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There are no official numbers about how many Brazilians have Italian ancestry, as the national census conducted by IBGE does not ask the ancestry of the Brazilian people. In the last census to ask about ancestry, from , 1,, Brazilians said to be the child of an Italian father, while 1,, said to be the child of an Italian mother.

Italians were , and naturalized Brazilians, 40, Therefore, Italians and their children were just over 3. According to the Italian government, there are 31 million Brazilians of Italian descent, [10] All those figures relate to Brazilians of any Italian descent, not necessarily linked to Italian culture in any significant way. Scholar Luigi Favero, in a book on Italian emigration between and , pinpointed that Italians were present in Brasil since the Renaissance: Genoese sailors and merchants were between the first to settle in colonial Brazil since the first half of the 16th century, [12] and so—because of the many descendants of Italians emigrated there from Columbus times until —the number of Brazilians with Italian roots should be increased to 35 million.

Although victims of some prejudice in the first decades and in spite of the persecution during World War II, Brazilians of Italian descent managed to mingle and to incorporate seamlessly into the Brazilian society.

Many Brazilian politicians, artists, footballers, models and personalities are or were of Italian descent. Three Presidents of Brazil were of Italian descent though none of them were directly elected to such a position: According to the Brazilian Constitution, anyone born in the country is a Brazilian citizen by birthright.

In addition, many who were born in Italy have become naturalized citizens after settling in Brazil. The Brazilian government used to prohibit multiple citizenships.

However, this changed in with a new constitutional amendment. According to the Italian legislation an individual with an Italian parent is automatically recognized as an Italian citizen , the jus sanguinis principle being applied. In order to exercise the rights and obligations of citizenship an individual needs to have all documents registered in Italy, which normally involves the local consulate or embassy. Some limitations are applied to this process of recognition such as the renouncement of the Italian citizenship by the individual or the parent if before the child's birth , a second limitation is that women only transferred citizenship to their children after Italian citizens residing in Brazil elect representatives together with Argentina , Uruguay and other countries in South America.

According to Italian senator Edoardo Pollastri, currently there are over half a million Brazilians in line to have their Italian citizenship recognized. Italy only united as a sovereign national state in Before that Italy was politically divided in several kingdoms, ducates and other small states.

This fact influenced deeply the character of the Italian migrant. During the 19th century, many Italians fled the political persecutions in Italy led by the Imperial Austrian government after the failure of unification movements in and Although very small, these well educated and revolutionary group of emigrants left a deep mark where they settled.

Despite that, the mass Italian immigration that contributed to shape Brazilian culture after the Portuguese and the German migration movements started only after Italian unification. During the last quarter of the 19th century, the newly united Italy suffered an economic crisis. In the Northern regions, there was unemployment due to the introduction of new techniques in agriculture, while Southern Italy remained underdeveloped and untouched by modernization in agrarian structure.

Even in the North, industrialization was still in its initial stages, and illiteracy was still common in Italy though more in the south and islands than in the north. Most Italian immigrants were very poor rural workers braccianti. In , under British pressure, Brazil finally passed a law that effectively banned transatlantic slave trade.

The increased pressure of the abolitionist movement, on the other hand, made clear that the days of slavery in Brazil were coming to an end.

Slave trade was in fact effectively suppressed, but the slave system still endured for almost four decades. So the discussion about European immigration to Brazil became a priority for Brazilian landowners. They would soon win the argument and mass migration would begin in earnest. An Agriculture Congress in in Rio de Janeiro discussed the lack of labour and proposed to the government the stimulation of European immigration to Brazil.

Immigrants from Italy, Portugal and Spain were considered the best ones, because they were white and, mainly, Catholics. Therefore, the Brazilian government started to attract more Italian immigrants to the coffee plantations.

At the end of the 19th century, the Brazilian government was influenced by eugenics theories. According to some Brazilian scholars, it was necessary to bring immigrants from Europe to enhance the Brazilian population.

These colonies were established in rural areas of the country, being settled by European families, mainly German immigrants that settled in many areas of Southern Brazil.

The first groups of Italians arrived in , but the boom of Italian immigration in Brazil happened in the late 19th century, between and , when almost one million Italians arrived. A great number of Italians was naturalized Brazilian at the end of the 19th century, when the 'Great Naturalization' conceded automatically citizenship to all the immigrants residing in Brazil prior to November 15, "unless they declared a desire to keep their original nationality within six months.

During the last years of the 19th century, the denouncements of bad conditions in Brazil increased in the press. Reacting to the public clamor and many proved cases of mistreatments of Italian immigrants , the government of Italy issued, in , the Prinetti decree forbidding subsidized immigration to Brazil. In consequence, the number of Italian immigrants in Brazil fell drastically in the beginning of the 20th century, but the wave of Italian immigration continued until This was part of the political plan of the newly installed Fascist government to link Italian people living outside of Italy with their mother country and with the interests of the regime.

Nevertheless, he was hosted at Bahia where members of the Italian colony in the city were very happy and proud about his visit, thus partially achieving the visit's purpose. The Brazilian Census of asked Brazilians where their fathers came from. The Census revealed that at that time there were 3,, Brazilians who were born to an immigrant father. Of those, 1,, Brazilians were born to an Italian father. Italian was the main reported paternal immigrant origin, followed by Portuguese with , children, Spanish with , and German with , children.

The Census also revealed that the , foreign mothers of 12 or more years who lived in Brazil had 2,, children, of whom 2,, were born alive. The Italian women had more children than any other female immigrant community in Brazil: On the other hand, in , the IBGE, within its preparation for the Census, experimentally introduced a question about "origem" ancestry in its "Pesquisa Mensal de Emprego" Monthly Employment Research , in order to test the viability of introducing that variable in the Census [24] the IBGE ended by deciding against the inclusion of questions about it in the Census.

The results of this survey stand in contradiction with the claims of the Italian embassy to Brazil. The Census was the first one to show a more specific figure about the size of the Italian population in Brazil , However, since the 20th century the arrival of new Italian immigrants to Brazil was in full decline.

The previous censuses of and had limited information in fact, the Census never existed. In consequence, there are no official figures about the size of the Italian population in Brazil during the mass immigration period — There are estimates available, and the most reliable is the one done by Giorgio Mortara, even though the figures he found may have underestimated the real size of the Italian population.

Another evaluation conducted by Bruno Zuculin found the presence of , Italians in Brazil as of Notice that all these figures only include people born in Italy, and not their Brazilian born descendants. Due to the internal migration, many Italians, second and third generations descendants, moved to other areas. More recently, third and fourth generations have been migrating to other areas; thus it is possible to find people of Italian descent in Brazilian regions where the immigrants had never settled, such as in the Cerrado region of Central-West , in the Northeast and in the Amazon rainforest area, in the extreme North of Brazil.

These immigrants were predominantly from Veneto, in northern Italy. After five years, in , the great numbers of Italian immigrants arriving caused the Brazilian government to create another Italian colony, Caxias do Sul. After initially settling in the government-promoted colonies, many of the Italian immigrants spread into other areas of Rio Grande do Sul seeking better opportunities. The Italian established many vineyards in the region.

Nowadays, the wine produced in these areas of Italian colonization in southern Brazil is much appreciated within the country, though little is available for export. In , the first Italian colonies were established in Santa Catarina , which lies immediately to the north of Rio Grande do Sul. In the colonies of southern Brazil, Italian immigrants at first confined themselves within themselves, where they could speak their native Italian dialects and keep their culture and traditions.

With time, however, they would become thoroughly integrated economically and culturally into the larger society. In any case, Italian immigration to southern Brazil was very important to the economic development, as well to the culture of the region. A part of the immigrants settled in the colonies in Southern Brazil. In the beginning, the government was responsible for bringing the immigrants in most cases, paying for their transportation by ship , but later the farmers were responsible for making contracts with immigrants or specialized companies in recruiting Italian workers.

Many posters were spread in Italy, with pictures of Brazil, selling the idea that everybody could become rich there by working with coffee, which was called by the Italian immigrants the green gold. Italians used to migrate to Brazil in families. However, the situation was not easy.

Many Brazilian farmers were used to command slaves and treated the immigrants as indentured servants. While, in Southern Brazil, the Italian immigrants were living in relatively well developed colonies, in Southeastern Brazil they were living in semi-slavery conditions in the coffee plantations. Many rebellions against Brazilian farmers occurred and the public denouncements caused great commotion in Italy, forcing the Italian government to issue the Prinetti decree that established barriers to immigration to Brazil.

Although the majority of Brazilians of Italian descent live in the South and Southeast part of the country, in recent decades s-present , people from southern Brazil, mainly of Italian descent, [ citation needed ] have played a vital role in settling and developing the vast " cerrado " grasslands of Central-West , North and the west part of Northeastern Brazil.

These areas , once economically neglected, are fast becoming one of the world's most important agricultural regions. The cerrado Portuguese for thick and dense, meaning thick grassland is a vast area of savanna -like grasslands in Brazil.

In , the Italian immigration to Brazil started to decline. From to , only , Italians immigrated to Brazil, compared to , to Argentina and 3,, to the United States. This was mainly due to the Prinetti Decree in Italy, that banned the subsidized immigration to Brazil the Brazilian Government or landowners could not pay the passage of the immigrants anymore.

The immigrants who went to Southern Brazil became small landowners and, despite the problems faced by them dense forest, epidemics of yellow fever , lack of consumer market the easy access to lands increased their opportunities.

However, only a minority of the Italians were taken to Southern Brazil. Most of the country's economy was based on coffee plantations, and Brazil was already the main coffee exporter in the world since the s. As a consequence of the end of slavery and that most former slaves left the plantations, there was a labour shortage on coffee plantations.

In consequence, passages were offered to Europeans the so-called "subsidized immigration" , mostly to Italians, so that they could come to Brazil and work on the plantations. Those immigrants were employed in enormous latifundia large-scale farms , formerly employing slaves. Contracts signed by the immigrants could easily be violated by the Brazilian landowners.

Accustomed to dealing with African slaves, the remnants of slavery influenced on how Brazilian landowners dealt with Italian workers: In some cases, they were obliged to buy the products they needed from the landowner. Moreover, the coffee farms were located in rather isolated regions.

If the immigrants became sick, they would take hours to reach the nearest hospital. The structure of labor used on farms included the labor of Italian women and children.

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It was also common for Brazilian soldiers to write on their mortars, "The Snake is smoking With that second meaning the use of the expression "a cobra vai fumar" has been retained in Brazilian Portuguese until the present, although few of the younger generations realize the origin of the expression. American propaganda film Brazil at War , praising Brazil for joining the Allies, and attempting to show similarities between Brazil and the United States. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Part of a series on the. Luzia Indigenous peoples Marajoara culture. United Kingdom with Portugal. Declaration of Independence War of Independence. Timeline of Brazilian history. Brazilian Military Cemetery in Pistoia , Italy. This section contains what may be an unencyclopedic or excessive gallery of images.

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O Brasil e sua guerra quase desconhecida Brazil and its almost forgotten war in Portuguese , Rio de Janeiro, Da Capo Press, Calculated Risk New York: Enigma Books, , republished The final campaign across Italy ; year of edition in English Chapter 9 "The Smoking Cobras". Cia das Letras, A nossa Segunda Guerra: The European Theatre, Volume I.

Axis submarine successes of World War Two: German, Italian, and Japanese submarine successes, Greenhill Books, Government Printing Office, on Congressional Record: Page 17, section "1.

Retrieved 20 May Pages ; ; — In this area there was a boycott attempt, not only by male Brazilian military doctors, but also by women who were in a position of influence in national politics; See Moser, , Page Not only, but especially in mountainous terrain , as was mostly the Italian front, the use of animals, such as the mule among others and smaller vehicles like military bicycles and motorcycles , were critical to the mobility of troops. More on this topic can be seen, on: Nafziger , and Worley Page Parts 4 and 5; Chapters News Publishing Corporation, Brooks, The War North of Rome , p.

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