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Need to shed a few pounds or fork out cash for going over your weight allowance? Well, really too many clothes overall.

Three pairs of underwear are all you really need — the one you are wearing, the one you just washed and is drying, and an extra pair. And with less clothing in general, your bags will be so much smaller, lighter and easier to carry.

Believe me, carrying less, especially in a back pack, is so much more freeing than having to lug around a large suitcase that is way too heavy and bulky. And besides, if you realize that you do need more clothes, then use the extra money to buy something locally made.

Nikolas Tjhin from Unearthing Asia: It helps because I can live with wearing a slighty dirty shirt and or pants, but an underwear thats not clean is just gross. Shelly Rivoli from Travels with Baby: An entire industry has been created for little boxes to carry your personal soap as you travel.

Generally speaking, soap is inexpensive and easy to come by. Karen Catchpole from Trans-Americas Journey: Craig Heimburger from TravelVice: Tammie Dooley from Solo Road Trip: Erik Gauger from Notes from the Road: I like to have a lot of information on my fingertips when I travel.

Information on restaurants, hotels, directions, maps, plant field guides, butterfly field guides, bird field guides, mammal field guides and more. In the old days, I packed a lot of this stuff. But books are deceptively heavy, especially hardcovers. I learned to make my own lightweight guide out of a moleskine journal. Being a shameless book worm I always, always pack more than one book. I then end up ditching them in favour of one of the many books my fellow people of the backpack leave in a dog-eared trail behind them.

Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere: They mark you as a tourist the minute you use them. Get a pair of pants with a zipper in the front pocket. Nancy Sathre-Vogel from Family on Bikes: A towel, you ask? I realize that a towel is one of those items that nearly every traveler on earth carries.

We check into cheap hotels and walk to their grungy showers to clean up. And then we need a towel to dry off, right? We travel with a towel. Two of them, actually. But they remain hidden down in the deepest recesses of our panniers and rarely see the light of day.

We simply use our tshirts to dry off with. So why are we lugging two towels around the world, you ask? For sentimental reasons, I could answer.

But the truth is that we carry them only for when it is simply too cold to use our shirts. But mostly, we are perfectly fine with using our shirts as our towels. And how to get them dry enough to prevent the funk from building up.

You might come to the very same conclusion we have! Craig Martin from Indie Travel Podcast: My question to you is … Where on earth are you going?! Water is drinkable straight out of the tap in many, many locations around the world.

There are travellers who need it: People who are hiking or mountaineering. People who might need a jungle survival kit. I never take a jacket where I go. I have a long sleeve shirt in case it gets chilly but jackets are bulky and heavy and add a lot of weight to your backpack.

If I am going somewhere cold, I will buy a jacket for that time period. It may cost a bit of extra money but if you are moving around between climates a lot, it will save you a lot of room.

People always over pack on their trip and take everything for every occasion. But, you only end up wearing half of what you take anyways. A jacket is one of those items I find I rarely ever wear. Why carry that jacket from ski season in New Zealand all the way through southeast Asia? Better to just buy as you need. Plus, donating to charity is good for the soul. Dave from The Longest Way Home: I used to carry them all wrapped up in a wash bag and boy did it weigh.

This was 5 years ago, before some nice people made multi adapters and fast chargers. I dumped an old phone charger and got a slim new fast charge one. I also carry a small multi socket adapter for hostels. These days one walks into one and the few precious sockets usually have queues of people around them with tons of cables and devices wrapped around them. For me I just need one socket and most things are charged in 15 minutes. Laptop and Phone taking 2 hours. But best of all, no more carrying around heaps of cable like a portable electrician.

I see so many people travelling nowadays with their eyes closed and those white buds in their ears. That is fine and good for a commuter train rides. Laura Motta from Le Blog Laura: I have a vintage Hermes scarf that I bought some years ago. I imagined being so utterly chic in this utterly chic city in my utterly chic scarf, sitting in cafes and going to parties.

I was a student. During those dreary winter months, my wardrobe consisted mostly of Old Navy jeans and pilled sweaters. My scarf stayed packed away for the entire semester. Geoff from Itinerant Londoner: The most common packing mistake I regularly see other travellers make is to bring those zip-off convertible trousers.

Why such a mistake? They make you look like an idiot. Ever wondered why the kids in that remote Andean village come running out to stare and point? They see that all the time. Just leave them at home next time, and survive on separate shorts and trousers like a normal person. Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo: A good pair of hiking boots with some flip flops tucked in the pack should do. Depending on the destination, an inexpensive pair of shoes can be bought — and used — abroad, leaving more room in your pack.

A huge stash of toiletries is too much to pack. You can buy as you go. Sherry Ott from Ottsworld: Most electronics today actually have chargers that convert the various voltages for you. You may be surprised that all of your electronics already convert the power.

Cate Dowman from Caffeinated Traveller: What I notice comes from a female perspective. I see a number of women carry makeup bags and jewellery cases when they travel. I guess it depends on where you go and who you travel with, but these are the two items I would never pack unless I was going to a friends wedding. Because I travel alone and often through developing countries, I tend to keep my profile low key for safety reasons.

I exchange my watch for a cheap plastic one and seldom carry makeup except for basic items like mascara and lip gloss. I leave the makeup and jewellery for my job, not for my travels. Rachael Hanley from Roaming Rachael: Any one of the four will turn your favorite portable friend into either a really heavy normal toothbrush or a coffee-scented weight for the bottom of your bag. The basic rule of thumb is this: Bonnie Brewster from The London Spy:

Interesting Response Statement By McCabe Attorney Michael Bromwich… | The Last Refuge

I would have to disagree with the iPod one — whilst I try and enjoy and engage with people and surrounds on a bus or train trip, when you are traveling overnight and the bus driver is leaning on his horn hor With regards to the chargers, one of the best investments I made was a US 2-prong to USB iPod Charger in Bangkok only cost about 25 baht and is the size of the tip of my thumb.

I would agree with NOT taking the iPod. I did end up using it on a few flights but I had to keep charging it and I eventually lost it. Have you ever travelled in an Indian train? Especially during the night? I think that this is a ver good list, but I also think that their are a few things missing.

Personally I like too travel alot and taking the right equipment will make or brake your trip. So, things like water proof rolling duffle bags may make a difference as well, as taking some means of communication to the outside world like a computer or cellphone could save yourlife. Hehe my wife always packs to many shoes — even if its just a weekend trip to one of the european capitals. I just dont get women.. The zip off pants may make you look silly, but they are the only thing worth bringing.

Well, I can read many opinions here. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Some of them are good…others I cant say I could live with them but Thanks for the ideas!! People dont have to be rude while giving their opinions…. I disagree with the travel wallet though. Put things that you might need to take out during the day in your pockets zipped pocket, etc.

Sorry, but my mp3 player goes with me. It can also be an ice breaker when need be. See another person sporting earbuds? Ask about their player and what they like to listen to. Backpacking around the world for years at a time would be an entirely different beast. Basically- go as light as possible and remember that most everything you need can be purchased in the destination country at often fractions of the price at home in your developed country.

I am no ascetic and i enjoy some little creature comforts on my long long journeys. I will always bring a pair of jeans if I plan to be in urban areas. Universally they are worn almost all over the world.

I guess your advice is only for the the insecure travelers. I get cold very easily so I must travel with a warm fleece jacket I even take it with me to the movie theater. I like my zip-off trousers. As far as jewelry, I take two necklaces and a pair of earrings because sometimes, I like to look nice and these are the lightest way to do so.

They weigh less than an ounce and take up practically no room. I just posted my travel list and many of these items are on here: While I admit I am usually guilty of bringing too much, it sometimes cannot be avoided. When I spent the summer in Ecuador last year, I was probably the largest woman in the country at the time! MP3 player is a must for long bus rides etc. A couple of small paper-back books is not a bad idea. They can be traded. Leave the guidebooks at home and tap into the backpacker chatter instead.

I want to look poor and I do want to blend in as much as possible. We set up http: It would be great to get feedback from you guys as regular travellers and any updates would be much appreciated. And only 3 pairs of underwear?

Invaluable on noisy trips or when trying to sleep in a noisy area. An iPod comes in useful when you are bored out your mind suffering another delayed plane or on a boring train journey.

There are however a few good tips that are wee gems. As for the jeans — I actually have not for a second regretted bringing a regular old pair of jeans on my RTW trip.

I am prone to getting cold and traveling through the UK, even during the summer, made me appreciate having them with a pair of leggings under them! Love the others though, and those paper underwear have me scratching my head a bit — must go google them! Haha — A serious article, but very funny also. I recently came back from Spain, we had to pay an extra 45 pounds as my wife overpacked. I love travelling light and hate being weighed down with luggage.

I definitely agree with ditching the ipod on holiday. Layering is key to travelling light and a jacket is a must for layering. Save room by bringing one jacket, one or two light shirts, and a bunch of small light and easily washable tank tops in different colours. If you really wanted to travel light you can go with just your passport, tickets and wallet in your pocket and buy everything but its an expensive way to avoid extra baggage fees! Jeans — My jeans a small, light weight and great to wear casually or formally.

Jeans beat the shit out of those moronic zip-off pants any day. Towel — Drying yourself with a shirt is just stupid. Just get a really small towel. Dry it in your dorm or on the back of your pack. Jackets — Jackets or jumpers are great, much warmer than long sleave shirts and can be taken off, done up, or worn un-done depending on the temperature.

Hehehe this reminds me of the time I went to China for a school tip and one of my friends bought the biggest brush and hairdryer along. One rule I follow is: Will I use it more than once a week? I say stop being a puss. This is nothing more than a ploy to consume. As a mom traveling with a husband and two children, i did not relish the idea of washing their clothes at the end of busy days of sightseeing. We packed enough clothes for days and included stops in local laundromats as part of our cultural experiences.

We met interesting people and observed normal daily life off the normal tourist track. Paper underwear — that idea is more gross than dirty underwear. My advice is always bring the expensive stuff: Socks, underwear and t-shirts are cheap, can be had anywhere and disposed of easily. The one thing I never take is cotton clothing. Cotton soaks up perspiration and takes forever to dry. Polyester shirts, soaks, underwear, pants, make for cooler clothing and easier maintenance on the road.

Teflon coatings make slacks stain free and they can last a couple weeks without need for cleaning. Dark colors like black or patterned fabrics do not show the dirt and the wrinkles nearly as much as light solid colors, and dark colors make you stand out a lot less like a tourist in most parts of the world.

I take basic medicine, first aid, soaps, etc. After badly cutting my hand on a defective coffee pot while in Denver on business and finding that it took the hotel staff 20 minutes to locate the first aid kit and that it only had bandaids I have started to carry a basic kit that includes butterfly bandages, liquid bandage, compression bandaging material, and broad spectrum antiseptic creme.

Harder than you might think to get even bandaids in many parts of the world once you get outside the cities. Buying water in a plastic bottle from a store in a small village in Asia and Latin America is not guarantee of getting water that is safe to drink. It also serves as my MP3 player and photo book so I can show people pictures of my home area. When traveling in 3rd world areas what I do make space for in my bag are a couple of new T-shirts from the USA with logos and a bag of balloons.

The T-shirts are gifts for the adults and the balloons are gifts for the children. In many areas ballpoint pens are greatly appreciated and a BIC for a school child can be a big deal. Disagree about comment made about boots. If I can take only one pair of shoes and plan to be all over the city and also spending time on trails, and I try to include both in my trips whenever possible, a lightweight waterproof pair of boots are perfect.

Day hiking types of boots that go to just about the ankel are perfect for travel when used with wool or polyester fiber socks — just avoid cotton socks. Such disturbingly nasty language. You disagree with some of the points others made, and find it necessary to curse them out and call them vile names. The comment by John was actually posted on May 23, Also, there is supervision over comments.

I was not the editor at that time and do not feel the need for editing it at this late date. Though, thank you for your concern. I always pack a money belt, but, like some other commenters, hardly ever wear it. Mostly, it is a useful way to keep gathered in one place almost everything I want to put in the hotel safe at night. On the metro in Madrid, a cute youngster almost got everything out of one of those zippered pockets, but failed because 1 he was in training, not yet skilled, and 2 my friend spotted him at work.

At home, I called the company that sold me the trousers and pointed out that their zipper opens down! That makes it a lot easier for the user to fetch out a wallet, but the drawback is obvious.

It is true that too many clothes is heavy bag, I usually take 2 shirts, 2 trusses, 3 pars of underclothes, one pullover and a jacket. About soup — I never take soup. I think the best think for the boy and skin is pure water. Jeans is the best if you go to the colder places of the world. Reading material is totally unnecessary. I left my wallet in a tent in the evening, when we all get together by the fire.

Before I went to Kenya my friend told me that the best way to hide money is money belt pouch. Why on earth would a towel be a useless item? I always take a towel with me. But I agree there is always a problem where to dry it. I never ever go without my jacket! I often get cold, so in my bag is always place for a jacket. For the rest thing I thing there are much too big and clumsy to carry. I agree with you about everything except the towel.

Partly it has great practical value — you can wrap it around you for warmth…. More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag strag: What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the earth, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with. However seldom more than the shirt I am wearing! The one I am wearing getting dirty?

I simply buy a cool local one, and I have my personal for me gift immediately! As for the Soap, everyone knows that this is why you steal the lirttle soaps from trips. To use on other trips! They are small, and usually you get a few bottles of shampoo with them! Keep these and then use the soap at each hotel that does not have it, along with the shampoo. Take a couple on third world trips that you go on, which is the only place you will use them.

Throw the small little bar leftovers in the trash when you change hotels, and you will not have to worry about wet stuff in your luggage at all. I work for a Hotel in Santa Barbara, and we have found that a number of people take the shampoos, and soaps just for that reason.

Ask, and any maid will give you a few! Then, after years of travelling around the globe, I finally figured out. Two t-shirts, one long shirt, a pull-over in case it gets cold in the evening. I confess I cringed when you mentioned paper underwear.

Is it really comfortable enough to wear esp. With my sensitive skin and my OCD ways, I think the dream of packing light will elude me forever. Straight up whoever wrote this is an idiot.

Conserve less spend more waste more is the motto here. The trail of garbage dumped into the stream not an uncommon practice is no excuse for shaving a few ounces. And you have to be kidding about the jacket thing, ever heard of a shell? Weighs less and waterproof, so what if a nice one costs a good chunk of change. Sure this list is applicable to some situations for travel but the list could have been better off at 12 items or even 10 items not to bring.

Sure electronics, adapters, towels, and scarfs can easily be left at home. But the purpose of traveling should not be get there light to buy buy buy. Give away my jacket? Charity is nice, financial irresponsibility is stupid. When was the last time you were on a plane and there was a kid screaming behind you and the parent was doing nothing? As for reading material, why not? Unless you have a kindle, books are a great way to pass time while you get into those long boring instances again, like on the plane.

I think I was about the only person in Manhattan with dry feet…thank you hiking boots! There are a few good points. But if it adds to your enjoyment, bring it. It could be inconvenient when you arrive in a cold place. Instead of relaxing, settling in, and taking in the scenery, you would have to go shopping right away whether you wanted to or not. Wowsers, that is taking a chance in my book. I could do without most of the stuff you mentioned, but I gotta have extra underwear.

This list is an epic fail. The ipod is probably the greatest invention for backpackers ever. As for zip off pants there light weight, quick drying, practical, and if you get dark colours they can be worn anywhere. Plus there are internet cafes everywhere — how many of us have ended up in a conversation with the person next to us? Plus these items are usually a magnet for theives. Money belt is great for emergency cash, passports credit card.

But in the end, 3 pairs of underwear is the bare minimum no matter where you go…. For bonus points, iPhones now have really good cameras built in so you could also ditch the fancy digital cameras and all the crap you have to lug along with them. However, now with an ereader, it makes more sense to bring it — s of books at my fingertips but only one small device. I also make my own travel guide and bind it up with my itinerary and confirmations — it makes a GREAT souvenir.

Plenty of silly recommendations in this list…why not take a book to make those long bus trips less annoying? Or the zip off pants? Beacuse they make you look silly? Who cares, I thought it is about being practical and traveling light. And to think that this post has over 30k stumbles…. I wear them 7 days a week. Sounds like I will need to detox. Very useful this article. I always recognize that excessive luggage when I went on vacation. Not in so I get my water filter, but I took a lot of clothes and unnecessary.

So you give up jackets and many many other clothes. I like the article very much because most of my friends do the opposite of what it says it is unnecessary. It is very annoying when you go 3 or 4 day trip and some of your friends brings his entire wardrobe. There are so many garments that use them all to be dressing every minute.

You will have money for things that you need along the way but not so much in the beginning. The techie things are a must for me. Crazy layovers and delays in a big, noisy airport? Plug into the Ipod and put on a sleep mask so that the rest of the world goes away! Brilliant list — so true too! We sometimes pack the craziest things! I agree with most although have a hard time ditching the chargers and some of the electronic gear! I love photography too much and need to recharge the battery often!

Guess it is a question of priorities. I use an iPad now — doubles for so many things — save guide books or the relevant chapters, books if I want to read fiction and music. I agree that it is better to listen to your surroundings, and your less likely to interact with others with the music going, but sometimes a girls just has to tune out!

When I set off across Canada by bike just starting a blog series on it now if you like to follow I had far too much stuff! Could have used a few lessons from the above list. Most everything has to serve double duty and if it is not crucial, not likely necessary! Climbing the Rockies on a bike with 10 lbs of books and party shoes, plus all the essentials — just silly!!! I also would add a sarong to your list — at least for the girls!

Dubs as a towel, pillow case, blanket, skirt and when tied between two trees — a change room! My most versatile travel item by far!!! But if you are planning to do some hiking trips convertible trousers is must to have as it saves so much space and weight. Sorry, but it is your problem if you think you look ridiculous in these trousers. I try to travel with just 2 pairs of these as that equates to two pairs of trousers and two pairs of shorts.

They dry quickly and are really practical in avoiding a full blown change of your bottom half, for example as it starts to get cold in the early evening in Africa and the mozzies start to swarm it is so much easier to simply reattach the legs to turn them back to Trousers.

I dont think i could travel without my emergency funds. I keep them very close to my chest when travelling so in case of emergencies i am always usually able to get myself out of a difficult situation. US Dollars are usually best here as they are a global currency. That plus an ipod and charger for long bus journeys can be good, but not always that practical in the rainforest!! Also jesus, most of these can be fixed by technology or common sense.

Worst suggestion has to be iPod though, cone on, walking on the beach, beer in hand, sun setting behind you. You need your tunes…. Living in Ecuador 6 months a year and travelling from Canada the other 6, we had a wedding to go to in March early this month in Des Moines — assuming it is winter in Des Moines we carted wintercoats down here!

They now have a layer of dust — your best advice in the above post — buy it on location and only if you REALLY need it. Better to bring used shoes for the locals — much more apprciated and much more fun to open up conversations on the road!

Many thanks for all the tips. The one superfluous item I always want to take tends to be binoculars. Never need them, but it seems like a good idea whilst packing. I like to take one book. For example I agree with the idea of not bringing soap, it is available in the vast majority of hotels or choices of accommodation. Long trips can be boring during the travel stage and it is a good time to catch up.

I read most when I travel. I agree books can weigh you down so I always have my kindle handy. Thousands of books stored up and able to read at a moments notice.

Sure, that takes up quite a lot of room. But even a small lightweight one is often better than you find in cheap backpacker places if they have one at all. One thing I willbe doing on my next trip, is ditching the laptop for an ipad, that takes up almost no room in my pack.

I agree in most of the tips you gave here, especially with the jeans, books and reading materials. I think this list depends on where you travel.

And in a land of squat toilets, maneuvering out of those things ensures a leg dragged through the muck on the choo floor. I brought some on recommendation of others, then quickly traded them in the local market once I saw how wrong a choice they had been. They did bring a good trade price though. So much easier for women to wear a longer skirt and flip flops in town, anyway.

However I do agree with the books… sadly! And instead of a towel even the quick dry ones feel creeeeeepy on my skin! I use a sarong or kanga or whatever the local version of the large piece of soft fabric is. Those can be used as towels, cover up, sheet, blanket, scarf, skirt, bundler for laundry, etc.

This is a great article. The thought of traveling in silence is frightening to me but maybe something that I should try one day. I have to strongly disagree about the money belt thing. And I would say a waterproof jacket is a MUST on any packing list, unless you travel exclusively in the summer, or only between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

The result of this deplorable rush to judgment is to terminate Mr. McCabe before his long-anticipated retirement and deny him of the full pension and retirement benefits he would have otherwise earned through his 21 years of devoted service to the FBI and this country. These attacks began in the summer of and accelerated after it was disclosed that Mr.

McCabe would be a corroborating witness against the President. This vile and defamatory statement is fully consistent with the attacks on Mr. McCabe that have come from the White House since last summer. And it was quite clearly designed to put inappropriate pressure on the Attorney General to act accordingly.

This intervention by the White House in the DOJ disciplinary process is unprecedented, deeply unfair, and dangerous. The investigation described in the Office of the Inspector General OIG report was cleaved off from the larger investigation of which it was a part, its completion expedited, and the disciplinary process completed in a little over a week.

McCabe and his counsel were given limited access to a draft of the OIG report late last month, did not see the final report and the evidence on which it is based until a week ago, and were receiving relevant exculpatory evidence as recently as two days ago. We were given only four days to review a voluminous amount of relevant evidence, prepare a response, and make presentations to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.

With so much at stake, this process has fallen far short of what Mr. This concerted effort to accelerate the process in order to beat the ticking clock of his scheduled retirement violates any sense of decency and basic principles of fairness.

It should make all federal government employees, who continue to work in an Administration that insults, debases, and abuses them, shudder in the knowledge that they could be next. Bromwich served as the Inspector General for the Department of Justice from to He served as counsel to Andrew McCabe in this matter.

Obviously, against the timing of a McCabe and his counsel were given limited access to a draft of the OIG report late last month , did not see the final report and the evidence on which it is based until a week ago. It would appear toward the end of last month February , McCabe and his attorney were given the summary outline of the OIG referral submitted to the Office of Professional Responsibility. They had approximately three weeks to file a response.

They had four more days to respond to the Deputy AG. The country needs this — an objective, independent and thorough investigation of issues that have roiled the country for months and continue to stir heated debate. The investigation will address allegations that Comey violated established Justice Department and FBI policies and procedures in his July 5, , public announcement concerning the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But it is important, for the Justice Department and for the country, to obtain a detailed accounting of what happened and why; to assign blame where it is warranted; and to understand how similar situations can be prevented.

Are you excited FastandFurious is back open, who knew BruceOhr was involved? BEST part is, you all brought this upon yourself! Those days are over, enter from stage right: I believe Trump calling for Mulehead to end the investigation was a signal sent by Trump. Time to wrap it up Mueller.

Your job is done. Thanks for the smoke screen. Sessions and the IG are ready to roll out indictments. Like Liked by 2 people. Mueller is not my friend. Like Liked by 1 person. Now stop smoking the weed and smoking up the country.

I love Smiley looking on in the Bacchanalian painting above. Complete with signature scarf. The President has breached the commie compound wall and apparently has hit the command and control bunker.. The Ameri-Cong are currently reeling in disarray.. While the tweet shelling has stopped for now, it is possible the barrage on the commie compound is not yet over.. Not sure about pointing to uncle Wally as a news reader for this, Tex.

He almost singlehandedly lost the Vietnam War with his lying reportage during the Tet Offensive. If he was around today he would be defending the DeepState.

Like Liked by 5 people. Like Liked by 4 people. Like Liked by 3 people. McCabe is a traitor to his own country. But by deferring his pension until 57 his monthly payout will be larger. He also loses his retirement credentials which allow concealed carry as you have to retire under good standing.

Pretty sweet net worth for a humble civil servant…. Of course there is ego. Exactly why we need a whole new crop of ACTUAL Deplorables running for office, including many that need to Primary some of these good old boys, like sissy pants Graham.

O, I see, Senator Burr needs some busy work. Please…we cannot tolerate another ridiculous investigation and it is none of your business anyway….

Lindseed needs to come out and admit that he has been in the closet his whole life. He should finally admit that he is a Democrat.

A firing for cause of a holdover from the last admin needs a hearing? Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood tall over the last 8 months, when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. He served with distinction for two decades. I wish Andy well. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI. The firing of McCabe was not sudden nor was it unexpected. The writing was on the wall for him last Dec when President Trump made this tweet:.

McCabe and the others were given an extra 90 days to unmask themselves while the wheels at DoJ moved slowly toward a restart.

McCabe authorized Lisa Page to talk to DevlinBarrett when he heard Barrett was writing a story that made him look bad. Comey obsessed over how he'd be portrayed in the press if he didn't get ahead of Trump — leaked memos to control the story. NolteNC March 18, Like Liked by 7 people.

Brennan is like the Prince of Darkness. He needs to be investigated. Send the new CIA chief after him. Like Liked by 9 people. Like Liked by 8 people. This is an excellent, popular video on the deep state https: He missed one important point.

You cannot erect political systems without voters. The up and coming voters have been educated to vote for the deep state.

The deep state understands this better than ANY mother in America. Parents must take back control of the education system from the Communist bred teachers, and psychiatrists. McCabe needs to find another lawyer.

This one might be a Moron. Here is what he said before he took on McCabe as a client. Pretty lame for Bromwich- falling back on the moral outrage ploy… for someone as obviously morally and ethically challenged as McCabe on the face of it, before he even has a chance to look at discovery. But, hey, who am I to question the Elite Who Know Whats Best For The Little People- just some little old common-sense using silent majority type citizen, a deplorable one at that, out here in flyover country….

Just call me stump stupid, but since when does any employee get to litigate their dismissal before the fact??? Swamp think strikes again. He did not say we got a ton of BS unsubstantiated documentation ;.

Like Liked by 6 people. Do a google search for Bromwich and Apple. He got a sweetheart deal to monitor apple e-book antitrust compliance.

Tried to charge per hour for him and slightly less for his sidekick. Apple told him to fuck off. This is a huge mark of the guilty. Correct me if I am wrong CTH attorneys…. Whatever evidence that is offered supporting the conclusion drawn must be able to be objectively validated for the conclusion to have merit. These threads are huge, what attorney here as given their opinion that I may have missed? Thank you very much!

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