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Adult wants sex tonight Port Royal South Carolina

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Adult wants sex tonight Port Royal South Carolina

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Early s [1] on a pirate ship during a typhoon [2]. Sword Flintlock pistol Musket. The Curse of the Black Pearl. Dead Men Tell No Tales. Jack Sparrow was a legendary pirate of the Seven Seas , and the irreverent trickster of the Caribbean. A captain of equally dubious morality and sobriety, a master of self-promotion and self-interest, Jack fought a constant and losing battle with his own best tendencies.

Jack's first love was the sea, his second, his beloved ship the Black Pearl. Before he was known as "Captain Jack Sparrow", he was simply known as Jack, a teenage stowaway who, even then, had a desire for adventure. Years after his teenage adventures, an encounter with the infamous rogue pirates forced him to abandon the pirate life and take employment in the East India Trading Company. As Beckett's employee, Jack searched for the mystical island of Kerma and its legendary treasure , until he decided to betray Beckett and keep the island and its inhabitants safe from Beckett and his slave traders.

When Beckett contracted him to transport a cargo of slaves to the Bahamas , Jack chose to liberate them and steal the Wench from Beckett.

However, Beckett's men managed to find him and branded him as a pirate , while the Wench was set aflame and sunk. After striking a bargain with Davy Jones , the ghostly captain of the Flying Dutchman , to resurrect his beloved vessel, Jack had the Wench renamed the Black Pearl and began the pirate life anew.

Throughout his years as an infamous pirate of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow embarked on many adventures, several of which involved gaining items of unique value. Jack was captain of the Black Pearl for two years, during which time he searched for the Shadow Gold.

But when he was after the treasure of Isla de Muerta , Jack lost the Pearl in a mutiny led by his first mate , Captain Hector Barbossa. Ten years later, with the help of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann , Jack retrieved the Black Pearl after having fought and killed the cursed Barbossa, thereby becoming its captain once again.

Jack would later sail on stranger tides during the quest for the Fountain of Youth , contending with the notorious Blackbeard and the beautiful Angelica , who forced him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. After the malicious Captain Salazar 's ghost crew escaped from the Devil's Triangle bent on killing every pirate, Jack sought to reverse his recent spate of ill fortune by finding the Trident of Poseidon.

Jack would be helped on his journey by Henry Turner who sought to free his father and they would be aided by Carina Smyth. Over the course of time, Captain Jack Sparrow became a center of intrigue as myths and legends have been told of his exploits.

Most of these tales, however, were exaggerations, or even fabrications, embellished by Jack himself to bolster his reputation. Despite his dishonesty and many deceptions, Jack Sparrow did embark on a number of grand and thrilling adventures, some involving the supernatural , pirate lore , magic , and journeys in discovering hidden treasures. Indeed, Jack's ultimate ambition was to have the freedom to sail the seas as a legendary pirate for eternity.

Jack Sparrow was born to Edward Teague and an unknown woman on a pirate ship caught in the middle of a typhoon. Despite Jack's resentment of him, he respected the fact that Teague was always there for him when he needed him most, such as when he nearly got his hand cut off by the pirate Rusty Knickers or when Jack was almost sold into slavery by Captain Lucille Graven. At some point during his childhood, Jack met a boy named Benny and taught him "that trick with the kite and the key".

As a teenager, Jack served as a cabin boy on several pirate ships, including the Troubadour of Captain Teague and the Koldunya of Borya Palachnik. One night, he snuck by candlelight into the study to consult the Pirata Codex , and, coming upon a section on freedom and the need for pirates to make their own decisions, decided he was completely justified in running away. After escaping out the window, Jack stowed away aboard a merchant ship to reach Tortuga. Jack had few worldly possessions, and even these were stolen on the island.

After Arabella led Jack to an abandoned ship, the Barnacle , he was given command, and, following a sword fight that Jack lost, found his second crew member in a man named Fitzwilliam P.

Having braved a storm conjured by Torrents, Jack, Arabella and Fitzwilliam soon encountered two more sailors, Tumen and Jean Magliore —the latter providing one further crew member in the form of his cat , Constance Magliore , who was once Jean's sister before being transformed by Tia Dalma.

The crew was confronted by Captain Torrents, though Jack was able to counter his control of lightning by splashing him with rainwater collected in his appropriated hat. He claimed that he had taught a young Benjamin Franklin this trick, and hoped "Benny" would remember it.

Jack's crew later happened upon a group of mermaids whose song made most of the crew act upon their deepest desires. However, Jack proved immune to their song, since his only true desire was freedom. For the time being, he continued his search for the Sword, ultimately finding it in the possession of Left-Foot Louis on Isla Fortuna.

Jack helped defeat Louis, and stopped Arabella from killing the pirate out of revenge for the supposed murder of her mother. Jack was sent to collect the eye of Stone-Eyed Sam , recently given to the merfolk, meaning Jack was forced to return to Isla Sirena. There, he fought two iguana monsters for his freedom, and obtained the eye from Tia Dalma. Tia Dalma also reminded Jack that a dangerous foe was still pursuing him, a thought that Jack did not savor.

Jack decided to give the Sword to Tia Dalma, realizing it contained too much power to wield. Jack with the crew of the Barnacle.

Unfortunately for Sparrow and his crew, Tumen's village held its own set of challenges. The crew became the main suspects when the Sun-and-stars amulet was stolen from the village, and were banished from the island. Jack resolved to track down the real culprits, whom they happened upon in a hotel in New Orleans.

The thief, Madame Minuit , fought for possession of the amulet—a blow from which turning some of Jack's teeth bronze—though her slave, Tim Hawk , turned on her and helped Jack's crew escape. Jack welcomed him aboard the Barnacle.

Moments later, the ship was confronted by La Fleur de la Mort , captained by Laura Smith , Arabella's long-lost mother. The crew was teleported aboard, where Jack was confronted by Silverback and Left-Foot Louis , both of whom launched an attack on Jack's crew. The fight was broken up by Laura, though Jack remained suspicious of both pirates, and eavesdropped on a conversation between them, uncovering their plans to mutiny against their captain.

This led to a fight , during which Jack stole Silverback's gem, connecting it to his medallion and making both Silverback and Louis disappear. Jack was happy to return to the Barnacle , though Laura kept her daughter aboard La Fleur de la Mort.

Following this, Jack returned to New Orleans, where he was confronted for a final time by Madame Minuit, Silverback and Louis, who merged to form a giant, three-headed serpent that Jack barely managed to defeat. Jack's teeth were turned into gold when the Sun-and-stars amulet was destroyed. With the battle won, Jack's crew decided to return to their respective homes, leaving only Jack and Fitzwilliam aboard the Barnacle.

Suddenly, the vessel was confronted by the Flying Dutchman , and Jack met Davy Jones for the first time. Davy Jones was after Fitzwilliam's watch , which was able to stop time. Using the watch's power, Jack and Dalton escaped to a nearby island. After wandering for a few days, they were captured by angry natives and sacrificed to Chantico. They escaped again using the Timekeeper and ran to an Aztec temple.

They were captured and taken to Stone-Eyed Sam. Once again they escaped using the Timekeeper and escaped the temple. After escaping being killed by the lava of the island's volcano, Jack and Fitzwilliam were told by Chantico that they have twelve hours to set everything back to normal or she will kill them. After getting down the volcano by way of hitching a ride on the pterodactyl , the two of them needed magic of Tia Dalma 's kind and headed back to the Barnacle by traveling underwater with a tipped over boat over their heads for air.

Once they were on the Barnacle , they were quickly captured by Davy Jones and thrown into the brig of the Flying Dutchman where they ran into Tia Dalma who helped them get out and gave them a clue as to how to return time back to normal; the watch has to be in the possession of someone who doesn't exist in the present time and also that the person has to drop the watch when it chimes twelve.

During their fight, Jack realized that he has to get Sam to hold the watch to set everything back so he gets the attention of both him and Torrents when Jack remembers that the both of them want revenge on him. Jack carefully throws the watch so that it wraps around Sam's wrist as the watch starts chiming. Just as Jack was knocked down and Sam was about to kill him, the watch chimed for the twelfth time and Tia Dalma pulled it off Sam's wrist, which resulted in time being quickly set back to normal, with Stone-Eyed Sam turning into a skeleton, the buildings crumbling into rubble, and the plant life of the jungle taking over.

After Tia Dalma met with Davy Jones and Chantico, while surprising Jack and Fitzwilliam by bowing to her, Jack noticed a pirate ship in the distance and panics. Both he and Fitzwilliam got back to the Barnacle where they see that the pirate ship was being chased by British Royal Navy ships as well as East India Trading Company ships. Fitzwilliam then held his sword to Jack's back and reveals that he had been working with the Navy in an attempt to track down Jack's father, Captain Edward Teague , in order to arrest and hang him.

Jack and his father are taken off of Teague's ship, the Misty Lady , and sent to the brig of Norrington's ship. Aboard the ship is a rum-lover and ally of Teague's, Joshamee Gibbs. He frees Jack, Teague, and his crew. Jack boards the Barnacle to take off a Royal Navy flag and to sail away when Fitzwilliam shows up and they then battle rapidly back and forth. When Jack finally wins, he's about to kill Fitzy when his father stops him. Meanwhile, Fitzwilliam somehow follows Teague's commands and the three of them end up on the Admiral's ship once more.

The aristocrat then turns in Teague and Jack, who are hiding behind barrels. A fight breaks out between the two crews and Jack and Fitzy take at it one more time. Teague and the Admiral fight and when Teague successfully knocks down the Admiral, his son, James Norrington , is frightened and backs up only to fall overboard. Teague rescues James and his father chastises him about being saved by a pirate.

Teague tells Jack that Fitzy only did as he was told because of his ring which makes anyone do anything you'd like. He gives Jack the ring and then takes him to Isle Hermosa. In the story's epilogue, Jack gets a new boat, which is only large enough for one or two people, and sets sail for a new treasure. After acquiring a new boat, Jack sets off to find the fabled Poseidon's Peak and the treasure it holds. He arrives on a deserted island and runs into a sailor who is badly hurt and has amnesia.

Following a night of fitful dreams the sailor remembers that his name is Bill and the two of them trek inland to find any clues to where Poseidon's Peak might be. Before long the two are captured by the natives, with Bill inexplicably able to translate what they're saying and are challenge to fight for their lives. Jack cheats and the both of them run into someone very familiar, Constance Magliore , who the natives worship since she swam out of the sea.

After getting away from the natives, Jack has the idea of lashing logs together to make a raft to escape the island and while they search, they unearth a chariot covered in sea life. They get on the chariot and it prompt takes them out to sea where the jump off it before it submerges and end up on a small rock in the middle of the ocean.

Jack, in a fit of anger, tosses Constance off the rock which causes her to lead them to an underwater cavern. Constance proceeds to lead them through tunnels that seem to go in circles until Jack meets a group of people that are very familiar to him, the former crew of the Barnacle sans Fitzwilliam , along with Arabella's mother and her crew. Jack was especially glad to see Arabella but is dismayed when she runs up and kisses Bill who has regained the rest of his memories and says that he was rescued by Captain Smith's ship sometime after they had split from Jack.

Not too long after this, a group of mermaids, who were of a higher level than the ones Jack has met before, asked them to keep the items belonging to Poseidon his trident and chariot away from Davy Jones who would use them to manipulate their kind, and in exchange they would show them how to escape the cavern.

Shortly after the request, an unwanted face showed up riding the chariot and wielding the Trident of Poseidon: In order to retrieve the chariot and trident, Jack challenges Torrents to a duel to the death, in which Jack is ultimately victorious.

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At 34, she still felt she had a pretty good body. She was tall, about 5'8" and still thin, but her hips, breasts and buttocks were fuller and more womanly now. Three days a week at the gym o His daughter was silent on the drive home. George wanted to find out what she had done to make her mother so mad.

Karma flopped on the couch and said. Kathy - Rob my now boyfriend, likes both my sister Alexandria and me, and when I was away last year he dated Alex a couple of times, although purely platonically. Alex was always quieter than me and never had as many boy friends, so she often came with us to the Teddie - My name is Katie, and the following happened when I was I had just graduated from high school and had just broken up with my long time boyfriend, Billy.

We were a couple all through high school and some people thought that we were going to be married TomTom - It was late, far later than my Catholic parents would ever have let me stay up. My eyes were drowsy, closing on their own accord in two-minute intervals. Part of me was aware of a tingling reaction to "Dirty Dancing," which Lisa had just watched with me f It was the week before Spring Break and my last assignment was a paper due for my Art History class at noon on Wednesday.

I already had a job lined up in New York so I didn't care much ab Wrulf - Wives getting debauched by way of daytime dogging in places such as wooded areas near highway round-abouts is wonderful.

Coyotegirl69 - "What are you doing this weekend? This was Kellie's way to say she'd like to come out and play. Carl's in Tulsa, so I'd love some company!

I'll be there aro Stormy - Hi, my name is Kelly, my story begins when my friend Tina asked me to house sit for her. I was to watch the house for about a week and a half while she was out of town on business. She is an agent for a small modeling firm in the city. So she is gone ever Rose Eastmann - I guess ours isn't an unusual story, Paul and I married in , I was a silly eighteen year old girl and Paul was twenty, just starting his own building business and married life in the same year.

I didn't have a career as such, just spent my forty hou Beating Off Bob - Chapter 1 Kathy was at the age where she knew she had to go to these big family gatherings, but could only think of perhaps fifteen or twenty things she'd rather be doing. She knew it wouldn't do any good to protest, and she'd gotten in the car with he She spent so much time with us because her boyfriend, Tim, worked out of town a lot.

His job often sent him away with short notice and an uncertain return date. Frankly, I don't know how Lisa Lord John Thomas - What kind of story can a sixty year old retired school teacher have to tell that would interest a modern adult audience?

A true one, perhaps? The year was and I was twenty-six years old, married to Jim who was also twenty-six. He came from a mo Lord John Thomas - I sat up, put my arms behind my back undid my bra; I was just about to lie back when I heard a noise at the back of the room.

Peering through the strong beams of light I could see the shapes of more than just one man at the back of the room. Lonelyhusbandtom - We live about 3 hours from my wife's family and we were heading there for the weekend and my wife told me that I would be staying at Mark and Michele's house.

The kids and she would be staying at her parents. My wife likes to stay up late playing ca Stephanie Sarg - Lorne Ascott pulled his coat tight around his body before stepping from the lobby of his downtown Chicago office building into the cold December winds that whipped unmercifully off of Lake Michigan!

As usual the limo was idling silently at the curb, and w Beating Off Bob - Brad was bummed. It was Saturday again. He was beginning to hate Saturdays. It was supposed to be a day he could have fun and do what he wanted, but Elizabeth would be here most of the day. He knew she would. She also came o Our original plan had been to pass through Portland completely on the way home to Seattle but we had gotten a late start and after six hours of driving from the Califor James Sinclair - It was We were in Atlanta for a conference and had just come from a strip club.

Dozens of beautiful women, none wearing a stitch of clothing. After several beers and a couple of lap JL - Ron rolled the lawnmower back into the garage, put his T-shirt back on, and opened the door into the kitchen just enough to shout, "Crystal? BiSex, Group-3somes, Lead Shack by: This is a military story. No, it is not a war story. It is the story of the men and women who fought past battles. It is also the story of the men and women who will be asked to fight future battles and while the shame caused by the "Tailhook She thought to herself how excited she was about what was to come this evening and quickly gathered several items from around the car and put them into the already George - My story starts at my place of employment.

Corri, my wife, showed up while I was training Jeremy on a new piece of machinery. Jeremy and I had worked together for quite awhile, and got along great.

He was a good looking black man 30 years young. Guest - "Come on in, Krista," Mrs. Cox said easily, "Tommy isn't home yet, but he should be here any minute now, can I get you something to drink!?! Cox, I'm fine, I just finished dinner," Krista replied, "if you don't mind I' This much will be clear, though it's funny to say it like this.

Anyway, in my lust I have frequently visited those delightfully forbidden places on the Terralink to do delightfully forbidden things with other delightfully And you know what they say to me, curiosity killed the cat.

In this case, curiosity killed the pussy. I'm older now, but I was only nine then, when my brother Chad forced his big fat teenage prick up my tiny virgin pus Novo is right, Peyton is a dick. Peyton is unhappy for once to have been proven right and is jealous that Axe got to be with Novo.

Axe is no longer part of her life. Novo found them to ensure that there would be survivors and confirmed that she and Axe have never had sex and that he took her to The Keys at her request, where he sponsored her for membership. A massively built male with spiked hair, piercings on one side of his face and one side of his neck inked, all of the above in black, as well as yellow eyes.

His father was a carpenter and his mother left them when he was about 10 in search of a richer mate. As he grew older, he got into drugs and likes ecstasy and coke among others. Two years ago, on the ngith of the lesser raids, he was high at a club and his father left messages on his phone. He was so annoyed by the fact that his father was leaving him messages that he erased them without ever listening to them.

He later found out that his father died that night. All he has left of his father is a note someone left him explaining what happened. Since he is essentially orphaned, Butch told him he was moving into the training centre along with Craeg. While Craeg left to collect his things, Axe came clean about knowing the origins of a key Butch asked him about in their interview.

He was at that club the night his father was killed. He likes making his partners submit to him. He uses the release of sex to quiet the voice of self-loathing and anger in his head, and expects that being a soldier in the war will do the same. Butch told him about his investigation into a female who died at Safe Place. Elise, blooded daughter of the Princeps Felixe the Younger. Felixe has dark hair and grey eyes, while his daughter has blonde highlighted hair and blue eyes, but they share similar carriage and manner of speaking.

She has a high class Old Country accent that sounds European. He is tall with blue eyes and an open, friendly face. She has been studying for 7 years and is doing her PsyD in Clinical Psychology, despite not having a Masters.

Ultimately, she wants to be a private therapist for the race, specialising in PTSD. Particularly after the raids, she feels that this is something the race not only lacks, but badly needs. Those same raids also delayed her education, forcing her to leave Caldwell, and now that she is back, also forcing her to lie to her father about going out.

They bury their feelings over her passing, when Elise would prefer a more open display, believing it to be healthier for all involved. They have not had a Fade Ceremony for her. She continues sneaking out of the mansion, unwilling to let her education so far go to waste. She is forbidden from leaving the house and her father wants to look for a mate for her. She argues that she is not like Allishon and asks if his concern stems from the prospect of social embarrassment should anything happen to her as well.

Her father will petition Wrath to put her into sehclusion. She argues that his getting laid before training messes with his head.

He says his head is on their crappy performance and what he could have done better. They talk about his club and Novo gets him to agree to take her to The Keys. She talks to Paradise about her father wanting to sehclude her, since Abalone lets Paradise train to be a warrior.

Abalone agrees to talk to Felixe. Elise notices that Peyton is disconnected from his surroundings and believes him to be mourning Allishon. She tries to talk to him, but he brushes her off. She leaves the club but knows that Axe will follow, which he does, when the disapproving Peyton is distracted by a busty blonde.

They flirt but are interrupted by Peyton who noticed that they have both left the club. Axe agrees to leave her be. He may have been told to stay at the training centre, but Axe still mostly lives at the house his father left him.

His water and gas are provided by the city, and his hot showers and fireplaces are enough to keep him warm. Or at least warm enough. Axe is competing with Novo for a bodyguard role.

They make a bet: The sheets are still rumpled from the last time the male had slept in the bed. A window is ajar but Axe does nothing to close the gap. He finds the turtleneck as quickly as possible, swearing never to return. Seriously, one of the questions he was asked was about whether he could blend into this surroundings. He still sees Axe as a sex addict he wants to keep away from his cousin.

Also, he needs the job so he can eat and have electricity in his home. Peyton offers to pay him off, but Axe left him so he could make his meeting with Elise.

He arrives, bloody from Peyton hitting him again previously it was on the night he met Elise when Peyton made his disapproval clear to Axe and Elise takes him upstairs for first aid. She recognises her entitlement and respects his right not to tell her anything. She feels bad, especially because someone with her education should know how to relate to another person. She arranged this meeting via his BDB-issued phone, but after they end their meeting agreeing to keep it professional, she asked for his phone number.

Axe is even more determined to remain professional with Elise after rubbing one out in the shower while thinking of her. He sees the way Troy looks at her and wants the man dead. He apologised and admitted that he is more thug and killer than social person.

He promised to make nice with Troy, but she is dubious. Unaware that things may have changed, Troy asked Elise to dinner. Axe smugly expected her to decline, but she accepted just to spite him. As her bodyguard, he invited himself along. She sees Axe at the back of the restaurant and goes to confront him.

Axe masochistically gets off on watching Elise on her date with Troy. After her date with Troy, Elise is making out with Axe against a building downtown. He wants her to go out with Troy again because he enjoys the pain of not having her. She refuses to use a third party and insists on being wanted for herself as she is. Axe wants to go back to his place for privacy and offers his blood to Elise so she can find her way there.

In this moment, for once, he is the pliant, passive one. He lies about the lack of heat being the result of a broken furnace. Elise tells him that she is not a virgin.

Axe wants to kill the male, more so when he learns that it was consensual. She wanted the experience, but it was nothing to write home about. She saw him at an event… with his shellan. Elise felt bad about her part in having unknowingly betrayed this female, but at least there was no way the male was going to tell anyone that she was now unmateable. Axe and Elise did not have sex that night, but made plans for another date without Troy.

Axe feels rattled that he has made a connection with a person, not just a fuckable body. He saw a text from Felixe letting him know about another job, and requesting a meeting for the following night. He also got a call from Novo suggesting a hook-up.

Peyton calls Elise and she had a go at him for trying to bribe Axe. He admitted to having been overprotective of her and blames it on having been the one to find out what happened to their cousin Allishon. They arrange to meet up the following night to talk about what happened to her. Elise scents Axe in her house and hides in a secret passageway to eavesdrop.

Felixe had the butler GPS her phone. Axe says no, not even for twice the money, and that if Felixe wants to know anything about Elise, he should just ask her because she is upfront enough to tell him. Aristocratic families consider it bad luck to give away the possessions of the dead. Elise finds a locked safe containing the least to an apartment downtown. The exile was intended to set her straight, but gave her the rope she needed to hang herself. Her aunt is angry that her disgraceful daughter embarrassed the family by getting murdered, especially after her brother died.

It was her aunt, not her cousin who trashed the room. The trainees are paired with Brothers or fighters on a real mission. Things are quiet until everyone engages the enemy at the same time. They are each fed by Chosen. Axe insisted on being released AMA.

He wants to see Rhage, who has been asking for him. They both fight not to tear up as Rhage thanks him for saving his life. They bonded over blaming themselves for things outside of their control and having a female waiting for them to come home. As Axe left, Bitty approached him to hug him. He felt so awkward as though he was going to somehow break her, but her embrace was stronger than he expected. Elise was waiting for him when he got back. He wanted her help to brush his teeth before he kissed her.

She cut off his gown and the proximiity of the blades in her hands to certain parts of his anatomy got him off right then and there. She notes that the ink and metal are only on his left. He says that symbolises the two halves of him.

He wants to be a good son, not a broken one. No prizes for guessing which one he thinks he is. Hey, he took a knife to the chest only hours earlier. But it was a very real experience for them, and not just some NSA encounter. Afterwards, Elise told him about Allishon and her aunt. She visits Peyton, who is drunk and stoned in preparation for their conversation.

He buries this under alcohol and drugs. Axe meets Novo at The Keys, just as he said he would. She wants tonight, but is more concerned for his wellbeing.

Staff comes over to investigate and probably throw her out, but Axe steps in, telling Staff that Novo had been touched against her will more than once. He puts her up for membership so that she can go to the club without him. In what I think is a shout out to someone in real life, a Scottish guy comes over and compliments Axe on the scene he did at the beginning of the book where he fed from a woman bound high above the crowd.

He turned down a previous play partner in front of Novo, who remembered his reaction to Elise and put the pieces together.

Elise was waiting for him when he got home. He tells her about how his mother sloughed off her family like dead skin so she could look for something better. He views his mother as a prostitute who he wished had died in the raids and looks down on his father for mourning her loss for the rest of his life and never moving on.

He acknowledged that his father kept him fed and clothed and was a good male, but Axe hated him anyway. He got into drugs to avoid his feelings of both contempt for his father and guilt for not being as good a son as his father deserved.

Elise told him that we go through the same patterns over and over again, and speculated that when he sacrificed himself for Rhage, he was really trying to save his father. She figured out that Axe is not mated because he does not want to be abandoned like his father was.

He equates love with failing and being failed. Intimacy would be terrifying for him. She tells Axe she loves him and he returns her love. When they have sex, he feeds from her and marks her with his scent. Axe and Elise meet the other trainees with Peyton at the cigar bar, where they swap phones back.

Peyton and Axe got into a pissing contest over Elise that escalated out through the rear emergency exit, alerting a lesser. Novo led the attack, but when Peyton is hit, she gives her gun to Elise. Rhage arrives and kicks arse, but Elise sees a lesser about to shoot him.

Rhage stands up and shows them that he was wearing kevlar. That door was unlocked. As Elise walked through the apartment armed with the info Peyton had given her, she is able to find some semblance of closure. We can guess that he absolutely does. They go back to his place before he has to go into the training centre for a debriefing.

Peyton is unhappy for once to have been proven right. Elise broke up with Axe becaue she believes he lied to her and, given everything she was going through with her family, a relationship was a bad idea, especially one that moved so quickly in just over a week. When Elise got home, she told her father that she is moving out and supporting herself, but still wants a relationship with him.

Peyton confronted Axe on their way into the next training session and updated him on Elise. Novo found them to ensure that there would be survivors and confirmed that she and Axe have never had sex , and that he took her to The Keys at her request, where he sponsored her for membership.

Axe feels like shit since Elise left and is waiting for when he falls apart like his father did. Elise apologised to him and told him that she loves him and is finally ready to hear his side of the story.

He then forgave her because their relationship grew faster than the trust could develop. Novo is a muscular female with straight dark hair, long enough to braid, and honey coloured skin. That kind of reaction is something she likes in a male, and she wants to look for someone to have sex with. Axe agrees to take her to The Keys, an exclusive club that usually satisfies him. Novo could do with some extra money, although there is no indication that she is a destitute as Craeg or Axe.

She is up against Axe for a personal security role and they make a bet: She loses out due to the sexism of the father hiring a bodyguard for his daughter.

But then, if she got the job, we could be reading a very different romance. She goes into gen pop to get her own drinks instead of using the VIP bottle service.

Peyton is hanging with other rich males and is most definitely not her type. One by one, they all leave, figuring that Novo would be happy enough to do her own thing. Tonight, the easy dismissal, not needing to consider her, is a downside of being independent. Peyton returned for his phone. He suggests that Novo go back to his hotel suite with him. She touches him and says that he should go there, undress and get himself off while thinking of Paradise, before walking away from him.

Novo is not the supportive best friend who exists solely to serve the heroine. Unaware that he has anything going on with Elise, she calls Axe to suggest that they get together. He offers to take her to The Keys the night after next, when he will be allowed to bring guests. The next night, the trainees are paired up with Brothers or fighters.

There are 6 trainees and 6 mentors. The only mentor not assigned anyone is Blay, who will be scouting. Rhage is already patrolling alone. While Axe is showing her around, a guy keeps grabbing her arse, so she grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall, threatening further damage if he touches her again.

When Staff comes over, Axe defends her by telling Staff that the guy had touched her without her consent several times. He then nominated her for membership. As an aside, Axe knew what was going on, but figured that Novo was capable of taking care of it if it was unwanted. He would have stepped in if he knew for sure that it was non-consensual. Her strength ensures that she is well able to take care of herself so no one looks out for her, which isolates her further. A Scottish guy who I think might be based on a real person compliments Axe on a scene he did earlier in the week, which saves Novo and lets her turn the tables on Axe and what he might be into.

Novo remembered his reaction to Elise and put the pieces together. They meet up that night at the cigar bar and Axe and Peyton get into a fight over Elise that takes them out the emergency exit and attracts the attention of a lesser. Novo leads the attack while Peyton and Axe protect Elise. Peyton is hit, so Novo gives her gun to Elise before throwing her to relative safety behind a dumpster so that she can check on the male.

He disapproves of Novo going to a place like that that no female ever goes to. She set him straight about her interest in males, females, men and women, as well as calling him on his madonna-whore absolute dichotomy and double standards concerning his own sluttiness. He says that females are just different to males. Novo tells him that arseholes are arseholes, regardless of the genitalia they come with. Checking up on Peyton and Axe at their next training session to ensure that there would be survivors, Novo confirmed to Peyton that she and Axe have never had sex , and that he took her to The Keys at her request, where he sponsored her for membership.

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