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Cute Stettler, Alberta blonde getting gas

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Cute Stettler, Alberta blonde getting gas

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Cute Stettler, Alberta blonde getting gas

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Cute Stettler enjoy many vanilla indoor and outdoor activities and have a very normal life. I'd love for us to be gentle and caring and also to be swept away with passion that leaves us always wanting more.

I'm also tired of having to make weekly runs to the adult book store just to buy more 'majic glide' and having to wear shorts past my knees.

Introduction thread for the new members 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Smoker- recipes and mods 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Alberta Outdoorsmen Hats 1 2. September Alberta Outdoorsmen now on newsstands. AO on Twitter 1 2. Getting the most out of your "AO Forum" browsing experience. Last night I was violated 1 2. Are You Farmers done combining? Warrantless Search of Bank Records. Legalized Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis 1 2 3.

Headache Rack with Winch. A TV show for y'all What wall backing to put behind BBQ? Oilers vs Flames tickets Dec. Found a dead bald eagle. Very intense Grizzly Footage!! Question for the forum mechanics - Ford 3. UPS shipping, no shipment today.

Mark This Forum Read. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of Introduction thread for the new members 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 catnthehat. Last Page Pixel Shooter. Alberta Outdoorsmen Hats 1 2 admin. September Alberta Outdoorsmen now on newsstands admin. AO on Twitter 1 2 Rob Miskosky. Last night I was violated 1 2 El Carnicero. Last Page brendan's dad. Danescott Ranching Jays toyz. Hunting and emotions MB. SD Card Reader curtz. Stamps FOG bowl Jamie. Found a dead bald eagle Hawkhills.

Hockey card value cdmc. Battle of kapyong Gammaboy. Last Page Talking moose. UPS shipping, no shipment today nimrod.

Public Weather Alerts for Alberta - Environment Canada

Suspicions are that he is currently sitting in a luxurious villa somewhere in the world enjoying his deceptively gained profits. A more common and frequent form of deception emanates not from a phony parking lot attendant, but from ourselves.

No one can really know how bad it is! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in Drop the deception and open the door! All printed material, including photographs and stories, is the sole property of The Stettler Independent. No reproduction of this material is permitted without the permission of the publisher-editor. The movie was about a fictional pre-Second World War train that could supposedly run from Atlantic to Pacific at kilometres per hour.

Every car had two floors, extra-wide winding staircases, huge bedrooms and a lot of other nonsense you would never see on a real train. According to the government, Bill 2 is the 21stcentury version of this fictional train.

Their new law does streamline things for the industry. But the idea that it protects landowners is Hollywood fantasy. Bill 2 euthanizes landowner rights in the same way that our veterinarian recently had to euthanize our family dog. Early on, it made sense for the government to talk about streamlining. Prior to Bill 2, if an energy company wanted to construct a pipeline, gas, or oil facility, it had to obtain multiple approvals and.

Prior to Bill 2, if landowners objected to where an energy company wanted to locate a project or run an access road, they had the legal right to a hearing. If landowners believed the project risked contaminating ground water or could easily move ahead in some other less-intrusive way, they had the legal right to a hearing. It was the law.

Now after Bill 2, if landowners have good reason. Their statutory right to a hearing, which had been in place for years, is gone. The Redford government killed it. They used Bill 2. As your MLA, I voted against it! Property is what we own. Property rights are the legal options that determine what we can and cannot do with our property.

If the government lets you own something, say a car, but denies you the lawful opportunity to drive it or sell it, your property rights will be violated. Regrettably, the Redford government has repeatedly demonstrated that when it comes to respecting the property rights of Albertans, it is willing to say all the right things, but not willing to do the right things. And as we all know, it is never the right time to do the wrong thing!

Chick-lit is completely different, and is the literary equivalent of a romantic comedy. Which I think is part of the reason why they get such a bad rap. Even though I love Emily Giffin and Lauren Weisberger, I always leave them off when asked about my favourite authors, instead focusing on the more acceptable Douglas Coupland and Dashiell Hammett.

Take Emily Giffin, author of Something Borrowed. Something Borrowed debates whether love or friendship should be more important, especially if that friend has never been a good friend, at all.

Baby Proof is about whether love can overcome a seeming dealbreaker. Andy gets a job as an assistant to a fashion editor, who proceeds to terrorize her and take over her life.

Since the first-person protagonist is a woman and it involves fashion, the book is viewed as being for women only. However, Andy has a snarky and sarcastic voice that I think would appeal to anybody — especially anybody who has ever had a bad job — and the themes, again are not femalecentric.

These are universal problems, but since the main character is female, suddenly that alienates male readers — despite the fact that women are expected to read male-led books all the time.

I will admit that the biggest hurdle to chick-lit acceptance is the simple fact that there is just an overwhelming amount of crap out there. I could live with just the first two. But you know what? I have never been able to find another good urban fantasy series. Another disease bites livestock business Most of the country should by now be aware of a new animal disease called Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea PED. Its already killed millions of piglets in the U.

The disease is harboured in manure, is very contagious and is easily spred by means of transport trucks or humans who have been in contact with the hog fecal matter.

The disease was first diagnosed in the UK in the early s, then spread to Europe and Asia and finally to North America. Hog producers try to prevent the spread by taking extraordinary sanitation precautions, but it seems to no avail as the disease continues to take its toll. Contagion and virulence make this disease a real challenge to contain. Curiously, containing the disease is not what will reduce its incidence. Once the disease is in a sow herd, immunity is acquired over time and the disease is controlled at least until a new variant arrives.

The problem for the hog grower is that losses can be up to per cent of piglets for up to two or more years as the sows develop immunity and pass the antibodies onto their piglets through their milk. PED is the last blow the hog industry needs, having slowly come out of almost half a dozen years of low prices that has decimated.

With the outbreak in Ontario, it would seem it is just a matter of time before PED arrives in this province. There has been some positive outcome from the spread of PED, hog prices have increased for those that have finished hog to sell. Hog futures are also higher as speculators bet on a pork shortage next spring and summer in time for the bbq season.

Some weaner pig operators in Canada are also seeing demand and prices increase as American finisher operations are importing replacement weaners to offset reduced production from the U. It all would seem temporary, at least until the sows build up their immunity to PED. What is curious is the urban media response to the outbreak. Headlines are regularly seen in the print media, and earnest-looking TV announcers pronounce on the hog epidemic.

But then so are a lot of other animal diseases than receive no attention from the urban press. One suspects that urban news agencies are trying their best to sensationalize the outbreak, but unfortunately they have no human health angle to exploit. One notes other diseases with rather nasty names such as: Media name fascination seems to depend on the species. Cattle and hogs seem to be favourites for using descriptive titles. Chicken seems to be spared. For instance, the media uses the term avian influenza, rather than the more alarming bird plague.

In the end, this latest livestock epidemic will to pass, either through sow immunity or an effective vaccine will be created. One wonders when and where the next livestock disease will appear. At a time of grief, making decisions can be particularly stressful. Please call for more information. Chloe Shingoose was the lucky winner of a historical fiction novel that Mr.

Emma Werbowesky, Carter Olson and Sarah MacPherson did a fine job with their presentation, and Stettler Elementary thanks the Rotary club for its interest in our program.

At right are Chloe Shingoose and Rob Lennard. The Royal Purple is an auxiliary of the Elks, and is an organization specifically for women. The group has almost lodges and about members across Canada. And she had a good time in Stettler. I never thought we really could, But, our loving God is so kind and good. Carrying us gently on the rough and tough ways; Blessing us richly in our bright and light days. To all those who said it never would last, Give credit and glory to the Captain at our mast.

We most certainly do!! And, I thank you, for always co-operating with His plan. Although she admits that the position as president of the Royal Purple is a time commitment, she is enjoying it nonetheless. Brown started out with the Royal Purple 38 years ago in Lloydminster, because she thought it was a good organization to belong to.

Last year, the Royal Purple president was from Iqaluit, and visited the two lodges in the Maritimes. Brown visited the lodge in Big Valley on Tuesday, and then headed back to Lloydminster.

While the abrupt change has angered outspoken residents, the town believes the change is effective. The town moved to front pickup because of changing weather patterns that caused the garbage trucks to leave deep ruts in the lanes. More than 40 people commented on the garbage post on the Town of Stettler page, and most of those were complaints.

And the same concerns were repeated. Robbins, however, pointed out that the lanes have been plowed several times. The move is temporary. Bissett talked about a few success stories of the HYC, and gave a summary of what went on there in The teenagers involved put in a combined 1, hours of service, including highway cleanup and a drive for the food bank. Membership started out at about , and went up to by the end of Christian initially predicted a shortfall of funds, but HYC ended up within budget for The Stettler and District Handibus Society also did well in The Handibus Society predicts a lower deficit for , as passenger numbers have risen slightly.

The Handibus is the only wheelchair-accessible public transportation for the County of Stettler, and as of the end of , had almost 7, passengers. The Handivan has had almost passengers as of the end of the year. The budget presented by the Handibus Society was also carried by council. The County of Stettler has announced plans to provide a shelterbelt tree-purchasing program for Those who want to buy shelterbelt trees will pay, because of the loss of federal funding, the county says.

The county plans to co-ordinate orders and delivery. Trees only have a certain life cycle. So we need to replant that tree. Residents can place their order with the county at the county website, or at the county administration building by March Marketland was chosen because it.

The county will provide someone to operate the equipment, but the resident must provide a tractor and operator to pull the tree-planting equipment. Beaumont said that process can take different forms The county will give the trees away to other residents, or the county will plant the trees elsewhere. Please RSVP at info stettlerboardoftrade. That all changed on Sunday when temperatures plummeted.

Eleanor Schultz posted the top score and Eileen recorded the second place score once again. Next crib night will be Feb. They prepared supper for 25 people who have children in the Red Deer hospital to show support for them as they deal with their ill children. Kudos go out to you for your volunteerism, girls. Of local interest, Len Webber has announced he is putting his name forward as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the new riding of Calgary Confederation. Island of Hawaii where they too enjoyed a wonderful winter vacation.

The Endiang-Byemoor community has some very good entertainment coming up in the next couple of weeks — be sure to take it in. Allen Christie is in concert at the Endiang Hall on Saturday at 7: His music is authentic to his Alberta country roots. The Byemoor Hotel is presenting live entertainment on Feb. MoJo Williams and Ron Carrothers will be featuring a mix of country, rhythm and blues, s and 60s rock and roll and classic jazz.

Keep in mind the next Byemoor School Council meeting is on Feb. The Endmoor Arena was a busy place as. These donations come from. The Seafood supper and Comedy night that will be held on Saturday, Feb.

Last week, all the Castor hockey teams were playing in town. Halkirk players, on a variety of the teams, involved this year are Brandyn and Brody Baird, Casey and Sage. We send special birthday greetings out to Alice Duke who celebrated her 95th birthday with a gathering of family and friends on Saturday, Jan.

Alice makes her home in the Extendicare facility. Jan and Rose Koenraadt were among the group of 25 people that returned from a trip to Jamacia. The only bad day was on the day they left where it rained in the morning. News has been received that there will be a funeral memorial for Paul Thibault on Feb 22 in the Blackfalds Hall at 1 p.

We look forward to seeing all of you again next Sunday, Feb. At the Drop In Centre, there were 10 players out for crib this past Sunday. Everyone had a great time. The Consolation winner was Bob Sinclair. Please contact the Library for the movie titles, and then come out and join us for some fresh popcorn, refreshments and a great film.

To keep up to date on upcoming events being offered at the Big Valley Library, please contact us at , stop by to see the February schedule of events. The dog licenses are now available at the Village office. It was planned for this coming Saturday, February 1. The planners have decided that conditions have deteriorated too much to make it possible to ride out in the countryside.

If the snow returns, they will give it another try. The Birthday Club at the Trochu Lodge was held this past Monday, January 20 and Judy Stoneman was hostess with a delicious cake to share with the residents. Jim Deering and his band provide the entertainment and singing. The Mens bonspiel wrapped up this Saturday. There were 16 teams that entered and lots of good curling was enjoyed by both spectator and curler. The top teams of this year were: Congratulations on an excellent game played on Saturday by all reports.

First in the 2nd event. This should be a fun day for all curlers. Mr Martin will be visiting the Morrin School first then coming to the Rumsey Curling rink to give a junior clinic in the afternoon. Following the supper, there will be a change to visit with Kevin Martin when he gives a brief talk about his experiences. There will be a live auction to follow and a dance to complete the evening.

I have to report some sad news of the passing of Jack Houghton. He lived in Scollard but spent a great deal of time in Rumsey at many of our events. The funeral is expected to be held on Thursday, January 30 at 2 p. The date of the Crop Produc-. The morning kicked off with a hearty breakfast of pancakes, sausages, eggs and hashbrowns being served. In the first game, the mites won over the Delia team, The novice game saw the Kneehill White Chiefs post a win over the local team.

It was a victory for the peewees, winning over Lacombe. The atoms won their game over Sylvan Lake. On Sunday the atoms played in Blackfalds, again winning It was a runaway for the Vipers bantam girls as they won over Hobbema. On Sunday they played their second provincial playoffs game in Sedgewick with a loss. Your support is always appreciated. It is set for February 12 and open to everyone. The Rumsey Ag Society has arranged for 6 different guest speakers to give talks on Crop production and everything related to this subject.

It will be held at the Rumsey hall and there will be a free lunch starting at 9 a. This will help them plan on the lunch quantities. There are lots of new and exciting things happening at the library so stop in and check it out.

Since most everything is available online now there is no reason to avoid getting your library membership and checking it all out. Want to learn a new language, try MANGO, want to read a multitude of magazines without all the subscriptions, try Vimeo, love audiobooks and ebooks, try Overdrive, and lots more to check out. Bob plays old time radio stories that are always fun to listen to and, of course, you can hear this column read out a couple times a week. We are well into the hockey and basketball seasons, so let me know how the kids are doing.

I would love to share their news. Come and enjoy some family fun, tobogganing, face painting, kids crafts, chili and hot dogs. Stay warm, spring is coming! Joyce and Bill Hansel had a busy weekend. Friday, Kathy and Larry Tuck were over for coffee and cards. Then on Saturday Bill and Joyce drove. As well as Curtis and Corinne Trennery and Cadee. They brought daughter Sandra back to Stettler, she had spent a week or so with the family. Everyone encouraged to attend. Gadsby has a new CAO chief administrative officer.

We welcome Carla Tuck to the job. Get-well wishes to Smitty who was in hospital for a short while, fighting pneumonia. And belated get-well wishes to Rosalind LaRose. Then tomorrow Thursdayth is P. This Friday weather permitting the students will be starting their skating weather permitting classes. Which the Botha School would like to say a big thank you to the Botha Community Centre for arranging this. The students and staff, really enjoyed their first ski trip to Alliance Ski Hill on Friday January 17th, which everyone enjoyed.

Weather permitting the Ice Arena is open daily from 9a. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves at the first Old-Time Dance for this year this passed Sunday26th. If possible please wear something red in colour. This coming up Tuesday, Feb. Gutierrez said he prefers to appear in court in person.

The case was adjourned to Feb. The assault occurred at a residence on Jan. Kozba is charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer, two counts of resisting arrest, four counts of uttering threats of bodily harm, and two counts of mischief. Festival was once again a huge success thanks in large part to the generous.

The people of Stettler and surrounding area go out of their way to sponsor, volunteer and attend our Festival events. This is an ongoing project and will take some time to complete. This year our Gingerbread event had outstanding entries in spite of the wintery weather.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was the winning adult entry and kept. The Festival committee works throughout the year searching for new artists for the Market, planning new decorating ideas, talking with sponsors and tweaking details.

We look forward to presenting Festival and should. Alasdair Drummond Professional Corp. Grant Law Office Generations R. Sexy, fun woman seeks sexy, fun gent to help with small help needed No or , please! Younger woman who wants older man!. Age is not a deal breaker, sex casual porn in Aberdeen sex dating in Homedale nor is looks nor shape Just someone intelligent,sexy, passionate ,animal lover if possible.

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You cut my hair last week! Your so sexy hope you see this this and hit me up!!! Who x ' x " tall with black hair and brown eyes. More demand for the meat should see higher prices for cull horses at sales across western Canada. Stettler Ag Society needs new life Dear Editor: The Stettler Agricultural Society was started over a century ago by a hardworking group for the people of Stettler and area.

The grandstand went through various stages of construction until finally there was a covered grandstand that can be used for various programs for the entertainment of the people.

Recently, repairs and painting were done on the grandstand, rodeo grounds and racetrack, bringing them up to operable levels, ranking with the best. The Ag Society is operated by a group of people and it seems lately that this group has taken a laidback approach work and programs being totally ignored.

A while ago, this board decided it was in their best interest to destroy part of the racetrack rails so they could move in tons of dirt on to the rodeo grounds. I guess their first act was to decommission the track so they. Buildings and bridges have been decommissioned for a good sound reason in the past, for the safety of the people, but it would be a longshot for a person to get injured on a racetrack unless one was to fall off the track maybe inebriated.

This dirt is rumoured to be highly contaminated, and along with animal manure stored in the same vanity, this amounts to a deadly combination. Contaminates from the contaminated dirt and the animal manure could seep into Red Willow Creek and saturate Red Willow Creek to dangerous levels. People will have to brought in to test for pollutants in Red Willow Creek and fines could be leveled if pollutants are found so contaminates would not enter streams that Red Willow Creek empties into.

This testing should be carried out some ten to twenty kilometers downstream and this would be north of Stettler. What should be happening is the Stettler Ag. Society should be putting in place things of interest for the people of Stettler and surrounding area also keeping in mind the tourist that could be visiting the area.

Once there, the people are fed a big dinner. Another group of people are working hard to restore the elevator and shed. There is also a tour of the elevator and refreshments are available, the tour includes looking at some equipment people used in the past by early pioneers. The grandstand and rodeo are already in good condition. The track now will need some repairing and could no doubt be brought up to a stage where chuckwagons, chariots and some flat races could safely run.

The people of Stettler and area would enjoy these events plus tourist would also take in these events. A Stettler business woman has already came forward and offered a long van that is no longer road worthy and this could become an entertainment centre in front of the grand-stand.

She also stated she knew a person that could cut out one side, put hinges on the bottom so it could become a stage and local talent could use this after shows. This entertainment unit would be hooked up to lighting and speakers and could be moved in front of the grandstand to be used after performances. The Stettler ag grounds would be safe place for tourists in the area, and the society could work in conjunction with the train ride.

Inside the Stettler ag building, a restaurant could operate full-time and local ranchers brands could be put on display from the past and current brands. There have been a lot of successful contestants in the Stettler area and these hard-contesting people should not be forgotten. This would no doubt become a tourist favourite. This museum could be viewed at any time with donations made freely into a barrel. The southern shed, or part thereof, could become a petting zoo, which surely would have animals that would delight younger people.

There are already horseshoe pits in the area and these no doubt attract attention. Could rodeo and chuckwagon racing happen in Stettler again? The answer would be a re-sounding YES. Tourists coming to Stettler would also be beneficial for the surrounding area. The oil and gas industry will surely be replaced by tourist dollars. We decided that for convenience and cost-saving reasons, we would hold it in our beloved hometown.

We made our initial booking on Feb. After a brief, albeit frustrating. That was until I received a letter on Feb. Upon reading the letter and crunching the numbers, I was understandably upset. For the price that we are now being forced to pay, despite having signed the contract over a year ago, we could have rented a facility closer to where we live, and that could accommodate more people.

Many others who have received the same letter have been in touch with me, and we are all in agreement that while we understand why rate in-. Kerry toured several facilities across Alberta and met with groups of affected stakeholders to discuss the current state of care and its deficiencies. Overwhelmingly, concerns were brought forward with how the decisions are being made about where to place our seniors and the criteria used to determine placement.

Time and again, concerns of people being moved from the communities where they had spent their entire lives were presented and the impact it has on families and the spouses of those seniors being uprooted. Removing seniors from their communities has a definite ripple effect for family members that have found themselves unable to have regular contact with their loved ones due to distances and travel restrictions.

Separating seniors from their spouses is becoming all to common in rural Alberta, which can result in adverse serious health consequences. Alberta seniors built this province and they deserve to have their voices heard when it comes to decisionmaking. The decisionmaking process must also include the spouses and families many of whom are the primary caregivers.

Many family members and seniors expressed that they feel their concerns are not being heard by the government. The proposed Legislation will allow the advocate to act in an independent agent to represent the rights, interests and viewpoints of seniors, their families and guardians. Any reports coming from the advocate will be mandated not to divulge the names or any possible identifying information about the senior, their families or their guardians.

The current lack of anonymity has also been a major source of apprehension and one of the major contributing factors to why some people have not come forward with their concerns. If you are interested in this piece of Legislation, please feel free to contact our office at drumheller. Over the weekend the Big Valley Elks Mites had their hockey tournament. With four teams participating, all players skated hard and showed true sportsmanship. It makes our friends, families and community so proud!

The Big Valley Elks Mites would like to thank the following for such support through donations and time that words can not fully express.

And many more thanks to the parents, coaches and players for all of the help and support at our tournament. Any many apologies to names forgotten, busy days make for forgetful minds! I personally feel that if the town council and the Parks and Leisure Services office follow through with their threat of increasing the rates so drastically, they will find themselves with plenty of empty time slots to fill, and loyal, local residents spending their money elsewhere.

Unfortunately for us, it is a bit too late Marci Ackerman,, Fort Saskatchewan. Calls still under investigation are designated SUI. The year-old male driver was observed to be wearing a bar wristband and admitted to drinking three hours ago.

The GDL driver failed a roadside screening test and was issued an immediate day driving suspension with a seven-day vehicle seizure.

One automobile was believed to be entered. A male wearing a black hoodie and a female wearing a short white jacket were observed in the area with a silver- or greycoloured SUV. A black case that contained vehicle information was found near the vehicle. It did not appear that anything else was stolen. On-call investigators were not dispatched to.

Calls were made to police with a one- to twohour time delay. The owner reported that a box full of work papers were strewn about and an Ipod was stolen. There was no damage to the vehicle. A year-old female was charged with assaulting her year-old husband. Court date was set for March There was no damage to the vehicles. The call was referred to the Carillion Highway Maintenance.

A patrol was conducted and several attempts were made to locate the driver via cellphone. She was arrested under provisions of the Mental Health Act and was also issued a hour driving suspension.

She was held until she received a medical evaluation. Both drivers reside in Stettler. Investigators attended and determined that there was no violence and the caller was advised to contact a lawyer for further assistance. The year-old male was identified and there was no criminal activity. Th The year-old male driver from Stettler, who was the lone occupant, reported that while travelling west on Highway 12, he attempted to turn into Wal-Mart.

Due to icy road conditions and summer tires on the pickup, the truck slid into the ditch and rolled. There were no charges laid as a result of there being no other victims and vehicle was totaled. Investigators were unable to physically locate the male, but his associates reported that he was OK. He was woken up from behind the wheel and appeared very groggy. The driver explained that he had a very long work day and pulled over to sleep.

A year-old female driver was heading south in a Dodge Journey, on the same street. As the female attempted to make a left turn onto 50 Avenue, she was paying attention to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Without looking, she turned in front of the Sebring that was going straight through tthe intersection. There were no injuries, and the female driver was issued a violation ticket for turning left unsafely.

The derogatory remarks were received via Facebook and the caller was advised that the comments would be categorized as name-calling. The caller was instructed to delete her account and block the offenders. Information passed on for future reference, should there be a further incident.

The year-old female driver from Bashaw stated that while driving southbound, her car hydroplaned, hit the guard rail, then spun into the ditch. The driver received no injuries. A T-bone collision occurred in the intersection, which injured the driver and a five-year-old boy in the Cavalier and the driver of the SUV.

The year-old female was charged with failing to proceed safely after stopping at an intersection. The Jeep was located in the parking lot of the Canalta hotel. The year old male driver from Calgary was located with the vehicle and ordered to provide a sample of his breath. The male was issued a driving suspension as a result of the investigation.

As well, his vehicle was towed and seized for three days. No motorists were injured. The year-old male driver from Botha attended the detachment at a later time to complete all required reports. It is not known at this time which vehicle hit the Escape. If anyone has further information about this collision, please contact police. The truck sustained significant damage, but the was still driveable. The moose had to be put down as a result of the collision.

The driver was not injured. The owner issued an eviction notice to a year-old male renter and feared aggression. Police attended, but there was no altercation or issue. The licence plate has been entered on the police system as stolen and the plate has been cancelled. Tim Hortons parking lot. A white-coloured Buick Century, was backed into a black SUV that was waiting in line for the drive-thru. Both vehicles sustained damage as a result. The year-old male driver of the Buick, from Castor, was charged with failing to ascertain sufficient space for movement.

Friday, March 1 All motorists are reminded to be aware of crosswalks, school zones and playground zones. If anyone has information about the blue van, please contact the detachment. Interviews were conducted with the family and it was determined that the allegations were false and that there had been no assault. Child and Family Services will continue to follow-up.

The complainant was able to provide a licence plate which was confirmed to be registered to a year-old Stettler male. A statement was provided and charges are pending against the registered owner.

SUI Saturday, March 2 9: The driver of the BMW has been identified. SUI Sunday, March 3 Patrons of the restaurant had been arguing inside and were then observed to be arguing outside in the parking lot. Investigators attended and determined that a group of three adults, one female and two males, were upset with a year-old male from Fort McMurray.

All were warned about their conduct, there were no further issues reported. Monday, March 11 to Thursday, March 14 7 p. Growing Forward 2 Information Sessions As part of a comprehensive suite of risk management programs, AgriStability provides effective whole-farm coverage for farming operations that experience severe margin declines resulting from increasing input costs, declining revenues and losses in inventory. Down payment may be required.

Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will vary depending charges not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Additional fees may apply. Subject to John Deere Financial approval. See participating dealer for details.

Program subject to change without notice at any time. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and are free to set individual prices.

Conference Room, 49 Ave. Conference Room, 55 St. Reporting from the sunny side of winter The Endiang news column is a bit short this week, and non-existent last week, because we were visiting Mexico.

We spent 10 fantastic days on the Mayan Riviera near Playa del Carmen. Besides the warm weather, white sand and blue Caribbean water, the highlight was the Mayan temple and ruins at Chichen Itza. Robert and Sheila Buchwitz are also home from Mexico. They spent a month at Mazatlan to enjoy a good break from winter. Rod and Lynnette Schellenberg, along with Sue Rausch, are back from 10 days in Phoenix, where they escaped some of our winter.

Eileen Smyth posted a perfect score at the last crib meet at the Endmoor DropIn Centre to capture top spot for the evening. Eleanor Schultz had the second-best score.

The next crib night is scheduled for March His funeral will be held in Stettler on Friday. Our thoughts are with the Green and Stock families in their sad loss. Congratulations to Betty Kobi on celebrating her 80th birthday on Friday with a come-and-go social at her Stettler home. We wish you many more happy birthdays, Betty. The Endmoor Mites wrapped up their last hockey tournament in Big Valley on the weekend. Humour for the day: The ladies dressed up as their favourite band Friday and sang karaoke.

The top curlers were: A Event — 1. B Event — 1. C Event — 1. Come and watch curling and enjoy a great rink burger and fries. The Grade 6 class from Erskine School enjoys a break during their visit last week to Rochon Sands for a snowshoe and wildlife interpretation hike.

Rae Munden, the Grade 6 teacher, organized the event. The Nevis Gas Gathering System transports sour gas and natural gas liquids, with the largest emergency planning zone identified as being 6. Headquartered in Calgary with operations in Alberta, B. Our three business lines are: At KEYERA we view corporate responsibility as being a natural combination of economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility.

All KEYERA facilities have a long history of safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible operations, which have been maintained and upgraded to ensure their continued integrity. In the event of an emergency, KEYERA maintains effective emergency response procedures, trains employees in their use and conducts simulated emergencies to test the effectiveness of their plans.

KEYERA has a pipeline in close proximity to your community and as a proactive measure, has developed a detailed emergency response plan to ensure your health and safety. The following points highlight some information you should be aware of as a resident in the area:. Shelter-in-place is considered the primary public safety measure when the hazard is of a limited duration or the public would be at a higher risk if evacuated. The goal of shelter-in-place is to reduce the movement of air into and out of a building until either the hazard has passed or other emergency actions are taken such as evacuation.

If you are instructed to stay in your residence, do not leave your house or attempt to start any vehicles until emergency response personnel advises you that it is safe to do so. If the On-Site Supervisor determines that ignition is required, they are fully authorized to ignite the release at the pipeline, facility or terminal.

Ignition of the gas source would ensure your safety if evacuation was not practical. KEYERA has prepared a public information package outlining their operations in the area and detailing the public safety measures. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the package, please contact Scott Turner, Community Response Coordinator, collect at In the unlikely event of a release from the pipeline, it may be necessary to evacuate you to ensure your safety.

You will be contacted by emergency response personnel to apprise you of the situation. If there is no answer to our calls, we will proceed to your residence to ensure you are informed of the emergency. The following steps should be taken if evacuation procedures have been implemented: Big Valley jumps high in CARA championship District Deputy Lyle Howard was in attendance at the February meeting of the local Elks where he brought everyone up to date on other lodge activities in the district.

Initiation of new members will also take place. If you are contemplating joining the Elks, now is the time. The local Lodge will also be helping the two Morrin curling teams that recently qualified for provincial play. The Big Valley boys proved to be the little team that could. They had to make the trip out to Cornation earlier in the week for a challenge game because the two schools were tied for last place in the division.

Big Valley won that game after a tightly contested battle. That placed them in seventh position, not a strong seed, entering the tournament. They played their first two games against strong teams — and won — then went up against Stettler Middle School, the top dog in this district.

Big Valley lost the game after a very. Stettler goes on to Tier 2 competition and Big Valley qualified for the Tier 3 competition. Regardless, last weekend was an exciting day for both the players and parents. Dates and functions to mark on your calendars: Club winners for February are: Anyone interested in taking part in planning this celebration is invited to attend.

For more information, call Jan at There were 33 people out for Bingo on Thursday, Feb. Once again, the progressive jackpot was not won. The bonanza winner was Brenda Woods, with the consolation going to Dar-.

Lois Mercier won the Loonie Pot. The next Bingo is this Thursday, beginning at 7: Come on out and join the fun. The Big Valley Inn had eight diehard players out. Trudy Spence won the booby. At the Drop In Centre, 12 players came out for crib on Sunday. This week, the booby went to Connie Whiteside. The high school curling teams made the trip up to Bonnyville for the provincial competition and came home with lots of good things to say about the experience.

That was not enough to earn them a berth into the final, but it helped to soften the losses. The mixed team lost its first game and won the second and third games to carry the locals into the final, where they won the s e m i fi n a l a n d b r o u g h t home a silver medal.

The junior high boys were heading into their zone competition as the youngest team in the tournament. Just wait for next year, boys. For proven products and trusted advice, visit your local Viterra ag retail today. The mixed bonspiel started this Monday and is well underway as you read this. There are lots of teams entered, which is great for the curling rink. Marj Kiemele, her daughter, Jana, Brittany Cawiezel and Claire Swanson curled in the Byemoor bonspiel and came home sporting first place in the first division.

Kudos to the ladies! Helen Steen reported a fun story. Well, Helen won second with her pie and, I think, the manager wrangled himself a tasty pie. In and around Gadsby, it started about 6: My kind of storm! Dewey and Joanne Hoopfer are back from a day holiday in the Dominican Republic, where they had a marvelous time.

Mom and baby are doing well. Joyce brought the cake, but not sure how many candles! They were pleased to see Rich-. Big Knife 4-H public speaking was held Sunday, with the following results: In junior, Tori Brower placed first, Taylor Kobi.

Megan Kobi was first and Shayna Brower second; and in senior: Dillon Montpellier was first. In the presentation category, the results were: Keyona Derr placed first and Junae Ventnor second; senior: Congratulations to all who participated, and to the winners who will go on to district finals, good luck! Betty Hadwin drove to Drayton Valley on Wednesday to visit with daughter Janet and Dale and family, who were getting their new house delivered from Minnesota via Manitoba! Lots of excitement and picturetaking.

Sympathies go out to Mary Ann Rowles Rus-. Mary Ann and Larry have resided in Fleet for many years. At the request of Larry, there will be no formal funeral service. The next bingo will be March 16; cash and ham. A reminder, if you wish to participate in the annual May garage sale, please contact myself at Set-up is May 1; sale runs May 2, 3 and 4. The coaches are Kevin Perry and Sheldon Grice. Tony and Clara Nibourg, along with their children and grandchildren, shared a great holiday at Cayo Santo Maria, which is a small island north of Cuba.

It was beautiful and sunny, with an amaz-. Each Thursday at 7 p. These are great exercise and an enjoyable time. For more information, contact Callie Turigan at Coffee is always on at 10 a. Wednesday at the Botha Senior Centre. So come out of the cold and have a relaxing time with your neighbours. Every Wednesday starting at 1 p. See store for details. Are you getting the nutrition you need from your diet? Talk to your Pharmasave Pharmacist to learn more about how you can optimize your nutritional intake.

Doors open at 5: Do you have an interest in the Donalda School Centennial? If so, contact Don Seale at the school, to be put on the mailing list. They have a great time, and appreciate the exercise. Each Thursday at 1 p. Everyone seems like they are having a great time, and they would love to see you come out and join them.

Church services at the Botha United Church are at 11 a. Sunday, so come to hear Rev. With Easter coming up quickly, the United Church is getting into Easter planning. So make sure you remember the reason for the season. Palm Sunday the beginning of the Easter season is March All are invited to worship with the United Church congregation. Remember on Saturday night to change your clocks to make way for the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.

Hope to see you out for a day of visiting and fellowship. Thanks to everyone who submitted their survey. You can still drop off surveys at the village complex.

The Donalda Community Arts Society has a nice show for art lessons, with seven men and women coming out on Monday evening.

There will be water-colour lessons, following the acrylics, if anyone is interested. Call Darlene at the museum at Advance tickets only by March 6. Call Harvey at or Wade at for tickets or more information. This is a roast-beef dinner, Live and silent auction and entertainment provided by Kim and Kevin Elias from. Old Man Winter decided to hit again on the weekend. In our area, we got snow and wind. It would be nice to start seeing some signs of spring.

On Monday, come out for another great day of quilting with the quilting ladies. They have a great time and puts out a lot of beautiful items. They start at 9 a. This Friday, get your dancing shoes on and come out to the Botha Hall at 7: There is no age limit at these dances, so everyone can come. The next Bingo evening will be held Tuesday, March These start at 7: Pick up your Colouring Contest sheet, create your magic and Enter for our prizes.

Bring your contest Sheet in by March 22nd The draw will be held March 25th. Stettler seniors show how much they care Dear Editor: Recently, I wrapped up a town, two-week, Albertawide tour to talk to seniors and caregivers on the various issues and challenges they face. It has been a pleasure to meet with seniors and frontline staff across the province.

The generosity of drop-in centres, lodges, staff and residents has been tremendous. I would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting in Stettler on Feb. While conversations have varied from place to place on tour across the province, a few key themes stick out as concerns that are provincewide. Several people spoke about how they are afraid to speak up against AHS for their loved ones due to fear of retaliation. Seniors and family members need to be able to speak up about the service they receive from Alberta Health Services and the government.

In the north, residents raised concern that the rerouting of medevac flights to Edmonton International Airport will cost lives. In lodges I visited, residents indicated they are satisfied where hot, home-cooked meals are served and they want to keep it that way. Residents also want to see couples able to stay together when in long-term care and are favour physician support in planning for aging care.

The position would be independent and report to the Legislature to hold the government accountable for the services seniors receive. I will be bringing these issues forward to government. Seniors issues are some of the most complex and misunderstood issues. This tour has broadened my appreciation for the issues seniors face, and will have a significant impact on the development of Wildrose Official Opposition policy in this area.

To all the great people I met in Stettler, thank you for taking the time to talk. I would like to encourage everyone to find me on Facebook and keep in touch. Among the budding scientists at Stettler Elementary School are: Missing from the photo are David Zondag and Gerson Gamponia.

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