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The Missouri River reservoirs began rebounding slightly in and strongly in because of rains and robust snow runoff, and are at ideal levels now, said Mike Swenson, a corps engineer in Omaha, Neb.

A visual phenomena where airborne ice crystals reflect light from the ground upward produced a series of light pillars in the sky above Bismarck and Mandan for a brief period Wednesday evening. The light pillars are a result of the arctic-like weather in the area of late and are formed under ideal temperature and humidity conditions. Youngest victim of Ariz. Reminders of the innocence of the bubbly girl born Sept. Outside the church, more little girls — and hundreds of other people — wearing white and waving American flags lined both sides of the street for more than a quartermile to show their support.

Hundreds of motorcycle riders from all over stood guard and more than a dozen resiContinued on 9A. Troy Wine puts up a peace sign at a makeshift memorial outside the office of Rep. Hours after her congresswoman was gunned down at a neighborhood supermarket, she stood at a candle-. But her sadness was mixed with shame. And the dismay Continued on 9A. Some lawmakers say the increases illustrate the need for tighter limits on speculation in commodities markets. Airlines, clothing manufacturers and some grocery stores have already raised retail prices.

Some economists expect prices to rise faster this year than last, although not fast enough to cause Continued on 9A. Other officials with the global body sounded an alarm, warning they were being prevented from protecting civilians. Gbagbo has refused to accept the outcome of the November poll and has ordered the U.

As part of a national study in Australia to measure diabetes levels, experts gave nearly adults a pedometer to measure how many steps they took over two consecutive days in and again in Participants also completed a diet and lifestyle questionnaire and had their measurements — including height, weight and insulin sensitivity — taken. It was found that people who walked the most after five years not only had a lower body mass index, but were also more sensitive to insulin and less likely to develop diabetes.

The recommendation Thursday from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission comes as lawmakers look for health care spending cuts to help get control of federal deficits.

More than 3 million seniors got home health care last year, including visits from nurses, therapists and personal care attendants. Survivors dug at the earth barehanded Thursday, but all they found were bodies. It was a scene of muddy destruction in mountain towns north of Rio, where at least people were killed w h e n t o r re n t i a l r a i n s unleashed mudslides in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, burying people alive as they slept.

Officials would not venture guesses on how many people were missing — but fears were high that the death toll could sharply rise. In the remote Campo Grande neighborhood of Teresopolis, now accessible only by a perilous five-mile hike through mud-slicked jungle, family members pulled the lifeless bodies of loved ones from the muck. They carefully laid the corpses on dry ground, covering them with blankets. I want to see my dad! The disasters unduly punish the poor, who often live in rickety shacks perched perilously on steep hillsides with little or no foundations.

But even the rich did not escape the damage in Teresopolis, where large homes were washed away. An early test will come Jan. Initial reactions to that idea on Capitol Hill were not encouraging, especially from the Republican side. Mark Udall of Colorado. Facing the worst unrest in his 23 years in power, an unusually contrite President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali ordered prices on sugar, milk and bread slashed.

Monday-Saturday and 7 a. If you have not received your Tribune by this deadline, redeliveries are available in Bismarck-Mandan until 10 a. Monday through Friday and until 11 a. Saturday and Sunday by calling Monday through Friday and from 4: One seems to be a girl, no more than 16, dead, buried under that mud.

An eerie quiet prevailed as people searched for life. The sounds of digging, with sticks and hands, were occasionally punctuated by shouts as another corpse was located. Conceicao Salomao, a doctor coordinating relief efforts at a makeshift refuge inside a gymnasium in central Teresopolis, said about people were staying there Thursday and about 1, people had sought treatment in the past day.

One danger she worried about was leptospirosis, a waterborne bacterial disease. We do what we can, but there are so many people. It said about 14, people had been driven from their homes. Another 37 people have died in floods and mudslides since Christmas in other parts of southeastern Brazil — 16 in Minas Gerais state north of Rio and 21 in Sao Paulo state.

Morgues in the cities were full and bodies covered in blankets were laid out in streets. Officials said the area hit by slides had seen 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. More rain is forecast through the weekend. In a sometimes-emotional speech Wednesday night in Tucson, Obama implored Americans to reflect on the fatal shootings at Democratic Rep. National tragedies in recent years have led to calmer political rhetoric only briefly, if at all.

Leaders of both parties vowed to unite the nation after an anti-government militia movement sympathizer killed people by bombing a federal building in Oklahoma City in Seven months later, a parti-. T h e p u b l i c m o s t l y b l a m e d Ho u s e Republicans, and the incident helped catapult President Bill Clinton to re-election.

In , a few hours after the Sept. But the parties returned fairly quickly to quarreling and strong-arm tactics on domestic issues, then split over the Iraq war. Hastert oversaw a GOP push to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare in It culminated in a much-criticized predawn House vote in which the roll call was held open for hours while party leaders pressured colleagues to vote yes. Published daily at E.

Periodicals postage paid at the Bismarck Post Office. Member of the Associated Press. His bold pledges appeared aimed at quelling public anger while allowing him to cling to power in Tunisia, a country long cherished by European tourists for its Mediterranean beaches and its stability, and seen as an ally against terrorism. Unions plan a general strike today in Tunis and some other regions. Pent-up anger at unemployment, and at a leadership many see as controlling and corrupt, has exploded into protests and clashes with police over the past few weeks.

The demonstrations started in the provinces but reached the capital this week. Three more people were shot to death and six others injured by. In the center of the capital, a protester was fatally shot and a journalist was hit in the leg by police gunfire as rioting youths clashed with police, witnesses said.

In his evening speech, Ben Ali said he had issued orders to the interior minister that no more bullets be fired on protesters, unless security forces are under threat. Office hours are 7: Classified, or ; Display, In a story about a proposed ethics committee that ran on Page 6B Wednesday, the Tribune incorrectly reported that the secretary of state has the sole authority to investigate ethics claims.

The secretary of state is responsible for reviewing election filings, but does not handle ethics complaints. The mistake was due to source error. Queen of Clubs Jackpot: The new Hispanic Action Network is holding a policy conference featuring several well-known Republican speakers.

It will focus on issues such as trade, immigration, media outreach and education. Bush, who met his Mexican-born wife Columba when he taught English in her homeland, said the party needs to become more engaged in the Hispanic community — and not just during election years.

This is about the conservative cause. If you look over the horizon over the next 10 or 20 years It is backed by former Minnesota Sen. With the Latino population growing in swing states such as Nevada, Colorado. But Bush and other Republicans have long maintained their party is a natural fit for Hispanics, particularly recent immigrants.

Marco Rubio and New Mex-. We can We ca can nq qui qu uiick ickl ickly ckly kly y produce pro p prod rod od duce duce du ce ee eye ey ye-c ye e-cat e-cat ca attch chin c ching hing hi ng g,, g high h highly hig ighly gh hly ly y cus cus sttom s stom stomized sto miz ized ed dm mar ar arketin rrk ttin rketin rke ng pieces ng p piiec e es eces s tha that th hatt will h w l imp wil imp impact im mpac pa pact p act ct yo ct you your our ur cu cust cus cust custome usttom tomers.

House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a possible presidential candidate, announced a similar effort in Washington, D. The conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, also now has a Spanish website, Libertad.

Unlike Gingrich, he says, he has ruled out running for president in As for potential Republican candidates for president in , only former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is scheduled to speak at the conference. But Republican groups have their work cut out for them following an election year in which Republican Senate candidate Sharon Angle of Nevada ran ads portraying illegal immigrants as thuggish gang members, and Hispanic voters over whelmingly sided with Sen.

Michael Bennet against Republican Ken Buck, a former county prosecutor who had tried to deport more illegal immigrants by seizing incometax returns from accountants that catered to Spanish speakers. The plan was later thrown out by a court. The House Republican leadership took a symbolic step toward bridging the gap with Latinos last week. King once suggested on the House floor that an electrified border fence would stop illegal immigrants, likening it to the practice used to corral livestock.

Will they actively propose a conservative proposal that goes beyond border control and domestic enforcement to a temporary work status?

Bush unsuccessfully pushed for sweeping immigration reform. But so far, the only new Republican proposal on immigration has come from a group of state lawmakers who are hoping for a Supreme Court ruling that would end the granting of automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. Bro m w i c h p ra i s e d a report this week by a presidential panel investigating the BP oil spill, and said his agency has already begun many of the reforms the report urges.

The department plans to send letters to , households next week, offering to put their tax refunds on the debit cards, which can be used to get money from ATM machines or to buy goods and services from retailers.

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