23 foreign countries. Mailing address is Post Street, no. Checks, money orders and all major credit cards are accepted. Using CompuServe, petwork access rates in the Continental U. Gabby's menu includes adult GIF files, animations, erotic fantasies, conferences, and tasty chat. However, it takes a certain, rare kind of person to write effective erotic fantasies. My mission is for adults to be comfortable talking about sex without any stigma being attached," states Gabby.

My philosophy is not to make money, but to open up new avenues of sexual expression. The "swingset" message base, arranged in concert with Swingset Magazine, is teeming with adults looking for hardcore action. Mistress Carmen posts that to enter her stable, one must take her one-hour, 7-point test and pass.

Browsing around the Gabby's Lounge, another caller paged me for a chat: Hi, where are you calling from? Why do you like calling in to this board? I've talked to a couple of women here. How are the photos special? Well they're either of someone you're talking to or are just personally appealing.

Is there a GIF of you on-line? Not yet, but I've been thinking about it. That's young Jaco, are you single? Have you met any women from this board? We had been talking awhile, computer and voice What did you do together? I went over to her place and proceeded to play like we did over the phone I rubbed her all over All this on your first date? We had sex over the phone many times before we actually got together. And I had seen her GIFs, but of course she looked different in person.

Box , Harrisonville, MO Free and paid memberships are available. A download limit of K a day and 20 minutes daily access time is avail- able free of charge. Once adult verification is received via a copy of your driver's license or birth certificate , users receive adult area access and an increase in download limits to K. That's why our main focus is on chat and on-line entertainment.

They rarely chatted with other members. They simply would download files and leave. We've created a more personal, friendly environment without the GIF files.

Multiplayer games offered include Dungeons and Dragons adven- ture role-playing games, football pools, poker, and many others. If you're looking for that perfect on-line alter ego, check out the "Let's Get Personal Dating" feature. After filling out the question- naire, run a search to see how well other users match up with you. The "Let's Get Personal Dating" feature queries the user on forty-eight questions regarding physical appearance, hobbies, work, sexual turn-ons and turn-offs, drinking, smoking and drug habits, food preferences, and dating attitudes.

Piece of Mind "On-line you'll find people who want to express themselves while escaping the barriers of physical makeup, while conversing with someone who doesn't know their weak- nesses. In other words, people who want to escape the real world and live a hidden secret under an assumed identity.

A green- eyed, 32 year old Albuquerque beauty, into "physical encoun- ters", and not touch football. A year- old attractive, tall, caring Albuquerque resident.. After filling out my survey, the search revealed that my best match, at percent compatibility was, "1 of 3," Looking up the stats on "1 of 3" reveals that he is a year-old Caucasian straight male, 6' tall, with brown eyes and hair, weighs pounds and lives in San Jose, California.

He states that "my wife and I would like to meet a female or nice couple. Who said I was looking for a menage-a-trois? The second-best match for me is "" at percent compat- ibility. A search on "" proves a bit more encouraging. He's a year-old, 5T0", straight man with blue eyes and blonde hair. He has a Doctorate in something or other and his favorite hobbies are sex, movies, and theatre. The third-best choice, "Alp," at percent compatibility, is a self-described "laid-back, easygo- ing person," 38 years old, 5' 10" tall, lbs.

Somehow the pursuit of sex is a common thread woven into every profile! Pool party and no date? Sub-Dom Extremes In many cases, the dom has started out as a submissive.

When they become fully trained they become a task mistress I say this because usually this role is taken by women and then a full mistress. In the group I'm in, the men don't usually switch back and forth, but I 1 40 tSfoy, have heard of it I myself am very straight, but my submissives are all bi- females.

Do you know how to make your wife or lover scream during sex? Call her and tell her who you're with! What do lawyers and sperm have in common? They're both squirmy and slimy, and only one in , ever accomplishes anything! Why do so many women fake orgasms? Because so many men fake foreplay!

Box , Albuquerque, NM , voice. National access to over cities through local phone lines is available. Heat In The Night Turn up the heat! Sizzle your night away with this free chat line and its assortment of adult GIF files, erotic text and shareware programs. Log onto Heat In The Night, and you've entered a singles bar where the drinks are free and the talk is fast and furious. As a female, the moment you enter into this electronic mating village, you'll be bombarded by men and bisexual woman, pulling you into private chat.

If this all becomes too overwhelming, exercise your option to say "no" to chat requests with a simple command. The roving digital masses will then attempt to catch your e-mail eye by leaving voluminous quantities of mail. Pulled into a private chat with Ignatius, I asked him to tell me something about him.

He advises I browse his questionnaire. Always one to follow direct com- mands, I do. The questionnaire reveals that Ignatius is a 25year- old, lb.

Prospects for face-to-face seem remote. Chatting is Heat In The Night's major draw. Users can elect one- on-one talks or open forum party chats. After e-mail is sent, an "envelope" will pop up on your screen alerting you that your mail has been delivered. There is a small collection of erotic text files, adult GIFs, and shareware programs on tap too. Copy- righted computer programs made avail- able on a trial basis.

Piece of Mind "Perverts use adult boards. Whether you dial on in the morning, noon, or in the wee hours of the night, you're sure to meet new on-line friends. After logging on for the first time, you'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire focusing on physical character- istics height, weight, hair color, etc.

This information can be accessed by other callers who are looking to make connections. The overwhelmingly high male ratio about 90 percent male inspires some male users to masquerade as straight or bisexual females in order to get more on-line attention. Whatever gets you through the night! Just don't fall too hard for that dazzling blonde waitress until you talk voice — you just may be chatting with an imaginative, hot and bothered year-old boy!

All callers are allowed minutes access time daily and are given full access to all available functions. There is no voice verification of users on this BBS. Estab- lishing a connection or gaining access to a computer system or peripheral device.

An on-line account with Hotlanta is secure as a Swiss bank account True anonymity exists at Hotlanta. Sysop, Michael Deen, a libertarian at heart, does not keep real user names and telephone numbers on file.

When the registration process is complete, the user is identified by their account number exclusively. Established in , Hotatlanta celebrated their millionth caller in June Although Hotlanta maintains a small number of adult GIFs, animations and erotic text files, the primary emphasis is getting users linked through chatting and e-mail.

We have disabled callers who view this BBS as a place to talk to the world without discrimination. We have people looking to connect. Whatever callers' sexual preferences or lifestyles are, Hotlanta is an adult system intended for the open-minded, adventurous and accepting.

There have been good times and bad, rumors and truths. We lost a friend recently, but everyone on the board pulled together and handled it. We're there for each other and cry when there are defeats. It's like having best friends!!! Why am I always the french fries, never the steak?

Payment must be made by check or money order. To access the system, first complete the on-line registration process, providing real name and phone number for verification. If you live outside of the Atlanta area, fax or mail in a photo ID and signed statement attesting you are 18 years of age or older. A sample form is provided on the board. After verification, a day free trial membership with 30 minutes daily access time not including uploads or downloads is available.

A read-only board , Lace doesn't offer chat— so save your breath and open your eyes! Lace offers the highest-quality adult GIF images available. The magazine has an extensive library of photographic and video images produced by their in-house production facilities. It does not allow users to upload their own, possibly contra- band, images into libraries. Founded in March , by Richard Stevens, a noted photogra- pher who gained a cult following from his adult library in CompuServe, the Los Angeles-based Lace has already attracted thousands of callers looking for titillating images of beautiful women.

Our images meet all community standards. What you will see is explicit nudity of breathtakingly stunning women. Members can download images of gorgeous models in sexy swimwear and lingerie, exciting girls in provocative and explicit nude poses, and love sets guys with girls, girls with girls. Featured prominently throughout the GIF file areas, the images of Christy on all fours "like a cat on the prowl," and seductively posed nude on a sofa have driven many male callers into hormonal overdrive.

We also have our share of heavy-breathers calling to try and speak with her. She really does work here, and besides her obvious sex appeal she is really a genuinely nice human being," boasts Stevens.

Often precipitated by inclem- ent weather, is an electrical disturbance on the phone line. Lace's professional image files may provide the touch of class you are looking for.

Reviews of XXX and R-rated videos, as well as the inside gossipy scoop are included as well. Access may only be purchased in hourly increments. MasterCard, Visa, checks, and money orders are accepted. For customer support call The following interview was held with Richard Stevens, a profes- sional adult photographer and proprietor of Lace. Richard Stevens' adult photographs are widely acclaimed in erotica circles, both digital and print: How do you feel about bulletin board operations who down- load your images and upload them onto their own services without clearing permissions with Lace?

Lace is different than most other on-line services in that we have studio facilities right in our building. As an artist, I get very angry when someone steals my work and then uses it, without my permission, for any purpose whatsoever, including putting it on-line and making money from it.

It's a very personal violation. I've worked very hard as an artist to create my images and have spent thousands of dollars doing so. Why should a BBS operator be able to steal it, exploit it, and derive revenues from it without my permission, and without compensa- tion to me for its use? It's just plain wrong. The copyright laws are there to protect me. I want to decide on how my product is commercially exploited and I am entitled to the revenues it generates.

The television station either licenses their programming from program suppliers or they produce their pro- gramming in-house. An on-line service should be no different. Again, the copyright laws prohibit such conduct. I believe that we are going to see more copyright infringement actions in the future, with the increase in popularity of on-line services. Copyright owners are now becoming aware of the value of their assets in the on-line environment, and like Lace, intend to protect it, by pursuing all legal avenues, both criminal and civil.

What standards and practices should an adult on-line service maintain regarding copyright issues and morality? As to copyright issues, on-line services need to know the source of their images. They need to do business with reputable individuals or companies who are in the business of licensing images so that they don't have any copyright infringement expo- sure. For years BBS operators have chosen to ignore copyright issues, and maybe they've been lucky enough to avoid criminal or civil action.

However, the nature of the on-line business is changing and copyright owners are now enforcing their legal rights. As to the morality issue, if a BBS operator is going to entertain his audience with adult material, he needs to be concerned whether or not his images can be considered obscene, based upon local com- munity standards.

However, the nature of the on-line business dictates that their images may be accessed from anywhere in the country. Hence, what may be acceptable and not considered obscene within their local state, may be considered obscene in another. Community standards differ from state to state. How do you explain the tremendous growth of adult-oriented on-line services?

I believe the growth of the on-line area stems from a variety of sources. First, some states have made it difficult for adults to obtain adult material, either in print or video format. However, in an on-line environment, it is easily accessible. Second, people want to be anonymous in their purchase of erotic imagery. The on- line business allows them to buy these types of images in the privacy of their home or office.

Unless someone has access to their computer, no one knows what lies on that hard drive! Lastly, people want to have contact with others in a sexual way, but are concerned about actual contact, especially with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases running rampant these days. The on-line environment allows someone to engage in sexual discussions, maybe living out their wildest fantasies, all in a very safe and healthy environment.

Why does Lace address the needs of heterosexual men only? How come you don't offer more explicit images of men for women and gay and bisexual men? Lace is an adult on-line magazine that caters primarily to the heterosexual male audience. Having prior business contacts in this area, we felt that our expertise in putting up an on-line maga- zine should compliment our past experiences. Download these custom-made images, browse her extensive library of GIF files, movies, stories, and games, or engage in some steamy chat..

Laura puts the privacy and beauty of her home and surroundings to work for her members. I am doing this with great success," states Laura Brito. I figure if the users want it, I should do the best I can to deliver! Laura's Lair's local conference, "Different Strokes" is not for the faint-hearted.

Draw- ing a national and international crowd, the language of the board is open-minded. As adept at electronics as she is with erotic subjects, Brito has built all 15 computers on her system, or better, from scratch.

Brito got heavily into computing 12 years ago, when she bought her first PC in an attempt to show up her brother-in-law. I'm even teaching my husband to use one. My year-old son is already programming! Also known as Compusex, this lascivious on-line banter, if done correctly, leads to one-handed typing, resulting in a digitally-induced climax.

Luscious Laura Brito, the sysop of Laura's Lair, posing for your visual enjoyment. I thoroughly enjoy my users who call in from all over the United States. I've met quite a few in person and they are intelligent, fun-loving people. I am also proud of the images available on my board which are all licensed. Fetish, The Weird and Wild! Take advantage of Laura's Lair's attentive personal service and let your image be a star on-line. Only select files are available for download. A six-month membership, kpbs: Laura's Lair requires age verification.

Lifestyle offers chat and matching for people of all lifestyles and no visuals. A veritable automat of sexual proclivities, Lifestyle offers up generous portions of swingers, bondage and discipline disciples, bisexuals, gays and lesbians, cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals, and the all- encompassing fetish aficionados. A true couple for the '90s, a transvestite and "bi-curious" dominant female are on-line exploring with the likes of the "hot and horny, discreet and fun" New Haven-based "Theresa and John.

Almost 40 minutes after I launch an initial cyberexploration and start filling out a questionnaire that will allow access into the "Swinging Room," I receive the following unsolicited mail: Welcome to the BBS, 1 wanted to chat but you were in chat with another.. Nancy Saw you on the board today, but you were in private chat. Wanted to see if we can help each other get things going. Let me know if you're interested and what turns you on. Sorry, but I'm leaving for Seattle right now!

Speak to you next week, hopefully. I see that you are from the city? Anyway, I was hoping to meet someone to show me around and someone to hang with. If you would like to talk, please e-mail me with the times you are on. A self-declared non-addictive personality, Kraft first tried a local BBS to kill some time as he was recuperating from a leg injury.

The next morning he arose wondering if he had any e-mail, and an avid BBSer was born. Realizing there was a need for a central on-line meeting ground for the sexually avant-garde, from swingers to cross-dressers, Kraft founded Lifestyle two years ago.

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